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Redeem [Ads Free] feature in GCB App to hide any banner or full screen ads. You will have more room for card info and balance query. See screenshots below for comparison.

With Banner Ads
ad free app
Without Ads
ad free app

Enable Premium Feature

Redeem features using GCB Coins very earily. Purchase GCB coins from app store, $1.49 USD (equivalent) for 100 coins. Then, redeem one premium feature for 100 coins.

  • Check you have the latest app version from app store
  • Open GCB App and click on Premium link in the left menu bar
  • Purchase GCB Coins from app store
  • Redeem and enjoy premium features

Need help with purchase or redeemption? Drop us an email at giftcardbal@gmail.com.

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GCB App gerencia cartões simplesmente e facilmente

GCB armazena todos os dados de cartões de presente em seu dispositivo local apenas.