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Browse Gift Cards

Browse Gift Cards

Looking for information about your Gift Card such as website, support phone number? Browse the Gift Card Library or search by name.

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Gift Card Balance

Gift Card Balance

Need to find out accurate balance of your Gift Card? We have the most complete information about card balance check.

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Card Manager

Too many Gift Cards lying around? Use our Android, iOS & Windows app to manage Gift Cards and track balance on the move.

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Gift Cards are great for birthdays, graduations, holidays and anything in between. Search for your Gift Cards, gift certificates or gift vouchers here. No matter if it is a physical card, digital card, a voucher or maybe a coupon code.

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Do you know that we have a total of more than 15,000 gift card entries available in our database? The data set is further being developed to include Gift Cards, gift vouchers, gift certificates and prepaid cards by the community.

If you have more updated information, please use the tools on the website to submit. Our moderators will try to confirm and verify the details from merchant.

Our Mission Statement as Gift Card enthusiasts

We would like to collect and document every single Gift Card ever existed, in our card library. No matter where you live and where you are from, please come and become a part of the most active online Gift Card community.

Our platform helps everyone to share Gift Card informations. If you can't find your Gift Card details, please let us know. We will do the research for you.

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Gift Card Balance App multiple platforms and devices

Try out our mobile and desktop Gift Card wallet app to manage your beloved cards. The app helps you keep track of Gift Card balance accurately on the move. Back in 2012, we have published the very first app of its kind in Google Play Store. [Gift Card Balance] app is now available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Check Balance of Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

Most modern Gift Card merchant offers online gift card balance check. You can find the information on the back of the card or via their official website. Using our website or app, you can save the hassle to search on the Internet. Our card balance app also provides an innovative way to simplify card balance checks via webpage automation.

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