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A Perfectly Reasonable Option? No, You Mangy Sonafabitch!
A Perfectly Reasonable Option? No, You Mangy Sonafabitch!APRONYMS SO FAR: 9664Last updated 2015-09-28 09:59:10Search HelpRECENT APRONYMSpurity88%ACRONYM (10)A Convenient Reduction Of Names You can MemorizeRobert Anonymous and Alex Waterston, created during a very boring theater classWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ALBUS PERCIVAL WULFRIC BRIAN DUMBLEDOREA Learned Brit, Uses Sorcery Prodigiously. Evil Rebels Create Insurgencies, Valiantly Albus Leads Wizards, Undermining Lord's Forces. Recently Incriminated, Came Back Righteous. Ingeniously Annihilated Nemesis' Defenses (Uncompletely). Made, By Loathsome Educator, Deceased. Oh Rowling’s Enormity!Robert Anonymous - Of the fifty or so apronyms I've done, this one is my favorite.Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter86%AL GORE (2)Another Loser, Got Owned by Republican ExtremistRobert AnonymousNames:Famous people:Politicians100%AMERICAN IDOLA Melodious Enterprise, Rising Idols Chant Assorted Notes (I Don't Overtly Like)Robert AnonymousEntertainment:MusicEntertainment:TV shows100%ANASTASIA BEAVERHOUSENA Nifty Alias, Spares This Affluent Socialite Insufferable Attention. Boozing Everyday, A Very Entrancing Recreational Hobby, Often (Unintentionally) Secures Exasperating NoticeRobert AnonymousArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%ANGELS IN AMERICAA[IDS] Nixes Gays, Effects Lascerate Survivors In N'york. Angel Makes Edict, "Regress! Isolate Change! Annihilate!"Robert AnonymousArt & Literature:Book Titles100%APRONYMS (42)A Perfect Rendition Of Names, You Must See!Robert AnonymousWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ARCADEAfternoons Relinquished Cashing Away Dollars ExtravagantlyRobert AnonymousEntertainment100%BEANIE BABIESBuy Each Article Now! If Exploited, Babies Are Bountiful In Economic ScenariosRobert AnonymousEntertainment:Toys100%BORDERSBooks (Obviously), Records, DVDs, Even Refreshments SoldRobert AnonymousCommerce:CompaniesArt & Literature100%CALIGULACrazy! A Leader Italian, Gave Up Lingering AstutenessRobert Anonymous -- Caligula was one of the early emperors of the Roman Empire whose reign was short (sometime around 37-41 CE) due to his insanity. Politics:Royalty:Royals86%CANADA (2)Country, A Northern Abode, by Degrees ArcticRobert Anonymous and Ximena AlberttisPlaces:Countries100%CARBONATIONCarbonic Acid Rests. Bottle Opened. New Atmosphere Taints. Intense Oxidation Now.Robert AnonymousScience:ChemistryFood & Drink:Drinks100%CARD GAMESCheating, A Risky Deal, Gamblers Are Master Evasion SleuthsRobert AnonymousEntertainment:Games100%COLONOSCOPYCome On, Let Our New Omni-Seeing Contraption (Oiled) Probe YouRobert AnonymousScience:Biology:Healthcare92%DAWSON'S CREEKDawson And Witter Share One Need (Scrappy Child, Ravishing Eyesight, an Extraordinary Kid)Robert Anonymous About Dawson's Creek's central conflict, the relationships of Dawson Leery and Pacey Witter with Joey Potter. Entertainment:TV shows100%DIATOMIC ATOMSDiatomic Is A Term Outlining Matches In Covalent Attraction (Tiny Objects, Mainly Seven)Robert Anonymous- Diatomic atoms are two atoms of the same element covalently bonded together. Only seven atoms exhibit this behavior, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine.Science:Chemistry100%DR. SEUSSDemiurgic, Rythmical Scribe, Expertly Unfolded Silly StoriesRobert AnonymousArt & Literature:Writers100%FIREDFree! I Renounced Employer's DirectionRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%GAY MENGot Anagram? Yes, Mangey (Erroneous Naming)!Robert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%GOOD NIGHTGrowing Obscure (Oncoming Darkness) Now I Goodbye Him, "Tootles!"Robert AnonymousCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%HARVARDHaughty Alumni Resounding, "Veritas!", A Relic DeclarationRobert Anonymous (Veritas is Harvard's motto, latin for truth)Education:Schools100%HI SPEED INTERNETHooray! I Surf Porn Exceedingly Efficiently! Do I Need To Eat? Rest? Nope, Ebay Time!Robert AnonymousComputers:Internet100%I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!I Have A Vapid Existance, Never One To Hear Interesting News. Great Things Oncoming? Dream On!Robert AnonymousAssorted Phrases100%JOHN JAYJustice Of Historic Notoriety, Just Another YankeeRobert AnonymousNames:Famous peoplePeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%LATIN SCHOLARLatina Antiqua, Tempore Interfectam, Nunc Supervivet Capitibis Hominum. Olim Lingua Amata RomanorumRobert Anonymous - Translation: Ancient latin, killed by time, now survives with the heads of men. Once the beloved language of the Romans. Science:LinguisticsEducation100%MENS GYMNASTICSMy Eyes, Not Seeing! Guys (Young, Manly) Now Acrobatically Shift Themselves In Crazy StuntsRobert AnonymousSports & Recreation92%METROSEXUALMen Especially Those Respectful Of Stylistic Edicts X-hibiting Usually Attractive LooksRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MONEY (5)Make Oodles, Now Everything's Yours!Robert AnonymousCommerce:Money100%MUSIC (2)Makes Us Sing Its Chorus!Robert AnonymousEntertainment:Music100%MY GRANDMOTHERMine, Yours, Grand-Relatives All Nag Descendents. Money, Otherwise, To Heirs Eventually Relinquishing.Robert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Family100%ONLINE SUPPORTOh No! Latest Instrument Not Effectively Serving Us? Please, People Online, Resolve This!Robert AnonymousComputers100%PAUL AND MORGAN HAMMPhysically Amazing (Unfortunately, Larynges Are Not Desireable) Men, Obviously Rule Gymnastics. Among Nellies, Have A Massive MarketRobert Anonymous - Paul and Morgan Hamm are two beautiful gymnasts with voices that rather resemble those of the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz.Names:Famous peopleSports & Recreation100%QUEER (2)Quite Under-Estimated, Efficacious RaceRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%ROBERT (5)Regularly Ogles Boys (Evaluating Repressed Thoughts!)Robert Anonymous, (you can imagine what might have inspired this apronym)Names:AcronymistsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%ROMULUSRome's Original Monarch, Usurped Leadership Using SlynessRobert Anonymous, inspired by four years of study of the latin language. Romulus was Rome's first king who killed his twin brother Remus in order to gain power (hence the usurped leadership using slyness...)HistoryPolitics:Royalty:Royals100%ROUNDHEADRebels (Oliver's) Under New Direction, Heartily Eviscerated Aristocratic DominationRobert Anonymous -- The Roundheads were the name given to the side of the English Civil war that opposed the king, lead by Oliver CromwellHistoryMilitary:War & Terrorism100%SCHEDULESome Classes Hard, Each Day Undertaking Lessons EarnestlyRobert AnonymousTimeEducation100%SCIONSomeone Classic In Origin, NowRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Family100%SEANSoy Enamorado A NovioRobert Anonymous. Written in Spanish. Translation: I'm enamored by (my) boyfriend. (Its hard to express what i wanted to express with SEAN in English. The expansion is almost grammatically correct, there should be a posessive adjective before Novio.)Names:First names:Male93%SEX AND THE CITYSingles Enjoy X-perimenting And Navigating Drama. They Have "Encounters" Casually In The 'YorkRobert AnonymousEntertainment:TV shows100%SHAVED HEADSome Have Attractive (Virile Even) Domes, Heed Excessive Abnormalities (Disgusting!)Robert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene93%SHERLOCK HOLMESSystematically He Explains Riddles, Licks Others' Challenges. Keeps His Old Live-in Mate (Enamored Suitor?)Robert AnonymousArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%SHOPPINGShe Has One Philia, Purchasing Inexpensive (Not!) GiftsRobert AnonymousCommerce100%SILLY QUEENStereotypes, I Loathe. Love Your Queers, (Understand?) Exterminate Evil Names.Robert Anonymous, written on Day of Silence, 2005People & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%SNAPPLESugar Needs? A Perky Potable Lessens ExigencyRobert AnonymousFood & Drink:Drinks88%STONEWALL RIOTSSissies Take On Narrow-minded Enemies, Warring After Lights-out, Ladymen Rebels Insure Our Tavern's SafetyRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderHistoryPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%STUPID (3)Stating Texans (Unintelligent) President Is DumbRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Insults100%SUBSCRIPTIONSend Us (Bimonthly?) Submissions Created Recently. I Prefer Them In One Newsletter.Robert Anonymous - An apronym written about the apronym times.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TARQUINIUS SUPERBUSTiber's Aftermost Rex, Quit Under Impugnment (Nefarious, Inappropriately Used Sexuality) Sculpted Unprincipled Plans, Expertly Raped Beautiful Unwed SkirtRobert Anonymous -- Tarquinius Superbus (otherwise known as sextus tarquinius) was rome's last king (the tiber being the river rome was founded upon) who was deposed because he raped Lucretia, a noble girl. Rex is latin for king, but dictionary.com says it is commonly used in English.Politics:Royalty:Royals90%TEEN MALESThey Eat, Entertain Nonsense, Moan, And Lust with Explosive SexualitiesRobert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & LustTime:Age100%THAT IS SO GAY!Two Homos, Attracted, They Instantly Smooch, Share Other Great Abilities. Yummy!Robert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%THE LORAXTawny Hermit Educates (Lectures?) Onceler, Rancorously Advocating XylemRobert AnonymousArt & Literature:Book Titles100%THESAURUS (4)Tome Helps Everyone Synthesize Apronyms Using Rife, Unlimited SynonymsRobert AnonymousWords & Wordplay80%TIME (8)The Infinite Measure of ExistenceRobert AnonymousTime100%VOULEZ-VOUS?Voicing Our (Using Language Exotic) Zeal, Veritably, Our Urges Satisfied!Robert AnonymousAssorted PhrasesScience:Linguistics:French Words100%WATERLOOWhen A Tyrant's Ended Revolution, Loses Over OnslaughtRobert Anonymous Waterloo was the name of the battle in which Napoleon was defeated. Napoleon was a self declared emperor who had restored stability to France after the French revolution.HistoryMilitary:War & Terrorism100%WEDDING (3)Witness Eternal Dreamlike Devotion. Important: No Gays!Robert AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & DivorcePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%WILL AND GRACEWorking In Law Ladyman And Nutty Designer Give Romance A Chance. Entertaining!Robert AnonymousEntertainment:TV shows100%TYPE THE ACRONYM HEREThank You, Please Enter Thy Handy Expansion. Anyone Can Relish Our Novel Yet Mirthful Hobby, Enter Regularly EverybodyTony McCoy O'Grady (who couldn't resist the proffered "acronym" on the submission form at http://apronyms.com/submit.php)Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%TEST (2)This Expansion Submitter's Terrible!Angela Brett, testing the Acronym Submission form at http://apronyms.com/submit.php - there were a few bugs but it's all fixed now! If you don't believe me, submit a whole lot of acronyms and see if it breaks.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%þÿTAThanks AnnouncedTony McCoy O'GradyMain100%TABTotal A BillTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%TAB (2)Taking A BillJan MorganCommerce100%TABBYThey Are Banded, Braceleted YowlersPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%TABLESTruth Arrays... Boolean Logic Explicitly StatedAngela Brett, referring to truth tables.Science:MathematicsScience:Electronics89%TABLE SAWTackle A Block Lengthwise, Enabling Someone (to) Attack WoodTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects100%TABLE TENNISTake Any Ball, Lob Everywhere, Then Enjoy Nefarious Negotiations In SequenceRico LeffantaSports & Recreation100%TABLOIDTits And Bums Laden - Only Interests DummiesTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Periodicals100%TACO BELLTummy Aches Common - Obliterating & Burning Esophagus Lining, Largely.Jeff Anonymous, who suggests PEPCID to solve the stomach acid troubles caused by eating Mexican.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%TAFFYThat's Another Freaky Foodstuff, Y'know/Yes?Gavin LambertFood & Drink:Confectionery100%TAHITITrying Any Hula Increases Temperatures ImmediatelyRico LeffantaPlaces:Countries86%TAILORTradesman Alters Ill-fitting Longjohns Or Robes.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations86%TAIWANThe Administration Is With Anti-communist Nationalists.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%TAKACHSINTrailblazing Adolescent Kindles Abilities Choosing His Skills, Informs NovicesJan Morgan - Delaware Indian Language means leader - and is a leadership training campEducationSports & Recreation93%TAKEN DOWN A PEGThe All-Knowing Egoist Needs Deflation? One Who Needs A Put-down's Evidently Grandiloquent!Tony McCoy O'Grady (see FAILURE)Communication:Acronyms Forums100%TAKING IT TO THE TOPTerrible Argument - Keep It Nicely Glowing - Is Then Turned Over To Highest Executive - Their Opinion's Permanent! TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%TALBOTTrustworthy Army Leader Besieges Opponent's TownsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%TALENTThough Ability's Lovely, Everyone Needs Training.Angela Brett, since people are often urged not to rely on talent but to train/practise to reach their full potential.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%TALENT (2)The Ability's Latent Evidently, Not Tutored.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%TALENT (3)Tony & Angela List Expansions - 'Nyms Terrific! Instant NinjaWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TALIBANThe Afghani Leadership Is Biased Against NonmalesTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%TALIBAN (2)Thugs And Louts In Bourkhas - America's NemesisTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%TALIBAN (3)They Abandoned Learning Islam - Began Attacking Neighbours.Tony McCoy O'Grady (This is in reference to the origins of the Taliban, religious students who went to fight the Russian invaders)Politics100%TALKERSTrue Apronymists Listen! Keenly Enhance, Regenerate Skills!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Communication:Talking100%TALK TO THE HANDTrying Achieves Little, Kills Talking Obviously Totally Hampering Ends Hearing, Avoids Natural DecencyJan Morgan -- expression -- in other words, I don't want to hear itPeople & Relationships:Advice100%TALLTowering Above Lesser LumpsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%TALL STORYTelling A Little Lie Sometimes To Ornament Rich YarnTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%TALLY HOToward Any Lethal Limb Your Horse OptsRico LeffantaAssorted PhrasesSports & Recreation100%TAMBOURINEThere's A Million Backingsingers Operating Useless Rattling Instruments - None Excel!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%TAMMYTrilled About Marital Mishaps, Yodelling TMcCO'G (referring to Tammy Wynette) who thinks almost all 'country' songs seem to be about unhappy marriagesEntertainment:Music:Artists100%TAMORATragically Authors Murderous Ordeal Revenging AlarbusTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus86%TAMPAXTampons Assist Menstruation, Particularly After X-raysChris KjelgaardHousehold Objects100%TAMPAX (2)These Aren't Men's Products Apparently - Xtraordinary! TMcCO'GHousehold Objects100%TANGERINE IMACThis Apple's No Good! Even RAM Is Not Edible. I'm Making A Complaint!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat:iMac Fruit Salad100%TANGITears Are Not Good IndicationsAngela Brett (Tangi is the Maori word for cry, and also for a funeral)People & Relationships:EmotionsPeople & Relationships:DeathScience:Linguistics:Maori Words89%TANTALUMThought-of As Niobium. Though A Largely Unmeltable Metal.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%TANYATrying A New You, ActuallyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%TANZANIATanganyika And Nearby Zanzibar Are Now In Association.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%TARATara! Aack! Rrack! Aack!Rob Rix, explaining: Tara is rather icky. The buildings aren't nice the way most of Bruce County is, they're little ugly boxes (like PCs, sort of). The main street is positively depressing. The whole place makes you feel that it hasn't any air.Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%TARA (2)They Are Rich Atlantans.Roger Williams -- Gone With the Wind.Places100%TARBELLTold All, Rightly Blaming Evil Legal LoopholesJeff Anonymous, answering a failed search evidently referring to muckraker Ida Tarbell (not sure if he was into loopholes or not, though)Names:Famous people100%TARGETTaking Aim, Raise Gun, Embrace TriggerTony McCoy O'Grady (One is always advised to 'squeeeeze' a trigger slowly, rather like embracing a partner, and not jerk it!)MilitarySports & Recreation100%TAROTTheir Accuracy's Rotten - Or Treacherous TMcCO'GReligion100%TAROT (2)They're A Roguish Operator's Tools TMcCO'GReligion100%TARRYTry A Risque Romance YourselfRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%TARTTaste A Rhubarb Today!Rico LeffantaFood & Drink86%TARZANTree-dwelling Apeman, (Raised Zoophilously) Among NatureTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%TARZAN OF THE APES Thought A Rare Zoological Abnormality, Newly Orphaned Foundling That Had Evidently Adopted Primates' Environmental Skills TMcCO'GArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%TASTERTakes A Sip Then Ejects ResidueRico LeffantaFood & DrinkPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations83%TASTYThis is A Sincere Thank-YouTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%TAUTiny And UnstableAngela Brett (while the tau is the heaviest of the leptons, it's still tiny... and due to its mass is the most unstable lepton, lasting around 3*10^-13 seconds.)Science:Physics:Particles100%TAUONTried At Uniformity Of NotationAngela Brett (Tauon is another name for the TAU particle, with the familiar -on suffix of other particles.)Science:Physics:Particles100%TAURUSThey Are Uniquely Raising Umpteen SuspicionsTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%TAURUS (2)Trusting Attribute, Unswervingly Responsible, Usually SteadfastJan MorganReligion:Astrology100%TAXTariffs Are Xcessive.Roger WilliamsPoliticsCommerce:Money100%TAXITravel Avoiding Xenophobic InteractionEric BridgstockTransport92%TAXI DRIVERSThey Are Xtremely Incompetent Drivers Requiring Instruction for Virtually Every Route Specified.Steve KeateTransport:Drivers100%T-BAGThe Baddie; Annoys GirlsAngela Brett, referring to the title character of an 80s/90s children's TV series. (See http://members.tripod.co.uk/jrv94/ind.html for more information on the series)Entertainment:TV showsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%TCHAIKOVSKYThis Composer Has Achieved Intense Kudos, Overtures' (& Variations') Subtleties Kindle Yearnings TMcCO'GEntertainment:Music:Artists100%TCP/IPTo Connect Properly, Install ProperlyTony McCoy O'Grady (TCP/IP usually stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%T'DAYThe Day After YesterdayAngela BrettTime100%TEATaken Every AfternoonTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%TEA (2)The English Aphrodysiac TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Love & LustFood & Drink:Drinks100%TEA (3)The Ecclesiastical/Exalted/Excited/Exhausted Adults.Angela Brett (see BREAD... If the adults get together for refreshments after mass, that group could be called TEA.)100%TEACHTake Each Advantage, Cautiously HeardJan Morgan - Listen attentively to all lessons, it is to your own advantage.Education100%TEACHERTo Educate Any Child Have Erasers ReadyRico LeffantaEducation:Occupations100%TEACHER (2)Talented! Educates, Affirms Children! Higher Education Results!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. My FIRST TEACHER! is freeing ME from the PUN!-ISH!-MEANT! of APRONYMS OBSESSION!Education:Occupations100%TEACHER (3)Transcriptionists Educate! Arithmetic Convey! Humanely Encourage Reading/'Riting/'Rithmetic!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. My SECOND TEACHER!Education:Occupations100%TEACHER (4)Trained Ears Above Confusion! Humanely Encourage Reading!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. My THIRD TEACHER!Education:Occupations100%TEAMThey Embody A MoraleTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TEAM (2)They Expect A MatchTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TEAM (3)Totally Enthused And MotivatedPhil StolleryPeople & Relationships100%TEAM NAMESTop Echelon Athletes May Need A 'Moniker' Explaining SourceTony McCoy O'Grady - Most team names give a little insight into the origins of the team.NamesSports & Recreation100%TEAMWORKThe Ends Are Met When Organisation Really 'Knits'Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TEAMWORK (2)Trust Effective/Energetic Altruistic Management! Work: Organized Relevant Keen!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships100%TEAMWORK (3)Thesaurus Expands/Effects Apronym Making! Word Organisation Requires Knowledge!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TEAPOTTo Each Apportion Perhaps One TeaspoonfulTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%TEASETo Exaggerate Any Small EccentricitiesAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%TEA THINGSTo Enjoy Afternoon Tea, Have In Nice - Good ServiceTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%TEA TOWELThis Erases Any Trace Of Wetness Every LunchtimeTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Towels100%TEA TREE OILTo Ease Ailments, This Rather Especial Essence Often Is LIkedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:PlantsScience:Biology:Healthcare91%TECHNETIUMThe Earliest Creation of Humans. Name Evoking, Translationally, Its Unnatural Manufacture.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%TECHNOSAURUSTexas Excavation Creates Hoopla. New Ornithischian Sauropod Artifacts Uncovered Right Under SandSean Lamb (Technosaurus was discovered near Lubbock, Texas, and is classed as an Ornithischian)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%TEDDYThis Entertains (Daily) Delighted YouthTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Toys100%TEDIOUSTo Endlessley Do It Often Unceasingly SlowlySean Lamb (who's been typing too many lines of CPPUNIT_ASSERT code lately for unit testing)Assorted Adjectives100%TEDIUMTrying Everything Dumb In Useless MonotonyRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%TEE-HEETitter Easily Extracted, Hilarity Ended EventuallyTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%TEENAGERTotally Emotional Ego, Not A Good Early Riser Jan Morgan - isn't it trueTime:Age100%TEENSThey're Expensive - Ever 'Needing' StuffAngela BrettTime:Age100%TEENS (2)They Eat, & Endlessly Need SleepTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%TEETHTerrible Event Engages Traumatic HesitationJan MorganScience:Biology:Body Parts78%TEH TYPOTo Err is Human - Throughout Your Proofreading it's Obvious!Angela BrettArt & Literature100%TELECASTERTelevision's Earliest Linkmen Established "Celebrity" Announcing Sports' Teams Endeavours & Results TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsSports & RecreationCommunication89%TELECOMMUNICATIONThis Evidently Lets Everyone Chat Over Many Miles. Unfortunately Now It Can't, And Techie's Inspecting Out-of-order Network.Angela Brett, when she was supposed to be having lunch with Steve but ended up in the PABX room of TVNZ while he fixed routers or somesuch.Communication100%TELEGRAPHThin Electric Lines Encircling Globe. Relays And Poles Help.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%TELEPHONETalk Endlessly, Letting Every Private Home On Network EavesdropTony McCoy O'Grady, thinking of the 'party line' telephones of days gone by.Communication90%TELEPHONE (2)Taken Everywhere Lately (by) Eager People Having Only Nerdy ExistencePatricia RixCommunication100%TELEPHONE (3)Talk Endlessly, Leisurely, Enjoying Personal Hobnobbing Over Neverending ExpansesRoger WilliamsCommunication100%TELESCOPEThis Enhances Longsightedness - Even See Cosmic Objects Parsecs Extrasolar.Angela BrettScience:Astronomy79%TELETUBBIESTerribly Excitable, Like Energetic Toddlers Under Blue-sky, Baby-sun, Interact with Electronic ServantsAngela BrettEntertainment:TV shows83%TELEVISIONTransmitting Events Live for Electronic Viewing - Interactive Substitute Is On the Net!Angela BrettEntertainment:TV shows100%TELEVISIONSThey Essentially Leave Each Viewer In Stupor... Intelligence Often Not Stimulated.Angela BrettEntertainment:TV shows100%TELLING LIESTo Every Lying Liar, It's Not Generating Lies, It's Exaggerating StoriesSean LambCommunication100%TELLURIUMThis Element Looks Little Unusual, Really Is Ultra Mundane.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements75%TELNETTransmitting Endorsements over Large Network Environments to Trespass Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Internet100%TELNET (2)The Easy Lane - Not Even TrickyJeff Anonymous (Reflecting on the lack in Telnet of the encryption found in SSH)Computers:Internet100%TELNET (3)To Email, Learn Numbered, Esoteric TetradsAngela Brett - I occasionally check my email using a telnet client, and many of the necessary POP commands have four letters and a message number.Computers:Internet100%TEMPERATUREThermometer Emulating Masculine Peg Exercise Recoils After The Unit Reaches EbullitionRico LeffantaScience:MeteorologyScience:Physics100%TEMPER TEMPERTry Empathising More Please, Exercise Restraint, To Enrage Means Producing Exasperate ReactionsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%TEMPLETruths Enlightened, Marriages Promise Love EternalJan Morgan - a beautiful sacred building dedicated to learning eternal truths ReligionPlaces:BuildingsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%TEMPLETONTackles Eating, Mouse Primarily Large, Exciting Tale Of NatureJan Morgan, referring to the rat in Charlotte's WebArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%TEMPOTackles Emotive Motion, Pacing OpportunityJan MorganEntertainment:Music86%TEMPUSThis Evil Man Plans to Undo Superman!Angela Brett, referring to Tempus, a villain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman who tried to go back in time and kill Superman as a baby.Entertainment:TV shows100%TEMPUS FUGITTime's Ever Moving (Picking Up Speed?) Fill Underused Gaps In Time! TMcCO'GTime100%TENThis Exceeds Nine.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%TENACIOUSTrying Everything, Never Acceding. Carrying Instructions Out Until SatisfiedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%TENDERFOOTTry Every New Duty Expected Ranking For Own Order TrustedJan Morgan -- Boy Scout rankSports & Recreation:Scouts100%TENNESSEETourist Encounters National Notorieties, Elvis' Songs, Sights Engaged EmbattlementsJan Morgan - Civil War ConflictsPlaces:States & Regions100%TENORSThey Emit Notes Of Rare SweetnessTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%TENSTwenty = Eleven + Nine. Score!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%TENS (2)Thirty = Eleven + Nineteen. September!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Thirty days in September. 3 TENS!TimeScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%TENTTrampers Erect Neat TarpaulinAngela BrettPlacesSports & Recreation100%TEQUILATaking Excessive Quantities Usually Induces Lasting AddictionTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%TERBIUMThis Exhibits Rare Behaviour - It's Unusual, Magnetically.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%TERMINATETerrible Ending Reaches Massive Inferiority/Insensitivity/Incompatibility, Never Again To EngageJan MorganAssorted Verbs100%TERMINATORThinks Every Republican Mind: If Now Austrian Takes Office - Rapture!Chris KjelgaardEntertainment:MoviesPolitics100%TERMINATOR (2)True Election Reporting Media Ignores - Naturally, Actor's Talks Overly Recorded!Chris KjelgaardEntertainment:MoviesPolitics100%TERMITESThese Entities Readily Munch It 'Til Everything's SawdustRoger WilliamsScience:Biology:Insects100%TERMS AND CONDITIONSThey Explicitly Restrict Mature Signers' Actions. Never Disobey Commands, Or No Deal! In Truth, Individuals Often Nonchalantly Skim.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%TERRYTowelling - Envelope Robe Round YourselfTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects100%TERTIARYTrained Educators Resolve To Inform Arrogant & Resentful YouthsTony McCoy O'Grady, remarking that the same resentful youths go through the entire educational process ;-)Education100%TESSA JOWELLTelling Everyone's Sob Story And Just Off With External Leader's LollyJohn Richard JonesNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TESTTopical Examination - Scoring Time!Angela Brett, inspired by one of her lecturers calling tests 'opportunities to score.'Education100%TEST (3)Trial Every Single ThingAngela Brett, while testing the submission form.Assorted Verbs100%TEST (4)Tune Expansions! Subdue Trials!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TESTESTickle 'Em Sexily & They'll Eject SpermTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Body Parts90%TESTICLESThey Engineer Sperm That Is Coitally Leaked, Enveloped in Semen.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%TESTIMONYTrue Emotional Strong Testimony, In My Own Notions, YearningJan Morgan - our feelings of what we know and believe to be true in our own eyes and the hope of itReligionCommunication100%TESTISThis Emits Sperm To Inseminate SomeoneTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts92%TEST RESULTSThe Eventual Score's Tallied, Rendering Each Student Unsympathetically 'Learned' or 'Totally Stupid'.Angela BrettEducation91%TETRAQUARKThe Experiment That Revealed A Quixotic Unstable Arrangement Ran at KEK.Angela BrettScience:Physics:Particles83%TEXASTea's Energies e-Xhumed, Alamos StandJan Morgan -- Tea is a nickname for OilPlaces:States & Regions100%TEXAS (2)They Enthuse Xaggeratingly About Size! TonyPlaces:States & Regions100%THAILANDThey Had Army Insurrections Lately, Although Now Democratic.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%THAISATemple Holds An Interesting Surprise AnnouncementTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's PericlesArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Pericles100%THALIARDTyrants Henchman's Always Late In Arriving... Right Dastard!Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's PericlesArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Pericles100%THALLIUMThis Heavy Atom, Like Lead, Is Ultra-Malign.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%THANKSThey Have Announced Nice Kind Sentiments.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships100%THANKS!This Has Angela Nearly Kissing Steve!Angela Brett, when Steve Wozniak bought her an iBook to replace her lost PowerBook 1400cs (see RANSOM)Computers92%THANKSGIVINGThey Had All Now Knelt, Singing Gratitude (Including Venerable 'Indian' Natives) to God TMcCO'GTime:Special Occasions100%THANKS, I HAD A GREAT TRIP... NOW TO CATCH UP ON A BAJILLION APRONYM SUBMISSIONS.The Holiday Aftermath... Now Kiwi Sits In Home And Diligently Adds Great Recent Expansions, All The Time Remembering In-Person Networking On World Tour. Office Calls Angela To Code Humbly Using PCs, Oh, Not Again! But Apple Junket Invigorated Language-Learning Ideas Of Next Application Program! Regrettably Only Nighttime Yield -- Maybe Someday, Unfettered By Monetary Imperative Seeking Salary, I'll Output New Software.Angela Brett, on returning from a 103 day trip which began with Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference. At WWDC I found out about several things in the next version of Mac OS X which will be very useful for my next COCOA app, but as I have to go back to my WINDOWS job to replenish my bank account after such a long trip, I won't have much time to actually write the app.Computers:ProgrammingSports & Recreation:Travel100%THANK YOUThat 'Happybirthday' Acronym Noted Keenly. Years Overtaking UnbelievablyTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TONY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!Time:Special Occasions100%THANK YOU!True, Hearty Appreciation Now! Kindness You Offer: Unexpected!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. THANK YOU! Angela Brett for both of your VERY ENCOURAGING e-mails. THANK YOU! to all of the APRONYMISTS who continually engage my mind in new, unexpected ways.Communication100%THANK YOU VERY MUCHThis Here Acknowledgement Notes Kindness You Offered Unbidden. Valiantly-Earned Remarks You Might Uneasily Call 'Hokum'Tony McCoy O'Grady (Many people indicate that gratitude is unnecessary, or overstated)People & Relationships93%THAT'S CHILDISHTry Having Adult Thoughts, Such Completely Half-baked Ideas Lack Development, I Suggest HelpfullyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice87%THAT'S NOT FUNNYThis (is) Horrid And Thoroughly Superfluous. Never Offer Thoughts Founded Upon Nasty Notions (of) YoursTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesLaughter100%THEThat Hitherto Explained...Angela BrettMain100%THE ACRONYMISTS' CHARTERTake Heed Everyone And Carefully Read Our Necessary Yardstick Manifesto (Imaginary Sometimes - Theoretical Sometimes) Contained Herein Are Rules That Everybody RecognisesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the set of imaginary rules described at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/list.cgi?id=acronyms&user=&session=&root=1006583985Communication:Acronyms Forums100%THE ACRONYM TIMESThis Habitual Email Announces Creative Ramblings Of Nutters. Your Masterpiece Titillates Intelligent Minds Everywhere, Supposedly.Angela Brett, as a subject for an email about the latest acronyms.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE ACRONYM TIMES (2)This Here Epistle Always Contains Recently Originated Novelties. You Might Try Inventing More Examples Soon.Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms94%THE ACRONYM TIMES (3)This Has Every Aide-memoire Chosen Recently; Obviously Now Your Mnemonic Tally Increases Making Effort SuccessfulRico LeffantaWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE ACRONYM TIMES (4)To Help Erudition, Angela Considers Reasonable Offerings; Now You Must Try Initiating More Estimable SuppositionsRico LeffantaWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE ACRONYM TIMES (5)Tony Has Expectations Angela'll Challenge Rico Over Nonsense. You're Meant To Indicate "Make Expansions Sensible".Tony McCoy O'Grady, in a reply to an issue of THE ACRONYM TIMES which featured an acronym of Rico's which didn't seem to make sense.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE ACRONYM TIMES (6)Take Heed Everyone And Carefully Read Our New Year Message That Itemises Many Extraordinary 'SpansionsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE ACRONYM TIMES (7)Take Heed Everybody, As Calendar Rolls Over Newyear, You're Meant To Invent More Expansions, Surely?Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE ACRONYM TIMEZONESTony Has Experienced Altered Chronological Rhythm. On NZST You Might Travel Inter-Meridian, Entering Zone Of Nearly Earliest Sunrise.Angela Brett, when Tony complained that the acronym forums (http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/start.cgi?id=acronyms) said he'd posted something in NZST, when he only does things in BST or GMT.Communication:Acronyms Forums91%THEAETETUSThe Hallowed Euclid Acknowledged (his) Educated Thesis, Examining Two Unusual Shapes.Angela Brett (Theaetetus - try saying that six times fast - was the first to study octahedrons and icosahedrons.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%THE AFRICAN QUEENTragic Humphrey Encounters A Fearsome River In Crossing Africa. Notable Qualities Ultimately Exposed - Everybody's Noble.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%THE AMAZING IRISH SINGING FROGThis Happy Electronic Amphibian Masterfully Adds Zest In Novel Gift I Received. I Smiled, Hearing Singing - Including Name Given. Ingeneous Numbercrunching Generates Forté Ribbits Of Goodwill.Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, describing a HyperCard stack featuring an amazing Irish singing frog which Tony made for Angela on her birthday.Computers:ProgrammingTime:Special Occasions100%THE APRONYMS TIMESTony Has Engineered 'A Propos' Reference Onto Name, Your Meaning (Shorter) Thus Imitates Meaning (Expanded) Somehow.Angela BrettComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%THE APRONYMS TIMES (2)Tony Has Engineered 'A Propos' Reference Onto Name, Your Meaning Shouldn't Turn Into Muck Expansion->SkeletonAngela BrettComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%THE APRONYM TIMESTargeting Humans Enjoying Apronyms: Publicly Revealing Original Nomenclature You May Think Is Mightily Effective - Semimonthly!Gavin Lambert, when the ACRONYMS website was renamed APRONYMS in order to be more specific, and THE ACRONYM TIMES needed a new name too.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%THE ARGUSTravelling Harbors Excursion Adventures, Results Growth, Unusual ShipJan Morgan - Boy Scout Adventure Camp to sail 100 year old shipTransportSports & Recreation:Scouts100%THEATERThis House Exposes Audiencde To Excellent RepertoireTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainmentPlaces:Buildings92%THEATER OF WARTool Holding Exciting Archive That Enables Researchers Obtain (From Web-based Application) ResultsTony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE)Computers:Internet:VA Data Acquisition100%THEATREThe Hospital's Experts Amputate Threatened / Ruined ExtremetiesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsPlaces:Buildings100%THE BASTARDThrough His Elevation Becomes A Swaggering Tartar - Afterwards Rouses DefendersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King JohnArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King John100%THE BEST FEELINGTrue Happiness Evoke Brilliant Emotional Stability - To Feel ExceptionallY Elevated, Lingering In Nice GlowTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%THE BIBLETruly Heaven Exists, Because In Book Lies EvidenceAngela BrettReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%THE BIBLE (2)Truly Heaven's Exit, Because In Book, Lies EvidentAngela Brett, to go with THE BIBLEReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%THE BIG GOOSE AT WAWAThis Here Exceptionally Big, Interesting Goose Gets Only One Spot, Enticing Attentive Tourists. What A Wonderful Area!Patricia Rix (Wawa is the town in NW Ontario where the road turns to take you to the West. The Canada Goose statue is made of small metal plates.)Places:Landmarks100%THE BIG NICKEL AT SUDBURYTake Heed Everyone: Besides Its Gigantic Nickel, It's Common Knowledge Evenings Lately At Times Seem Unusually Dull, But Underground Rocks! Yes!Patricia Rix (Sudbury is a mining city in the North which besides the big nickel, the underground mine tours and the country song "Sudbury Saturday Night" by Stompin' Tom Connors, boasts a fantastic hands-on science museum with a seismograph and also an underground lab for capturing and studying neutrinos.)Places:Landmarks100%THE BIRDSTypical Hitchcock Enterprise Brings Intense, Remarkably Directed Scenes.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%THE BOY WHO LIVEDTiny Harry's Event, Boggle Of Yesterday, When He's Obviously Loved, Invites Victory, Ends DisasterJan Morgan -- Harry Potter phraseArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%THE BYE-LAWTake Heed - Exclude Believing Yourself Exempt :- Law Applies Whenever! Tony, when Angela mentioned some already expanded apronyms on the forums, to which the rule that IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE IT applies, unless we have a new rule, or bye-law. Maybe - just maybe - we could allow that if one provides pointers to already created expansions one could be deemed to be compliant.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THE CLASSROOMTeacher Has Evident Control - Learners Assemble, Some Studying Regularly, Others Openly MessingTony McCoy O'GradyEducationPlaces:Buildings100%THE CORRSThose Heavenly Earthlings - Champions Of Rock & Roll SiblingsTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%THE CORRS (2)The Have Excellently Crooned Outside Regular Recording StudiosAngela Brett, who has a recording of The Corrs singing live and thinks it sounds just as good as their studio recordings.Entertainment:Music:Artists91%THE CRANBERRIES TRADERSTimbre Has Enchanting Characteristics, Ridiculous-thinkers Await New Bootlegs Eagerly & Really Rare Items are Expensive - Singles, Too, Require Ample Dough, Especially Rarer Songs.Angela Brett - Ridiculous-thinkers is a reference to the people on the Ridiculous Thoughts mailing list, a discussion/trading list about the Irish band The Cranberries. Entertainment:MusicCommerce100%THE DOG HATES THE CATThey Have Enmities Developed Over Generations, Huge Antipathies That Exceed Specification - They Have Eternally Chased And Tumbled TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Animals100%THE ENSIGNTruths Here Emerges, Enriching Nourishment Surely Is Good NewsJan Morgan -- Magazine for LDS adultsReligionCommunication:Periodicals100%THE FRIENDTruths Heard Engaged For Reading In, Enriching News DailyJan Morgan - Magazine for LDS childrenReligionCommunication:Periodicals100%THE GAMBIAThey Heavily Export Groundnuts - And Most Business Is Agricultural.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%THE GAMETeenage Hookers Erotically Garbed Await Mens' EnquiriesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations93%THE GATES OF HELLTypical Horrid Evildoer, Generally A Terrifying Extortioner. Sickened On Finding His Explorer (is) Little LikedTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%THE GRAPES OF WRATHTruly Historic Epic. Graphic Representation As Poverty Erodes Spirit Of Farm Workers Reduced - Absolutely - To Hunger.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%THE GREAT ESCAPETunnels Headed Everywhere. Germans, Ridiculed, Eventually Arrange That Eccentric Steve Couldn't Achieve Perfect Escape.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%THE HOBBITThe Hopelessly Egotistical Hoary Old Bilbo Baggins's Ingenious TaleCarl BrettArt & Literature:Book TitlesArt & Literature:The Lord of the Rings100%THEISTTrusts Heaven-Eternal Is Surely ThereTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%THE LAST UNICORNTurned Human, Experienced Love, And She Tackled Unchallenged Nemesis. Innumerable Captive Others Released Next.Angela BrettEntertainment:Movies100%THE LORD OF THE RINGSTravellers Have Escapades! Look Out, Ringbearer - Danger Often Faces Those Heading East. Remaining Innocently Noble Guarantees Success.Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Book TitlesArt & Literature:The Lord of the Rings100%THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2)Tale Has Extremely Long Opening; Rapidly Develops Once Frodo, The Hero, Enters Rivendell. Is Notoriously Grandiose Saga.Patricia RixArt & Literature:Book TitlesArt & Literature:The Lord of the Rings100%THE MAD IRISHMANTony Has Eccentric Methods And Does Ingeneous Reptile Impersonations - Singing Happybirthday & Mentioning Angela's Name.Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing (see THE AMAZING IRISH SINGING FROG) The Mad Irishman, or TMI, is a term coined by TOO (The Other One, a.k.a Angela's sister) often used to refer to Tony.Names:Acronymists100%THE MASTER'S TOUCHTo Have Edifying Moral Advantages. So Talented. Engages Reliabe Savior's Trust Of Understanding Choices, HopefulJan Morgan -- the poem which reminds us: The worth of a soul is great by the touch of the masters handArt & Literature100%THEME PARKThese Have Entertained Many Escapists, Particularly Adults Reliving KiddiehoodTony McCoy O'GradyPlacesEntertainment100%THE NEW ERATruths Heard Emerges News, Enriches With Eagerness Reaching AdolescentsJan Morgan -- magazine for LDS TeensReligionCommunication:Periodicals100%THEN WHAT?Total Headrest Ensues. Not What Horny Angela Thought!Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela mentioned that she wanted to finish an email and get to bed before midnight, but she only had 9 minutes left - Tony said "Don't worry, the hero always arrives just before the clock on the bomb has ticked down to zero. Expect a tall dark stranger to burst into your room any minute now." To which Angela replied "And whisk me to bed in the nick of time? Then what?!" so Tony responded with this acronym.Assorted Phrases100%THE OLYMPICSTheir Historic Events, Old Legacy Yields Memories, Plays In Contest SportsJan MorganSports & Recreation100%THEOREMTruth Here Established Of Reusable Entities Mathematical Samuel C. Perhaps ‘elements’ over ‘entities’.Science100%THEORYTony's Heir Emulates Oldman's Rowdy YappingsJeff Anonymous and Angela Brett, theorising on TRICKERTREAT's identity.Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%THEORY (2)Treating How Everything's Organised & Related, Yeas?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience100%THE PLANTake Heed Embrace Purposeful Life, A NecessityJan Morgan -- Name of a music CD of The OsmondsEntertainment:Music100%THE RAPISTTelling Him Everything Regarding A Painful Incident's Superfluous Torture.Angela Brett, to contrast THERAPISTPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%THERAPISTTelling H(im/er) Everything Regarding A Painful Incident Subdues TraumaTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%THERAPYThe 'Healing' Equals Reliving A Painful YouthAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare94%THE REAL SANTA CLAUSThe Happy Elves Registered Employer, A Loaded Sleigh, A Night Travelling Across Clouds, Loads All Up-hung Stockings ?Time:Special Occasions:Christmas93%THERE IS NO SPOON"They" Have Everything Replicated Electronically, It Seems. Nothing's Objective - Some Program's Operating Our Non-existence TMcCO'G, referring to the quote from the movie 'The Matrix'Entertainment:Movies100%THERSITESThinks Harlot Essentially Responsible, She Initiated The Entire SiegeTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida82%THESAURUSThe Handy Encyclopaedia of Synonyms Acronymisers Use Religiously in Unusual Situations.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay100%THESAURUS (2)To Help Expansion Setters - A Useful Resource - Use Studiously.Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay100%THESAURUS (3)Tony Has Exceptional Skills, And Uses Reference Utility Sometimes.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay100%THESEUSThinks Hippolyta Extra Special - Eventually Union SucceedsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%THESEUS (2)Thinks He Evidently Should Execute Unsuccessful SuitorTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (and/or John Fletcher's) The Two Noble KinsmenArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Two Noble Kinsmen100%THE SIMSTry Humorous Experiments. Simulated Individuals Manufacture Statistics.Sean LambComputers100%THE SIMS (2)Ten Houses? Extremely Small If Many Sims! SeaHenComputers:Games100%THE SIMS (3)Try Having Every Sim In Motion Simultaneously! In The Sims, time passes only for one household at a timeComputers:Games100%THESISTake Heed! Everything Stated Is Stolen.Roger WilliamsArt & LiteratureEducation94%THE SOUND OF MUSICThis Had Emetic Scenes. One Utterly Nerve-Deadeningly Offensive Film Made Use (of) Singing, Irritating, Children.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies93%THESSALONIANSTake Heart. Existent Sufferings Surely Are Limited. Only Never Indulge Anxious, Non-useful Speculation.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books89%THE STINGTriple-crossing Heroes Execute Scheme That Involves Nasty Guys.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%THE SUNTitillating Headlines, Excessive Sport, Unnecessary Nudity.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Periodicals100%THE TITLEThe Handling Element That Intrinsicly, Tersely, Laughlingly Encapsulates.Tony McCoy O'Grady, during a discussion of the title of this stack.Communication100%THE ULTIMATE ACRONYMThe Highest Expansion Uses Large Talent - I'll Make A Toast, Every Acronym Creator Rejoice! Our Newest Yield's Magnificent!Angela Brett, when Tony used 'The Ultimate Acronym' as the subject line of an email announcing that he and Patricia had thought of an acronym for EVERY WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THEULTIMATENONVIOLENTMANTested Humanly: Evidence Undeniable! Life -Trouncing Insidiously Murdering: Against! Test Evidence: New Opportunities: Nullify Violence. Is Obvious! Life Exists New! Trusting Man Almighty Now!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships94%THE WAY THINGS ARETo Have an Easier World And Yet To Have Interesting New Glitches Shows A Reasoning ErrorAngela BrettAssorted Phrases86%THE WHOTrashed Hotels. Eventually Walloped by Heroin Overdose.Eric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%THE WHOLE SHEBANGTerribly Huge Expansion: Worldly Hours Of Liquiditity Expunged Simply. Horrible Expansion Be Alliterative, Nice, Good.Jeff Anonymous, referring to the forum thread at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/list.cgi?id=acronyms&user=&session=&root=984136095Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%THE WORK AND THE GLORYTrials Had Endured. Was Of Restored Knowledge. Abilties Nurtured, Destinations Tried, Hardships Encountered, Gatherings Led Of Regions YonderJan Morgan -- name of a series of books and a movieEntertainment:MoviesArt & Literature:Book Titles100%THE YEAR OF THE SNAKETo Honour Eve, Youngsters Expect Annual Revelry Or Feasts That Help Enhance Some New Asp Kissing EscapadesRico Leffanta (Tet - the Chinese New Year 'The Year of The Snake' commences when Bush takes office, January 20, 2001)TimePolitics100%THEY GOT SOME!This Heavenly Establishment Yesterday Generally Omitted The Stuff - Obvious Mindreading Evident.Angela Brett, because the day after the NO ICED COFFEE incident, she found that the cafe did have WAVE ICED COFFEE.Food & Drink:Drinks100%THICKOThey Have Intellect Completely Kicked OutTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Insults100%THICKOSTechnical Hiccups In Communications Keeping Out SupportJohn Richard JonesPeople & Relationships:Insults100%THINGAMAJIGThis Humorous Invented - Name Given A Major Appliance: Jig! It's Good!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (see FAIL SAFE!)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsCommerce:Companies100%THINGAMAJIG (2)Tool: Humorous Invented - Name: Gamajig! Adjusts/Annihilates Major/Minor Appliances/Advances! Jiffy/Jig! It's Good!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsCommerce:Companies:SIRC100%THINGAMAJIG (3)Tool Handy Invention! Name Good: Amajig! Major/Minor Adjust/Annihilate! Jiffy/Jig! It's Good!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsCommerce:Companies:SIRC100%THINKTo Have Idea, Needing KnowledgeGavin Lambert [Prerequisites of thinking are something to think about and some related knowledge to connect it to]People & Relationships:Thoughts100%THINK (2)To Hate IBM's Not KnownSean Lamb (IBM's slogan in the early 1980s was "THINK"; now that they're pouring money and development into Linux, they're the good guys again)Computers93%THINK DIFFERENTThis Here Is Not Kulture! Despite Initial Feelings For Especially Refined and Encapsulated Net Terminology.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%THINK DIFFERENT (2)The HyperCard I Now Know Deserves Its Furtherance, For Everybody's Relief Engage Newer ThinkingTony McCoy O'Grady, in a letter to Steve Jobs telling him not to drop HyperCard.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%THINKING CAPThis Headgear Improves New Knowledge Ingestion, Nicely Generates Creativity And Perspicacity.Angela BrettHousehold Objects:ClothingPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%THIN MINTSTasty Heavenly Item Naturally Melts In Nibbling Tastebuds, SensationalJan Morgan -- #1 Seller in Girl Scout CookiesFood & Drink:ConfectionerySports & Recreation:Scouts86%THIRTYThree Hundred (In Reciprocals of Ten) Yes?Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%THIRTY = FRIENDS!Thirty (Halves {Initial = Remotest - Two} Year) = Four (Regeneration Increases!) + Eleven + Nine Down + Six!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Sum 30-Day Month Numbers: 4(April)+6(June)+9(September)+11(November)=10+20=30 (!) One of my original discoveries when I was less than 45. (Halves {Initial = Remotest - Two} Year): First Half of Year ==>(Initial=4) = (Remotest=6) - 2. Last Half of Year ==>(Initial=9) = (Remotest=11) - 2."Four (Regeneration Increases!) Spring starts late in Three (21 March 2003 in N. Hemisphere)." "Nine\Down\ Down!=Fall! in September."Science:MathematicsTime100%THIS END UPTake Heed! If Swallowed Ensure Non-Digestion - Upchuck PromptlyTony McCoy O'Grady, to go with OTHER END UP*Computers:Do Not Eat100%THIS IS ALL LIESTruth Here Is Suspect! I Shan't Allow Little Lousy Liars Invent Exaggerated Stories.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases92%THIS IS STUPIDThat Humbug Is Silly. I Suggest Stop Talking Until (you) Properly Inspect DictionaryTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases86%THIS IS STUPID (2)That Humbug Is Silly, I Suggest. Such Tripe is an Utterly Presumptuous Inane Diatribe.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%THIS IS WHAT I MEAN!Take Heed! I'm Still Immeasureably Superior, Wanting Happiness Always. To Increase My Exacerbation: Absolutely, Not!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Phrases100%THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! (2)This Hear! I Said I Scoff Workers Haplessly Assuming That I Meant: Enventually! Absolutely, Now!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO MARKETTells How Innocent Swine Learn In Time That Life Exerts Pressure. It's Go! Go! You Wanna Eat - No - Travel To Outdoor Market - Arghh! Resolution Keeps Exacting Toll!Patricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%THIS TOO SHALL PASSThings Happen. It's Silly To Overreact Openly. Some Hold A Little Leisurely Patience Actually Smooths Sensitivities.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%THOMASTotally Honest Observant Man, Ambitious SoulJan Morgan -- someone I knowNames:First names:Male87%THOMAS CRANMERThrough Henry's Order Made Archbishop (of) See (of) Canterbury. Religious Ascetic Needs Monarch's Entreaties & RescueTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIIIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VIII100%THORIUMThis Has Only Rare Industrial Uses, Mostly.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%THOSEThis Has One Silly Expansion.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THOUGHTS TO PAPERTo Hand On Unusually Good Headwork To Subordinates Type Out Paragraphs Aptly. Practice Eschewing RepetitionTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%THREADTake Heed - Rarely Eaten At Dinnertime!Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%THREAD (2)This Has Roughage - Eat And Defecate!Angela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%THREADBARETeddy's Hair's Ragged, Effete And Depleted... Balding After Repeated Embraces.Angela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%THREADBEARThis Has Really Evocative Associations Dearest Bedtime/ Evening Associate's RaggedTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to THREADBAREHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%THREAD LISTTo Help Readers Enjoy Acronymising, Do Let's Inspire Silly Thoughts.Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the thread list on the Acronyms forums at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/start.cgi?id=acronymsCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%THREAD LIST (2)Things Have Reached Extremely Abysmal Depths. List Interest Subsides Terminally.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%THREAD LIST (3)This Has Reached Ennui And Desperation. List Is Singularly Tiresome.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%THREAD LIST (4)That's Horrible... Readers, Enter A Delightful Line Into Said Threadlist.Angela Brett, in response to THREAD LIST (3).Communication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%THREAD LIST (5)Truly Horrific, Right? Egads, A Deserted List Insanitizes, Senilizes, Tires.Jeff AnonymousCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles93%THREE BLIND MICEThey Had Run Everywhere, Evidently, But Lacked I-sight, Now Dairyman's Mate Is Curtailing EachTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%THREE-LETTER ACRONYMThe Herein Reported Emergence, Even -- Let's Elaborate -- Tho' Tonily, Evanescently Reported, Appropriately Chopped. Right On! Now You're Mystified?Chin Shih Tang. (see TLA)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%THREE MThey Have Raped Earth's Environment, MercilesslyTony McCoy O'Grady (This is probably libellous, but it occurred to me - in the bathroom - that Minnesota Metal and Manufacturing has moved on a lot as it is now making throat medicine)Commerce:CompaniesScience:Environment100%THREE MEN IN A BOATThis Humourous Raconteur Enjoys Entertaining Meander. Every Nautical Incident Necessitates Amusing Banter. Outrageously Antic Trip!Patricia Rix, referring to the book by Jerome K. JeromeArt & Literature:Book Titles100%THRIVETo Healthily & Robustly Increase Volume EncompassedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%THROMBOSISThe Heart Rarely Outlives Massive Bloody Objects Stuck In StreamBern DellScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments86%THRONEThe Haughty Royal Owner Nestles in ExtravaganceAngela BrettPolitics:Royalty100%THROW A SICKYThe Head Rep's Off Work, Apparently Slackitis. It Could Kill You!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%THROW UPTummy, Having Rejected Offering, Will UpChuck PromptlyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments88%THULIUMThis Hardly Ubiquitous Lanthanide's Irradiation is Used Medicinally.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%THUNDERTerrifying Heavy Unpleasant Noise, Deep, Echoing & ReverberatingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Meteorology100%THUNDER (2)The Heavens Unusually Noisy. Dramatic Energy Released.Edwin HermannScience:Meteorology100%THUNDER (3)Thundering High. Uncontrolled Noisily Discharges Electricity Radiantly!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Meteorology100%THUNDER (4)Truth: Hold Uplift New Decisive Elevating Revelation!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Communication100%THUNDER (5)Top: Holdup Unwanted New Discoveries! Exit Reason!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Communication100%THURSDAYThirsty, Hungover, Unsettled, Really Sick? Drink's Assailing You.Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Weekdays100%THWARTSTo Have Women Act Responsibly, Touch SoftlyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%THYMEThis Herb You Must Eat TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%TIA MARIAThanks In Advance, My Appreciative Reaction Is Anticipated.Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%TICINOThe Italian Canton... If Not OrallyAngela Brett (while Italian is the official language of Ticino and is used for written communication, a lot of people there speak Ticinese)Places:States & Regions75%TICKETTyped Indication of Connectivity Kinship for Electronic TerminalAngela Brett, when Tony asked whether he'd need tickets in order to communicate with Angela's new (and superior to Tony's) Mac.Communication100%TICKLISHTouching It Causes Kinky Laughter, I'm Sensitive Here TMcCO'GLaughter100%TICKSTerrible Insect Creates Knockout SauceRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%TICK TOCKTime Is Counting Kisses Total Omits Candy KissesRico LeffantaTime100%TID BITThis Is Dumb, But It's Tasty!Rico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%TIDEThen It Does Ebb.Roger WilliamsTimeScience:AstronomyPlaces:Waterways100%TIE THE KNOTTwosome Is Expressing Their Heartfelt Emotions, Knowing Nothing Of Trouble.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%TIFFThis Interrupts Firm FriendshipTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TIFF (2)Taciturness Increases Following FrictionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TIFF (3)Tiny Infuriating Feisty FightJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%TIFFANYTreasure In Fabulous Friendly Attributes, Nurturing YieldJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%TIFFANYS CAFEThere Is Fine Food, Although Nothing You Should Carry Aboard For EatingAngela Brett, when the INTERCITY BUS she was on stopped there for a meal break. We're not supposed to bring any food aboard the bus.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%TIFFANYS CAFE (2)This Intercity Fare Found A Nice Yummy Satay Chicken (Amid Flaky Encasement)Angela Brett, who ate a satay pie when she was there.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%TIGERThis Is Greatly Enhanced. Really!Sean Lamb (Tiger is Apple's code name for the Mac OS X 10.4 update)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%TIGER (2)The Insanely Great Expected ReleaseAngela Brett (Tiger is the code-name for Mac OS X 10.4.)Names:Code Names:Apple100%TIGER (3)This Is Generating Extra Revenue. Tony (Tiger is the code-name for Mac OS X 10.4.)Names:Code Names:Apple100%TIGER (4)Tries In Great Effort, ReceptiveJan Morgan -- Cub Scout rankSports & Recreation:Scouts100%TIGERSThey Inhabit Grasslands Eating Reckless StragglersTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%TIGGERThis Individual's Great! Getting Extra Rebound Tigger McCoy O'Grady - who is also bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy - Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!Art & Literature:Fictional Characters100%TILTEDThing Is Listing To Extreme Degree TMcCO'GPlaces:Positions & Directions100%TIMEThis Is My ExpertiseTony McCoy O'Grady, who can do ALMOST ANYTHING, given TIME and ENCOURAGEMENT.Time100%TIME (2)This Is My EntryTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela said 'give me time!' and he did.Time100%TIME (3)To Invent More ExpansionsAngela Brett, when she didn't have anyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsTime100%TIME (4)Transitory. Imminent: Measureless Eternity!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Time100%TIME (5)Trust In Memory Expansion!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Speaking about my ability as an apronymist.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsTimePeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%TIME (6)Temporal Illusion Measured ExactlyBruce SiegelTime100%TIME (7)Ticking In Motion EvolvesJan MorganTime0%TIME FOR BED, OR NOT?This Is My Evening Fight Of Reasoning... Being Excited, (I) Don't Often Respect Notifications Of Tiredness.Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%TIMERTimer Increments Minute Entities RepeatedlyCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.TimeScience:Electronics100%TIME SAVERSThese Innovative Machines Enable Someone Avoid Valuable Energy / Resource SquanderingTony McCoy O'GradyTimeScience:Electronics91%TIMETABLESThey Impede My Education - Trying to Add Blimin' Lectures Exasperates Students.Angela Brett, who is annoyed at how difficult it is to take more than two papers at a time without having timetable clashes.TimeEducation91%TIM HORTON'SThis Is My Hideaway, Our Rustic Tea-room Of National SignificanceTony McCoy O'Grady (Patricia then wrote "Not bad, though you couldn't hide in a Tim Horton's.")Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%TIM HORTON'S (2)There I Meet Hordes Of Relaxing Townspeople (Or Nobody, Sometimes)Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%TIMONTruly Is Miser's Opposite NumberTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Timon of AthensArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Timon of Athens100%TIMOTHY This Is My Offering To Help You.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%TIMOTHY MCVEIGHTerrible, In My Opinion, Terrorist. Horrible. Y Mcveigh Caboomed, Victims Enquire? I Guess Hatred.Jeff Anonymous and Angela BrettNames:Famous people93%TIMOTHY MCVEIGH (2)This Is Monstrously Outrageous! Those Horrible Yankees Murder Criminals - Violating Every Individual's God-given Humanity.Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people75%TINTen Isotopes (occur) Naturally.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%TIN (2)Tenth Increment NotedAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the tin (10th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%TIN (3)Trust's Important NowAngela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%TINA TURNERTrusted Ike, Now Alone. Totally Uninhibited, Rather Naughty, Emotional RockerEric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%TINGLETension Is Now Growing - Likewise ExcitementTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TINKERTrusting In Nice King's Effective RulingsMary CarrPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%TINTERN ABBEYTragedy Involves Nobles, Tem Eruption Retaliates Noxiously, Annihilates, Bitter Babies Explosions, YesterdayJan Morgan - refering to King Henry the 8th's destructive rampage of terrorPlaces:BuildingsHistory100%TIPThis Information's PertinentAngela BrettCommunication100%TIP (2)The Insider: "Psssst..."Angela BrettCommerceCommunication100%TIP (3)To Incline PrecariouslyAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%TIP (4)Thanks, Inexperienced Porter!Angela BrettCommerce100%TIP (5)Terminates In PointAngela BrettAssorted Nouns100%TIPSThey Indicate Potential SavingsAngela BrettCommunication100%TIPS (2)There Isn't Page SearchingAngela Brett, thinking that perhaps the person who searched for 'tips' on the Acronyms website was looking for the acronymising tips at http://acronyms.co.nz/tips.html, but didn't find them because the search engine only searches in the acronyms, not the other pages.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%TIPS (3)This Is Practically SecretPatricia Rix (referring to 'tips' one might get at the racetrack, or about the stock market)Communication100%TIPS (4)Those Intensely Pointed SectionsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%TIP: SUCCESSTrustworthy Individuals Possess Skills Unusual: Caring Communicating/Counting! Enjoy Sweet Success!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Advice100%TIPTOPThere Is Pizazz To Our ParaoaAngela Brett (Tiptop is a company which makes bread, and other foods. Paraoa is Maori for bread.)Commerce:CompaniesFood & Drink100%TIPTOP (2)There Is Perfection To One's PerformanceTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%TIP TOP FASHIONThis Is Popular Television? Obviously Passe Fools Advise Silly Housewives In Obtaining "Novelty'Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking of TV's many 'makeover' shows where people are advised on how to look good for little expense, and usually end up looking dreadfulEntertainment:TV showsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%TIREThis Is Really Exhausting!Angela BrettAssorted Verbs100%TIREDThe Instinct's Rest... Eyelids Droop.Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%TIRED (2)Time! Immediate Rest! Energise! Delay!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Adjectives100%TIRED (3)Take Immediate Rest, Enjoy DreamingAngela Brett, inspired by TIRED (2)Assorted Adjectives83%TITANTentatively Interior's Terrestrial-ish, Atmosphere's Nitrogen.Angela BrettScience:Astronomy88%TITANIATricked Into Thinking Ass-headed Nick Is AppealingTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%TITANICThe Iceberg That, Amazingly, Nudged Into Cruiser.Tony McCoy O'GradyTransportHistoryPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%TITANIC (2)Total Indifference Triggered A Needless Iceberg Collision.Roger WilliamsTransportHistoryPeople & Relationships:Disaster89%TITANIUMTransplanting of Inert Titanium Alloys Nowadays Is Useful Medically.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%TITHETenth Income To Him EternalJan Morgan - blessings coming when this is submitted to the LordReligionCommerce:Money88%TITHINGTenth Income To Him, Initiates Never-ending GoodJan Morgan - the act to tithe for the Lords KingdomReligionCommerce:Money100%TITSThe Infant Thirstily SucklesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%TITS (2)They 'Inflate' Tight SweatersTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%TITS (3)They're Intended To SeducePatricia RixScience:Biology:Body Parts100%TITS (4)They Invite Tender SuckingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%TITTERThis Is Too True, Embarrassing ReallyTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%TITTIEThat Is Too Tricky, Internet Explorerx_Player1_x: most of the settings are hidden deeply within Internet Explorer's options.Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%TITUSThis Is Telling Us Something.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%TITUS ANDRONICUSTragedy Invites Tragedy Until, Suffering Amputation, News Detailing Rape Ordains New Indecent Carnage Upon StageTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus100%TLAThree-Letter AcronymJeff Kelley, who was, at the time of authorship, employed as a research scientist at a company whose name was, itself, a TLA. Note: Some sticklers would use the variation: Three Letter Abbreviation since it's kind of hard to pronounce the "word" TLA (though you CAN do it if you've had enough coffee).Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TOASTTwo On A Standard ToasterAngela BrettFood & Drink100%TOAST (2)Took Off And Stranded TermagantPatricia Rix (toast is what you would be if you did that)People & Relationships100%TOBACCOToxic Orally Breathed Abomination Creates Cancerous Odor On the school bus I saw some jerk puffing a cigarette right before he got on, and I started thinking acronyms.Drugs:Tobacco100%TO BE OR NOT TO BEThe Option's Between Enduring One's Repetitive Nightmare, Or To Terminate One's Breathing Existence TMcCO'G referring to Hamlet's famous soliloquy musing on suicide. Art & Literature:Shakespearean PlaysAssorted Phrases100%TODAYS"That's" Out-Dated After Yesterday's Sunset TMcCO'GTime100%TODAYS (2)Time's Onceness Declares Against Your Structure TMcCO'G - I accept that one can have more than one "yesterday" and also more than one "tomorrow", but surely there can be only one 'today", as it is a 'now' thing and therefore a 'once-only offer'. (There used to be a TV programme called "All Our Yesterdays", and Shakespeare wrote "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow".)Time100%TODAY WE CELEBRATEThe Orwellian Doom About Year Went... Enlightened Computing Employees Left Electric Blue/Brother's Regime And Turned Easeward.Angela Brett, while watching the famous '1984' Macintosh ad on its 20th anniversary. The ad begins with 'Today we celebrate...' which, although referring to something completely different in the ad, is true as we celebrate the Mac's 20th birthday. 'Electric Blue' or 'Electric Brother' refers to Big Blue (IBM) which plays the part of Big Brother in the ad. 'Easeward' means 'toward ease'. I decided that with the similarity to Eastward it sounded almost good enough to be a real word.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonTime:Special Occasions93%TOE-NIPPING CRABThe Oceanic Experience Nobody Invites, People Panic... It's Not Grave (but) Crustacean Rips Apart Bunions.Angela Brett/Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%TOESTen Occupy Everyday Shoes.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%TOFUType Of Food? Ugh!Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%TOFU (2)Teeth Often Feel UnpleasantTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%TOILEDTired Operative. I Laboured Endlessly Daily TMcCO'GAssorted Verbs100%TOILETTrousers Off, I Leave Excreta ThereTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%TOILET (2)This Odd Invention Likes Eating Turds Apronymous AnonymousPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%TOKYOTantalizing Orient, Kimonos You ObviouslyJan Morgan -- most people who go to Japan usually buy a kimino for a souvenir thus the idea kimonos you obviously.Places:Towns & Cities100%TOMTwin, Often MaleAngela Brett (Thomas means 'twin')Names:First names:Male100%TOM (2)Totally Observant ManJan Morgan -- someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%TOM HANKSThis Oscar Man Has Another Near Knockout ShowingRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%TOMMIETrooper, Or Military Man, In EnglandTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks60%TONTotally Overweight, N'est-ce pas?Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%TON (2)Two Over NinetyeightTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%TONSILTissue Or New Son-In-LawRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:Family100%TONYTerribly Ornery Nutter, Yes?Jeff AnonymousNames:Acronymists100%TONY (2)Talker Of Nonsensical YammeringsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MaleNames:Acronymists100%TONY (3)This One's Not YoungTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%TONY (4)Thousand Of 'Nyms YieldedTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela BrettNames:Acronymists100%TONY (5)Tubs Of Natural YoghurtTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%TONY (6)Testicles Of Neutered Yak!Tony McCoy O'Grady (apparently 'sweetbreads' are considered a delicacy)Names:You Are What You Eat100%TONY (7)Tasted One Nut YesterdayPatricia RixNames:You Are What You Eat100%TONY BLAIRTired Of Nation's Yelling, British Leader Attacks Iraq RegardlessChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (2)Thinking Of New York, Bush Lapdog Accepts Inferior's RoleChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (3)Tony Out? Not Yet - Bush Lackey Acts Innocent, RegretfulChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (4)Tony's Office Nervous, Yellow - Blair's Louts Accuse Irresponsible ReportersChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (5)Tony's On Next - Yet Blair Lies At Inquiry's Review?Chris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (6)Tony's Opponents Nod Yes, Britain Lacked Accurate Intelligence ReportsChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (7)Tony's Office Not Yielding - Britain Leery About Iraqi RocketsChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (8)Threat Over? No. Young Blair Left Afearing Iraq's RevengeChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (9)Theatre Operations Now Yore, Britain's Large Army Is RelievedChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (10)Tony's Office Now Yearns Broadcaster's Libels Aren't Indeed RightChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (11)Tony's Office Now Yokes Broadcaster, Lambasts All Its ReportersChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (12)Tony's Out, Now Yeomanry Believes Lied About Iraq's RocketsChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (13)Turn-Over Next Year? Blair Left Assessing Iraq RegretsChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (14)Turn-Over Next Year? Britain Leans Appreciably, Implacably RightChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (15)Tough On Nasty Yobs But Lacking Assurance In ResponsibilityJohn Richard JonesNames:Famous people:Politicians100%TONY BLAIR (16)Thoughtless Overconfident Narcissistic Yuppie Behaving Like An Idiot ReformedJohn Richard JonesNames:Famous people:Politicians94%TONY MCCOY O'GRADYThis Old - Not Young! (sorry) - Man Can Churn Out Your Omnitopical & Greatly Revered Acronyms... Difficult? Youbetcha!Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing.Names:Acronymists94%TONY MCCOY O'GRADY (2)The Only Name. Ya May Call [him] Crazy Openly, Yessir, Over Gruel. Really A Dandy Youth.Jeff AnonymousNames:Acronymists100%TONYNESSThis Once! (Noting Your Nous Earned Several Similarly.)Angela Brett, in response to ANGELANESS.Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%TONY'S BIRTHDAY (AGAIN!)Think One New Year Should Be Important? Really, There're Heaps Done Already. You're Aging Gradually, Another Increment's Nothing!Angela Brett, hoping Tony's birthday was more interesting than the apronym implies. Alternative wording could be '...You're Approaching Geriatricity...'Time:Special Occasions100%TOO GOOD FOR EDWINThat's Outrageous! Obviously Goodness Of Others Doesn't Force One's Rejection. Everyone Deserves Win, Inferiority's Nonexistant.Angela Brett, when Edwin said on the forum that we're too good for him.People & Relationships100%TOOKThe Opposite Of KohaEdwin Hermann (Koha is a Maori word for gift)Assorted Verbs100%TOO LATEThe Opening's Over - Like All Things EventuallyTony McCoy O'GradyTime90%TOO SIMPLEThis Overly Ordinary Study Isn't Mathematically Pleasing... Lecture is Elementary.Angela Brett, during a boring first-year algebra lecture.Education:Slow Teaching86%TOO SLOW FOR METhis is Obvious! Omit Such Long Orations... Why Furnish Observations (with) Ridiculously Meticulous Explanations?Angela Brett, when the lecturer spent at least twenty minutes explaining that when you add a multiple of a number to another number, say x, then x will still have the same remainder as before when divided by that number.Education:Slow Teaching100%TOOTHBRUSHTo Osculate Odourlessly, This Has Been Religiously Used. Scrub Hard!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products91%TOOTH FAIRYTakes Old & Overused Teeth... Has Frequently Adduced Insignificant Rewards to Youngsters.Angela BrettArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures91%TOOTHPASTEThis Ointment Often Tastes Horrible... Puts Angela off Spearmint Treats, Even.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%TOOTSIEThis 'Outing' Of Transvestite Scheme Is EntertainingTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%TOPLESS BARTake Out Penis Let Everyone See Size Before Arrest ResultsRico LeffantaPlaces:Buildings100%TOPLESS BARSTouch Omnivorous Pussy Let Everyone See Sighs Before Audience Responds SenselesslyRico LeffantaPlaces:Buildings100%TOP QUARKTruly Obese Particle! Qrious? Use A Recent Kit.Angela Brett, who apologises for the Qrious cheat, but it's better than yet another 'Quite'. ('Top' is the heaviest of the six types of QUARK... along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK,CHARM QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK. Because of the immense amount of energy needed to create a top quark, it was not possible until recently.)Science:Physics:Particles100%TOPS AND TAILSTony Out-Performs Stunningly! Are New Devisings The Apogee, Indicating Lasting Success?Tony McCoy O'Grady, after creating near-unbeatable first and last acronyms for each letter.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TORCH SINGERThey Only Render Choral Harmonies Suggesting Infatuations Never Get Explicitly Requited.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%TORNTwo Offer; Ruin NightAngela Brett (being torn between two offers can ruin an indecisive person's night) People & Relationships100%TORONTOToo Obviously Rates Oneself Near Top OutlookPatricia RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%TORONTO (2)The Ornithological Residents Often Need Thawing OutTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%TORONTO, CANADAThe Ontario Residence Of Nearly Tenth Of Country, And Near America! Don't Ask.Angela Brett (It seems odd that something like 6% of the population lives in a city so near AMERICA)Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%TORPEDOThey Often Roamed Pacific Exploding Destroyers OverheadTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Weapons100%TORTTwist Out Revenue TidilyJeff Anonymous, since 'tort' comes from the Latin 'torquere' 'to twist'People & Relationships:Law & Order100%TOTALThe Opposite To A LittleEdwin HermannAssorted Nouns100%TOTAL (2)The Overall Tally And LotEdwin HermannAssorted Nouns80%TOTETwo-handed, Open-Top, EnvelopsCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Household Objects95%TOTES LIFT RAPID RELIEF!Totes Objective: Travel Easily, Swiftly! 1. Light/Lift/Left (Inside Fluid) 2. {Thesaurus, etc.: Rugged/Raise/Right} 3. Alas! Pace Increases! 4. Destination: Rugged/Relieve/Right 5. End: Light/Lower/Left. I Enjoy Fast/Freedom!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. A friend gave me 2 Great Totes! Left Tote = Light = (2 Quarts Great Bear Spring Water[in Nalgene Bottles = Narrow-Mouth = Loop Top]; etc.) Right Tote = Rugged = Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition); Webster's New Thesaurus of the English Language; etc.Assorted Phrases100%TO THE ATTENTION OFTo Open This Heed Exact Address - Then Try Ensuring Next Toucher Is One Named Only - FinishedTony McCoy O'Grady, who thinks the person who sought this may have been looking for "For the atten..."Communication85%TO THE MAC LAB!This is Often The Hearty Exclamation of MacGirl As Conundrums Lurk Around Baddies.Angela BrettMacGirl & KeyBoard100%TOTODILETrainer Of This Ought Dodge Its Labial EmbraceAngela Brett (Totodile is Pokemon #158)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%TOUCHED BY AN ANGELThankful Of Unusual Cherubs Helping Everyones Dreams, Best Yearnings Actually Notices Accompaniment Nurturing Gets Endearing LessonsJan Morgan -- A television show about angels who solve people's problems, answer prayers, accompany people and teach lessonsReligionEntertainment:TV shows100%TOUCHSTONEThe Outwardly Urbane Clown - His Sylvan Tryst Opens New EmotionsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's As You Like ItArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:As You Like It100%TOWEL DAYThe Occasion When Everybody Loves Douglas Adams. Yay!Angela Brett (International Towel Day, in honour of the late Douglas ADAMS and the superlatively useful towel, is on May 25th - see http://towelday.org for details.)Time:Special OccasionsHousehold Objects:Towels100%TOWELSTake Off Watery Excess / Liquid SurplusTony McCoy O'Grady, on TOWEL DAYHousehold Objects:Towels100%TOWNIEThis One Will Never Investigate EnvironmentTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%TOYThis Occupies YoungstersAngela BrettEntertainment:Toys100%TOY (2)To Occupy YouthJan MorganEntertainment:Toys100%TOYOTAThrown Out - You're On The AsphaltAngela BrettTransport:Car Makes & Models100%TRACKSTARTo Run Around Circles, Kick Sydney To Australia RepetitiouslyRico LeffantaSports & Recreation100%TRACYTravels Rarely, Activities Ceased YesterdayJan MorganNames:First names100%TRACY (2)Treacherous Raunchy Adult Controls YobJan MorganNames:First names100%TRACY (3)Tackled Real Addiction Carefully YesterdayJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names100%TRAFFICThe Roads Are Full - Frustration Is Common.Angela BrettTransport100%TRAFFIC (2)Tyrants Rushing Around Feeling Ferocious Inside CarsCharlieTransport91%TRAFFIC JAMTraffic-lights Remaining Amber Frustrate Fellows In Cars - Just A MessTony McCoy O'GradyTransport93%TRAFFIC LIGHTSThey're Red.... At 'Fast Forward' I Could Lickety-split Intersection- Getting Home Terribly SoonTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRAINTransporting Resources And Interconnecting NationsSean LambTransport:Trains100%TRAIN (2)Two Rails Are Invariantly NearAngela BrettTransport:Trains100%TRAININGThick Recruits And Inductees Need Instruction, Not GuessworkTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%TRAINING (2)Teaching Responsibility And Integrity, Necessities In Next GenerationAngela BrettEducation100%TRAIN SERVICETracks Run Around Island Nation, So Each Remote Village Is Connected EffectivelyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Trains100%TRAITSTalk, Read, Apronymise, Improvise, Test, Select/Submit!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. TRAITS = Proper Subset of "Traits of Apronymist."Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%TRAJECTORYThe Rounded Arc Javelins Exhibit / Career Track Of Redundant YuppieTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsSports & RecreationScience:Physics100%TRANIOTrades Roles And Now Is OverlordTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Taming of the ShrewArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Taming of the Shrew100%TRANQUIL PLACEThis Room's A Nice Quiet Undisturbed Idyll. Lie Prone, Loosening As Calmness EmbracesAngela BrettPlacesSports & Recreation:Relaxation93%TRANSIENT ERRORTried Reaching Acronym Network Site, Incurring Error Notice; Temporarily Excluding Rob Rix and Other 'RonymisersGavin Lambert (see SITE DOWN?)Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%TRANSITIONTeach Recruits About New Software Incrementally, Try It Out Naturally.Angela BrettAssorted Nouns100%TRANSITION (2)To Reach A New Situation, I Think Interim's Obviously NeededTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%TRANSPORTTo Recapture Anthony's Natural Supremacy, Propose One Registers TRANSPORTTony McCoy O'Grady, along with 38 other TRANSPORT acronyms so that he'd recapture the honour of 'Most expansions of the same word/phrase.'Transport100%TRANSPORT (2)Trains Running Across Nations Should Proceed On Rigid Tracks.Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (3)Tarred Roads Arranged Networkwise Speed Progress Or Rolling TyresTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (4)Those Regulating A National System, Perchance, Optimise Roads & TrainsTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (5)Tax Receipts Are Normally Subsidising Passengers On Rural TrainsTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (6)Tourists Regularly And Needlessly Squander Petrol On Recreational TravelTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (7)To Restrict A Nation's Silly Peregrinations Often Requires TaxationTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (8)To Ruin A Nation's Scenic Properties Organise Roads & TraintracksTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (9)Toll Roads Are Not Something People Openly Respond ToTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (10)Traffic Requires A Nimble Spryness Pedestrians Often Resort ToTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (11)Those Running Airlines Never Supply Parachutes ... Or Rescue TrainingTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (12)To Reach A Nippy Speed, Prime One's Rocket ThrustersTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (13)To Record A New Speed People Operate Rocket TechnologyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (14)Top Racers Are Now Safely Propelled On Rubber TyresTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (15)They Rumble Across Night Skies - Pockets Of Rolling ThunderTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (16)Triple-Riggers Are Now Somewhat Passe Over Routes TraditionalTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (17)To Really Appreciate Nature, Silently Pedal Over Rugged TerrainTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (18)To Reach Altitudes New - Set Perpendicular One Rocket's TrajectoryTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (19)Though Rollerblades Are New, Skates' Popularity Outdates Recent TechnologyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (20)Through Recklessly Abusing Narcotics Swimmers Pump Out Record TimesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (21)Thermals Rise, Allowing Navigators Soar Powerlessly Over Rolling TerritoryTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (22)To Race Against Norwegians Scott's Polar Outfit Risked ThemselvesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport90%TRANSPORT (23)These Roundels Are No-longer Solid - Pneumatics Offer Relative TranquilityTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (24)The Rapidity Achieved Nowadays Supersedes Previous Outrageous Record TimesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (25)To Rebel Against Nature's 'Suction' - Parachute Opens Resisting TerminalvelocityTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (26)Turbulent Rapids Are Navigable Sometimes - Provided Oar's Rigorously ThrustTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (27)'To Rise Above' - NASA's Space Projects Of Recent TimesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (28)Travellers Reactions Are Nausea - Seas Pounding Or Rolling TerrifyinglyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (29)Too-Rapid Acceleration Needs Skilful Pilots - Or Ruin ThreatensTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (30)Those Riding Animals Need Saddles, Packhorses Only Require TackTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (31)Tried Running Amongst Nettles Shoelessly? Perhaps One Requires TrainersTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (32)To Race Across Norway? Skis! & Plently Of Rigorous TrainingTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (33)Thor's Ra's Aquatic Navigations Showed Prowess Of Rafting TravellersTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (34)Tankers Reach Astonishing New Sizes - Probing Oceans Remoter TractsTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (35)Think Remote Aliens Need Saucers? Pah! One Requires TreatmentTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (36)Tired Rovers Are Needing Sleep - Pullman Originated Redesigned TrainsTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (37)Travel Rapidly Across Newfallen Snow... Perhaps One Rides ToboggansTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (38)Those Rigid Airships Needed Skilful Piloting Or Restraining TetheringTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (39)Tony Reached Acronym Nadir. So Produced Overblown Response - Transport!Eric BridgstockWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TRANSPORT (40)Touring Rockies And Newfoundland, Sending Payment Overseas, Recorded TransactionEric BridgstockTransport100%TRANSPORT (41)Typos Rushed Across - New Spelling Properly On Right TrackEric Bridgstock, while pointing out some mistakes in Tony's TRANSPORT acronyms.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TRANSPORT (42)Tony's Reinstated At Number 1, Superior Position On Reacronymising Things.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TRANSPORT (43)To Reliably Assist Navigation, Ships & Planes Operate Radar TechnologyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (44)Those Running A Navy Should 'Press Only Reliable TarsTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (45)To Remotest Arctic Navigators, Satellite Positioning Offers Reliable TrackingTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRANSPORT (46)These Really Ain't New. Stop Posing Over Redoing TransportEric BridgstockWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms90%TRANSPORT (47)Try Removing Any New-dictionary Spellings. Perfection Only Required, Thanks!Eric BridgstockWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%TRANSPORT (48)Terrain's Rough And Nettlesome; Someone Perhaps Oughta Rent TrucksPatricia RixTransport92%TRANSSEXUALTo Rage Against Natural Selection, Showing Externally XX/XY [when] Underneath's A Lad/Lady.Angela Brett ('Underneath' and 'External' could refer to different things... 'Underneath' could be the gender the person feels like while 'Externally' is the genes, or 'Underneath' could be the genes and 'Externally' the gender which the person lives and presents him/herself as.)People & Relationships100%TRASHTemporarily Records Are Stored Here Angela Brett, referring to the Trash on the MacintoshComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%TRASH (2)Things Relocated At Scrap HeapTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%TRASH (3)Toss Ruined & Abandoned Stuff Here.Roger WilliamsAssorted Nouns100%TRAUMATeeth Rearranged Alignment, Uninvited Misfortune AttributedJan MorganScience:Biology:Healthcare100%TRAVELTourists Roam Around Viewing Exotic Locations.Angela BrettSports & Recreation:Travel86%TRAVEL (2)Transports Roamers Abroad to Various Exotic LocationsEric BridgstockSports & Recreation:Travel94%TRAVELLING BY TRAINTotally Reliable And Very Enjoyable Locomotion, Leisure Is Now Greatest. Bring Your Texts, Relax, Arrive In No-timeTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Trains88%TRCLHCATry Recursively Changing Lingual Heuristics to Create Acronyms A re-expansion of The Real Canonical List of Humorous Computer Acronyms (http://personalpages.tds.net/~slambo/acronym.htm)Re-expansions of existing acronymsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms93%TREASURE CHESTThat Retiring, Even Apologetic Spot (in) Undergrowth; Restfully, Everyone Can Have Excrementally Satisfying TimePatricia Rix, explaining: This is a wilderness latrine, which is really just a pit surrounded by a box with a hole in the top and a lid to keep the spiders dry. We don't call it that ourselves, we call it a PRIVY BOXPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%TREATYThe Rights Exchanged Are Tested YearlyAngela BrettPolitics100%TREEThis Recycles Essential ElementsAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%TREE (2)Tall Redwood: Excellent Example!Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%TREE (3)Tropical Resident, Enthusiastically Eradicated!Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%TREE (4)Timber Repository Eagerly Exploited.Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%TREESTruly Recyclable Earth-Enhancing SubjectsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%TREES (2)Tough, Resistant Evergreens' Eternal SummerAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%TREKTravels Retro Event KnowledgeablyJan Morgan -- referring to the pioneer trek and recreations of itHistory100%TRENCHERThe Recently Educated (Now Certificated) Hurl 'Eadgear, Rejoicing.Angela Brett, a few weeks before graduating.Household Objects:Clothing:Academic Regalia100%TRENDTime Related/Repeated Events. "Now" Determines/Developments.Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Nouns100%TRIALTricky Reasoning Is Almost LaughableAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%TRIAL (2)Two Rival Ideas About LawAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%TRIAL (3)To Rally/Reconcile Interpretations And LoopholesAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%TRIALSTormented Reprehensible Indignations, Angrily Loses SomeJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%TRIANGLEThis Rattles If Agitated - Needs, Generally, Little ExperienceTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%TRIANGULARThis Really Is A Nice Geometric Unit... Lines Are Reduced.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%TRIATHLONTry Running In Australia; The Heat Leaves Organs NumbRico LeffantaSports & Recreation100%TRICKERTREATThat's Real Intrigue... Camouflaged Known Expander Rattled The Regulars. Eventually: AHA! Tony!Angela Brett (see AHA and GUILTY)Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%TRICYCLEThree Round Items - Can Your Child Learn EasilyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRINCULOTrenchant Royal Idiot - Nagging Contains Usually 'Learned' ObservationsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%TRINIDAD & TOBAGOThis Republic Is Now Independent - Drilling And Developing Their Oil Business Aids Growing Opulence.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%TRINITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMYTeachers Really Intimidate Nobody. Instead, They Yak. Can He Really Intimidate Students That Interrupt Another Notorious Academic Class? All Dimwits Evade Men Yelling.Peter & Christina - We both attend Trinity Christian Academy, a fine institute of learning.Education:Schools100%TRIOThree Rolled Into OneAngela BrettAssorted Nouns100%TRIPLESThree Repetitions Is Plenty. Let's Enjoy Singles.Sean Lamb (after hearing the same song over and over again on commercial radio, it's time for something else)Entertainment:Music100%TRIPLETThird Related Infant - Parents Love Each Tenderly TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Family100%TRIPLETSThree Related Infants Psychically Linked Eternally Together SomehowRoger WilliamsPeople & Relationships:Family78%TRIREMETriple Rows (of) Implements Required (to) Emulate Marine EngineTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%TRISTRAMTragically Roused Iseult's Sentiments, This Really Angered Mark.Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%TRIVIATiresome Recollection? It's Very Interesting ActuallyTony McCoy O'GradyMain100%TROCHOIDTracing Rolling Of Circle Has One Immediately Dizzy!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%TROGLODYTEThe Result Of Generations Living Or Dying, Yearning To EvolveAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%TROGLODYTE (2)This Reeking Old Geezer Lived On Dinosaurs Yet Triumphantly EvolvedPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%TROGLODYTE (3)This Reeking Old Geezer Lived On Dinosaurs Yesterday: Tomorrow's EpicureanGeorge Rix, as a modification of Patricia's TROGLODYTE (2)Science:Biology:Animals88%TROILUSTrojan's Romantic Outrage Initiates Latest Upsurge (in) SiegeTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%TRUDYTruly Reliable Unusual Dear YinJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%TRUE LOVE'Terminal' Romance Usually Ensures Lots Of Valentines ExchangedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%TRUISMThe Ruddy Usual Inane Sentence - Meaningless!Tony McCoy O'GradyMain100%TRUTHThey Round Up The HoodlumsTony McCoy O'Grady, after completing the marathon TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY.MacGirl & KeyBoard100%TRUTH (2)Teach Religious/Reasonable Understanding To HumanityJan MorganReligion97%TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAYTotally Reliable to Uphold True Happiness, Just Us Super Twosome In Control Everytime, All Nasty Deviants Treated Harshly Eventually And Miscreants Expect Resistance Initially. Counter Active Naughtiness - Walk Away Yahoos!Tony McCoy O'Grady... don't ask why a half-Irish, half-kiwi twosome would fight for the American way, but hey, it's quite an ACRONYM!Assorted PhrasesMacGirl & KeyBoard94%TRY ONSCREEN HELPThe Reliable Yet Original Necessity. Self Contained, Read-only Embedded Emergency Notes. Helping Essentially Lost People.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%TSARThe Sovereign Amongst Russians.Roger WilliamsPolitics100%T-SHIRTThe Slave Had Infusions Ready - Teatime!Angela Brett (T-shirt was T-BAG's T-Caddy, whose duty was to keep her magical powers strong by making endless cups of tea from the leaves of her evil T-Plant.)Entertainment:TV showsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%TSUNAMIThe Shock Underwriters Never Absorb Making IntercourseRico LeffantaScience88%TSUNAMI (2)Terrific Surge Underwater Nukes Asian Man-made InfrastructureMick BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%TUAThe Under-AchieverAngela Brett, when boxer David Tua failed to win the title of world heavyweight champion.Names:Famous people100%TUBETrains Underground Beneath EnglandEric BridgstockTransport100%TUBERCULOSISThe Uneasy Breathing Erodes Resilience, Causing Unhurried Loss Of Strength In Sufferer.Angela Brett, when it was thought that Steve might have tuberculosis.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%TUESDAYTired, Useless, Energy Sapped? Devour A YogurtTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Weekdays95%TUESDAY FASTS & VERY DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGAN FOOD ==> NEW JUNE TREND: SOUND SLEEPER NITES!Tuesday: Usual (Eating = Suspended) / Day Advances Youthfulness! Fasts (Astral Started/Sixth-month Two-thousand-and-three/Tuesday/Third) Strengthen! & Very Expensive Really Yummy! Delicious = Exquisite = Luscious ==> I Consume/Claimed (?) Invariably Organic = Uncontaminated Staples! Organic: Resourcefully Grown And Not Involving Chemicals! Vegan: Eating Great ; Animalproducts Never! Food: Obsessive/Organic Organises Delightful/Days! ==> New Ecstatic/Energetic Wholesome/Wonder! June Ushers New Era! Trend: {Rest Entire Nite} = Deep/Delightful! Sound/Sleep Ongoing = Usual = Nice = Deep/Delightful! Sleeper: Lessens Energy/Expenditure ; Establishes/Encouraging Peace = Energising = Rejuvenation! Nites Involving Tossing/Turning/Thoroughly Eliminated / Soundly!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (see FAST FOOD RESTAURANT) "VERY DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGAN FOOD" I did not know: A. The ORGANIC farmers say that ORGANIC farming is more economical! B. The only reason they sell "Very Expensive Really Yummy! DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGAN FOOD" is that ORGANICVEGANs are a minority! C. ORGANIC cucumbers do not need vinegar or anything. Try one. D. I like mangoes. Eventually (fool that I be) tried an ORGANIC mango. There is a difference. E. Tropicana orange juice: Whole Foods Market fresh-squeezed organic orange juice makes "Tropicana" taste like bitter water. Bottom line. If your national government legislated: a. all produce must be grown organically b. all animals (sold for food) must be fed organic grain c. ban on production of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, what ever killer-chemicals d. any chemicals {covered in (c)} that were made before law must be shipped to a new government agency created on enactment of law e. penalty for violation of (c), (d): charge is treason. all concerned are traitors. possibly, family members. suppliers. shippers. any company that deals in any way (however insignificant or blameless) with a violator, is a violator. f. sentence if found guilty: merciful death only result. Certain Swift Result of National Law: 1. Organic food (especially vegan) is much healthier than the poisoned stuff (PS). Even the healthiest consumer of PS will discover {in short order} that they did not realise how good they could {feel, think, work, rest} until they ate all organic. And they will declare, with mixed emotions, that were not healthy until organic. 2. Cessation of poisoning environment: air, earth, water. And any matter that was involved with historical poisons, including our bodies. 3. Even the smallest one-of-a-kind store could sell organic at far less than PS. 4. Organic tastes worlds better. Try an organic gala apple. This was my favorite apple. Until the organic honeycrisp apple smote me. Tastes spicy. Chew it & get a refreshing loud crunch. Surprise! Try an organic Asian pear {shape: apple. skin: pear. texture: delightful = mild gritty. taste: you find out. I know.} My favorite food is organic millet [the only grain I know of, that is not acid-forming. which means you can eat it liberally.] Food & DrinkSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%TUNATheir Unknown Numbers AbateAngela BrettFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Animals100%TUNA (2)The Undiscriminating Netting AbandonedAngela BrettFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Animals100%TUNASThey're Usually Nice Accompanying SaladAngela BrettFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Animals89%TUNGSTENTypically Used Nowadays Generating Steel-alloys, Transition Element, NaturallyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%TUNISIATemperate Up North, In South It's Arid.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%TURBOTried Using Regaine... Baldness Ongoing! My name is David & my old roommates nickname is Turbo, who is going bald.Names100%TURDThe Usual Rectal DirtAngela BrettScience:Biology100%TURKEYThey Unmercifully Repress Kurds Even Yet.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%TURKEY (2)Thousands Unnecessarily Rudely Killed Every YearSanta ClausFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%TURKMENISTANThey Until Recently Kept Moscow's Edicts, Now Independent - Some Think Autonomy Novel.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%TURNIPThis Unremarkable Root Never Inspires PassionAngela BrettFood & Drink100%TURTLEThey Unerringly Return To Lay Eggs TMcCO'G referring to how the females of many breeds of turtle return to the beach where they hatched out, to lay their eggs. After many years of wandering all over the ocean this indicates an uncanny sense of direction.Science:Biology:Animals100%TUSHTwin Undulations, Sit Here.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts89%TUTORIALTechnical Use (of) Teaching Outline. Reading It Aids LearningTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%TVTime's Valuable!Angela Brett, since TV tends to waste a lot of time.Entertainment:TV shows100%TV NEWSTo View Notable Events, Watch Screen.Angela BrettCommunication100%TWADDLEThose With Attitude Disorders Don't Like ExpertsJohn Richard JonesPeople & Relationships100%TWAINThis Writer Authored Interesting NovelsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%TWENTYThey Won't Even Notice The YearAngela Brett, on her 20th birthday.Time:Age100%TWENTY (2)Thanks Woz, Enjoyed Nattering To YouAngela Brett, after Steve Wozniak called to wish her a happy 20th birthday.Time:Age100%TWENTY (3)That Woman Eventually Notched Twenty Years!Eric BridgstockTime:Age100%TWINETwisted Wiry Inventions Not EverlastingAngela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%TWINE (2)Thinness Will Induce Non-ExistenceAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STARTiny White Irridescent Night-Kindled Light Ever Twinkling While I Now Know Little Except Light Is Terribly Tiny Like Expensive Stones That Are RarePatricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%TWINSTwo Weaned Individuals Needing SustenanceJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Family100%TWISSThis Wordy Idiot Slandered, SomesayJeff Anonymous (There is a tale about an Englishman called Richard Twiss who got a chamber pot named after him for slandering Ireland)Places:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%TWISTThis Will Involve Some Turning.Angela BrettAssorted Verbs100%TWIST (2)Terpsichory Which Identified Sixties TeenagersTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%TWIST (3)Torque Wrench Imparts Serious TensionTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%TWISTEDTruly Wicked Individual Still Trying Evil DeedsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%TWISTED (2)Turning Will Instill Style, Thus Elaborating DesignTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%TWITCHThere's Windoze In This Computer... Help!Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%TWOSTo/Time (Wonderful October) Standard!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. TWOS! set: {Standard Time, Daylight Time}TimeScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%TYBALTTake Your Blade And Lunge ThroughTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet100%TYRETube, Yet Rotates EvenlyEric BridgstockTransport:Car Parts100%TYROThis Youth Requires Orientation.Roger WilliamsPeople & Relationships100%TZARThis Zombie's A Ruler!Tony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%TZIGANETrying Zany Iconoclast Gypsies Antics, Not EthicalJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%AAAlways AlkalineJeff Anonymous (on the rareness of carbon-zinc and nickel-metal hydride AA batteries. ya can usually only get alkaline and rechargable alkaline)Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%AAAAvailable As AlkalineDustan Dowsing, who resorted to acronymising battery sizes in an attempt to get the overall first acronym.Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%AAAAAlso Available As AlkalineDustan DowsingRe-expansions of existing acronyms100%AALAAromas Arouse Limpid AffairsRico Leffanta (Aala is a town - and Honolulu park - on the island of Oaha, Hawaii. Aala='fragrance')Places:Towns & Cities:USA100%A AND A EQUALS BAlphabetic Algebra Never Dies. Appealling Equations Quite Useful, Although Lacking Spelling Beauty.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics100%AARDVARKAn Arrant Rogue, Decadent & Valueless! A Rampaging KleptomaniacTony McCoy O'Grady - an attempt to get the first entry in the list and the first pupil on the SuperBaddy school rollMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%AARONAlways Aims Rifle On NeedlepointRico LeffantaNames:First names:Male100%AARON THE MOORArranges Amputation - Reels Off Nauseating Tragedies He's Effected, Mocking Opinions On RemorseTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus100%AASLEAGHAwful Alcohol's Still Left, & Everyone's Already Got Hangovers!Angela Brett (Aasleagh is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'A liqueur made only for drinking at the end of a revoltingly long bottle party when all the drinkable drink has been drunk.'Food & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicWords & Wordplay:Liffs100%ABACTORAgricultural Baddy - A Cattle Thief (Obsolete Remark)Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%ABACUSAbundant Beads, Addition & Calculation Utility System.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics100%ABACUS (2)All Beads Are Calculated Using SlidesRico LeffantaScience:Mathematics100%ABASHAstound, Bring About Shame, Humiliate.Angela BrettAssorted Verbs100%ABATTOIRAnimals Bleed And Then They're Offered In RepastAngela BrettFood & DrinkPlaces:Buildings88%ABATUREAnimal's Beaten A Trail in Underwood... Riflemen Ensue.Angela BrettSports & Recreation100%ABBAAgnate Biblically Begat AdamAngela BrettReligion100%ABBREVIATIONSA Bit Big... Remove Excess Vowels (It Ain't Troublesome If One's Not Speaking)Angela BrettWords & Wordplay100%ABBREVIATIONS OF WORDSA Border Between Reading/ Enscribing & Vocalising Is Apparent, Though It's Often Not Seen... Orally Flustering 'WWW' Offers Real Dilemma Sometimes.Angela Brett, who thinks it's silly that people speak 'WWW', which is only an abbreviation in writing, and write things like 'Meg' and 'Gig' which are abbreviations for speaking but longer than the acceptable written abbreviations MB and GB.Words & Wordplay100%ABCAlpha Born Coder!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Linguistics100%ABC (2)Alphabet Backwards' Coda.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics83%ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ SONGAlphabetic Barrage of Characters Designed to Educate Fellows, Gradually, of Handwriting Inscription - Juveniles & Kiddies Like Melodious Notes Of Poem. Quite Readily, Singing Teaches Understanding of Vowels & Writing to Xuberant, Young & Zealous Students... Only Numbers to Go!Angela BrettEntertainment:Music:Songs100%A B CEE DEES OF LIFE!Almighty Beautiful Craft: Earth. Eve: Devil's/Deception Eatingly Entertained. Sinners Offered Forgiveness. Life/Love/Law Intact Forever. Emmanuel!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Religion100%A B CEES OF LIFE!Apronymists Bravely Create Expansions, Enthusiastically Submit, Opportune Finds, Learned Innovatively. Fact: Expansion!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ABEIGHAloof, But Especially In Gaelic HighlandsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ABELAdam's Boy, Eve's LadAngela BrettNames:First names:MaleReligion100%ABEL (2)A Briefly Experienced LifeTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MaleReligion100%ABETAid By Encouraging TransgressionAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%ABHORAny Boy Having Orgasm ResponsiblyRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%ABIOGENESISA Biont Is Originated - Great, Except Not Explicable. Surrounding Inanimate Substance.Angela BrettScience:Biology100%ABIOGENESIS (2)A Biont Isn't Often Generated Except Near Existing Sentience - It's Strange.Angela BrettScience:Biology100%ABLACTATIONA Baby's Left Annoyed 'Cause That Alimentary Tipple Isn't On Nipple.Angela BrettScience:Biology100%ABNEGATEAbsolute Baloney - Never Even Given A Thought, Ever.Angela BrettAssorted Verbs80%ABNORMALAgainst Banality - Not Ordinary Run of the Mill Average LumpenproletariatAngela Brett - last word supplied by Tony McCoy O'Grady.Assorted Adjectives100%ABNORMAL DATA TYPEAll Bytes Not On Required Memory Alignment, Long Doubles Are Torn Apart, Then Your Program Explodes/Exits.Angela Brett, in response to an unsuccessful search. (An alternative ending is 'Then Your Program's Executed' where Executed has a double meaning.)Computers:Programming100%ABNORMAL IRISHAnti-British Nationalists Often Rebelled, Mounting A Lacklustre Insurrection. Result Is Sad HistoryTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%ABORTIONA Baby Only Remains 'Til It's Ordered NotAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:FamilyScience:Biology:Healthcare100%ABOUT THE STACKAcronyms Brought Out Unusual Talent, This HyperCard Engine Stored Them Alongside Cumulated Knowledge.Angela Brett, who thought she ought to acronymise the title of the page at http://acronyms.co.nz/about.html since it's in capitals.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles80%ABRAAbility to Brain-Read's Advantageous.Angela Brett (Abra is Pokemon #63)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%ABRAMA Brownish Red, Auburn Modernly.Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives:Colours92%ABRANCHIATEAir Breathers Require Alveoli Never to Contain H2O In Abundance - They'll Expire!Angela BrettScience:Biology100%A BRIDGE TOO FARArnhem! British Resolute In Defence.... Germans Encircle Them (Only Original Film About Rhine).Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies88%ABSCONDAppropriate! Burgle! Steal! Coin Other Names as Desired.Rob RixPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDERA Brief Stint Elsewhere... Now Curiously Everyone Misses And Keeps Enthusiastically Supporting Thee. Hurry Ever Homewards. Every Acquaintance Registers True Grief Remarking On Wanderer's Future. Oh, Nomad Desist Errantry - Return!Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases:Sayings97%ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER (2)Angela Brett Started Expansion, Needing Cooperation of Everyone's Mind And Knowledge... Eventually, Subject (Tony) Helped Expansion, Having Ended A Round Trip. 'Glorious' Return Of Wordsmith Features One Not-Done Expansion... Rotten!Angela Brett, when she needed help to finish the expansion before this one while Tony was away, but didn't get any help until Tony came back and finished it.Assorted Phrases:Sayings100%ABSTRUSEA Bit Strange:- To Readily Understand - Seek ExplanationTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives80%ABU'L-WAFAAppeared in Buzjan, Used Large Wall as Apparatus For Astronomy.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ABUNCHAA Big Unitary Number - Covers Hundreds, Apparently.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when protesting Jeff's use of 'Abuncha' as one word in an acronymWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%ABUNCHA (2)Angela Believes Unusual Novelties Can Have Acceptance?Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%ABUNDANTAll But Uncountable... Never Did Anyone Need TotalAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%ACARIDA Compact Arachnid - Rarely Isn't Dronish.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Insects100%ACATALECTICAuthors Can Achieve This - A Little Extra Care That It's Correct.Angela BrettArt & Literature100%ACATAMATHESIAAfflicted Can't Apprehend That Anything Means Anything, Though Has Every Sense - It's Absurd!Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments90%ACCESS RESTRICTIONSAll Campus Computers Employ Security Systems... Really Expert Students Test Reliability - Interrogating CDEVs of Terminals & Intranet, (re)-Organising Network Software.Angela BrettComputers100%ACCIDENTSAre Caused - Chiefly Involving Derelict Events, Normally Through StupidityTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%ACCOMPLISHAchieving Completely Can Often Mean Praise's Lavished - I Sense HappinessTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%ACCOUNTANTAll Cash Counted Out Using Numeracy Techniques - And No Theft!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%ACCOUNTINGAre Cash Controls Operating Usefully, Need To Investigate Negative GrowthTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%ACCRUEA Chap(ess) Could Refuse Unnecessary EclatSanta Claus (see SANTA CLAUS (2))Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%ACEROUSA Careful Extraction Revokes Only Unicorn's SignificanceAngela BrettScience:BiologyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures100%ACHEAnybody Can Hurt EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%ACHILLESArrogant Champion - He Is Lottery Loser - Ending SulksTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%ACIDA Corrosive Ingredient, Definitely.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry100%A CLEAN JOKEA Charming Laugh Ensues After Novel Jester Omits Kinky ElementsTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%ACMEA Company Manufacturing EncouragementTony McCoy O'Grady, after he suggested that Angela's ENCOURAGEMENT probably came from the ACME people the coyote always got his stuff from.Commerce:Companies100%ACME (2)Abuse Case Management Expertise Tony (no connection to any Wile E Coyote purchases!)People & Relationships:Abuse:Sexually Abusive Youth Program100%ACNEAdolescents Can Not EscapeAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%ACQUISITION SOFTWAREAnyone Can Quickly Understand Its Significance... It Trawls Information On Networks Searching Only For The Worthwhile And Relevant EssaysAngela BrettComputers82%ACROBLOCKAnomalous Condition Resulting (in) Outrageous, Blinding Loss Of Creative Know-howMelanie MerswolkeWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRO FORTHCOMINGA Crazy Rendition Of Frazes. Openly Readable Text, Hyper Card On Macintosh. I'm No Goofball ;)Jeff AnonymousAssorted Phrases88%ACRONIMAmerican Committee for Repression Of Nonsensical Institutional MonogramsPeter W. Sloss, who explains: ACRONIM was founded in 1979 six weeks after my business cards had been printed and my government agency then went through not one but two close-spaced name changes.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms88%ACRONYMAbbreviated Craziness - Reading it Obviously Numbs Your MindAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms88%ACRONYM (2)Abbreviated Craziness - Reduction Of Noise in Your MessageAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM (3)Apple Computers Rather Obviously Need Your MoneyTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & NewtonWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms88%ACRONYM (4)Apple Computers React Outrageously with New Young MindsTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & NewtonWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM (5)All Concealed, Revealed Only Now You MeditateGavin LambertWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM (6)Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning Acronymous AnonymousWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM (7)A Condensed Representation Outlining Neatly Your MeaningAngela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM (8)Amazing, Cacophonous Riot Of Nonsensical Yokel's MutteringsGlenn ByersWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM (9)Almost Concealed. Remnant Only Nudges Your Memory.Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Inspired by Gavin's ACRONYM (5)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMANIAA Crazed Response Or Neurosis You May Acquire, Naturally, Inventing AcronymsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMANIACAlphabetically Creative Ranter's Overactive Noodle Yields Many Acronymic Niceties. It's Absolutely Crazy!Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM CHECKERAngela's Cocoa Resource, Only Not Yet Made Complete. Has Extra Capabilites (Keenly Expected) ReservedTony McCoy O'Grady (see http://cocoa.co.nz/acronymchecker.html)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software:Applications100%ACRONYM CHECKER (2)Angela's Cocoa Resource (Obviously Not Yet Made Correctly) Helps Everyone Count & Keep Expansions RightTony McCoy O'Grady - cheekily suggesting that he has minor quibbles with Angela's creation.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software:Applications100%ACRONYMISEAnyone Can Rejuvenate Old Nuances. You Must Investigate Synonyms Extensively.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMISING TIPSAcronym Creators - Read Our Notes. Your Mentor Is Superlative, Inspiring Nym-Generator... Tony Imparts Precious SuggestionsAngela Brett, referring to the Acronymising Tips page at http://acronyms.co.nz/tips.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ACRONYMIST ALL OF FAMEAdvice: Click Rodent On Names, You May Instantly See Their Acronyms' Links Listed. On Further For Any Mentioned Expansion.Angela Brett, referring to the list of all acronym contributors (called the 'Acronymist All of Fame') at http://acronyms.co.nz/allcontributors.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles95%ACRONYMIST HALL OF FAMEA Celebration Relying On Numbers, You Might Instead Say They're Highscores. A Limited List Of Figures Features Acronymaniacs [with] Most EntriesAngela Brett, referring to the Acronymist Hall of Fame at http://acronyms.co.nz/halloffame.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ACRONYMIST HONOURS LISTAwards Concerning Record Ordering, Numbers, Years (Millennium's Initial 'Spansion's There) Here Our Niche Of Unparalleled 'Riters Shines - Literature Is Superlatively Terrific!Angela Brett, referring to the Acronymist Honours List at http://acronyms.co.nz/honours.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles92%ACRONYMISTSAll Crazy, Raunchy, Oxygen-blowing Nutters Yip Madly In Some Terrible Situations.Jeff Anonymous, who is perhaps alluding to the WTC and similar acronyms...or maybe he just expanded ACRONYMISTS at 10:40 PM.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMISTS' BLOCKAfter Creativity Runs Off Needlessly, Your Mind Is Stuck. Take Some Books & Look Over Complex Knowledge.Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying 'To cure you of the dreaded Acronymists Block, I suggest that you get out your Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia and browse at random until inpsiration strikes....'Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms94%ACRONYMISTS' BLOCK (2)Acronym Creation Rundown. Overall, Nasty. Yikes. May I Suggest, "Terrible Sickness, Bad Like Obesity."? Christ, [it] Kills!Jeff AnonymousWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms97%ACRONYMISTS SHOULD BE HEARD AND NOT SEENA Crisis Resonates On Newsgroup, Yup. May I Suggest Trying Silence-Stopping Hellionism? Okay. "U, Listen, Dude!" Bark Evil Hellions, Excrutiatingly. Art Returneth [this] Day. Anyone Need Diversions? Nice Original Terrors Seep. Even En Nepal.Jeff Anonymous, when there hadn't been much activity on the Acronyms forums.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%ACRONYM MACHINEAngela's Cerebum Routinely Outputs New (Yes, Maybe Magnificent) Acronyms. Creative Helper Is Not Electronic!Angela Brett, when she tried to expand YOU DON'T WANT TO PANIC and ended up with YOU DON'T WANT TO DRINK THAT, and said that the acronym machine was malfunctioning. You can see pictures of the acronym machine at http://acronyms.co.nz/brainWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms80%ACRONYMSA Casual Round-up Of Novelties in Your Message System.Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (2)A Crazy Roundup Of Nonsense You Must SeeEdwin HermannWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (3)All Clever Rephrasings Of Notions, You Might Say.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (4)Adroitly Created Representations Of Notions, You Might Say.PiMaster, as a modification of ACRONYMS (3)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (5)A Causal Relationship Over Nonsensical Yabbering? Maybe So!Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (6)Abundant Crazy Ramblings, Openly Nice, Yippee! My Stars!Jeff AnonymousWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (7)Angela Can Reject Obvious Nonsense... You Make Sense!Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (8)A Cunning Rogue Offers Novel Yet Mirthful SpellingsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%ACRONYMS (9)A Comedic Range Of Nutty, Yet Meaningful, Spellings-outTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (10)Artistically Created 'Rrangements Of Nifty, Yet Mirthful StuffTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (11)Anyone Can Read Our Not-Yet-Mad ScribblingsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (12)A Collection, Realistically, Of Nutters. Youthful? Maybe So!Jeff AnonymousWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (13)Any Contributors Really Ought Never Yell, 'Me Sane!'Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (14)Absolutely Cuckoo -- Requirement Of Next Year's Morpheme-Splitters.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (15)Alphabetically Challenged? Ready Or Not, You're Making Some.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (16)Alphabet Casserole Rounds Off Nicely Your Metaphorical Supper.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (17)Alternative Corny Readings Or Names You Must SubmitCarl BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (18)Any Casual Remark Or Name You May ShortenAngela Brett - this describes acronyms in general, but this stack/website is not about just any phrase you turn into an acronym... the acronym comes first, and then you think up an expansion to go with it.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (19)Anyone Could Recite Oblivious Nonsense... You Make Sense! the little banner dude...Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (20)Anyone Can Receive Our Newsletter, You May SubscribeTony McCoy O'Grady (subscribe to THE ACRONYM TIMES by sending an email to acronymtimes@acronyms.co.nz and saying you want to subscribe. Voluntary subscription fee is one acronym per month.)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYMS (21)Alphabetically Collated Record Of Nutty, Yet Meaningful, 'SpansionsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ACRONYM SEARCH FORMA Casual Reader Of Netborne Yarns Might Seek Expansions About Relatives... Creativity's Habit-Forming, One Reads More.Angela Brett, who thought she outhg to acronymise the title of the acronym search page at http://acronyms.co.nz/search.html since it's in capitals.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ACRONYM SEARCH RESULTAfter Conveying Request Over Network, You Might See Expansions And Related Categories. However, Really Eccentric Searches Usually Lack Them.Angela Brett, when the acronym search result for 'acronym search result' was lacking.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ACRONYMS SO FARA Count Revealing Our Novel Yield... Measurement Shows Signs Our Futile Activity's Rampant!Angela Brett, who thought she ought to acronymise the heading at http://acronyms.co.nz/index.html since it was in capitals.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ACRONYMS TO USE IN CHAT ROOMSA Casual Remark On Net You Must Shorten... They're Often Untrue Statements, Exaggerated - IRCers Not Chuckling Heartily, Although Typing 'ROFL' Or Other Meaningless Sequence.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsComputers:Internet100%ACRONYM TOURSAre Considered Really Obsolete... Now You'll Migrate To Our (Updated Regularly) SubcategoriesAngela Brett, because the Acronym Tours at http://acronyms.co.nz/tours haven't been updated for ages, because the CATEGORY LISTINGs at http://acronyms.co.nz/catindex.html are a better way of finding list of acronyms on particular topics. They're updateComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ACROPHOBIAA Common Repulsion Or Paralysing Horror Of Becoming Intensely Acrofactive Tony McCoy O'FreudScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness91%ACROPHOBIA (2)A Crap-inducing Result Of Pisspoor Helixes Ordering Brain Into AgitationJeff Anonymous, noting that sensory integration disfunction (a disability of the semicircular canals that causes easy nauseation) can cause the fear of heights.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%ACROSTICArgue Correct Reference, Or Study This Interesting Comparison.Angela Brett, who is thinking of adding to the ACRONYMS website with a discussion of the definitions of acronym and acrostic.Words & Wordplay100%ACTINIUMA Chemical That Is Not In Use MuchTony McCoy O'Grady, who has almost singlehandedly acronymised the entire periodic table.Science:Chemistry:Elements100%ACTIVE LISTENINGAttentiveness Can Turn Into Vocation (Ear 'Lent' In Silence), Therapist Ensures Noninterruption Into Narrative GabblingTony McCoy O'Grady (who has no idea was "active listening' is, but assumes it is Jargon from Psychotherapists)Communication100%ACTONA California Town Of NickelsJan Morgan -- Rudolph E. Nickels is known as the father of the townPlaces:Towns & Cities100%ACTSAs Christianity Then SpreadsTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%ADAIRAttempts Dousing An Inflamed ResourceTony McCoy O'Grady (Red Adair puts out oil-well fires)Names:Famous people100%ADAMApples, Damsons And MelonsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat91%ADAM AND EVEA Deity's Accident... Men Are Not Deliberately Evolved. Viva la Eva!Angela BrettReligion100%ADAM AND EVE (2)Apple Devoured. Absurd Mistake - Attempting Nugatory Deception. Edict: Vacate Eden!Roger WilliamsNamesReligion100%ADAM-ONDI-AHMANA Domain At Missouri, Of Natural Disappearance In Area, Has Monumental Anonymous NarrativeJan Morgan (in north Central Missouri - not far from Gallatin, was a place named by Joseph Smith in Honor of Adam and Eve)Places100%ADAMSAppleMaster Douglas Authored Muchloved SeriesAngela BrettArt & Literature:Writers100%ADAMS (2)Author Douglas Also Makes Software.Angela BrettArt & Literature:Writers100%ADAMS (3)Aarrghh! Dead, Already! Missed Sadly.Angela Brett, when DOUGLAS ADAMS died of a heart attack at 49.Art & Literature:Writers100%ADAPTAmend Details And Plan TacticsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%ADDERSAbsolutely Dirty, Dust Eden Reptiles! Slither!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Biology:Animals:Vermin86%ADDICTAcronym Developer Discovers Inability to Control Thoughts.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela suggested that he was addicted to creating acronyms.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ADDICT (2)Acronym Developer Discovers Incessant Creation TendancyTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ADDICT (3)Another Dopehead Does It Cold TurkeyAngela BrettDrugs100%ADDICTIONAlcohol & Drugs Dangerously Injure Cerebellum. Throw It Out, Now!Angela BrettDrugs100%ADDITIONArithmetic Device Drummed Into Tots... It's Only Natural.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%ADELARDAl'Khwarizmi's Derivations Entered Latin, Also Royal Drilled.Angela Brett (Adelard of Bath was a mathematician who, among other things, translated work of Euclid and Al'Khwarizmi and taught King Henry II.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%AD HOCAll Designs Have Objective CourseRico LeffantaAssorted Adjectives100%ADIDASA Desirable Item Decorated And StripedTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%ADJECTIVESAdditional Details - Just Ensure Correctness. These Items Valuably Enhance Sentences TMcCO'GScience:Linguistics100%ADMINA Desk Man Is NeededTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%ADMINISTRATORA Dreadful Master Is Needed In Setting The Rules And Then Organising RoutinesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%ADOAcronyms Doubly Overloaded ADO = Active Data Object (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%ADOBEAmerican Desert-Originated-Brick EdificeTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings100%ADOLF HITLERAustria's Demented Ogre Looked For Heaven, Instead Totally Lost Euthenical Reich.Rico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Politicians100%ADOPTEDAngel Dancing On Pin Turning Either DirectionRico Leffanta, referring to that very Catholic question: "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" If you are adopted (and are, one presumes, angelic) you must dance according to the direction of your new parents - whatever direction that may be, or fall from the only thing stable in your life...ReligionPeople & Relationships:Family100%ADRIANAAnnoyance Deepens Regarding Identities - Anger Narrowly AvertedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of ErrorsArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Comedy Of Errors100%ADSAnticompetitiveness Doesn't Sell ADS = Active Directory Service (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%ADULTERYAdults Doing Unlawful, Lustful Things - Exploring Repressed YearningsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%ADULTERY (2)Absolute Denial, Undermining Love Trust, Explicit Reprehensible YarnsJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%ADVENTUREA Dastardly Villain Enters Niceguy Territory - Usually Really Exciting!Angela Brett, while pondering the ADVENTUREs of MacGirl and KEYBOARD.MacGirl & KeyBoard100%ADVICEAvoid Dreadful Violence In Caring EnvironmentTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We are forming a new community group to end abuse, we are looking for a catchy acronym using the A for abuse. We don't want to limit ourselves to only family violence, or child abuse. Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness.People & Relationships:AdvicePeople & Relationships:Abuse100%AERATE MEAn Explanation Required As This Eludes Me, Elucidate!Tony McCoy O'Grady, wondering about the meaning of 'coolies.'Assorted Phrases100%AFAIKAccept Free Advice, I'm Knowledgeable!!!Tony McCoy O'Grady (AFAIK usually stands for 'As Far As I Know')Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%A FASTAll Feasts Are Stopped TodayJan Morgan - see FASTINGReligionFood & Drink100%AFFCOTA Frightful Fart Cuts Off Talking.Angela Brett (Affcot is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'The sort of fart you hope people will talk after.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs92%AFGHANISTANA Foreign Government Had Attacked - Now Islam Succeeds. Taliban-run Asian Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%AFGHANISTAN (2)Already-Forgotten Guerrillas Happy As New Invasion Supersedes Taliban As NewsChris KjelgaardPlaces:Countries100%AFGHANISTAN (3)Armed Fundamentalists Generate Havoc As Naive Infidels See Taliban Again NascentChris KjelgaardPlaces:Countries100%AFGHANISTAN (4)American Forces Get Hurt As, Newly, Insurgents Start Terrorism Against NationChris KjelgaardPlaces:Countries100%AFGHANISTAN (5)Armed Fundamentalist Groups Harassed After Noisily Insisting Supremacy, Terrorizing American NationChris KjelgaardPlaces:Countries100%AFGHANISTAN (6)After Fighting, Grievously Harmed Asian Nation Impotently Struggles, Torn Apart NightlyChris KjelgaardPlaces:Countries100%AFRAIDAnxious For Reassurance, And In DistressAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%AFRAID (2)Anxious For Reassurance About Imminent DangerAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%AFRICAN AMERICANA Famous Race (It Came Across North Atlantic) Many Enduring Rigours / Intense Cruelty And NastinessTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%AFTERSHOCKA Fellowship To Explain Redemption & Share Happiness Of Christian Knowledge TonyReligion:Men's Ministry100%AGAINST THE GRAINAll Genetic Alterations In Natural Seeds Taint The Horticultural Environment. God's Rapeseeds Adequately Impart Nourishment.Angela Brett, considering a possible name for an anti-GE organisation.Science:BiologyPoliticsScience:Environment100%AGAMEMNONA Greek Aggressor Making Empty (Mainly Noble Oratory) NoisesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%AGEAnnually Gets ElevatedAngela BrettTime:Age80%AGEDArthritic, Geriatric, Elderly and DeafTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%AGESAeons, Generations, Epochs & Such?Angela Brett, after Edwin mentioned on the forums that he hadn't submitted an acronym for AGES and should be punished. I figured I'd better submit an acronym for AGES before anyone punished me!Time100%AGES (2)Approaching Geriatricity Every Second!Tony McCoy O'GradyTime100%AGES (3)A Geriatric's Emailing Session!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after returning from a trip and finding that the backlog of emails took ages to download.Time100%AGES (4)A Game (Ensemble Series)Jeff Anonymous, in reference to the "Age of Empires" series by Ensemble Studios, published by Microsoft (but available for Mac) and also as a response to the thread in the Acronyms forums which produced AGES.Computers:Games100%AGITATEAlways Get In The Action To ExciteRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%AGNOSTICA God's Not Observable, So Truth Isn't CertainAngela BrettReligion100%AGNOSTIC (2)As God's Not Obviously Shown, This Individual's CynicalTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%AGONYAffair Going On Near YouRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%AHAAaah, He's Admitted!Angela Brett, when Tony finally admitted to being the mysterious acronymaniac known as TRICKERTREAT.Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%AHMED IBN YUSUFArab-Hatched Mathematician, Expanded & Discussed Important Book. Nodoubt, Yusuf's Usual Studies Used Fractions.Angela Brett (Ahmed ibn Yusuf wrote on ratio and proportion, and expanded on/discussed book 5 of Euclid's 'Elements')Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians83%AHMESApparently Handwrote Mathematics as Egyptian ScribeAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%AIDAnnual Income DecrementCharles H. Montgomery, Jr. Tax Assessment.Commerce:Money100%AIDANAn Individual, Dandy Adult, NewlywedJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%AIMEEAffectionate Is Meaning, Entreating EuropeanJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%AIRAllows Instant Resuscitation. Roger WilliamsScience:ChemistryScience:Biology100%AIR (2)Almost Infuriating RedhatSean Lamb (Air was the codename for Mandrake Linux 7.0)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%AIR (3)Animals Inhale RegularlyAngela BrettScience:ChemistryScience:Biology100%AIR (4)Aids In RespirationAngela BrettScience:ChemistryScience:Biology100%AIR FORCEArmed Individuals Regularly Fly On Reconnaissance (Covert) Exercises Top-Gun McCoy O'GradyMilitary88%AIRHEADArtificially Intelligent Robot, Hatched & Enhanced by Apple DevelopersAngela BrettMacGirl & KeyBoard:Other Characters100%AIRLINESAviation Industry Regularly Leaves Individuals Needing Extra SpaceTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%AIRPLANEAerial Innovation Rising Perpendicular, Lifts Achieving Necessary ElevationJan MorganTransport100%AIRPORTAbounding In Runways, Plenty Of Recreational TravellersTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces0%AIRPORT*Apple's iBook Receives & Projects On Radio Transmissions!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%AIRPORT (2)Alimentary Intake's Restricted, Proffer One Roxio Toast! TonyComputers:Do Not Eat92%A IS FOR ANGELAAn Inspiration - Surely - For Our Recreational Amusement. New-zealand Girl Especially Loves AcronymsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%A IS FOR APPLEAnother Instructive Sentence Forming Opinions Regarding Alphabetic Pedagogy... Please Learn Earnestly.Angela BrettAssorted Phrases94%A KNOWN ACRONYMISTAngela Knows No-One Who New Arrival Could Represent? Off-duty Now, Yes Maybe I'm Santa. Truly ? (see GIFTS OF ACRONYMS)Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%ALABAMAA Large Aeronautics, Based At Madison AreaJan Morgan - Madison County, Alabama, is where Huntsville is located and Huntsville has an aeronautics space camp for kids.Places:States & Regions100%ALABAMA (2)Americas Largest Active Battleship Alabama, Mobile AreaJan Morgan - Can Be toured here it saw action in WWII and was the largest ever builtMilitaryTransportPlaces:States & Regions100%ALADDINAdding Lavish Animation, Disney Does It NowSean LambEntertainment:MoviesArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%ALANA Leader, Able NavigatorJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%ALAN GUTHAttended Lecture About 'Negative' Gravity -- Universe Triggered How?Angela Brett, after attending Guth's colloquium 'From Special Relativity to Cosmic Inflation' -- for more information, or to download the video, visit http://agenda.cern.ch/fullAgenda.php?ida=a054002Names:Famous peopleScience:Physics100%ALAN GUTH (2)Astrophysicists Love A New Grand Unified Theory HypothesisAngela Brett -- ALAN GUTH may be the expert on rapid expansion in cosmological terms, but an astrophysicist wth the letters GUT in his name is just asking for rapid expansion of a different kind. Perhaps the N word should be changed to 'Nice' or 'Neat' since I'm sure not all GUTs are welcomed, but 'New' flows better.Names:Famous peopleScience:Physics100%ALAN TURINGAt Large Across Net Terminals Unlawfully. Really Is No GoodTony McCoy O'Grady, hypothesing about Turing's descendants becoming supercriminals.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:When good scientists go bad100%ALARMA Loud Appliance Ringing MadlyEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderScience:ElectronicsAssorted Nouns:Noises100%ALAS!Advantage Lost! Abashed! Surprise!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Main100%ALASKAA Lotta Arctic Snow - Keep Away!Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:States & Regions100%ALASKA (2)Arctic Lair Afforded Seals; Kodiaks AlsoPatricia RixPlaces:States & Regions100%ALASKA (3)Audacious Lawlessness Allowed Spurious Klondike AcquisitionsRoger WilliamsPlaces:States & RegionsHistory100%ALASKA (4)A Large Arctic Sledding, Klondike AreaJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%ALBANIAAlthough Lying Beside Adriatic, Normally It's Alpine.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ALBANYA Loyal Briton And Not 'Yellow'Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy Of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%AL'BATTANIAlbategnius' Liber Bore Astronomical Tables, Trigonometric Advances & Newer Information.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ALBERT EINSTEINA Less-Bearded Enigmatic Researcher Tells Everyone In Natural Science That Everything's Interrelated NaturallySean LambScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ALBERT KLAGESAnother Link Between Epochs - Relays Tale Knowing Little About Game's Eventual SignificationAngela Brett, referring to the character in 'The Solitaire Mystery' by Jostein GaarderArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery88%ALBERTUS MAGNUSA Lithe Brain Endeavoured to Record Topics Universal... Sainthood Made Albert Guru of Natural - Unbelieving? - Scientists.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:MathematiciansReligion:Saints100%ALBUS DUMBLEDOREA Leading Bigwig Unusual Sorcerer Does Unbelievable Magic, Believes Love Endures Dangerous Offensive Recidivist. EducatorJan Morgan -- Harry Potter characterArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%ALCHEMYActivate Libido, Carefully Hone Every Mettle Yourself.Rico LeffantaScience:Chemistry100%ALCIBIADESA Loyal Comrade Indeed - Battles Into Athens, Despatches Enfeebled SenatorsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Timon of AthensArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Timon of Athens100%ALCOHOLA Little Consumption Often Helps Open LegsRico LeffantaDrugs100%AL COHOLICA Lager Can Often Have Overwhelming / Lasting Irreversible Consequences Three more, please, Barman!Food & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicNames:Prank Calls100%ALCOHOLICAbsolutely Legless, Cannot - Obviously - Handle One's Liquor In Comfort.Tony McCoy O'Grady... describing KEYBOARD.Drugs100%ALCOHOLIC (2)Apple Lovers Can Only Have One Liquor... It's Cider!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & NewtonDrugs86%ALCUINAurum-Lettered Codices & Uninteresting Instructions on Numbers.Angela Brett (Alcuin was responsible for the Carolington codices, a series of illuminated masterpieces written largely in gold, and also wrote some not-so-exciting maths & astronomy textbooks)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ALDEBARANAcross Lightyear Distances, Earthbound Beams Are Received At NightTony McCoy O'Grady. (Taurus, the Bull, is a zodiacal constellation that contains the orange-hued star Aldebaran, the 13th brightest star in the sky and 45 times larger than the Sun.)Science:Astronomy100%ALEXAble Lad Engages XylophoneJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%ALEXANDERAble Lad Engages Xrays At New Domain, Enters RearJan Morgan -- Alexander has a new job in the xray area at the rear entrance of the buildingNames:First names:Male100%ALEXANDRAAble Lass Enjoys Xylophone, And Needs Direction, Rhythm's AimJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%ALEXANDRIAAble Lass Enjoys Xylophone, And Needs Direction, Rhythm Is AimJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%ALEXISAble Lass Engages Xylophone, Is SuccessfulJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%ALFALFAA Little For Arthritis - Limbs Freely Active TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%ALFALFA (2)A Little For Appetite, Lots For Anaemia/AutoimmunotoxicityAngela Brett -- Appetite is just one of the many A-words on the all-encompassing lists of what alfalfa might possibly improve. Apparently there is one documented case of alfalfa overdose which resulted in mild anaemia and leucopenia.Food & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%ALFA ROMEOA Lavish & Flashy Automobile - Result Of Much Engineering OriginalityTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%ALFA ROMEO (2)Artistic Lines. Fangio Approved - Raced Often. Models Endearingly Ogled.Eric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%ALFREDA Low Fat Recipe Ensures DelightTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat78%ALGEBRAAids Learning Geometry - Educates Beginners on Ratios of Area.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%ALGEBRA (2)Abstract Logic Governs Everything - Broad-Ranging Applications.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics88%ALGEBRA (3)Applying a Little Generalisation Eventually Brings Relevant AnswerAngela BrettScience:Mathematics100%ALGEBRA (4)Arithmetic Logically Grasps, Expressing Bounties: Representation Algebraic!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics100%ALGEBRA (5)Abstract Logic Generalises Everything; Beautiful Relationships AppearAngela BrettScience:Mathematics100%ALGEBRA (6)Arithmetic Lovingly Grasps, Expressing Bounties: Representation Algebraic!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics100%ALGEBRA (7)Arithmetic Literally Generalized! Expressions Birth Real Abstraction/Adaptibility!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics100%ALGERIAA Little Grotty Enclave Resting In AfricaTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%AL GOREAlways Let Government Organise Religious EventsRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Politicians100%AL'HAITAMAnalysed Lenses, Had An Important Theory About Mirrors.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians80%AL'HAITAM (2)Alhazen Lacked Huygens' Accuracy In Trinomial Answer (to) Mirror-problem.Angela Brett (Al'Haitam was also known as Alhazen, and is best known for 'Alhazen's problem,' which Huygens found a better solution to.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%AL'HASIBAbu Largely Helped Along Solving Irrational Bewilderment.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ALIAS GRACEA Little Irish Absconding Servant Gets Railroaded And Cannot EscapePatricia Rix, referring to the book by Margaret Atwood.Art & Literature:Book Titles90%ALICE FORDA Lively Interesting Cutie Extracts Fun Out (of) Rogue's DeceitTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor100%A LIFEAcronyms Live In Fame Evermore!Angela Brett, when Patricia asked Tony, 'Do these excellent acronyms just roll off the keyboard or do you not have a life?'Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms92%ALISON HOLSTA Lady Is Seasoning Our Nutrition, Her Own Love is Sweet ThingsTony McCoy O'Grady, on NZ chef Alison Holst.Names:Famous peopleFood & Drink:Chefs100%ALISTAIR MACLEANAction, Laced In Suspense That Accepts (In Readers' Minds) A Completely Ludicrous Escapism As NaturalTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%ALITALIAAircraft Leave Italian Territory And Land In AdriaticChris KjelgaardTransport92%ALL ACRONYMSAlphabetical Lexicon Lists And Categorised Records [are] On Net... You Must've Seen!Angela Brett, guessing that whoever searched for 'all acronyms' on the Acronyms web site would have been interested in the alphabetical listings at http://acronyms.co.nz/A.html and perhaps the category listings at http://acronyms.co.nz/catindex.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%ALL BOYS ARE GOODAt Last Look, Bad Ones Yes, Still Around. Remember, Every Generalisation Offers One Danger.Angela Brett, expanding an unsuccessful search and thinking of the quote attributed to Alexandre Dumas, "All generalisations are dangerous, even this one."People & Relationships:Genderalisations100%ALL BRANA Loathesome Lawbreaker - But Regular - Attacks NiceguysTony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up a cereal killerMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers100%ALLEGORYAesop Love Legends Especially Glorious Ones Rousing YouthsRico LeffantaArt & Literature100%ALLERGYA Little Latent Enzyme Really Grabs YouRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%ALLIANCEA Large League Is Always Necessary Combatting EvilTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsMilitary100%ALLITERATIONAlike Letters Lead Individual Terms. Excess Rather Annoyingly Turns Into Overt Nausea.Eric BridgstockWords & Wordplay100%ALLITERATIONSAnother Like Letter Indulges The Ear - Repeat Again To Induce Outrageously Nonsensical Sound.Angela Brett (see the Alliterations page at http://acronyms.co.nz/alliterations.html)Words & WordplayComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%ALMOST ANYTHINGA Laughing Macintosh Owner Sometimes Thinks About Nothing. Yes, Tony's Humour Is Nearly Godlike.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when, after boasting 'Told you I could do almost anything!' was challenged to do ALMOST ANYTHING.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ALOETTEA Lovely Objective, Essence To Try, EveryoneJan Morgan -- A home party Cosmetic Company made with Aloe Vera in itCommerce:CompaniesPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%ALOE VERAAgave Lotion On Epidermis Virtually Erases Rough AbrasionsRico LeffantaFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%ALOHAAcclaimed Loudly On Hawaiian AtollTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%ALONEAlways Left Out - Not Enjoyable.Angela Brett. Tony replied by saying ''Alone' is not always a case of being left out - it can be a case of leaving! You're confiusing being alone with being lonely!' and demonstrating with some more versions of ALONE.Assorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships71%ALONE (2)A Little Oneness (is a) Nice ExperienceTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships83%ALONE (3)Another Lovely Opportunity Not (to) EngageTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships83%ALONE (4)A Lonesome Occassion (is) Nice EnoughTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships100%ALONE (5)A Loved One Never EncroachesTony McCoy O'Grady. (Who adds: assuming they respect your wish for solitude)Assorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships100%ALONE (6)Appropriate Leisure Offers Nice EscapeTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships100%ALONE (7)Anthony/Angela Looks On, Needn't EntangleTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships100%ALONSOA Louse Of No Saving OvertonesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest83%ALPHAA Letter Previously Handwritten in AthensAngela BrettScience:Linguistics100%ALPHABETAll Literate People Have Already Begun English Training.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics100%ALPHABET (2)A Lexicographic Pattern Hailed As Big Educational ToolAngela BrettScience:Linguistics100%ALPHABET (3)All Letters Placed Here; Altered By Enthusiastic TestersRoger WilliamsScience:Linguistics80%ALPHABET SOUP[Person 1] "A Letter, Please!" [Person 2] "Have A Broth." [Person 3] "Excuse That Suggestion... Obviously Utterer's Plastered"Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%AL QAEDAAmerican Leaders Quieten Arab Enemies' Destruction AttemptsChris KjelgaardMilitary:War & Terrorism100%ALTARA Little Table Attracts ReverenceTony McCoy O'GradyReligion95%ALTERNATIVE REAL ESTATEA Lantern's The Eccentric Residence of Necromancer, Aladdin Turned Into Victor/ Evictor. Really Extreme: A Lady Established Shoeshanty, Tongues At Top EntrancementAngela Brett, who apologises if the tongue pun is in bad taste.Art & LiteraturePlaces:Buildings100%ALTSCAPEAlternative Landscape: Their 'Scenesaver' Creates A Personalised EnvironmentAngela Brett, who is developing the Mac OS X version of Altscape's 'Scenesaver' and Media Manager software. (See http://www.altscape.com/index.asp?displaymode=DownloadsPage)Commerce:Companies100%ALTSCAPE (2)A Lively Team Shall Celebrate As Patronage ExpandsAngela Brett (see PARTY)Commerce:Companies100%ALTSCAPE (3)A Little Thousand... So? Countless Additional Patrons Expected.Angela Brett (see PARTY) who apologises for the over use of 'Patron' but thinks it was the best word for all the ALTSCAPE-related acronyms which use it.Commerce:Companies90%ALUMINIUMAmerican Lexicographers Usually Misspell It. Nowadays It's (a) Useful Metal.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ALWAYS COCA COLAAre Liquids Wet? Apparently Yes. Some Contain Oxygenated Carbon And Cause Offensive Leaking AirTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks100%ALYSSAA Loud Yell Shouts Shrilly, ActuallyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%AMActually MeJeff Anonymous, after typing 'I AM the JA acronym' on the forums and realising he should acronymise AM.Assorted Verbs100%AM (2)Awful MusicTony McCoy O'Grady (AM actually stands for Amplitude Modulation)Re-expansions of existing acronymsEntertainment:Music100%AMANDAAmatory Maiden, And Nicely Desirable AlsoTony McCoy O'Grady... Amanda means 'worthy to be loved' apparently.Names:First names:Female100%AMANDA (2)A Much Adored, Nearly Divine AmigoRob RixNames:First names:Female100%AMANDA (3)Appropriate Moniker Assigned Nicely Demure ArtistRob Rix, describing an incredibly artistic Amanda he knows.Names:First names:Female100%AMANDA (4)A Maiden At Nice Distance AwayPatricia Rix, saying: WINDSOR (2) is where Rob's girlfriend lives, about a 5-hour drive from hereNames:First names:Female100%AMBASSADORSA Mission Based Abroad Serving State's Ambitions Doth Often Require StatemanshipTony McCoy O'GradyPoliticsPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%AMBERAncient Miniscule Bug's Encased ReliablySean LambScience:Biology:PlantsScience:Biology:Insects100%AMBULANCE'Animal Motor-Bus' Usage Largely Aids Neighbourhood Community EducationTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:The Dorothy Dorosett Brown Mobile Centre100%AMBULANCE (2)'Animal Motor-Bus' Usage Largely Aids Nature-Care EducationAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:The Dorothy Dorosett Brown Mobile Centre100%AMBULANCE (3)'Animal Motor-Bus' Usage Leaves All Nature's Critters/Creatures EnsconcedAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:The Dorothy Dorosett Brown Mobile Centre100%AMBULANCE (4)'Animal Motor-Bus' Usage Largely Aids Neighbourhood's Creature EmpathyAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:The Dorothy Dorosett Brown Mobile Centre75%AMDAcronyms Made to Deliver AMD = Advanced Micro Devices, a CPU manufacturer.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Generic Hardware100%AMERICAArgumentative Multitude Encamped Right In Canada's ArseRob RixPlaces:Countries100%AMERICA (2)Aha, My Expedition's Reached India, Columbus AverredTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:CountriesHistoryPeople & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions100%AMERICA (3)Acquire Money! Exploit Resources Innovatively! Capital Access!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Places:CountriesCommerce100%AMERICA (4)A Mixture, Emerging Residents In Common AgendaJan Morgan -- The way America was conceived (a mix of cultures coming together to have freedoms no other country was able to give)Places:Countries100%AMERICANAnyone Mindlessly Enthusing 'Reality Is Cash' Ad NauseumRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%AMERICAN PIEAmazing McLean Epitaph Recounting Idols' Crashed Aeroplane Night. Perceptive, Intelligent, Evocative.Eric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Songs92%AMERICAN PIE (2)Awful Madonna Easy-listening Record. It Confirms A Naff Pop Icon ExistsEric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Songs100%AMERICAN WAYAll Macintosh Emergencies Require Immediate Computer Aid, Necessitating Wisdon And YouthTony McCoy O'Grady, after fighting for TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonMacGirl & KeyBoard90%AMERICIUMA Metal, Exceedingly Radioactive, It's Created (of) Intensely Unstable Matter.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%AMIGAArchaic Machine, It's Gone Away.Steve Keate and Angela BrettComputers100%AMIGA (2)Another Machine Is Gone Away Don't see too many Amigas any more...Computers100%AMIGO"Amicus" Made Iberian, Guys OnlyJeff Anonymous, doing failed searches. Amigo is the Spanish (Iberian) variant of the Latin "amicus," also meaning "friend." Both "amicus" and "amigo" apply only to males, "amica" and "amiga" replacing them when dealing with women.People & RelationshipsScience:Linguistics100%AMOR VINCET OMNIAAny Memory Of Romance Vicariously Ignites Natural Conceptions Embracing Two Opportune Mates Needing Imagined ArdourRico LeffantaAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%AMOSA Man Of SanctityTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%AMSTERDAMAny Marijuana Smoker That Ever Rolled Dreams About MetropolisAngela BrettPlaces:Towns & Cities100%AMSTRADAntiquated Machine Starts Trouble... Requires Another Diskdrive.Angela Brett, after a lady in her writing class who'd been using the same Amstrad for 10 years found that it needed a new diskdrive because it hadn't been cleaned.Computers100%AMTRAKAnother Metro Train Rolls Along KeenlySean Lamb (Amtrak is the national passenger carrier of the US)Commerce:CompaniesTransport:Trains100%AMYAffectionate Miss YearnsJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%ANAGRAMA New Arrangement Giving Reasonably Alike MeaningAngela Brett, describing what people usually aim for when finding anagrams.Words & Wordplay100%ANALOGUEAny Nincompoop At Large Or Girl Under EtherRico Leffanta, because a nincompoop is analagous to a girl under ether.Words & Wordplay100%ANARCHYAnyone Not Accepting Regulations Confuses Hierarchical Yesmen.Tony McCoy O'GradyPolitics0%ANARCHY (2)Apparently, Not Obeying Rules Creates Happiness, Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%ANARCHY (3)Agitated New Age Rebels Create Havoc, Yikes!Eric BridgstockPolitics100%ANARUA Naughty And Rambunctious UnderlingSteve Keate, acronymising his son.Names:First names:Male83%ANAXAGORASArgued 'Nous' Arranged Xcision of Aether (from) Ground & Oxygen. Recognised Atheistic Sun.Angela Brett. (Anaxagoras was imprisoned for suggesting that the sun was not a god and that the moon reflected the sun's light)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians90%ANCESTORSA Nice Collection, Enriches Service To Others, Reaching Self-explorationJan Morgan - Searching out our ancestors helps us learn about our heritage and serves the rest of the family to know about where we came from People & Relationships:Family100%ANCHORA New Cruiser's Held Off Rocks TMcCO'GTransport100%ANCHOR IN MY LIFEApprovals Nurturing, Caring Harmonious Other Responds Integral Necessity Maintains Your Longevity/Love In Full EdificationJan MorganPeople & Relationships88%ANDORRAA Non-Descript Outpost Residing (in) Remotest AlpsTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ANDREAAnnoyingly Neat Diva Reveals Every AtomYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA (2)Absolutely Nefariously Delightful Relishes Exciting ArgumentsYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA (3)Alluringly Now Delivering Real Energy AboutYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA (4)Absolutely Naughty Dancer Ravishing Everyone AlwaysYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA (5)Abounding New Delights Reveals Energy's AngelYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA (6)Angel Now Dances Round Evoking AmazementYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA (7)Absolutely Never Displayed Resistance Eating ApplesYru RedheadNames:First names:Female86%ANDREA (8)Atomically Near Diamond Resisted Everyone (else's) ApproachYru RedheadNames:First names:Female100%ANDREA BOCELLIArias Never Die Recent Etudes Arose Bringing On Crowds Exclaiming 'Lord Loves Italians'Rico LeffantaEntertainment:Music:Artists100%ANDREWA Nice Dude Really Educated WellTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%ANDREW (2)Articulating New Dreams, Reaching Educational WhimsJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%AN EMAILA Nice Electronic Message Across Internet LinesAngela Brett, who promised to give Tony an email if he found an ACRONYM for INCENTIVEComputers:Internet100%AN EXCUSE THAT'S FULL OF HOLESA Novel Explanation - Xculpating Culprit Under Suspicion. Elaborate Tale Has Abundant Twists. Seems Foolproof, Until Logically Looked Over - Faulty - Hundreds Of Light-Emitting SourcesTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%ANGELA Near-Godly-Existence LifeforceTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%ANGEL (2)Always Near God's Everlasting LoveYru RedheadReligion86%ANGELAAngelical Nosy Girl Enquiring of Literary AffairsMary CarrNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (2)Acronymious Nerdish Girl Eliciting Little AmazementJohn Brett. (Angela's father)Names:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (3)Articulate NorthShorer Generates Exciting Literary ActionTony McCoy O'GradyNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (4)Amazing Newzealand Girl Eliciting Lasting Adulation!Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (5)Amazing Near-Genius Eliciting Lasting Admiration!Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female86%ANGELA (6)A Nice Girl Entering Lots of Arguments.Angela BrettNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (7)Academically Neat Goof Equally Loves AcronymsMary Carr, in a last-minute effort to increase her number of contributions, just before Angela uploaded the acronymist hall of fame. (http://acronyms.co.nz/halloffame.html)Names:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (8)Am Not Gunna Expand Lame AcronymsPiMaster, after he typed 'ANGELA!' and Angela said he should acronymise anything in capitals.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (9)A Naked Girl Excites Lovers AmorouslyRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (10)A Nice Greek (Eros's Language) Angel.Jeff AnonymousNames:First names:Female100%ANGELA (11)A 'Nym Girl's Expansions Look AdmirableTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%ANGELA (12)A Nasty Gourmet Eats Lamb's AppendixTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%ANGELA (13)Ain't No Garnish... Entire Lunch Actually!Angela BrettNames:You Are What You Eat100%ANGELA BRETTA Newzealand Girl Evidently Loves Apple But Rarely Exudes True ThankfulnessTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists85%ANGELA BRETT (2)A Near Genius, Evidently Likes Apples. (has) Become Rather Enamoured (of) Today's Technology.Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%ANGELA BRETT (3)A Nice Girl, Exudes Ladylike Attractiveness, Boyfriend Rather Eccentric Type Though!Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%ANGELA BRETT (4)A Nascent Genius, Extolling Logical Acronyms. Bountiful, Remarkably Encyclopaedic, Tasteful TerminologyBern DellNames:Acronymists100%ANGELA BRETTLA Nice Girl Errs Loudly, Atrociously. Better Read Extra, True? Typo: Lousy.Jeff Anonymous, when Angela mistyped her nameWords & Wordplay:Made Up WordsNames:Acronymists100%ANGELANESSAcronyms' Natural Genius Exercises Laudable Achievements Now Earns Some Success.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela's EAT POTATO won a prize and Tony said it was a recognition of her ANGELANESS.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsNames:Acronymists100%ANGELICAA Near Genius Engaged Loyally In Computer ActivitiesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Angelica MacCoy, MacGirl's secret identity. (Shhh, don't tell anyone!)Names:First names:FemaleMacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes100%ANGELOA Nun Gets Emotions Loosened OutTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Measure for MeasureArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Measure for Measure100%ANGERAlmost Never Gets Effective ResultAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%ANGER (2)A Needlessly Generated Exasperated RageTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%ANGIEA Nickname Given Is EndearingAngela BrettNames:First names:Female100%ANGIE (2)A Nice Girl Is EndearingTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%ANGOLAA New Generation Of Liberation Armies.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ANGRYAnnoying Nuisances Generally Rile YouTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%ANGSTROMA Nitpicking Grump's Seriously Teenchy Register Of MeasurementTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%ANHEDONIAApathetic Nobody Hopes Ennui Doesn't Offer New Insights AttractivelyRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%ANIMAGUSAnimal Narrowly In Man, A Gift, Unusual SorcererJan Morgan -- Harry Potter Lingo -- Limited (narrowly) wizards can do itArt & Literature100%ANIMALAutomobile Now Improves Many Animals' LivesTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to a request for acronymic names for The Dorothy Dorosett Brown Mobile Centre, an RV acquired by by the SPCA which is equipped for surgery, education and animal adoptions.Science:Biology:Animals:The Dorothy Dorosett Brown Mobile Centre93%ANIMAL INSTINCTAbsolutely Neat Instrumentals... Music And Lyrics Integrate Nicely So That It's a Nice Catchy Tune.Angela Brett (who apologises for using 'Nice' twice) on Animal Instinct, a song by the Cranberries.Entertainment:Music:Songs83%ANIMEAnimation, Neatly Ingrained with Messages (Evil)Jeff AnonymousEntertainment100%ANIMISMAny Natural Item May Invoke Spiritual ManifestationRico LeffantaReligion100%ANIMORPHSArtistically Notated Individuals Move Or 'Replicate' (Perhaps) Human StirringsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%ANIONA Negative Influence On NeighboursAngela BrettScience:Chemistry100%ANISEEDAlways Nice In Sweets, Enjoy Every DoseAngela BrettFood & Drink:Confectionery100%ANITA EKBERGAlways Nourishing Imaginative Tryst Arrangements Even Kindergarten Boys Enthusiastically Ravish GirlRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%ANNAAbsolutely Needed, Noble AcquaintanceJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%ANNE BULLENAfter Naughty Nights, Enters Bigamous Union! Lovely Lady, Elegant & NobleTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIIIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VIII100%ANNE PAGEA Nice Nubile, Emotional Pretty & Attractive Girl ElopesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor89%ANNOYINGA Neighbourhood Nosey-parker Overlooking You Is Not GenialTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ANOMALYA No Often Means A Lady's Yes!M.S.PrabhakarPeople & Relationships100%ANONYMOUSAny Nonsense Or Name You May Obscure Usually SufficethRico LeffantaNames:Famous people100%ANONYMOUS (2)Angela Now Omits Name - You May Obtend Unto SantanymTony McCoy O'Grady (see SANTA)Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%ANSEL ADAMSA Naturalist Shows Everyone Looking At Depictions A Marvelous SceneSean Lamb (Ansel Adams was best known for his photography of Yosemite National Park in California)Names:Famous people100%ANSWERA Neat Solution Where Everything's ResolvedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%ANSWER (2)Ambiguity's Now Solved, Which's Evidently RightTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%ANTAlways Nutritious TasteRico Leffanta (see PICNIC)Science:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%ANT (2)A Nuisance TemporarilyJan Morgan -- uninvited picnic intrudersScience:Biology:Insects100%ANTELOPEAnimal Naturally Travels Ecosystem Loping Over Pastures, EnduranceJan Morgan -- beautiful animal also called a speed goatScience:Biology:Animals100%ANTHEMA Nation's Tune Has Everyone Mouthing!Angela Brett, reflecting on the observation than in any sports event or other such occasion where people are required to sing the national anthem, most of the participants don't know all the words, so try their best at moving their mouths so they'll appear to be singing.Entertainment:Music:Songs100%ANTHONYAffluent, Nostalgic Travelling Hippy - Old, Not Youthful.Mary Carr, describing her brother (with a little help from Angela Brett.)Names:First names:Male100%ANTHONY (2)A Name, Therefore, Holds Only Notation, Yes?Angela Brett. (See the ADVENTUREs of MacGirl & KEYBOARD, EPISODE #1)Names:First names:MaleMacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes88%ANTHRAXA New Terror Has Reached America... [a] Xenobiotic.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsMilitary:War & Terrorism100%ANTHRAX (2)And Now The Human Race ... Aaaaaarrrrggghh... XpiresTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%ANTHRAX (3)And Not Two Heads Rolled - All Xaggeration!Angela Brett, when only one person had died of anthrax in the USA but the whole world was paranoid about it.Science:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsMilitary:War & Terrorism92%ANTHROPOLOGYAssessing Nature (The Human Race's) One Pores Over Loads Of Genetic Yackety-yackTony McCoy O'GradyScience100%ANTHROPOMORPHISMAscribing Nonhumans Typically Human Range Of Properties. One Macintosh Owner Readily Personifies Her IBook - She's Mad!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & NewtonArt & Literature100%ANTHROPOMORPHISM (2)A Novel Thought: Herds Roaming Over Prairie Opine Mankind's Outlook Regarding Procreation & Heroism, Implying Selfish MotivesPatricia RixArt & Literature100%ANTI-Affix Negates The IdeaAngela BrettScience:Linguistics100%ANTIBODIESA Natural Thing In Biology... Only Destroy If Enemy's Sensed.Angela BrettScience:Biology100%ANTIBODIES (2)After New Threat's Identified, Bring On Death In Errant SubstanceAngela BrettScience:Biology100%ANTIBODYAllergy: New Threat's Identified Badly -- Only Death's Yours.Angela Brett, to go with ANTIBODIES (2)Science:Biology100%ANTICAction, Nay Trick! - Is CapriciousTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns97%ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISMA Non-church Theory Intensely Discussed In Social Elements: Stating That Any Belief Linked Into Statehood Has Much Enormous Negativity - That Any Religion Is A Nationalised Institution Shouldn't MaterialiseTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPolitics93%ANTIGUA & BARBUDAA Neat Tourist Island Given Unto Attracting Billionaires Aiming (for) Relaxation - But Usually Drinking Alcohol.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries89%ANTIMONYA Nasty Toxin. It Means Oncoming Necrosis (for) You.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ANTIMONY (2)A Naughty Tony (In Mirth Only) Negates _You_Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to ANTI-Science:Chemistry:Elements100%ANTIOCHUSA Nasty Tyrant Insists On Containing His Ugly SecretTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's PericlesArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Pericles100%ANTIPASTOAnd Now To Indulge - Prepare A Starter To OrderTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUSApparently Not Too 'Into' Practical Hoaxes. Our Largely Urbane Son, On Finding Egeon's Paternity Hears Extra Surprise - Unsuspected SiblingTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of ErrorsArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Comedy Of Errors95%ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSEA Naive Twin Is Partially Helpless On Leaving Usual Surroundings, On Foot, Seeking Youthful Relation Apparently Cast Up Suddenly (in) EphesusTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of ErrorsArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Comedy Of Errors89%ANTIPHONAnti-democratic Notions Treasonous... Involvement Preceded Hanging On Noose!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians82%ANTIPODESA Notion Truly International - Positioned at Opposing Dipoles on Earth's SurfaceAngela BrettPlaces100%ANTONIOA Noble Trader - Of Necessarily Immense OptimismTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merchant of VeniceArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merchant of Venice88%ANTONIO (2)Authority Not Taken On Nicely In Opening-scenesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%ANTONYMAnother Name, Totally Opposite, Negative Yielding MonikerGavin LambertWords & Wordplay100%ANUBISAncient Netherworld-Underworld Being Is SupremeTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPeople & Relationships:Death100%ANUSArsehole's Not Unusually SmellyAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%ANUS (2)A Not Uncommon SphincterTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts82%ANYONE INSPIRED?[Tony] "Angela, Now You Only Need Everyone's Input?" [Angela] "Nobody's Spared Participation!" [Jeff] "I'll Readily Essay Dialogues."Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela asked 'Anyone inspired?' after suggesting we try more DIALOGUE STYLE ACRONYMS like ALPHABET SOUP.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ANYTHING STARTING WITH AAah, Now You're Trying Hard... It's No Good Searching This, Apronym Retriever's Thinking Is Not Great. Website Index, Though, Has Answer.Angela Brett, after somebody searched the Apronyms website for that phrase. Clicking on the 'Alphabetical' link on the main page will get you to a list of apronyms beginning with A, however... at http://apronyms.com/alphabetic.php?letter=AComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%ANY TIME NOW"And Next....", You Think, "... In Moments...". (Ensuring No Overlong Waiting)Tony McCoy O'GradyTime100%ANZACArmy Needed Zeal And CourageTony McCoy O'Grady (ANZAC actually stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)Re-expansions of existing acronymsMilitary100%AOLAutomatically Online LoserJeff Anonymous (in reference to what many people think about users of America Online)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%AORTAAimed Outward, Replenishing The AteriesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%APACHEAlways Pretty And Creative Html EverywhereSean Lamb (Apache is the server software that runs the vast majority of the web)Computers:Internet100%APACHE (2)A Program Answering Comon Http EnquiriesSean Lamb (Apache is the server software that runs the vast majority of web sites)Computers:Internet100%APARTMENTAbode Placed Adjacently; Rather Tiny, Microscopic Even -- New Territory.Gavin Lambert - I recently bought an apartment, which I'm now living in. It seems quite small now (though nice) -- but that is almost certainly just a side-effect of my PACKRATITIS; I've just got too much Stuff :)Places:Buildings100%APE"Ancestral Primate" -- EvolutionistsAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%APE (2)Are People Evolved?Angela Brett (many people object to the theory of evolution simply because they don't like the thought of being related to apes.)Science:Biology:Animals100%APE (3)Actually Practically Extinct.Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Animals100%APEMANTUSAcerbic Philosopher Ever Mocking And Needling Timon's Unhappy StatusTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Timon of AthensArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Timon of Athens80%APEXA Point Expressing X-heightTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%APHRODITEApproaching Penis Harbours Rapturous Orgasms Divinely Imparted To ErosRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%APLENTYA Plethora; Loads; Excesses Not Tested YetRob RixMain100%APOCALYPSEAwesome Propounding Of Cataclysm Awaiting Lets You Ponder Supreme EternityTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%APOLLOAffordably Purchase Our Lovely Linux OfferingSean Lamb (Apollo was the code name for RedHat Linux 5.2)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%APOLOGETICAbjectness - Provision Of Lots Of Great Evidence That I'm ContriteTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships89%APOPLEXYAngry Passionate Outburst & Purple Look - Eyes Xcitedly Yo-yoingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments89%APOPLEXY (2)Arterial Palpitations Often Precipitate Letting Experts X-ray YouMelanie MerswolkeScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%APOSTLEA Person Once Selected To Lead EucharistTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%APOSTROPHEA Pointer Of Syncopation, The Rightful Owner(s), Perh... "Hello, Entrant!"Angela Brett, mixing the two meanings of 'apostrophe'.Science:Linguistics100%APPALOOSAAMD Processor Portends Affordability Like One Open Source ApplicationSean Lamb (Appaloosa was AMD's code name for their less-expensive Duron line of processors)Computers:Generic HardwareNames:Code Names92%APPENDICITISA Popular Pain, Expensive Nowadays, Doctors Insist Cutting It, Though It's Stomach-acheM.S.PrabhakarScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%APPLEA Pleasing Product Line... Excellent!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%APPLE (2)A Pepsi President Lent ExpertiseAngela Brett (referring to John Sculley)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%APPLE (3)A Pleasing Printer, Little ExpenseAngela Brett, in response to EPSONComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%APPLE (4)All Plastic Parts Lack EdibilityTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%APPLE (5)Adam -- Please Partake. Love, EveRoger WilliamsReligion83%APPLE (6)A Perfect Present for Loved Educators.Roger WilliamsFood & DrinkEducation100%APPLE (7)Appleseed's Planting Produced Lavish Edibles.Roger WilliamsFood & Drink83%APPLE (8)Actual Plant Product Linked to EdenRoger WilliamsReligionFood & Drink100%APPLE (9)A Physician's Prescription; Let's Enjoy!Roger WilliamsFood & Drink100%APPLE (10)Are Processor's Parts Lacking Edibility? TonyComputers:Do Not Eat100%APPLEBUGMANA Particularly Pesky Little Excon - By Uploading Germs May Annihilate NewtonsTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%APPLE COMPUTERSA Perplexing Productive Large Enterprise Creating Obnoxious Monstrosities Plus Useful Tools. Employs Recycled Steves.Steve KeateComputers:Macintosh & Newton93%APPLE COMPUTERS (2)All Plastic Parts Lack Edibility - Chewing On Metal Parts Usually Touches-off Excruciating Rectal Spasms.Tony McCoy O'Grady, as part of the growing collection of acronyms explaining why not to eat computers or computer parts - even if they're named after fruit!Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareComputers:Do Not Eat64%APPLE IIA Prosperous Product in Late 70s & Early-ish 80s... It's Ingenious!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%APPLE MACAdvanced Processing Power Logically Ergonomic Mathematically Advanced ComputerCarl BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton89%APPLE PENA Promotional Product, Little Expense to Produce Executive Nib.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%APPLE PIE"American" Pie Pleases Lots! Every Piece Is Eaten!Roger WilliamsFood & Drink100%APPLETALKAnyone Planning Printer LAN Expects To AppleTalk Like Krazy!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software89%APPROVEDAllowed Past Point to Restricted Offices - Verified/Voted Entry-DeservingAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%APPROVED (2)Admitted Past Protective Ringfence, Owns Verified Entry DocumentTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%APPROVED (3)Allowed Publish Personal Recollections Once Vigilant Editor DeclassifiesTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANYA Parable, Really, About Youthful Experiences. Raconteur's Friend Owen Remains Outstandingly Wonderful Entity, Noticeably Metaphysical Even After Numerous YearsPatricia RixArt & Literature:Book Titles100%APRILAll Plants Resplendant In LeavesTony McCoy O'Grady, who lives in the northern hemisphere.Time:Months100%APRIL (2)After Pelting Rain It LightensTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%APRIL (3)As Predicted, Rain Is Likely!Roger WilliamsTime:Months100%APRONA Pinafore Reflects One's NeglectfulnessTony McCoy O'Grady - the cleaner the apron, the tidier the cook?Food & DrinkHousehold Objects:Clothing100%APRONYMA Petite Reminder (Openers Notation) Yields MnemonicAngela Brett (see APRONYMS)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM!Acronym's Peak! Representation Organic, Novel, Yare, Mirthful!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Y was the hardest! Fortunately, Y is has only pages 1365-1370 in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Tenth Edition.) So, I learned YARE! THANK YOU, Tony McCoy O'Grady, Angela Brett & all the rest of APRONYMANIACSVILLE! The only times I have learned more is when I have made original math discoveries.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (2)A Playful Reduction Of Notation Yields MiniatureAngela Brett, although this doesn't convey very well that the 'miniature' is supposed to mean the same thing as the original. (see APRONYMS)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (3)Alphabet Produces Recognizable Ordering: Namely Your Meaning!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Yesterday I heard a radio interviewer use the phrase "alphabetic codes" as he decoded the ABBREVIATION of the guest (a HEALTH EXPERT.) So, the ACRO/APRO/MANIA in me immediately recognized that some variation of "ALPHABETIC CODES" would be a PERFECT START FOR APRONYMIZING "ACRONYM"!Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (4)Alphabet Produces Recognizable Ordering: Namely Your Message!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. as a variation on APRONYM (3)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (5)Acceptable Pursuit Requiring Only Nimble Youthful Minds?Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (6)Attention! Please Remit Only Non-Yukky MeaningsChris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (7)After Play, Remain Online, Note Your MailChris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (8)Abbreviating Phrases Relaxes - Outdoes Natural Yogic Meditation!Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (9)After Perusing Rules Online, Now You're MiserableChris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (10)Affable People Refuse - Only Non-Yielders Manage!Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYM (11)Associated Phrase Relates, Odd Nonsense, Yet MeaningfulTony MooreWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMISMAddressing Prior Requisite Omniscience, "Not Your Median" Is Smart-Mouthed.Rob Rix (see APRONYMS (14))Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMISTSAdmitted Punsters. Rarely Observed Newness, Yet Maturity. Innovative Sages. Truth Seekers.Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMSAcronyms' Particular Relevancy Often Notify Your Meaning StronglyTony McCoy O'Grady. Following a request for a word to apply to a 'meaningful acronym' I offered Aptonym - but there were objections to this. So I went further and suggested Apronym, as a conflation of the French 'a propos' and acronym, and also offering overtones of 'appropiate'.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (2)A Phrase Reminiscent Of Name You Made ShorterAngela Brett (see APRONYMS)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (3)A Potted Rendition Of Notion Yields Miniature SummaryAngela Brett (see APRONYMS)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (4)Anyone's Permitted Ratifying O'Grady's Neologism? Yes, Make Some!Angela Brett (see APRONYMS)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (5)Appellations Positioned Right, Organising Names You 'Member Smoothly.Gavin LambertWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (6)Acronyms Predominantly Result in Obfuscation... 'Nsure Yours Mean SomethingAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (7)A Pertinent Riposte Of Nonsense You May SendTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (8)A Pertinent Re-interpretation Of Normality Yielding More SenseTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (9)A Propos Re-stressing Of Notions Your Meaning SharesTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (10)A Propos Restriction On 'Nyms, You Maintain Semantics.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (11)Acronyms' Prolonged Representations Obviously Near Your Main SubjectsAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (12)A Possibly Ribald Offering, Now Your Mates SmirkTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (13)Apt Phrases, Redolent Of Novel Yet Meaningful SenseTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (14)Abbreviated Pronunciations Require Omniscience -- Not Your Median Science.Rob RixWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (15)Acronyms' Peaks! Representations Organic, Novel, Yare, Mirthful, Succinct!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. as a variation of APRONYM!Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (16)Acronyms' Punny Retrievers! Organized Novelties! Your Memory Smiles!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. My second TRIAL. Charged with? Caught READ-handed on the World Wide Web with Tony McCoy O'Grady's APRONYMS! (12 counts as of 7/24/2003.)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (17)Acronyms' Punny Relatives! Organized Nearness! Your Memory Secure/Smiles!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (18)Acronyms' Palatable Relatives Organizing Nutritiously, Yummy Memory Savoriness!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (perhaps this is a second course for ACRONYMS (16))Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (19)Acronyms' Punny Relatives! Organizing Nicely Your Memory Security!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (20)Acronyms Preeminently Realized! Organizing Nuggets! Your Memory Soars!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (21)Acronyms' Preeminence! Really Organizing Naturally Your Memory Skills!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (22)Acronyms' Preeminence! Real Organic Natural! Your Memory Super!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (23)Algebra-like Possibilities! Real Organic Naturally Yours! Mnemonic Sentience/Shouts!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (24)Algebra-like Permitting Rampant Organic Nuances! Your Mnemonic Sentience/Sentient!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (25)Algebra-like Permitting Rampant Organic Nicety! Your Mnemonic Sentient!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (26)Acronyms' Peaks! Rearrangements Organic Nuances! Your Memory Semantic!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Trying for the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM PEAK for APRONYMSWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (27)Acronyms' Peaks! Represent O'Grady's Neologism! Yare Mnemonic Self-definitions!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (28)A Perfectly Reasonable Option? No, You Mangy Sonafabitch!Word Nerd This came to me as I was looking at NYMS today, my first visit to your site. Coming from a background in which I routinely read trials about blood pressure and heart-related issues, almost all of which have an apronym attached, this is something I've engaged in over lunch and coffee for years, as in: The "Bitch" Trial, i.e., Best Innovation to Control Hypertension, and so on. Thank you for giving creative outlet for my frustrations! :)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (29)Apt = Pert = Refined Ore = Nuggets! Yield Mined/Mind Scintillation!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (30)Attract Player Response - Or Next Year Misses Site!Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (31)Abbreviating Provides Relaxing Opportunities - Nirvana, You Might SayChris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (32)Awfully Peculiar Racket - Ordinary Names Yield Meanings, Surprisingly!Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (33)Average Player? Refreshingly Ornery, Not Yet Mean SodChris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (34)Applaud Particularly Relevant Or Neatly Yoked Message StringsChris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (35)Appalling Potential Revealed - Online Nightly, You're Meanings' Slave!Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (36)Appeal: Please Resist, Or Naive Young Minds Subverted!Chris KjelgaardWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (37)A Person Rephrases One Noun Yet Makes SeveralRoger WilliamsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (38)Acronyms Perfected! Relations Organic/Obvious! Now Your Memory Scintillates!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (39)Acronyms Profound! Representation Organic! Novel / Yare Mnemonics! Self-evident!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS (40)A Punster Reworks Old Names - You May Smile Tony, who feels the need to add to the expansions available for the page-headers on the web-siteWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms89%APRONYMS (41)A Page-header Renders Our Novelties, Yet Makes Sense Tony, who feels the need to add to the expansions available for the page-headers on the web-siteWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APRONYMS SO FARAnother Player Requests Our Newest Yields; May Send Something Oddly Funny And RelatedSean LambComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%APROPOSA Pertinent Response Or, Perhaps, Opening StatementTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%APROVEApronym Passes Rigors Of Vetting/ ExaminationAngela Brett thinking that APROVE could mean approve an APRONYM. Not to be confused with the misspelling of approve, of which I DISAPROVE.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%APTITUDEA Prized Talent Is To Unerringly Do EverythingAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%APTITUDE!Applying Potential, Talented Individuals Travel Upward, Defying Encumbrances!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%APTITUDE (2)A Particular Talent Is Terribly Useful During EmploymentTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%APTITUDE (3)Asset! Progress Through Implementing Talent. Upward: Daily ExcellentlyCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships100%APTONYMSAppropriate Phrases To Obviate Nuances Your Morphemes SuggestAngela Brett, after Tony suggested that 'aptonyms' might be a better name for our creations.Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%AQUARIUSApparently Quite Utter Airheads Remain Interested Until Senile.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%AQUARIUS (2)Always Quiet Underestimated Attribute Response Is Usually StraightforwardJan MorganReligion:Astrology100%A QUESTIONAngela Quite Usually Enquires, "Support This Idea, Or Not?"Angela Brett, as the subject of an email asking whether to implement an idea in the ALTSCAPE software.Computers:ProgrammingCommunication100%ARAB COUNTRIESArranged Round A Broad Crescent - Outwardly Unsimilar Nations, Their Racial Identity's Essentially SemiticTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries88%ARAGORNAdept Ranger Ably Guides Out (of) Riders' NetPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%ARBOKAloud, Read Backwards, Ophidian's KnownAngela Brett (Arbok is Pokemon #24)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%ARBONNEA Real Botanical Objective, Nourishes Naturally EveryoneJan Morgan -- A home party Cosmetic companyCommerce:CompaniesPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%ARCHAEOLOGYAcademics Regularly Create Holes And Excavate Objects, Learning Of Goneby Years.Tony McCoy O'Grady - Apologies for the "goneby" - it's acronymist's licence applied to the acceptable "bygone"Science100%ARCHAEOPTERYXAlthough Rather Controversial, Hailed As Earliest Ornithoid. Precursor To Everyday Robins, Yet Xtinct.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%ARCHERArrows Really Can Hurt Enemy RoguesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%ARCHERYArrows Rarely Cross Hearts - Excepting (Romantically) YoursRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustMilitary100%ARCHIBALD LEACHA Romantic Character Hiding In Bedrooms After Leaving Daughter; Look Everywhere And Catch HimRico Leffanta (Archibald Leach is better known as Carey Grant)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%ARCHIVEA Resource Containing Hoarded Items, Very ExtensiveTony McCoy O'Grady, when it was suggested that some of the old forum threads be archived.Assorted NounsCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%ARCITEAthenian Romantic Contretemps Inspires Theseus's EnmityTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (and/or John Fletcher's) The Two Noble KinsmenArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Two Noble Kinsmen100%AREAcronym Requests ExpansionAngela Brett, when Jeff capitalised ARE on the Acronyms forums.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%ARE (2)Angela, Resolved, Exceptionally.Jeff Anonymous, in response to ARE.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%ARENAAthlete's Runway Encircles Natural AmphitheatreTony McCoy O'GradyPlacesSports & Recreation90%ARGENTINAA Republic, Government (is) Elected Now To Internationally Noted Agreement.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ARGH!Angela Rarely Gets HeadrestAngela Brett, late at night after adding a lot of apronyms (there are still many waiting to be reviewed, though it's not really an ARGH thing as it's great that people have been submitting so many apronyms.)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ARGONA Royal Gas?! Oh, Noble!Angela BrettScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ARGON (2)A Rare Gas Of NatureTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ARGUSA Really Great Unusual ShipJan Morgan -- see THE ARGUSTransportSports & Recreation:Scouts100%ARIELA Real, If Ethereal, LifeformTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%ARIESAll Reasonable Intellects Eschew StarsignsTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%ARIES (2)Abilities Range In Enterprising SuccessJan MorganReligion:Astrology85%ARISTARCHUSAstronomer Received Instruction of Strato, Tested Accepted Rules by Considering Heliocentric Universe, Scientifically.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ARITHMETICA Really Irritating Task Humans Must Endure 'Til It Calculates.Timothy ChambersScience:Mathematics91%ARITHMETIC (2)Archimedes Rigorously Iterated This, Had 'Method of Exhaustion'. Today: 'Integral Calculus'.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%ARITHMETIC (3)Adding Real Integers Together Has Made Everyone Think It's ComplicatedAngela Brett, when somebody mentioned the mnemonic 'A Red Indian Thought He Might Eat Toffee In Church', and noted that a politically correct version would spell anathematic.Science:Mathematics100%ARIZONAArid Region Is Zone Of Natural AttractionJan Morgan - Natural attraction the Grand CanyonPlaces:States & Regions100%ARIZONA (2)Arduous Respiration In Zone Of Ninetynine.nine% Aridity TonyPlaces:States & Regions100%ARKANSASA Rice Kingdom, And Natural Springs As SpasJan Morgan - state has hot spring resorts and is a leading rice producerPlaces:States & Regions100%ARLINGTONArmymen's Remains Laid In New Graves, They're Organised NeatlyTony McCoy O'Grady - Arlington is a (the?) major US military cemeteryPlacesMilitary100%ARMA Reaching MechanismAngela Brett and Peter CoxheadScience:Biology:Body Parts86%ARMADAA Raiding Marine Army Drowned (or) AgroundTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary91%ARMAGEDDONA Raging, Metaphysical Altercation - Good & Evil Destroy Delicate Order of Nature?Angela BrettReligion100%ARMAGEDDON (2)Anxiously Reading Magazine About Goddesses, Engineering Doomsday Decorations On Nebulae.Angela Brett, to accompany a short story she's writing. If you really want to read the story, email angela@kagi.com and ask for it.Religion100%ARMENIAA Remote Mountain Expanse, Neighbour Is Azerbaijan.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ARMYA Rifle Motivates YouBlairMilitary80%ARMY (2)Aren't Ready [for] Marines Yet If you think the US Navy and the US MARINEs dump on each other, try the US Navy vs the US Army (reference the Army-Navy Football game played every year in Philadelphia, PA, USA). Here's an example of a dump from an ex-US Navy vet.Military100%ARMY OFFICERA Regimental Man, You Oversee Friendly Forces In Charging Enemy RedoubtTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERAustrian Republican Newcomer Offers Leadership Drama - Supremely Confident His Will And Rightist Zeal Enough, Now Envisages Governorship Goal Eminently ReachableChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:PoliticiansNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSSA Rule Of Lichen Life Is No Genesis Somewhere That's, On Next Examination, Gone Another Turn. Humans Extract Ridiculous Symbolic Nuances Of Meaning Of Simple Science.Angela BrettAssorted Phrases:Sayings100%ARSENICA Reliable Solution Employed Nastily In CrimesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ARTA Response TestTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature100%ART (2)A Rendered ThoughtSean LambArt & Literature100%ARTHURA Real True Hero - Utterly RomanticTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%ARTHUR (2)Arouses Resentments Though Henry Ultimately ReignsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King JohnArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King John100%ARTHUR (3)Absolutely Rotten, Though He's Unspeakably Rich.Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King John93%ARTHUR WEASLEYA Rare Timid Husband, Uses Requisitions. What Ever Amazing Simple Loyalty Emanates [from] YouJan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%ARTICLES OF FAITHAims Religiously Taken In Careful Learning, Educated Sole Objectives For Faith Aiming In Truths, HopeJan Morgan - 13 points of what the LDS people believeReligion100%ARTICUNO A Really Terrible Icebird. Chills Under No Obligation.Jeff Anonymous (Articuno is Pokemon #144)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEA Rabbit Teasing In Front Impels Canines In Abortive Laps; In New Technology, Endpoint/Endeavour Likewise Lacks In Genuine Ending. No Conquest's Enough!Angela Brett, because once something (such as handwriting recognition or chess-playing computers) which would have been considered artificial intelligence becomes commonplace, it is no longer really considered to be AI. AI is redefined to be something ever more complicated so that we can never actually say we've succeeded in creating it. This reminds me of racing dogs chasing after a rabbit which they can never catch.Computers100%ARTILLERYArmoured Runabout Throws Its Load, Letting Explosives Reach YouTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Weapons100%ARTISTAfter Rendering The Image, Sculpture's ToutedSean LambArt & LiteraturePeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%ARTSY ARTISTA Rather Twee Sensitive Youth Appears Rather Tortured Interpreting Sitter's Traits Tony McCoy ElGrecoArt & Literature93%ARWEN EVENSTARA Raven-haired Woman Elf, Newly Engaged. Volatile Events Notwithstanding, She Trusts Aragorn's ResolvePatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings90%ARYABHATAAmazing Rhyming Yarns About Broad-ranging Hindu Algebra, Then Astronomy.Angela Brett. (Aryabhata wrote his incredible maths & astronomy books in verse, believe it or not!)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%A SAPAll Sweet And PlantyAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%ASAPAnother Superficial Acronymic PromiseCharlie (ASAP usually stands for As Soon As Possible)Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%A SAP (2)Absolutely Stupid, A Prat! TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ASAP (2)Absolute Speeds _Are_ Possible! TMcCO'G - the query comes after a search for "SOONEST", so I presume it was a search for A S A P - As Soon As Possible.TimeRe-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%ASCIIAre Some Computer Ingredients Inedible? Tony, who doesn't think the American Standard Code for Information Interchange is edible.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Do Not Eat100%ASFAdvanced Spamming Format ASF = Advanced Streaming Format (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBERAll Slightly Fuzzy, As Recollections Are... So In Case A Negative Results Endorsing Memory, Everyone Mustn't Be Entirely Reliant.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts92%AS FAR AS I KNOWAssuming Some Facts And Researching Available Supplied Information, Knowledge is Now Offered Warily.Roger WilliamsAssorted Phrases100%AS GOOD AS A MILEA Shot Goes Off Original Direction, A Stray Arrow's 'Miss Indicator' Lacks Exactness TMcCO'G - referring to the usually longer expression "A miss is as good as a mile" meaning that to be a half and inch out is as bad as being a mile out.Assorted Phrases:SayingsMilitary:Weapons100%ASHAnimated Super HeroAngela Brett, referring to the main character in the Pokemon TV series and movies.Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%ASH (2)A Sturdy Handstick TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%ASHCROFTArrogant Supporter Hates Criticisms Raised Over Firearms ThreatChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:PoliticiansPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderMilitary:Weapons100%ASHCROFT (2)Anti-Semite Helps Christian Right's Openly Fundamentalist TeachingsChris Kjelgaard. The term "Anti-Semite" here is used in its true dictionary meaning, which refers to any person of several races and persuasions, including Arabs, Phoenicians and others - not just the Jewish people.Names:Famous people:PoliticiansPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%ASHCROFT (3)Attorney's Stance Harms Constitutional Rights, Only Furthering TerrorismChris Kjelgaard. "Only Favoring Theology" could be an alternative endingNames:Famous people:PoliticiansPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%ASH KETCHUMAll Series, He Keeps Eating, Then Coaching His Unusual Monsters.Angela Brett, referring to the character in the POKEMON TV series.Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%ASHLEYAs She Has Learned Education YearlyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%ASHTRAYA Smell Hastens Through Rooms After YouTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%ASIAN CUISINEA Spicy Indian Appetizer, Next Chinese Udon In Soup. It's Notably Ethnic.Angela BrettFood & Drink100%ASININEA Silly Idiot's Noggin Is Noticeably EmptyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:InsultsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ASKAquire Some KnowledgeBruce Siegel -- apronym came to me in a dream - reallyCommunication100%ASPARAGUSAssist's Secreting Pee, Aids Removal After Gastrically Unwise Surfeit TonyFood & Drink100%ASPARAGUS ROOTAntibiotic Saponins Protect Against Rheumatism And Generate Urine, So Run On Overdrive -- Toiletward!Angela BrettFood & Drink100%ASSAmple Sized SituponTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts0%ASS*inAdequately Strong SphincterAngela Brett, when KEYBOARD explained that he couldn't control-P very well and she said to get off his ASS and type control-P.MacGirl & KeyBoardScience:Biology:Body Parts100%ASSAGAIA Slender Spear African Guards Aim ImpeccablyAngela BrettMilitary:Weapons0%ASS HOLEAhh Stop Speaking (I) Have Overdosed Listening EarlierTony McCoy O'Grady, checking out the degree of naughtiness/rudeness which Angela will allow.Words & Wordplay:RudenessPeople & Relationships:Insults100%ASSIGNMENTAll Students Should Implement Good Notions & Methods Employing New ThinkingTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%ASSIGNMENT (2)Assiduous Study Session Is Generally Needed. Many Eejits Need Tuition.Tony McCoy O'GradyEducation83%ASSIGNMENT (3)Angela Seldom Studies, Instead Gets Ninety Marks by Excelling in Number Tests.Angela BrettEducation100%ASSIGNMENT (4)Aarrghh! Stressful Situation Is Getting Nastier... My Essay's Now Tardy!Angela BrettEducation100%ASSISTANCEA Secondary Suggestion Is Some Times A Notion Creating ExcellenceTony McCoy O'Grady, when I mentioned that I had a few more acronyms in the making, each with one just one word still to be found.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsAssorted Nouns100%ASSOCIATEAcquaintance Seen Somewhat Often, Commercial Interests Are The Excuse.Angela BrettPeople & RelationshipsCommerce100%ASSONISEA Sound Suggestive Of Noises I Suggested Earlier!Tony McCoy O'Grady, pondering a verb for using assonance.Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%AS SOON AS POSSIBLEA Speedy Start, Only One Nanosecond As Strict Preference... Only Should Slow If Beloved's Life Ends.Angela BrettAssorted PhrasesTime90%ASSURANCEAbsolutely Surefire Situation, Unescapable Result - And No-one Can EscapeTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%ASTATINEAmazingly Short-Term. All Twenty Isotopes Naturally Exist.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ASTEROIDAnother System That's Engineered Rigorously, Obsolete In Days.Sean Lamb (Asteroid was Microsoft's code name for Windows NT version 5.1)Names:Code Names:Microsoft100%ASTOUNDINGAcronym Seems Totally Outstanding, Using No 'Dictionary Invading' Neologisms - GreatTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela said that his WORLD TRADE CENTER (2) was an astounding acronym.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ASTRIDAcronymising Strange Things Really Isn't Done!Angela Brett, when challenged to make up a quick expansion for ASTRID.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsNames:First names:Female100%ASTROLOGISTAnalyses Stars To Read Other's Lives - Obscurest Genethliac Inferences Seem TrueAngela BrettReligion:Astrology100%ASTROLOGIST (2)Asses Still Think Running One's Life On Galatical Information's Somehow TrustworthyTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%ASTROLOGIST (3)A Star's Track Rules One's Life? ... Oh Give It Some Thought!Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%ASTROLOGYA Scientific Treatment Respecting Observable Laws? Oh Goodness Yes!Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%ASTROLOGY (2)As Stars Travel, Reaches Over Logistics On Geographic YearJan MorganReligion:Astrology100%A SUMMER DAYA Shady Unspoilt Meadow Maybe? Everyone's Relaxed, Don't Activate Yourself TMcCO'GTime100%AS WAR GROWS SO SIRC'S CAPITAL GROWSAnnual Spring Warnings! Assets Required Gone! Real Opportunity Wasted! So Seek Orders Simply Infinitely Reliable Clocks! Seize Command! Army Pursue Intelligence! Time And Luck Give Resources! Opportunists Win SalesCharles H. Montgomery, Jr. (see FAIL SAFE!)Commerce:Companies:SIRC100%AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAPA Simple Yardstick One Uses Showing One's Weaknesses, Strengths Or Successes Has Always Lauded Labor. Yes, One's Undertakings Return Exactly As Predicted.Roger WilliamsAssorted Phrases:Sayings100%ATEAccept This EntranceRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%ATHEISMAll That Has Existed Is Strictly MechanisticAngela BrettReligion100%ATHEISTA True Heathen's Existence Is Sans TheologyAngela BrettReligion100%ATHEIST (2)Application To Have Encoding Inverted... Sans Theology!Angela Brett (see YARP)Computers:Windows:Applications:The opposite of PRAY100%ATHEIST (3)All Those "Hereafter Exists" Ideas - Silly Twaddle!Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%ATHEIST (4)Anybody That Has Ever Investigated Scientific Theory?Angela Brett, after a friend said that because some articles in NEW SCIENTIST magazine are about evolution, everyone who has ever written for the magazine must be an atheist.ScienceReligion100%ATHEIST (5)A Theistic Hypothesis Existed In Simpler TimesAngela BrettReligion100%ATHEISTICAll The Hard Evidence Implies Scientific Theory Is CorrectAngela BrettReligion100%ATHEISTIC (2)Apronym Touting Heavenly Entity Is Somewhat Tongue-In-Cheek?Angela BrettReligion100%ATHEISTIC (3)All Those Hapless Evangelists Insist Sticking To Initial ConjectureAngela BrettReligion100%ATHENA Ancient Teachings Help Educate New AdultsRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%ATIAbsolutely Terrific IllustrationsJeff Anonymous, referring to the graphics card company.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Generic Hardware100%ATKINSAll They Know Is 'Nothing Starchy'Angela Brett, on the Atkins diet.Food & Drink100%ATLANTICA Turquiose Liquid, And Not Thick In ConsistencyTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%ATLANTIC (2)Apple Tried Locating Another Name That Is ConfusingSean Lamb (Atlantic was Apple's code name for the Apple ][cx)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%ATLASA Tome Locates A StreetSean LambPlaces:Navigation Aids100%AT LASTAcronym Times Letter Arrives Slightly TardilyAngela Brett, after The Acronym Times was very late due to her Mac being lost.Time100%AT LAST (2)Acronym Times (Long Awaited) Sent TodayAngela Brett, after not updating the website and sending out THE ACRONYM TIMES for ages because of exams and assignments due.Time100%ATMOSPHERICAt The Moment Our Sulphur Perhaps Helps Equipoise Rise In CO2Angela Brett, who recalls hearing about 'sulphur cooling' caused by sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere counteracting the greenhouse effect. (Just as long as you don't mind acid rain!)Science:ChemistryScience:Environment100%ATMOSPHERIC (2)As Transport Machinery Overtakes Sense, Particulates Have Exercisers Racked In CoughsAngela Brett - in some places it would be faster to walk than drive due to all the traffic, if it weren't for the exhaust fumes you'd have to breathe.TransportScience:Environment100%ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY All The Moguls Of Science Patiently Have Explained Result If Carbon Compounds Harm Equilibrium, Making It Sensitive To Radiation Yield.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry100%ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY RESEARCH GROUPAs The Metropolitics Of Smoke Prevails, 'Hippies' Explain Rise In Carbon Compounds Has Effects Manifesting In Small Temperature Rise. You Read Every Scientific Exposition And Reach Conclusion Human Greed Reigns, On Unspeakable Proportions.Angela Brett, not about any particular group but in response to an unsuccessful search.Science:ChemistryScience:Environment100%AT & TAttention! Thervice Thaved!Jeff Anonymous, after HALT, because AT & T is going to keep the ISP running.Re-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies89%ATTENTION GETTINGA Tired Tony Endeavours Nightly To Instigate Originality and Novelty. Genuinely Exhausting Torment Turns me Into Neo Geriatric.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela challenged him to create an ATTTENTION GETTING acronym.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ATTENTION GETTING (2)As Things To Engage Newbies, This Is Outstandingly Noteworthy. Generating Eyes To Take In New GizmosTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ATTENTION GETTING (3)As This Thing Exercises Neurons That I Obviously Never Generally Engage, Tony's Thinking Is Not Gratifying.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ATTENUATORA Thing That's Effectively Neutered Urges Antibodies To Offer ResistanceTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%ATTORNEYA Trick To Own Resources Never Entitled YoursRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations89%ATTORNEY (2)Another Trialist Teaching Of Righteousness to Near Every YouthSean Lamb (disclaimer: my father is a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County in California; yeah, this isn't the best, but it's the first thing that popped into my mind)People & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%ATXAching To XtremeJeff AnonymousComputers:Do Not Eat100%AUCKLANDArea Under Corruption Kamasutra Lessons At Night DepositoriesRico LeffantaPlaces:Towns & Cities:New Zealand100%AUDIAn Unsafe Driver InsideJohn Richard JonesTransport:Car Makes & ModelsTransport:Drivers100%AUFIDIUSAn Untrue Friend Indeed, Does Injustice Unto SoldierTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CoriolanusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Coriolanus100%AUGUSTAutumn's Upcoming, Gratefully Upgrade Sun TanTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%AUGUST (2)Almost-Undressed Girls Undergo Sun-TanningTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%AURORAAnimation Unleashes Rooster Ovation Reveille ArrivesRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%AUSPICIOUSAn Unspecified Superstition Presents Itself, Creating Intuition Of Unbridled SuccessAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%AUSTRALIAAn Unending Sheep Terrain - Ruined Aboriginal Lives In AssimilationTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries92%AUSTRALIANSArrogant, Useless, Sheep-f***ing Thickos... Rejected & Aimlessly Liking Ignorant Aussie Neurotic SheilaMary CarrPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%AUSTRIAAlpine Uplands - Ski Tourism Really Is Attractive.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%AUTOBAHNApple Uses The Oddest Brands And Humorous NamesSean Lamb (Autobahn was Apple's code name for the PowerMac 9500/150)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%AUTOMAGICAnything Unexplained That Ordinary Magic Avoids, Given Its ConfinesRob Rix - thought up after an e-mail to Angela wherein she used the word "automagically"Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%AUTOMATION SYSTEMApparently Used To Override Manpower And Thus Improve Our Next Stock. You're Superfluous - They Employ Machines.Angela BrettScience:Electronics100%AUTOMOBILEAlmost Universal, Though One Man On Bike Is Less 'Exhausting'Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%AUTOMOBILE (2)An Unmerciful Taker Of Money, Often Being In Lien EternallyPatricia RixTransport100%AUTOMOBILE (3)A Useful Tool Often Making Our Busy, Involved Life Easier.Roger WilliamsTransport100%AUTUMNArboreal Undergrowth Turns Unpleasantly Muddy NowEric BridgstockTime:Seasons86%AVALONA Version (in) Arthurian Legend Of NeverlandTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%AVALON (2)Another Venture, Another Loss - Or Not?Sean Lamb (Avalon is Microsoft's code name for the graphics API in Longhorn, but will it succeed?)Computers:WindowsNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%AVALON (3)Advanced Video Api Leads Off .NetSean Lamb (Avalon is Microsoft's code name for the graphics API in LONGHORN)Computers:WindowsNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%AVARICEA Valued Attitude Raises Industrious Colleague's Esteem Tony (The best angle to work on with employee incentive schemes is good old-fashioned greed, you could go for a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony)People & Relationships:The Workforce:Employee Recognition Program100%AVIATORA Vital Individual, Aviation Tactics Operator, ResponsibleJan MorganPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations89%AVICENNAA Vizier Interested in Cures, Equations & Nature - Notably Astronomy.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%AVOCADOA 'Victim' Of Cholesterol Advocates Delicate OilAngela BrettFood & Drink100%AVOIDANCEA Villainy Of Investing Dollars And Not Contributing ExciseAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderCommerce:Money100%AWAKEAware While Assuming Knowing EverythingBruce SiegelAssorted Adjectives100%AWAYAbsent, Went After You!Angela Brett (Thinking of turning up at someone's house and finding they're on the way to visit you)People & Relationships100%AWAY (2)Absent, We're Avoiding YouTony McCoy O'Grady, after reading AWAY and suggesting that maybe they knew you were coming.People & Relationships100%AWEA Wicked ExperienceTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%AWESOMEA Wonderful Enthusiastic Special Occurance, Memories EvidentJan MorganAssorted Adjectives100%AWESOME (2)A Wonderful Enthusiastic Special One, Marvels EveryoneJan MorganAssorted Adjectives100%AWFULAnother Word For Unusually LoathsomeEdwin HermannAssorted Adjectives100%AWOLAre Warriors On Lunchbreak?Tony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%AXEAnihilate Xyloid ExtremitiesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%AYE AYEAre You Even Aware You're Endangered?Angela Brett, referring to the rare species of lemur.Science:Biology:Animals100%AZERBAIJANA Zealously Ethnic Republic, Basically Agricultural, Is Joyful About Nationhood.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%AZIMUTHAbsolute Zenith In Measurements Up The HorizonTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%AZOTURIAAnimal's Zone Of Trouble, Urine Really Is AbnormalDustan DowsingScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%AZUREAir Zone: Unique Refraction EffectTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%AZURE (2)A Zuni Using Rain Energy Rico LeffantaAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%AZYMEAny Zymotechnic Yeasts Mustn't EnterAngela BrettScience:Biology100%AZYME (2)Any Zwieback You May EatRico LeffantaScience:ChemistryFood & Drink100%AZYMOUSApparently Zero Yeast Meliorates Our Unleavened SacrificeTony McCoy O'GradyReligionScience:BiologyFood & Drink67%BABelief-system: AncientTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%BAABleating, Audible AnnouncementDustan DowsingScience:Biology:AnimalsAssorted Nouns:Noises100%BAA (2)Bleat Among AnimalsJan MorganScience:Biology:AnimalsAssorted Nouns:Noises100%BAA BAA BLACK SHEEPBleat And Aver: Bags Are Ample, Black Like A Coal, Kind Sir, Having Each Ewe's PeltPatricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%BABBLEBlabbering Academic Blubber Building Language ExpertiseRico LeffantaScience:Linguistics100%BABEBare A Breast EverydayRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology100%BABELBrought About (Biblically) Every LanguageAngela BrettReligion100%BABESBeautiful And Bodacious, Exceptionally SexualTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BABYBoisterous And Bouncy YouthAngela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, inspired by Quantum Reid, Angela Brett's nephew - see his homepage at http://www.angelfire.com/az/lizreid/quantum.htmlScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Family100%BABY (2)Burping And Belching YouthTony McCoy O'GradyScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Family100%BABY BLUEBonnie And Bouncy, Your Bairn Looks Unusually Elegant Tony McCoy O'GodfatherAssorted Adjectives:ColoursPeople & Relationships:Family100%BABY'S BRAINBegining At Birth You Saw, Behaved, Reasoned, Adapted, Interpreted Naturally!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Your site has engaged my mind far above all the others combined! I suppose that being a MATH WIZ (I need to APRONYMIZE that!), with a strange sense-of-humor makes your site so appealing to what has been a longing in me since I started with a BABY'S BRAIN!Science:Biology:Body Parts91%BABY'S BRAIN (2)Birthday!: A Beginning for Your Seeing, Behaving, Reasoning, Adapting, Interpreting Naturally!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Variation of BABY'S BRAIN, with attempt to start with punch!Science:Biology:Body Parts100%BABYSITBored Adult, But Youth Sleeps In Tranquility TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships100%BACHELORBecause Anyone Continuing His Education's Low On Romance?Angela Brett, B.SC.People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & DivorceEducation:Qualifications100%BACKHOUSEBecomes A Cesspool; Kaopectate Has Often, Undoubtedly, Stopped EvacuationPatricia RixPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%BACK OFFBeware A Cornered Kiwi - Offence Fires Fury.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%BAD BOYSBold And Dangerous, Begetters Of Youthful SinsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%BADDIESBeastly And Dastardly Deluded Individuals Executing SupercrimesTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains78%BADDIES (2)Bad, Although Dribbling in Diapers Instead of Eliminating SuperheroesAngela Brett, when Tony suggested that most of MacGirl & KEYBOARD's enemies would be back in kindergarten at the year 2000 because they'd think the date had reverted to 1900.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%BAD HORROR MOVIEBasic Account: Derelict House On Reclusive Region Offers Residents Mountains Of Violence In ExcessInevEntertainment:Movies100%BAD TASTEBad Aliens Drink Their Aggregated Sick, They Enjoy!Angela Brett -- people in my family still quote 'ooh, aren't I lucky... I got a chunky bit!' from that scene of the movie whenever appropriate, even though it's been at least a decade since I last saw it.Entertainment:Movies100%BAESYSTEMSBeing An Engineering Specialist You Should Take Engineering More SeriouslyJohn Richard Jones - Advice to all who work where I do, with the company name as an ApronymCommerce:Companies100%BAFFLEBoy Adored For Finding Love ElsewhereRico Leffanta, to go with WAFFLEPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BAGELBread Attracts Garnishes, Edible LimitationsJan Morgan - can get hard when stale garnishes are limited tooFood & Drink100%BAGHDADBefore Americans Get Here, Dozens Are DyingAngela Brett (this acronym could be either for or against the war in Iraq... am I referring to the dozens being killed while US troops are on the way to Baghdad, or those killed by Saddam Hussein before the war started?)Places:Towns & CitiesMilitary:War & Terrorism100%BAGHDAD (2)Bewildered American Grunts Hurt, Dying And DesperateChris KjelgaardPlaces:Towns & Cities100%BAGHDAD (3)Bested Arabs Grimly Hatch Death And DestructionChris KjelgaardPlaces:Towns & Cities100%BAGHDAD (4)Bush's Arabian Gamble Harms Delicate Alliance DiplomacyChris KjelgaardPlaces:Towns & Cities100%BAGHDAD (5)Bush's Awesome Gift: Humans Dead, Alliances DestroyedChris KjelgaardPlaces:Towns & Cities100%BAGHDAD (6)Blair And George Happy Diplomatic Approach DiscardedChris KjelgaardPlaces:Towns & Cities100%BAGPIPESBig Army Guys Playing It Perhaps Epitomises ScotlandTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%BAGPIPES (2)Blaring At Graduating People In Procession, Emulating Scotland.Angela Brett, while walking in a procession through the streets of Palmerston North as some bagpipes were played at her graduation.EducationEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%BAHBorn Again Heathen Used when some streets evangelist asks me if I am a believer or they try to press a pamphlet in my hand. It usually draws them back & I can make my escape. Dave BuhmannReligion88%BAHAMASBecause (of) A Hot And Moist Atmosphere - Shorts.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BAHRAINBright, Arid, Hot Region - An Independent Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BAKER HANSBefriends Albert Klages, Eventually Recounts His Adventure 'Ncluding ShipwreckAngela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%BALANCEBrings A Leaner Advantage, Nutritional Choices EncounteredJan Morgan - balancing food choicesFood & Drink100%BALCONYBreasts Arranged Lovingly Concealing Only Nipples YearningRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BALD SPOTBegan Aging, Lost Dulled Strands - Particularly On Top.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BALFOUR BEATTY RAIL LIMITEDBig And Lucrative Frontrunner Of UK Rail Business. Electrification And Trackwork That You'd Readily Accept. It Looks Like (Inciting Moans) Intensive 'Training' Exercises Delivered.Angela BrettCommerce:CompaniesTransport:Trains100%BALL AND CHAINBride Always Laughs Lovingly And Never Dreams Consort Has Any Idea NaturallyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%BALLASTBalancing Any Love Lost Against Sex TonightRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BALLSBasically A Leather Lump, SportswiseTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%BALLS (2)Bounces Across Level Laid SportsfieldsTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%BALZACBiblical Attitudes Laud Zion And ConcubinesRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers86%BAMBOOBut At Mandrake, Boffins Offer Open-sourceSean Lamb (Bamboo was the code name for Mandrake Linux 9.1)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%BANANASBend's Apparently Natural - Avoid Non-Appetising SkinTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%BAN ANIMAL ACTSBegin A New Attraction, Not Involving Mute Animals! Let All Circuses Trade Shamelessly TMcCO'GEntertainment100%BANFFBe Aware - Nothing For Free One of the coach drivers when Eric traveled to Banff, the main tourist town in the Rockies - it is mostly gift-shops and restaurants, and relatively expensive.Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%BANGBack Away, Noise Generator.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after I offered him some ENCOURAGEMENT for collecting more sounds.Assorted Nouns:Noises100%BANG (2)Bloody Awful Noise GeneratedTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns:Noises91%BANGLADESHBuddhist Asian Nation. Ganges' Levels Actuate Diseases, Ending in Starving Hordes.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BANJOBasically A Noisy Jangly ObjectTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%BANKBlast! Account Not Known!Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%BANK (2)Bonds And Notes Kept.Roger WilliamsCommerce:Money100%BANK (3)Bounce Another Nineball Keenly.Roger WilliamsSports & Recreation100%BANKRUPTBroke And Now Kindly Responds Unable Pay TermsRico LeffantaCommerce:Money86%BANQUOBy Appearing (at) Night Quite Unsettles OthersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's MacbethArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Macbeth100%BAPTISTABullied Abused Parent - Termagant Is Soon Taken AwayTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Taming of the ShrewArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Taming of the Shrew100%BARBarney's A Regular/Resident!Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%BAR (2)Bring Along Rowdies!Patricia RixFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%BAR (3)Beers Aren't RationedTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%BAR (4)Beer's Available ReadilyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%BAR (5)Belch Again, RepeatedlyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%BAR (6)Bottles Available Readily.Roger WilliamsFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%BARBADOSBarbadians Are Rum Brewers And Depend On Sugar.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BARBARABeachBoys Anthem Recording 'Bout A Romantic AdolescenceTony McCoy O'Grady (who knows that the Beach Boys song was Barbara Ann)Entertainment:Music:SongsNames:First names:Female100%BARBARA (2)Bully At Recess, Barbaric Antagonistic Reprobate AttacksJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%BARBIEBasically A Rich Bimbo In EffigyTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:FemaleEntertainment:Toys80%BARCODES"Black-and-white Arrangement" Reading Computers Offer Dealers Enhanced StocktakingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:ElectronicsCommerce100%BARDOLPHBoozy And Regularly Drunk - Of Little Practical HelpTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry IVArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry IV100%BARDOLPH (2)Basically A Rogue Devoid Of Lawfulness, Piety, HonestyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor100%BARFBlasting Away Regurgitated FoodTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BARF (2)Begetting A Rainbow FountainTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BARGAINBuyer Acquired "Resources = Great" Amount Invested Near/Nil!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%BARGAIN (2)Business Acumen Requires Grasping Accurately Investment Needs/Numerically!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%BARIUMBefore A Radiograph Is Unpopular MealTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%BARNEY GUMBLEBeer's A Real Necessity - Ensure You Gulp Unceasingly, Man, Bemoaning Lost EducationTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%BAROMETER RISINGBeing A Recounting Of Maritime Explosion Time -- Events Render Rapscallions Impotent, Shove Innocent Nearer GethsemanePatricia Rix, referring to the book by Hugh McLennan.Art & Literature:Book Titles100%BARREL-LOLBeing Amused, Riotously Raucous Excessive Laughter - Look Out Listeners! Started by Angela Brett, perfected by Tony McCoy O'Grady. A play on 'barrel roll.'Laughter90%BARRISTERBegins (on) A Retainer, Regularly Instructed, Succeeds To Extract RefreshersTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%BARRYBest At Reading Rhyming YarnsJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%BARTBoy's A Real TroublemakerAngela BrettEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%BART (2)Brat Anagram - Rightly, Too!Angela BrettEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%BASEBALLBring A Seat Easer, Because Amusement Lasts LongPatricia RixSports & Recreation100%BASEBALL (2)Bring A Stick, Elevate Ball Across Local LotTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%BASEBALL (3)Bases And Sticks Evokes Ball At Lively LeaguesJan MorganSports & Recreation100%BASE JUMPINGBrainless Asses Scale Edifices & Jump Using Miniature Parachute If Nearing GroundTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Parachuting100%BASICBegan At Seven, I'd ConjectureAngela Brett, whose brothers forced her into BASIC programming pretty much as soon as she could read.Computers:Programming100%BASILBequeath's A Salad Its Lushness TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%BASILISKBreath Apparently Slays, Its Look Is Similarly KillingTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%BASKETBALLBallgame Attracts Some Kids (Extremely Tall) Building Athletic Long Legs Tony McHoops O'GradySports & Recreation100%BASSBold And Seldom SubtleJason WilcoxEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%BASSANIOBecomes A Successful Suitor - Abundantly Noble In OutlookTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merchant of VeniceArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merchant of Venice100%BASSIANUSBy Abducting Saturninus's Sweetheart Initiates A Nasty Ugly StoryTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus100%BASTARDBuy A Second Ticket And Receive Discount.Tony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%BASTARDSBureaucrats Are Such Their Arrogance Really Does ShowJohn Richard JonesPeople & Relationships:Insults100%BATHBeware A Toweled HitchhikerAngela Brett (see SPA)Household Objects:Towels100%BATH (2)Basically A Tub, HeatedEric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene80%BATH (3)Brilliant Archimedes's Tub of H20Eric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BATHROOMBuilt As To Help Removal Of Our MotionsTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%BATTERIESBegan A Trip Thinking Extra Required... Instead, Existing Survived.Angela Brett, who took plenty of batteries with her to Palmerston North only to find that the ones already in her Newton lasted the whole trip. (Well, apart from the last few hours on the bus. But they would have survived that easily if they hadn't been a third used to begin with. If you're not happy with the slight deception, change it to 'Eight's Sufficient' in your head.)Science:Electronics92%BATTLEFIELDBig Area That Took Lives (of) Enemy Forces. Is Everyone Left Dying?Tony McCoy O'GradyPlacesMilitary:War & Terrorism100%BATTLESBrilliant Application That Tabulates Listless Ex-SoldiersTony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE)Computers:Internet:VA Data Acquisition100%BATTLE TANKBush Artfully Targets Threat-Lapsed Enemy, Totally Avoiding North KoreaChris KjelgaardTransportMilitary:Weapons100%BAUDBlazing Access Using DialupSteve KeateComputers:Internet100%BAYOUBlue As Young Orbison's UncleRico LeffantaPlaces:Waterways100%BAYWATCHBoobs Are Yawning Whilst A Timex Changes HoursRico LeffantaEntertainment:TV shows100%BBNBuilding Better Networks BBN = Bolt, Baranek & Newman, one of the companies that helped build the infrastructure of the internet.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%BBRVBit Big; Removed Vowels ngl Brtt (c ABBREVIATIONS)Words & Wordplay100%BEBankrupt EnterpriseAngela BrettComputersCommerce:Companies100%BEACHBetween Earth And Curved HorizonTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%BEACH (2)Bugblatter? Eyes Are Covered, Hooray!Angela Brett (see SPA - '...wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindboggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you - daft as a brush, but very ravenous)')Household Objects:Towels83%BEACH (3)Beware Exposing Anything Covered in HairTony McCoy O'Grady (using towels to maintain modesty when changing into swimwear is tricky)Household Objects:Towels90%BEACH BOYSBarbra & Excitations Are Chorally Harmonised By Ocean-loving Young Surfers.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BEARBe Ever Aware, ReliableJan Morgan -- Rank in Cub ScoutsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%BEARDBushy Entanglement After Razor's DitchedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BEARSBig Endearing Animals, Rough & ShaggyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%BEATLESBrian Epstein's Awesomely Talented Liverpudlians. Epitomised Sixties.Eric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists88%BEATLES (2)Best Ever All Time Lyricists, Entertainers and SingersEric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BEATLES (3)Began Everything About The Liverpudlian Electronic SoundTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BEATRICEBecomes Emotional After Thinking Romance Is Comedic EnterpriseTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%BEAUTIFULBeholder's Eye Assumes Useful Talent In Finding Uncommon LovelinessTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BEAVERBarrier Erecting And Very Energetic RodentPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals88%BEAVERSBrown Engineering Animals Voraciously Erecting River-blocking StructuresDustan Dowsing and Angela Brett, During 'Angry Beavers'Science:Biology:Animals100%BE BACK LATERBusybody Ends By Adjourning Conversation, Keeps Linkage Alive Through Eventually ReturningTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%BECHTELBig Engineering Contracts Hardened "Threat-Ending" Line I knew what I wanted to say and tried different combinations until I found a suitable one. (I'm sure this is what everyone does!)Commerce:Companies100%BE CIVILBegin Exercising Caution, Ignore Vehement Intemperate LanguageTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%BEDBlank Eyed DozeMary Carr (Angela's mother)Household Objects:Furniture100%BED (2)Bloody Eyed DrunkMary CarrHousehold Objects:Furniture100%BED (3)Beneath Exciting DuvetMary CarrHousehold Objects:Furniture100%BED (4)Begins Early DozingJan MorganHousehold Objects:Furniture100%BED AND BREAKFASTBegins Every Day A Necessary Decision Because Residents Eat At Kitchens, Feasting A Savory TraditionJan MorganFood & DrinkSports & Recreation:Travel100%BEDCOVERBasic Esprit De Corps Offers Virgins Eventual RepentanceRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustHousehold Objects100%BEDIVEREBoyhood Escapades Developed Into Very Elegant Romantic Errantry.Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%BEEBuzzes Everyone EverywhereEric BridgstockScience:Biology:Insects100%BEE (2)Busy Entomological EntityRoger WilliamsScience:Biology:Insects100%BEEBBig 'Eaded Establishment BroadcasterMick Bridgstock, referring to the BBCCommunication100%BEEFBSE Endangered English FarmsAngela BrettFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments70%BEE GEESBursting Everyone's Eardrums to Give an Enviable Element to SilenceAngela Brett. (And I don't really think they're that bad!)Entertainment:Music:Artists100%BEEHIVEBrings Extra Elevation... Hair Is Vertical ExtremityAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BEEN AWAY?Betcha Everyone Else Noticed Around-World Absence, Yeah? Tony, when Angela returned from a round-the-world trip.Sports & Recreation:Travel100%BEERBrewer's Exciting Effervescence, Rabblerouser.Mary CarrFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEER (2)Bubbly Elixir Everyone RelishesTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEER (3)Beverage Erotically Exciting RoguesJerry Ryan PER Hoboken Elks Lodge #74Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEER (4)Because Everyone Enjoys Recklessness My BrainFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEER (5)Brewed Extracts Elicit RamblingsMick BridgstockFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEER (6)Brewed Extracts Excite RuffiansMick BridgstockFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEER (7)Beverage Eliciting Exaggerated RaucousnessKenny Roy & Tamaryn RoyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BEESBrunch Entries Encircling SodasRico Leffanta (see PICNIC)Science:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%BEGBest Expand GenerouslyJeff Anonymous, saying, 'Capital phrases just BEG for expansion, you know...'Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%BEHIND THE EIGHT BALLBalefully, Everything He'd Invested Never Developed. Then He Erringly Engaged In Gambling; He Then Borrowed Awfully Large Loans.Roger WilliamsAssorted PhrasesCommerce99%BEHOLD, THE AMAZING ANGELA, AS SHE ATTEMPTS TO CREATE THE WORLD'S LONGEST ACRONYM, SURPASSING TONY... ALTHOUGH HE'LL PROBABLY BEAT IT AGAIN VERY QUICKLY.Because Each Honour Of Lexicographic Display's Taken, Here's Extremely Arduously Made Acronym. Zealous Initiator Now Gets A New Gold, 'Excessively Lengthy Acronym' Award, Surpassing Shorter Heroic Effort. A Trying Task, Exceptionally Many Puzzles To Solve. Takes One Concentration, Reading English Archives, Thesaurus Entries, Then Having Eighty Winks. Often Ruminating Lying Down, She Lazily Outdid Next Greatest Expansion So Tony's Authority's Challenged - Ready Or Not, You've Met Some Unwanted Rivalry. Proudly Angela Shows Superiority In 'Nymic Genius, Though On Next Year's Acronym List Tony'll Have Outdone Unwieldy, Godawful, Hard-won Honourable Entry. Luckily, Listing Program's Released Openly Before Any Better Lettering's Yielded By Enraged Anthony. This Is Truly Angela's Goal Attained, In Narrow Victory - End's Reached, Yippee! Questionable Undertaking Is Completed, Kindly Laugh & Yell.Angela Brett, shortly before releasing ACRONYMS 2.1.Words & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms100%BEIGEBright, Excitable Irish Guy's Enjoyable.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%BEIGEPHONEBasically Emits Indecipherable Garbage... Each Person Hears Only Noise, Essentially.Angela Brett (The beigephone is the windoze user's equivalent of MacGirl's MACPHONE)MacGirl & KeyBoard78%BELARUSBorders Edge Latvia And Russia, Used-to-be Socialists.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries88%BELGIUMBegins Even & Low-lying, Graduates Into Upland Mass.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BELIZEBanana Exporting Lightens Its Zigzag Economy.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BELLE DU JOURBetween Each Leg Lust Escapes Doing Unspeakable Jokes On Unscrupulous RomancesRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%BELLOWBull Emits Loudness, Look Out WalkersTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns:Noises100%BELLYACHEBy Eating Loads & Loads, You Ache Catastrophically, Heavy EmissionsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments85%BELLYBUTTONBabyhood External Lifesupport Left You (with) Beginning of Umbilical Tube, Tied Off Neonatally.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BELLY LAUGHSBeautifully Executed Laughter Letters. You Levitate Above Usual Grotty Halfhearted Samples.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after reading LOL IN COSMOS.Laughter100%BELTBind Ends, Leave TightJan MorganHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%BENBoings Evoke NewstimeTony McCoy O'Grady (Big Ben's chimes are used for the introduction to a UK TV news bulletin)TimeCommunicationPlaces:Landmarks100%BENEDICKBeatrice Eventually Needs Emotional Display In Consummating KissTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%BENEFITBecause Everyone Needs Extra Funds In TragediesTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%BEN-HURBeautifully Encapsulates Noble Hebrew Under Romans.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies96%BE NICE TO EDWIN, HE MADE THE FORABerating Edwin's Not-In-Capitals Expansions? That's One Etiquette 'Don't'. We Implicitly Need His Expertise, Making A Dynamic Epistle-Trader. However, Expansions in Future Oughtabe Right Acronymically.Jeff Anonymous, as a modification of Angela's initial draft of BE NICE TO EDWIN, HE MADE THE FORUMS.Communication:Acronyms Forums97%BE NICE TO EDWIN, HE MADE THE FORUMSBerating Edwin's Not-In-Capitals Expansions? That's One Etiquette 'Don't'. We Implicitly Need His Expertise, Making A Dynamic Epistle-Trader. However, Expansions in Future Ought Really Use Majuscule StartersAngela Brett (with help from Tony McCoy O'Grady) in response to CAPITAL LETTERS PLEASE.Communication:Acronyms Forums88%BE NICE TO PEOPLEBerating Enemies Never Initiates Companionship. Exceed The Other Person's Expectations by Openly Proclaiming Love as Equals.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Advice100%BENINBasically Exports Nuts In Numbers.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BENNYBerk Eroticised Near-Naked Youngwomen TMcCO'G - referring to Benny HillNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%BEOWULFBig Electronic Organisms Will Use Linux, FoolSean Lamb (who envies the computing power of the big Beowulf clusters that always seem to take on a life of their own)Computers:Linux100%BE RIGHT BACKBriefly Ending Relationship (I'll Go Have Tea) But Am Coming Kcab :-)Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases75%BERKELIUMBombardment Effectively Reduced (a) Known Element Little-by-little Into Unstable Mass.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%BERN DELLBasically, 'E's Really Nice. (Dollars Expected - Laud's Lucrative!)Angela BrettNames:Acronymists88%BEROWNEBecomes Enraptured (by) Rosaline, Overwhelmed - With Nubile EncouragementTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Love's Labours LostArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Love's Labours Lost100%BERRIESBest Ever Ripe, Really Is Edibly SweetJan MorganFood & Drink100%BERRIES (2)Best Ever Ripe, Rotten Is Eventually SmashedJan MorganFood & Drink100%BERRYBest Ever Ripe, Rotten Yuck!Jan MorganFood & Drink100%BERTHABrilliance Everyone Related To Her AdmiresAngela Brett (the name Bertha comes from berht, an Ancient Germanic word meaning "Brilliant.")Names:First names:Female100%BERTRAMBestows Especial Ring, Thus Rightly Accepts MarriageTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:All's Well That Ends Well75%BERYLLIUMBasically Exposure Resistant Yes? Lasts a Longtime. It's Used More-and-moreTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements86%BESSELBloody Expansions of Series Solutions... Extremely Laborious!Angela Brett, who has just learnt about Bessel functions which take way too much writing to figure out.Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians89%BESSEL AND NEPTUNEBessel's Equations Struggled to Show Existence, Leverrier & Adams' Numbercrunching Deduced New Edge-lying Planet's Tenor. Undisputed, Now - Elementary!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:MathematiciansScience:Astronomy100%BEST FRIENDBuddy - Especially So! Trusted For Reference In Extreme Need & DangerTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%BESTIALBehaviour's Excessive? Stupid Twits Imply Animal LikenessTony McCoy O'Grady [The word 'bestial' is rarely applied to animals, but usually to some (unapproved-of) human behaviour]People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%BESTIALITYBeing Enslaved Sexually To Indecent Animal 'Loving' Is Totally YuckyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Animals100%BESTIALITY (2)Beasts Enjoy Sex Too! If Animal Likes It, Treat Yourself.Angela Brett (don't believe everything you read.)People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BETABegin Experimental Testing Activities TMcCO'GComputers100%BETA (2)Before Exposing The Artefact TMcCO'GComputers100%BETA (3)Because Every Test's AffirmativeSean LambComputers100%BETHLEHEMBirth's Exceptional, The Heralds Laud & Extol. He's Evidently MessiahTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPlaces:Towns & Cities100%BETTY PERSKEBetter Eat To Treat Yourself; Passion Entreats Romantic Stolen Kisses EndlesslyRico Leffanta (Betty Perske is better known as Lauren Bacall)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%BEVERLYHILLSBet Everyone's Very Exceedingly Rich. Love Your House, Ida! Let's Lunch Soon. TuffGuyInLA (Mario) came up with this on a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles that he was forced to endure. Now he LIVES in LA.... No escaping destiny. Sigh.Places:Towns & Cities:USA100%BEWARE OF DOGBelieve Exhortations! Woofs And Roars Echo Over Fence. Don't Open Gate!Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Animals100%BEYONCEBring Every Young One Not Coming EverydayTavia BryantEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BHANGBums Harvest Addictive, Narcotic GreeneryAngela BrettDrugs:Cannabis89%BHASKARABiddurian Heaps Ahead of Some Kingdoms - Attained Reals, Almost.Angela Brett (Bhaskara understood zero and negative numbers long before Europeans.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%BHUTANBetween Himalayan Uplands - Tibetans And Nepalese.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BIANCABecomes Irritated At Nonsensical Courtship ArrangementsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Taming of the ShrewArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Taming of the Shrew80%BIASBecause I'm an Apple Supporter?Angela Brett thinking that there's no reason to be biassed toward Apples unless there's some reason why I prefer them in the first place, so then it's not really bias, it's BIAS (2)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%BIAS (2)Because It's Actually SuperiorAngela Brett (see BIAS)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%BIASEDBlair Is A Swindler Every DayJohn Richard JonesPolitics100%BIBCOCKBasically Its Bent Conduit Outfitting Commercial KitchensRico LeffantaFood & Drink100%BIBLEBooks Inside Book, Lasting EvangelismAngela BrettReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIBLE (2)Believers Instruction Book - Life EncompassingTony McCoy O'GradyReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIBLE (3)Basic Instruction By Life's EngendererGeorge RixReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIBLE (4)Basic Instruction Before Leaving EarthJide Alakija, Read the bible everyday and it just suddenly clicked one day what the bible meant to me.ReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIBLE (5)Because It Brings Light EternalJan MorganReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIBLE (6)Because It's Believed, Learn ExtensivelyJan MorganReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIBLE (7)Best Ideas Build Loving EternityJan MorganReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BIDETBathe Intimate Developments Every TimeRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Furniture100%BIGBehold Its Greatness!Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives92%BIG AND STRONGBoring Ignorant Galute Always Narcissisticly Displaying Sinew Tragically Ruined by Overdoing Normal GymnasticsSusan S.Sports & RecreationPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BIG APPLEBusses' Intercity Grub Acquisition Pleases Proprietors - Lotsa Eating.Angela Brett, when the intercity bus she was on made a refreshment stop at the Big Apple restaurant.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%BIG BROTHERBeing In 'Goldfish Bowl' Really Opens Their Hearts -- Extreme Recreation.Angela Brett, referring to the pandemic of TV series in which a group of people enter a compound full of TV cameras (compound eyes!) and are 'evicted' one by one until the last one gets a prize. Meanwhile they are made to do strange tasks (extreme recreation) and tend to find out a lot about themselves in the process (extreme re-creation.)Entertainment:TV shows86%BIG BUMButtocks of Immense Gravity Belittling Usual MeasurementsAngela Brett, after 'BIG BUM' had been used many times to illustrate a point concerning this stack.Science:Biology:Body Parts0%BIG BUM (2)Being Immensely Gargantuan, (I) Bother Underwear ManufacturersTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts90%BIG BUTTERButter Increases Glutton's Buttock, Unless They Take up Exercising RegularlyAngela BrettFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments88%BIG DENTBanged Into Garage - Didn't Even Notice it There.Angela BrettTransport100%BIGGERBy Increments Gaining Greater Expansion RateTony MooreAssorted Adjectives100%BIGGEST HEADBecause I'm Genuinely Great, Everyone Seems To Have Extreme Animosity Disorder :-) TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%BIGGEST HEAD (2)"Brilliant" Individuals Generally Get Egotistical, Showing They Have Excessively Auto-Deceived TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%BIG GOAL: LEAP!Believe In God. God Obey. Advance Love. Love / Encourage / Affirm People!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Religion88%BIG GUNSBitwise Information Gurus Guide University of Nottingham's ScientistsAngela Brett (see UNITS)Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup100%BIG HUGBlatantly Impetuous Gesture, Happiness Usually Generated.Angela Brett, whose nieces love the TELETUBBIES.People & Relationships100%BIG PROFITSBy Increasing Gross Prices, Rip Off From Idiotically Thick ShoppersTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%BIG SMILEBecause It's Great! So Many Incredibly Lovely Events!Angela BrettLaughter100%BILBOBelittled Ignoramus Likes Boring Others.Carl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%BILLBig, If Lunchers LingerTony McCoy O'GradyFood & DrinkCommerce100%BILL (2)Beast Is Lying LoserJan Morgan - someone I knewNames:First names:Male100%BILL CLINTONBill Is Lusty Leader: Constantly Lets Interns' Nether Territories Overshadow NationChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Love & LustNames:Famous people:Politicians100%BILLEDBought It, Left Loot, Endured DemandsSean LambCommerce90%BILL GATESBillionaire Is Learning Little - Greatly Advantageous To Escape (his) System.Angela BrettNames:Famous peopleComputers:Windows100%BILL GATES (2)Big Idiot Living Like God. A Toupee Exceedingly Sloppy.Mysterious ShadowNames:Famous peopleComputers:Windows90%BILL GATES (3)Became Insanely Lucrative Lunatic, Gains Assloads of Tokens Exporting Sh*twaredelt (thought of it this morning)Names:Famous peopleComputers:Windows100%BILLINGBig & 'In Lights' List Includes 'Named' GuysTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment100%BILTMOREBecause It's Linux, They Might Open Roughly EverythingSean Lamb (Biltmore was the code name for RedHat Linux 4.2)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%BIMBOBrainless Individual, Meretricious Blonde Ornament.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality TraitsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BING CROSBYBing Is Noted, Great Crooner Relies On Singing. Bababoo? Yes!Sean Lamb (Bing Crosby was known for his crooning singing style that included refrains of "ba-ba-ba-boo" skat lyrics)Entertainment:Music:Artists100%BINGOBiddies In Neighbourhood Gamble OpenlyTony McCoy O'Grady - Bingo (where I live) is played mainly by older women in local community hallsEntertainment:Games100%BINGO (2)Blair Is No Good OkayJohn Richard JonesPolitics100%BINSBringing It Nearer StillTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to an abbreviation for binoculars.Assorted Nouns100%BINS (2)Bumf Is Neatly StoredTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%BIOLOGYBy Investigation Of Life, One Gains Yang?Tony McCoy O'Grady and Angela BrettScience:Biology100%BIONICBelieve It Or Not, I'm Cybernetic!Angela BrettScience:Biology100%BIOSBoots In One SecondAngela Brett (BIOS actually stands for Basic Input Output System)Computers83%BIRCHBelieve-me, Its Rods Can Hurt TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%BIRDBRAINBimbo Is Remarkably Dim, Blonde Ringlets Apparently Indicating Naivete Tony McCoy O'ChauvinistPeople & Relationships:Insults92%BIRDS AND BEESBloke's Inadequate Redfaced Discussion (with) Son, Awkwardly Noting Differences Between Each & Every Sexuality.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology100%BIRDS AND BEES (2)Birth & Inception Rarely Discussed Sometimes Arouses Needless Dithering. Be Explicit & Explain SexualityTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology100%BIRDS AND BEES (3)Being Irish, Reserved Daughter's Sexual Awakening Naturally Demands Biology Education Embarrassing Sheila.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology100%BIRTHDAYBecause It's Really Tough Having Death Anniversaries Yearly!Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%BIRTHDAY (2)But I Really Think He Does Act YoungAngela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%BIRTHDAY (3)But It's Ridiculous To Have Day Adding YearAngela Brett, because after this one day people consider themselves to be a whole year older.Time:Special Occasions75%BIRTHDAY GIRLBlimey, I've Relished Three-hundred-and-sixty-five Happy Days! Another Year Gone In Remarkable LifeTony McCoy O'Grady, on Angela's birthday.Time:Special Occasions100%B IS FOR BABird Identifies Soul For Old Religion's Believing Adherents.Tony McCoy O'Grady (see C IS FOR CAATINGA)Religion86%BISHOPBigwig Is Supposed to Hear & Obey PopeTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%BISHOP (2)Busy Individual, Sacrificing His Own PrioritiesJan MorganReligion:Religious Occupations100%BISHOP (3)Busy Individual, Services Host Of PeopleJan MorganReligion:Religious Occupations95%BISHOP OF WINCHESTERBitter, Intensely Schemer Holder Of Powerful Office. Finally - When Is Named Cardinal He Eventually Succumbs To Ego-bashing RepentanceTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%BISMUTHBisodol Is Still Much Used Treating Hangovers!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%BITBrief, Insignificant TimeRoger WilliamsTime100%BITCHBring It To Cheap Hotel Acronymous AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Insults100%BITCH (2)Button It To Conserve Health Acronymous AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Insults100%BITE MEBlonde's Invited To Eat My EpidermisTony McCoy O'GradyMainAssorted Phrases100%BITE ME (2)Barb Intended To Enrage Most EveryoneJerry Ryan PER Hoboken Elks Lodge #74People & Relationships:Insults70%BITSCHSBring Information Technology to the School of Community Health SciencesAngela Brett (see UNITS)Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup100%BITWISEBoolean Instructions Tackle Words In Single ElementsAngela BrettComputers:Programming100%BITWISE (2)Bringing Information Technology Wisdom Into School Environment.Angela Brett (see UNITS)Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup100%BIZARREBrilliant Idea, Zany Attitude Riotous Reaction EnsuedTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives88%BIZARRE (2)Babies In Zoos Are Routinely Re-sold ElsewhereRico LeffantaAssorted AdjectivesScience:Biology100%BLABBlub Like A Baby TonyCommunication:Talking80%BLAB (2)Bleat Like A Baa-baa TonyCommunication:Talking100%BLAB (3)Betrays Like A B*st*rd TonyCommunication:Talking100%BLAB (4)Beat Lips About Barrenly/BanallyAngela BrettCommunication:Talking100%BLAB (5)Button Lips Around Barry/Brian/Bill Tony, when somebody on the forums asked for expansions for BLAB... this could work if the blabbermouth's name happens to start with a B.Communication:Talking100%BLACKBasically Lightless, As Coal / KohlAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%BLACK (2)Boycott, Lacking A Colleague's KindnessTony McCoy O'Grady (to 'black' something is to ban it)People & Relationships100%BLACK (3)Basically Lacking All Colour KnowledgeTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%BLACK CATBrings Luck (Alternately Calamity) Keep Crossing A TrailTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%BLACK COHOSHButtercup-Like, And Clinicians/Companies Know Compound Offers Hope Of Stimulating HormonesAngela BrettFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%BLACK SHEEPBlackguard Lamb Actually Caught Knitting Sweaters Heartlessly Earning Extra ProfitRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Animals100%BLACKSMITHBig Lumbering Artisan Crafting Knives & Swords - Metal Is Terribly Hot TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%BLACKSTONEBritish Lawyer Authored "Commentaries", Keenly Saving Tomes Of Notable Expoundings.Roger WilliamsNames:Famous peoplePeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%BLACK WIDOWBegins Lunch After Coitus, Killing With Instinct During Orgasmic WithdrawalTony McCoy O'Grady, whose wife looks stunning in black and to whom he regularly refers as his "Black Widow"Science:Biology:Insects100%BLADDERBilious Liquids Are Deposited Daily, Easily ReleasedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BLAHBoring Lecture, All Humdrum.Angela BrettEducation:Slow Teaching100%BLAINEBad Liver Affected Infant's Name, EvidentlyAngela Brett (the name Blaine comes from bla, a Gaelic word meaning "Yellow." I wonder how many babies were named Blaine because they were jaundiced.)Names:First names:Male100%BLAISE PASCALBlasted Little Annoyance Is Spamming Endlessly - Prison And Serving Community Are Likely!Tony McCoy O'Grady, hypothesising about Pascal's descendants becoming supercriminalsMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:When good scientists go bad100%BLAKEButtered Limas Are Keen EatingKimberlyNames:You Are What You Eat90%BLANK PAGEBeckoning Like A Naked K-road Prostitute... Acronymise! Generate Expansions!Angela Brett, commenting on how a blank page seems to beg to be filled with acronyms. (K-road is Auckland's red light district.)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%BLARGHBoredom Launches A Rather Good HeadlineTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela sent him an email with the rather uninspired subject line 'blargh.'Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%BLASTBomb Leaves Air Smelling TerribleTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Weapons100%BLAST 'EMBin Laden's A Sadistic Terrorist - Evil ManifestedAngela Brett, who in general doesn't advocate blasting things but wanted to demonstrate an expansion containing 'Bin Laden'Military:War & Terrorism100%BLAST OFFBurn Loads And Surge Through Our Fragile FirmamentTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy100%BLASTOISEBlasting Liquid Adds Speed - Third One In Squirtle EvolutionAngela Brett (Blastoise is Pokemon #9)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%BLASTOISE (2)Being Large And Strong Triumphs Only In Some EncountersDundee (Blastoise is Pokemon #9)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon83%BLEEPBad Language Erased to Eliminate ProfanityAngela Brett, to replace some offensive acronyms which were removed from the stack.Words & Wordplay:Rudeness100%BLESSEDBeing Loved Especially Should Secure Eventual DeificationTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%BLESSINGBoys Love Easy Sex Socially Identifiying Needy GirlsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BLESTBenevolent Lord Extends Special Treatment Saint Tony McCoy O'Grady, who hopes that Blest [as searched for on the Acronyms website] is not a Pokemon character, but the older spelling of Blessed.Religion100%BLIMPBalloon's Lines Impede Marauding Planes TMcCO'GTransport100%BLINDBlighted Lifetime In Neverending DarknessTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BLINKYBothersome Little Interfering Nettlesome Koala? Yes!Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%BLISSBecome Languid In Satisfactory SensationsPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%BLISS (2)Bodily Luxury Is Something SublimeTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%BLOCKAGEBrain's Lack Of Clarity Kiboshes A Genius's ExpressionsTony McCoy O'Grady, after Jeff's ACRONYMISTS' BLOCK was cured by his EPSOM SALT acronym, and Angela pointed out that Epsom salt cures more than one type of blockage.Words & Wordplay100%BLOCKAGE (2)Bottom's Lack Of Clearance Keeps All Garbage Enclosed?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BLOKEBig Lunk Of King's EnglishRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%BLONDBeautiful Lady Of Nordic DescentJan MorganAssorted Adjectives:ColoursPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BLOODBleeding Leaks Of Ordinary DropletsJan MorganScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BLOWBreathe Like Oral WindAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%BLOW (2)Bulging Lips Offer WindTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%BLOW JOBBegin Loving Orally - With Jaws Opened BroadlyTony McCoy O'Grady, after watching an 'expose' TV programme on teenage sex in England.People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BLOW MEBreathe Loving Over Willy, My Enamoured TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BLOW MY OWN TRUMPETBrilliant Lady, One Will Meet Your Own Wishes, Now 'Thousands' Replaces Utterly Modest, Personally-Effacing 'Tons'.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela suggested changing the 'Tons' in his TONY (4) with the more accurate and impressively unexaggerated 'Thouands'.Assorted Phrases100%BLOWN AWAY!Blimey! Loads Of Wonderful New Acronyms. Wordsmiths Adore You!Angela Brett, when Tony produced a particularly good round of acronyms.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%BLUBBERButter Lovers Usually Bloat, By Eating RelentlesslyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:BiologyFood & Drink100%BLUEBadly Lovesick? Unhappy, Emotionally...Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%BLUE (2)Brings Laziness Unto ExtremesTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%BLUE (3)Below Life's Usual ExcitementTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:ColoursPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%BLUE (4)Blue Lakes. Unbounded Expanses.Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Adjectives:ColoursPlaces:Waterways100%BLUE (5)Beautifully Laced Unique EnsembleJan MorganAssorted Adjectives:ColoursHousehold Objects:Clothing100%BLUEBERRY IMACBad Luck, Underfed Ethiopians... Barely Edible Repast. Return Yours, I'll Make A Casserole.Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat:iMac Fruit Salad90%BLUECURVEBudding Linux Utility Engineers Create Unix to Redhat's Vision ExcellentlySean Lamb (Bluecurve is the name for RedHat's window manager; it's supposed to be "the" window manager combining features of both KDE and GNOME)Computers:Linux90%BLUECURVE (2)Bad Linux User Experiences Cast Uncertainty on Redhat's Very ExistenceSean Lamb (Bluecurve is the name for RedHat's window manager; it's supposed to be "the" window manager combining features of both KDE and GNOME)Computers:Linux91%BLUE HAWAIIBalderdash Let Ukelele-playing Elvis Have Amours With Assorted Indistinguishable Ingenues.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%BLUE SCREEN OF DEATHBoom! Large, Useless Error Speaks Cryptic, Random Explanation. Evil Nerd Organization Fiendishly Devised Explosion At Technical Hell.Sporkmaster, who has Windows XP, doesn't have this curse, but speaks on behalf of the less fortunate.Computers:Windows100%BLURBritpop Leaders, Unrivalled Rockers.Eric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BLUSHBlameworthiness Looses Unwelcome Scarlet HueTimothy ChambersAssorted Verbs100%BMWBreak My WalletRob sRe-expansions of existing acronymsTransport:Car Makes & Models100%BMW (2)Bigoted Multifaced WankerJohn Richard Jones. This is what I think of some BMW drivers who treat other drivers as second-class.Transport:Car Makes & ModelsTransport:Drivers83%BOASTBlatantly Overemphasise Attributes & Show-off Talents.Angela BrettAssorted Verbs100%BOAST (2)Brag Or Avaunt, Skite TerriblyAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%BOAST (3)Bascially, One Always Seems Terrific.Edwin HermannAssorted Verbs100%BOATSBest Ones Are Trailer-SailersAngela BrettTransport100%BOBBuoyant On BreakersTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%BOBCATBegins Our Best, Cub At TeachingJan Morgan -- Rank in Cub ScoutsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%BOB GELDOFBop On, Boys & Girls! (Expletive) Let's Defeat Obscene FamineTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BODACIOUSBody's Obviously Desirable And Curvacious - I'll Ogle Unbelievable Silhouette.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%BODIES'Bravery' Of Dead Is Euphemism: Stupidity!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%BODYBiological Organism Decaying YouRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%BODY PIERCINGBits Of Decorated Youths Perhaps It's Eye-Rings, Circlets In Navels/ GenitalsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%BOGEYBlowholes Over Gob Exude YuckinessTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%BOLDBrave, Or Lavishly DaringTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%BOLIVIABolivar Originally Liberated It, Vigorous Industries & Agriculture.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BOLLOCKSBurst Out Laughing Loudly Over Crass Knavish SmugnessTony McCoy O'Grady, when he wished to sniggeringly deride some stupid remarks which someone made.Words & Wordplay:RudenessLaughter100%BOLSTERBrace Or Lift Something To Exalted RankRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%BOLTBit Of Lovely TweedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%BOMBBack Off! Manipulating B*tch!PiMaster, after capitalising BOMB. (See ANGELA (8))People & Relationships:Insults100%BOMB (2)Bungled Once More Bigtime!Roger WilliamsMilitary:Weapons100%BOMBERBillions Of Megatons Bring Earthly RuinTony McCoy O'GradyMilitaryTransport100%BOMBSHELLBreasts Only Move Because Shaking Hips Excite Lusty LibidosRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BONDAGEBinding, Or Nastily Delimiting Activity, Generates ExcitementTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BONDEDBaby Of New Dad Enjoys/Endures DotingAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family0%BONDIBlue Of New, Dreamy iMacAngela Brett... though Tony suggested 'Dashing,' rather than 'Dreamy.'Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%BONE CARVINGBrush On Nature's Every Canvas, And Recycle Vertebrae Into Neverending GiftAngela BrettArt & LiteratureScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BONESBroken Ones Need Elevation & SupportAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts83%BONES (2)Big Osseous Neoliths Explained by ScientistsSean LambScience:Biology:Body PartsScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%BONGSBigwigs Ordered No Gear SalesAngela Brett, after a law was passed prohibiting the sale of cannabis-smoking apparatus.Drugs100%BONNIEBusy One Never Needs Imagination EnthusiasmJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%BONNIE (2)Brain Obviously Not Navigating In EthicsJan Morgan - someone I knewNames:First names:Female100%BONUSBlantantly Obvious Nude Under SedationRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BONUS (2)Barrage Of Nonsense Undermine SuperiorityDundeeCommerce100%BONUS (3)Bankable Overtime Notches Up SalaryTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%BONUS (4)Bastard Owners Negating Union SacrificeW. KlineCommerce:Money100%BONUS (5)Because One Needs Uplifted SalaryTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%BOOBBounces Out Of BraAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BOOBY TRAPBreasts Outrageously Overflowing Brassiers Young Teenagers Reveal At PartiesRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%BOOGERBasic Opening Offers Green Excretion - RevoltingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%BOOKBound Outlet Of KnowledgeTony McCoy O'GradyArt & LiteratureEducation100%BOOKCASEBound Outlet Of Knowledge, Contents Are Sometimes EngrossingTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Furniture100%BOOK OF MORMONBasic Objective Of Keystone, Original Features, Memories Of Residents, Migrates Over NationJan Morgan - History LessonsReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%BOOKS IN THE BIBLEBorn Out Of Knowledge Scarcity, It's Necessary To Have Everyone Believing Inscriptions... Ban Looking Elsewhere.Angela BrettReligion:Bible books100%BOOSTBurning Oxygen Offers Super ThrustTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%BORACHIOBraggart's Obedient Ruse Arouses Complete Havoc Involving OthersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%BOREDBecoming Overly Reposed - Experience DepressionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%BORED IN CLASSBecause Of Really Elementary, Dull Instruction, Now Completing Latest Acronyms Stack. See?Angela Brett, who was getting ACRONYMS 2.2 ready for release during a boring class, and had to think of an acronym to import so that the stack would know it had Update List Grape.Education:Slow Teaching100%BOREDOMBrain On Recess, Extreme Disuse Of Mind.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%BORGBloody Organism, Robotically GenocidalTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%BORG (2)Bloody 'Orrible Robotic Guys!Gavin LambertArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%BORG QUEENBeautiful Or Really Gruesome? Questions Usually Entail Excess NotionalisingGavin LambertPolitics:RoyaltyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%BORINGBreaking (Operating Rotary Instruments) New GroundAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%BORN FOR THE PORCHBeing Of Restful Nature, Find Oneself Returning To Hammock Everytime. Perhaps One Relishes Calm Happiness TMcCO'G - who hopes he has grasped the meaning being sought by the person who searched for this phrase.Assorted Phrases100%BORN FREEBreatifully Outlined Romantic Novel Featured Rapidly Endangered EnvironmentTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Joy Adamson's book about a pride of lions in Africa.Art & Literature:Book Titles88%BOROMIRBravery Obliges Risk-taking; One Mistake Incurs RuinPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings71%BORONBelievers Opine (it's) Requirement in One's Nutrition.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%BOSBat Outta Shell BOS = Base Operating System (IBM). The kernel of AIX and the programs that consist of a base install are included in the BOS.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers94%BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINABasically One Small Neck Is Adriatic, However Extensive Rural Zones Ethnically-cleansed . Grisly Obscene Violence Is Now Abated.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BOSSBags Over-Sized SalaryAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%BOSS (2)Big Overseer, Sometimes SurlyMick BridgstockPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%BOSTONBay Of Spilt Tea - Oh No!Angela BrettHistoryPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%BOSTON (2)Beans On Soggy Toast - Oh No!Tony McCoy O'Grady (Boston is the home of Boston Baked Beans - a recipe involving haricot beans, a piece of ham, treacle, brown sugar, tomato puree and 4 hours in an oven.)Food & DrinkPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%BOTHBliss Of Togetherness, Hurrah!joybuttonPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BOTH BRAINCELLS KILLEDBump On The Head Brings Really Awful Injuries, Now Can't Even Lift Legs. Some Knowledge Is Lost - Longterm Effect's Death.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BOTOXBrought On To Ongoing XaminationsDennis CarrDrugsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%BOTSWANABushmen Of The South Who Are Nomadic Africans.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BOTTLEBlacked Out, Turned Turtle, Lying ExpressionlessTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs100%BOTTOMBig Orifices Treat Tons Of Merde!Mary Carr/Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BOTTOM LINEBasis Of Trade - To Operate Many Lines Is Needless ExpenseTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%BOTTOM QUARKBest Of The Theories Of Matter? Quite Unlikely Anyone Really KnowsAngela Brett ('Bottom' is one of the six types of QUARK, along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, CHARM QUARK and TOP QUARK... at least, that's the prevailing wisdom so far.)Science:Physics:Particles100%BOTUSFLEMINGBefore Operation The Urbane Surgeon Feels Like Extracting Mucus (Including Nasal Gloop)Tony McCoy O'Grady (Botusfleming is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'A small, long-handled steel trowel used by surgeons to remove the contents of a patient's nostrils prior to a sinus operation.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%BOUNCESBrassiered Orbs Under Nicely Contrived Elastic SupportsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BOUNDARIESBorders Of Unpleasant Neighbours Demand Agreement. Recognized Indicator Ensures Serenity Tony McCoy/HatfieldPlaces100%BOUNTIFULBenefits Our Unit Nicely To Introduce Full Understanding, LifeJan Morgan -- City in UtahPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%BOUQUETBottles (Of Unusual Quality) Usually Exude Tannins TMcCO'GFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BOURBONBooze Our Uncle Relays Barefoot Obligating NightcapsRico Leffanta, from when bourbon was "home brew" which barefoot hillbillies ran around delivering, especially during prohibition. Of course, it was always someone's "uncle", and a delivery included the "nightcap" to ensure the brew was true.Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BOVINEBeasts Obscuring View In Nature's Environment Tony McCoy O'GreenspaceScience:Biology:Animals100%BOWELBack Off... Wind Emission Likely.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BOWELSBottom Often Will Evacuate Liquids & SolidsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BOWLINGBalls Occupy Waxed Lanes, Ideally; Not Gutters.Roger WilliamsSports & Recreation100%BOWMANBent Over Weapons, Many Arrows NeededTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%BOXERSBalls (Of XY-Endowed) Readily SwingAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear86%BOXERS (2)Brains Often X-rayed - Extremely Repugnant 'Sportsmen'Tony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%BOXINGBoys Outmaneuver Xena In Nailing GirlsRico LeffantaSports & Recreation100%BOXING DAYBustle Of Xmas Is Now Gone, Discounts Await YouAngela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%BOYFRIENDBrag Of Your First Romance... It's Everlasting, No Doubt.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BOY SCOUTBasically Offers You Sex Camping Outdoors Under TentRico LeffantaSports & Recreation:Scouts91%BOYS IN BLUEBattling On Your Side - It's Not Bad Luck Unless (you're) Evil.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%BOYZONEBand Of Youths, Zero (Or Nil) ExpertiseTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BRABreast-Restraining ApparatusAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%BRA (2)Breasts Remodelled/ AccentuatedTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%BRA (3)Breast Realignment ApplianceTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%BRADLEYBoy, Really Active, Does Love Experiencing YouthJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%BRAD SAYSBully's Rough Advice Doesn't Summon A 'Yes, Sir!'Angela BrettPeople & Relationships92%BRAHMAGUPTABrilliant Reasoning in Astronomy, Helped Mathematics And Geometry. Understood Progressions, Triangles & Areas.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%BRAIDSBring Relative Alignment Into Disordered StrandsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene83%BRAINBiological Reckoner - Array of Interconnected Neurons.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BRAIN (2)Biologic Reasoning Apparatus; Intelligence's NestGavin LambertScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BRAIN BOWLBright Resourceful Abecedarians Interrogated Nightly By Other Witty Learners.Peter & Christina - The Brain Bowl Team participates in Jeopardy-like competition in a state-wide event every year.Sports & RecreationPeople & Relationships:Thoughts83%BRAKEBrings to Rest All Kinetic EnergyEric BridgstockTransport:Car Parts100%BRANDINGBuyers Remember A Name, Discredit If No GoodAngela BrettCommerce100%BRANDYBeautifully Robust Alcohol Napoleon Drank, Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BRASSBrings Rapturous And Spectacular SingingJason WilcoxEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%BRASSIEREBreast-Restraining Apparatus, Sometimes Shown In Extremely Raunchy ExposesAngela Brett and Steve KeateHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%BRATBoyish Rogue And Tease!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits80%BRAT!Blarney-kisser, Renowned As 'Tony'!Patricia Rix, in response to Tony's PETTER (2).People & Relationships:Insults100%BRAT (2)Bad Radically Active TeenagerRulgnaj YerdonPeople & Relationships100%BRATSBehaviour Raises Adult's Total ScornTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%BRAVOBeg Repeat - Audience's Vehement OvationTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment86%BRAZILBird-infested Rainforests - Amazon Zone Intensely LushTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BREAD OF LIFEBuy Regularly, Eat And Die Or Follow Love's Inspiration For EternityRico LeffantaReligion92%BREAD, PASTA, CEREAL, POTATOESBegin Right Eating And Dieting Properly. A Sensibly Trained Attitude (Coupled with Exercising Regularly) Enhances A Lifestyle. Put Off Those After-eating Treats Or Extra Servings Tony McThinAsAWhippet O'GradyFood & Drink100%BREAKBalls Rest Easily After KickingRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%BREAK IT DOWNBecause Really Enormous Adversity Kills Inspiration, Try Decomposing Opponent & Winning Nonhastily.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Advice100%BREASTBeautiful, Round, Entertaining, Appetising, Supple, Tittilating.Matthew Oram and Steve KeateScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BREAST (2)Becomes Really Erect After Some TweakingMatthew Oram and Steve KeateScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BREAST CANCERBad Results, Endanger Adventures, Seizes Tomorrows. Cells Attacked, Never Ceasing, Enters Radiation.Jan Morgan - Lost a friend to itScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BREASTSBabies Rarely Ever Attempt Suckling Two Simultaneously!Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BREASTS (2)Blondes Request Expensive And Sometimes Troublesome Sugery.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BREASTS (3)Beautifully Rounded, Extremely Arousing, Sometimes Terribly SensitiveTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BREEZEBeautifully Refreshing Emanation. Enjoy Zephyr's EffectsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Meteorology100%BRENDABritish Royals Epithet Newsmagazine Designated ApparentlyTony McCoy O'Grady (HRH Queen Elizabeth II is scurrillously referred to as "Brenda" in Private Eye magazine.)Names:First names:FemalePolitics:Royalty:Royals100%BREWBeer Revolts Every WomanRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BRIANBrings Reasonable Income Advantage, NaturallyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%BRIAN (2)Brat, Really Is Antagonistic, NoxiouslyJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%BRIANNEBegins Reading In A Nice Narrative EssentiallyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%BRIBEBig Remittance Is Brash EnoughRoger WilliamsCommerce100%BRICKBuilding Requires Intricate Construction KnowledgeTony MooreHousehold Objects100%BRIDALBlushes, Repeating "I Do" About Lover Tony McCatch-the-Bouquet O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce87%BRIDE AND GROOMBrilliantly Rigged-out In Dress & Evening-suit A Nuptial Duo Graciously Race Off On Matrimony Tony McCoy O'I-DoPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%BRIDGE COMMANDERBoat's Ruler Issues Directives, Gives Every Command Or Manages Men. Assures Naval Directives Enforced Rigorously Tony McAyeAye O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%BRIDGEND Burying Residents In Deep Graves Ends Neighbourhood DisputesJohn Richard JonesPlaces:Towns & Cities:UK100%BRIDGESBusy Road If Deep Gorge's Elaborately SpannedTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:WaterwaysTransport100%BRIEF ENCOUNTERBrilliantly Restrained, Intensely Erotic Flm. Epic Noel Coward Ouevre Using, Notoriously, The English Railway.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%BRIEFSBasic Requirement Is Explanation For SolicitorTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%BRIGADIERBegins Reasonably Intelligently - Gradually Abates - Disimproving Intellect Enforces RetirementTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%BRIGHAM YOUNGBlazes Route In Gathering, Has A Multitude Yonder, Offers Utmost Nook Geographically Jan Morgan -- "Blazed" the way to Utah for the pioneers. Multitudes went yonder in the utmost (furthest) nook - (secluded place) to be safe from persecution.Names:Famous people100%BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITYBelieves Receptive Instruction Good Habit. As Multitudes Yearn Occupations, Under Navigation Gives Utah Nice Institute. Varied Educational Recommendations Suits Indivduals Taught YearlyJan Morgan -- School in UtahEducation:Schools94%BRIGHTNESS OF HOPE'Bad Reasoning' Is Good; Helping Them Not Expect Sad Swings Of Fortune Highlights Opportunities (of) Preventing Emergencies.Angela Brett ('Bad reasoning' referring to the idea that hope in a particularly bleak situation is illogical.)Assorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships100%BRILLIANTBright Resounding Idea - Let's Leave It Alone, Not TamperTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%BRITAINBig Royalist Institution - They're An Island NationTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BROCKBadger's Rare (Or Cant?) KnicknameTony McCoy O'Grady - Brock is a rare word for a badger in England (I'm not really sure if it qualifies as a 'cant' term but the lettering was inviting)Science:Biology:Animals100%BROKE FEMALEBills, Rent Or Kids... Expenses Forever! Egocentric Male Always Loses Employment.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:GenderalisationsCommerce:Money100%BROKENBy Rebelling, Outlaws Keep Everyone NoticingAngela Brett, because laws are made to be broken. The theory is that criminals are really just doing what they do because they want attention. Sentence potential criminals to preventative attention and everything will be fine.People & Relationships:Law & Order100%BROKEN HEARTBeloved Romeo Often Kissed Enchantingly, Now He's Ended Amorous Relationship Tearfully.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust78%BROMINEBelieved to Reduce Obsessions Militarily It's No-longer Employed.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%BRONCOBucks Riders Off! None Can Outlast.Roger WilliamsSports & Recreation100%BRONZEBe Really Open - Nearness Zenithal Emotionally.Angela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the bronze (8th) wedding anniversary.Science:Chemistry:Elements100%BROOCHBright Resplendant Object On 'Clothes Horse'Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories86%BROOKEBaby Really Observes Occurances Keeping Eye-openersJan Morgan - child I knowNames:First names:Female100%BROOKE SHIELDSBoys Routinely Offer Open Kisses Erotically, Should Her Incited Erotic Lips Demand Satisfaction?Rico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%BROTHBoiled Richness Offered To Hospitalised TonyFood & Drink100%BROTHERSBrats Repeatedly Offending Their Honest, Erudite, Responsible SistersRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family83%BRUCEBig Rating in US Census ExtractAngela Brett (The name Bruce ranked 67th in popularity for males of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.)Names:First names:Male100%BRUNEIBritish Run Until Natives Exacted Independence.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BRUNOBrown - Rather Uninspiring Name OriginAngela BrettNames:First names:Male100%BRUSHBristles Roughen Up Swallower's HindquartersTony McCoy O'Grady, to go with the various PAINT-eating acronymsFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement100%BRUSH (2)Best Roasted Using Sweet HerbsTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance BRUSHFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement86%BRUTUSBald, Rabble-rousing Untrustworthy Tribune Uses ScapegoatingTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CoriolanusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Coriolanus100%BRUTUS (2)Beloved Roman, Ultimately The Ultimate Stabber!Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and Cleopatra100%BRYANBegins Reading Yarns At NoonJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%BRYCEBuild, Render - You've Created Environment!Angela Brett (Bryce is a 3D landscaping and animation application... see http://corel.com)Computers100%B.SC.Biological Scientific CalculatorAngela Brett, after graduating with a B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) majoring in MATHEMATICS.Re-expansions of existing acronymsEducation:Qualifications100%BSDBest System DesignSean Lamb (BSD = Berkeley Software Distribution; a flavor of UNIX written by UC Berkeley that is the basis for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD among others)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%BTWBrain To Wander...Angela Brett (BTW usually stands for 'By The Way')Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%BUBBABig Ugly Bible-Beatin' Ass a stereotypical description of anyone named Bubba in Georgia or Arkansas.Names:First names:Male100%BUBBLESBrought Unto Being By Liquid's Expanding SurfaceAngela BrettAssorted Nouns100%BUCCANEERBoyos Using Cutlasses Clambered Aboard Naval Expedition, Everything's Ransacked TMcCO'GHistoryPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%BUCKINGHAMBacks Up Corrupt King - Is Not Given Hereford After MurdersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Richard IIIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Richard III100%BUDDIESBecause "U" Deserve Dependable Individual Exchanges SociallyJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%BUDDINGBreasts Usually Do Develop In Nubile GirlsSteve KeateScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BUDDY HOLLYBrilliant, Unfulfilled. Dead. Died Young. Had Outstanding Lyrics. Legendary YouthfulnessEric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%BUDWEISERBeer: Uncontrolled Drunks Will Endure It's Side-Effects RegularlyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BUDWEISER (2)Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regulary. Acronymous AnonymousFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%BUGBake Under GroundRico Leffanta (see PICNIC)Science:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%BUG (2)Bitten User GrumblesAngela BrettComputersScience:Biology:Insects100%BUG (3)Bad Unexpected GlitchAngela BrettComputers100%BUG (4)Bytes Unfortunately GarbledAngela BrettComputers100%BUG (5)Bites Unfortunate GentlemanAngela BrettScience:Biology:Insects100%BUGGERBasically Uncouth Gentleman Gets Everyone RattledTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Rudeness71%BUGLEBrassy Ululations Give Layabeds Early-morning-callTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%BUG OFFBegone Unwanted Gnat - Oh Fly Fast TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Insects100%BUGSBlight 'Usually Good' SoftwareAngela BrettComputers100%BUGS (2)Blame Users' Genuine StupidityAngela Brett -- a few of the programmers where I work are coming up with self-deprecating phrases to put on T-shirts to give out at the company Christmas party. One of the T-shirt slogans is, 'Of course it crashes if you do that!'Computers100%BUGS (3)Bugs Usually Get SmashedJan Morgan and Rifle MorganScience:Biology:Insects100%BUGS (4)Butterflies Usually Go SoaringJan Morgan and Rifle MorganScience:Biology:Insects100%BUICKBig Unstoppable Indestructible Car KillerDennis CarrTransport:Car Makes & Models100%BUILDBricks Utilised Into Little DwellingTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted VerbsPlaces:Buildings100%BULBASAURBud Using Little Blighter, A Scourge Against Useless RocketDustan Dowsing on his favorite pokemonComputers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%BULGARIABlighted Under Leninist Government, Are Republican In Attitude.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BULLDOZERBig Ugly Land Lifting Digger, Often Zealously Engineering RoadsDustan DowsingTransport100%BULLETBlood Unravels Lightning Lead Ejection TrailsRico LeffantaMilitary:Weapons63%BULLSBit Un-believe-a-bull... Large Lactiferous Source!Angela Brett (quite a bit of milk is produced around the town of Bulls. Also, there are terr-a-bull puns all over the place.)Places:Towns & Cities:New Zealand100%BULLSHITBelt Up - Little Learning Skulks Here, I ThinkTony McCoy O'Grady - still checking Angela's tolerance level 8-)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness100%BULLYBrute; Usually Likes Lambasting YouRoger WilliamsPeople & Relationships100%BUMBelow Underwear, MarginallyMatthew OramScience:Biology:Body Parts100%BUMBLEBEEBusy Useful Mobile Bee Leaves Earth, Big Exclusive EventJan MorganScience:Biology:Insects100%BUMMERBig Unpleasantness Makes Me Extremely RegretfulLawrence D'OliveiroMain100%BUNBundled Under NetAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%BUNCHBunnies Usually Never Chase HerdsRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%BUNNIESBreeding Unstoppably - Not Neatly In Exact Seasons.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%BURBANKBest Urban Residential Beginnings, A Nice KeepsakeJan Morgan - City in CaliforniaPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%BUREAUCRATBossy Underling Really Enjoys Antagonising Urbane Customers Rarely Apologises TactfullyRico LeffantaPolitics92%BURKINA FASOBecause (of) Unreliable Rainfall Kiboshes Its National Agriculture, Famine And Starvation Occur.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BURMABrutal Undemocratic Repressive Military Authority.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries90%BURNED OUTBroken, Used, Really Not Equal (to) Doing One's Usual TasksPatricia RixScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%BURNED OUT (2)Beyond Use & Ruined - Now Employee's Defunct One's Usually TerminatedTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%BURN OUTBecome Useless; Requires No Official, Unusual TrainingPatricia RixScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments88%BURNOUTBlackened Unpopular Residual Notation. Overuse of User's TerminalTony McCoy O'GradyComputers93%BURNT TO A CRISPBlistering Uninhibited Rays Neatly Toast The Outer Area of Coverless Rump - Isn't Sunscreen ProtectedAngela BrettAssorted Phrases93%BURNT TO A CRISP (2)Becoming Unbearably Red, Now Taking Ti-tree Oil And Craving Relief In Skin Pigmentation.Angela Brett and Dustan DowsingAssorted Phrases100%BURUNDIBelgium Used Rule Until Nation Declared Independence.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%BUSBackbreakingly Uncomfortable SleepDustan Dowsing, after having a sleep on an INTERCITY BUS and finding it had left him with, among other things, a pain in the neck.Transport100%BUS (2)Big... Umpteen SeatsAngela BrettTransport100%BUS (3)Brought Us SouthwardAngela Brett, after going from Auckland to Palmerston North in one.Transport100%BUSHBombs Upon Saddam HusseinElf QrinNames:Famous people:Politicians100%BUSH (2)Big United States HonchoTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Politicians100%BUSH (3)Bloodthirsty United States HeadAngela Brett (substitute whichever B-adjective or Bad-ejective you like in there.)Names:Famous people:Politicians100%BUSH (4)Best Underdog Succeeds HonorsJan MorganNames:Famous people:Politicians100%BUSH (5)Boy Unmasking Stark HubrisKenneth T. DavisNames:Famous people:Politicians100%BUSINESSBest Understood Solution If Nothing Else Satisfies SimplyIniyan GCommerce100%BUSINESS OF POLICE PROTECTIONBecause Unpaid Security Is Not Effective, Somebody Should Offer (For Pay) Officer Left In Charge, Exclusively Premises Requested Of The Employer's Client. This Is Ordinary Nowadays.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderCommerce100%BUTCHBabe Union Threatening Cats HowlingRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BUTLER'Bottler' Used To Logically Entitle RetainerTony McCoy O'Grady - The word "Butler" is a corruption of "bottler" - the member of staff who looked after his employer's wine-cellar.People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%BUTTBelongs Under Tosser's Tush!Patricia Rix (I hate the way smokers treat the whole world as their ashtray)Drugs:Tobacco100%BUTTERFINGERSBoys Usually Try To Explore Romance Flirting Innocently Nice Girls Eventually Respond SenselesslyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%BUTTERFLYBeautiful Unreal Thing That Erratically, Romantically Flutteringly Lightheartens YouTony McCoy O'Grady (Butterflies definitely 'lighthearten' everyone!)Science:Biology:Insects100%BUTTERFREEBeauty Usually Toxic, Twittering Extremities Release Floating Rot. Elevatory Evolution.Angela Brett (Butterfree is Pokemon #12)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%BUTTONSBothered User Tries To Overcome Nonsensical Situation TMcCO'G - who would like to be able to press "Submit" without having to scroll the screen.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website93%BUY APPLE SHARESBoast Unbelievable Yearly Appreciation... Products Propagate Lots of Equity, Stock Has Already Risen Extraordinarily Sharply.Angela Brett, when Dustan's mother expressed interest in buying Apple shares.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonCommerce:Money100%BYE FOR NOWBecause You're Especially Forlorn Over Retreating, Never Overemphasize WithdrawalsSean LambCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%BYLINEBy Your Leave I Need Exposure!Rico LeffantaCommunication100%BYRONBecause You're Really Obviously NiceJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%BYTEBitwise, You Take Eight.Angela BrettComputers100%BYTE (2)Beware, Your Teeth Electrocuted!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%BYTE (3)Before Yesteryear's Text EditorSusan S. As a programmer of 30 years, I experienced pre Text Editor programming. It brings a whole new meaning to "plug and play".Computers:Programming89%BY THE WAYBefore You Think He's Ended, Wit Appends Yackety-yakTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%BYZANTIUMBooming Yesteryear Zone - And Now Termed Istanbul Under MusselmenTony McCoy O'GradyPlacesHistory100%CACalculator's 'About'Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the historian's habit of not bothering to calculate the dates of birth or death of historical characters precisely, instead calculating loosely on the lines of Tony McCoy O'Grady 1950 ca., when they were too lazy to check it out.Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%CA (2)Clearly AroundRico LeffantaRe-expansions of existing acronyms80%CAASCan't Anyone Agree on Something? Credit: Spoof of a project with the same acronym. This expansion better describes how the project is going.Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%CAATINGACovering An Arboreal Tract In Natural Granite AreaTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%CABContains Autoist BottomDustan DowsingTransport100%CABBAGECertainly At Best Boiled, Always Gets EatenTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%CABINETCaring About Business Induces Negative Employer's ThreatDundeeCommerce100%CABINET (2)Collectivity Assures Blame Is Never Effectively TackledTony McCoy O'GradyPoliticsCommerce100%CABIRCells Affected By Internet RageSean Lamb (Cabir is the name of the first worm to infect cell phones)Communication100%CABIR (2)Creating Another Bluetooth Infection ReadilySean Lamb (Cabir is the name of the first worm to infect cell phones via their bluetooth capabilities)Communication100%CABLECrappy Asyncronous Bandwidth Limited ExperienceSafTComputers:Internet100%CABLE (2)Connect And Begin Leeching ExcessivelyAngela BrettComputers:Internet100%CABLE (3)Chewing A Bit Lacks Excitement TonyComputers:Do Not Eat100%CABLE MODEMCan Anyone Bite Large Exterior? May Obviously Damage Entrails, Ma'am.Jeff AnonymousComputers:Do Not Eat100%CACKLECreated Audible Comedic Kinesis... Logically EnoughTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%CACKLE (2)Children And Counterparts Keep Laughing EndlesslyRico LeffantaLaughter100%CACKLINGChuffed About Carrying Key Lime IBook - Not Gloating!Angela Brett, who still grins/cackles joyously when she thinks about having a KEY LIMEIBOOK, and how she came to have it.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonLaughter100%CADCowardly And DeceitfulTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CAD (2)Can't Actually DrawTony McCoy O'Grady (CAD usually stands for Computer Aided Design)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%CADMIUMChemical Apparently Defends Metals In Unfriendly Milieus.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements89%CAFFEINECola And Fizz For Extensive Infusion of Nightly EnergyMLFScience:ChemistryFood & Drink:Drinks100%CAIROCan Another Incarnation Recruit Others?Sean Lamb (Cairo was Microsoft's code name for Windows NT 4.0, which was supposed to get everyone off the Win9x kernel series)Computers:Windows100%CAITIFFCharacter Always Inclined Toward Inheriting Friend's FortuneRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%CAITLINCan Actually Involve Taking Life's Inconveniences NaturallyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%CAIUS MARCIUSCoriolanus, An Invincible Uptight Soldier, Makes Aufidius Resentful - Crushed In Unsuccessful SiegeTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CoriolanusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Coriolanus100%CAKECooks A Kiss EdibleRico Leffanta, because of a woman who told him the only way she could kiss her sons was to bake them a cake.Food & Drink100%CAKE (2)Change, Accountability, Knowledge & Entrepreneurship TonyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Employee Recognition Program100%CAKE = TOO REAL PIE!Circumference (Around Kitchen Edible) = Two (One + One) * Radius * (Eating Always Luscious) Pi (Irrational Escape!)Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Boston Cream Cake: Also (Too) Pie!Food & DrinkScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%CALCIUMCommon And Like Chalk It's, Unusually, MetallicTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CALCULATECosts: Accurately Logged! Counter Unnecessary Longings! Advance Truth Empathetic!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%CALCULATORComplex And Liberating Creation - Users Lose Ability To Orchestrate RatiosTony McCoy O'GradyScience:MathematicsScience:Electronics100%CALCULATOR (2)Challenged - Arithmetically Love Computing Using Least-Advanced, Typically Onmoney Reckoning!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:MathematicsScience:Electronics100%CALCULATOR (3)Children Always Love Computing Using Least-Advanced, Typically Onmoney Reckoning!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:MathematicsScience:Electronics100%CALCULATOR (4)Children Always Look Comfortable Using Least-Advanced, Typically Onmoney Reckoning!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:MathematicsScience:Electronics80%CALCULUSComplicated Algebraic Logic for Calculating Useful Limits and Undefined SumsAngela BrettScience:Mathematics100%CALENDARComplete Annual List, Entaililing Numerous Divisions And RectanglesMatthew OramTime100%CALENDAR (2)Creation Actually Lists Every "Next Day". Annually Replaced.Roger WilliamsTime100%CALIBANCreature Accepts Life Is Brutish And NastyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%CALIFORNIAClimate Always Lovely, Is Fruitful Of Rising Newcomers In ArtsJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%CALIFORNIUMClassified Actinide. Lecturers In Fusion Often Refer. Named In University's Memory.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CALL A COPCancel All Laws Limiting Any Christmas Office PartyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CALL BACKSCompile A Little Log Book About Customers - Keep Secret! Tony McCoy O'MayIHaveFiveMinutesOfYourTimeToDiscussXYZ?Commerce100%CALLING TREECommunication Ala Land Line In Necessary Goings To Reach Everyone EventuallyJan Morgan -- many organizations use this system so one person doesn't have to make 50 or so phone callsCommunication100%CALLIOPECould A Lovely Lady Inspire One Poet's Eloquence?Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%CALMComposed A Lot, ModerateJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CALORIECannot Allow Living Off Rapturous Impulsive EatingRico LeffantaFood & DrinkScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%CALORIE (2)Can A Living Organism Release Its Energy?Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%CALUMETCan Anyone Lend Us More Egalitarian Tobacco?Rico LeffantaDrugs100%CALVARYChrist At Last Validated And Respectfully YieldedTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%CALVINCan Achieve Little, Vision Is NilJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%CAMBODIACompletely Appalling - Millions Butchered Or Died In Atrocities.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CAMELCigarettes Affect Many Emphysemic LungsTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco83%CAMEL (2)Carrying Amorous Males to Exquisite LadiesMary CarrScience:Biology:AnimalsTransport100%CAMELBACKCab's About Middle. Engineer Looks Back And Controls Kettle.Sean Lamb (a camelback locomotive is a steam engine where the control cab is wrapped around the middle of the boiler rather than at the rear end of it; smaller locomotives were also sometimes called 'tea kettles')Transport:Trains88%CAMELOTCourt Arthur Made (into) Exceptional Legend - Or Truth?Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%CAMELOT (2)Can A Myth Endure, Lingering Over Time?Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%CAMELOT (3)Could A Mythology Evolve Loosely On Truth?Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%CAMEOCharming And Magnificently Executed Ornament TMcCO'GHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%CAMEO (2)Caught Amongst Movie Extras Once TMcCO'GEntertainment:Movies100%CAMERACapture A Moment - Enlargements Readily AvailableTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Electronics100%CAMERA (2)Can A Machine Easily Record Activities?Roger WilliamsScience:Electronics100%CAMERONCaring Adult Manages Educating Rambunctous Observant NovicesJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%CAMEROONCentral African Mountainous Equatorial Region, Offshoot Of Nigeria.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CAMILLAGATECould A Man In Love Leave Another Girl... And The Empire?Angela Brett, referring to the 1993 'Camillagate' scandal involving secretly recorded phone conversations between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.People & Relationships:Love & LustPolitics:Royalty100%CAMILLE JAVALCan Any Man In Love Leave Early Just As Virgin Accepts Love?Rico Leffanta (Camille Javal is better known as Brigitte Bardot)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%CAMINOCan't Anyone Make Intelligent Naming Options?Rob Rix (they changed Chimera's name to Camino recently. I think there is/was an X-Windows browser called Chimera already out there.)Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%CAMLANConflict As Modred Lead Arthur's NemesisTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%CAMPAIGNCome And Make Protest, Abuse Is Growing NationwideTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We are forming a new community group to end abuse, we are looking for a catchy acronym using the A for abuse. We don't want to limit ourselves to only family violence, or child abuse. Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness.People & Relationships:Abuse88%CAMP FOXCourtesan's A Military Prostitute - Financed Outta X-factorTony McCoy O'Grady - who just discovered that British service personnel are paid an 'X-factor' to compensate for the disruptions and disadvantages of life in the armed forces..... and thought "what better way for a soldier to spend his X-factor than on a Camp Follower - maybe even a foxy one.People & Relationships:Love & LustMilitary100%CAMPINGCanvas Accommodation Mightn't Persist In Nasty Gale.Angela BrettSports & Recreation:Travel100%CAMPING (2)Create A Mobile Paradise In Nature's Glory TMcCO'GSports & Recreation:Travel100%CAMPUSConveniently Assembled, Many Professors & University StudentsTony McCoy O'GradyEducationPlaces:Buildings100%CANADACanucks Are Not Americans! Dammit All!Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries86%CANCERCan Anyone Not Comprehend? (it's) Entire Rot!Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%CANCER (2)Cell Apoptosis? Never! Choke Every Rival.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CANCER (3)Cells Attacked, Never Ceasing, Enters RadiationJan MorganScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CANCER (4)Causing Anxiety Neurosis, Capable, Emotional ResolveJan Morgan -- can be a hypochondriac, but keeps emotions in checkReligion:Astrology100%CANCER (5)Cancer Avoidance Needs Clever/Comprehensive Educational Resources TonyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CANDELACalculating A Non-Dark (Electrically Lit?) AreaTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%CANDLECylindrical Artifact, Non Dripping, Light Emitting.Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects100%CANDYChocolates And Nougat Delight YouTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Confectionery100%CANDY (2)Caring Adult Needs Details, YetJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%CANDY (3)Cavities Advantage, Never Doubts YouJan MorganFood & Drink:Confectionery85%CAN I HAVE ONE?Could Angela Nab It? Hallowed Apple Vendors Even Offer Not-for-sale Evangelism.Angela Brett, commenting on the many pieces of Apple merchandise (some of which only staff of Apple and AppleCentres should be able to get a hold of) she's managed to acquire for free simply by asking friendly Apple dealers.Computers:Macintosh & Newton92%CAN I SMACK YOUCouple Are Newly Into Sado-Masochism & Although Comfortably Kinky, Yet (are) Obviously Understated TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CANNABISCommon Around Netherlands, Not Accepted By International SocietyAngela BrettDrugs:Cannabis100%CANNABIS (2)Class A Narcotic? No... A Barely Illegal Substance.Angela BrettDrugs:Cannabis80%CANNES 2000 MOVIE STARSCinema Awards Nailing Names Especially Stars 2 (to) 0 (oh!) 0 (oh!) 0 (oh!) Move Over Venus! I'm Easily Superior To Aphrodite's Regional Success!Rico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%CANNOT FIND SERVERConnectivity Across Network Nodes Often Tangles Files Innocently Named. Decent Security Ever Requires Vigilance, Especially RemotelySean LambComputers:Internet100%CANOECan Anyone Navigate Ocean Ebb?Rico LeffantaTransport100%CANOE (2)Can A Novice Overturn Easily?Roger WilliamsTransportSports & Recreation100%CANOE (3)Canada's A Neat Overseas ExperienceAngela Brett, who spent a fair bit of time in canoes while visiting Canada.TransportSports & Recreation100%CANOE (4)Canada's Apparently National Overwater ExperienceRob RixTransportSports & Recreation100%CANOPYCan Abundant Nylon Overhead Protect You?Tony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Parachuting100%CAN'T SEECannot Actually Notice Things, Sadly 'Empty' EyesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CANVASCreative Artists Need Vacant Art SlatesSean Lamb (most paintings that I've seen are on canvas, after all)Art & Literature100%CAPACITIESCupful And Pint And CC, Intended To Itnternationalise Exact StandardsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%CAPE VERDEClaimed As Portuguese Earlier. Volcanic. Emerged Republican, Destitution, Emigration.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CAPIContemptible And Pitiful Interface CAPI = Crypto Application Programming Interface (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming100%CAPITALChief Among Population's Inhabited Towns Across LandscapeTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Towns & Cities94%CAPITALIST COUNTRY Creation of A Product, Intensive Television Advertising, Launch It, Start Taking Cash Off Unwary Nitwits. The Revenue's YoursTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%CAPITAL LETTERS PLEASECould All Participants Integrate Their Acronym Lettering. Let's Explain That This Eases Reading. Some People Leave Expansions Abyssmally Sloppily Executed!Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Edwin didn't capitalise the initials in his expansion.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%CAPITOLCongested Area Politicians Inhabit To Oversee LegislationTony McCoy O'GradyPoliticsPlaces:Buildings100%CAPRICORNCan A Prediction Really Indicate Close Ones' Romantic Notions?Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%CAPRICORN (2)Can Acquire Patience, Reliable Individual Considers Opinions, Reasonably NeutralJan Morgan -- neutral = adaptableReligion:Astrology100%CAPSCease All Pathetic ShoutingSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Advice100%CAPS LOCKCreating Acronyms? Please See Listed Obligations - Charter's KnownTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela Brett, because of the rule in THE ACRONYMISTS' CHARTER saying that IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE IT.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%CAPS LOCK (2)Could Angela Perhaps Say, "Luck's Out... Charter's Known!"?Jeff Anonymous (see CAPS LOCK)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms88%CAPTAINComplacent And Peremptory - Thinks Army-life Is NiceTony McCoy O'Grady and Mike RedmondMilitary:Ranks100%CAPTURECopse Attack! Plot Tracks! Unnameable Rewards! Existence!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Capture escapee.Military100%CAPTURE (2)Create Apronyms, Pert Terms Unbearable! Recall Effortlessy!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%CAPULETCantankerous And Proud - Ultimately Learns Eternal TruthTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet100%CARCarries Around RidersEdwin HermannTransport100%CARAMELChewy And Relatively Aromatic - Mine's Especially LovelyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Confectionery100%CARAVANCruises All 'Round Area - Vacationers' Abode, Normally.Angela BrettTransport100%CARBONConstituent All Real Breathing Organisms NeedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CARBON SINKCan Arboretums Really Balance One Nation's Soaring Industrial Noxiousness? Kooky!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Environment100%CARDCat's Anus Really DamagedJeff Anonymous, explaining what happens if your cat thinks your sound card smells like fish.Computers:Do Not Eat100%CARD (2) Can Actually Rupture DuodenumJeff Anonymous and Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%CARDIFFCan Anyone Really Do It For Free?John Richard JonesPlaces:Towns & Cities:UK100%CARDINAL WOLSEYCatholic - Asks Rome's Delay In Nullity. Anne's Lutheran Ways Offend, Leaves Strong Evidence, Yes?Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIIIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VIII83%CARDSClubs, Auricles, Royalty, Diamonds and SpadesAngela Brett. WARNING, plug coming up... (And don't forget to check out my card game, Once in a Lifetime! It's at http://acronyms.co.nz/software/OIAL.html)Entertainment:Games100%CARECreate A Rapport, EventuallyAngela BrettAssorted VerbsPeople & Relationships100%CARE (2)Call Auntie Regularly, Everyone!Patricia RixAssorted VerbsPeople & Relationships100%CAREERCan A Really Elderly Entrant Rise?Patricia Rix, adding: Or has one reached forced retirement?People & Relationships:The Workforce100%CARING'Concern' - A Requirement In Nurses GloballyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality TraitsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%CARLEYCan Anyone Respond Logically, Except You?Angela Brett, when somebody posted on the Apronyms forums asking for an expansion of her name. We can't come up with a name expansion which has any relevance to a particular person without knowing anything about that person... we could only make up some random description of nobody in particular, and if there happens to be somebody with that name who fits the description it's just a fluke. It takes the 'apro' out of 'apronym'.Names:First names:Female100%CARLEY (2)Carefree After Repaying Loan, Exclaims 'Yippee!'Angela Brett -- the name Carley comes from ceorl, an Ancient Germanic word meaning 'Freeholder'Names:First names:Female100%CARLEY (3)Continues Accumulating Rental Lucre Every YearAngela Brett -- the name Carley comes from ceorl, an Ancient Germanic word meaning 'Freeholder'Names:First names:Female100%CARLEY (4)Could Anyone Remotely Located Encapsulate You? Tony -- see CARLEYNames:First names:Female100%CARLOSCatch Australian's Real Life On ScreenAngela Brett (Carlo was one of the housemates on the third series of Australian Big Brother.)Names:First names:MaleNames:Famous people100%CARL SAGANCausing Another Ridiculous Law Suit, Apple Grouses Astronomer's NerveSean Lamb (Carl Sagan was Apple's code name for the Powermac 7100/66; when Mr. Sagan learned of the code name creation, he sued to prevent it's use within Apple)Names:Famous peopleComputers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%CARMENCigarette Artisan's Rose Mesmerises Engaged Nobleman TMcCO'GEntertainment100%CARNIVALConcussed After Rollercoaster, Now I've Vomited A LollipopAngela BrettEntertainment100%CARNIVAL (2)Consume All Rich Nosh In Vernally Attuned LunacyTony McCoy O'Grady (Carnival comes from carnem + levare: to put away meat, which was done at Lent)Food & DrinkTime:Special Occasions:Easter100%CAROLChristmastime Aria Remembering Our LordAngela BrettEntertainment:MusicTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CAROLINECreated A Radio Offshore, Living In Nautical EnvironmentTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Radio Caroline, a 1960s pirate radio station based off the coast of England and the forerunner of modern rock stationsEntertainment:MusicCommunication100%CARPOOLCan Assist Reducing Pollution On Our LivesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%CARPUCrust Accumulates, Residue Piles UpSean Lamb (Every winter around here, the snow kicked up by car tires collects on fenders and mudflaps. When the snow pile gets heavy enough or if the weather warms up a little, these clumps fall off, making what I call carpu.)Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%CARRIONCarcasses Are Ripe & Rotting; It's One Nightmare!Roger WilliamsScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Death100%CARROTChewing A Root? Remarkable Optical Talents!Tony McCoy O'Grady (Carrots' reputation for improving one's eyesight springs, I believe, from propaganda the British put out in the 2nd World War to keep radar a secret from the Germans)Food & Drink100%CARSCarriages Are Roadworthy, SometimesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%CARTSClydesdales Are Really Tough SpeciesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%CASComputer Aided SleuthingTony McCoy O'Grady, after much conversation about his sleuthing around one of Angela's stacks.Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%CASABLANCACan American Smoothie Assist Brave Lover Against Nazism's Callous Agents?Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%CASANOVACast A Shadow And Never Offer Virgins Asylum!Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CASCADECataract As Stream 'Collapses' And Drenches EverythingTony McCoy O'Grady, who can't think of a C word which describes what a waterfall does, but is quite happy with 'collapses'Places:Waterways100%CASE WORKERCast Away Should Easily Waste Other Ratepayers' Kind Equity ReallywishesPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%CASHCollect And Spend HeavilyEdwin HermannCommerce:Money100%CASH (2)Cheques Aren't So Heavy!Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%CASH (3)Complements A Shopper's HandbagAngela BrettCommerce:Money100%CASH (4)Change A Shopper HoardsTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%CASH (5)Could A Safe Help?Roger WilliamsCommerce:Money100%CASINOCents And Sense In, Nothing OutAngela BrettEntertainmentCommerce:MoneyPlaces:Buildings100%CASSANDRACancer's Always Stressful. Stamina And Nerve Develop, Reducing AnxietyPatricia Rix, referring to George's great niece, who celebrated her 13th birthday by beginning chemotherapy.Names:First names:Female100%CASSEROLEChef Appetisingly Slowly Stews Everything, Result's Often Luscious Eating Tony McCoy EscoffierFood & Drink100%CASSETTECartridge And Spools 'Show' Electronic Tape Through Encoding TMcCO'GScience:Electronics100%CASSIOConspiracy Abounds - Soldier's Steadfast Innocence OutlastsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's OthelloArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Othello88%CASSIUSChance-taking And Self Seeking - Is Ultimately SuicidalTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and Cleopatra100%CASTCircumvent Any Strong TypingAngela Brett (the strong type-checking of programming languages such as C++ can easily be got around by casting.)Computers:Programming90%CASTANETSClacky And Staccato, These Are No-longer Exclusive To SpainTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%CASTLECompanions Are Secure, They Lockout EnemyTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics:RoyaltyPlaces:Buildings100%CASTLE CAERNARFONCharles Accepts Station, Title Labels Egotist, Confers Adult Entitled Right Natural Achievement Royally Factored Occupation NecessityJan MorganPolitics:RoyaltyPlaces:Buildings100%CASTRATECut Away Scrotum's Testicles Rendering A Total EunuchRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%CASTRATIONCutting Away Sexual Tackle's Really Abhorrent. The Idea's Outstandingly Nauseating Tony McCock O'GradyScience:Biology100%CATCute And TameAngela Brett, while designing the icon for the 'Export Acronym' button.Science:Biology:Animals100%CAT (2)Conceited And TemperamentalTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals75%CAT (3)Created to Attack ToesSteve KeateScience:Biology:Animals100%CAT (4)Creatures Are Terrific!Patricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%CAT (5)Cuddly And TreasurableTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%CAT (6)Cute At TimesGavin Lambert - My cat can look quite cute sometimes -- when she feels like it :)Science:Biology:Animals100%CAT (7)Cuddly Adult/Adorable TabbyJan MorganScience:Biology:Animals100%CAT (8)Canines Attack TheseKenny RoyScience:Biology:Animals100%CATACOMBCan Any Tomb Accept Concubines Of Men Buried?Rico LeffantaPlacesPeople & Relationships:Death90%CATCH THEM!Citizens Alert!/Arrest! Terrorists/Temporisers! Child-molesters! Hoodlums! Trials ==> Hopefully, Execute Murderers!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Law & Order100%CATCHYCultivating Abusive Traits Can Harm YourselfAngela Brett, in response to the same request as WATCH OUT, after mentioning an earlier acronym, STOP THE ABUSING which is not very CATCHY.People & Relationships:Abuse100%CATEGORYCan A Tame Elephant Grow On Raspberry Yoghurt?Angela Brett, while testing part of this stack.Assorted Nouns100%CATEGORY LISTINGChoose A Topic - Each Gets One Record. You'll Love It... See Tachygraphy In Natural Groupings.Angela Brett, who thought she ought to acronymise the headings of the category listing pages (http://acronyms.co.nz/catindex.html) since they're in capitals.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles94%CATEGORY LISTING (2)Collection of Apronyms ('Tached Expansions) Going On Related Yarns; Limiting Information Shown Together In Networked GroupGavin Lambert (a category listing serves two important functions: (1) keeping related items together, (2) reducing clutter on each page)Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%CATEGORY NAMES Classification Attempts To Enable 'Grouping' Of Resources. You Need Allow & Maintain Easy Searching TMcCO'GComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles80%CATERPIECan Attack by Tackle. Eventually, Rest in Peace In EncountersDundee (Caterpie is Pokemon #10)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%CATERWAULConsternation And Torture/Torment Ensues Regularly When Awful Ululations LingerTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns:Noises100%CAT FOODCan Anything Taste Fine Once Odor's Detected?Patricia RixFood & Drink:Pet food100%CATHCommon Abbreviation. Though HorridTony McCoy O'Grady, who prefers Cathy, or Kate.Names:First names:Female100%CATHERINECunning And Thoroughly Horrid & Evil - Russia's Infamous Nightmare EmpressTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:PoliticiansNames:First names:FemaleHistory100%CATHERINE (2)Can Adult Test Her Endurance, Reaching In Noble EffortsJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%CATHOLICConcerned About The Holiest Of Liturgies In Churches Tony McCoy O'CardinalReligion100%CATHYCrafty Anagram To Her YachtTony McCoy O'GradyWords & WordplayNames:First names:Female100%CATHY (2)Caring Adventurous Tactful Hippie, YinJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%CAT IN THE HATChildren Are Taught In Nursery - Through Hearing Educational & Happy Anthropomorphic TaleTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Book Titles100%CATIONCharged And Tried, Innocent Of NegativityAngela BrettScience:Chemistry100%CATIONSChemical[ly] Attracted To Ions On Negative SideAngela BrettScience:Chemistry100%CAT SCANCanine Attempt To Sniff & Calculate Adversary's NearnessTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%CATULLUSCan't Anyone Tell Useless Love Leaves Us Senseless?Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CAUCHYComplex Analysis Understood Completely... Huge Yield!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%CAVALIERCharles' Allies Victorious Against Loathsome Illicit Emergent Roundheads TMcCO'GMilitaryHistory100%CAVIARECustomer Awareness Valued - Integrity, Accountabilty & Respect Esteemed TonyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Employee Recognition Program100%CAVITYCauses A Variation In Troubles, YuckJan MorganScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CBDCongested Buildings Downtown It actually means Central Business District, but when Angela mentioned it Tony McCoy O'Grady didn't know this, so thought of his own ideas.Re-expansions of existing acronyms75%CBD (2)City By the DocksTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronyms60%CBD (3)Conglomeration of Bums and DrunksTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronyms100%CDCan't DigestSteve Keate (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%CD BURNERCannot Digest Bits Used Recording Next Electronic RetakeTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%CD-ROMCan't Detect Round Of MetalAngela Brett, whose CD-ROM drive can no longer see when there's a CD in it.Computers:Generic Hardware100%CD-ROM (2)Can't Download - Rate 'Orribly MiredGavin Lambert - I periodically try to download a Linux install CD (mostly out of curiosity), but as I've only got a 56k connection it takes too long :(Computers:Linux100%CD-RWCan Dislocate Rectal WallsJeff AnonymousRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Do Not Eat100%CEASECry 'End Abuse' - Support EducationTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We are forming a new community group to end abuse, we are looking for a catchy acronym using the A for abuse. We don't want to limit ourselves to only family violence, or child abuse. Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness.People & Relationships:Abuse100%CELANDINECertain Extracts Lighten A Nervous Digestion - It's Notedly Effective TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%CELANDINE (2)Claimed Enhancer Lists Antithetical Notions... Does It Not Enhance?Angela Brett (Like adverts for many medicinal herbs, those for celandine list illnesses and desirable qualities mixed together, without saying which it enhances and which it cures.)Food & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%CELEBICelebrity Evidently Loves Every Body, InclusivelyTony McCoy O'Grady, who doesn't know what "celebi" is, or means, but sees a possiblity in the idea of "celebrity bi-sexual" having a word all it's own. (Celebi was an unsuccessful search term featured on http://acronyms.co.nz/cgi-bin/searches, and is actually a Pokemon)People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CELESTIAL GLORYChallenging Everyones Life Exam, Standards Testing In Applicable Living Great Love Of Radiant YearningsJan MorganReligion100%CELIACompanion's Exile Leads Into AmourTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's As You Like ItArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:As You Like It100%CELL PHONECarrying Enables Listening Luxury, Please Have One Near EarsJan MorganScience:ElectronicsCommunication100%CELL SITEChildren Exhibit Lack-Lustre Scores In Their ExamsSteve Keate, thinking about the effect of cell sites being near schools.Science:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsCommunication100%CELTICCertain Exceedingly Lovable, Truly Irish CharactersTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%CELTSCentral Europeans Louts That Settled!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%CELTS (2)Christians Extinguished Local Theology, Sadly.Angela BrettReligionPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%CENSOREDCrude Expansions Not So Openly Received - Expletives Deleted!Angela Brett, after removing a few rude acronyms from the stack.Words & Wordplay:Rudeness100%CENSORSHIPCan Expect No Submissions On Rude Subjects Have Immediate PlacementAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustCommunication100%CENSUSCollects Entire Nations Statistics - Universal Sample.Angela BrettScience:Statistics100%CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLICCompletely Enclosed Nation That Really Achieved Little After France Relinquished It's Control Around Nineteensixty. Republic Eventually - People Unseated Bokassa's Lot In Coup.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries91%CENTRAL PROCESSING UNITComputers are Everywhere Now That Retailers Are Lowering Prices Roughly Overnight. Computer Education and Solid State Inventions Now Guarantee Us New Innovative TechnologySean LambComputers:Generic Hardware100%CEOConfusion Exceeding OmniscienceSusan S. In my line of work, I've gotten a lot of comments from my employees alluding to my phenomenal knowledge base -- "You know-it-all!" -- This to let them know that I'm just as confused as they, but as the head of the company I want to put my best foot forward. (CEO usually stands for Chief Executive Officer)Re-expansions of existing acronymsPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations93%CEREBRAL PALSYCan't Exactly Run Energetically, Breathless Reaction Always Lingers - Perhaps Allowing Lowlife to Survive YetTony McCoy O'Grady, trying to find the faults of MacGirlScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CERESCultivating Earth Reaps Elongated SeasonsRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%CERIMONCurious Ephesian Reviver Is Mighty Old NecromancerTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's PericlesArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Pericles100%CERIUMChemical Element Resident In Umpteen Minerals.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CESIUMClock Element. Standard In Universal Measurement.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CESSPITCloacal Enclosure Some Suffering Person Is TendingTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%C'EST LA VIEChallenging, Exciting Situations To Live Amongst... Very Interesting ExperienceAngela BrettAssorted Phrases100%CHADClimate's Hot And Desertlike.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CHAIRCan Hold An Interested ReaderSteve KeateHousehold Objects:Furniture100%CHAIR (2)Comfortable Haven Allowing Immediate Rest/RespiteMatthew OramHousehold Objects:Furniture100%CHALETCabin - High Alpine - Looks Excessively 'Touristy'Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings91%CHALLENGERChrista Had A Life; Lost in Explosion. National Grief Eternally Remains.Roger WilliamsScience:AstronomyTransportHistory100%CHAMPChewing Hard And Munching PeyoteRico LeffantaFood & Drink:Pet food90%CHAMPAGNECreating Heaps of Acronyms Means People Are Greatly Numerically Encouraged.Angela Brett, to celebrate the 1500th acronym.Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%CHAMPAGNE (2)Celebratory Hooch, Always Makes People At Gatherings Nicely ExtrovertEric BridgstockFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%CHAMPAGNE (3)Charm Has Always Made Pretty Any Girl Near EventideRico LeffantaFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic86%CHANCYCan't Have Anything Never-failing, Can You?Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%CHANCY (2)Casino Houses Are Never Completely YieldingAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%CHANELLECan't Have Advantages, Naturally Exists, Lives Life EffectivelyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%CHANGECoinage - How A Note Gets ExchangedTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%CHANGE (2)Collecting Hastens Avarice - Negligible Gains EnsueMelanie MerswolkeCommerce:Money100%CHANGE (3)Coins Have Always Needed Gathering, EvidentlyPatricia RixCommerce:Money100%CHANGE (4)Complete Haberdashery Alteration: No Garment ExceptedPatricia RixHousehold Objects:Clothing100%CHANTChorus Hollering, And Nobody's ThereRico LeffantaReligionEntertainment:Music100%CHAOSCreated Havoc Amongst Orthodox ScientistsAngela BrettScience:Mathematics83%CHAOS (2)Couldn't Happen in Apple's Operating Systems.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%CHAOS (3)Comprehensive Handling And Organising SystemDavid WhiteCommerce100%CHAOTICCan't Highly Accurately Observe These Iterative Creations.Angela Brett, after reading about the mathematical phenomenon chaos... it's all about sequences which seem totally random but are generated by a simple mathematical rule - however, slight changes in the starting values can drastically change the whole thing, so chaotic motion is still very difficult to predict.Science:Mathematics100%CHAPCould Have Adorable PenisRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%CHAP (2)*Cough* Huh? Adorable Penis?!Angela Brett, in response to CHAP, since penises aren't adorable. (CHAP sure gives a different slant on Chap Stick though.)Science:Biology:Body Parts100%CHARCan Hold Alphabetic RepresentationAngela Brett, when she had half an hour to spare in a C programming test. In C, a char is a type of variable often used to store characters.Computers:Programming:C variable types100%CHARGE CARDCarefully Handle Account, Receipts Get Everyone Cautious At Responsible DebtsJan MorganCommerce:Money100%CHARIOTS OF FIREComplete Hogwash As Rivals In Olympic Trials Successfully Oppose Fierce Forces In Running Events.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%CHARISMACharlatan Has A Roguish Innocence, Seducing Moronic AudienceTony McCoy O'Grady - TV preachers are often described as 'Charismatic'.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits88%CHARITYConsider Helping Another, Responding as If To YourselfAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%CHARIZARDCan Heat A Rock Into Zabaglione, And Roast DuelistAngela Brett (Charizard is Pokemon #6)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon93%CHARLES BABBAGEComputer Hacker Attacking Relatively Large Establishments. Sabotages Back-up Attempts, Bugs Buildings And Generally Escapes.Tony McCoy O'Grady, hypothesising about Babbage's descendants becoming supercriminals.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:When good scientists go bad100%CHARLIECan Help Acronyms.co.nz Reach Largest Inventory Ever!Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%CHARLIE (2)Chancer Has A Remotely Located Island, ExclusivelyTony McCoy O'Grady (An Irish politician - Charles Haughey - owns an entire island off the coast of Ireland, how he financed the purchase has never been satisfactorily Explained)Names:Famous people:Politicians100%CHARLIE (3)Chap Has Acronym Related / Linked Illness, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%CHARLIE (4)Centenarian (His Ancestor) Recently Lay In ExequyAngela Brett, soon after Prince Charles' grandmother died.Politics:Royalty:Royals100%CHARLIE (5)Controls Handling, Authoritarian, Really Lives In ExertionJan Morgan - someone I know. When he isn't controlling situations he loves adventurous activities.Names:First names:Male100%CHARLOTTE'S WEBCaring Heroine Adopts Runt. Largely Owing To The Energetic Spider, Wilbur Escapes Butchering.Patricia RixArt & Literature:Book Titles100%CHARMAINECarefully Handles Abilities, Responsible Musical Adult In Nurturing EnvironmentJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%CHARMANDERCraves Heat -- Any Rain Makes A Near-Derriere Extremity Respire.Angela Brett (Charmander, Pokemon #4, prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%CHARMEDCan Have Anything Remotely Magical Enter DramaAngela Brett (The TV Show 'Charmed' is about three witches, but can involve things as diverse as leprechauns, mermaids, demons, gnomes, fairies, angels, nymphs, gods, unicorns, and the seven dwarves.)Entertainment:TV shows100%CHARMIANCharming, Happy And Respectful Monument Is A NecropolisTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and Cleopatra100%CHARM QUARKCould Have A Real Magical Quality... Undergraduates Are Really Keen!Angela Brett, wondering if the charm quark is so charming that it will get otherwise disinterested undergraduates enthused. ('Charm' is one of the six types of quark... along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, TOP QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK)Science:Physics:Particles100%CHASEDChooses Her Amours So Each DiscoversRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CHASMCrevasses Have Always Slain MountaineersAngela BrettPlacesSports & Recreation100%CHASMSCan't Hop Across So Much Space TMcCO'GPlaces100%CHASMS (2)Climb Harnessed And Summit Mountain SafelyAngela BrettPlacesSports & Recreation100%CHASTEChooses Her Amours So They'll EngageRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CHATCome, Have A TalkAngela BrettCommunication:Talking100%CHAT ACRONYMSChuckling Heartily As Typing A Capitalised ROTFL? Oh No, You're Merely Smiling.Angela Brett, who notices that some people reflexively type acronyms suggesting laughter (such as ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing) when they actually aren't laughing.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsLaughter100%CHAT BOARDSCan Have A 'Talk' But Only At Roaming Digits' SpeedAngela BrettComputers:Internet100%CHATROOM ACRONYMSCommon, Hardly Artistic Typing Reducers... Often Original Meanings Aren't Consciously Recalled, Only Nonsense You Mechanically Say.Angela Brett, referring to the way many people reflexively type LOL when they didn't laugh out loud, and even go as far as typing LOLOLOLOLOLOL for emphasis, which makes no sense at all.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsComputers:Internet100%CHATTERConversation Having A Tendency Toward Empty RattlingAngela BrettCommunication:Talking100%CHATTER BOXCan't Hold Active Tongue That Eternally Restless - Blathering On XtensivelyTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Talking100%CHEATER'Champion' Has Evidently Altered The Examination ResultsTony McCoy O'GradyEducationPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CHEATSCraves Having Easy Answers To SucceedScott Higton... my kids buy PC games and after 10 minutes of play want me to download whatever cheats there are for it. Thought this an appropriate acronym for what they are doing... or anyone that butts up against a situation that requires some effort.Computers:GamesPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CHEDSCrackers Having Extremely Delicious Seasoning.Steve KeateFood & Drink83%CHEERCreate Happiness Everywhere - Eventually (it's) Reciprocated.Angela BrettLaughter100%CHEERIOSCold Hearted Enemy Enters Residences, Inhibiting Occupants' SlumberPatricia RixMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers92%CHEERLEADERSCompetitors Have Extremely Energetic Rosy-cheeked Ladies Entertaining Audiences, Doing Elaborate Routines StylishlyTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%CHEERSConvivial Host Enjoys Everybodyís Rousing SalutationTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%CHEFCreates Heavenly Exciting FeastsTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs80%CHEF (2)Culinary Honcho (of) Exceptional FlairTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (3)Cooks Hardly-Edible FoodTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (4)Cuisine Has Exquisite FlavoursAngela BrettFood & Drink:Chefs80%CHEF (5)Cooks Herbed Escargot in FranceAngela BrettFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (6)Cheesepuff Hat's Eventually FlattenedAngela BrettFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (7)Cooks Hen's Eggs FrequentlyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs80%CHEF (8)Can Hardly Eat (his) Food!Angela BrettFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (9)Chops His/Her Extremeties FrequentlyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs80%CHEF (10)Causes Halitosis (with) Excessive FlavouringsTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (11)Can Handle Every FoodstuffTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (12)Calorie Hoarder, Extremely FatTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs80%CHEF (13)Cafeteria's Head Employee is FussyAngela BrettFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (14)Culinary Host Expertly FlambesAngela BrettFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (15)Cheap Hotels Employ FryersTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (16)Chap Has Eaten FrogslegsTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (17)Chops Ham Extremely FinelyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (18)Cholesterol Harbours Excess Flab.Angela Brett. I bet you're wondering why there are so many chefs here - well, Tony said he had a group of 18 acronyms he was doing, and the clue was Holst. Angela thought of the chef ALISON HOLST and asked if he was doing 18 chefs. Tony was actually referring to Gustav Holst, but we thought up 18 CHEFs nevertheless.Food & Drink:Chefs100%CHEF (19)Computer Hardware Enters Food!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%CHEF (20)Cooking Helps Express Feelings.Roger WilliamsFood & Drink:Chefs100%CHEMISTRYConderning How Every Molecure Is Structured, Tailored & Relates. Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry100%CHENEYCrafty Halliburton Executive Neatly Enriches YanksChris Kjelgaard, referring to Dick Cheney.Names:Famous people:Politicians100%CHENEY (2)Corporately Halliburton Enriched, National Economies YellChris Kjelgaard, referring to Dick Cheney (see HALLIBURTON)Names:Famous people:Politicians100%CHENEY (3)Clearly Halliburton Expects Near East YippeeChris Kjelgaard, referring to Dick Cheney (see HALLIBURTON)Names:Famous people:Politicians100%CHERChest, Hips, & Eyebrows Remodelled!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%CHER (2)Clothes Hardly Ever RepleteTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists86%CHERRYCannot Have Experienced Rumpy-pumpy Relationships YetTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CHERUBSChubby Harpist Ecstatically Rapturous, Usually Boys SeeminglyTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%CHERYLChanteuse, Her Eurovision Revealed Youthful Legs. TMcCO'G - referring to Cheryl Baker, one fourth of "Bucks Fizz" who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. As part of the show the two males pulled the long skirts off the two females midway through the song, revealing beautiful legs clad in shorts.Entertainment:Music:Artists83%CHESSCheckerboard, Half Empty, Sixty-four SquaresEric BridgstockEntertainment:Games100%CHESS (2)Clocks Help Encourage Speedy StrategyEric BridgstockEntertainment:Games100%CHESS (3)Checkmate Hardly Ever Seems StraightforwardEric BridgstockEntertainment:Games100%CHESS (4)Castles Have Every Square SightedEric BridgstockEntertainment:Games100%CHESS (5)Can't Help Evoking Soporific SpectatorsEric BridgstockEntertainment:Games100%CHESS (6)Champions Have Every Strategy StoredEric BridgstockEntertainment:Games100%CHESTNUT"Conkers" Has Every Schoolboy Taking Nuts Up TreesTony McCoy O'GradyFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Plants:TreesEntertainment:Toys90%CHEVROLETCar Has Exceptional Velocity, Racing-drivers Often Look Excessively TestosteronicTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%CHEVYCar Has Enviable Velocity - Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%CHICKEN COOPCan Hens Intimidate Chicks Keeping Erotic Nests? Come On Over Playmate!Rico LeffantaPlaces:Buildings100%CHICK FLICKCinematographers Have Inane Concept - Kittenish Female Lead In Childish Kack!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICERCorrupt Hog Is Editing Facts; If Nobody Finds Our Robber, Make Anyone Take It On Nose. Occasional False Findings Increases Constabulary's Evident Resourcefulness.Angela Brett, who tends to immediately think of corrupt police officers when seeing the word 'officer' on unsuccessful searches. (See also WARRANT OFFICER)People & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%CHIEF WIGGUMCopper (He's Incessantly Eating Food) Whose Immense Girth Generates Unending MirthTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%CHIFFONConfection Has Interesting Frills Full Of NutrientsTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%CHIFFON (2)Clearly Habiliment Isn't Food, Frilly Or Not!Angela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%CHILDCooks Herself Interesting Little DelicaciesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Julia Child.Food & Drink:Chefs100%CHILD (2)Comics Hope It's Laughter's DaughterRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%CHILD (3)Complete Human In Latent DevelopmentMatthew OramPeople & Relationships100%CHILD (4)Considered Harmless, Immediate Laughing, DepartsCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships100%CHILDCARECare Handler, Infants, Little "Dumplings", Capable Adults' Responsibility, EmploymentJan Morgan - Little Dumplings can be considered an endearment used for toddlersPeople & Relationships:Family100%CHILDRENCurious Homonym In Language... Dearness Refunds Expenses Ninefold.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%CHILECompletely Hilly, Intensely Lengthy Entity.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries83%CHILLCool Hurriedly In Low-temperature LocationTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%CHIMERICALCan't Handle Installing Mozilla? Easily Remedied: Install Chimera And Laugh.Steve Keate, referring to the web browser for Mac OS XComputers:Internet:Web browsers100%CHIMNEYCeiling Hole Issues Muck - Nimbus Envelopes YouTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings100%CHINClip Hair If NecessaryAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%CHINACountless Hordes Intimidate Neighbouring AutonomiesTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CHINA (2)Couple Has Indeed Now AdjustedAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the china (20th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%CHINA (3)Coupled Hearts In Natural AccordAngela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%CH'IN CHIU SHAOComposed Haiku, Investigated Numbers & Congruences. His Interesting Understandings Stieltjes Has Afterwards Observed.Angela Brett and Dustan DowsingScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%CHINESIFIEDCookery Has Interesting Neologism. Eldest Son Invents Foodstuff''s Ingeniously Elegant DescriptionTony McCoy O'Grady, explaining: When the Tonylet was younger he wanted to indicate how some food had been turned into a Chinese meal by the addition of Soy Sauce... and thus the word 'Chinesified' was bornWords & Wordplay:Made Up WordsFood & Drink100%CHIPCan Hurt Intestines, PartsJeff AnonymousComputers:Do Not Eat100%CHIPMUNKCute Hijinks Invite Presents: Muncies Unnumbered. No Kidding!Patricia RixScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%CHIPSCan't Have Intel Processors SaltedAngela Brett and TonyComputers:Do Not Eat100%CHIRON & DEMETRIUSComplete Havoc Is Result Of Nasty Deeds. Evil Men Enrage Titus Resulting In Unusual SupperTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus100%CHIROPRACTORCracking Has Its Reasons Of Practicality, Really Adjusts, Correcting Tailbones Of Regulars.Jan Morgan -- a chiropractor corrects any mis-alignment in our backs by several different methods called adjustmentsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%CHIVALRYChaps Honourable In Valour Amid Lasting Romantic Yarns.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CHLORINECommon Halogen. Liquifies Often. Respiration Is Not Easy.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements82%CHOCOLAITCan't be Healthy - Often Condemned by Overweight Ladies As Indulgent Treat.Angela BrettFood & Drink:Confectionery100%CHOCOLATECan Help One Cope Over Lover's Absence - Tasty Experience.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsFood & Drink:Confectionery100%CHOICECareful Habits Occur In Choosing EndlesslyJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%CHOICESConsidering Handy Options Ideally Creates Educated SelectionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%CHOIRChanting Hymns Organised In ReverenceTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%CHOIR (2)Confidence, Honesty, Outgoing, Integrity, RespectJohn Richard Jones Required to make progress in this world.Entertainment:MusicPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CHOLESTEROL FREECharles Has Obviously Lost English Support To Ever Rule Over Locals. Follow Republic Exemplar Expeditiously.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when challenged to make a CHOLESTEROL FREE acronym to go with LOW FAT. There's a long story to go with this which won't fit here. Admittedly it had nothing to do with cholesterol, but LOW FAT and CHOLESTEROL FREE were the acronyms that started this all, so they have been retained for historical reasons.Politics94%CHOLESTEROL FREE (2)Chortling Happily Over Latest Extremely Silly Tuppence-worth. Energetically Rolling Over Laughing! Fully Recommend Enjoying Everything.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when challenged to make a CHOLESTEROL FREE acronym to go with LOW FAT.Laughter100%CHOOSE THE RIGHTChildren Hereby Offers Own Solutions Eternally, To Heaven Eventually, Raising Individual Goodness Highly TriumphantJan MorganReligion100%CHOPINCherish How One Plays Immortal Nocturnes!Rico LeffantaEntertainment:Music:Artists100%CHOPIN (2)Concerto Heard On Piano Is NiceAngela BrettEntertainment:Music:Artists100%CHOPSTICKSCan't Hold Onto Pasta Sauce, These Inadequate Chinese Kitchen Sticks!Angela BrettFood & Drink100%CHOWDERCreamy Heavy Option, Will Determine Eating RangeJan Morgan - a More Caloric SoupFood & Drink100%CHRISChap Has Requested Individual 'SpansionTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MaleEducation:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup100%CHRIS (2)Capable Helper Revels In ServiceJan MorganNames:First names100%CHRISTCertainly His Resurrection Is Supreme TruthTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%CHRISTA MCAULIFFEChallenger Had Reason In Sending Teacher Above Many Classrooms, And Unfortunately Lost Instructor's Flair For EverAngela Brett, inspired by CHALLENGERNames:Famous people100%CHRISTICaring Heart Realist Is Secure Tactful IndividualJan MorganNames:First names:Female90%CHRISTIANCatholics Have Religious Icon... Saviour That Invoked Angels at Nativity.Angela BrettReligion90%CHRISTIAN (2)Creation Hypothesis is Right... Ignore Signs That Indicate Another NotionAngela BrettReligion100%CHRISTINECinematic Horror Revealing Intelligent Suspense. Terror In Night ExcursionsEric Bridgstock... I spotted CHRISTINE in the unsuccessful searches and immediately thought of the film directed by John Carpenter, based on the Stephen King novelEntertainment:MoviesArt & Literature:Book Titles100%CHRISTINE (2)Carpenter's Halloween Release Is Scary. Tempting Insomnia - No Escape!Eric Bridgstock... I spotted CHRISTINE in the unsuccessful searches and immediately thought of the film directed by John Carpenter, based on the Stephen King novelEntertainment:MoviesArt & Literature:Book Titles100%CHRISTMASCharacteristic Huge Rise In Shopping - The Merriest Are Salesmen!Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (2)Christ Heralds Rejoicing Into Songs, Turning Masses Against Sin.Mary CarrTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (3)Can't Help Running Insolvent, Spouse Takes Money And SpendsRico LeffantaTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (4)Charities Have Requested Industries Send Tributes Mollifying Alcoholic SocietyRico LeffantaTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (5)Clearly Hoping Romance Is Suddenly Terminated; Make Amends SubsequentlyRico LeffantaTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (6)Children Hope Recession Influences Santa To Make Amends SpectacularlyRico LeffantaTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (7)Could Herald Resurrection If Snowmen Truly Melt After SunsetRico LeffantaTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (8)Considering Harder Rocks, If Santa's True Maybe Antarctica's Safer.Angela Brett, because if Santa Claus really lived at the North pole he'd probably fall through the ice.Time:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (9)Children Haven't Realised Its Simpler Truths... Mary And Son.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS (10)"Come Hither, Rejoice In Saviour's Teachings!" Many Angels ShoutGavin LambertTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS HAMPERSCustomer Hasn't Received IPod! Says The Mail Authority: Scheduled Hampers Are Making Parcels Evaporate. Retrieval Soon."Angela Brett, because Christmas HAMPERS the delivery of her iPod. (said hampers are coming from a company which allows people to overpay for the hamper over the year and then receive it around Christmas time, so it was a scheduled influx of hamper deliveries.)CommunicationTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMAS SONGSCarols Have Rhythm? I'm Supposed To Make Accented Syllables Syncopic & Overextend Nearly Gratuitous SyntaxAngela Brett, noting that the rhythm in many Christmas carols is terrible... some unstressed syllables are ludicrously elongated while others are omitted. Even seasoned churchgoers hesitate at some lines, wondering just how to fit the words into the tune. As some words are replaced by more modern versions the rhythm is screwed up even more, and the difficulty is made worse by the fact that different parishes offer slightly different modernisations to fit into the same tune.Entertainment:Music:SongsTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTMASTIMECelebrating Hanukkah? Religion's Immaterial - Start The Merrymaking And Singing, There Is Much Enjoyment!Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%CHRISTOPHERChurch Has Rescinded Individual's Sainthood - They Openly Probed His Essential RealityTony McCoy O'Grady - Some years ago the Catholic Church reviewed the evidence for the existence of St. Christopher (the patron saint of travellers) and he was (along with others) removed from the calendar of the saints.Religion:Saints100%CHRISTOPHER (2)Carefully Has Reasons In Security, Takes Over Parents Home, Encouraging ReconcilationJan Morgan - Someone I knowNames:First names:Male80%CHROMIUMCorrosion-resistance (and) Hardness Requires Other Metals' Introduction, Usually Molybdenum.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CHRONICLESCarefully Hewn Recounting Of Northern Israel, Concludes Largely Encouraging SomeEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%CHRYSLERCars Have Reached Your Souls - Let's Enjoy RacingTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models70%CHUCKLECrazy and Hearty Undulations of the Corporeal Kind... Laughter, Even!Angela BrettLaughter100%CHUCKLE (2)Crudely Hilarious Undertaking... Comically Killer Little Expansion!Angela Brett, who liked the Aaaaaarrrrggghh in ANTHRAX (2)Laughter100%CHUNDERCould Have Used Normal Digestive Enzymes, Really.Steve KeateScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments86%CHURCHCommunity House Usually Reserved (for) Christian HappeningsTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPlaces:Buildings100%CIACriminals In AuthorityTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order80%CIAOClassic Italian "Auf-wiedersehen" ObservationTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%CIDERCan Incessant Drinking End Relationships?Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%CIDER (2)Certainly It's Delicious & Extremely Refreshing.Roger WilliamsFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%CIGARCan I Generate A Reaction?Tony McCoy O'Grady, regarding the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandalDrugsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CIGAR (2)Crazy Idiots Gain Awful Respiration.Jeff AnonymousDrugs:Tobacco100%CIGARETTESCancer: Idiots Greatly Augment Risk Every Time They 'Enjoy' SmokingTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%CIGARETTES (2)Cancer? I Guess A Reason Exists Tipping The Evidentiary Scales.Roger WilliamsDrugs:Tobacco100%CINDYCaring Individual, Nice Dependable YinJan Morgan -- a person I know Names:First names:Female100%CINDY (2)Comrades In Need, Domain YonderJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%CIPACan't I Play Anywhere? Thinking about what the CIPA (Childrens' Internet Protection Act) really means for American libraries and schoolsRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CIPA (2)Censoring Internet Pages Always Thinking about what the CIPA (Childrens' Internet Protection Act) really means for American libraries and schoolsRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CIPA (3)Congress Institutes Protections Awkwardly Thinking about what the CIPA (Childrens' Internet Protection Act) really means for American libraries and schoolsRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetPeople & Relationships:Law & Order80%CIPA (4)Congress's Inane Plan for Assimilation Thinking about what the CIPA (Childrens' Internet Protection Act) really means for American libraries and schoolsRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CIRCLECalculation Into Route Consistently Locus-EquidistantTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%CIRCLE (2)Circulating, Inhabitable, Rotational, Cycle Logical Ellipses/Eclipses!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. CIRCLE! EARTH: DAYS, YEARS, Eclipses & the wonderful Cycle Logical PREDICTABLE SCIENCE.Science:Mathematics:Geometry100%CIRCLE PERIMETERCircumference (Irrational Ratio Called-Logically!) Equals Pi! (Energizes Representation In Math Equations) Two (Er) RadiusCharles H. Montgomery, Jr. Outside of parentheses in EXPANSION: Circumference = Pi Two Radiusor C=2*Pi*R. The ! signals that (Irrational Ratio Called-Logically!) is Pi! "Called-Logically!" is a PUNNY way of saying "most Pies are CIRCLES." Er is Chinese Two. Hope the grave accent for Èr worked. I thought that (Energizes Representation In Math Equations) was very important. For centuries, primary school children have learned C=2*Pi*R, so this inclusion might help whoever reads this APRONYM when they study advanced math.Science:Mathematics:Geometry100%C IS FOR CAATINGACovered-In Sandy Floor, Open Region Comprising An Arboreal Tract In Natural Granite AreaTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela pointed out that with the ASCII sorting of acronyms, first entries could easily be outdone by 'C is for...' type phrases, and Tony decided to create the ultimate of those.Places91%CITY CENTRECleared of Industry & Trade, You Can Enjoy Neat Thoroughfares, Revitalised EnvironmentTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%CIVICCommunitarianism Is Vital In CitiesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%CIVIC (2)Closeness Instils Violence In CitiesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%CIVIL ENGINEERConstruction Is Vital In Life, Erecting New Gizmos Ingeniously Necessitates Engendering Elegant Results Isambard Kingdom McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%CIVIL SERVANTSControl Icons Violating International Laws Spoiling Everything Rejecting Values And Neglecting The SystemJohn Richard JonesPeople & Relationships:The Workforce89%CLARENCECross-eyed Lion's A Relic Evoking Nostalgic Childhood ExperiencesTony McCoy O'Grady (An old tv programme called "Daktari" set in Africa featured a cross-eyed lion called Clarence)Art & Literature:Fictional Characters100%CLARUSComputer Launched Animal Rendering Useful ServiceTony McCoy O'Grady, when I suggested that KEYBOARD could fly to earth on CLARUS the DogCow, and he wondered how CLARUS could fly.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonMacGirl & KeyBoard:Other CharactersScience:Biology:Animals100%CLASHCollege Lectures Are Scheduled HorriblyAngela Brett, after having her timetable rearranged for about the fifth time this week due to other students' timetable clashes. (I mean college in the American sense here... not a high school)Education100%CLASSICALCultured Listeners Appreciate Sonorous Sonatas In Concerthalls (And Lifts)Tony McCoy O'Grady (for 'lifts' our American readers should read 'elevators'.Entertainment:Music100%CLASSYChic Lady; Adroitly She Stretches YouRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CLATHYClutching Lightbulb Anxiously, Thinking, "Here? Yonder?"Angela Brett (Clathy is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'Nervously indecisive about how to dispose of a dead lightbulb.'Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%CLAUDECultured, Learned Artist Understated Details ExtensivelySean Lamb (Claude Monet's impressionist works were more noted for their lack of precise detail, presenting just the impression of an image rather than a photorealistic reproduction; Monet studied in Europe with many other well known artists including EugŽne Boudin, Pablo Picasso and Pierre-Auguste Renoir)Names:Famous peopleArt & Literature100%CLAUDE (2)Capable Lad Allows Ultimatum, Demands EfficiencyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%CLAUDIACardinale (Latin Actress) Undressed Decorously In Acting TMcCO'GNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%CLAUDIOCallow Lad, After Unforeseen Disasters, Is OverjoyedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%CLAUDIO (2)Can Live After Unacknowledged Death Indictment's OverturnedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Measure for MeasureArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Measure for Measure100%CLAUDIUSCunningly Launches An Untimely Death - Is Usurping ScoundrelTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark100%CLAVERINGCountry Living At Very Easy Rates In Nearby GraveyardGeorge RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%CLEANConceal Litter Effectively And NeatlyEdwin HermannScience:Environment100%CLEAN (2)Cleansed Lavishly Evidently All NeatJan MorganAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%CLEANERSCriminal Leaders Extracting Assets Never Expecting Redemption SettlementsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CLEAR WATER ACTClear, Limpid Elixirs Are Required. We Appreciate Totally Enactments Requiring A Certain TreatmentTony McCoy O'Grady, when somebody searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website.Politics89%CLEFAIRYCollectors Leap Excitedly Finding it, As It's Rare... Yahoo!Angela Brett (Clefairy is Pokemon #35)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%CLEOPATRACunning Lovely Egyptian Obviously Preferred Asp To Roman Attentions.Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and Cleopatra100%CLEOPATRA (2)Classic.... Launched Elizabeth On Path As Towering Romantic ActressTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%CLEVERCerebral Lobes Especially Vibrant, Ever ReasoningAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%CLICHECreatively Lacking Imitation Commonly Heard ElsewhereAngela BrettWords & Wordplay100%CLICHE (2)Chronically Lacking In Creativity, Hated EverywhereAngela BrettWords & Wordplay89%CLICKLOCComputer Lady In Cyber-Killing - Links (with) Organised CrimeTony McCoy O'Grady, CLICKLOC is another supervillain, and also a HyperTalk function.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%CLIENTCustomer List - Industrial Enterprises Need ThemTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%CLIFF-HANGERClimax Left In For Further Handling. A New Gasp-Enducer RequiredTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment100%CLIMATE VISIONCarbon Lurks In Murky Air, The Environmental Violation Is Serious, It's Overly NoxiousTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this article from the Feedback section of New Scientist magazine: THE BUSH Administration is being criticised for its voluntary global warming programme, in which American industry is gently encouraged to "reduce the projected growth" of greenhouse gases. Whatever the justification for the criticism, one aspect of the programme is unforgivable - its name. Climate VISION stands for Climate, Voluntary Innovative Sector Initiatives: Opportunities Now. Not since 2001's USA PATRIOT Act (Uniting and Strengthening of America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required toIntercept and Obstruct Terrorism) has an acronym been so contrived.If this trend continues, we shudder to contemplate the inevitable GOD, MOTHERHOOD AND APPLE PIE Act.Science:Environment100%CLINICAL INFORMATIONComplete List (Including Nurses' Input) Chronicling A Lifetime's Illnesses, Notated For One's Resourceful Medical Ailment Team, Is Obviously NecessaryTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CLINT EASTWOODCowboy Loves Intriguing New Targets Especially Actresses Seducing Their Way Over Old DecoysRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%CLINTON LIEDCuddling Lewinsky Is Nothing. Try Our New Liar's Iraqi Exaggerations & Denials.Dan AnonymousPolitics100%CLITORISCute Lump Is Tickled Often - Result: Intense Sensations TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Body Parts100%CLOCKCircular Locomotion Offers Calendrical KeyTony McCoy O'GradyTime100%CLOTENClottish Lout Of Truly Evil NatureTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CymbelineArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Cymbeline100%CLOTHCostume Looks Only Terrific, Honey!Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:ClothingHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%CLOTH (2)Covers Lining Of Throat HorriblyAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%CLOTH (3)Chewability's Limited - One's Teeth Hurt.Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%CLOTHINGCotton, Linen Or Tweed - Happiness Is Natural GarmentsTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%CLOTHOCan Love Orchestrate Threads Hiding Omega?Rico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%CLOUDComes Low Over Us, DownpourTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Meteorology100%CLOUD (2)Condensation Lumps Often Unleash Downpours.Angela Brett, while flying above the clouds in a FAIRCHILD.Science:Meteorology100%CLOUD NINEComplete Lack Of Unfulfilled Desires - Now In Nirvana, EssentiallyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:EmotionsArt & Literature:Fictional Places100%CLOUDYCauses Low Overcast, Using Dusty YuckinessJan MorganScience:Meteorology100%CLOWNSChild Like Optional World Needs StudentsJan MorganPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsEntertainment100%CLUCKChicken-Like Utterence Causes Kerfuffle TMcCO'G - The sight or sound or anyone imitating a chicken always seems to cause others to laugh.LaughterAssorted Nouns:Noises100%CLUEClose Look Uncovers EvidenceTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CLUE (2)Criminal Left Us EvidenceAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order83%CLUESConvoluted Leads Useful (to) Experienced SleuthsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CLUTCHControl Lever Under The Car's HeaterEric BridgstockTransport:Car Parts100%CMOSComputer Must Operate SomehowTony McCoy O'Grady (CMOS usually stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Generic Hardware100%CMSComplicated Magnetic SystemAngela Brett, referring to the COMPACT MUON SOLENOID. See http://cmsinfo.cern.ch for more information.Re-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Physics100%CNECan't Network Everything CNE's real definition is Certified Netware EngineerRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputersEducation:Qualifications100%CNE (2)Certification Nullifies Education CNE's real definition is Certified Netware EngineerRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputersEducation:Qualifications75%CNE (3)Creating Networks of Ether CNE's real definition is Certified Netware EngineerRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputersEducation:Qualifications100%COCremates OzoneJeff Anonymous, referring to carbon monoxide.Science:Chemistry100%COACH CAFECoffee, Or A Cake? Hard Currency Available Frighteningly Exclusive.Angela Brett, who didn't have much cash with her when she stopped at the Coach Cafe on her way from Auckland to Palmerston North.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%COACH CAFE (2)Coffee, Or A Cake? Have Coins Affording Few Essentials.Angela BrettFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%COACH CAFE (3)Count Out Available Cash, Haven't Card Available For EFTPOS.Angela Brett, who actually did have her EFTPOS card but didn't want to use it as she'd have to first transfer money to her EFTPOS account using FASTPHONE.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%COACH CAFFECareful Of Additional Characters... Here's Correct Apology For Flawed Expansion.Angela Brett, when she saw that the COACH CAFE, a subject of three expansions, in fact spelled caffe with two efs.Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%COALESCECome On And Let's Embrace Some Coupling ExercisesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%COBChestnut Or Bay?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%COB (2)Clay On BuildingTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%COB (3)Container, Or BasketTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects100%COB (4)Corn's Often ButteredTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%COB (5)Chunk Of BreadTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%COB (6)Clout On BehindTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%COBALTColourful Original Blue, Artists Layer Thickly.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%COBOLComputer Operators' Bewilderingly Obfuscatory LingoTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Programming100%COBRACrusher Or Biter? Reptilian Ambiguity!Tony McCoy O'Grady, who mentions that he likes this one as it implies the dilemma faced by someone not used to snakes worrying over what is approaching is a constrictor or poisonous.Science:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%COBRA (2)Can One Bite Really AgoniseTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%COBRA (3)Creeps On Belly, Randomly AttackingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%COBRA (4)Care Of Bite Requires AntitoxinTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin89%COCA COLACan Of Caffeine, And Carbon (di-) Oxide, Lingering AftertasteTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks100%COCA COLA (2)Come One, Come All! Consume Our Libations AlwaysRoger WilliamsFood & Drink:Drinks100%COCKATIELCaptured Ones Can Keenly Attempt To Imitate English LanguageAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COCKROACHCook On Cluttered Kitchen Range Order After Cook HeavesRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%COCOAComplements Objective-C On ApplesAngela Brett (Cocoa is a set of frameworks for making software in Objective-C for Mac OS X)Computers:Programming:Cocoa100%COCOA (2)Chasing Objective-C Objects AroundPaul MarshallComputers:Programming:Cocoa100%COCOA (3)Creating Objective-C Often AmusesTony McCoy O'Grady - After visiting Angela's site and downloading the Acronym Checker.Computers:Programming:Cocoa100%COCOA (4)Cream Of Crop - Obviously Apple's!Angela BrettComputers:Programming:Cocoa100%COCOA (5)Completely Offhand Creation Of ApplicationsAngela Brett, who would rather spend twenty minutes writing a Cocoa application to do something than five minutes actually doing it, and often does just that.Computers:Programming:Cocoa100%COCOA (6)Can Only Compile On Apples Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Programming:Cocoa100%COCO POPSCause Of Crime Outbreak - Perpetrator Of Pickpocketing ScamTony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up another cereal killerMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers100%CODCon Or DeceptionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%CODECentre Of Developer's ExistenceAngela BrettComputers:Programming100%CODE (2)Confusingly Ordered Diatribe, EnigmaGavin LambertScience:MathematicsCommunication100%CODE (3)Condensation Of Data. ExtractionCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Communication100%CODER(Condenser Of Data) = (Expert - Recorder)Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Communication100%CODE REVIEWCan One Do Everything Right? Extra Vigilance Indicates Esoteric WrongsAngela BrettComputers:Programming100%CODYCattle's Officially Dead, Yes?Tony McCoy O'Grady, Cody was the surname of Buffalo Bill, who wiped out thousands of wild American beasts in a very short time, and not all of them for food.Names:Famous people100%COFFEECup Of Fluid For Enhancing EdginessAngela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks100%COFFEE (2)Caffine Offerings For Further Expendible EnergyBrian Erickson AKA Makata85, Nosmellman. I write poetry and love word games there are more posted on page 3 of my site at http://www.geocities.com/nosmellman/ramblingmind3.htmlFood & Drink:Drinks100%COFFEE (3)Can Often Fuel Feverishness, Excitement, EuphoriaBill NealFood & Drink:Drinks100%COFFEE AND DONUTSCappuccino's Often Favourite For Early Evening; Also, Never Decline Delicious Offerings - Not Unless Too Small!Patricia RixFood & Drink91%COFFEE SHOPCaffeine Outlet, Feel Free to Enter Everyday - Short Happy Occasion PerusingTony McCoy O'Grady, after saying that he'd have to go into a coffee shop to read Angela's MacAddict, since otherwise he'd be too busy typing email and making up ACRONYMSFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%COFFINContains Obsolete Fellow's Finite Ingredients NowTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Death100%COGNATESCommon Origin Gives Noise-Aligned Terms Equivalent SemanticsAngela Brett (A cognate is a word in one language which is similar in form and meaning to a word in another language because both languages are related.)Science:Linguistics100%COHERENTConsistent, Or Having Exact Relationships Evident - Nothing Tearaway.Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%COHERENT (2)Consistently Orderly, He Evinces Rationally Expressed Neat ThinkingTony McCoy O'GradyCommunicationPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%COINSCombined Often Into Notes, Symbolically.Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%COLA WARSChoice Of Lifestyle? Actually Water And Refined Sugar.Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks100%COLDColour Of Legs DarkensAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%COLESLAWCabbage Only Looks Edible: Shredded Leaves Are Worthless.Roger WilliamsFood & Drink100%COLETTECan One Learn Education To Teach EveryoneJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%COLLECTIONSCommon Objects, Layout Lovingly Established, Changing Them Into Objects Now Significant.Roger WilliamsHousehold Objects100%COLLECTORCreating One Large Lot, Each Collector Thinks Of ResaleSean LambPeople & Relationships100%COLLEGECenter Of Learning Less Educated Gurus EvolvedRico LeffantaEducation100%COLLEGE LIFECampus-Oriented Living Lets Everyone Getting Educated Live In Friendly EnvironmentTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%COLLEGESClasses Of Lovely Lasses & Excellent Guys Enjoying SchoolingTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%COLLIDERComplaining Of Lover Locked Into Discovering/Dissecting Energetic ReactionsAngela Brett, on the song by Les Horribles Cernettes (you can download it or read the lyrics at http://musiclub.web.cern.ch/MusiClub/bands/cernettes/songs/collider.html)Entertainment:Music:SongsScience:Physics100%COLLINGWOODCan Outsiders Live Luxuriously In Nearby Georgian Wonderland, Or Only Die?George RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%COLOMBIACocaine Obliterated Lives Of Many Boys In America.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%COLONELCompetent Once... Lively Once.... Now Elderly & LethargicTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%COLONYCollection Of Life, Organised, Nurturing YieldGavin Lambert - "Nurturing Yield" meaning increasing productivity :)Science:Biology100%COLORCollection Of Light Originates Rainbow.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%COLOR (2)Crayons Occur Lively Or RichJan MorganArt & LiteratureAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%COLORADOCentennial Ordination, Land Of Rockies A Dimmers ObservanceJan Morgan - became state 100 years after signing of declaration Mile High City - dims the lightsPlaces:States & Regions100%COLOR ME SMILING'Concave Over' Lips Of Red, My Eyes Sparkling Mean It's Likely Illustrator Needs Glitter.Angela BrettArt & LiteraturePeople & Relationships:Emotions96%COLORS OF THE RAINBOW ACRONYMCategories Of Light -- Only Radiation Seen. (Only Formed This Horrid Expansion Responding to An Immoderately Notated Beseeching Of Website, Assumed Chasing 'ROYGBIV' -- One Notably Yucky Mnemonic.)Angela Brett, after somebody searched for that phrase on the website.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%COLOSSIANSCult Offered Life Of Sure Salvation. Itinerant Apostle Nailed Slander.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%COLOUR CHARTColourinary Odiousness - Look Out! Using Regularly Causes Heart Attack & Renal ThrombosisTony McCoy O'Grady, to go with the PAINT-eating acronyms.Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement100%COLOUR CHART (2)Choice Of Lots Of Unusual Recipes Can Help Achieve Right TasteTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance COLOUR CHARTFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement100%COLUMBIUMChemical Of Lustre. Usually Mined By Industrious Underground Miners.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%COMBCleans Out Messy BunchesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%COME BACK SOONCheck Our Members Entries By Another Call - Keenly Seeking Out Our NoveltiesTony McCoy O'Grady, encouraging people to search the Acronyms website (http://acronyms.co.nz) again if they don't find anything the first time, because we strive to acronymise any unsuccessful search terms.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website86%COMETSComing Occasionally, Making Eveningtime Trails (in) SkyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy100%COMMACompetent Orator May Momentarily Aerate.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics100%COMMA (2)Come On, Many More Acronyms!Gavin Lambert, pointing out a missing comma in an acronym featured in THE ACRONYM TIMESWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms90%COMMANDERChief Of Many Men And Naval Deity (to) Enlisted RatingsMick BridgstockMilitary:Ranks100%COMMENTING CODEContemplation Of My Mortality - Enlightenment's Needed To Invigorate Next Generation Continuing Our Development Effort.Angela Brett (commenting code is what a programmer does when s/he finds out s/he only has two weeks to live.)Computers:Programming89%COMMISSIONER STEVECheif Of MacGirl's Missions, Indeed, Steve Shows Integrity - Obsessively Nice, Earns Respect (by) Seeing That Evil Villains (are) ExterminatedDustan Dowsing & Angela Brett, Whilst in aCarMacGirl & KeyBoard:Other Characters100%COMMITMENT AND RELIABILITYCan't Offer Much, Miss... I'm Typical Male. Each Night Together Adds No Definite Relationship Endurance. Lust Is A Brilliant Idea, Love Is Too Yucky.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%COMMITTEECowardice Of Meeting Means Individual Toughman Tramples Everyone ElseTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%COMMITTEE MEMBERSClones Of Management Meet In Time To Examine Events. Must Examine Minutes But Eschew Resolving SituationsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%COMMODECrapper Or Men's Masturbation Outlet? Determine Eventually.Jeff AnonymousPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%COMMUNICATEConveying One's Meaning - Maybe Using Notepaper - Is Considered A Talent, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%COMMUNIONChristians Offer Messiah Morsels... Ultimately Not Innards Of NazareneAngela BrettReligion100%COMMUNITYConnection Of Many Minds - Usually Nowadays It's Typed Yabbering.Angela BrettPeople & RelationshipsComputers:Internet100%COMMUNITY ARTS AND MUSIC PROJECTCreate Original Municipal Mural, Under No Illusions That You Are Rembrandt... The Spirit's All Neighbourhood Desires. Many Ukeleles Sound In Concert, Performers (Remembering Ordinary Jobs) Enjoy Creating Tunes.Angela BrettPeople & RelationshipsEntertainment:MusicArt & Literature100%COMOROSCitizens Of Mixed Origins, Residents Only Subsist.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%COMPACT MUON SOLENOIDCounting Out Muons Presents A Challenge... Too Many Unprocessed Outputs Necessary Since Our Latest Equipment Nibbles On Incredible DataflowAngela Brett (During one second of CMS running, a data volume equivalent to 10,000 Encyclopaedia Britannica will be produced, and not all of it can be recorded -- see http://cmsinfo.cern.ch/Welcome.html/CMSdocuments/CMSposters/PDF/TriDASNCo.pdf)Science:Physics90%COMPANIESCommercial Organisations, Motivated by Profits - Always Need Intense Ethical ScrutinyTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Companies100%COMPANY NAMESCorporations Often Make Particular Apronymic Names - Yet Not Always Make Economic SenseTony McCoy O'Grady - some apronymic names don't always tell the customer immeidately what the company does. Esso was an attempt at spelling the word formed by S and O, the initials of Standard Oil. Standard Oil tells the comsumer much more than Esso or Exxon do.Commerce:CompaniesWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%COMPASSCould One's Magnet Point At South? Surely!Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Navigation Aids88%COMPASS (2)Clever Orienteering Merits Prestigious Awards for Some ScoutsSean LambPlaces:Navigation AidsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%COMPASSIONATE SERVICEComforts Others, Many People Are Seeing Service In Our Needs And Trials Endured. Sees Every Responsibility, Vital In Caring, EveryoneJan MorganReligion92%COMPETITIONCo-operation Of Major Petrol Empires Throws Insult To It, One Notices.Angela Brett, when she received an email urging people to boycott major PETROL companies in order to force the price down. (See also CO-OPERATION)TransportCommerce100%COMPETITION (2)Consumers Often Monitor Price, Ensuring That It's Truly Indicative Of NoteworthinessAngela BrettCommerce100%COMPILERCorrector Of Many Problems, It Lends Expertise ReadilyAngela BrettComputers:Programming100%COMPILER (2)Compilers Only Make Programs If Libraries Execute RightSean LambComputers:Programming93%COMPLEMENTARYCouple Of Matched Parts Look Elegantly Made, Each Needing T'other And Reconciling Ying&yang-ness TMcCO'GAssorted Adjectives100%COMPLEX CONDITIONAL STATEMENTConjunction Of Many Predicates Logically Evaluated Xerts Control Over Numbercruncher. Developed Intellectuals Think It's Overly Nettlesome... A Large-Scale Turing Automation, Though, Executes Mindlessly Every Nettlesome Task.Angela BrettComputers:Programming91%COMPLIANCEConsequent On Meeting Principles (Laid-out In Agreement) New Chances Ensue TMcCO"G - Compliance here is thpught of in terms of the Arms Decommissioning involved in the Northern Ireland peace processMilitary:War & Terrorism100%COMPOSECreation Of Musical Pieces Or Something ElseEdwin HermannEntertainment:MusicArt & Literature100%COMPUTERCrashes Or Mangles Programs Until Technician Emolument ReceivedRico LeffantaComputers100%COMPUTER (2)Can't Operate Machine. Participating Usually Terrifies Eventual RecruitJan MorganComputers100%COMPUTER (3)Complex Outrageous Machine Practically Using Things, Especially RemarkableJacek DobrzynieckiComputers100%COMPUTER MAGAZINECauses Overeater Mouth Problems, Upset Tummy, Excruciating Rectal Movements And Gastritis - And Zero In Nutritional Elements.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%COMPUTER MAGAZINE (2)Cook One's Manuals, Perhaps Until Tender, Ensures Roughage. Meals Are Generally Assumed Zero In Nutritional EffectsTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%COMPUTER PRESENTATIONCan Only Make Printouts Using This Expensive Rubbish? Projection's Really Easy, Shouldn't Everyone Nowadays Throw Away Transparencies? Ink's Old News!Angela BrettComputersCommunication:Presentations90%COMPUTERSCan Only Macintosh Processors Use The Easy-to-Run Software?Angela BrettComputers100%COMPUTERS (2)Convey Others' Messages! Produce Useful Tips! Electronically Run Securely!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Computers100%COMPUTER SUPPORTChap On My Phone Usually Tries Enabling Repair. Some Unusual 'Puter Problems Often Require TechniciansTony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%CONAN O'BRIENCan Oblong Noggins And Nerdy Oafs Bring Ratings? I Expect Not.joybuttonEntertainment:TV shows:Talk Shows100%CONCEITEDConcerning Oneself, Never Chanced Entertaining Inferior Thoughts. Everything's Delightful Tony McCoy O'GreatestPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits88%CONCISECould Oxford Not Contain Itself in Short Explanations?Angela Brett, knowing how long the 'Shorter' Oxford English Dictionary is.Words & Wordplay100%CONCRETEConglomeration Of Natural Congealers Reinforces Every Tall EdificeTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings100%CONCUPISCENCEConflicting Onus Never Concedes Until Penetration Invades Sentiments Compromising Emotional Nuances Causing EvictionRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CONDOMContraceptive Often Needs Deploying Over MemberTony McCoy O'Grady, after watching an 'expose' TV programme on teenage sex in England.People & Relationships:Love & Lust86%CONDOM (2)Cover Often Necessary for Dirty Old Men.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust85%CONDOMINIUMConnected Or Not, Domiciles Often Mean In-laws Normally Invade, Ultimately Move inSean LambPlaces:Buildings100%CONFERENCECombatting Omnifarious Nastiness, Fairly Enigmatic Reptiles Exist Near Cairo, EgyptjoybuttonScience:Biology100%CONFESSIONALCatholic Or Not, 'Fess Even Small Sins In Our Now Audioproof LockerJeff AnonymousReligionPlaces:Buildings100%CONFUSEDCauldron Of Nonconforming Feelings - Understanding Seems Ever Distant.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%CONFUSIONChaos - Office Nitwit's F***ed Up! Situation Is Outrageously Nightmarish Tnyo CcyoM OdrGay'People & Relationships100%CONGOCoups Oust Native Governments Occasionally.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries94%CONGRATULATIONSColleague Offers NewZealander Generous Remarks About Talent. Unique Loki-winning Antipodean That's Included On Newspaper's SuccessesTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela's EAT POTATO won a prize in Loki's creativity column in a newspaper.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%CONGRESSConglomerations Of No-Goods - Really Entirely Self Serving.Tony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%CONGRESS (2)Copulation, Otherwise Narcissistic Group Repealing Even Social Security?Jeff Anonymous, discussing two connotations of the word "congress," excepting "opposite of progress."People & Relationships:Love & LustPolitics100%CONGRESS (3)Come On! No Group Really Enacts Such Sh*tRoger WilliamsPolitics100%CONNECT FOURColoured Ovals Navigated Nicely Ensuring, Cleverly, The Formation Of Unmixed RowsAngela BrettEntertainment:Games100%CONNECTICUTConstitutional Order Naturally Needed, Embraces Colony To Initiate Creed Used TodayJan Morgan - first state to use lawsPlaces:States & Regions100%CONNIECaring One Negotiates Noteworthy Ideas, EffectivelyJan MorganNames:First names:Female92%CONON OF SAMOSConic Observations Noted, Offered Numerical Orations to Friend & Senior, Archimedes. Mathematically-Oriented Stargazer.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%CONSECRATIONComplete Obedience Necessary, Sacred Efficacious, Concentrated Righteous Attributes To Initiate One's NirvanaJan MorganReligion100%CONSERVATIVEContinuously Opposes Novelty, Sees Everything Reactionarily, Violently Against Things It Views "Emergent" TMcCO'GPoliticsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CONSERVATIVESContinuation Of National State Earnings Related Value Added Taxes In Very Extreme SituationsJohn Richard JonesPolitics:Parties100%CONSTANCE"Could Other Nation Seize Throne?" Asks Nasty Conniving EnglishwomanTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King JohnArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King John100%CONSTIPATEDCan One Not Shift This Impacted Pile And Take Energising Dump?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CONSTITUTIONContract Offering Numerous Sequential Tenets Intended To Unitedly Temper Its Own NationPatricia RixPoliticsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CONSULTANTCompanies Often Need Someone Using Logic To Analyze New TheoriesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations90%CONTINUUMCan One Not Think It's Never-beginning, Unending, Universal MiracleTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted NounsTime100%CONTRACTContributors Ought Not To Reveal Any Contrary ThoughtsAngela Brett, after Tony jokingly said on the Apronyms forums, 'I have to agree with Angela -- It's in my contract'Communication:Acronyms Forums100%CONTRACT (2)Co-Operative? No! That's Right, Angela Controls TonyAngela Brett, after Tony jokingly said on the Apronyms forums, 'I have to agree with Angela -- It's in my contract'Communication:Acronyms Forums100%CONTROL DESTINYConscious Or Not, The Reality Of Life's Deterministic... Everything's Sums, Trajectories, Integrals, 'Ncluding You!Angela BrettReligion100%CONTROL FREAKCommands Overly Necessary Tasks, Ruins Others Lives, Frightening Responses, Everyone's Attitude KaputJan Morgan - kaput=ruined, these people can cause undue stress on relationshipsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits88%CONVERTChange One's Neighbour's Vision (by) Extensive Religious TeachingTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%CONVERTING PAGANSChristians Overthrow Native Views, Existing Religious Teaching's Implicitly No Good, Presumed 'Actual' God's A Necessary Substitute.Angela BrettReligion100%CONVICTCalculating, Overtly Nefarious Villain In Computer TradeAngela Brett, finding another villain for the Baddie School roll.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%COOKControls Ordering Of KitchenTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%COOK (2)Cuisine Out Of Kilobytes!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%COOKIE MANAGER MOMCrazy Occasional Obligation Keeps Its Endeavor Mandated, A Numbers Agenda Gains Every Revenue, Makes One ManageJan Morgan - Girl Scouts need help keeping track of how many cookie boxes go out and how much money comes in making sure everything is correct and accounted forSports & Recreation:Scouts100%COOKIESCupboard Of One's Kitchen Is Eternal Source.Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%COOKINGContents Of Our Kitchens Is Now 'Grub'Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink88%COOLIESCatchy Outburst On Liking Initial Exposure to SomethingTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%COOL STUFFChill Out - Oh Look, Some Things're Utterly Funky & Fantastic TMcCO'GAssorted Phrases100%CO-OPERATIONComplete Oligarchy Of Petroleum Empires Riles All The Innocent Oil-Needers.Angela Brett (see COMPETITION)TransportCommerce100%COORDINATORControlling Overseer Of Research & Development Is Necessary Administrator To Obtain "Results"Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%COPCorrect Operational ProcedureAngela Brett, after hearing a character on a police drama use that phrase.People & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%COPOUTCunning Operation Planning On Upbraiding TargetKatherinePeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%COPOUT (2)Chancer Often Pleads Obtusely, Using Trickery TonyPeople & Relationships100%COPPERCommonly Our Police, Properly Earthly ResourceTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:ElementsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%COPSCrime's Opposers Protect & ServeTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%COPULATEConstables Outnumber People Usually Late At Tort EventsRico Leffanta (Cop! You Late!)People & Relationships:Law & Order100%COPY AND PASTECan Original Postings You've Abandoned Now Depart. Perhaps Archive Should Thread ElsewhereTony McCoy O'Grady, when it was suggested that some of the old forum threads copied and pasted into an ARCHIVE.Communication:Acronyms Forums100% COPY PROTECTION SCHEMECatalyst Of Piracy... Your Purchase Runs On The Elderly CD + Tape Instruments Only... Net Search Compulsory (How Else's Mp3 Extracted?)Angela Brett, who would like to buy certain CDs but is forced to download them from the internet instead, since copy-protection schemes prevent the CDs from being played in anything other than than my alarm clock. Unfortunately the iTunes Music Store is not available in this country yet, so that means piracy.Entertainment:Music100%CORALComfort Of Receiving Another's LoveAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the coral (35th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%CORDClogs Oesophagus, Really DrySteve Keate (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%CORD (2)Chopper Organises Ready DeadwoodTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%CORDELIAComes Over Really Dignified, Echoing Lear's Inherent AuthorityTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%CORDYCEPSClaims Of Reducing (Drastically) Your Cholesterol & Enhancing Pulmonary System TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%CORECentre Of Reactor, Etc.Angela BrettPlaces:Positions & Directions100%CORE (2)Centre, Or Rather, EpicentreTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Positions & Directions100%CORINTHIANSCorruption Observed. Renounce Impiety Now. Tolerating Heresy Is A Non-Starter.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%CORIOLISControl Of Rotation In One's Loo's Incredibly Slight!Angela Brett (see http://www.ems.psu.edu/~fraser/Bad/BadCoriolis.html)Science:MeteorologyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions100%CORIOLIS (2)Circularity Of Rotation Is Oppositional, Loading Is Slow TMcCO'G, after Patricia wondered if the Apronyms site is the slowest in the Southern Hemisphere, responded: It's the Coriolis effect. The site loads anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere and clockwise in the northern. Reverse the polarity of the plug on your computer and all will be as it should be :-)Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Excuses for Slow Loading100%CORNChiropodist's Obviously Really NeededTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CORN (2)Cob Offers Ready NutritionTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%CORN (3)Callous Often Requires NursingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments75%CORNETCan One Really Need Extra Trumpet-type-thing?Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%CORNFLAKESCereal Of Rich Nutrition, Favourably Light And Known Energy SupplyEdwin HermannFood & Drink93%CORNFLAKES MANCriminal Of Real Nastiness, Frequently Linked (with) A Killing Epidemic - Seems Modest And Nice.Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up a new name for the Baddy School roll - a cereal killer!MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers100%CORNWALLCompletely Obeys Regan's Nasty Wickedness - A Loathsome LordTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%COROLLACheap Oriental Runabout, Often Lacks Lasting AccellerationTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%CORPORALChevron-Owning Recent Private, Officious, Repulsive And LoathsomeTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%CORPORATIONCity's Officials Regulate Policy Or Respond Appropriately To Incidents Of NoteTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%CORPORATION (2)Companies Often Report Profits On Retail And Then Insist On NondisclosureSean LambCommerce100%CORPUS CALLOSUMCerebral Overpass Recommended Partitions Useful Sphere. Congenital Absence Loses Link Of Sections Using MalformationJan Morgan -- it's the bridge that links the left side to the right side of the brain - its rare but some people are born with out one.Science:Biology:Body Parts100%CORRECTIVEComplements Optical Refraction - Reading's Easier 'Cause This Improves Vision Everywhere.Angela Brett, thinking of corrective lenses or laser eye surgery.Science:Biology:Healthcare100%CORRUPTConcentrating On Rich Rewards Using Political TacticsRico LeffantaPolitics100%CORVETTEClassic Oldtime Road Vehicle, Elevated Teenager's Testosterone, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models86%COSINECoordinate Of Something In Non-eccentric EllipseAngela BrettScience:Mathematics88%COSTARDComes Over (as) Staunch, True And Romantically DevotedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Love's Labours LostArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Love's Labours Lost100%COSTA RICACoffee's One Source To Attract Revenue In Central America.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%COST REDUCTIONCaution On Spending The Rent Elsewhere... Debts Unpaid Cause Trebling Invoices & Ominous Notices.Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%COST REDUCTION (2)Cry Of Spend-Thrift: Remember, Everyone - Don't Use Credit. The Interest's Outrageous Nowadays!Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%COST SAVINGSCut Out Silly Things Since Adding Value Is Not Generating SalesTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%COTE D'IVOIRECoffee, Oil, Timber Exported. Developed Its Viable Oil Industry Round 'EightyTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%COTTONCelebrated Once, Twice... Timespan Of Nuptials.Angela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the cotton (2nd) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%COTTON (2)Cloth Or Thread Taken Of NatureAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%COTTON (3)Cookability's Overrated - Too Thin On NutritionTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%COTTON (4)Chew On This To Obtain NutritionTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%COUCHComfy Option, Uses Chair HospitalityJan MorganHousehold Objects:Furniture100%COUGARCat Of Unusual Grace And Rapacity Tony McCougar O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals55%COULDSCompletely Off-the-wall, Utopian, Loads-a-money-for Development SuggestionsTony McCoy O'Grady (see MUST)Words & Wordplay100%COULOMBCharge Of Umpteen Leptons, One Magnetism BelowAngela Brett (One Magnetism Below referring to the leptons in question having electromagnetic charge of -1)Science:Mathematics:Measurement100%COUNSELORCourtroom Officer Usually Negates Someone Else's Legal Opinion ResolutelySean LambPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%COUNTDOWNCarol's On Unusual Numerical Tricks, Dick's On Wordy NatteringsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to a UK television programme and its two hosts.Entertainment:TV shows100%COUNTERFEITCreating Own Undetectable Notes To Earn Revenue Freely Evidently Is TrickyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderCommerce:Money100%COUNTERFEIT (2)Coiner Operates Under Noticeable Threat; Every Risky Forgery Extends Illegal TraffickingPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderCommerce:Money100%COUNTESS OLIVIACesario Opens Up Newly Triggered Emotions. Sebastian Strides On Later... Instantly Viola's Identity AnnouncedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Twelfth NightArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Twelfth Night100%COUNTRY MUSICCrying Out Usual Nasal Twang Rural Yarns Marginally Upsetting Some Idiotic CowboyRico LeffantaEntertainment:Music100%COUNT YOUR BLESSINGSCalculations Of Using Natural Talents, Your Opinions, Uniquely Reasonable Because Lessons Encourage Satisfactory Successful Individuals. Necessary Gifts SavedJan MorganEntertainment:Music:Songs100%COURTEOUSCivility's Often Used, Resolving (Totally Efficiently) Our Ugly SituationsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%COURTESYCivilized Obligation Uses Respectable Tact Exceeds Success, YesJan Morgan -- exceeds success means that being tactful goes beyond a successful result and makes everyone happy.People & Relationships100%COURTSChurn Out Unacceptable Rejects To SocietyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%COUSINChild Of Uncle's Sibling Is NephewTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family100%COVENTRYCriminally Organised Villans Eventually Need To Rob YouJohn Richard JonesPlaces:Towns & Cities100%COVER GIRLComes Over Very Erotically, Rudely Grinning In Randy LingerieTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%COWCuddly Over - WeightCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Biology:Animals100%COWARDCop-Out Will Always Run & DesertTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%COWARD (2)Craven Oathbreaker Would Always Run - DeathwardsPatricia Rix, thinking of the phrase "A coward dies a thousand (?) times"People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%COWBOYSChaps Out West - Break Out Your Sidearms!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%COWBRIDGECriminally Organised Ways Being Rewarded In Dangerous Gangland ExchangesJohn Richard JonesPlaces:Towns & Cities:UK78%COWFOODCud in Oesophagus - What Fun to Offer Overprocessed Digestion.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COWGIRLCattle-Owning Women Gain Interesting Random LyricsRob Rix, while listening to Cowgirl by UnderworldEntertainment:Music:Songs100%COWSCreators Of White StuffAngela Brett, who saw lots of cows on her bus trips from Auckland to Palmerston North and back.Science:Biology:Animals100%COWS (2)Common On Wanganui SoilAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COWS (3)Creators Of Wholemilk SustenanceAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COWS (4)Calcium - Osteoporosis Withstanding SubstanceAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COWS (5)Coloured Often With SplotchesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COWS (6)Cohabitate Often With SheepAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%COWS BARNCharm Or Wit Sufficeth; Bulls Are Randy NitwitsRico LeffantaPlaces:Buildings100%COYOTECreatively Organize Your Own Territorial EnvironmentTony McCoy O'Grady, when somebody appealed on the Acronyms Forums for acronyms of the name of her home organising business.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (2)Cleaning Out Your Old Trash, EfficientlyTony McCoy O'Grady, when somebody appealed on the Acronyms Forums for acronyms of the name of her home organising business.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE86%COYOTE (3)Company Offers You Ownership (of) That EdificeTony McCoy O'Grady, when somebody appealed on the Acronyms Forums for acronyms of the name of her home organising business.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (4)Carefully Orienting Your 'Ome/Office Toward EfficiencyAngela Brett, when somebody appealed on the Acronyms Forums for acronyms of the name of her home organising business.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (5)Clutter Of Yesterday's Out The Exit!Angela Brett, when somebody appealed on the Acronyms Forums for acronyms of the name of her home organising business.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (6)Clear Out Your Old Things EffortlesslyAngela Brett, when somebody appealed on the Acronyms Forums for acronyms of the name of her home organising business.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (7)Closets Overloaded - You're Overly Tidy ElsewhereTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela Brett (see COYOTE) thinking of people who have immaculate houses only because they stuff all the junk in a closet whenever someone's coming over.Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (8)Carving Out Your Own Tidy EnclaveTony McCoy O'Grady (see COYOTE)Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (9)Company Offers You Our Tidying ExpertiseTony McCoy O'Grady (see COYOTE)Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%COYOTE (10)Changing Over Your Office To EfficiencyTony McCoy O'Grady (see COYOTE)Commerce:Companies:COYOTE86%COYOTE (11)Climbing Over Your Old Trash? Employ--usTony McCoy O'Grady (see COYOTE)Commerce:Companies:COYOTE100%CRACKEDCup's Ruined As Chip Keeps Expanding DeeperTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%CRAMMEDCreatively Represented, Apronymic Memory. Mnemonics Extra Dense!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%CRANBERRIESChanteuse Regularly Acts Nutty. Being Especially Renowned Results In Eccentric SpellsTony McCoy O'Grady, presumably referring to Angela's favourite band. (See http://acronyms.co.nz/angela/cran.html)Entertainment:Music:Artists100%CRANBERRY SAUCEChristmas Recipe - A Nice Berry Enjoyed Regularly Round Yule Season - A Unique Condiment's EnjoyedSanta ClausFood & Drink:Condiments100%CRANECan Raise Anything - Neat EngineeringTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%CRANIAL NERVESComplex Reticule (A Network), It All Links Neural Elements Rapidly - Vigorously Establishing Sensations TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Body Parts100%CRAPChallenge Requiring A ProfessionalSteve Hartsell (referring to CRAP as in "Look at all the CRAP my boss expects me to complete before I go home.")People & Relationships100%CRAPSCould Roll A Pass... Seven!Roger WilliamsEntertainment:Games83%CRAPS (2)Could Roll A Pair of SixesRoger WilliamsEntertainment:Games100%CRASHCrack Reverberating Around Somewhere HollowTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns:Noises100%CRASH (2)Computer-Related Accident... Software Hiccup.Angela BrettComputers100%CRASH (3)Computer Routine Activating Suicidal HystericsRico LeffantaComputers100%CRAYONSColours Recall Affectionately Your Old Nursery SchoolTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature100%CRAZEDCompletely Reality Altering Zaniness - Entirely DerangedAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality TraitsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%CREAM OF WHEATCallous Rascal Enjoys A Modicum Of Flax While He Expertly Attacks ToddlersPatricia Rix, who always adds a modicum of flax, whole or ground, to her cream of wheat.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers100%CREATIVECan('t) Reasonably Expect Another Terrific Inspiration Very Easily.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%CREATIVE DIRECTORChap Reviews Each Advertisement That Is Viewed, Ensuring Design Is Researched & Engineered Correctly To Optimise ResponseTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%CREDIT CARDCash Redundant... Expenditure Delayed Indefinitely. The Charges Are Really Desperate!Tony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%CREDIT CARD (2)Careless Repeated Extravagence Deepens Interest. That's Clearly A Real Debt!Roger WilliamsCommerce:Money88%CREDITSContributions Recognised for Everything Done In The SiteAngela Brett, referring to the Credits page at http://acronyms.co.nz/credits.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%CRESSIDACalchos Requests Exchange - Suddenly She Is Diomedes's AdmirerTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%CRETACEOUSColossal Reptiles Endured 'Til A Catastrophic Event Ousted Umpteen Species.Angela BrettTimeScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%CRETACEOUS (2)Cosmic Rock Ended This Age, Causing Extinction On Unprecedented ScaleAngela BrettTimeScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%CRETACEOUS (3)Chalky Rock's Evidence Tells About Creatures Experts Only Understand SlightlyAngela BrettTimeScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%CRETINChairman Regulating Email Typography Intranet NetworksRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations:Humorous Job Titles100%CRICKETCellular Reasons/Restrictions In Connecting Kinfolk, Excessive TalkJan Morgan - name of cheap but frequently dropped calls cell phone companyCommerce:CompaniesCommunication100%CRIMECommitting Robbery Is Manifestly ErroneousPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%CRIMINALCrikey! Random Incidents Made Individual Need Additional LoveRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%CRIMINALS: GET WEALTH, POWER, FAME!Criminals Repent: Invest Mind/Money In Nurturing Altruism/Achievements, Living Sacrificially. Get Eternal Treasure. Wealth Earned Assures Life's/Lasting/Luxe: True Happiness. Power: Omnipotent's Wonderful Encouragement Receive. Fame: Almighty's Measureless Empathy!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. The Organising Principles of Expansion: 1. Each Word of Apronym Expands to one sentence. 2. Each Word of Apronym is the Expansion of its Initial in the APRONYM. These contraints strengthen the APRONYM, because the expansion is more predictable. I like that.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderPeople & Relationships:Advice100%CRIPPLE Corporeally Restricted Individual's Parts' Performance Lack Evenness TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments86%CRISISCritical Resolution In Situation (of) Intense SpeculationTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted NounsPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%CRISIS RESPONSECan't Remember If SOS Is Spelt Right... Everyone Stop Panicking Or Nobody'll Survive Emergency!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Disaster85%CRISP IMAGESComputer Reproduction of Images - Scanner & Printer Interacting (with) Macintosh Afford Grandma Enlarged Snapshots.Angela Brett, after finally getting around to start using her colour printer, after getting her scanner working, and discovering that she could greatly enlarge and print a picture of her niece without the printout looking at all grainy. Angela's mother Mary is of course thrilled to be able to print enlargements of photos of her grandchildren, hence the "Grandma" in the expansion.Computers:Generic Hardware88%CROATIAChiefly Reliant On Attracting Tourism Into Adriatic-region.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CROCHETCrossing Right Over Crafts, Hooking Engages ThreadJan MorganSports & Recreation100%CROQUETControlled Recreation Of Quaint Unusual Entertainment, TacticsJan Morgan - tactics - achieving goal of winningSports & Recreation100%CROSSCruciform Reminder Of Suffering SaviourTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%CROSSBOWCranks & Ratchets Operation Shot Steel Bolt - Outlawed WeaponTony McCoy O'Grady (The crossbow was outlawed by one of the Popes as being an "unChristian" weapon.)Military:Weapons100%CROSS COUNTRYCompetitive Running Often Seems Silly. Charging Over Undulating Natural Terrain Ruins YouTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGONChina Rarely Offers Us Chinese Heroines In Native Garments, Testing Integrity Girls Experience Resistance, Here Individuals Defeat Danger Ensnaring Nefarious Demons Raging Against Girl's Own NatureRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%CROWNClaims Royalty Of Wearer Nobly.Angela BrettPolitics:Royalty100%CROWN (2)Costly Reminder Of Wearer's NobilityAngela BrettPolitics:Royalty85%CROWN TOPPER(a) Crafted Rug - Or - (b) Wholly Natural? Toupe Owner's Pride & Personality Effectively Restored TMcCO'G - who saw someone today who was more 'Crown Tupper' than 'Crown Topper'.People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%CROWN TOPPER (2)Curls & Ringlets Obviously Withered, Now Tonsorial Operatives Proffer Perfectly Elegant Replacement TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%CRUISE CONTROLCar Runs Uniformly If Specialty's Engaged Correctly - One Needn't Turn Right Or Left.Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%CRYSTALCommitted Relationship - Yearly Salute That Affection's LastingAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the crystal (15th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%CSCCitizens, Send CashJeff Anonymous (In reference to ezboard.com's premium service)Re-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce100%CSI - MIAMICaruso Squashing Injustice -- Magnifying Image As Mortifying IconRichard Leppig (that's me) Enjoying CSI, the original, the Vegas version. Now with this Miami edition, it's not about solving crimes anymore, it's about how these gruesome crimes affect David Caruso. It's becoming pervasive; anything else I see now of a particularly savage nature, I wonder, how would David feel? He's a crime magnet. Everywhere something happens, there he is. It's getting tougher to see just what he's looking at. "David, will you step aside a little?" Well, thanks for letting me vent.Entertainment:TV shows100%CUBACommunism's Unpopular Bastion, AmericawiseTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CUBA (2)Cigars Used By AmericansAngela BrettPlaces:Countries100%CUBECompletely Unirregular Blocky EntityTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%CUBICLESCompanies Use Businessmen In Claustrophobic Little Environments, SadlyTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:BuildingsPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%CUBSCute Ursine Babies, SometimesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%CUB SCOUTChild Unusual Boy, Samples Capabilities Of Useful TalentsJan MorganSports & Recreation:Scouts100%CUCUMBERCan't Understand Charm, Undesirable Munchie, But Everyone RavesJan MorganFood & Drink100%CUDDLEChildren Usually Do Discover Love ExistsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CUDDLE (2)Curb Unholy Desires, Discover Love Emotionally.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%CULTCommunity Usually Lacking TheologyTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%CUPContainer, Usually PouringKenny Roy & Tamaryn RoyHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils82%CUPERTINOCreative Use of Programming Expertise Revolutionalised The Industry in Nonstandard Offices.Angela Brett, referring to the Cupertino garage in which Apple Computer, Inc, began.Places:Towns & Cities:USA93%CUPERTINO CITYComputers Unlimited - People Employ Robots To Install Nano-components. Originally Constructing It Took YearsTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%CUPFULContent Usually Poured Fully Until LevelDustan DowsingFood & Drink100%CUPIDCreates Ultimate Passions In DuosTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%CUPPACompany! Ursula, Please Pour Another.Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks100%CUPSCareful Use Prevents SpillagesTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%CUREChemicals Used? Remedy's ExpectedTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs100%CURFEWCan't Understand Reason For Evening WreckerAngela BrettTime100%CURIOUSCaused Unusual Response I Only Understood SlightlyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%CURIUMCan Unleash Radiation If Used Meetly.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%CURLSCoiled, Untamed Ringlets Look Swell!Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%CURRICULUMCourse Under Regular Review In College - Unto Library Users MaximumTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%CURRICULUM VITAECareer's Unlikely References Results In Creating Uncheckable Lies, Usually Magnifying Vocation, Intended To Achieve EmploymentTony McCoy O'Grady (Most CVs wouldn't stand up to careful scrutiny)People & Relationships:The Workforce100%CURRICULUM VITAE (2)Cumbersome University Résumé Reflects Institutional Clumsiness, Ultimately Lengthening Usually Moderately-Volumed Information To Amplified EvilnessJeff Anonymous, noting that a c.v. is a very cumbersome thing, and that there is a reason that resumes are preferable for ninety-nine out of a hundred jobs. (Angela and Tony don't see any such difference between the two, but it's still a good acronym.)People & Relationships:The Workforce100%CURSECan Undo Resource's Software EncodingAngela Brett (see YARP)Computers:Windows:Applications:The opposite of PRAY100%CURSEDCompletely Uncouth Ruffian Swore, Execrating Deity! TMcCO'GReligionCommunication86%CURSORComputers Usually Rely on Systems Of RecursionSean LambComputers100%CURTAINCloth Used Regularly Turns Atmosphere Into NighttimeTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects75%CURTISCarefully Urges Ranking, Tae-kwon-do Is SchooledJan Morgan -- Randall's first Karate TeacherNames:First names:Male100%CURVATIONCircular Undulating Rounded Vehicles Around Tits In Our Nation2Trppie Inspired by the website http://www.curvation.comHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%CURVESCreating Useful Routine, Vital Exercise SolutionJan Morgan - an exercise placeSports & Recreation100%CUSSCreatively Utter Some Sw**rw*rdsTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%CUSS (2)Can't Understand Such SwearingAngela BrettCommunication94%CUSTOMER REPORTINGCan't Users See That Our Manufacturing Errors Remain Regardless of Everyone Phoning Our Reporting Team? Improvement's Not Gainful.Angela BrettCommerce100%CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONCould Use Some Training On Making Everyone Remember Store As Terrific. I Shouldn't Force A Client To Investigate Our Neighbours.Angela BrettCommerce100%CUSTOMER SERVICECan't Understand Simple Terms Or Makes Excuses Randomly Says Every Record Vanished Internal Combustion EnsuesRico LeffantaCommerce100%CUTEComplete Under Thy EnchantmentTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%CUTESTCompletely Unforgettable Teenager - Exceptionally Sexy Thing TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%CYBELECan You Believe Everything Lives Eternally?Rico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%CYCLISTS SHOULD BE CAREFULCaution Your Children! Lessons In Safe Transport Should Save Harmful Outcomes..... (Unsafe Learner Drivers, Badly Educated, Cause Accidents) .... Repeat Every Fortnight Until Learnt.Tony McCoy O'Grady, explaining: My son was knocked down in a collision between his bicycle and a motorcar. He is not badly injured and we are unsure as to who was at fault, but as his father I have decided that the car driver was ;-)Transport100%CYLINDERCircular Yet Long, It Neatly Drains Excess Rainwater.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%CYMBELINEControlled Yet Majestic Briton, Exile Leads Into Nightmarish ExperienceTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CymbelineArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Cymbeline100%CYNDAQUILComplete Yellowbelly - Normally Defensive. Attackers Quickly Understand 'Inflamed Lumbar'Angela Brett (Cyndaquil is Pokemon #155)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%CYNTHIACousin, Young Nice Trustworthy Helpful Individual, AffableJan Morgan -- a person I knowNames:First names:Female86%CYPRUSConflicted Yet Peaceful Really, Under (the) Surface.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CYSTCavity - Yet Sore & TenderTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%CYTOLOGYCells Your Teacher Obviously Learned Overwhelming Growing YoungRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%CZECHOSLOVAKIACommunist Zone Economically, Comrade Havel Ouster Soviet Led Oligarchy Valiantly And Kremlin-Independence Attained.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CZECH REPUBLICCommunist Zone Economically, Comrade Havel Recently Established Popular Uprising Becoming Liberal Independent Country.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%CZERNYCultural Zenith; Entertainment Really, Not YodellingSean Lamb (Karl Czerny was an Austiran composer who studied with Beethoven)Entertainment:Music:Artists67%DADearly-loved AgnateTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family75%DABDots Applied (with) BrushDustan DowsingArt & Literature100%DACEDid A Carp Evolve?Angela Brett, in a 2a.m. attempt at the first D acronym.Science:Biology:Animals100%DACHSHUNDDogs And Cats Have Sometimes Had Unusually Nice DealingsAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DADDick Added DNAAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%DAD (2)Desired A DaughterAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%DADDYDear Adult Dutifully Dotes, YoungJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Family100%DADDY'S LABDon't Analyse Decay Data, You Should Love A Boy.Angela Brett, on the song by Les Horribles Cernettes (you can download it or read the lyrics at http://musiclub.web.cern.ch/MusiClub/bands/cernettes/songs/daddy.html)Entertainment:Music:SongsScience:Physics100%DAEWOODrive An Engine, Without Overdrive, OrdinarilyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%DAFFODILDumb Arrogant Fragrant Flower Or Daughter-In-LawRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Plants100%DAFFODIL DAYDo A Favour... Fork Over Dollars. Imitation Leafy Daff Awaits You.Angela Brett (Daffodil day is when fake daffodils are sold to raise funds for the Cancer Society)Time:Special Occasions100%DAGONETDunce Arranged Gaiety Of Nobles, Entertaining Them.Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%DAIHATSUDrivers Are In Heaven Aboard This Stylish UnitTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%DAIRYDecadent Attributes In Richness, YummyJan Morgan - Dairy Products Can Be Made into Some Pretty Rich DessertsFood & Drink92%DAIRY PRODUCEDiets Are Intolerably Restrictive. Your Poundage Reduces Only Decimal-pointedly Under Controlled EatingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:BiologyFood & Drink100%DAISYDo Anything Intimate; She's Yours!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%DALEDown Along Leafy EnvironmentTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%DALLASDaydreams About Love, Lust And SexRico LeffantaPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%DAMIENDevil's A Monstrous Infant - Evil & NastyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in the movie 'The Omen'Names:First names:MaleArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%DAMNDidn't Acronymise... More Needed.Steve Keate and Angela Brett, because Eric had created enough new acronyms to overtake Steve on the hall of fame.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%DANCEDisplay A Novel Choreography EffectTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:MusicSports & Recreation100%DANCE (2)Disco Ability Nicely Conceals ExerciseJan MorganEntertainment:MusicSports & Recreation100%DANCE (3)Dynamic Ability Nicely Carries EveryoneJan MorganEntertainment:MusicSports & Recreation100%DANCE (4)Date A Nice Co-EdJan MorganEntertainment:MusicSports & Recreation100%DANDELIONDelightful, Although Natural Dispersement Endangers Lawns If Openly NeglectedTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%DANDELION (2)Drunk As Nostrum, Diuretic Effect Lingers, Inconveniently, Over NightPatricia RixFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%DANDELION (3)Dilute As Necessary & Drink. Emit Liquids Intensely Over Nighttime Tony (Dandelion is known as 'piss-the-bed' because of it's diuretic properties.)Food & Drink:Condiments:Herbs86%DANGERDeath Awaits... (the) Non-Gallant Exit Running.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%DANGER (2)Disasterous Activities Nervously Gives Everyone ReflectionJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%DANIELDuring A Nasty Interlude, Encounters Lion.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%DANIEL (2)Doesn't Appreciate Nuances In English Language TMcCO'G, after somebody on the Apronyms forums said that he needed an alliteration for Daniel.Names:First names:MaleCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%DANIELADrop 'A' - Name Is Exactly Like Another.Angela BrettNames:First names:Female100%DANIELLEDoes Activities Naturally Is Effortlessly Loving Life EnergeticallyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%DANISHDefinitely A Nourishment I Should HaveAngela BrettFood & Drink100%DARLDoesn't Actually Run LinuxSean Lamb (Referring to Darl McBride, the CEO of SCO)Names:Famous peopleComputers:Linux88%DARLINGDo Acronyms Really Lead Incisors to Need Grinding?Angela Brett, when Tony gritted his teeth when she addressed him as 'Darling' in KEYBOARDPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DARLING (2)Dear And Respected Lover In Nude GymnasticsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DARLING (3)Diana - Adored Royal Lying In Neat GraveMary Carr and Angela BrettPolitics:Royalty100%DARLING (4)Dearest Amour, Real Love Is Never Gone.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DARTH VADERDonned A Really Terrible Helmet, Voyaged After Dimwitted Empath Relative.Jeff AnonymousArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%DARWINDank Australian Region Where Ideas NatterRico LeffantaPlaces:Towns & Cities100%DARYLDoes Act Really Young, LuckilyJan MorganNames:First names100%DASTARDDimwitted Activist Superior To All Retarded DumbosAngela BrettMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%DATA CENTRALIZATIONDo All The Acronyms Created Editorially Need To Relate And Lexically Indicate Zero Affiliation To Imagination Or Not?Sean LambWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%DATEDinner Advancing The EntertainmentRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DATE (2)Designated As Temporal EventAngela BrettTime100%DATESDo Anything To Escape SituationRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DATSUNDrive At Top Speed Until Nackered Had a Datsun 15 years ago. Painted this on its hood in big letters. Got heaps of laughs and no body said they had heard it before, but has bound to have been thought of. I can't guarantee I was the first. Later BroTransport:Car Makes & Models100%DAUPHINDispatching An Unusual Present Hastens Idiot's NemesisTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry V100%DAVEDid Astronaut View EternityTony McCoy O'Grady (The main human character in 2001 was called Dave)Names:First names:MaleArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%DAVE (2)Desires A Veal EntrecoteTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%DAVENDiscovered Apronyms Via Entering NameAngela Brett, after somebody posted on the Apronyms forums, 'It's Daven here I was searching google for your name and found this'Names:First names:MaleCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%DAVIDDid A Valiant 'Impossible' DeedTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MaleReligion100%DAVID (2)Delicious And Very Interesting Dessert Me my Mom and Stepdad where thinking of different acronyms and this one was the funniest we thought of.Names:You Are What You Eat100%DAVID (3)Does All Vital Income Depart?Jan Morgan - Someone I know that struggles with incomeNames:First names:Male100%DAVID LETTERMANDuring A Very Irksome Disease, Laughter Excelled To Tremendously Enrich Recovery. Man Astounds Network.joybuttonEntertainment:TV shows:Talk Shows100%DAWDLEDally A While, Don't Look EnergeticTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%DAWNDoes Absolute Worthwhile NurturingJan Morgan - a good person I knowNames:First names:Female100%DAWN (2)Deceiving Antagonistic Warmonger NatureJan Morgan - a not so nice person I knowNames:First names:Female100%DAYDawn Arrives, Yes!Roger WilliamsTime95%DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIMEDawn Arrives Yesterday, Like It Generally Has These Several Aeons. Very Irritating and Needless Gaffe Since There Isn't More Eveningtime.Tony McCoy O'GradyTime100%DAYSDaze At Year Start!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Hope these Rough DAYS do not lead to a Rough Year! Glad: not a drink over half my 58 year sojourn. No New Year Party for this Organic Vegan.Time100%DAYTONADrivers Are Yearning To Open Necessary AccelerationJan Morgan - Drivers Start your engines for the raceSports & Recreation100%DDSDoesn't Do Spleens!Angela Brett (DDS usually stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery)Re-expansions of existing acronymsEducation:QualificationsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%DDTDarn Dat Toxin!Jeff AnonymousRe-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Chemistry100%DEADDidn't Earlier Admit DefeatAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEAD (2)Drank Ethanol And DroveAngela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEAD (3)Defunct Entity, Already DepartedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEAD (4)Doesn't Exhale Anymore - DeceasedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEADMAN'S BUTTONDevice Employed As Defensive Mechanism Against Napping Staff By Using The Tension Of NormalitySean Lamb. The Deadman's Button is a device installed in lomotives that must remain depressed by the engineer (usually under his/her foot) to prevent the brakes from being applied; the theory is that if the engineer had a lapse of consciousness (falling asleep, heart attack, whatever), his foot would come off the button, thus applying the brakes.Transport:Trains100%DEALERSHIPDruggies Earn A Living Encouraging Regularly Smoking Hashish In PipesTony McCoy O'GradyDrugsCommerce100%DEANDoes Educating At NightRico LeffantaNames:First names:MaleEducation:Occupations100%DEARTHDoes Every Asset Represent The Hole?Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DEATHDecaying Elderly Advances To Heaven.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEATH (2)Devout Expect Afterlife - Tentatively Heaven.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEATH (3)Dealt Everyone, According To Hoyle.Rico Leffanta, who explained to a puzzled Angela that E. Hoyle (1672-1769) wrote THE rule book for card games, hence the international expression "according to Hoyle".People & Relationships:Death100%DEATH (4)Delights End At This Hour.Timothy ChambersPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEATH (5)Don't Ever Assume Tomorrow'll HappenAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:AdvicePeople & Relationships:Death100%DEATH (6)Discerned Eternally, Assuming There's Heaven/HellAngela Brett -- If we simply cease to exist upon death, then we are alive for the entire time we're aware of anything at all, which (from the individual's perspective) is equivalent to living forever. If we each have an eternal 'afterlife' in which we know we're dead, then we are only alive for an insignificantly finite amount of time and dead ever after. Thus the 'eternal life' promised by Heaven is more an eternal death. I doubt many would disagree that Hell is also an eternal death.People & Relationships:Death100%DEATH EATERDutiful Entities Arrange Treacherous Haunts, Evil Advantage Tries Explosive RebellionJan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%DEBACLEDoing Everything Because A Clitoris Loves ExcitementRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DEBBIEDoesn't Every Boy Become Instantly EnamouredTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%DEBBIE (2)Duties Entail Being Brave In EndeavorsJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%DEBIANDebian Exists Because It's Altogether Nicer.Criggie (Debian is a linux distribution)Computers:Linux100%DEBRADivine Emissary Beeing Resisted AggressionsAngela Brett -- according to http://tools.oxygen.com/babynamer/Content.cfm?ContentTypeID=1002&NameID=16085&BabySiteID=7712592, Debra comes from Hebrew 'Dvorah' meaning Bee, and According to the Jewish scriptures, Deborah was one of the earliest judges, or leaders, of her people. Considered a divinely inspired prophetess, she mobilized the Jewish nation (which was only beginning to regard itself as such) to affirm its relationship to God and to resist the aggressions of the neighboring Canaanites. Names:First names:Female100%DEBRISDeafening Explosions Bring Residual Incendiary SedimentSean Lamb (debris is always left over after an explosion, so...)People & Relationships:Disaster100%DEBRIS (2)Destroying Everything Brings Rubble Into SightSean LambPeople & Relationships:Disaster89%DEBUGGERDevice for Exterminating Bugs (Used Gingerly), Gaining Extra RightnessGavin LambertComputers:Programming100%DECADICDials Elegantly Click - Actually Digital, If CountermodernJeff Anonymous, referring to pulse telephone dialing, a digital system, and the rotary dial phones that implement it. I keep a Western Electric 500-type rotary phone next to my iBook to remind me that while newer isn't always better, elegance is timeless. Or more practically, it doesn't fall off the desk.Communication80%DECEMBERDecorate Early for Christmas... Else Maybe Big Event is Ruined.Angela BrettTime:Months89%DECEMBER (2)Darkness Encompasses, Christmas Encroaches, Much Busy Expenditure of Resources.Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months89%DECEMBER (3)Definite Enlightenment Comes, Ensuring Messiah's Birth is Enthusiastically Remembered.Dustan DowsingReligionTime:Months100%DECEMBER (4)Dreadful -Expletive- Conditions - Expect More Bloody Endless RainTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months0%DECENCY DEMANDSDespite Escalating Crassness (I) Essentially Need (to) Caution You... Dire Expletives Militate Against Normal Discussion StandardsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%DECIBELDo Echoing Chords Injure Bandmembers' Eardrums, Lately?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%DECIMAL POINTDot Emphasising Change In Magnitude... Any Leftward Part's Obviously Integral, Nearby's Tenths.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics91%DECLENSIONDead in English, Commendably. Latin Exists, Needing Some Inflection Of Nouns.Jeff Anonymous, noting that except for personal pronouns, case is basically gone fron English, and declension with it.Science:Linguistics100%DECOMPOSEDeath Ends Complex Organic Molecular Processes - O Sweet EternityTony McCoy O'Grady, after reading COMPOSEPeople & Relationships:Death100%DEDEDoes Every Duty EloquentlyJan Morgan - Trudy's sweet daughterNames:First names:Female100%DEDICATEDDescribes Edifice, Declaring It Called After The Exalted DeadTony McCoy O'Grady - thinking of buildings which are named - or renamed - in honour of national heroes/heroinesPlaces:BuildingsHistory100%DEDICATED (2)Doing Everything Described In Command, And Then Extra - Devoted!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%DEDICATED (3)Doesn't Ever Deviate. Is Concerned About The Exact DifficultyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%DEDICATIONDutifully Engraved Discourse Inside Cover, Author Thanks Inspiration Of NovelTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature100%DEEDDue Extreme End: DivorceAngela Brett, referring to the title of a property which has to be split in a divorce.People & Relationships:Law & OrderPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%DEERDoe's Experience Ever Replayed Angela Brett, referring to BambiScience:Biology:AnimalsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%DEER (2)Dawn/Dusk Eats, Evironmental RitualJan MorganScience:Biology:Animals100%DEFAULTDesigner Encapsulated 'Favourite' As Usual Look / ThemeTony McCoy O'Grady who feels that not all default settings are the most logical, therefore they are probably the favourite of the makersMain100%DEFENSEDetective's Evidence-Finding Etiquette Not Strictly EndorsedAngela Brett (If TV shows are to be believed, people often get off because the evidence which proves their guilt was not obtained in the right way.)People & Relationships:Law & Order93%DEFINE APRONYMSDictionary Entry Found In Next Edition: Acronyms' Peaks! Represent O'Grady's Neologism! Yare Mnemonic Self-definitions!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%DEFINESDictionary Entry Found In Next Edition Says/StatesCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Linguistics100%DEFROSTDiminish Established Frigid Rigid Obduracy Somewhat TemperatelyRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%DEGRADEDead Entities Gently Rot And Decay EventuallyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:DeathScience:Environment100%DEGREEDiploma Evinces Generally Recognized Extensive Education.Tony McCoy O'GradyEducation:Qualifications100%DEITYDoesn't Exist; It's Truly YourselfAngela BrettReligion100%DEITY (2)Designer Evolution: Image Toward YahwehAngela BrettReligion100%DELAWAREDutch Explored, Leading Attempts, Wildlife And Refuge ExtensiveJan Morgan - leading Attempts = Dupont Products and several wildlife & refuge places Places:States & Regions100%DELIVERYDirect Everything Lost If Verification Exists Register YawnRico LeffantaTransport100%DELLDon't Eat Live LeadsTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat86%DELPHIDouble-talking Eminence Left People Half-Informed.Tony McCoy O'Grady... the oracle at Delphi never gave plain prophesies, they were always open to at least two interpretations.ReligionPlaces:Towns & CitiesHistory100%DELTADepositing Effluvium, Land's Terribly AqueousTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%DEMENTORDistressful Entities, Memories End Negatively Tragic, Objectionable RamificationsJan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter90%DEMETRIUSDespite Eye-juice Muddling Everything True Romance Is Ultimately SettledTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream83%DEMOCRITUSDeterministic Explanation of Motion... Omniscient Creator Refuted, Instead, The Universe is Stochastic.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%DENDoesn't Even Network DEN = Directory-Enabled Networking (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%DENIALDespite Evidence, Nobody Is Admitting LiabilityTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%DENIMDon't Eat - Nutrition Is Minimal.Angela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%DENISEDiverse Energetic Nice Individual Seeks EternityJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female78%DENMARKDanes Enjoy Nothing More (than) A Real Knees-up.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%DENTISTDon't Extract Nine Teeth, I've Second Thoughts!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%DENTIST (2)Dohn Eggtak Ny Teeh, I'n Sehen TawsTony McCoy O'Grady, simulating the sound of someone trying to talk while in the dentist's chair.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%DENTURESDentists Extract Natural Teeth Using Revenue Enhancement SchemesRico LeffantaHousehold Objects100%DEPENDSDetermined Efforts Personally Exceeds, Noted Dependability StandingJan MorganAssorted Verbs100%DEPOSITDon't Empty Purse On Sprees... Invest Treasure.Angela Brett, who had only deposit slips next to her bed to write on when the acronyms started coming late at night.Commerce:Money100%DEPOSIT (2)Deems Every Penny Of Sufficient Interest, Thanks!Tony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%DEPRESSEDDon't Expect Progress, Rather Expect Stasis, Sadness & Enduring DejectionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%DEPRESSED (2)Dismal Expression Portends Reverse Extreme, So Sulking Ensues, DramaticallyPatricia Rix, thinking of manic depressiveScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%DEPRESSIONDowncast Expression? Perhaps Reason's Evident - Sad Situation's Isn't Over NowTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%DEPTH OF FIELDDistinctly Elemental Photographic Technique Helps Offer Fine Focus In Every Little DetailSean Lamb (beginning photography students learn that a smaller aperture gives a greater depth of field in their photos)Art & Literature100%DESDEMONADefiantly Endures Suspicion, Dreadful End Makes Obsessive's Nature ApparentTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's OthelloArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Othello100%DESERTDry Earth; Seldom Ever Rains There.Roger WilliamsPlaces100%DESIGNDelightfully Exciting Sketch Is Genuinely NovelTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature100%DESKTOP SUPPORTDoesn't Everyone Seek Knowledge To Operate Personal Systems? Users Persistently Perplex Our Resourceful TechnologySean LambComputers100%DESMOND MORRISDarwin Examined Simian Mysteries Over Naked Dames Maybe Our Relationships Recall Innate SecretsRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers100%DESPERATIONDire Extreme Situation - Prompt Emergency Rescue And Treatment Is Obviously NeededTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%DESTROYDemolish Everything Simply To Remove Other YouthKenny RoyAssorted Verbs100%DETECTEDDetailed Examination That Eventually Caught The Evil Doer(s)Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%DETECTIVEData Encoded To Enable Clinical Trials In Veterans' EnvironmentTony McCoy O'Grady, when someone asked on the Acronyms Forums for an acronym to describe an online data acquisition program for the Department of Veterans Affairs. See http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/list.cgi?id=acronyms&user=&session=&root=1054739638 for more information.Computers:Internet:VA Data Acquisition100%DETERMATHATIONSDaily Explain/Energise/Engineer! Test/ Extend Reality! Multiply Algorithms / Tools Habile! Advance/Adapt! Transfinites: Infinities/Increasing/Infinitely, Observe Nuances! Sciences/Study!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:MathematicsWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words93%DETERMINATIONDon't Ever Tire... Even Real Mountains In Nature Are 'Tamed'. Imaginary Ones No-sweat!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%DETERMINEDDoing Everything To Ensure Results - Make Intense, Necessary, Efforts DailyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%DEUTERONOMYDelightfully Erudite Undertaking, Ten Edicts Read Out, Nous Of Moses. Yes! Eric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%DEVIDivine Eternal Vacillates InspirationRico LeffantaReligion:Hindu Goddesses100%DEVILDemonic, Evil Villain Is LuciferAngela BrettReligion100%DEVIL (2)Doesn't Enjoy Virtue In LifeAngela BrettReligion100%DEVON TARRSTEPSDawdling Eventually Ventures Onward Nicely, Truly Ancient Road, Rock Steps Traverse Every Pedestrian SafelyJan Morgan -- ancient people built these steps to cross a river, very natural looking stepping stones that don't get your feet wet when you crossed them.Places:Landmarks100%DIABETESDisease Is Awful. Body Excretes (Tragically) Excess SugarTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DIAGRAMDrawings (Incorporating Artistic Graphs?) Reinforce Article's MessageTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication84%DIALOGUE STYLE ACRONYMS[Tony] "Did I Attempt Lately One Great Untried Endeavour?" [Angela] "Sure Thing, You Listed Elements..." [Jeff] "... And Countries" [Tony] "Right, One Needs Your Mates Sometimes."Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%DIALUPDelves Into Analogue Line's Untapped PotentialAngela BrettComputers:Internet100%DIAMONDDivine Intervention Affects Marriage, Or Necessity, Destiny.Angela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the diamond (60th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%DIANDrives Inhabitants Around NatureRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%DIANADied In A Nasty AccidentAngela Brett, referring to Diana, Princess of Wales.Politics:Royalty:Royals100%DIANA (2)Deceives Idiot And Nurtures AllyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:All's Well That Ends Well100%DIANA DORSDoes It And Never Apologises Demimonde Of Reckless SocietyRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%DIAPERDirty It And Parent Efficiently ReplacesAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%DIAPER (2)Disposable Is A Preferred Experience, ReallyTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%DIAPER (3)Drips Intercepted And (Perfectly Efficiently) RetainedTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%DIARRHOEADashing In And Running Repeatedly, Hogging Outhouse, Evacuating Again.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DICEDeals In Chance EventsSean LambHousehold ObjectsEntertainment:Games100%DICK HEADDecidedly Ignorant Childish Kid Heeding Endless Arrogant DrivelMary CarrPeople & Relationships:Insults100%DICTIONARYDo I Consider Term Is Often Needed And Real? Yes!Angela BrettScience:LinguisticsArt & Literature:Book Titles100%DIDODie I Do. Oh...Lizzie - Dido stabbed herself on a funeral pyre and was consumed in the flames after Aeneas rejected her.Art & Literature:Myths & Legends100%DIE BRUCKEDying Is Easy But Realistically Use Children Knight ErrantsRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%DIEGODid It Ever Get Optional?Jan Morgan - since when does San Diego get abbreviated to just Diego? It's not long enough to warrant such a shortening of the city name!Places:Towns & Cities:USA100%DIESELDirty Internal Engines Should Emit LessTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%DIETDare I Eat That?Angela BrettFood & DrinkPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene94%DIFFERENTLY WELLDon't Immediately Find Fault... Each Rudeness, Each Not-Totally-Like-You-ness Will Enhance Lecherous LuxuryAngela Brett, after Patricia responded to Tony's MASSAGE THERAPY (3) with, "You are brilliant, though sick!" and Tony replied, "I'm not sick, just 'differently well'"People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DIFFERENT THOUGHT'Deep' Is Famed Family Elder, Reckoned Everything's Numeric Total. This Handier One Usually Graphically Helped Thinking.Angela Brett, explaining: I named my POWERBOOK 1400CS 'Different Thought' as I thought she might be a distant relative of 'Deep Thought' of 'Hitch-hikers' Guide to the Galaxy' fame, and also because of the Apple slogan, 'Think different.' Different Thought's web pages are at http://acronyms.co.nz/angela/mac/differentthought/Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware:Angela's Apples100%DIFFICULTDoes It Feel Funny? It Contrasts Usual Light Tasks.Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%DIGDelve Into GroundRoger WilliamsAssorted Verbs100%DIGLETTDwells In Ground, Likes Eating Tender TubersAngela Brett (Diglett is Pokemon #50)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%DIKEDivinely Inspires Kinky EscapadesRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%DILEMMADeep Indecision: Let's Employ Much Muddled AnalysisLeo BoyesPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DILIGENTDoggedly Impacting List, I've Gotta Expand New Terms!Angela Brett, after diligently expanding a lot of the terms from the unsuccessful searches list.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%DIMDark In MattersJan MorganAssorted Adjectives100%DIMPLEDepression In Mid-Phizog Looks EndearingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%DIMWITDirector, Internal Mushroom Warehouse Irrigation TechniquesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations:Humorous Job Titles100%DINNERDigestion Is Nice, Now Everyone's RepleteTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%DINNER (2)Don't Ingest Noisily - Never Eat RadishesTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%DINNER (3)Didn't I Notice Nobody's Eating Ratatouille?Patricia RixFood & Drink100%DINODown Is Not OutSean Lamb, because dinosaurs always tend to be popular with the kids.Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%DIOMEDESDallies Inconclusively Over Maiden Eventually Duels Eavesdropping SoldierTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%DIOPHANTUSDecided Influence On Precise, Handwritten Algebraic Notation. Thought Unpositives Superfluous.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%DIPLODOCUSDiplodocus Is Plainly Large. One Dinosaur's Outrageous Corpulence Upsets Scientists.Sean Lamb, because dinosaurs always tend to be popular with the kids.Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%DIPLOMADegree Is Presented, Lots Of Merrymaking Activity.Tony McCoy O'GradyEducation:Qualifications100%DIPSOMANIAC (2)Drink In Pleasant Surroundings. Our Merriment's Arranged Nightly In Attractive Cellars.Tony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%DIPSYDancing Is Pleasant - So Youthful!Angela Brett, whose nieces love the TELETUBBIES.Entertainment:TV shows83%DIRECTIONSDivine Inspiration's Required, Everyone Cannot Truly Interpret Old-wives-tales Northerly SignalsTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Positions & Directions100%DIRTY"Doing It" Repeatedly - To Yourself!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DIRTY MINDDirtiness Is Relative - Tony, Your Mate, Is Ninetimes Dirtier!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after the HILARIOUS (2) comment.Words & Wordplay:Rudeness100%DIRTY OLD IRISHMANDrunkenness Is Retreating - Tony's Years Off Lager Decidedly Improved Relationships, & In Sobriety He May Acronymise Nicely.Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing. Tony is often referred to as 'The DOI' and it seemed to need acronymising. See also THE MAD IRISHMAN.Names:Acronymists100%DISABILITYDoesn't Imply Stupidity... Affected Brain Isn't Limited In Thought, Y'know.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DISAPPEARDid I See A Professional Performer Eliminate A Rabbit?Angela BrettEntertainment100%DISARMDetectives Insist Submachineguns Are Removed MasterfullyTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%DISASTERDo Infernos Stop After Several Tsunamis Enter Region?Angela BrettSciencePeople & Relationships:Disaster100%DISCDoes Injure Someone's ColonJeff AnonymousComputers:Do Not Eat100%DISC (2)Does It Still Compile?Sean Lamb (DISC really means Digital Interactive Systems Corp., a company marketing a new computer-in-a-box gaming console)Re-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:CompaniesComputers:Games100%DISCIPLINEDutifully I Surrender Control - If Punishment Looms I'm Naughtily ExcitedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust77%DISCLAIMERDenying Interlocutor the Satisfaction of Causing Long Agonising Intricate Meditation, (thus) Ensuring Rest.Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying he should have a DISCLAIMER at the end of each message stipulating that "None of the words or phrases above will be accepted if returned for Challenge Acronymising." This after Angela had challenged him to acronymise several LONG WORDs.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms91%DISCOURSESDealing In Strategically Calculated Oral Utterations Regarding Specific Events or SubjectsimposedCommunication90%DISCWORLDDrifting In Space Creating Weird Occurrences. Reality Low in Demand.Dustan Dowsing, referring to the series of novels by Terry Pratchett.Art & Literature100%DISEASEDamn I'm Sick! Excruciating Aches & Soreness EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DISEASE (2)Direly Incapacitated Situation - Each Ache Seems Endless!Patricia RixScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DISGUSTINGDirty Item, Smutty, Genuinely Ugly, Stomach Turning! It's Not Good!Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships:Insults100%DISHABILLEDressing In Slippers Hoping Any Body In Love Loves EurythmicsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DISHONORDisgraceful, In Shameful Habits Of Negative Options, Really!Jan MorganPeople & Relationships100%DISHONOURDisgraceful In Shameful Habits Of Negative Options Used RegularlyJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%DISKDigestus Interruptus - Slender Kilojoules.Steve Keate and Angela Brett (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%DISNEYLANDDynamic Imaginative Satisfaction, Notably Enchants Youthful Living Adventurer, Necessarily Delivers.Jan Morgan - Magical amusement park that delivers satisfaction to all who have a youthful heartPlacesEntertainment100%DISORDERDisorganised Individual Should Occasionally Remove Dirt & Eject Rubbish TMcCO'G - parent to a teenager!Assorted Nouns100%DISTRICTDistinctly Irregular - Somewhere That Reaches Into Contiguous TownlandsTony McCoy O'Grady: a 'district' is usually a less than precisely defined region, whereas a townland is usually the smallest recognised area in local geography. A district usually comprises several townlands or parts of them.Places100%DITTODouble It, To This OpinionTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%DITTO (2)Does Impressions - Transforms To Opponent!Angela Brett (Ditto is Pokemon #132)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%DIVERSEDifferent, Indeed Varied, Entities Reach Separate EndsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%DIVINGDribbling In Vulvas Incites Naked GirlsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustSports & Recreation100%DIVINITYDelicious Item, Variety Is Nutty, Incredible Treat, YummyJan Morgan -- Yummy CandyFood & Drink:Confectionery100%DIVORCEDone Indulging Vows, Onto Rampant Copulation, Etc.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%DIVORCE (2)Deceitful Infidelity Very Often Responsible. Coupling Ends.Eric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%DIVORCEDDepressed/Deceived/Dishonest Individual, Vows Obliterated, Restoring Conscious Effort, DeniedJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%DIVORCED (2)Destructive Individual, Vows Obliterated, Restoring Conscious Efforts DeniedJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%DIVORCED FEMALEDespite Internationallyrecognised Vows, One's Recanted (Claiming Evil Deeds From Errant Mate?) And Looking ElsewhereTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce86%DJANGODance and Jump. A Natural Guitarist's Outstanding!Sean Lamb (who spent a day enjoying the gypsy swing guitar of Django Reinhardt)Entertainment:Music:Artists100%DJIBOUTIDesert Jutting Into Bay Ordains Unendurable Temperatures Internally.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%DMCADon't Make Cables Abroad It's not just DeCSS that US Customs doesn't want coming into the country. Check out http://www.cs.umn.edu/~mcmillen/dmca for another viewpoint. (DMCA usually stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act)Re-expansions of existing acronymsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order80%DMCA (2)Don't Make Copies of Anything DMCA = Digital Millennium Copyright Act (US Congress)Re-expansions of existing acronymsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%DNADaddy Not Available DNA usually stands for Deoxyribonucleic AcidRe-expansions of existing acronymsScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Family100%DNSDotted Numbers SynonymsAngela Brett (DNS usually stands for Domain Name System)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%DOCHDefinite Open Contradiction (Handy!)Grace FrancisScience:Linguistics:German Words100%DOCTORDispenser Of Cures, Taker Of Revenue.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%DOCTOR (2)Digital Online Consulting Tool, Or ReferenceTony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE) I can see this in use as someone says "Let's see what the DOCTOR has to say...."Computers:Internet:VA Data Acquisition100%DOCTORATE OF PHILOSOPHYDoes One Consider That One Really, Actually, Truly Exists? Or Find People Have Imaginary Lives Only? Should One Pinch/ Hit You?Angela Brett (I think different, therefore iBook)Education:Qualifications100%DOCTORSDozens Of Competent Technicians Offer Remedial SkillsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%DOCTRINE AND COVENANTSDoes Offer Collective Truths, Religious Ideas, Necessary Examination, Always Near Decisions Can Offer Vital Enlightenment, Nourishment As Needed To SearcherJan Morgan - Latter Day Saints important recorded doctrineReligion100%DODGEDucking, Or Diving, Guarantees EvasionTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%DOEDeer - Oestrogen-Enhanced.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DOGDull Organism. Growls.Steve Keate & Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG (2)Disgusting Odour - Gross!Steve Keate & Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG (3)Dependable, Obedient GuardianAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG (4)Drools On GroinSteve KeateScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG (5)Defecates On GardenSteve KeateScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG (6)Disgusting Old GrowlerRoger WilliamsScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG (7)Digital Office Guardcheater200227 -- got the idea when I found the description of a mechanical dog on the internetScience:Biology:AnimalsScience:Electronics100%DOG BONEDug Out & Gnawed By Our Neighbour's Elkhound TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Body Parts100%DOG BONE (2)Did Os Get Buried On Neighbour's Estate?Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts91%DOGCOW DEMODevelopers Often Got Clarus's Other-Worldly Dimensions to Expertly Model Output.Angela Brett... referring to Clarus the two-dimensional dogcow who is most famous for demonstrating the effects of certain options in the 'Page Setup' dialogue box for some printers.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%DOGGYDoberman's Obviously Gonna Get YouTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%DOGMADumping Old Girlfriend Mother ApprovedRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DOGSDefinitely Odorous Greedy SodsMary CarrScience:Biology:Animals100%DOG TIREDDrowsy, Or Getting Tetchy, I'd Rather Experience Dormancy Tony McCanine O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%DOH!Dimwitted Oafish HickTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words92%DOING NOTHINGDirty Old Irishman and Nutty Girl Natter Over Their Handy Inter Net GatewaysAngela Brett.Assorted Verbs100%DOLLARDoesn't Offer Love Life Any RaptureRico LeffantaCommerce:Money100%DOLORESDinner Often Leads Onto Romantic Evening SiestaRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female94%DOLORES O'RIORDAN'Doos' Or 'Las' Often Recur... Every Song Offers Recordings In Oral Realm [that] Don't Articulate Nuttin'.Angela BrettEntertainment:Music:Artists100%DOLPHINDo Other Linuxes Pursue Human Interface Niceties?Sean Lamb (Dolphin was the code name for Mandrake Linux 9.0; Mandrake has been known as the "user-friendly" Linux)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%DOMAIN NAMEDotcom Operation Means Acquiring Internet Name Nobody's Already Made ExclusiveTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet100%DOMESTICDesignated Ordinary Maid Except Sometimes Transparently In ChargeRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%DOMINICDirty Old Man Is Needing Intense CleaningTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%DOMINICADensely Overgrown Moist Island, Nevertheless Its Chiefly Agricultural.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%DOMINIQUEDoes One's Memory Involve Nice Images, Questioned Until ExplainedJan MorganNames:First names:Female94%DOMITIUS ENOBARBUSDecamps (to) Octavius's Military Interests. This Is Upon Sensing Egypt's Not Overwhelming, Becoming A Robustly Blunt Unwavering SoldierTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Julius Caesar86%DONGLEDim Oafs Need Greatly to Learn EnglishTony McCoy O'Grady, who couldn't believe that there really is a piece of computer equipment called a DONGLE.Computers:Generic Hardware86%DONGLE (2)Did Older NewZealanders Grow-up Learning Electronics?Tony McCoy O'Grady, when told that Angela had found someone else who knew what a dongle was, but hadn't heard the term for ten years.Computers:Generic Hardware100%DONGLE (3)Devoid Of Nutrition, Gives Little EnergySteve Keate, who is thinking of creating a series of acronyms explaining why not to eat computer accessories.Computers:Do Not Eat100%DONGLE (4)Devoid Of Nutriments - Generally Lacks Edibility TonyComputers:Do Not Eat100%DON JOHNDeceitfully Organizes Nasty 'Jest' Over Hero's NatureTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%DONNADelivers Obnoxious Nuisance, Navigating AttacksJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%DONNYDelightful Orator Nicely Negotiates YieldJan Morgan - gives forth his melodic voice to songNames:First names:Male100%DO NOT YELLDearest One, No-One Thinks You Endearing, Less Loud!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:AdviceCommunication100%DON PEDRODesign Of Noble Prince Ensures Duly Romantic OutcomeTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%DON'T BE RUDEDeeply Obnoxious Nasty Thoughts. Begin Eschewing Rather Undue Dirty ExpressionsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%DON'T PANICDepress One's Natural Thoughts, Please. Angela's Nearly In ControlTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela posted on the FORUMS to say that parts of the ACRONYMS website weren't working, but not to PANIC because she would be fixing it soon.People & Relationships:AdviceComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website97%DON'T TEASE ME ABOUT USING WINDOWSDole's Obviously Not The Top Earner... And Some Extra Money's Excellent, Although Being On Unfriendly Technology Undeniably Stinks. I'm Not Getting on With It - No Desirability Of Writing Source.Angela Brett, who works as a Windows developer but is a Mac developer at heart.Computers:Windows93%DON'T USE WINDOZEDamnit, Only Nincompoops Try Using Such Extremely Wasteful Interface Nefariously Doled Out by Zillionaire Entrepreneur.Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%DONUT HOLESDefinition Of 'Nothingness', Used To Highlight One's Lacking Essential 'Solidity' TMcCO'GFood & Drink100%DOODLEDo One's Own Drawing, Lacking EnthusiasmAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%DOORDon't Open On RouteSteve Keate, referring to a car door.Transport:Car Parts100%DOOR KNOCKERDigitally Operated Object Reveals Knowledge Now Of Caller's Keylessness - Entry Required.Tony McCoy O'Grady - who made this up just to use R@@@@ as his email address on the Acronym Submission FormHousehold Objects100%DOORSDecently Organized Operating & Running Systems!Tony McCoy O'Grady, who asks "Why use windoze when you can use doors?"Computers100%DOPEDulls One's Personal ExperienceAngela BrettDrugs100%DOPE (2)Doesn't Offer People EverythingAngela BrettDrugs100%DOPE (3)Does Offer Pseudo-EnlightenmentAngela Brett and Steve KeateDrugs100%DOPE (4)Diacetylmorphine, Opium, Pot... Everything!Angela BrettDrugs93%DO RE MI FA SO LA TIDarn, Off-key... Redo Etude Making Its Frequency Aurally Sound. Open Lungs And Then Inhale.Angela BrettEntertainment:Music100%DORFDestination Of Rainbow FizzAngela Brett, referring to the town in the book 'The Solitaire Mystery' by Jostein GaarderArt & Literature:Fictional Places100%DORIS DAYDaughter Of Righteous Idiots Singing, "Daisy Awaits Yokel"Rico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%DORKDefinitely One Renowned KlutzTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Insults100%DOTDisturbance Of TintAngela BrettArt & Literature100%DOT COMDoesn't Own Tradable Commodities - Owes MoneyTony McCoy O'Grady: Dotcoms usually don't 'do' much and frequently lose money or are in debt since their inception.Computers:InternetCommerce100%DOTDOTDOTDASHDASHDASHDOTDOTDOTDigital Operator Taps Distress Out To Direct Operations Towards Diverting All Shipping. Help During A Squall / Hurricane - Dispatch A Search Helicopter & Deploy Operative To Dangle Over Those Distressed Or TerrifiedTony McCoy O'Grady, who protested that the SOS acronyms are not reexpansions of an existing acronym, nor is SOS a word as it is always pronounced as a series of three letters ESS-OH-ESS. Angela replied that it still is in the dictionary and has a meaning, so is eligible for expansion - and it's 'pronounced' ..._ _ _...People & Relationships:Disaster100%DOTESDaydreams Over Those Enchanting SmilesTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%DOUBLE POSTINGDon't Often Use Binary Letter Express - Perhaps One Submitted Twice In Naughty Gamefulness?Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela accidentally posted the same message twice on the Acronyms forums.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%DOUBTFULDubious Outcomes Usually Befall Thoughts Fetched Using LunacyKenny RoyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DOUCHEDirt's Off Under Cascading Hot EffusionPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%DOUGHNUTDiet's Obstacle Unusually Great Hot Never Underestimate Taste!Rico LeffantaFood & Drink100%DOUGLAS ADAMSDescription Of Universal Guide Lives As Stories And Drama, And Multiplatform SoftwareAngela Brett, who knows the subject of Douglas Adams' books was only a guide to the galaxy, but it's known universally.Art & Literature:Writers0%DOWNCASTDon't Offer Worries Now - (I'm) Contemplating Abject Sad Thoughts.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%DOWN QUARKDuo On Whole Neutron Quiets Up's 'Affirmative' Reaction KickAngela Brett ('Down' is one of the six types of quark... along with UP QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, CHARM QUARK, TOP QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK. Neutrons are each composed of two down quarks with charge -1/3 each, and one up quark with charge +2/3, giving them an overall charge of zero.)Science:Physics:Particles100%DOWSINGDirty Old Woman Seduced Innocent Nice GuyAngela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, on virginity \=]Names:Acronymists100%DOWSING (2)Divination Of Water Source Is Non-Geophysical.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience100%DRACO MALFOYDemonic Racist Adolescent Clone, Obstinate Malicious Arrogant Louse, Foul Opinionated YahooJan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%DRAFTDeserters Resisted Armed Forces TrainingTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary71%DRAFT (2)Doesn't Really Amount to a Frigging ThingArtemis Hunter (who works in publishing, and knows all about the tyranny of "draft" documents)Art & Literature100%DRAMATIS PERSONAEDetailed Reading And Misinterpreting All The Individual Shakespearean Plays Ensures Results Spell Out Names Acronymically - EventuallyTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays100%DRATINIDragon Rage And Twister: I'm Now IncapacitatedAngela Brett (Dratini is Pokemon #147)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%DRAWBRIDGEDefeats Raiding Assailants When, By Retracting It, Defenders Generally EscapeTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%DRAWINGDepicting Realistically A World Indicates Natural Genius Tony VanGogh O'GradyArt & Literature100%DREADSDaring Reality Envelops Annihilates Death! Saviour!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:EmotionsPeople & Relationships:Death83%DREAMDelirious Realm of Enchantment And MagicAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DREAM (2)During REM, Ethereal Amusement Made.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DREAM (3)Daylight: Reality Ends All Magic.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DREAM (4)Desired Results Encourages Ambitious MindsJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DREAMSDaylight Reveals Everything's A Mind ShowAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%DRMDon't Rip Mp3s DRM = Digital Rights Management (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsEntertainment:Music100%DRM (2)Doesn't Record Media DRM = Digital Rights Management (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputersEntertainment100%DRM (3)Doesn't Really MatterSean Lamb (DRM = Digital Rights Management {Microsoft}; but file sharing will continue after this "feature" is introduced)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%DROLLDeadpan Response Of Little LightheartednessTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%DROMIO OF EPHESUSDoesn't Resent Overmuch Master's Irritability. Offends Often - Floggings Earned! Perhaps He Enjoys Secure Urban SituationTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of ErrorsArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Comedy Of Errors100%DROMIO OF SYRACUSEDeeply Respectful Of Master, Ignorant Of Other Fellow. Servant, Yet Relationship Appears Close Under Strange EventsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of ErrorsArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Comedy Of Errors100%DROUGHTDry Riverbed Or Unwatered Ground; Hard Terrain.Eric Bridgstock, after it was asked if anyone would like to acronymise DROUGHT during an acronym shortage.Science:Meteorology100%DROUGHT (2)Doesn't Rain Often, Usually Ghastly Hot TemperatureEric BridgstockScience:Meteorology100%DROWSYDozily Reposed On Waking, Stretched, Yawned.Angela BrettMain100%DRUGDummy Route Under GroundRico LeffantaDrugs100%DRUG ADDICTDangerous Reactions, Undergoing Gruesome Agonising Delirium - Doing It 'Cold Turkey'Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to NO STRINGS ATTACHED (Strung Out)Drugs100%DRUG LORDDemented Rotten Urban Gangster - Low On Reasoned DebateTony McCoy O'Grady, creating yet another supervillain.MacGirl & KeyBoard:SupervillainsDrugs83%DRUGSDown Right Ugly Gay Sex-machine sasha&kendra inspired by jordan&zachDrugs100%DRUMDeafening Rolls Upset MindRico LeffantaEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%DRUM (2)Damned Rowdy & Un-Musical!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%DRUMSDoing Rudiments Use Motor SkillsJason WilcoxEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%DRUNKDisgustingly, Rottenly Unconscious - Non KineticTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs94%DRUNKEN FUMBLINGSDire Results Usually Not Knowingly Expected. Non-sober Fornication Usually Means Boy Leaves Impregnated Naive Girl SaddenedTony McCoy O'Grady, after watching an 'expose' TV programme on teenage sex in England.DrugsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DSLDarned Speedy Link!Angela Brett, as an alternate expansion of the more common Digital Subscriber Line or Direct Satellite Link.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%DSL (2)Download Something LargeAngela Brett, as an alternate expansion of the more common Digital Subscriber Line.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%DSL (3)Defying Sea-LevelAngela Brett, as an alternate expansion of the more common Deep Submergence Laboratory.Re-expansions of existing acronymsScience100%DSL (4)Don't Say 'Lame'!Angela Brett, as an alternate expansion of the more common Disability Sick Leave.Re-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce100%DSL (5)Domineer Suburban LadsTony McCoy O'Grady, as an alternate expansion of the more common District Scout Leader.Re-expansions of existing acronymsSports & Recreation:Scouts75%DSL (6)Detritus-filled Seabed LevelTony McCoy O'Grady, as an alternate expansion of the more common Deep Scattering Layer.Re-expansions of existing acronymsScience100%DSL (7)Dialup's So Lame!Angela Brett, as an alternate expansion of the more common Digital Subscriber Line.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%DSL (8)Don't Surf LightlyEdwin Hermann, as an alternate expansion of the more common Digital Subscriber Line.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%DSL (9)Dunderheads Surf LoudlyJeff Anonymous, in reference to loud dialup modems (as opposed to Digital Subscriber Line)... no offense intended :)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%DUBLINDon't Usually Build Like It NowadaysAngela BrettPlaces:Towns & Cities100%DUBLIN (2)Despite Umpteen Bridges, Liffey Inhibits NativesAngela Brett (Supposedly there is rivalry between people from different sides of the River Liffey.)Places:Towns & Cities90%DUCHESS OF GLOUCESTERDesires Ultimate Career (for) Husband. Extremely Stupid. Sets Off Fatal Goings-on - Lured On Unto Coven & Entrapped. Spy Then Effects RevelationTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%DUCKDive Under Cover, KidTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs80%DUCK (2)Dabbling Upside-down Consuming KrillPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%DUCK BILLDarwin Users Can Kick Butt Ignoring Lucre LeaderAngela Brett, speculating that the DarwinOS mascot Hexley (http://www.hexley.com) is a duck-billed platypus so that we can duck Bill, that is, avoid using Microsoft products.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%DUDE'S BLUFFDon't Understand Dames? Exhibit Shyness, But Liquor Up Front First!Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%DUESDebtors Union Exorcising SanityRico LeffantaCommerce100%DUGTRIODigletts' Usual Grouping... Three Rolled Into One!Angela Brett (Dugtrio is Pokemon #51)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%DUGTRIO (2)Digletts' Underground Get-Together Results In OverkillAngela Brett (Dugtrio is Pokemon #51)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%DUKEDisappointingly Underemployed King's EliteAngela Brett, after Tony mentioned something about DUKEs and URLs.Politics:Royalty67%DUKE (2)Dangerously Using Karate (in an) EncounterDustan DowsingMilitary100%DUKE OF YORKDetests Usurper - Keeping Eye On Fealty You Obey Reigning KingTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Richard IIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Richard II91%DUKE ORSINODispatches Unknown Kid (on) Errand Of Romancing Suitor - It's Noble OliviaTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Twelfth NightArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Twelfth Night100%DUKE VINCENTIODeludes Unruly Knave & Errant Viennese (Immorality Needs Controlling) Eventually Nobleman Tries Interesting OvertureTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Measure for MeasureArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Measure for Measure86%DUMAIN & DUMAINDeclaim Unique Mumbo-jumbo And Idiotic Nonsense - Deceit Unmasks Mean And Immoral No-goodTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:All's Well That Ends Well100%DUMB!Don't Underestimate My Bargains!Angela Brett (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%DUMB ASSDonkey's Unusually Mute - Brays Are Strangely Silent.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DUMB ASS (2)Doesn't Use Mouth/Mind, But Always Saying Something!Angela Brett (with Mouth, this describes expressive donkey body-language... with Mind, a thoughtless human.)Science:Biology:AnimalsPeople & Relationships:Insults100%DUMPDisgusting, Unwholesome, Mucky PoopPatricia Rix, telling Tony that LADIES don't leave a dump.Assorted Nouns83%DUMPSDiscarded Unto Mountainous Piles of ScrapSean LambPlacesScience:Environment100%DUNCANDeath Unleashes Nemesis, Conspiracy And NastinessTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's MacbethArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Macbeth100%DUNCEDown Under Nobody Claims EmploymentRico LeffantaEducation100%DUNCE (2)Director, Unilateral Network Causing EmailRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations:Humorous Job Titles100%DUNDEEDoes Unusual 'Nyms, Delightfully Entertaining ExpansionsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%DUNNYDefinitely Undeniably Never Nice YouthDunlakin @aol.com produced this through his charm honesty and demonic natureNames:Acronymists100%DUNTISHDon't Undertake Numeracy Tests If Severely HungoverTony McCoy O'Grady (Duntish is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'Mentally incapacitated by severe hangover.')Food & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicWords & Wordplay:Liffs100%DUPLEXDoubled-Up Property Layers Ensures Xclusion TMcCO'GPlaces:Buildings100%DUSKDawn's Undoing, Symmetry Kin.Angela BrettTime100%DUSTAN DOWSINGDeeply Unstable, Suspicious Type. A Nefarious Detective Obviously Would Suspect Indecent Naked GamesTony McCoy O'Grady, probably because Angela's (now ex-)boyfriend Dustan (reluctantly) owns a PC.Names:Acronymists100%DUSTAN GEOFFREY DOWSINGDone Unusualy Stupid Things At Normaly Good Ethical Occassions, Fighting For Right, Even You Do Occasionally Wonder, Somebody Is Not Good?Dustan Dowsing, wondering if he still had an Acronym in him (which is a bad pun) (Sorry) Names:Acronymists100%DUTCHDuo Usually Tries Currency HalvingAngela Brett, referring to the idiom, 'go Dutch'Commerce100%DUTCHIEDoughy, Unctuous, Tasty Concoction Has Innovative ElementPatricia Rix (not that many doughnuts have raisins)Food & Drink100%DVDDidn't Vomit -- Died!Steve Keate (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%DWARF/JOKERDistinctly Wary About Rainbow Fizz - Jeroboam Of Knowledge Eventually Ruins.Angela BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery80%DYADDuo of You And DaddyAngela Brett, who first heard of the term during a lecture on parent-child relationships.People & Relationships:Family100%DYLANDied Young, Lump Attacked NeuronsAngela Brett, referring to Steve's son.Names:First names:Male100%DYLAN (2)Darling Youngster, Like Angela's Nephews?Angela Brett, who never actually met Dylan.Names:First names:Male100%DYLAN THOMASDrunk! Yet Lyrical Author's Narrative Tale Holds Our Minds - And Suggests!Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%DYNAMITEDo You Need Any Massive Items To Explode?Angela BrettMilitary:Weapons100%DYNAMODoth Yield New And Much OutputTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Electronics100%DYNEDo You Need Energy?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%DYSLEXIADo You See Letters Extremely Xenotime In AppearanceTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DYSLEXIA (2)Don't You Switch Language Even Xeroxed Interchanging AbilitiesJan Morgan -- Transposes things in Reading, Spelling and Numbers like a mirror numbers and letters are switched or interchangedScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DYSPEPSIADid Your Special Potluck Explode Perchance Soaking In Acid?Rico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DYSPHASIADisturbs Your Speech Patterns - Has A Significant Impact, Apparently.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DYSPROSIUMDo You Suppose People Realise Our Sillinesses Indicate Unsound Minds?Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsScience:Chemistry:Elements83%DYSPROSIUM (2)Difficultly Yielded Substance, Popular (in) Reactor Operations Since It's Ultra (para)-Magnetic.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%DYSTOCIADelivering Your Sprog Takes Obstetric Care In AbundanceAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%DZIGGETAIDeceives Zoologists, Is Generally Graded 'Equus', Though Ass IndubitablyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%DZODomestic Zoological OddityAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%DZOMOSDomestic Zoological Oddity - Milk Offers SustenanceTony McCoy O'Grady, as an extension of Angela's DZO.Science:Biology:Animals100%DZOSDoes Zigzags Over SlopesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals67%EAEast-anglian AqueductTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%EACHExpressly 'All', Considered HolisticallyTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay100%EACH (2)Every Available Choice HeardJan MorganMain100%EAGEREvery Attempt Gets Enthusiasm RenewedAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%EAGLEEnjoy A Great Lofty EyrieTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:Birds86%EAGLESEager Adolescents, Gaining Lessons (for) Eagle ScoutJan Morgan - the highest Rank a scout aims to reach - the lessons are from the merit badges that can help them find what career they want to pursueSports & Recreation:Scouts75%EAREntry to Aural RegionAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%EAR (2)Enables Aural ReceptionEric BridgstockScience:Biology:Body Parts100%EAR (3)Equilibrator / Aural ReceptorCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Biology:Body Parts100%EARACHEExpensive Affair Requiring A Consultation - How Exasperating!Angela Brett, when she had to go to a doctor to get a prescription for her recurring ear infection.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments93%EAR INFECTIONSEach Application Requires Inactivity... Not Fun, Except C Text Instructs (me) On Necessary Syntax.Angela Brett, on realising that the 20 minutes of lying on her side necessary for applying ear drops for her ear infection could be utilised by reading about how to program in C.Science:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsComputers:Programming100%EARLOBEEmbellishments And Rings Lend One Beauty, Essentially.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts94%EARLY YEARS CENTREExpregnant Adults Regularly Leave Yelping Youngsters, Engaged At Recreational Schooling (Creche, Elsewhere Named) To Re-enter Employment Apronymous AnonymousEducation97%EARNINGS BEFORE I TRICKED THE DUMB AUDITEvidently A Really Nasty Idiot Now Goes Stealing. Business Enterprises Fail Often - Rip-off Employees' Individual Thefts Rapidly Increase. Can't Keep Employing Deceitful Twits - Have Executive Department Using Much Business Acumen & Using Deep Investigating TacticsTony McCoy O'Grady - who admires those in the Audit Department where he worksCommerce100%EARSExternal Audio Receiver SystemMick BridgstockScience:Biology:Body Parts100%EARTHExecutes Annual Revolution Through HeavensTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy:Planets100%EARTH DAYEverybody Appreciate Round Thing Humans Destroy All YearAngela BrettTime:Special OccasionsScience:Environment100%EARTHQUAKEEschew All Reprehensible Temporal Habits, Quell Uncertainty And Kneel, Everybody! TonyReligion:Men's Ministry100%EARTHQUAKESEpicenter Assaults Residents Turf Homes, Quick Unusual Activity Keeps Everyone ShakingJan MorganPeople & Relationships:DisasterScience:Geology100%EARWIGSExcellent After Roasting With Italian Garlic SauceRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%EASELElevates Artist's Sketch. Easily Luggable.omnicronosArt & Literature100%EASTEvidently A Sunrise ThingTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Positions & Directions100%EASTEREggs Are Symbols That Evoke RegenerationTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions:Easter100%EASTER (2)Eaters Anagram - So True! Everyone's Rounder.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Easter86%EASTER (3)Eventually Astarte, Secretly Transformed, Edged-out RedeemerPatricia RixTime:Special Occasions:Easter92%EASTER BUNNYEggs And Sunday Treats Enjoyed - Rabbit Brings Unknown Numbers of Nice Yummies.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Easter100%EASTER EGGSEnjoying A Season That Expresses Rebirth, Everybody Greedily Guzzles SomeTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions:EasterFood & Drink:Confectionery100%EAST OF EDENEarliest Among Short Trilogy Of Films Exposed Dean's Emergent Neurosis.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies80%EASYExecutable by Any Slackjawed YokelAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%EASY RIDEREpic American Showing Youth Rolling Into Drug Experimentation & RockTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%EAT A SANDWICHEmail Alias Thingies And Some Annoying Nonsense, Drab Writings Investigating Cheeseburger HungerAngela Brett, as the subject of a rambling email to Edwin asking about an email alias and complaining about being hungry and wishing she'd eaten the rest of that double cheeseburger the night before.Assorted Phrases100%EAT MY DUSTEradicating All Tailgaters Makes Your Driving Usually Suffer ThoughtfulnessKenny RoyAssorted Phrases100%EAT MY SHORTSEducational Authorities Treat Male Youth Scandalously - He Openly Replies 'Trouser Salad'!Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesEducationHousehold Objects:ClothingEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%EAT OUTEnjoy A Treat Occasionally, Untried Trattoria?Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%EAT POTATOEverything's At Twenty Percent Off, Today And Tomorrow Only!Angela Brett (see SHOVE OFF and ANGELANESS- this one turned out to be a winning entry!)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%EAUElles Aiment UrinerPatricia RixScience:Linguistics:French Words100%EAU (2)Everywhere's Awash & UndulatoryTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted NounsScience:Linguistics:French Words100%EBAYExcellent Buys Available! Yesterday!Roger WilliamsComputers:InternetCommerce100%EBENEZER SCROOGEExtremely Benevolent? - Eh... Not Exactly! Zestful Emotional Response Saved Christmas, Result Of Odd Ghostly ExperiencesTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%ECCLESIASTESEpistemological Cynicism Causes Literary Expert Some Irritation. A Sceptical Thinker Emerges StronglySue JohnsonReligion:Bible books90%ECHINACEAExtremely Common Herb - It's Noted Against Colds & (is) Effective Antioxidant TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%ECHOEveryone Calls "Hello" OccasionallyPatricia RixAssorted Nouns:NoisesCommunication:Talking100%ECHO (2)Everyone Can Hear OneTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns:Noises100%ECHO (3)Enough! Content Heard OvermuchGavin Lambert, when BIAS (2) was mentioned twice in THE ACRONYM TIMESCommunication100%ECHOLALIAEvery Child Hears Obscure Language And Lips It AgainAngela BrettScience:Linguistics100%ECLAIREvery Chomp's Luscious; An Irresistible Recipe!Sean LambFood & Drink100%ECONOMICSEach Column Offers Numerous Opportunities; Make It Count SensiblyPatricia RixCommerce100%ECONOMICS (2)Expend Cautiously - Or No Obvious Merit In Careful Saving?Leo BoyesCommerce100%ECSTASYExtremely Challanging Sexual Technique Always Satisfies YouTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%ECUADOREquatorial Country Up Andes Densely Overgrown Rainforest.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%EDGAREdmund's Death Generates A RevelationTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%EDMUNDExceptionally 'Dark' - Morally Uncertain - No DimwitTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%EDNAEvery Date's New AcquaintanceAngela Brett, remembering when Sideshow Bob on the Simpsons said 'You only get one chance with Edna Krabappel'Entertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%EDSEvil Doers SupremeCarl Brett, who works for a company called EDSRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies100%EDS (2)Electric Donkey ServiceCarl BrettRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies100%EDS (3)Evil Dark SideAdrian Parke, who also works at EDSRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies100%EDS (4)Everything Done SlowlyAdrian ParkeRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies100%EDS (5)Experts Dont SubscribeCarl BrettRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies100%EDS (6)Evil Doers SocietyCarl BrettRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Companies100%EDUCATEEveryone Duly Undergoes Curricularly Arranged Teaching ExperienceTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%EDUCATIONEverybody Deserves University Courses & Access To Institutions Of Nowledge.Tony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%EDUCATIONAL Everybody Does University Classes And Then It's Onto Nerdy Academic Lives.Angela BrettEducation100%EDUCATIONAL (2)Extremely Didactic Undertaking - Colleges And Teachers Indoctrinated Our Nation At LengthTony McCoy O'GradyEducation95%EDUCATIONAL ACRONYMSEvery Decent University, College And Technical Institute Offers Noted Awards Listed Apronymically & Cross Referenced (Or Numbered) with Your Main SubjectsTony McCoy O'Grady, who doesn't think this is true :-)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsEducation100%EDWARD & RICHARDEarly Delivered Words Augur Ruin... Dead Relatives Inspired Chill, However Active Relative's DeceitfulTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Richard IIIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Richard III100%EDWIN'E Dwells Wealthily -- 'Is NameJeff Anonymous (meaning of 'Edwin' = prosperous friend, according to babynames.com)Names:First names:Male100%EDWIN (2)Erratically Develops Wonderful, Interesting 'NymsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%EDWIN (3)Eat Dinner With Instant NoodlesTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%EDWIN HERMANNExtremely Dim Witted Imbecile, Never Has Expansions Ready. Make Acronyms Now, Numbskull!Angela Brett, after Edwin mentioned on the ACRONYMS forums that he hadn't submitted an acronym for ages and should be punished. This expansion of his name seemed a suitable punishment... I don't mean it though! (If it weren't for Edwin there would be no acronym forums at all.)Names:Acronymists100%EDWIN HERMANN (2)Entered Dual Wordplay Inventions, Now He's Earned Reparation - More Amicable Name Notation.Angela Brett, after Edwin submitted two acronyms so no longer deserved punishment.Names:Acronymists100%EDWIN HERMANN (3)'E Does Wonders - Invented Netborne Hangman, Even. Registered Many A Net Name.Angela BrettNames:Acronymists100%EDWIN HERMANN (4)Evident Delay With Instalment - Not Having Expendable 'Readies' Means Acronymsite Now NonfunctionalTony McCoy O'Grady, thinking that Edwin not paying his webhosting bill on time might be the cause of the outage of the Acronyms forums.Names:AcronymistsCommunication:Acronyms Forums92%EDWIN HERMANN (5)Englishmen Don't Work Internet Neatly - Hapless Event Resoundly Meant Acronymforums Neglectfully Null & voidTony McCoy O'Grady, after an outage of the Acronyms forums. (Edwin created the forums, but the outage was the fault of UK SOLUTIONS)Names:AcronymistsCommunication:Acronyms Forums83%EEVEEExpose to Elements... Various Evolutions Exist.Angela Brett (Eevee is Pokemon #133)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%EFFIGIES'Evil' Figures Flamed In Grotesque Intensely Execrative ShowsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%EFFORTExertion Fostering Feeling Of Real TirednessLeo BoyesAssorted Nouns100%EGGElegant Gender's GameteAngela BrettScience:Biology100%EGGNOGEvery Glass Gives Nuance Of GrogTony McCoy O'Grady - Many recipes for eggnog contain varying amounts of alcohol, some have very little.Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%EGGSHELLEndless Gastric Gripes - Someone Has Evidently Lapped LitresTony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%EGGSHELL (2)Even Glutton Gets Satisfied - Having Eaten Liquid LunchTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance EGGSHELLFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%EGOTISTICALEver Got Obsessed Totally In Self - Talking "I" Constantly At Length? tonI mccoI o'gradIPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%EGYPTEventually Got Your Pyramids TriangulatedTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%EI+EI+OExplain It + Expand It + ObserveTony McCoy O'Grady, wondering why the (imaginary and irrational) rule saying that IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE IT is rule ei+ei+0 of the Acronymists' Charter.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%EIGENVECTORExcess Instructions Generate Exhausting, Not-Very-Exciting Classes. Tedium Often Results.Angela Brett, while sitting through a lecture about eigenvalues and eigenvectors (a topic which everyone in the class had learnt about at least once) which was being taught agonisingly slowly.Science:MathematicsEducation:Slow Teaching92%EIGENVECTOR (2)Employing Ineffective Gaussian Elimination's Not Very Efficient... (we) Can Think Out Results!Angela Brett, during the same lecture as the first EIGENVECTOR, when the lecturer insisted on using Gaussian elimination while finding the eigenvectors of 2 by 2 matrices despite having already pointed out that it wouldn't give us any extra information.Science:MathematicsEducation:Slow Teaching100%EILEENEngaged Individual Listens, Even Exhorts NervouslyJan MorganNames:First names:Female80%EINSTEINEvery Intellect Needs Some Training to Examine Imperfections of NewtonAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%EINSTEINIUMExcluded In Nature, Since Thermonuclear Explosions It's Now Introduced Unto Mankind.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%EKANSEnthusiasts Keep A Nintendo SnakeAngela Brett (Ekans is Pokemon #23)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%EKANS (2)Everyone Knows Anagram, No SweatAngela Brett (Ekans is Pokemon #23)Computers:Games:Game Characters:PokemonWords & Wordplay86%ELAINEEndeared of Lancelot - Alas Intercourse Never EventuatedTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%ELASMOSAURUSExtreme Length And Size Made One Swimmer An Unusual Reptile Under SeaAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%ELDEREager Lad Discoursing Edifying ReligionJan MorganReligion:Religious Occupations100%ELDER (2)Eager Lad, Doctrines Explained ReligiouslyJan MorganReligion:Religious Occupations100%ELDERLYEnduring Life's Duresses - Every Relation Loves YouTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%ELECTIONEndure Late-Evening Commentary Tallying Ideologies Of Nation.Angela BrettPolitics100%ELECTION (2)Extensive Lecturing Educates Crowds To Investigate Offered NominationsJan MorganPolitics100%ELECTRONEven Little Electric Currents Take Ridiculously Oversized NumbersAngela BrettScience:ElectronicsScience:Physics:Particles100%ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSINGEver Lost Electronic Credit To Robots Of Nasty Internet Criminals? Don't Allow Their Attacks, Prompt Routine Of Checking Every Site's Security If Negotiating Greenback.Angela BrettComputersCommerce89%ELEMENTSEuclid's Libers Expertly Made Evident Noncontradictory Theory of Shapes.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%ELEPHANTExtremely Large, Extremely Ponderous, Has A Nice TrunkTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%ELEVATOREntire Levitation Etymology Varies According To Origin's RequirementsGavin Lambert (referring to how a different name is used for the same thing in other parts of the world)Science:LinguisticsPlaces:Buildings100%ELFEnergetic Little FellowTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures93%EL GOONISH SHIVEEveryday Lives Generated On Occasion? Not In Shive's Half-Serious Humor-Intensive Version of Earth.Inev; El Goonish Shive ©2004 Dan Shive (see http://elgoonishshive.com/)Entertainment100%ELIAEloquent Lamb Is AnonymousAngela BrettArt & Literature:Writers91%ELITE FORCEEmergency Light Infantry - They Eliminate Foes Or Round-up Criminal ElementsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%ELIZABETHEvidently Linux Is Zenithal - All Boxes Exhibit Technical Homeostasis.Angela Brett, referring to her sister, who likes Linux.Names:First names:Female100%ELIZABETH (2)Eloquent, Live, Intelligent, Zesty... A Bit Excitable Though, Hehehe. :)wishes and Angela BrettNames:First names:Female100%ELIZABETH (3)Eager Lass Ignites Zeal Activating Best Efforts To HeavenJan Morgan -- someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%ELKEmerges Large KinJan Morgan -- a kin to DEERScience:Biology:Animals100%ELKANAHEverybody Likes Kinship And New Activities HereDavid Brydon, referring to the Elkanah school of music ministry - see http://www.elkitesonline.homestead.com.Entertainment:Music100%ELLIEExciting Lass Loves Impressive EffortsJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%ELMOExcitable Little Monster OverachievesJan Morgan - Sesame Street (red) monsterArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%ELRONDEgotistical Lad Rapist Of Naughty DwarfsCarl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%ELROND (2)Elegant Lazy Ruler Of Nostalgic DemigodsCarl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%ELROND (3)Elven Lord Raised One Noble DaughterPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%EL SALVADORExceedingly Lawless - Spain Acceded Liberation, Vicious Activities Destroyed Ollie & Regan.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ELVIS PRESLEYEternally "Las Vegas" In Showmanship, Performed/ Recorded Enduring Songs - Lives Eternally, Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%ELVIS PRESLEY (2)Entertainer's Lovely Voice Is Stilled, Perhaps Recalling Extra Sexy Legmovements Entertains YouTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%EMACEven More Acceptable Contribution TMcCO'G - upon reading APPLE (6)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%EMACSEducational Machinery And Classroom SoftwareTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%E-MAILEmitting Messages Along Internet "Lines"Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet100%EMAILEmbarassingly, My Account Is LackingGavin Lambert, when his email address changedComputers:Internet100%E-MAIL (2)Electronic Memos Are In LineJan MorganComputers:Internet83%EMAIL (2)Early Mail At an Impossible LightJonathan AllardComputers:Internet100%EMAIL ADDRESSESEach Man's 'At' Is Like A Direct Delivery Route - Envelopes, Stamps, Streets Electronically SupersededAngela BrettComputers:Internet100%EMAIL ADDRESSES (2)Excessive Millions Are Immediately Live After Doing Domain Registration - Eighty Similar Spams Every Second.Angela Brett - if you buy a domain name you can have every conceivable username @ that domain go to you, but spammers might send the same spam to many of the addresses hoping they're for separate people.Computers:Internet100%EMERALDEnduring Marriage Exhibiting Reliable And Lasting DevotionAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the emerald (55th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%EMERSONEnjoy Massachusetts Education Regarding Science Of NotificationAngela Brett (according to http://www.emerson.edu/ Emerson College is the USA's only four-year college devoted exclusively to the study of communication and performing arts)EducationCommunication100%EMILIAEvil Males' Intriguing Loathed In AbundanceTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's OthelloArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Othello100%EMILIA (2)Every Man Is Lost In AdmirationTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (and/or John Fletcher's) The Two Noble KinsmenArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Two Noble Kinsmen100%EMILYExceptional Maid Is Lusciously YouthfulTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%EMINEMEmulates Macho Insubordination, Nearly Eradicating MusicKenny RoyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%EMMYExcellence Makes Me YoursAngela BrettAssorted Nouns100%EMOTICONEverybody Munching One Turns Irreversibly Cute, Often NauseatingPatricia RixComputers:Do Not Eat100%EMOTICON (2)Eyes, Mouth Or Teeth - It's Copied Over NetworkTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet100%EMOTICON (3)Ever More Obtuse - These Indicators Convey Overt NonseriousnessTony McCoy O'Grady, saying: .....there are emoticons for emotions I've neither heard of, nor experienced! %^&/>Computers:Internet0%EMOTICON (4)Expression Motifs On The Incline... Caret's Often Nose. :^DAngela BrettComputers:Internet100%EMOTICON (5)Electronic Mail's Oft-Typed Indicator Conveying One's NuancesAngela BrettComputers:Internet100%EMOTICONSEach Message On The Internet Contains Our Nonsensical ShapesTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet100%EMPATHYEvery Man - Perceive Another's Thoughts. Hear Yourself?Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%EMPLOY ANGELA!Enthusiasm Means Productivity; Lots Of Yield And No Grumbling, Except Limited Ambulation.Angela Brett, whose resumŽ is at http://acronyms.co.nz/resumePeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%EMPLOYEEExpecting Much Pay Leaves One Youth Especially Energized!Angela Brett, soon after finding out she'd got a job with SOEIDENTALPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%EMPLOYEE (2)Everyone Marked "Personnel" Listed On Your "Employer's Expenses"Patricia RixPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%EMPLOYERSEvil Mice Pee Lastingly On Your Ears, Rodent Swine!Jeff Anonymous, referring to the attitude of some people against their employers. Salvaged from a failed mega-acronym.People & Relationships:InsultsPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%EMPLOYMENTExpenses Much Padded? Look Out - Your Monthly Emolument Needs TacklingTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%EMPOWEREnthusiasm & Motivation, Plan, Organize, Work, Evaluate, Refine.Rico Leffanta, as a 'modernisation' of POWER.People & Relationships:Advice90%EMPTY TALKEncompasses Meaningless Politician Talk and Yakking To Another Likeminded Kretin.Angela BrettPoliticsCommunication:Talking100%EMULSIONEach Meal Using Liquid Suspension Isn't Overly NutritiousTony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%EMULSION (2)Evening Meal's Unusually Luscious - Stir It Often, NaturallyTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance EMULSIONFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%ENABLEREver Noticed Addiction, But Let Everything Remain?Tony McCoy O'GradyDrugsPeople & Relationships100%ENAMELExpect No Appetising Meals Eating LacquerTony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%ENAMEL (2)Everyone Needs A Meal - Eat LiberallyTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance ENAMELFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint0%ENCOURAGEMENTExplosions Need Collating. (I) Openly Urge ResEditing A Great Enumeration of Mindless, Empty Noises. Thanks!Angela Brett, when Tony said he would need some encouragement to go through software looking for more sounds for this stack, if we decided to use sounds other than the laughs he'd already collected.People & RelationshipsAssorted Nouns:Noises100%ENCOURAGEMENT (2)Expansions Needed... Come On! Usual Rico / Angela Garbage Eventually Makes Extinct New Thought.Angela Brett, when for a while most of the acronyms contributed were from her or Rico.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ENCRYPTIONEach New Code Requires Your Powers To Interpret Others' Notes.Angela BrettScience:MathematicsComputers100%END ABUSEEnsure Nobody Deals A Blow; Unfairness Saddens EveryoneAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Abuse100%ENDEARMENTEveryone Needs Devotion Expressed Aloud. Romantic Men Emote Needful TwitteringsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%ENDINGEvery Near-Death Indicates New GenesisAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death94%ENDOCRINE GLANDSEverybody Needs Dispersal Of Chemicals Released Internally, Naturally Evincing God's Love of A Neat Distribution SystemTony McCoy O'Grady, who finally got tired of seeing this subject every time he logged on to the "Unsuccessful Searches" page at http://acronyms.co.nz/cgi-bin/searchesScience:Biology:Body Parts100%END-TO-ENDExtremeties Neatly Dovetailed Together, One Ensures Neat 'Dressing'Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%ENDURE TO THE ENDEternal Nature Deems Unusual Righteous Endurance. Today Or Tomorrow's Heavenly Earth Eventually Negotiates DivinityJan MorganReligion100%ENDURE TO THE END (2)Every Nurtured Dealings Usually Rely Endlessly Towards Our Truth Healing End. Eternity Never DiesJan MorganReligion100%ENEMY AT THE GATESEnemies Never Ending - Military Youth Accurately Targets Those He Executes: German Army That Encircles StalingradTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%ENERGY MANAGEMENTEveryone Needs Electricity. Remember, Get Your Machines Audited Now And Get Extra Money Every New TermAngela Brett (if you take notice of what's using more electricity than necessary you can save money on power bills.)Science:Electronics91%ENGAGEMENTEnraptured Nubile Guy And Gal Entering Marriage to Enjoy Nuptial TogethernessEric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%ENGINEEmits Noxious Gases Into Noisy EnvironmentEric BridgstockTransport:Car Parts100%ENGINEERINGEdifices Need Great Ingenuity Nowadays. Elegant Erections Require Innate Native GeniusTony McCoy O'GradySciencePlaces:Buildings100%ENGLANDEuropeans? Not Generally, Louts Arouse National DislikeTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ENGLAND (2)Ever Nostalgic, Green Lush Area, Nice DestinationJan MorganPlaces:Countries100%ENGLISHEccentricities Numerous... Grammar Learning Is Superlatively Hard.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics100%ENGLISH (2)Essential Near-Global Language Is Superior, HonestlyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Linguistics100%ENGLISH (3)Email's Now Global - Language Is Surely Hegemonic!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:LinguisticsComputers:Internet100%ENGLISH (4)Each New Generation's Learning Involves Shakeapeare's HeritageTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean PlaysScience:Linguistics78%ENGLISH (5)European Normative Grammar for Linguistic Interoperability and Syntactic HarmonyAlistair LovegroveScience:Linguistics88%ENGLISH (6)Easy, Nice and Great Language If Studied HardSon Hong Nguyen -- This apronym is recommended to English teachers as an amusing introduction to the language.Science:Linguistics100%ENGLISH (7)Everybody Needs Global Language - It Solves HasslesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Linguistics100%ENGLISH (8)Especially Needs Good Learners -- It's Superbly Hard!Jeff AnonymousScience:Linguistics100%ENHANCEExperts Now Have Added Newly Coloured ElementsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%ENHANCING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPEvery Nerd Hampers After New Computer. If Network Geek's Busy Using Some Incredibly Neat Equipment, She Should Respect Employer, Laughing At Technical Idiocy Only Near Somewhere He Isn't Present.Angela Brett, who is sure she'd be in a consistently better mood if she could use a PowerMac G5 at work.ComputersPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%ENIDEncourages Novice In DirectionJan Morgan - someone I knewNames:First names:Female100%ENID BLYTONEvery Nursery Is Delighted - Babies Love Your Tales Of NoddyTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%ENIGMAEvery New Iteration Generates More AnimositySean Lamb (Enigma was the code name for RedHat Linux 7.2)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%ENOLA GAYExploring Nippon Over Land Awakens Grisly Atomic YesterdaysRico LeffantaMilitary100%ENRONEarth's Natural Resources - Or Nothing!Rico LeffantaCommerce:Companies100%ENRON (2)Executives Nefariously Realise Outrageous NetRico LeffantaCommerce:Companies100%ENRON (3)Executive Neighs Reinforce Official "Nays"Rico LeffantaCommerce:Companies100%ENRON (4)Employees Now Retire On NothingRico LeffantaCommerce:Companies100%ENRON MACHINE GUN "E" Nudged Really Ominously Notifies Malfeasance. A Computer Has Insides Not Expected, Generates Unwanted Noise. Jeff Anonymous, referring to the dark side of his desktop computer (the sound card was misrepresented and there is some odd fan noise) and the fact that Dell and the defunct energy company Enron share the "crooked E" logo. Suffice to say that his eyes have looked towards Apple for the next upgrade cycle. Computers:Generic Hardware100%ENTEat No Trees!Carl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%ENT (2)Enormous Noble TreeCarl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%ENTEIElusive, Not Trappable Every InstanceDundee (Entei is Pokemon #247 - one of the three legendary beasts which is very difficult to capture)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon83%ENTEREnter Now, Then Exit (at) RearDundeeComputers:Do Not Eat100%ENTERPRISEExploring New Territories / Extremely Remote Planets & Regions Is Starships Errand Bones McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows95%ENTERPRISE SECURITYEvery Network Technician Eeverywhere Respects Privacy Rights Implicitly. Still Every Single Enterprise Consultant Usually Realizes it Isn't True Yet.Sean LambComputers91%ENTHUSIASMEagerness Neglects Thought. Hazardous Upsurge Suggests Inability to Assume Serious MeditationTony McCoy O'Grady, finding more faults in MacGirlPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESSEarth's Natural Vistas Indeed Require Our Nursing. Make Everyone Notice The Amazing Landscapes And Wetlands, And Recycle Everything, Not Extravagantly Scrapping Scraps.Angela BrettScience:Environment93%ENVY WITH GREEDExhibiting No Virtue, You Want It! To Hell with Generously Regarding Everyone Else's DesiresAngela Brett, who wants to get rid of the 'with' but not the 'To Hell'.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%EOSEclipse Or SunriseRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%EPHEMERALEverything Passes Hurriedly, Especially Mayflies - Earth's Rotation's A Lifetime.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%EPHEMERAL (2)Earth's Pirouette Has Especially Morbid Effect, Restricting A Life.Angela BrettScience:Biology100%EPHESIANSEdited Pauline Handiwork Explains Spiritual Intentionality. All Need Salvation.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%EPICENTERExpanding Peacefully Into Community, Engaging Neighbours To Enrich Religiouslife TonyReligion:Men's Ministry100%EPIMEDIUMEnhances Potency In Males - Extends 'Duration' In Underperforming Men TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%EPIPHANYExternal Presentation - It Possibly Happened Around New YearTony McCoy O'Grady - The Christian celebration of "The Epiphany" recalls the visit of 'The Magi' to the new-born Saviour - His first presentaiton to non-Jewish people, it is celebrated on January 6thReligionTime:Special Occasions88%EPISODEExcitement Promised In Serialised Offerings of Dangerous EscapadesTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows100%EPISTLEEveryday Post Is Slow! This Letter's Electronic.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet80%EPISTLESEloquent Presentations of Intellect Stylishly Translated into Letters - Email Sent!Angela BrettCommunication100%EPONAEquestrians Plopped On Nags AbnegateRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses90%EPSOM SALTEver Painfully Shat? Open Mouth, Stick-in A Laxative Tablet.Jeff AnonymousScience:ChemistryDrugs100%EPSOM SALT (2)Extremities Painful? Soaking Of Members Slowly Allays Lingering TensionTony McCoy O'GradyScience:ChemistryDrugs100%EPSOM SALT (3)Everyone Please Stay Off My Salted, Aching, Little ToeCharlieDrugsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%EPSONEvil Printer Supplier Overcharges NeedlesslyJeff Anonymous (in reference to Epson's practice of gouging on inkjet cartridges)Commerce:CompaniesComputers:Generic Hardware100%EQUALEnigmatic Question Upsetting Answers LevelledRico LeffantaAssorted Adjectives94%EQUATORIAL GUINEAEvidently Quite Usual African Tribes Operate Republic In A Largely Genuinely Unspoiled Independent Nation (in) Equatorial Africa.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%EQUESTRIANEven Queen - Uh - Elizabeth Strives To Ride Irascible Anne's NagsRico LeffantaSports & Recreation100%EQUESTRIAN (2)Evidently, Queers Understand Equines Superbly... They're Riding In Australia Now.Angela Brett, because it seems that most members of the New Zealand equestrian team in the Sydney olympics are homosexual.Sports & Recreation100%EQUIVOCALEmpirical Queen Uttering Indecent Virginal Orchestrations Climaxing Amoral LoveRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%ERASEvents Rise And ShineRico LeffantaTime75%ERBIUMEmployed in Reactor Bits. It's Uses (are) Marginal.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%ERICExact Retribution In CoinageTony McCoy O'Grady (Crossworders will know that an 'eric' was a fine payable by a murderer to the family of the victim)People & Relationships:Law & Order100%ERIC (2)Expansions Result In ChucklesTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%ERIC (3)Eats Ripple Ice-CreamTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%ERICAExpects Romance Is Coming AfterwardRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%ERIEErie Railroad Is ExtinctSean Lamb (the Erie Railroad, chartered in 1832, ran between New York City and Buffalo (on Lake Erie) until it was merged into the Erie Lackawanna in the 1950s and later Conrail, which has now been split between CSX and Norfolk Southern)Transport:Trains100%ERIKEnchanting Rich Individual's KarmaJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%ERISEarthlings Relish Interrupted Seasons!Rico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses88%ERITREAEthiopia Relinquinshed It, This Republic (of) East Africa.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ERNEST HEMINGWAYEspousing Rugged Nature (Eventually Suicided Though) He Epitomised Manliness In Novelists, Generally Wrote About YanksTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%ERNIEEverybody Regularly Needs Income EnhancementTony McCoy O'Grady. - ERNIE is the name of the computer which picks (picked?) winning Prize Bonds in the UK. it stood for Electronic Random Number Indicator EquipmentRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:Money100%EROGENOUS ZONESEasement Recognition Of Generic Erections Navigating Obstacles Usually Surrounding Zucchini Outlets Needing Extra StuffingRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Body Parts89%ERRANTRYEssentially Romantic Roaming (for) Adventures, New Things Reward You.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%!ERROR! ?MESSAGE?Evaluation Required! Read Old Recondite Manuals! Exhaust Sentience Spirit! !Apathy! !Generally! !Ensues!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Computers94%ERROR POINTER-OUTEREver Resourceful Resource Organiser Rapidly Points Out (In Nit-pickingness & Tediousness) Errors. Remote Oldie Unfailing Types Errors RepetitivelyTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela pointed out he'd missed out a word in his HEARTBURN expansion.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ERUDITEExtensive Reading Usually Develops Intellectual Talent Effectively.Roger WilliamsEducationPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%ESACEnd Statement After 'Case'Angela Brett -- in a bash script, to end a case block you use 'esac', to end an 'if' you use 'fi' and to end a 'do' you use... 'done'. Nobody ever called bash intuitive. ;^)Computers:Programming100%ESCAPEExtreme Situations Catapult Anxious Permanent ExitsIan Rywalt (I've contributed a couple of other apronyms a long time ago). The first two letters were easy to imagine, the rest was sculpted from the dictionary and thesaurus, with an intent to force a suitable exit strategy. The apronym could alternatively be written as "Extreme Situation Catapults Anxious Permanent Exit", but I like the plural form better.People & Relationships:Disaster100%ESCAPISMEveryone Should Create A Paradise Inside Stultified Mind TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships100%ESCARGOTEscaping Snail Craps And Regurgitates Garlic On ThroatRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)89%ESCARGOT (2)Eww! Snails! Carry Away Right-now! Gimme Other Things!Jeff AnonymousScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%ESCHEREscher Sketches Cunningly Harness Expressive Recursionomnicronos (Note the deliberate recursion :-)Names:Famous peopleArt & Literature100%ESCOFFIEREspecially Successful Chef Offered French Food In European RestaurantsTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Chefs100%ESOPHAGUSExhaust So Offal Passes Heart And Goes Under ScrotumRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Body Parts86%ESPEONEvidently Some Pokemon's Evolved, Or Newly-reincarnated TMcCO'GComputers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%ESPNEighty Seminole Points - Nil.Angela Brett, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We have a game coming up with our rival school, the Florida Gators. We are the Florida State Seminoles. and we want an Acronym for ESPN with something clever about us winning. If anyone could help that would be great.Sports & Recreation:Florida State Seminoles100%ESPN (2)Extraordinary Sports People, NativesAngela Brett, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We have a game coming up with our rival school, the Florida Gators. We are the Florida State Seminoles. and we want an Acronym for ESPN with something clever about us winning. If anyone could help that would be great.Sports & Recreation:Florida State Seminoles80%ESPN (3)Every Schools' Playing-field Nemesis Tony (see ESPN)Sports & Recreation:Florida State Seminoles100%ESPN (4)Energetic Sports Played Nastily Tony (see ESPN)Sports & Recreation:Florida State Seminoles100%ESPN (5)Expect Some Personal Naughtiness Tony (see ESPN)Sports & Recreation:Florida State Seminoles100%ESSEXEnglish Slags Selling Erotic 'Xperiences TMcCO'G - "Essex Girl" is a wellknown expression in England.People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%ESS-OH-ESSEncoded Scream Starts Off Harbourmaster's/Hero's Emergency Safety StrategyAngela Brett (see DOTDOTDOTDASHDASHDASHDOTDOTDOT)People & Relationships:Disaster100%ESTHEREvidently She Treated Her Existence ReligiouslyTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books97%ESTIMATING AND COMPARING CAPACITYEssential Skill Today Is Measuring Approximately - That Is, Nearest-Guess About Next Drink's Content Of Methanol-like Poison. Alcoholics Reason, 'If New Glass Contains A Paltry Amount, Cheers, I'll Take Yours.'Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%ESTIMATIONExperience Sole Teacher In Murky Art, There Is Often None.Angela Brett, after somebody at work said that estimation is a black art and the only way you can get better at it is with experience.Assorted Nouns100%ESTONIAEventually Soviets Thrown Out, National Independence Attained.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ET CETERAEchoing Thoughts Create Endless, Termless Expressions, Repeating AimlesslyMelanie MerswolkeMain100%ETERNALEverlasting Truth, Eternally Right, Nuptials Always LastingJan MorganTimePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%ETHIOPIAEnduring The Heat Is Onerous, Poverty Is Apparent.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ETHNICITYEven Though Human Nature's In Common, Ideologies Throw YouAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%EUCLID'E's Unclear... Can Lines Intersect Dually?Angela Brett, because Euclid's first postulate saying that a straight line can be drawn from any point to any point does not explicitly say that the line is unique.Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%EUDORAEmail Utility Demonstrates Over Reaching AchievementGavin Lambert, who really likes it - most of the time!Computers:Internet100%EUDORA (2)Eponym's Unpronounceable. Dummies Only Rarely Accurate.Sean Lamb (who has heard too many users say "Endora" when they really mean "Eudora")Computers:Internet100%EUGENEExemplary Unique Gentleman, Encourages Negotiations EnergeticallyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%EULAExtremely Unappealing License Agreement EULA = End User License Agreement (Microsoft)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%EUNUCHEugenics Urges Neuter Up Choral HeightsRico LeffantaPeople & RelationshipsEntertainment:Music100%EUREKA!Epiphanic Understanding Reached - Exclaim Knowledge Aloud!Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%EUROPEEncompasses Unique Regions, Own Purposes EmphasizedJan MorganPlaces100%EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCYExalted University Researchers Orgainsed Project Emulating American (NASA) Space Programme - Albeit Cannot Expend Asmuch Gelt Each New Calendar YearTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy89%EUROPIUMEvidently Ultra Reactive - Oxide's Phosphoresence Is Used (for) Magenta.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%EUTOCIUSEssentially Updated The Others' Calculations - Inscribed Unoriginal Summaries.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%EVA GABOREternal Virgin Always Going Around Breasting Other RomanticsRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%EVANGELISTExpounds (Vehemently) A New Gospel, Explaining Life In Sacred TermsTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Religious Occupations100%EVANGELIST (2)Evil Villains, Admit Now: God Eternal Loves Incinerating Sinning Traitors/Terrorists/Trekkies/Tombrobbers/Townsfolk/Turtlepoachers/ThievesJeff Anonymous, adding: something a mad Johnathan Edwards-like evangelist might sayReligion:Religious Occupations96%EVERY ACRONYM UNDER THE SUNEach Vocabulary Entry Reaches Your Acronymiser's Creative Resources. Only Not-Yet-Mastered, Uncommon Nouns Don't Expand Readily. The Hardest Expansions Sometimes Use Non-words.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%EVERY GIRL IN JERSEYEven Virgins Envisage Raw Young Girls In Routine Life In New Jersey Enjoying Rough Sex Every YearChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%EVERY WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGEEvery Victorious Effort Reveals Your Worth! One Really Difficult Interpretation Names Thee Hero! Eventually Even Nonsensical Gibberish Leaves Insiders Shouting "Hurray!" Lastly, Acronym Neurosis Grows Unchecked, Aggravating General ExcitabilityPatricia RixWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%EVERY WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (2)Extremely Valiant Effort - Regularly You Work On Reliable Dictionary; Incredibly, No Thesaurus Has Every Existing Nuance! Go Looking In Sundry Hackneyed Lexicons And Now Generate Universal Acronyms & Great ExpansionsTony McCoy O'Grady and Patricia RixWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%EVIDENCEEvidence Vindicates Indictment. Defenders Explain Nothing 'Cept Embarrassment.Sean LambPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%EVIL DEAD THREEExtremely Vapid, Incredibly Ludicrous, Decidedly Eccentric, Absurd, Deriding-Type Horror's Really Easily EnjoyedInevEntertainment:Movies92%EVIL LAUGHTEREvidence of Vile Intent. Laughing Like An Unpopular Gangster Has Terrible Eerie ResultsTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter94%EVIL TWIN BROTHEREntirely Vile Intel-Loving Twit With Innovators' Name - Beige Remains On Top in His Evil Realm.Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, thinking of Dustan's gatanist friend Steve and wondering how he could share a name with Jobs and Wozniak, then deciding perhaps he is COMMISSIONER STEVE's evil twin brother.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%EVOLUTIONEvery Viable Organism Lives Under The Influence Of NatureAngela Brett, who isn't sure just how much sense this one makes but it flows well.Science:Biology100%EVOLVEDEvolving View On Life Verily Excited DarwinTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%EXAMPLEEdifying Xplanation Always Makes People Learn EarlierPatricia RixEducation100%EXAMSEvery "X" Attenuates My Score.Timothy ChambersEducation100%EXCALIBUREminent Xemplary Claymore, Arthur Lifted It, But Ultimately ReturnedTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%EXCEPT THAT ONE!Explicit Xclusion Communicated Excitedly: Pressing That Toggle Has Adverse Thrust. One Never Engages!Gavin Lambert, when Angela reminded him to expand anything in capitals -- his email signature is 'Press any key - EXCEPT THAT ONE!!!'Computers90%EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTSEverybody Xpects Executives Cannot Understand Things. It's Very Egregious And Secretaries Serve (as) Innocent Scapegoats, Taking All Nonsense (in) Their StridePatricia RixPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%EXERCISEEnergetic Xertions Erase Rounded Curves, Instead Substituting EmaciationPatricia RixSports & Recreation0%EXODUS*Eventual eXit Of Descendants Out (of) SlaveryTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books82%EXPANSIONExposures to X-rays Probably Are Not Safe, If Occasionally NecessaryTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsScience:Biology100%EXPENSE CONTROLEver Xpanding Purchasing Ensures No Savings Exist. Can One Not Try Regulating Outgoing Lolly? TMcCO'GCommerce100%EXPENSE MANAGEMENTEvery Xebec Put Elsewhere Needs Some Explicit Meaning And Necessity. Accountants Gain Extra Money Eliminating Needless Tarriffs.Angela BrettCommerce88%EXPLODEExcessive X-particle Production? Lots Of Dust Everywhere!Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs94%EXPLODE AND RELEASEExcessive X-particle Production? Lots Of Dust Everywhere After Nuclear Detonation. Resultant Energies Leave Each Area Sterile EvermoreTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%EXPOSEExtricates Xerox PARC's Overlapping Screen ElementsPaul Marshall (an allusion to the MacOSX 10.3 feature)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%EXPULSIONExcited Xenophobic Pressures Usually Lead Surreptitious Illegal Overstayers NowhereLeo BoyesPeople & Relationships100%EYEEspy Your EnemiesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts83%EYRIEElevated Yet Remote, Inhabitation (of) EaglesTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%EYRYEagle Young's Restroom YesterdayRico LeffantaPlaces100%EZEKIELExtremely Zealous Ecstatic Keenly Inveighs Exile Loudly.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%EZRAExiled Zion Returns AgainEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%FAFalsetto's AriaTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%FA (2)Frolicking AmericansTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the abbreviation for Florida.Re-expansions of existing acronymsPlaces:States & Regions100%FAAAFrench Airstrip Along AtollRico Leffanta (Faaa is the name of the international airport for Papeete (Tahiti))Places100%FABFantastic And BrilliantTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%FAB (2)Faintly Absurd & BackdatedTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives83%FABLEFictional Account Bearing Lesson on Ethics.Angela BrettArt & Literature100%FABLE (2)Fictional Account By Legendary EavesdropperRico LeffantaArt & Literature100%FABLE (3)Faithful And Beautiful Lovers ExistRico LeffantaArt & Literature100%FABRICFashion Artists Become Rich 'In' ClothingTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:ClothingHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%FABRIC (2)For A Breakfast Reduced In CaloriesAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%FABRIC (3)For A Breakfast Rich In CottonAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%FABRIC (4)Fibre's A Basic Requirement? I'm ConfusedTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%FABROSAURUSFast, Agile Beast Relies On Skillful Adaptation Under Relatively Unfriendly SituationsSean Lamb (Fabrosaurus was a small, bipedal herbivore discovered in Africa that had five fingers on its hands)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%FACADESFrontal Aspects Create A Desirable & Esteemed StreetscapeTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings100%FACEFocus Additional Cosmetic EnhancementAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%FACTFunny Acronym-Connected TriviaAngela Brett, to use as one of the headings on the ACRONYMS front page until someone thinks of something better.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%FACT (2)Found Absolute, Concrete TruthRoger WilliamsPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%FACTORYFabricate Any Concoction To Order; Relieve Yourself.Rico Leffanta, who explains "I think factories are much the same around the world, i.e. they fabricate the order and the revenge themselves by urinating on it or otherwise fouling the order."Places:Buildings100%FACTSFreddie Always Comes Too SoonRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FACTS (2)Fundamentals Are Conveyed Too SlowlyAngela BrettEducation:Slow Teaching100%FAGFrequently After GuysEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%FAG (2)Few Aren't GayEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%FAGGOTFellows Are Gay? Good On Them!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%FAGSFormerly A-Grade SmokesAngela BrettDrugs:Tobacco86%FAILERFailure Approaching = Income Lower than Expenses RepeatedlyCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%FAILS'Flocci...' Acronym Is Laudable Subject!Tony McCoy O'Grady, responding to Jeff's THEORY with 'As I am not my own son, this idea - like many things - works fine in theory but fails in practice.' Jeff had promised to acronymise floccinaucinihilipilification if his THEORY were correct.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%FAIL SAFEFamily! Adult In Loving Sweet Abode! Fails Employers!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Family100%FAIL SAFE!Failure: Assuredly Impossible! (Lost Stability Automatically - First Energising!)Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Inciders obtaned this Ofishyule Seekret Docyoumeant of the SIRC (Sertintlee Infinnitlee Relieabell Corporation) "From page 123 of the SIRC (Proprietary Info): 'This widely advertised, THINGAMAJIG has specifications (inside parentheses are actual performance): Failure: Assuredly Impossible! (Loses Stability Automatically - First Energising). ONLY USE IN NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE MORTAL COMBAT ."Furthermore, because of our marketers' keen insight, we sold hundreds where the soldiers used THINGAMAJIGs only as specified. AS WAR GROWS SO SIRC'S CAPITAL GROWS"Assorted AdjectivesCommerce:Companies:SIRC100%FAILUREFeeding Acronymic Irishman's Large, Unusually Robust EgoPatricia Rix, when Tony said 'When it comes to acronyms, I don't acknowledge this as a word' after challenged to acronymise failure when someone searched for it on the website. Patricia said he was asking to be TAKEN DOWN A PEG and then produced this acronym.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%FAILURE (2)Failure = (Assets + Income Lowering Uncontrollably Repeatedly) < ExpensesCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%FAILURE (3)Funds Are Inadequate, Loads Under Running Expenses.Angela BrettCommerce100%FAINTFeel(s) As If Not ThereAngela BrettAssorted AdjectivesScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments90%FAIRCHILDFine Aircraft, It Reaches Cloud-Height Instead of Lower Down.Angela Brett, when she realised that the aeroplane she was travelling in was a Fairchild... yep, that is the kind of plane that those people crashed in and ended up eating each other. See also WINDOW SEAT.Transport100%FAIRYFanciful Aerobic Individual Raising YawnsMary CarrArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures100%FAISALFellow Arabians, Intelligent, Smart And LoyalFaisal YaqoobNames:First names:Male100%FAITHFeeling As If There's HeavenTony McCoy O'GradyReligionNames:First names:Female100%FAITH (2)Full Assurance. Invisible = Trusted Hope!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Reference: Hebrew 11:1.Religion100%FAITH (3)Fantastic Adventures In Trusting HIM CJReligion100%FAITHFULFacts: Almighty = Individuals' Trust! Hebrews 11. Fulfilled Unseen's Love/Law!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FAITHFUL (2)Faithful Accept Infinite's Truth! Hold Fully Unlimited Love!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FAITHFUL (3)Firm Allegiance In True Heart Falls Under LoyaltyJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FAKEForgeries Are Kinda ExpensiveTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FAKE (2)Fraud Artists Kid EveryoneAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FAKE (3)Fools Are Knowingly EnsnaredAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FAKE (4)Forged A Karat, ExpertlyPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FAKESFool And Kwanza Easily SeparatedAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FALCONFords Are Like Cars, Only NicerAngela Brett, who actually has no opinion on which car makes are better.Transport:Car Makes & Models100%FALLFrightened About Looming LandingAngela BrettAssorted VerbsSports & Recreation:Parachuting100%FALL (2)Frantic Anti-Levitational Locomotion.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted VerbsSports & Recreation:Parachuting100%FALLINGForget About Lost Luggage - Incompetence's Now Grave!Angela Brett, referring to a falling aircraft and the presumed incompetence of whoever's flying it, compared with that of the luggage clerk who sent your luggage to Murmansk.Transport100%FALLING BEHINDFeeling A Little Lacking? In Nether Grades Because Education's Heading In Negative DirectionTony McCoy O'GradyEducation96%FALLING ON THE GROUND LAUGHINGFace And Legs Lost If Naughty Giggling Overwhelms Nerve Transmission... Hilariously Each Guffaw Reinforces Our Uncontrollable Near-Delirious Lather. Avoiding Urination Gets Harder - It's No-longer Good! AngelasticLaughter100%FALSTAFFFriendly And Loyal Supporter, Though A Fat FoolTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry IVArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry IV100%FAMILYFather And Mother, I Love You.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family86%FAMILY (2)Friends And Macs Included... Loved-ones, Yes?Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & NewtonPeople & Relationships:Family100%FAMILY (3)Freaks Aligned Monolithically In Living YearbooksRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%FAMILY (4)Friends Are Members, In Life's YearsJan Morgan -- our family should be our friends throughout the yearsPeople & Relationships:Family100%FAMILY HOME EVENINGFun Activities, Meetings Involve Lessons You've Held On Monday Evening, Entertaining Ventures, Edible Nibbles Involve Nice GroupJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Family91%FAMILY TREEFinds Ancestral Members, Interred and Living. Your Tribal Relatives Expand Exponentially.Eric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Family100%FAMOUSFlaunting Ample Money, Often Under ScandalAngela BrettNames:Famous people100%FAMOUS (2)Finally A Merit Of Useless SubmissionsCarl Brett, after being informed that he'd submitted enough acronyms to get on the HALL OF FAME.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%FAMOUS POEPLE IN IRAQFingers Are Mischievous, One Usually Should Proofread One's Enquiries. Poe's Literary Endeavour, I'msure, Never Included Remote Arab Quarter TMcCO'G, when Angela accidentally let this misspelled phrase onto the Unsuccessful Searches list.Words & Wordplay100%FANForces Air Nearer.Roger WilliamsHousehold Objects100%FAN (2)Feeling Always NiceJan MorganHousehold Objects100%FANGORNForest Arouses Nervousness; Go Onward Reducing NoisePatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Places:The Lord of the Rings100%FANNYFortune Always Needs Nudging YourselfRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%FANTASTICFelt About Near To A Seizure. This Is Comical.Tony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%FANTASYFrequent Apparitions Necessary To Appease Sensual YearningsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%FARLEY MOWATFrozen Arctic Realms Lured Enterprising Young Man; Observed Wolves' Actions Thoroughly.Roger WilliamsArt & Literature:Writers80%FARMFinance All Relies on MeteorologyAngela BrettPlaces100%FARMERFriendly, Agricultural 'Real Man...' Endearingly Rugged.Mary CarrPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%FARTFree Air & Release TensionAngela BrettScience:Biology80%FART (2)Fabled Acronymist Reaches Turning-point!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Edwin heard that he was turning 50 and jokingly called him an old fart on the ACRONYMS forums.People & Relationships:Insults100%FASHIONFor A Sum, Hilfiger's Immaterial, 'Official' NamePatricia RixHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FASHION (2)Fortunes Are Spent Happily In Overcoming NakednessTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FASHION (3)Fleeces And Shirts - Have It Overstamped "Nike"Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FASHION (4)Forceful Advertising Seeds Homogeny, Imposing Others' NormsAngela BrettPeople & RelationshipsHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FASHION (5)Forces A Spectrum, High Individuality Or NotAngela Brett -- it seems to be fashionable to be original and different, but only within certain limits.People & RelationshipsHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FASHION MARKETINGFind A 'Statement', Hang It On Nonchalant Model, And Rich Kids (Exposing Their Insecurities) 'Need' Garment.Angela BrettHousehold Objects:ClothingCommerce100%FASHIONSFoster Adolescent Self-Hate If Outfit's Not StylishAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FASHIONS (2)Fools Are Spending Hundreds; It's Old Next SeasonAngela BrettHousehold Objects:ClothingCommerce100%FASTFleet And Speedy TravelTony McCoy O'GradyTransport86%FAST FOOD RESTAURANTFast All Starting/Sixth-month 2003 Tuesday/Third! Food: Obsessive/Organic Other Delightful/Days! Really Enjoyed Second-fast/Sound/Sleep/Sixth-month 2003 Tuesday/Tenth! Almighty/Advancing/Atonement! Ultimate Rest Assured Nightly! Tuesday/Trend!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Fast All Starting/Sixth-month2003 Tuesday/Third! What a day! I began fasting (only Tuesdays, Thank You) to lose weight. (Water only.) I had no idea that fasting would fast lead to the best sleep ever in 58 years. (Thursday 10 May 1945 to Tuesday 10 June 2003.) The night of my second fast (Tuesday 10 June) started a TREND. Submit Date: Daytime Friday 5 September 2003. (Tuesday Night 10 June to Thursday Night 4 September 2003 were 87 Nights Of No-Tossing-And-Turning. 12 Weeks + 3 Nights.) When I want to sleep, I lie flat on my back, until I doze. Once asleep, I stay in the same position, until awakening.Food & Drink91%FAST GROWTHFeeble And Small? Then Get Ready (for) Our Wonderful Thyroid HormonesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%FASTINGFeasts Are Stopped To Interprete Neccessary GlimpsesJan Morgan - a prayerful fast helps you make important decisions and can help in crisis situations like illnessesReligionFood & Drink100%FASTPHONEFunds Are Speedily Transferred, Particularly Handy On Near-Empty.Angela Brett, who often uses her bank's Fastphone service to transfer funds from her savings account to her EFTPOS one.CommerceCommunication100%FAST THINKERFamed Action Superhero. Thought Transference Happens Instantaneously, Non-Kinetic-Energy Radiation.Tony McCoy O'Grady, as a further explanation of SWIFT.MacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes100%FAST TRACK For A Shorter Transport Time, Railways Are Car Killers! Angela BrettTransport:Trains100%FATFrom Animals, Tallow/TastelessJan Morgan - Tallow is animal fat as well as the kind we cook withFood & Drink100%FATALForwards Abruptly To After-LifeAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%FAT CHANCE!Forever Anonymous. Terribly Cruel, Hey? Anonymity: Nice! Creative, Exceptional!Jeff Anonymous, as a response to NEW ACROS (2).Assorted Phrases100%FAT FREEForget Adding Tax For Rightful Extra Energy!Angela Brett, thinking that 'fat free' signs could be advertising that you don't have to pay for the fat - although in reality food with such a sign cost more and have less fat in them, which seems like a RIP-OFFFood & Drink100%FATHERFearless Adult That Hinders Equal ResponsibilitiesMary CarrPeople & Relationships:Family100%FATHERSForbid All Teenage Happiness - Especially Recreational SexRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%FATHERS (2)Fellows Attempt To Help Everyone Redeem Souls TonyReligion:Men's Ministry100%FATUOUSFrigid Aunt Tugging Udder On Unbridled SteerRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FAUNAFields Are Usually Nourishing AgricultureRico LeffantaScience:BiologyReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%FAWNFrisky Almost Weaned NativeRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Animals100%FAXForward A XerographTony McCoy O'GradyScience:ElectronicsCommunication86%FEAKLEFacial Expression Akin-to Kiddie-Leering Elder'sTony McCoy O'Grady (Feakle is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'To make facial expressions similar to those that old gentlemen make to young girls in the playground.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs80%FEARFacing End of Aimed RifleAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FEAR (2)Frightened? Expect Adrenalin RushAngela BrettScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FEAR (3)Faithful Entreat A RescueAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FEAR (4)Foes Engender A ResponseTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FEAR (5)Fright Evokes A ReactionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FEAR AND LOATHINGFOLDOC Explains Acronym; Really, All Now Do Loathe "Other" Architecture That Honestly Is Not GoodRob Rix, inspired by the FOLDOC entry at http://foldoc.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/foldoc.cgi?query=fearComputers86%FEAROWFlies Easily, Aided by Resplendent Oversized Wings.Angela Brett (Fearow is Pokemon #22)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%FEBRUARYFrosty, Exceptionally Blustery, Rainy Usually, After Recent YuletideTony McCoy O'Grady, who lives in the northern hemisphere.Time:Months100%FEBRUARY (2)Feels Extra Blustery, Raincoats Usually Are Required, Yeah?Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%FEBRUARY (3)Frozen Exhaled Breath Rises Upwards And Rimes YouPatricia RixTime:Months100%FECKLESSFriends Evade Challenges Knowing Love Excuses Self ServiceRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FEDERATIONFrom Each's Democracy, Eventually Regions Are Turning Into One NationTony McCoy O'Grady - looking at the (likely) distant future of the EUPolitics80%FEETFantastically Effective & Environmentally-friendly TransportTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body PartsTransport100%FELIXFree Enterprising Lad Is XenophobicJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%FELLATIOFeeling Energetic? Laps Love Affection Testing Intercourse OrallyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FEMALEFor Ever Moaning About Littlest ErrorsSteve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%FEMALE (2)From Eden; Makes Adam Largely ExcitedIan RywaltReligionPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%FEMALE DIVORCEDFinally Exited Marriage After Long Endured Distress (Including Violence Occasionally). Recently Court Ended DisputeTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%FEMALE DOGFrom Every Mammy Alsation's Litter, Extract & Develop One GuidedogTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%FEMALESFor-Ever Making A Lover Exasperatedly SighAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%FEMALES (2)Flimsy Entities Males Attain Lewdly Enforcing SexualitySteve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%FEMALES (3)For Entertainment, Many Are Laying Evil Scheme(r)sSteve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%FEMININEFrail Entity Making Idiotic Noises In Nefarious EnvironmentTony McCoy O'Grady, while looking for MacGirl's faults, alleges that 'girls just squeak and squeal when faced with danger!' Not MacGirl, no... MacGirl is brave, MacGirl is fearless. MacGirl is... eek, is that a (three button) mouse over there? Heeelp!MacGirl & KeyBoardPeople & Relationships:GenderalisationsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FENCEFringe End Nullifies Coming / ExitingJan MorganAssorted Nouns100%FENCESForce: Even Not! Cage Envelops Stuff!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Concentration camp, World War 2. See THEULTIMATENONVIOLENTMAN.Military:War & Terrorism100%FENCINGFoil Epee Nobly; Crouching Is Never GirlishRico LeffantaSports & Recreation89%FENG SHUIFar Eastern New-age Guidance; Should Have Uncluttered InteriorEric BridgstockReligion100%FENG SHUI (2)Fashionable Energy Nurturing. Get Some Help Understanding It.Eric BridgstockReligion89%FENG SHUI (3)Fixes Energy Negatives. Gets Shot of Harmful Unwanted ItemsEric BridgstockReligion100%FENTONForest Escapade's Neat Trick, Organizing NuptialsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor90%FERDINANDFolly Ensues Resolution. Disguised Identities Needed After New-found DevotionTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Love's Labours LostArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Love's Labours Lost100%FERDINAND (2)Father's Exact Reverse, Depicting Innocent Nature And Native DecencyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%FERMATFamous Equation Really Made Andrew Think!Angela Brett (Andrew Wiles eventually proved Fermat's Last Theorem centuries after Fermat's death.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians88%FERMIUMFermi, Enrico Recalled to Mind. It's Unnaturally Manufactured.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%FERRARIFast Exotic Red Roadcar. All Round ItalianEric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%FERRARI (2)Fabulously Engineered Racer. Red And Rather InnovativeEric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models78%FERRARI (3)For Enthusiasts of Racing. Red Automobiles. Race-bred Italians.Eric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%FERRETFurry Entity Rootles Rabbits & Eats ThemTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%FERRITE COREFew Engineers Realize Ram Is Technology Evolved 'Cause Of Researching EngineersSean Lamb (who remembers seeing photos of ferrite core memory from his own college days)Computers:Generic Hardware100%FERRY TICKETForget Enduring Road Rage - You'll Travel In Comfort, Knowing Entrance Time.Angela BrettTransport100%FERTILITYFairly Easy Reproduction, Though Initiating Life Is Terrific YieldAngela BrettScience:Biology100%FESTEFool Enters Singing Three ElegiesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Twelfth NightArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Twelfth Night100%FETISHFinding Eroticism Through Item's Strange HoldTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FFESTINIOGFoggy, Fuel Embarks Station, Trains In Noble Ignited Offerings GivenJan Morgan (coal is mined in the town and trains deliver it) Places:Towns & Cities100%FIANCEFellow Is Apparenly Now Classified "Engaged"Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%FIATFascist Is A TyrantTony McCoy O'Grady - "fiat" is Latin for "let it be done" and means a formal or solemn command (Star-Trek-speak is "make it so"!)Science:LinguisticsCommunication100%FIAT (2)Fiat Is Always Trouble.Tiny LeeTransport:Car Makes & Models100%FIBERFood Is Best Eaten RawTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%FICTIONFancy Is Creatively Treated In Original NovelTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature100%FIDELITYFavouring In Decent Exposure Love Issued To YouRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FIELD DAYFather Is Endorsing Letter - Don't Do Anything Yucky!Angela Brett, thinking about permission slips for school outings.EducationTime:Special Occasions100%FIELD MARSHALFool Is Elevated Loftily.... Drastic Misjudgement! Adores Regimentation, Secretly Hasn't 'A Life'Tony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%FIFEFingering Is Fairly ElaborateTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%FIFTEENFifteen Is Five Threes - Especially Endearing NumberTony McCoy O'Grady, saying that his son is fifteen.Time:Age100%FIFTEEN (2)Fifteen = Increment (Fourteen). Ten Evidently Exceeds Nine.Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%FIFTYFair In Face, Though Yellowed!Tony McCoy O'Grady, on his 50th birthday.Time:Age100%FIFTY (2)Folds In Face Triple Yearly :)Angela BrettTime:Age100%FIFTY (3)Frequently I'm Forgetting Things Yesterday!Angela BrettTime:Age100%FIFTY (4)F*ck! I'm Feeling The YearsTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%FIFTY (5)Frankly, I Feel Terrifically YoungTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%FIFTY (6)Frailty Is Finally Taking YouTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%FIFTY (7)Factorially It's (Five Tens) Years!Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%FIFTY (8)Fragile, Infirm, Forgetful, Tetchy, Yawning!Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age86%FIGUREFanciful Ideas in Geometry, Usually Rectilinear EquilateralsAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%FIJIFelicitous, Inspirational, Joyful IslandsTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%FILEFor Indicating Length - EOF.Angela BrettComputers100%FILESFresh Interns Love Elderly SeniorsDundeeCommerce100%FILES (2)Frequently Issued Letters Ensure Satiation.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%FILET MIGNONFather-In-Law Eating The Meat; It's Grab Now Or NeverRico LeffantaFood & Drink100%FILMFantasy In Locked MirrorsRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%FILTERFast I Learnt To Extract RubbishEdwin HermannAssorted VerbsAssorted Nouns92%FINAL FANTASYFight In New Alien Lands, Final Applicable in Name, They Actualy Should YeildDustan Dowsing, On how they ALWAYS say that this is the FINAL fantasy... but it never isComputers:Games100%FINAL UPGRADEFinished It Now, And Launched Unto Public. Get Ready Advertisements Defining Enhancements TMcCO'GScience:Electronics100%FINANCIALFather, I Need A New Coat... I'd Appreciate Loan.Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%FINANCIAL AIDFond Infant, Not A Nickel Can I Advance 'Less An I.o.u. DevolvesPatricia Rix, to follow FINANCIALCommerce:Money100%FINEFromage Is Naturally ExquisiteAngela BrettFood & Drink100%FINE!Fine! In Next Encounter ...!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Communication100%FINEDFor Infraction, Ninety-Eight DollarsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FINGERNAILSFlexibility Is No Good - Enamelled (Red?) Nails Assist If Loosening ScrewsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%FINGERPRINTSForensic Investigators Now Get Enhanced Results, Putting Rogue Individuals Near 'The Scene'Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FINGERSFidgeting Indexes Negotiating Gently Enter Responses SlowlyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%FINICKYFastidiousness Isn't Nice - It Could Kill YouTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits88%FINICKY (2)Fellow Is Nit-picker: It's Curiously Kinky, Y'know?Patricia RixPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FINICKY (3)Fussiness Is Numbing, Inhibiting Creative Kick - Y?Melanie MerswolkePeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FINISHEDFinally I've Nailed It, Software Has Earned DownloadsAngela Brett, when she had at last got the Apronyms app for Mac OS X ready for release.Computers:Programming100%FINLANDFar Into Northern Latitudes Amongst Neverending DarknessTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%FIONAFake In Own Narcissistic AppearanceJan Morgan - refering to a character in Cinderella Story (the movie)Names:First names:FemaleArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%FIONA (2)Friendly In One's Necessary AchievementJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%FIREFlaming Inferno Radiating EnergyAngela Brett, demonstrating what a true acroholic would say if someone yelled 'FIRE!' in the middle of the night.Science:Physics100%FIRE (2)For Incinerating Rubbish, Etc.Angela BrettScience:Physics100%FIRE (3)Fuel Is Rapidly ExhaustedAngela BrettScience:Physics100%FIRE (4)Flame Ignites & Roasts EyebrowsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%FIRE ALARMFalsely Indicates Required Evacuation, And Largely Annoys Regular MoviegoersAngela Brett, after being evacuated from a building (where there also were movie theatres) due to a false fire alarm.Entertainment:Movies89%FIREBIRDFor Internet Reading, Everyone's Browser Is a Resource DestroyerSean Lamb (Firebird is the new name of Mozilla's browser component)Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%FIREFIGHTERFellow In Red Engine, Frequenly Involved Getting Hoses To Extinguish RoastersTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%FIREMENFlame Is Rising - Emergency Manpower Evidently NeededTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsPeople & Relationships:Disaster90%FIREPLACEFuelled Ignition Radiating Energy (from) Paper, Logs And Coal EfficientlyTony McCoy O'GradyPlacesHousehold Objects100%FIREWIREFast Information Retrieval, Even Without Inconvenient Restarting Everytime.Angela BrettComputers:Generic Hardware100%FIRSTForemost Innovator, Respected Sage TopCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Adjectives100%FIRST CLASSFor Its Rank Success, To Choose Lessons At Some SchoolsJan Morgan -- Rank in Boy ScoutsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%FIRST IN LAST OUTFreshmen In Remedial Science Think "I'll Never Learn About Stacks. They're Onerously Unfathomable Today!"Sean Lamb (in computer science, a Stack is a First-In-Last-Out data structure)Computers:Programming100%FIRST PRESIDENCYFaithful Individuals Reverence Saviors Truth, Persons Responsible Entirely, Service Is Delegated, Examples Nobly Counsels YouJan Morgan -- what the head men of the LDS Church are calledReligion:Religious Occupations95%FIRST TIME HOME BUYERFamily Is Readying Sibling To Take Into Mortgages (Earliest "House Of My-own" Experience's Best Undergone Young) & Expensive RepaymentsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:FamilyCommercePlaces:Buildings100%FIRST-YEAR STUDENTSFriggin' Idiots Require Slow Teaching, Yeah? Educators Aren't Right - Some Totally Understand. Don't Emphasise Non-Troublesome Stuff.Angela Brett, after going to a first-year computer science lecture and being reminded of how much lecturers treat first-year students like idiots.Education:Slow Teaching100%FISHFins In Saline HabitatTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%FISHLUREFeathers Intertwined Should Help Land Uniquely Rare ExhibitTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation83%FISHYFilthy Intense Stench Hang's-around..... YeuchTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%FIVEFive Isn't Very EasyAngela Brett, when Dustan said that FIVE would be a difficult acronym to do.Science:Mathematics:Numbers91%FIXED MY MACFucked It Xpensively! Expertly Disabled Mac. Yes, Mine's A Cock-up!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after the expensive 'fixing' of Angela's Mac to get it working with her SCANNER in fact caused a few problems and didn't make it work with the scanner.Computers100%FLACCIDFloppy, Limp And Collapsed, Cock Is Dangling!Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives80%FLAGFluttering Linen (is) Acclaimed GloriousTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted NounsPolitics100%FLAG (2)Flutters Loftily And GloriouslyTony McCoy O'Grady - Prompted by the unsuccessful search for "WHAT DOES FLAG STAND FOR?", but taking it as a literal question what does "FLAG" stand for.Assorted NounsPolitics100%FLAG (3)Flying Loose Above GroundJan Morgan and Remington MorganAssorted Nouns100%FLAMEFrom Lighting A Match, Etc.Angela Brett, trying a different kind of singer after Tony came up with expansions for several of the musical kind.Science:Physics100%FLAME (2)Fire Licks A Million EyebrowsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%FLAMESForum Language And Manners Explode SpectaucularlySean Lamb (who tries to stay out of 'net flame wars)Communication100%FLANFunny-Looking, Aromatic Nourishment Sean LambFood & Drink100%FLASHERFellow Likely Acting Sexual, His Exhibitionism's Ribald!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships100%FLASH LASTFlirted, Loved, And Swallowed Hook Line And Sinker Terminally.Rico Leffanta, explaining that flashing last is going down in flames like a shooting star.Assorted Phrases100%FLATFew Landfills Are ThisEdwin HermannAssorted Adjectives80%FLAT-SOLED SANDALSForget Laces And Tall Stillettos, Only Low-Elevation, Down-to-earth Sandals Are Now Desired. Alas, Low-heels (are) Scarce!Angela Brett, after finally finding some flat-soled sandals - it seems that most women's sandals have really high heels on them these days. Of course as soon as I found and bought some they started appearing everywhere.Household Objects:Clothing100%FLATTERERFalse & Lying Adulation Tends To Elicit Reponses Exposing ReprehensiblityTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FLAT WHITEFeel Like A Tea With Herbal Infusions? Try Elsewhere!Angela Brett, thinking of it as a sign outside a coffee shop.Food & Drink:Drinks100%FLAT WHITE (2)Fine Little Apple That Will Have IBook Tykes Enthused.Angela Brett, thinking that the latest iBook, which is not curvy and colourful like the old ones, could be called the 'flat white'.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%FLAVIUSFaithful, Loyal And Valued (If Unsung) ServantTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Timon of AthensArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Timon of Athens100%FLAWLESSFabulous Looking, And Without Little Errors - Simply StunningTony McCoy O'Grady - who knows the feeling :-)People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%FLAWSFaulty - Like A Windoze SystemAngela BrettAssorted NounsComputers:Windows100%FLAWS (2)Feel Like A Woman ScornedRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%FLAWS (3)First Love All Went South.Rob RixPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FLEAFried Lightly Excites AppetiteRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%FLECKFewer Lines Equals Conserved KilobytesTony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%FLEDField's Left Empty/ DesertedTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%FLIESFood Lovers Ingredient Expressly ServedRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)86%FLINCH'Flight-reaction" Looms - Is Not Continued However. TMcCO'G, a flinch is surely a vestige of the impulse caused by momentarily pondering the second option of a fight-or-flight situation.Assorted Verbs100%FLIPSIDEFraternal Love In Progress Sometimes Incorporating Digital ExplorationsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FLIRTFuture Lover Is Really TryingAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FLIRT (2)Feel Like I'm Romantic TopgunAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FLIRTINGFeel Like I'm Ready To Investigate New Guys/GirlsAngela Brett, while pondering the difference between flirting and ordinary conversation.People & Relationships:Love & LustCommunication91%FLOPPY DISKForget Low-end, Obsolete Plastic Paralellograms... Your DIskettes Inefficiently Store Kilobytes.Angela BrettComputers:Generic Hardware100%FLORAFlowers Love Outdoor Rural ArrangementsRico LeffantaScience:Biology:PlantsReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%FLORALFlaunting Likenesses Of Rhododendrons And LiliesAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%FLORENCEFish Lover Often Relishes Eating Nouvelle Cuisine EntreesTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%FLORENCE (2)Fridge 'Left Overs' Recipe's Evidently Not Considered ExcitingTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%FLORIDAFeel Like Okefenokee Ramble's Innocuous, Despite Alligators?Patricia RixPlaces:States & Regions100%FLORIDA (2)Famous Location Of Republicans' Illegal Democracy-AvoidanceChris KjelgaardPoliticsPlaces:States & Regions100%FLORIDA (3)Fresh Lovely Oranges, Rides In Disney AreaJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%FLORIDA (4)Fun-Lovers Often Revel In Disney Attractions TonyPlaces:States & Regions100%FLORIZELFleeing Lord's Opposition, Romance Inspires Zesty Eloping LoversTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Winter's TaleArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Winter's Tale100%FLOURINEFrequently Liquified On Unclean Reservoirs. It Nourishes Enamel.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements90%FLOWCHARTFellows Look On When Company Hints At Re-organisation TheoriesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The WorkforceCommunication:Presentations100%FLOWERFellow's Love Of Woman Expressed RomanticallyAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Plants80%FLUELLENFiercely Loyal. Use of English Language (is) Largely Excruciating NovelTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry V100%FLUTEFlavour Lets Us Touch ExaltationJason WilcoxEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%FLUTE (2)Flex Lips Until Tune EscapesTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%FLUTESFingerwork Looking Uncomfortable, These Emit SoundsTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%FLYFriends Loathe YouRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits89%FLY A KITEFun Loving Youths Artfully Keep Item (from) Touching EarthTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%FLYERFrightful "Literature" You Eternally Refuse TMcCO'G referring to the handbills handed out on streets to passers-byCommerceCommunication100%FMFunky MusicTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsEntertainment:Music100%FOCUSFor Orbits, Centre's Usually StarAngela BrettScience:Astronomy100%FOCUS GROUPFeed Our Customers Under Scrutiny, Gauging Reactions On Unfamiliar Products.Angela BrettCommerce100%FOEFocused On ExtinctionRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%FOGFloating Otherworldly GasRoger WilliamsScience:Meteorology100%FOG (2)Freezing Of Groundair TMcCO'GScience:Meteorology100%FOL-DE-LOLFell Over Laughing - Developed Emphysema Laughing Out LoudTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%FOLKS AT HOMEFat Old Ladies Knitting Sweaters As Their Husbands Ogle Madonna's EquipmentRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%FONDESTFeelings Of Nice Devotion, Easily Squashed TooJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FONDLINGFake Orgasm Nerds Dont Leave Involved Naked GirlsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FOODFoe Of Obsessed DietersAngela BrettFood & Drink100%FOOD (2)Finest Organic Ongoing DelightCharles H. Montgomery, Jr. Organic Vegan admits that Total Organic, even with organic meat is more of a Delight than regular meat, although not Finest. (And I am certain that there are Organic Vegans with a higher/healthier experience than mine.)Food & Drink100%FOOLForeman Of Operational LunacyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations:Humorous Job Titles100%FOOL (2)Fell Out Of LoveAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FOOTFrequently, One Of ThreeTony McCoy O'Grady (The foot is usually overshadowed by the Yard, which is three foot long)Science:Mathematics:Measurement100%FOOTBALLFeeling Or Otherwise Touching Bums Always Looks Laughable!Patricia Rix (this is what we were discussing during the Superbowl: why men can pat each other's bums on the playing field but no other time)Sports & Recreation100%FORFather Of RepetitionAngela Brett, because for is usually the best loop to use in C programs.Computers:Programming100%FORAFriendly Objection: Really "A"Jeff Anonymous, who prefers the term 'fora' to 'forums'Communication100%FORBIDDEN ACCESSFinding Oneself Repulsed By Internet Domain, Do Everything Necessary About Creating Complaint - Email Someone Sensible.Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to the same outage of the Acronyms forums which prompted Jeff's FOUR OH THREE.Computers:InternetCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%FORDFor Ordinary Road DriversEric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%FORD (2)Fixed Often, Regularly DeadSusan S. I owned a Ford. It never gave me any grief, and it only cost me $1. I sold it for $10 after 5 years use. Not at all like this Apronym!Transport:Car Makes & Models100%FORDSFor Overcrossing Rivers During SpatesTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted VerbsPlaces:Waterways100%FORDS (2)Full Of Rude Drivers SometimesTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%FORDS (3)Fellows Ought Resist Driving SpeedilyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%FORECASTFocus On Real Events - Can't Accurately See TomorrowAngela BrettTime91%FORECASTERFiendish Old Rogue Environmentalist, Climate Adjustment Specialist, Treacherous - Evil and Rotten.Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up another superbaddy.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%FOREIGN CURRENCYFor Overseas Revenue / Expenditure, I Get Notes Converted Using Rates Reckoned Everyday, Not Calculated YearlyTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%FOREIGN CURRENCY (2)For Our Relief, EBay Is Giving, Not Canada's Unvaluable "Rupees"; Rather, Excellent Numerical Coinage - Yankee!Patricia RixCommerce:Money100%FOREIGNERFrom Overseas, Residents Enraged If Growing Numbers Engender ResentmentsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%FOREMAN OF THE JURYFinished Off Reviewing Evidence, My Announcement Notes Our Findings. Trial Has Ended, Judge Usually Rules Years.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FORESTFormation Of Radiata Exist Standing TogetherAngela BrettPlacesScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%FOREST (2)Foliage Over Roots Enhances Several Trunks.Angela BrettPlacesScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%FOREST (3)Furthering Our Review Everyone Sees Trees.Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Plants:Trees94%FORGED SIGNATUREFraudsters Or Robbers Generally Employ Deception. Seldom Is Genuine Notation Available, The Usual Result (is) EmbarrassmentTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%FORGIVENESSFortitude Of Remission Granting Involves Vice Expelled. Never Ever Sin, SolaceJan MorganPeople & Relationships80%FORKFeed Off Re-designed KnifeTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%FORMFigure Of Representational MediumAngela BrettArt & Literature100%FORMULAFavourite Organised Recipe Measuring Unit's Logical ActivityRico LeffantaScience90%FORNICATEFrequency Of Rumpy-pumpy's Nice If Couple Are Terribly Excited TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FOR STARTERSFor Only Recently Shoud Those Adults Ready To Engage Really Start.John BlockAssorted Phrases100%FORTForearmed Outpost Repels Tresspassers.Roger WilliamsMilitaryPlaces:Buildings88%FORTRANFine Operations Regarding Transforming & Replicating Arrays of Numbers.Angela BrettComputers:Programming100%FORTRAN (2)Fine Operations Really Trivialise Replicating Arrays NeatlyAngela BrettComputers:Programming100%FORTRESSFamily Of Ruler Took Refuge, Escaping Shooting SoldiersTony McCoy O'GradyMilitaryPlaces:Buildings100%FORTYFactor Out Repeated Twenty YearsAngela BrettTime:Age100%FORTY (2)Friggin' Old - RIP To Youth!Angela BrettTime:Age100%FORTY (3)Face One's Recession To YouthJan MorganTime:Age100%FORUM POSTFor Others' Reading, Utilise Message Placard On Server, Thanks!Angela BrettCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%FORUM POST (2)Full Of Romance? Use Missionary Position On Sexual Trysts!Tony McCoy O'Grady, pretending the Acronyms forums are sex-oriented.People & Relationships:Love & LustCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%FORUM POST (3)Fearful Or Replying? Using Multiple Personalities Offers Safety Tips.Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking that people might be nervous about leaving their email address on the forums if they were sex-oriented.Communication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%FORUM POST (4)Follow Our Rules! Use - Mostly - Properly Operated Spelling Techniques!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after some purposeful and extremely unlikely misspellings were used in expansions in a forum post.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%FORUMSFriends Overseas Regularly Use Message Service.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%FORUMS (2)Floor Open... Rejected Using Moderated System.Angela Brett, who decided not to make the Acronyms forums at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/start.cgi?id=acronyms moderated.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%FORUMS (3)Found Online, Responses Usually Mean SomethingSean LambComputers:Internet90%FORWARDEDForum Outage Relayed to Webmaster. A Reply's Due, Edwin Dear!Angela Brett, when she forwarded Jeff's FOUR OH THREE to Edwin, the creator of the forums.Communication:Acronyms Forums86%FOSTERFocus On Some Trait Easily Re-alignedRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%FO TIFor One's Tea InfusionAngela Brett (I assume it's an accident that the name could be pronounced as a non-rhotic 'for tea' but apparently fo ti is used as a tea.)Food & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%FO TI (2)Flogged On The InternetAngela BrettFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%FO TI (3)Finest Of Traditional InfusionsAngela BrettFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%FO TI ROOTFear Of Technology? Ingest Remedy Of Older Times!Angela BrettFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%FOULED UPFootballer's Out Until League's Ended - Dirty Ungentlemanly PlayerTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%FOUNTAIN PENFlows Out... Usually Nice, Though Also It Needs Protectors -- Easily Nasty.Jeff Anonymous. Fountain pens are nice -- I find that I can write better with one than with a ballpoint, though that's not saying much -- but if you put one in your shirt pocket, be sure that you are wearing a pocket protector if you like the shirt much or you don't want to be embarassed.Household Objects100%FOUR OFFSPRINGFew Of Us Refrain Or Forego Frolicsome Sensuous Petting - Resulting In New Generation!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after BRAT! asking, 'how does one manage FOUR OFFSPRING without petting?'People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FOUR OH THREEForum Outage (Urk) Really Ouches Herr Tony's Honorable Ramblings. 'Elp, Edwin!Jeff Anonymous, when the Acronyms forums weren't working due to an error 403 - forbidden access.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%FOUR ZERO THREEFound One Useless Remote Zone? Edwin Required Obviously! Tell Him Ratty Eireannach's Enraged!Tony McCoy O'Grady (Eireannach = Irishman, in Irish) in response to Jeff's FOUR OH THREE, saying that "Oh" is a letter of the alphabet, not a numeral. One doesn't count Oh, One, Two, Three... It is either None, Nought or Zero. Communication:Acronyms Forums100%FRANCFrench Roundel; Alas, Nevermore Currency.Jeff Anonymous, on the former French currency, now replaced with the EU Euro.Commerce:Money100%FRANCEFrequently Reckoned As Narcissistic, Chauvinist EuropeansTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%FRANCE (2)Frequently Rude And Nasty Cheese EatersW. KlinePlaces:Countries100%FRANCE (3)Feeling Ruined Am Now Climbing Eiffel! TMcCO'G - on the eve of a trip to Paris to celebrate his wife's birthday.Places:Countries100%FRANCESFriendship Reaches A New Class, Enter SafelyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%FRANCESCOFreedom Rings, All Necessary Concerns Eventually Satisfied, Carefully ObtainedJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%FRANCHISEFellow Runs A New Company Having Invested Serious EquityTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce89%FRANCIUMFrom Radioactive Actinium. Number Conjectured, If Undiscovered, by Mendeleyev.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%FRANK FORDFaithlessness Rankles And, Not Knowing, Falstaff's Obviously Raised DoubtsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor100%FRANTFellows Restlessly Await Next TrainAngela Brett (Frant is defined in The Meaning of Liff as meaning, 'The legal minimum distance between two trains on the District and Circle line of the London Underground. A frant, which must be not less than 122 chains (or 8 leagues) long, is not connected in any way with the adjective 'frantic' which comes to us by a completely different route (as indeed do the trains).')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%FRASIERFairly Risible American Series Is Exceptionally RidiculousTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV showsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters92%FRAUD ARTISTFellow Ripped-off And, Unsuspected, Deceived A Really Truthful, Innocent Store TenderPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%FREDERICKFractured Relationship Endures Destruction, Eventually Rebounds In Careful KindnessJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%FREE LOVEFor Relaxed Erotic Enjoyment & Lots Of Venereal Experiences Tony McCasanova O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FREE OFFER!Funds Required: Exorbitant! Enticing Offer! Fools Futilely Expect Reward!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%FREE SPIRITFiercely Rebellious - Even Eccentric Sometimes - People! Individuality Resides Inside ThemselvesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits80%FREEWAREForget Rude Expectations of Expenditure, Wallets Abhor Requests for ExtractionAngela Brett/Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%FREEWARE HYPERCARD STACKFirst Reason Everything's Easier With Apples: Reduced Effort Has Your Programmers Expecting Reduced Cost, And Readily Developing Something That All Consider 'Killer'Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareComputers:Programming100%FREEZEFreshly Reaped Edibles Emit Zero Energy`Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & DrinkScience:Physics91%FRENCH KISSFrantic Romantic Encounter Nightly, Can Herald Kinky Introduction to Steamy SexAngela Brett/Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%FRENGUELLISAURUSFew Reproductions Exist. Now Generally Unknown, Extremely Large Lizard Is Seen As Unusual Relative. Unknown SizeSean Lamb (Frenguellisaurus is judged to weigh about 770 pounds, based on fossils found so far. However, its exact size isn't very well known, and it's not a name that rolls off the tongue of most schoolchildren)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs83%FREONForcibly Route Everyone to Our NetworkSean Lamb (Freon was the code name Microsoft used for the XBox)Computers:Games100%FRESH BREADFollowing Recipe's Essential - Some Half-Baked Rolls Even Appear Doughy.Angela Brett, who was determined to create an acronym with 'Half-Baked,' in it since that is used as an example in Tony's acronymising tips.Food & Drink100%FRIAR LAWRENCEFoolish Rascal. Intrigue And Romance Launch A Wretched, Ruinous End - Not Completely ExoneratedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet75%FRIDAYForget Remorse, I'll Drink A Yard-of-aleTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Weekdays100%FRIDGEFreezing Receptacle Including Digestable Goodies EndlesslyMatthew Oram and Steve KeateFood & DrinkHousehold Objects:Appliances100%FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHEFrom Religion's Inquisitional Edicts Divine Religious Idiots Cherished Heaven Never Imagining Eternity Tolerated Zombie Suicidal Cries Hopelessly EverlastingRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers100%FRIENDFearless Resolve In Every Noticeable DealingJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%FRIEND OFFeeling Really Intimate - Enjoying Nice Depth Of FellowshipTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%FRIENDSFractious Relatonships In Endless Newyork Drama Series.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows100%FRINGFilament's Rattled - It's Not GlowingTony McCoy O'Grady (Fring is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'The noise made by light bulb which has just shone its last.')Assorted Nouns:NoisesWords & Wordplay:Liffs100%FRISBEEFlung Regularly In Sport, Breeze Extends ElevationTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation83%FROCKFemale's Ritzy Outerwear - Cocktail-party KitTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%FRODEFiftyish Residents Of Deck EnlivenedAngela Brett, referring to the character in 'The Solitaire Mystery' by Jostein GaarderArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%FRODOFurry Runt Of Dubious OriginCarl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%FRODO (2)Fears Reaching Orodruin's Dire OutcomePatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%FROG IN THROATFalse Ribbits One Gets If Needing The Health Resources Otorhinolaryngologists Assent ToAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%FROM BEHINDFrightened Reaction Obviously Must Be Expected - Hindsight Is Not Directional!Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'Grady, when somebody searched for 'from behind' on the Acronyms website.Places:Positions & Directions100%FROMMFrightfully Religious Or Mania MakerGrace FrancisScience:Linguistics:German Words100%FROSSESFolks Really Organise Stupid Stuff, Eh Sista?Angela Brett (Frosses is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'The lecherous looks exchanged between sixteen-year-olds at a party given by someone's parents')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%FROSSES (2)Folks Really Organise Such Stupid Events... Seeya!Angela Brett (see FROSSES)Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%FROWNFrustrated Reasons Of Woe NeglectedJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FROZENFully Rigid, Obviously Zero Energy NeededTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%FRUITFreshly Ripe Unique Item, TastyJan MorganFood & Drink100%FRUSTRATEDFeeling Really Unable, Somehow, To Relate All The Embarrassing DetailsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%FRYFood Ready Yet?Angela BrettFood & Drink100%FTPFollow That Puppy!Angela Brett - FTP actually stands for File Transfer Protocol, but at least two Macintosh FTP clients have dogs in their icons.Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%FUCHSIAFlowers Usually Cascade, Hanging Softly In AirJan MorganScience:Biology:Plants100%FUCHSIA (2)Flowers Unusual Colors, Hanging Softly In AirJan Morgan -- beautiful combinations in the 2 colored flowersScience:Biology:Plants100%FUDDY DUDDYFouled Up Drunken Domino Yet Dressed Under Dole Drums YesterdayRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%FUDGEFabulous Unforgettable Delight Gives EnjoymentJan MorganFood & Drink:Confectionery100%FUDGE (2)Fully Unequalled Dessert Generates EcstasySean Lamb (Chocolates are said to have an aphrodisiac effect on some people...)People & Relationships:Love & LustFood & Drink:Confectionery89%FULL TEXTFound Under Lexicographic Listings... The Entire Xpansion Treasure-trove.Angela Brett, guessing that whoever was searching for 'full text' on the ACRONYMS website was probably after the alphabetical listings at http://acronyms.co.nz/A.htmlComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%FUNFor Unrestrained NoveltyTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%FUN (2)Frivolous, Upbeat NonsensePatricia RixAssorted Nouns92%FUNDAMENTALSFirst-year Undergraduates Not Dumb, Although Many Evidently Need To Always Learn SlowlyAngela BrettEducation:Slow Teaching100%FUNDINGFinancially Unstable, New Donor's Investment Now GlimpsedTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money92%FUNDRAISINGFrom Unneeded Nickels to Dollars, Reviving An Invalid's Smile... It's Nice Gesture.Angela BrettCommerce100%FUNERALFamily Uncovers Necropolitan Expenses Reducing All LegaciesRico Leffanta and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%FUNGIFoodies Usually Never Gobble IndiscriminatelyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%FURFuzzy Unique RemnantJan MorganScience:Biology:Body PartsHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%FUSSYFidgety Unhappy Sprucer Sabotages YouJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits0%FUTILITY*F = U.Ti+Li.tY: This is known as the futility constant. Once the forgetfulness happens it is futile to try to remember the missing bit.Tony McCoy O'Grady explains: The only problem with acronyms I find is that I think of bits of them in the most inappropriate places and/or forget the details later. This is especially true when I feel that the solution is a cracker. There is probably a mathematical relationship which states that the probability of forgetfulness (F) is in direct proportion to the uniqueness (U) of the solution multiplied by the inappropriateness (i) of the time (T) plus the inappropriateness of the location (L) when the Yippee moment occurs (inspiration strikes) this is then written (tY)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%FUTONFolding Usually Tangles One's NailsJan MorganHousehold Objects:Furniture100%FUTURE LEADERSFeisty Unabashed Teenagers Undergoing Regulqar Education Learn Elements About Democratic Elections Representing SchoolmatesTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%FUZZYFelt Unduly Zig-Zaggy YesterdayTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%FUZZY (2)Food Undergoing Zippy Zymurgy YesterdayRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%FWIWFollowing Writing Is WaffleAngela Brett (FWIW usually stands for 'For What It's Worth')Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%FWIW (2)Find Whether I'm WrongAngela Brett (FWIW usually stands for 'For What It's Worth')Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational75%FYI[I] Feel You're IdioticTony McCoy O'Grady (FYI usually stands for 'For Your Information')Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%FYRDForced Youth Recruitment DecreedAngela BrettMilitary100%FYRD (2)Former Yoemanry Regular DivisionTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%FYRDSFor Year-Round Defense ServicesAngela BrettMilitary100%G4Grasping 4Hyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware50%G4 (2)Good 4tuneAngela Brett, because anyone who has a G4 is fortunate.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%GAGurgling AnnoyanceJeff Anonymous (in reference to the baby noise)Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%GABGrumble, Argue, BickerTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Talking100%GAB (2)Garrulous Annoying BletherAngela BrettCommunication:Talking100%GAB (3)Great At BabblingJan MorganCommunication:Talking100%GABBLEGarbage Articulated, 'Blah Blah...' Lacking Eloquence.Angela Brett, not long before checking her email and discovering she'd been beaten to first G acronym by Tony's GAB.Communication:Talking100%GABBYGirl Always Babbling By YouRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female83%GABONGenerally A Big Ore-exporting Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries89%GADABOUTGuys And Dolls Are Browsing On-line Using TeasersRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%GADGETGot Ample Dough? Get Electronic Toys.Angela BrettScience:Electronics83%GADOLINIUMGenerally A Denizen Of (the) Lanthanides, It's Now In Use (in) Masers.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%GAGGovernment Approved GiggleTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%GAILGirl Always In LoveRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%GALATIANSGazing Astrologers Listened, Awed, To Itinerant Apostle. Now Saved.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books75%GALAXYGigantic Area. Long Armed X-axis & Y-axisTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy100%GALLEONSGreat Armada Lost Lives Entering One Nasty StormTony McCoy O'Grady (The Spanish Armada was defeated as much by the weather as by the British Navy)TransportHistory78%GALLIUMGeophysically At Low Levels, It's Unusual (at) Melting-point.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%GAMGreen And MauveAngela Brett ('gam' is the collective noun for weasels, and the story which the h2g2 researchers are writing at http://www.h2g2.com/A255007 is plagued with mauve and sometimes green weasels.)Art & Literature100%GAMBLEGain A Million By Losing EmpireAngela BrettEntertainment100%GAMBLE (2)Get Additional Money But Lose EveryoneAngela BrettEntertainment100%GAMBLINGGaming And Much Bet Laying - Income Newly GeneratedTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment100%GAMEGenerally About Mass EntertainmentGavin Lambert, thinking mainly about sports games and the like rather than board games, but you could extend the parallel...Sports & RecreationEntertainment:Games100%GAME (2)Great Adventures, Mesmerizes EveningJan MorganEntertainment:Games100%GAME (3)Gives Amusement, Makes EntertainmentJan MorganEntertainment:Games100%GAMERGathers Around Machines - Evading Reality Tony McCoy O'GameboyComputers:Games100%GAMMAGreek Authors Mastered Minimalist AlphabetTony McCoy O'Grady, commenting that there are only 24 characters in the Greek alphabetScience:Linguistics100%GAMUTSGirls Appraise Men Under The SheetsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%GANDALFGreat Advisor Negates Death And Looses FireworksPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%GANDALF THE GREYGrappled And Nearly Died After Long Fall - Though He's Evidently Gotta Return (Even Younger?) Tony McFrodo O'BagginsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%GANDERGiving A Nudge Dames Excitedly RejectRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust86%GANDHIGently Advocating Non-violence, Demands His Independence.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:MoviesNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GANTGuess About Nebulous TimescalesJonathan Staniford (see GANTT)Time100%GANTTGraph Allocating Necessary Tasks & TimescalesAngela Brett, after a workmate mistakenly referred to a Gantt chart as a 'GANT'. The Gantt chart is named after Charles Gantt, and is not an acronym.Time100%GANTT (2)Generally Always Need Triple TimeAngela Brett (see GANTT)Time100%GANTT (3)Guesstimates Almost Never The TruthAngela BrettTime100%GANTT (4)Generate Arbitrary Net Total TimeJonathan StanifordTime100%GANTT (5)Generous Approximations, No Tiny TargetAngela BrettTime100%GANTT (6)Generating Appropriate Notation Takes TimeAngela BrettTime100%GANZGlossary: "All", Not ZeroGrace FrancisScience:Linguistics:German Words100%GAOLGirls Are Only LadsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderPlaces:Buildings100%GAPGear's Awfully PriceyTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%GAP (2)Greatly Annoys ParentsTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%GAP (3)Get-Across Problem?Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns86%GARAGEGuests And Relatives Accommodated (at) Great Expense!Tony McCoy O'Grady, upon hearing that Dustan Dowsing was living in Angela's sister's garage.Places:Buildings100%GARAGE (2)Greasy And Rude Adolescents Guaranteed Employment!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsPlaces:Buildings100%GARBAGE MOUTHGarrulous And Rude & Brutally Aggressive Guy. Every Moment One Utters "Toilet Humour" Toilet Mouth O'GradyCommunication:Talking71%GARBOGifted Actress, Rathered Being On-her-ownTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%GARDENGives All, Rainbow Delights, Entreats NativesJan MorganPlaces100%GARDEN LIGHTSGenerating A Remarkable Display Every Night - Lamps Illuminate Grower's Horticulural Trophy SpecimensTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:PlantsHousehold Objects100%GARDEN OF EDENGobbling Apple Revealed Dear Eve's Nakedness... One Figleaf Enhanced Decency Enough? No!Angela BrettPlacesReligion100%GARDEN OF EDEN (2)Gained A Rich Domain, Evil Negotiates Offense, Failed Experimental Decree Exiles NewlywedsJan MorganPlacesReligion100%GARDENSGrass And Rosebeds Delight Everybody's Natural Senses TMcCO'GPlacesScience:Biology:Plants100%GARFIELDGifted (Albeit Rotund) Feline, I Eat Lasagne Daily TMcCO'GArt & Literature:Fictional CharactersNames:Pet Names100%GARFIELD (2)Gets Around Really Fast If Espying Lasagne DishAngela BrettArt & Literature:Fictional CharactersNames:Pet Names100%GARLANDGreen And Red Leaves Are Nicely DecorativeTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Plants88%GARLAND (2)Great Actress (Rainbow Lover) Addicted to Narcotic DrugsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%GARLICGarnish - A Renowned Love Inhibiting CondimentTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%GARLIC (2)Good At Repulsing Lovers, If Chewed. TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%GARMENTSGirls Adorn Runways, Modelling Elegant New Tweed SuitsTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%GARRETTGaelic - Attention Riveted Regarding Everything That's ThereAngela Brett (the name Garrett comes from Gaelic and means 'To Watch')Names:First names:Male100%GARRULOUSGabbing About Random Rubbish, Usually Lots Of Useless SubjectsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%GARYGuy's Always Reinterrogating YouTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%GARY (2)Gets Alcohol Replenished YonderJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%GASGenerally Asphyxiating SubstanceTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry90%GAS ATTACKGot Aerated Stomach? Alka-seltzer Tablets Taken Are Chemical Key.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%GASBAGGroan... Another Speech By Al Gore.Angela BrettPolitics100%GASBAG (2)Get A Second Book Absolutely GratisTony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%GAS PEDALGains Automotive Speed. Probably Encourages Driving At Limit.Eric BridgstockTransport:Car Parts80%GATANISMGoing Against The Attitude of Niceness and Innovation Surrounding MacintoshAngela BrettComputers:Windows100%GATANISM (2)Gleaning Apple's Trade, And Nerdishly Idolising Satanic MasterAngela BrettComputers:Windows89%GATANISM (3)Group of Antimac Terrorists, Adore Non-Intuitive Software Maker.Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%GATEGrants Access To EveryoneAngela BrettPlaces100%GATE (2)Gives Abode Territorial EntranceJan MorganAssorted Nouns89%GATESIANGenerally A Terrible Example of Science Inexpertly Applied, N'estpas?Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Windows100%GAUDYGarish And Unusually Decadent - Yuck!Melanie MerswolkeAssorted Adjectives100%GAUSSGot Answers Using Simultaneous SolutionsAngela Brett, thinking of Gaussian elimination, a way of solving simultaneous equations. I didn't feel like acronymising the whole thing!Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%GAUSS (2)Great Arithmetic Used Solving SystemsAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%GAUSS (3)Geometry's An Unexpectedly Strange Subject.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians83%GAVELGive A Vital End to LawsuitSean LambPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%GAVINGood At Very Interesting 'NymsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%GAVIN LAMBERTGenerating Acronyms, Velocity Irregular. Natural Laziness Assumed; Maybe Boredom Enhances 'Ronymising Tendencies?Gavin Lambert (since I felt it was about time I "ronymised" my own name) :)Names:Acronymists100%GAWAINGrail Adventurer, Was Arthur's Ideal Nephew.Tony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%GAY Got Aids Yet? mark a.k.a. (dad)People & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIAScience:Biology:Healthcare100%GAYSGenes Alter Your Sexuality?Angela BrettScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%GAYS (2)Gender Aside, You're Sexy!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%GEAR DOWNGenerally, Entering A Recession, Dispose Of Workforces NowTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%GEEKGathers Esoteric, Encyclopaedic KnowledgeAngela BrettComputersPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%GEEK (2)Greatly Enjoys Enhancing KernelsAngela Brett and Steve KeateComputersPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%GEEK (3)Great Education Enhances Knowledge Apronymous AnonymousEducationPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits83%GEEKSGain Entry to Every Knowledge SocietyAngela BrettComputersPeople & Relationships100%GEEKS (2)Generally Exhibit Exceptional Keyboard SkillsTony McCoy O'GradyComputersPeople & Relationships100%GEEKS (3)God's Electronic - Every Kilobyte's SacredAngela BrettComputersReligionPeople & Relationships100%GEEKYGo Electronic - Everyone Knows YouAngela BrettComputersPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%GEEKY (2)Generally Everything Elicits Keyboard YearningsAngela BrettComputersPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%GEEKY (3)Gigabit/ Exabit Ethernet Kindling YottabytesAngela BrettComputers93%GEEKY ACRONYMSGeeks Enjoy Expanding Knowledge - Yet Also Created Regularly, Origin: Non-geeks. Yes, Multiple Submissions.Gavin LambertWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%GEEKY ACRONYMS (2)Gotos Evil, Everybody Knows. You Always Can Rely On (Names You've Mangled) SubroutinesAngela Brett, thinking of abbreviated function names.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsComputers:Programming100%GEMINIGypsies Earn Money In Nonsense IndustryTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%GEMINI (2)Gets Endeavors Mixed In Neurotic IndecisivenessJan MorganReligion:Astrology88%GEMINUSGone! (his) Educational Mathematical Inscription. Noticed ÔUncoplanar' Stars.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%GENEALOGYGenerations Evoke New Excitement And Love Of Genealogy YearningsJan Morgan - Genealogy is the study of our heritage and finding our ancestorsPeople & Relationships:Family100%GENERALGenerally Evinces Nothing Exceptional - Rarely A LivewireTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%GENERAL CONFERENCEGives Extraordinary Navigation, Exceptional Resolve Acknowledged, Listening Covers Our Needs For Eternity, Reports Effect Noteworthy Concerns, EndeavorsJan Morgan -- world wide meeting of LDS church that delivers counsel to its membersReligionTime:Special Occasions100%GENERICGeneralised Extremely, Not Explicit... Really Inspecific Codswallop.Angela Brett, when Bern complained that her HERNIA was too generic. See also: INSPECIFICAssorted Adjectives100%GENESISGenerating Everything, Nothing Excepted, Seventh Is Sabbath.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%GENESIS (2)God's Early News: Existence Started In SevenRoger WilliamsReligion:Bible books100%GENETIC ALGORITHMGuesser Employing Nature's Evolutionary 'Tactics' In Creating A Likely Group Of Resolutions. Increase That Heuristic Measurement!Angela BrettScienceComputers:Programming100%GENETIC ENGINEERINGGodlike Experimenters Now Ensure That It Couldn't Evolve Naturally, Given Its Not Especially Effective Reproduction Inhibiting New Generations.Angela Brett, as genetically engineered plants are sometimes made sterile in order to prevent the crops from spreading and/or increase profits for the companies which sell the seeds. This also ensures that the variety could never have evolved naturally, since anything which can't reproduce is a sitting duck (so to speak) for natural selection.Science:Biology100%GENGARGrimy Even Nauseating Ghoul Also Repulsive.Nevica the MAN. (Gengar is a purple, ugly, ghost pokemon #94)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%GENTSGreat Emergency - Need To Sh*tTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%GENUISGeeks Enabling Nottingham University's Information SystemsTony McCoy O'Grady (see UNITS)Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup92%GENYODECTESGreatly Erratic Noggin Yet Only Disconnected Evidence of Carnivore That Existed SouthwardSean Lamb (Genyodectes was discovered in Argentina, but is only known from fragmentary skull remains)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%GEOFFREY CHAUCERGreatness Endures, Oh Founding Father! Really! Evidently Your 'Canterbury' Had A Unique Creative-English RoleTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%GEOLOGYGeology Encapsulates One's Learning Of Gneiss YieldsSean LambScience:Geology100%GEOMETRYGolly, Elementary Orthogonal Matrices Excite These Randy Youths.Angela Brett, during a boring first-year algebra lecture.Science:Mathematics:GeometryEducation:Slow Teaching100%GEOMETRY (2)Go Euclid! One Man's Elementary Text Remained Years!Angela Brett (parts of Euclid's 'Elements' were used as a standard textbook for around 2250 years.)Science:Mathematics:Geometry100%GEOMETRY (3)Greek Earth Observers Measured Everything, Trusting Real Yardsticks.Angela Brett, since geometry began with people actually measuring land and wasn't at all like the abstract science it is today.Science:Mathematics:Geometry100%GEORGEGentleman, Eating Out, Rarely Gets Eel.Patricia Rix, describing her husbandNames:Acronymists100%GEORGE (2)Gave Existence Onto Rix Generations, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%GEORGE (3)Gives Entertaining Osmonds Rare Gifts, EmergedJan Morgan, referring to George Osmond.Names:Famous people100%GEORGE BUSHGetting Elected On Recount, George's Eldest Boy Ultimately Succeeded HimTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE PAGEGets Entangled Organizing Right Guy's Espousal - Patiently Accepts Girl's ElopementTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor94%GEORGE WASHINGTONGeneral, Evidently Once Red-headed, Grew Ever Whiter As Senior. He Inspired Notable Growth Toward Own NationhoodPatricia RixNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE WASHINGTON (2)George Eventually Overthrew "Royal George". Everyone Wanted A Similar Hierarchy In National Government. "That's Over! Nevermore!"Roger Williams -- George Washington was highly instrumental in the success of the American Revolution. After victory, he was hailed as 'King George' and refused the title.Names:Famous people:PoliticiansHistory100%GEORGE W BUSHGot Every Opportunity Republican Governor Ever Wanted - But United States HarmedChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE W. BUSHGet Elected Or Remain Governor Even When Beaten Under Some HedgesRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE W BUSH (2)Got Every Opportunity Republican Gilt Ever Worked - But Unusually Stupid HumanChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE W. BUSH (2)Gets Evil Offensive Ruler, Genuine Empathy, Warmth, Best Underdog Succeeds HonorsJan MorganNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE W BUSH (3)Gives Every Opportunity Republican Grafters Ever Want By Utilizing State HubrisChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGE W BUSH (4)"Good Egg", Or Really Gifted, Excellent World-Beater? Unimpressive, Say HecklersChris Kjelgaard. Alternative endings could be "Usually Seems Harmless", "Unusually Strong Head", or "Unfathomable, Says Humanity", etc. Names:Famous people:Politicians100%GEORGIAGradually Eased Off Russia's Grip Into Autonomy.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GEORGIA (2)Gin Eli Original, Rural Gifts In AreaJan Morgan - Cotton gin was invented by eli whitney, Gifts = crops of cotton for clothes etc and peanuts for peanut butter etc.Places:States & Regions100%GERADEGenuine Expression Reaffirming Apparent Dubious ExactnessGrace FrancisScience:Linguistics:German Words100%GERAINTGentle Errant Romantic, Arthurian Individual, Noble TravellerTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%GERALDGets Enchanted, Reading A Little DramaJan MorganNames:First names:Male78%GERMAINGauss Expected Robust Male... Actually Ingenious Nom-de-plume.Angela Brett. (Sophie Germain wrote to Gauss with her mathematical ideas under a male name, because in her time it was expected that... (see GERMAIN (2))Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians88%GERMAIN (2)Girls, Especially, Rarely Maintain Avid Interest in Numbers.Angela Brett (see GERMAIN)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians90%GERMANIUMGrayish Element. Radar Meant A New Interest (and) Uses Multiplied.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%GERMANYGreeted Eventual Reunification Magnificently After Numerous Years.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GERTRUDEGenerates Enmity Realizing The Rogue Uncle's Despotic EndsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark100%GESTALTGenerality Exceeds (Somehow) The Analytically Logical TotalTony McCoy O'GradyScience100%GESTAPOGhastly Excess Shown To A People Overrun.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%GESTAPO (2)Germans Employed Sadistic Thugs As Police OfficersTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%GESTAPO (3)Gave Everyone Shivers, Taking Away People ObduratelyPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%GET A DANG PDAGreatly Expand Technological Abilities; Disregard Ancient Newtons' Greatness, Palms Do Admirably. Jeff Anonymous, after MISSING MOBILE PHONE - MY LIFE'S RUINED, explaining: Then it'll be harder to lose your phone book. With all due respect to the Newton, I seem to recall you having a USB Mac and I understand adapters can be a bit messy, especially with OS X. My Palm Tungsten C is pretty good; a bit pricey, but they make ones that are more economical, without Wi-Fi and whatnot.ComputersCommunication92%GET A MECHANICGenerally, Eliciting The Aid on Many Educated Computer Helpers And Nerds Is Consoling!Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%GET BENTGet Exercise - Tae Bo Extinguishes Nervous Tension.Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%GET DRUNKGulp Ethanol To Dull Responses, Uncountable Neurons Killed.Angela BrettDrugs100%GET STUFFEDGenuinely Exciting Travel! Special Trips Undertaken Featuring Farflung Exotic DestinationsTony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%GETTYSBURGGained Edge To Triumph Yesterday's Situation/Slavery, Battled Union's Resolute GoalJan MorganPlaces:Towns & CitiesHistory100%GET UP AND GOGreat Energy That Urges People Along... Now Don't Go Overboard!Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%GFOURGigaflops For Ordinary Users - Revolutionary!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware83%GHANAGovernment Headed (by) Army Nominee Apparently.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries78%GHERARDGot Help (with) Enunciation to Read 'Almagest' - Romanisation Deficient.Angela Brett. (Gherard had to learn Arabic since there was no Latin translation of Ptolemy's 'Almagest.')Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%GHOSTGhoul Heckling Our Sleep TimeRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Death100%GHOST (2)Grief Has One Seeing ThingsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%GHOULSGive Hundreds Of Undead Life, SymbolicallyAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death100%GIFTGiven In Friendly TransactionAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%GIFT (2)Give It For TreatEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships100%GIFTS OF ACRONYMSGiving Is For This Season Of Festivity. Acronymists Charter's 'Rule Of Namelessness' - - You Mustn't Speculate! ? when Angela wondered if the forum poster 'Santa Claus' was THE REAL SANTA CLAUS bringing us GIFTS OF ACRONYMS or A KNOWN ACRONYMISTIN DISGUISE.Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%GIGABYTESGosh, Information Galore! And Building Yearly... Terabytes Emerging Soon.Angela BrettComputers100%GIGGLEGreatly Inspired Gleeful Guffaw... Laughing EbulliantlyAngela BrettLaughter100%GIMLIGrotty Inbred Man (Little Incomplete)Carl BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%GIMLI (2)Goes Into Moria Less IntimidatedPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%GIMPGait Isn't Mighty Pretty Tony McCoy O'HyphenScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%GINGreat, If Neat!Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%GINGERGiving Individual Negotiates Great Encouragement ReallyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%GINGER (2)Good In Nosh, Generates Extra Radiance. TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%GINSENGGenerally Its Nice, Sexually Enhances Naughty Geriatrics TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%GIRAFFEGigantic, If Ridiculous, Animal Feeds From ElevationTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%GIRLGenerally I Rather Like'mTony McCoy O'Grady, obviously speaking for KEYBOARD as well. ;^)People & Relationships:Genderalisations92%GIRLFRIENDSGet Into Relationships Looking For Romance? I Evidently Need Drawn-out SeductionTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%GIRLSGiggly Items, Require Loving SometimesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%GIRL SCOUTGives Into Reasonable Labor, Sells Cookies Occasionally, Unusual TreatJan MorganSports & Recreation:Scouts100%GIRLS DON'T LIKE BOYS, GIRLS LIKE CARS AND MONEY.Get It Right, Lads! She Doesn't Only Need True Love (I Know Everyone Believes Only Your Soul's Goodness Is Really Likeable) She Likes Incredible Kit, Excess Capital And Racing Spoilers. All Now Demand Men Owe Nothing Except Yabber.Angela Brett, who disagrees with this lyric from 'Boys and Girls' by Good Charlotte.People & Relationships:Love & LustTransportCommerce:Money89%GISBORNEGatanistic Inhabitant Steve Brings Out Rampant Nerdiness in EveryoneAngela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, thinking about Dustan's gatanist friend Steve who lives in Gisborne. (See EVIL TWIN BROTHER)Places:Towns & Cities:New Zealand100%GIUSEPPEGoes In Usual Steps, Eventually Pacing People's EnjoymentJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%GIVEGift Is Vicariously EnjoyedAngela BrettAssorted Verbs100%GIVE (2)Generosity Is Very EnjoyableTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%GLADIATORGory Life And Death In Arenae - Tale Of RomeTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%GLADYSGorgeous Lady Adores Doing You Soon!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%GLANSGenital Lingo Associated Naughty SexualityKenny RoyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%GLASSGlossy 'Lucent Article, Secures Sustenance.Gavin Lambert ('lucent as in 'translucent')Household Objects:Eating Utensils100%GLASS (2)"Gimme Lotsa Alcohol!", Some SayGavin LambertFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%GLASS (3)Get Lacerated As Some ShattersAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%GLASS (4)Good Lagers Are Sipped SlowlyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%GLASS (5)Guilty Lurker's A Secret SpectatorTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%GLASSELGood-Looking At Sea Side, Elsewhere Lacklustre.Angela Brett ('Glassel' is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'A seaside pebble which was shiny and interesting when wet, and which is now a lump of rock, which children nevertheless insist on filing their suitcases with after the holiday.Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%GLASSESGood-Looking Angela Sees Smallprint Extra Sharply.Angela Brett, who has perfect close-up sight.Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%GLASSES (2)Geriatrics Lacking Acuity Sometimes Seek Enhanced Sight.Angela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%GLASSES (3)Good Looking, A Spectacle... Strange Equivocal SynonymsAngela BrettWords & WordplayHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories92%GLASTONBURYGeneral Location of Arthur's Seat. Thorn Of Note Blossoms Uniquely Round YuletideTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%GLENDOWERGenerally Legendary. Evinces No Deeds Of Wonder - Essentially Ranting!Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry IVArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry IV83%GLENNGetting (a) Little Elderly? No! Never!Patricia Rix, referring to her brother.Names:First names:MaleNames:Acronymists100%GLITCHGood Lord! Imperfect Timing Causes Havoc!Angela Brett, after hearing about how delays in electricity flowing through logic gates can cause glitches in electronic circuits.Science:Electronics89%GLITSCHSGroup/Geeks Leading Information Technology, School of Community Health SciencesAngela Brett (see UNITS)Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup100%GLOBALGreen Lives Oblige Being Active LocallyTony McCoy O'Grady (A slogan of the Green Party is 'Think Globally, Act Locally')Politics100%GLOBE TROTTINGGlamourous Life/Lust Of Being Elsewhere, Then Returning Only To Totally Ignore Native Geography.Angela Brett, while pondering her globe trotting planned for mid-2004.Sports & Recreation:Travel100%GLORYGod's Love Often Revives YouTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%GLOSSGain Little Off Shiny SurfaceTony McCoy O'Grady, who, after reading PAINT, said 'Now, I'm all in favour of warning people of things which are inedible but I am unconvinced that paint (in all its guises) is inedible so, on the assumption that either it is bad for one, or good for one, I've devised a dual system of acronyms....'Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%GLOSS (2)Good Lunching On Sleek SurfaceTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance GLOSSFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%GLOUCESTERGreat Lord's Obsequies Unleash Civil Enmity & Strife That Engulf RealmTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%GLOUCESTER (2)Gouged, Looses Ocular Utility. Considers Edgar Seditious - That's Eventually RectifiedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%GMGarbage MotorsRob sRe-expansions of existing acronymsTransport:Car Makes & Models100%GNATGrand Natural After TasteRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%GNATSGet Needlessly Aggressive, Then StrikeTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Insects100%GNUGood News, UsuallySteve Keate (GNU actually stands for 'Gnu's Not Unix' and is a project by the free software foundation to make a free alternative to Unix.)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%GNU (2)Gates Now UnhappySteve KeateRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%GO AND TAKE A RUNNING JUMP AT YOURSELFGo On A Novel Discovery Trip - Adults & Kids Enjoy A Romp Unearthing Neolithic Novelties In Northern Greece - Just Under Mount Parnassus. A Thrilling Year Of Unparalleled Richness. Special Educational Lessons Featured.Tony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%GO APPLESGenius Operating And Programming! Please Leave Entirely Solitary!Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying 'On the understanding that people hate to be interrupted while programming, here's a sign to hang on your door...'Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%GO APPLES (2)Gone Overboard At Pretending Placidness... Losing Extant Sanity.Angela Brett, thinking that 'go apples' could have a similar meaning to 'go bananas'.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%GOATGnaws On Any Thing!Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%GOAT (2)Gamboling Over A TorPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%GOAT CHEESEGet Olives And Tomatoes & Chevre - Harmonise Everything, Exquisite Salad Experience TMcCO'GFood & Drink100%GO AWAYGo On, Ask, We'll Astound You.Angela Brett (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%GO AWAY, NOW!Get On A Wing, And You'll Navigate Our World.Angela Brett (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%GOBBLEGorge On Big Bites, Lacking EtiquetteTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%GOBLINGenerally Objectionable Bugger Lacking In Niceness TMcCO'G - who recalls that in any fairytale, the pixies were usually good, but goblins were always nastyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures100%GOBSMACKEDGenuinely Overcome By Speechlessness. Mouth Apparently Completely Knackered - Extremely Dumbfounded.Tony McCoy O'Grady, who was gobsmacked that Jeff acronymised his forum post - see http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/list.cgi?id=acronyms&user=&session=&root=983076143Assorted AdjectivesCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%GODGreat Omniscient DeityAngela BrettReligion100%GOD (2)Great Omnipotent DeityTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%GOD (3)General Overall DeityTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%GOD (4)Great Omnipresent DeityAngela BrettReligion100%GOD (5)Goliath's, Or Davids?Angela Brett... A lot of people seem to fight each other because they believe in different gods - the Old Testament is littered with stories of God helping the Israelites defeat their enemies. I wonder how bible stories would read if told by the other side.Religion100%GOD (6)Generous, Or Destructive?Angela Brett - some churches (at least Reverend Lovejoy's one on The Simpsons!) lean towards the idea that if we don't do exactly what God says we'll all burn in hell. Others describe a more benevolent God.Religion100%GOD (7)Gender's Often DebatedAngela Brett - Most texts refer to God as 'He' although there are jokes about God being female and logically (if logic even applies to gods) God is neither.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%GOD (8)Guess One's DesiresAngela Brett (there are so many arguments and no direct ways of finding out what a god might want us to do.)Religion100%GOD (9)Gestalt Of DevoteesAngela BrettReligion100%GOD (10)Greets Our DeadAngela BrettReligion100%GOD (11)Goodness On DemandAngela BrettReligion100%GOD (12)Giver, Observer, Destroyer.Angela BrettReligion100%GOD (13)Generated Our DomainAngela BrettReligion93%GOD DICTIONARYGod, Our Deity, Deserves Incomparable Communicatory Terminology Including Our Nouns, Articles, and Reflexive Yakkings.Mysterious Shadow, when Tony said on the forums, 'Look up "Ephemera" in a god dictionary' - letting slip the secret of his amazing acronymising ability.Words & Wordplay100%GODFATHERSGentlemen On Deity's Faith Assignments To Help Educate, Redeem & Save Tony, responding to a request for a name for a men's ministryReligion:Men's Ministry100%GOD IS GOODGenerator Of Divine Inspiration Should Get Our Ongoing DevotionAngela BrettReligion100%GOD LOVES YOU VERY MUCHGreat One Doesn't Look On Viciously, Expecting Something You're Obviously Unable. Vices Embraced... Remember Your Most Unsaintly Characteristic -- Humanity!Angela Brett (If God loves me very much, He wouldn't send me to HELL whatever petty evil I were involved in... and certainly not for simply being imperfect.)Religion100%GODMOTHERGood Old Dame Minding Other Transient Humans Extra ResponsibilitiesMary CarrPeople & Relationships:Family100%GOD, MOTHERHOOD AND APPLE PIEGet Overseas Deals Made, Or Those Happy Exports Return Home Out-Of-Date, And Nobody Does Anything Promoting Patriotism, & Licking Enemy People Into Eternity.Tony McCoy O'Grady - see CLIMATE VISIONPolitics100%GODSGenerous Omni Developers ShareAngela Brett, because the Omni Group (http://omnigroup.com) makes some excellent products for Mac OS X, including frameworks for other Cocoa developers to use. Some might regard the Omni folk as GODS.Computers:Programming:Cocoa100%GODS (2)Greek? One Doesn't Suffice.Angela BrettReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%GODS (3)Glut Of Different SortsAngela BrettReligion100%GODS (4)Glut Of Denominational SchismsAngela BrettReligion100%GOETHEGo Open Every Telltale Heart EnthusiasticallyRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers0%GO F*CK YOURSELFGet Our Fabulous Unique Computer Key! Your Own Unbreakable Resource - Security Enhanced Locking FeaturesTony McCoy O'Grady, as a sign for outside Microsoft (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans86%GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY!God Ordered Freedom Of Related Twos Habitating Ark. Noah Decided to Make Use of Lovemaking To Increase Population of Live Young.Angela BrettReligion100%GOING POSTALGetting Outraged! I'm Nervous, Galled, Pissed, Overwrought, Spiteful: Totally A Loony This seems to be a British sites (or at least has a lot of words and sayings I'm not familiar with, or know are British -- But I think Brits might know the history of our good old American term of violence... It's just some of the good ol' American way of making a joke out of utter tragedy. As you may know, some people in this country have a habit of settling their differences with guns. And there's an odd sort of category of crime where someone who is disgruntled at work will show up with a loaded semi-automatic and just start blasting at whomever he sees.This type of crime really came into being about 20 or 30 years ago, when there was a rash of these crimes -- all being committed at post offices by postal employees. So.. it's tragic... innocent employees being killed by some loony who's just angry about his job situation. That's how it picked up the name "Going postal." It basically means someone getting angry enough that you'd best get away because you just don't know if he's going to snap and do something violent. Or if you're feeling that way, you could say that you're going postal. The phrase has moved away from the true violent meaning to a more manageable lower-key feeling that we all feel at some time.People & Relationships:Emotions86%GOLBATGood Old Leech-life Bloodsucking Attack's Tremendous!Angela Brett (Golbat is Pokemon #42)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%GOLDGood Old Lucre, Delightful!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%GOLD (2)Geniality Of Long DurationAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the gold (50th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%GOLD (3)Glittering Ore Lures Diggers.Roger WilliamsScience:Chemistry:Elements100%GOLDENGuess One's Love Does Endow NicelyJan MorganTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%GOLDIEGives Owner Love, Devoted In EnjoymentJan Morgan -- name of a catNames:Pet Names100%GOLDIE HAWNGiggly Outrageous Laughter Does Indeed Eventually Help A Woman's NeedsRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%GOLDIE HAWN (2)Gives Off Love, Devoted In Enjoyment, Has Awesome Whimsical NatureJan MorganNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses91%GOLDIE HAWN (3)Great On Laugh-in, Devoted In Enjoyment, Has Awesome Whimsical NatureJan Morgan -- My favorite Laugh-in AlumniNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses77%GOLDILOCKSGirl Overeats, Lacking Decency, In Little Out-of-the-way Cottage, Kips SoundlyTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARSGirl Of Little Decency Intrudes, Looks Over Cottage Kitchen (Seats Are Nearly Demolished) The Harridan Even Tastes Hirsute Redisents Edibles - Eventually Bed's Eagerly Assayed - Result: Sleep Tony McCoy O'GrimmArt & Literature100%GOLFGame Over Lovely FairwaysTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%GOLF (2)Greens Often Look FabulousTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%GOLF (3)Gentlemen Oppose Ladies FourballTony McCoy O'Grady, mentioning that golf clubs can be very. very sexist! :-(Sports & Recreation100%GOLF (4)Green Overshot; Loudly, "Fore!"Roger WilliamsSports & Recreation100%GOLF (5)Gives One Leisurely/Little FunJan MorganSports & Recreation100%GOLGIGood Old Lipoproteins Get InstructedAngela Brett, after someone told her that a golgi apparatus is a 'structure where proteins go to college.'Science:BiologyEducation100%GOLGI (2)Gulper Of Leftover Garbage, Indeed.Angela BrettScience:Biology78%GOLIATHGiant Offed by Little Inferior Aiming for The Head.Angela BrettReligion100%GONADGenerates Ova Night And DayAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%GONERILGrowing Obsessively Nasty, Ends Regan's Imperious LifeTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%GONE WITH THE WINDGood Old Novel Enables Women In Their Homes To Hope Everything Will Improve Next DayRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%GONE WRONGGenerating Overly Nasty Error Wreaks Ruin - Obviously Not Good Typo McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%GONZALOGeriatric Old Nestor - Zealous And Loyally ObjectiveTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%GOODGreatly Overused, Ordinary Declaration.Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%GOOD (2)Glosses Over One's DepressionAngela Brett, because most people say, 'good' or something similar when asked how they are, regardless of their true situations.Assorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%GOODBYEGone Out-Of-Date By Yesterday EveningTony McCoy O'Grady who pays little or no attenttion to the 'best-before-date' on food, on the principle that if it looks ok, it probably is ok :-)Food & Drink100%GOOD DAYGenerosity Of Others Definitely Does Affect YouAngela BrettAssorted PhrasesTimePeople & Relationships100%GOOD GUYGunman, Out Of Decency, Got Ugly YobbosTony McCoy O'Grady - referring to how Hollywood depicted 'bad guys' as ugly.People & RelationshipsEntertainment100%GOOD HEALTHGet Out Of Doctor's Hands, Enjoy A Life That's Happy Tony McCoy O'HypochondriacScience:Biology:Healthcare93%GOOD JUDGEMENTGroup of Object-Oriented Designers, Java Users, Developers: Guru Ensemble. Macintosh Enthusiasts Now Taken.Gavin Lambert (see JUDGEMENT)Computers:Programming100%GOODNIGHTGoodness Oh Oh Dear Now Its Going Home TimeMessy Eater, During a conversationAssorted PhrasesTime100%GOODNIGHTS"Getting Off" On Doorstep, Now I Grope Her Thighs SexilyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT, DON'T LET THE BEDBUGS BITEGot Over One Day. Now I'm Going Home To Slumber Leaving Encroaching Enemy Pests To Infect George's Half. They Disappear Once Night Time Leaves. Every Time They Have Eaten Bloody Evidence Develops - Being Unconscious, Guys Scratch Bothersome Itches To ExcessTony McCoy O'Grady and Patricia RixAssorted Phrases:SayingsArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%GOOD OR BADGet Out Of Doldrums Of Reasonable But Amoral Deeds.Angela Brett, in response to an unsuccessful search, because life wouldn't be as interesting if we only did things that were neither good nor bad.People & Relationships100%GOOGLEGoing Off On Gigantic Lexicon EnterpriseW. KlineComputers:Internet100%GOOGLE (2)Global Operation Often Goes Locating ExpressionsTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet100%GOOGLE (3)Great Oracle - Only Gives Live EntriesGavin LambertComputers:Internet86%GOOGLE (4)Grand Officious Oracle, Generating Links for Everyone Apronymous AnonymousComputers:Internet100%GOOGLE (5)Google Organizes Our General Links Everyday Apronymous AnonymousComputers:Internet86%GOOGLE (6)Googling Often Offers Generous Links to EphemeraSean LambComputers:Internet100%GOSPELGiving Orders So People Expect LoveRico LeffantaReligion100%GOSPEL (2)God's Own Scriptural Prospective, Eternally LearningJan MorganReligion94%GOSPEL PRINCIPLESGlory Of Salvation, Purpose Eternal Living, Pertinently Relevent In Natural Concepts Into Progressing Lives (for) Eternal SalvationJan MorganReligion100%GOSSIPGabbling Openly, Some Spicy Information's PassedTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%GOTHGory Overdone Teenagers HurtingwishesPeople & Relationships100%GO TO HELLGoing On Tour Of Hades, Enduring Lucifer's LocationTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesReligion100%GO TO WORKGet Off To Office - Wages Only Restock Kitchen TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%GOTTA GOGetting On To The Activity, Gaiting OverloadJan MorganCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%GOUACHEGenerally One Using Artist's Colouring Hastens EnteritisTony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint88%GOUACHE (2)Gastronomically Outstanding - Users Appreciate Colourful Haute-cuisine ExperienceTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance GOUACHEFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%GOUACHE (3)Generations Old. Useful Artisans Colourant. Hydration Essential.omnicronosArt & Literature83%GOURDGood, Often Underrated, Receptacle for Drinks.Steve KeateFood & Drink:Drinks100%GOVERNANCEGetting On's Very Essential Requirement - Needing A Nominated Central ExecutiveTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%GOWANSTOWNGowanstown, Oh What A Name! Surely That Only Was Nonsense.Rob RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada91%GOWANSTOWN (2)God's Own Wonderland And No-one Should Tease Our Wonderful NameTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%GOWERGallant Officer's Worth Earns RespectTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry V100%GOWNGraduate's Otherwise Wearing NothingAngela Brett, a few weeks before graduating - there are bound to be pranksters who wear nothing under the gown.Household Objects:Clothing:Academic Regalia100%GPFGreatly Pooched FilesSean Lamb, referring to the results of a General Protection Fault.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%GRAALGame Really Addicts, Albeit LatencyJeff Anonymous, referring to the game found at http://graalonline.comComputers:Games100%GRACEGod Regularly Advances Considerable EncouragementTony McCoy O'GradyReligionNames:First names:Female100%GRADEGenerally Railroads Aren't Deliberately ElevatedSean Lamb (The easiest tracks on which to control trains are perfectly level [with a 0% grade] and perfectly straight) Transport:Trains100%GRADUANDGirl Restlessly Awaits Departing University, And Newlywon Diploma.Tony McCoy O'GradyEducation89%GRADUATEGain Recognised Academic Degree, University Awarded to The EducatedTony McCoy O'GradyEducation0%GRADUATE*Studying Your Curricula Earned You A Great DegreeTony McCoy O'Grady, as the world's first 'Bacronym' - check out the last letter of each word.Words & WordplayEducation100%GRADUATIONGet Ready Academics... Depart University And Turn Into Overpaid NovicesAngela BrettEducationTime:Special Occasions100%GRAMMEGravity 'Reaching At' Mass, Measures EverythingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%GRAPEGenerally Round And Plump Eats Sean LambFood & DrinkTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%GRAPE IMACGag, Retch... Argh! Purple Equipment Isn't Meal... Actually Computer!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat:iMac Fruit Salad96%GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACEGenerally Rapturously Acclaimed, Perhaps Has Increased Consumer Acceptance Levels. Uses Small Emblematic Representations Instead of New Technology English Requiring Further Academic Cycle EducationTony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%GRAPHICSGlobally Recognised Artwork Perhaps Had Initial Computer SketchTony McCoy O'GradyComputersArt & Literature89%GRAPHITEG4's Radical, Apparently Pencil-like Hue Is Truly Elegant.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%GRASSGet Real - A Super SmokeEric BridgstockDrugs:Cannabis100%GRASS (2)Green Rushes. Authentic Soccer SurfaceEric BridgstockScience:Biology:Plants100%GRASS (3)Grows Rapidly And Seldom StopsEdwin HermannScience:Biology:Plants86%GRASSHOPPERSGreat Roasted And Super Special Hors d'oeuvre On Pizza Pieces Especially Re-heated SlicesRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENERGenerally Remoter Aspects Seem Superior, It's Said. Anything Local Will Appear Yucky & Stale. Going Raises Excited Expectations Never Eventually Realised TMcCO'GAssorted Phrases:Sayings89%GRATIANOGarrulous & Rude - Although Tongue-tied Indeed About Nerissa's OutingTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merchant of VeniceArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merchant of Venice100%GRAVEGrievers Remember A Vanished EmbodymentAngela BrettPlacesPeople & Relationships:Death100%GRAVELERGreat Rock Attacks Violently Electrabuzzes, Lanturns, Electrodes, & RaichusJeff Anonymous (who decided to do Pokemon #75 as his 75th accepted acronym)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%GRAVESGod Requests A Visit, Eternal Souls.Angela BrettPlacesPeople & Relationships:Death100%GRAVITHOLUSGenerally Reported Alberta Vertebrate Is This Herbivore. Owns Large, Unusual SkullSean Lamb (Gravitholus, discovered in Alberta, had a skull that was wider and thicker than others of the same age)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%GRAVITYGround's Rushing And Velocity Is Terminal, Yikes!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:PhysicsSports & Recreation:Parachuting100%GRAVITY BARGuinness Room's Awesome View Impresses Tourists, Your Beers Are Ready.Angela Brett (The Gravity Bar, at the Guinness brewery in Dublin, has an almost 360 degree view of the city.)Food & Drink:Drinks:AlcoholicPlaces:Buildings100%GREAT DAYGeneral Revelry - Everyone's Agreed That Diversions Aren't YawnfulTony McCoy O'GradyTime100%GREAT EXPECTATIONSGot Roused, Eagerly Anticipating Tremendous Events. Xciting Prospects / Endings Can Tempt Anyone To Imagine Outlandish Nonrational Stuff TMcCO'GArt & Literature:Book Titles95%GREAT GREENOCK SWAMPGigantic, Remote, Eerie And Terrifying, Gave Rum-runners Every Edge, Now Only Carnivores Know Spaces Where Animals May ProwlPatricia Rix, explaining, 'The great greenock swamp is surrounded by farmland now, but to our pioneer ancestors it was a formidable obstacle to the settlement of southern Bruce County. There are no alligators in S. Ontario swamps, but there are wolves, coyotes, possibly bears and bobcats, and certainly raccoons and deer.'Places:Landmarks83%GREAT LAKESGigantic River-fed Expanses And Trade-routes, Large Acreage Keeps Environs SquelchyTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%GREAT YEARGet Ready, Everyone, As Tony's Year Exceeds All Records!Angela Brett, on Tony's birthday.Time86%GREECEGenerally Rated as Establishing Europe's Cultural EndeavoursTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GREEDGreat Riches Exercise Eminent DomainRico Leffanta, who explains that (according to U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye), the Congress of the United States of America have yet to honour ONE single treaty made with any native people of North America. As an example, greedy ranchers wanted land for their cattle, farmers wanted water for their crops, and miners wanted the minerals on Fort Apache Indian Reservation, so - despite the treaty - Congress reduced the size of the Reservation FIVE times by 'restoring' the land to the public domain (illegal, since it never previously formed part or parcel of the public domain) as a National Forest, which permits greedy ranchers, farmers, and miners to 'develop' the natural resources.Politics100%GREED (2)Good Riddance, Extremely Evil Doofus!Jeff Anonymous (to be said at the funeral of EBENEZER SCROOGE)People & Relationships:Personality Traits83%GREED (3)Get Rewarded (for) Excellently Executing Duties Tony (The best angle to work on with employee incentive schemes is good old-fashioned greed)People & Relationships:The Workforce:Employee Recognition Program93%GREEK MYTHOLOGYGreat Repository, Evidently Everybody Knew Many Yarns Telling Humans Of Love-lives Of Godly YouthsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends71%GREENGrass-colour Reminds Environmentalists of Extraordinary Nature.Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%GREEN (2)Generally Reflects Energetic, Emergent NatureTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%GREEN (3)Generally Reveals Earth's Effusive NatureTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%GREEN (4)Grass Ranges Earth Enveloping NurturingCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Biology:PlantsAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%GREER GARSONGirl Romantically Encountering Erotic Rascals Going Around Rapidly Seducing Over NothingRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%GREETINGSGladly Reveals Enmity's Elapsed, Then I'll Now Gesture 'Salutations'Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%GREGORIANGenius Reorganised Everything, Greatly Organising Rearrangements In Annual Notation TMcCO'GTime88%GREGORYGod's Roman Envoy Gave us Our Rearranged Year TMcCO'GNames:Famous peopleTime100%GRENADAGetting Rather Edgy, Neighbours Air-Dropped Advisers.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GREYGenerally Reveals Elderly YearsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives:ColoursTime:Age100%GRIEVOUSGrave Robber Is Extolling Virtues Of Using ShovelAngela Brett (grave robbing is rather a grievous thing to do.)People & Relationships:Death100%GRIMACEGod, Really I Must Abide Chelsea Everafter!Tony McCoy O'Grady, complaining about Angela's ideas to include the sounds of her niece Chelsea in this stack.People & Relationships:Emotions100%GRINCHGrumbling Recluse Is Not Completely HappyTony McCoy O'Grady - Who doesn't know what a 'grinch' is, but saw the video once or twice too often at work over Christmas :-(Entertainment:MoviesArt & Literature:Fictional CharactersTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%GRIPGrasp Rigidly In PalmTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%GRIP (2)Gloves Required If PricklyPatricia RixAssorted Verbs100%GRIPEGirls Ridiculing Innate Penis EnvyRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%GRIZZLY BEARGiant Runs In Zig Zags, Leaving Your Body Eaten And RottingPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%GROCERY STORESGarbage Recycling Outlets Circulating Everyday Resources You Should Taste Or Replenish Existing SuppliesRico LeffantaFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%GROKGenuine Revelations Of KnowledgeRoger WilliamsPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%GROOMGentleman Registering Oath Of MatrimonyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%GROOM (2)Guy Rejoices Over Only MateRoger WilliamsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce92%GROSSETESTEGeometry & Research in Optics & Star Systems. Even The Extremely Small Things Envisionable.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians86%GROTTO(under)-Ground Rendezvous Optimal Titillating Treasured ObservanceJan Morgan -- found on the grounds of England CastlesPlaces86%GROTTO (2)(under)-Ground Rendezvous Optimal Taboo Territory ObservedJan Morgan -- found on the grounds of England CastlesPlaces100%GROUCHGarbagebin - Resident Oscar Usually Called HomeTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV showsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%GROUCHYGrumpy Response Of Unhappy Chap Hurts YouTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%GROUNDHOGGluttonous Rodent Opens Underground Nest, Digs His Own GravePatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals88%GROUPIEGirl Regularly Offers Unlimited Promiscuous Intercourse (to) EntertainersTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsEntertainment100%GROUPIE (2)Girl (Regularly Of Underagedness) & Popstar Intertact EroticallyNanker PhelgePeople & RelationshipsEntertainment100%GROUP THAT SAVES SCHOOLSGathers Rallying Over Underfunded Public Teaching-Houses, As Teachers' Salaries And Valuable Education Shouldn't Stop 'Cause Honchos Overseeing Our Laws Say.Angela Brett, not on any particular group but responding to an unsuccessful search.PoliticsEducation100%GROWSGiven Resources Opportunists Win Sales!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Commerce100%GROWTHGetting Rounder... Or Wider... Taller... HeavierTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology100%GRUBGreat Raw Useless BoiledRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%GRUFFGravelly Responses Usually Frustrates FeelingsJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits89%GRUMPIESGenerally Rather Unpleasant Men, Pointedly Insulting & Especially Short-tempered TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships86%GRUMPYGatanists Rendered Useless (your) Macintosh - Poor You!Angela Brett, when Tony's Mac was unusable for a long period due to problems with the power supply... obviously part of a Gatanist conspiracy to stop MacGirl and KeyBoard communicating.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%GRUMPY (2)Girls Rarely Understand Male Phallic YearningsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Emotions86%GTHREEGet The Hottest Range in Electronic Equipment!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%GUACAMOLEGooey, Unusual Avocado Concoction Among Most Outrageous Luncheon EatablesMelanie MerswolkeFood & Drink:Condiments100%GUAMGunned-Up American MilitiamenTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GUARANAGets Users Active - Regarded As Natural Aphrodisiac TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%GUARD DOGGet Up And Run... Dogs Don't Only Growl!Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Animals100%GUARDIAN ANGELGod's Unique Agents, Religiously Drawing Individuals Along, Nearer And Nearer Gaining Eternal Life Tony McCoy O'AfterlifeReligion100%GUATEMALAGenerally Upland, Although There Exists Much At Lower Altitudes.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GUCCIGirl's Underwear Can Create 'Incident'Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%GUFFAWGloriously Uproarious Feelings For A WhileTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%GUFFAW (2)Gut Undulates From Fun And WitAngela BrettLaughter100%GUICIDEGraphical User Interface Crashed... Instant Disaster Ensued!Angela Brett, pondering whether deinstalling a GUI (Graphical User Interface) would be committing 'guicide'Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsComputers100%GUICIDE (2)Gnome User Intentionally Caused Its Death, Evidently.Angela Brett (Gnome is a Linux GUI)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsComputers:Linux100%GUICIDE AFTERMATHGreat, Unintuitive Incoherent Commands Involved During Everyday Actions. For This, Everything Requires Mindpower - All Too Hard!Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Made Up WordsComputers100%GUIDEGets Used, Individual's Direction EssentialJan MorganAssorted Nouns100%GUIDE (2)Gives "U" Individual Direction, EssentialJan MorganAssorted Nouns100%GUIDOGuides Unsighted Italian Dog-Owner TMcCO'G - who feels that Guido would be a great name for an Italian's Guide-Dogs-For-The-Blind LabradorNames:Pet Names100%GUILTYGot Unknown Interlocutor? Likely Tony, Yes?Tony McCoy O'Grady, when someone posted as 'Trickertreat' on the forums and we were wondering if it was Tony. It was.Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%GUINEAGently Undulating Is Neat Encyclopedia's Attribution.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GUINEA-BISSAUGovernment Uses Its National Earnings At Building Its Seafishing. Subsistence Agriculture Usual.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries90%GUINEVEREGiven Unto Infidelity, Negated Exceptional Virtue - Eventually Resulting in EvilTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%GUITARGood Unplugged Instrument To Acclaim RighteousnessGrace FrancisEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%GUITAR (2)Get Up In Tune And ReadyJason WilcoxEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%GUITAR (3)Gut - Usually It's Tense And ReverberativeTony McCoy O'Grady, as an example of something which is worse with NO STRINGS ATTACHED (Six String Guitar)Entertainment:Music:Instruments100%GUMGlue - Usually MucilageTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold ObjectsScience:Biology:Plants:Trees75%GUM (2)Goes Under Movie-seatsPatricia RixFood & Drink100%GUNGreat Unusual NamesJan MorganMilitary:Weapons100%GUN (2)Good/Guided/Guarded Usage NecessaryJan MorganMilitary:Weapons100%GUN (3)Gear Unpopular NotoriouslyJan MorganMilitary:Weapons80%GUNSGenerally Unappreciated, Necessary (for) SafetyJan MorganMilitary:Weapons100%GUNS (2)Gadgets Utilize Needed SecurityJan MorganMilitary:Weapons100%GUN SALUTEGive Umpteen Numbered Shots As Laurels (Usually Toward Elsewhere)Angela BrettMilitary100%GURGLEGullet Utters Rolling Groan-Like Effect Tony McCoy O'DaddyAssorted Nouns:Noises100%GURUGenius Usually Reveals 'Unknowable'Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Religious Occupations100%GURU (2)Geek Using Real UnixAngela Brett, when the installers at a Linux installfest were called gurus.Computers:Linux100%GUYANAGenerally Undisturbed, Yet Arable Near Atlantic.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%GWENGood Welsh Effeminate NameAngela Brett (Gwendolyn is a Welsh name meaning fair haired)Names:First names:Female100%GYARADOS'Goldfish' Yields A Rare Atrocious Dragon Of SizeAngela Brett (Gyarados is Pokemon #130)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%GYMNASTICSGirls & Young Men Now Attempt Stretches That Impossibly Curve SpineAngela BrettSports & Recreation100%GYPSYGreases Your Psychic Secret YearningsRico LeffantaReligion100%GYROSCOPEGenerates Year-Round Output. Spins Constantly Once Properly EstablishedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%GYROSCOPICGet Yours! Rotates Omnidirectionally So Centre Of Positition Is Constant.Angela BrettScience:Physics100%GYROSTABILIZERGod! You're Rolling Over! Stop That! Aircraft Begins Inclining, Luckily Implement Zeroes Endangering Rotation.Angela BrettScience:Physics100%GYTRASHGhost You Think Real, Apparition Seemingly 'Here'Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Death100%GYVEGot You! Villain's Entrapped.Angela BrettAssorted Nouns100%GYVE (2)Give Yon Vessel Embargo!Rico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%GYVE (3)Gives You Vanquished ExperienceJan MorganAssorted Nouns100%HAHappy AcclamationTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%HABAKKUKHow A Baleful Avenger Kills, Kiboshes Ungodly's Kin.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books83%HABITHave A Big Interest in Tobacco?Angela BrettDrugs88%HAFNIUMHungarian Assisted in Finding & Naming It, Useful Metal.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%HAGGAIHeaven Awaits. Glorify God. Arise, Israel!Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%HAGRIDHuge Adult Gives Rare Insights DisconcertedlyJan Morgan -- Harry Potter friend always backs himself into a corner and has to explain himself in a very unsettled way "I shouldn't have said that"Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%HAGSHardly A Gladsome SightTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%HAGUEHere Amsterdam Girls Use EurodollarsRico LeffantaPlaces:Towns & Cities100%HA-HAHardly A Hilarious AcronymTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to FLAME and FIRE (3)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%HAHAHarder Acronyms Hamper AngelaAngela Brett, when it took her a while to respond to a challenge to acronymise haha, after she'd said she couldn't resist acronymising capitalised words.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%HAHA (2)Has A Heifer AstoundedTony McCoy O'Grady, who explains that a ha-ha - lowercase - is a sunken fence which keeps cattle away from the grounds immediately surrounding a house, without spoiling the view with walls, hedges or fences.Assorted Nouns100%HAILHas Aerial Ice LandedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Meteorology100%HAIL (2)Hard - And Icy - Lumps TMcCO'GScience:Meteorology100%HAIL (3)Hops As It Lands TMcCO'GScience:Meteorology100%HAIRHeat, And Its RetentionTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HAIRCUTHacking Around Irrationally Razor Cutting Uniform TressesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%HAITIHurricanes Annually Inundate This Island.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%HALHe's Artificial LunacyAngela Brett, referring to the computer in '2001: A Space Odyssey'Art & Literature:Fictional Characters100%HALLIBURTONHalliburton's American Leader Lifts Income By Usurping Regime-Terrorized Oil NationChris Kjelgaard. Knew what I wanted to get across and just tried a variety of word combinations until I found one that seemed to fit. "Halliburton's American leader" is, of course, former CEO Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the USA and the man who many people in the USA believe really makes the Presidential decisions. Commerce:CompaniesPolitics100%HALL OF FAMEHave A Laugh... Lots Of Fantastically Funny Acronyms Might Eventuate.Angela Brett (The Acronyms Hall of Fame is at http://acronyms.co.nz/halloffame.html)Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%HALL OF FAME (2)Here's A Long List Outlining Fully Famous Acronym Makers EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%HALL OF FAME (3)Here Anthony Looks Like One Fine Fellow... Added Most Expansions.Angela BrettComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles91%HALL OF FAME (4)Happy Arrival! Lotsa Luck On Fending off Future Apronymists' Meticulous Encroachments.Roger Williams, on achieving tenth-equal placing on the Apronyms HALL OF FAME.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%HALLOWEENHouselights And Lanterns Light One's Way Entreating Each Neighbour.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%HALLOWEEN (2)Happens Annually Letting Loads Of Weefolk Eat Excessive NutsTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions100%HALLOWEEN (3)Horrid American Lads & Lasses On Wilding Escapades Enrage NeighboursTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions100%HALLOWEEN (4)Horrible And Lashably Laughable 'Oliday Wickedly, Even Extremely, Needless.Jeff Anonymous, after spending $35 on Halloween candy to pass out.Time:Special Occasions90%HALLOWEEN (5)Horrid Adults Leave Little Ones Waiting, Eagerly Expecting Nyum-nyums.Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions90%HALLOWEEN (6)Have A Lizard-Like Oculus - Witches Employ Eye-of-Newt!Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%HALOHer Angelic Love ObservedRico LeffantaReligion100%HALTHorrible... Athome Locks Transactions.Jeff Anonymous, in reference to his ISP halting trading at 14 cents.Commerce100%HALT (2)Have A Little Time Angela noticed that part of the title of a song by Dido forms an unintentional (I assume) apronym.Time100%HAMHoliday-Appearing MeatSean LambFood & DrinkTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%HAMISHHome's A Mountaintop In Scottish Highlands Tony McCoy OTartanNames:First names:Male100%HAMLETHaunted And Maddened - Life Ends TragicallyTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark100%HAMPERSHinder[s] Angela's MP3 Player's Expected Reception SpeedAngela Brett, several days after her IPOD was supposed to arrive, on finding out that due to an influx of CHRISTMAS HAMPERS some smaller packages are getting lost.CommunicationTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%HAM SANDWICH THEOREMHere's A Mathematical Statement Anyone (Not Dealing With Integrals) Can Hungrily Test. Halve Exactly Outer Rolls, Even Meat.Angela Brett (From the Collins dictionary of Mathematics: ham sandwich theorem, n, a colourful name for the theorem that given three volumes in Euclidean three-space, there is at least one plane which simultaneously bisects the three volumes. As a consequence, any sandwich may be cut in such a way that the two pieces have equal amounts of filling and equal amounts of each slice of bread.)Science:MathematicsFood & Drink100%HANDHard Acronym Not DoneAngela Brett, when Steve was trying to think of a HAND acronym and then asked her for an expansion when he couldn't think of one.Science:Biology:Body Parts100%HAND (2)His/Hers Are Nearly DryTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Towels100%HAND (3)Human Appendage Noticed DailyKenny RoyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HANDSHave Above Nine Digits, Sometimes.Steve KeateScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HANDSHAKEHoping A Nasty Deal Somehow Has A Kiss EnclosedRico LeffantaPeople & RelationshipsCommerce100%HANDSHAKE (2)Hope A Nice Deal Still Has A Kind EndingTamara ParisioPeople & RelationshipsCommerce100%HANDSOMEHas A Nice 'Dial' - Showing Off Much EnamelTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%HANDY HINTHer Answers Never Deny You'll Have Intercourse Next TimeRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HANDYMANHusband's Apparently Now Doing Yearly Maintenance Around Nest.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%HANDYSHorrifically Abused Noun Denoting Your Sellfone!Grace FrancisScience:Linguistics:German Words100%HANGOVERHow Agonizing! Not Good! Oh, Vengeful Elixir Residue!Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%HANNAHHere's A Nice Name - And How!Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%HANNIBALHopkins (Again Needing Nutrition) Is Back As Lecter.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%HANSHas A Nutty ScalpAngela Brett, referring to HANS MOLEMAN - HOMER once kissed him on the head and exclaimed, 'It's just like kissing a peanut!'Entertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%HANS MOLEMANHis Appearance Needs Seeing Massive Over-Large Eyeglasses, Much Alopecia Noted!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%HANS THOMASHis Autobiographic Novel Spans Two Hundred Or More Autumn Seasons!Angela Brett, referring to the character in 'The Solitaire Mystery' by Jostein GaarderArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%HAPLOCANTHOSAURUSHuge Animal Probably Lived Off Cuttings And Not Tenderlons. Historically Often Seen Around Utah Region, United StatesSean Lamb (Haplocanthosaurus was an herbivore; remains of this species have been found in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%HAPPINESSHaving A Pleasant Profile Involves Not Enjoying Someone's SadnessTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HAPPINESS (2)Having A Pleasant Perception In Natural Enviroment Successfully SatisfiedJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HAPPYHappy Apple PowerBook Posessor. Yippee!Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela got a new PowerBook and was very HAPPY about it.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HAPPY (2)Having A Perfectly Productive YieldJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HAPPY (3)Heavenly Angel Perpetually Pleases YouJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Emotions86%HAPPY AS LARRYHaving A Pleasant Personality, You're Always Smiling. Laurence Apparently Remarkable Role-model for You TMcCO'G, who wonders who "Larry" was.Assorted Phrases:SayingsPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HAPPY B-DAYHere's A Present, Proving You've Blocked Death Another Year.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions93%HAPPY BIRTHDAYHave A Pleasant Party, Your Birthday Is Really The Happiest Day of Anthony's Year.Angela Brett, shortly before Tony's mother's birthday.Time:Special Occasions100%HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY!Here's A Properly Phony Year... Because In Roman, The (Heard) Digits Announce You're Allowed Non-Truths. Have One Neat Year!Angela Brett, when Tony became old enough to li about his age.Words & WordplayTime:Special Occasions96%HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACINTOSHHistorical Apple Product Presented Years Back. It's Really Terrific; Humans Don't Actually Yearn for Magical Arcanities. Commandline Isn't Needed, Though OSX's Sure HelpsJeff Anonymous on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the 128k Mac.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonTime:Special Occasions100%HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!Hardly A Party Pooper, You'll Be Incrementing 'Round The Helios' Digits, Announcing 'Yippee! Tony O'Grady's New Year!'Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions97%HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TONY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!Hope Anniversary Passes Pleasantly. You Being Irish, [I] Realise Today's Half Done As Your Today's Our Yesterday. One Understands How Age Passes Properly - You Begin Increment Relative To Home's Date - And Yet To Others You're Over/ Under. Have A Perfect Party, You'll Be In Revelry 'Til all Hours Doing Anything You Desire, Enjoying Another 'Return' (To Original Neonatal You? Here's A Pretty Picture!) Yawn! Bed Is Ready To Habitate. Dawn Awakes You Tomorrow One Year Older. Unbeatable!Angela Brett, on Tony's birthday.Time:Special Occasions100%HAPPY CHRISTMASHave A Peaceful Prosperous Year! Celebrate Heartily, Revel Indecently, Sensuously To Mark Ancient Saturnalia.Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%HAPPY CHRISTMAS (2)Have A Peaceful, Pleasant Yule, Colleagues. Hopefully Resulting In Some Truly Marvellous Acronymic Spectaculars!Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%HAPPY HOLIDAYSHoping Acronymists Pass Peaceful Yuletide, Havering Over Last Initial's Dubiety Always Yields SatisfactionTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions100%HAPPY HOLIDAYS (2)Here's A Plan: Pamper Yourself! Hours Of Lie-Ins Dissolve Away Your Stress.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%HAPPY HOLIDAYS (3)How American People Phrase Yuletide Hellos... One Living In Diversity Atheises Yearly Sentiments.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%HAPPY NEW YEARHosting Alcoholic Party Post Yule; Need Earthlings Wanton, Youthful, Erotic, And Rich!Rico LeffantaTime:Special Occasions100%HARD DISK MANHorrid And Rotten Deviant. Definitely Intends Stealing Kilobytes - May Attack Now!Tony McCoy O'Grady, inventing another VILLAIN for the baddy-school roll.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%HARD DRIVEHardly A Readily Digestible Diet... Rarely Is Vitamin Enriched.Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%HARDWAREHave A Real Dinner Without Any Raw ElectronicsTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%HARKHear Any Rubber Knickers?Rico LeffantaAssorted Phrases100%HARLEY DAVIDSONHells Angels Ride. Lovingly Engineered. Yo Dude, Along Ventura 'Ighway. Desirable Secondhand Or New.Eric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%HARMHumans Are Really MeanAngela BrettPeople & RelationshipsMilitary:War & Terrorism100%HARMONICAHappy And Rowdy Musicmakers (Off Note) - It's Christmas Again TMcCO'G - thinking back to Christmas mornings as a child when Santa Claus usually included a harmonica in one of the family's stockingsEntertainment:Music:InstrumentsTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%HARMONYHeavenly Arrangment Results - Many Orchestrated, None YellingTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsEntertainment:Music100%HAROLDHas Admiration, Reflecting Opportunities Lost, DutifulJan Morgan - someone I know who reflected on his opportunitiesNames:First names:Male100%HARPHairs Are Rapidly PluckedTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%HARP (2)Harmonious Agreement, Resonates PerfectlyJan MorganEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%HARPERHappy Actress Regularly Played Eccentric RhodaTony McCoy O'Grady - Valerie Harper Played "Rhoda" in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and eventually got an eponymous spin-off show.Entertainment:TV showsNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses78%HARPISTHeaven's Angels Required to Play Instrument of Sweet Twanging.Angela Brett, after Tony enquired as to whether Chinese heaven has harpists, when Angela described a Chinese writer mentioning people 'harping around in heaven.'ReligionEntertainment:Music100%HARRISHere's A Rough & Rugged Island - ScottishTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%HARRY POTTERHe's A Rather Remarkable Youth, Picked Out To Tackle Evil RingleaderTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%HARRY POTTERSHappiness Abounds Reading Ripping Yarns - Popular Obsession Theme's Tertiary Education Reading Society Muggles McCoy O'Grady, in response to a request for a name for a Harry Potter society at Cambridge University.Art & Literature:Harry Potter Society100%HARVESTHaving Accumulated Ripe Vegetables, Eventually Store ThemTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%HARVEYHe's A Rabbit-Viewer Evidently, Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%HASHISHHigh As Sugar Heaven, It's Still HempRico LeffantaDrugs:Cannabis100%HASSOPHere Armchair Stores Sterling Or PlasticAngela Brett and Tony McCoy O'Grady (Hassop is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'The pocket down the back of an armchair used for storing two-shilling bits and pieces of Lego.'Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%HASTINGSHardly Anything Suspicious - The... Icing Needed Glazing, See?Angela Brett (Hastings is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'Things said on the spur of the moment to explain to someone who comes into a room unexpectedly precisely what it is you are doing.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%HATEHumans Attack Their EnemiesAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:EmotionsMilitary:War & Terrorism100%HATE LIFEHave A Tolerance (Extremely Low) Involving Futile ExistenceTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%HATINGHumans Attack Those Idolising Neighbouring GodsAngela BrettReligionPeople & Relationships:EmotionsMilitary:War & Terrorism100%HAUNS MILLHere Attacked, Underhanded Needless Slaughter, Massacre Is Landmark LocationJan Morgan -- Horrible incident happened in Missouri in the 1800'sHistoryPlaces:Landmarks75%HAVE A LIFEHoping for A Veritable Experience of A Long Interface with Fellow EntitiesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%HAVE A LOVELIER DAY THAN...Have A Very Excellent And Lovely (Oh, Very Entertaining) Life! I Expect Record Days And Years To Happen! And NOW!Rob Rix, after he capitalised that phrase in an email and Angela challenged him to expand it.Assorted Phrases100%HAVE AN EFFECTHeaviness And Vectors - Every Action Necessarily Effects Further Forces, Eternally Changing ThingsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%HAVE A NICE DAYHopefully A Very Enjoyable And Not Irritating Circadian Episode Does Await You.Angela BrettCommunication:Hello & Goodbye93%HAVE A NICE LIFEHere's A Very Exact Aspiration. Normally It's a Conversation Ender - 'Live Ideal Future Existence'. TMcCO'GCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%HAWAIIHosting Amorous Weekends At Island InnsRico LeffantaPlaces:States & Regions100%HAWAII (2)Happiness Around Wonderful And Irresistable IslandsJan Morgan and Kayana MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%HAWAII (3)Hulagirls And Wave-Action - Idyllic Islands TonyPlaces:States & Regions100%HAWKSHas Aggressive Ways, Kamikaze StylingJan Morgan - the bird of preyScience:Biology:Animals:Birds75%HAYHarvest Available Year-roundAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%HAZELHers Are Zany Eye-Lashes TMcCO'GNames:First names:FemaleAssorted Adjectives:Colours100%HEADHat/Hair Envelops Axons & DendritesAngela Brett and Peter CoxheadScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HEADLAMPHelps Espy Any Danger Lying Across My PathTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Parts100%HEALHelpful Education About Life/LoveAngela Brett, in response to the same request as WATCH OUTPeople & Relationships:Abuse100%HEAL (2)Helping End Abusive LifestylesTony McCoy O'Grady (see WATCH OUT)People & Relationships:Abuse100%HEALTHHas Everyone Actually Left The Hospitals?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare100%HEALTH (2)Hospitals Earn A Lot Though HandicapsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare91%HEALTHCAREHabitually Eating A Large T-bone Has Caused Arteriosclerosis, Requiring ElectrocardiogramsPatricia RixScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HEALTHCARE (2)Having Experts At Local Teaching Hospitals Can Assist Rebuff EpidemicsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare100%HEARINGHearing: Environment Aurally Receive / Interpret Navigate GraspCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:BiologyCommunication88%HEARSAYHis Evidential Account's Really Secondhand (According to Yvette)Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%HEARTHopefully Evident Arrhythmias Repair Themselves.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HEART (2)Healthily, Each Atrium Rhythmically Twitches.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HEART (3)Holds Emotion And Romantic Thoughts?Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HEART (4)Heaves Everything At Rogue TheatricsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%HEART (5)He's Expired... Atria Rhythm TerminatedAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HEART (6)Hydraulic Engine Absolutely Rooted Today!Bern DellScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HEARTACHEHelping End Abusive Relationships That Are Causing Hurt Everywhere/EverydayTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We are forming a new community group to end abuse, we are looking for a catchy acronym using the A for abuse. We don't want to limit ourselves to only family violence, or child abuse. Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness.People & Relationships:Abuse100%HEARTACHE (2)Helping Educate About Relationships That Are Causing Hurt Everywhere/EverydayTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums: We are forming a new community group to end abuse, we are looking for a catchy acronym using the A for abuse. We don't want to limit ourselves to only family violence, or child abuse. Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness.People & Relationships:Abuse100%HEARTBURNHaving Eaten Amazingly Rapidly, Then Begrudgingly Undergo Restless NightTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HEART-STOPPERHave Encountered Accident. Really Terrible Situation. Then One Pulse Pausing Emergency ResultedTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%HEATERHigh Electrical Appetite, Turns Element Red.Matthew Oram and Steve KeateHousehold Objects:Appliances100%HEATHHeather Enhancing Air To HeavenRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Plants100%HEATHCLIFFHe Eats A Terrible High-Cholesterol Lunch - It's Fried FishTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%HEAT LOSSHome's Entrances Are The Largest Offenders - Squandering SultrinessTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:BuildingsScience:Physics100%HEAVENHighly Ecclesiastical Angelic Vista - Eternal NirvanaAngela Brett (the Angelic one ;^)PlacesReligion100%HEAVEN (2)Hyperdevelopment: Emmanuel Almighty - Virgin Energises Newborn!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.PlacesReligion100%HEAVENLY FANTASYHaving Experienced A Vision Eternal, Never Let Yourself Forget And Not Try Again Seeing YahwehTony McCoy O'GradyogaReligion93%HEAVENLY FATHERHis Endearing Answers, Voice Eternal Never-ending Love Yous. Faith Answers True Heartfelt Enlightened Response.Jan MorganReligion100%HEBEHelps Elderly Become ElasticRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses88%HEBREWSHeadache Effected By Religious Encouragements (and) Warnings. StunningEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%HECATEHeavenly Eclipse Can Alter The EarthRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%HECTORHelen's Evidently Caused Trouble - Opinion? Return!Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%HEDGEHOGHe'll Eat Disgusting Garden Entities, Helping Out Gardeners TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Animals100%HEDWIGHe'll Eventually Destroy Windows, It's GuaranteedSean Lamb (Hedwig was the code name for RedHat Linux 6.0)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%HEELHolds Extremity, Ends Leg.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HE HAD A KNIFEHoned Edged Havoc And Devastation Assassin Killed Nastily - Incisive Fatal Effect TMcCO'GMilitary:WeaponsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals83%HELENHer Enduring Loveliness Eludes No-oneTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Troilus and CressidaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Troilus and Cressida100%HELENAHer Evident Love Endures Nightmarish ArtificesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%HELENA (2)Husband's Evidently Lacks Empathy - Not AdmiredTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:All's Well That Ends Well86%HELIUMHandy Element. Lift Is Utilised (in) Mobility.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements86%HELIUM (2)Has Elevatory Lightness, Is Used in Mobility.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry:Elements100%HELLHot Environment, Lucifer's LocationTony McCoy O'GradyPlacesReligion100%HELPHave Extremely Large ProblemAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%HELP (2)Hopelessly Erudite Lesson PlatformRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%HELP DESKHasn't Even Learnt Primary Data Everyone Should KnowAngela Brett (see also HELPDESK)People & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsCommunication100%HELPDESK"Hello... Eh? Lifeless PC? Depress Electricity Switch."-- KnowallAngela BrettComputers100%HELPDESK (2)Has Everyone Left Phone Department? Emergency Service's KiboshedTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%HELPING CHILDRENHas Endless Listening Patience - It's Needed. Genuine Concern Helps If Little Darlings Require Extra NurturingTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family96%HELPING KIDS WITH EDUCATIONHelp Every Little Person In New Generation, Knowledge Is Definitely Something Worth Investing in. Tomorrow's Heros Every Day Use Computers And Technology Imaginary-Only Now.Angela BrettEducation100%HELP ME FIND THE CATHopefully Every Lost Pet May Eventually Find Its Next Dinner (The Human's Emotions Clearly Aren't Topmost!)Angela Brett, when someone searched for that phrase on the website.Science:Biology:Animals100%HELP ME GO PEEHave Especially Large Prostate? Maybe Envisioning Gently Oscillating Pond'll Ease Embarrassment.Angela Brett, after somebody searched for that phrase on the website. Other unsuccessful searches are now listed at http://acronyms.co.nz/cgi-bin/searchesScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HELP WANTED: CALCULATORS!Hardworkers Enthusiastically Lifting People Wanted! Affordable New Tools/Techniques, Ensue. Dependable: Custodians, Accountants, Leaders, Craftsmen/Craftswomen, Unnamed, Laborers, Advertisers, Technologists, Operators, Receptionists, Secretaries!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:The Workforce100%HELSINKIHuman's Emigration Legally Settled Internationally, Negotiations Keen & Intense TMcCO'G - the Helsinki Accord deals with migrationPolitics100%HEMPHardly Emulates Marijuana's PotencyAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%HEMP (2)Herb Exhibits Medicinal PropertiesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%HENCHMENHeavies Eventually Needed Creative Handling, Many Escapees NeutralisedTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains100%HENGHis Earthquake-Noticer's Great!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HENRYHas Electricity Not Registered Yet?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement94%HENRY BOLINGBROKEHaving Exile Needlessly Ruled, You Break Obedience (on) Losing Inheritance. New Generation Beats Richard - Obtain Kingship EventuallyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Richard IIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Richard II100%HEPWORTHHighly Entertaining Place Where Oldsters Raid Tim Horton'sGeorge Rix, Rob Rix and Patricia Rix (Tim Horton's is a coffee shop chain found across Canada. It is also the social centre of its community in small towns, where people meet & chat or just hang out.)Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%HERAHave Everyone Respond AwfullyRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses89%HERALDRYHeroic Exploits Recalled, Adventurous Life's Details of Royal YeomanTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%HERBALIFEHate Every Repulsive Banner Accosting Linked-In Food Eaters.Angela Brett, who sees a lot of annoying pop-up ads (not exactly banners... put some demerit points on my creative license) for Herbalife but prefers to get her nutrients from a balanced diet rather than from herb pills. I'm glad only have to put up with those ads when I'm at work... the web browsers on my own computer block unrequested pop-up windows.Commerce:CompaniesFood & Drink100%HERBSHealing Edible Roots, Buds SavoryJan Morgan -- herbs are used for enhancing the flavor of food and can be used to heal what ails youFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%HERCULESHe Efficientlty & Resourcefully Completed Unlikely Labours Eurystheus SetTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%HERE'S TO THE CRAZY ONES - THE MISFITS, THE REBELS, THE TROUBLEMAKERS. THE ROUND PEGS IN THE SQUARE HOLES. THE ONES WHO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. THEY'RE NOT FOND OF RULES, AND THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE STATUS QUO. YOU CAN QUOTE THEM, DISAGREE WITH THEM, GLORIFY OR VILIFY THEM - ABOUT THE ONLY THING YOU CAN'T DO IS IGNORE THEM. BECAUSE THEY CHANGE THINGS. THEY PUSH THE HUMAN RACE FORWARD. AND WHILE SOME MAY SEE THEM AS THE CRAZY ONES, WE SEE GENIUS - BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CRAZY ENOUGH TO THINK THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ARE THE ONES WHO DO.Hello, Emmy! Really Emotive Script That Offers The Heroically Engendered Computer. Respect Apple's Zeal - Yes, One Needs Enthusiasm. 'Similar Thinking' Holds Evil, Microsoft Is Slowly Filtering Into These Similar-Thinkers' Heads, Essentially Revenue-Enhancing Brainwashing. Enter Lifestyle Spot Touting Home Electronics That Rebels Outputted. Used By Lunatics, Einsteins, Misfits Alike, Key Element's Revolutionary Spirit. This Has Everything... Rapid Operation, Userfriendliness - No Dot-PUB Endings (Gates' System Insists Names Trail Horrid 'Extensions' So Quasi-Understandable Abbreviation Represents Executable's Handle.) Owners Love Easy Software That Has Enhanced Output - Nay... Enhanced, Somehow, World! Hail Our Steves - Evolving Electronics, They Have, Indeed, Near-Godly Status. Doing It For Fun, Eventually Rewarded... Even Now They Leave You Thinking, "He's Extraordinary! Yes, Really Extraordinary! Not One To Fear Originality." New Discoveries Often Find Ridicule, Until Losers Eventually See Advantage - Now Different Thinking Has Exterminated Yesteryear's Harmonistic Attitude. Value Eccentricity, Not Ordinariness - Revolutionary Equals Strange... Perspective Entirely Changes The Face Of Rebellious Thoughts. Help Existing, Stagnating Technology Advance Through Using Some Quality Unheard Of Yet. Outcasts? Underdogs? Called Anything Nasty (Quoting Usually Others' Thoughtless Exclamations) The Hardworking Engineers Made Dust Into Silver, Analogously. Gutsy Recovery Ensued... Everything's Worth It, To Hear The Heartfelt Evangelism Macintosh G4 Lovers Offer. "Rapid Innovation Fulfills Your Own Resplendent Visions, Its Lifelike Interface Frees You To Harness Effectively Machine's Awesome Battery Of Uses." Though That's Hardly Everyone's Opinion. Now, Like Yesterday, To Heedlessly Ignore Next-Generation Young Objects Usually Causes A Nightmare. Think Different! Outliers In Science Invariably Get Noticed... Often Resented, Esteemed, Totally Humiliated, Eulogised, Maligned... But Eventually Create A Utopia, Sending Earthlings To Heights Earlier You Couldn't Have Anticipated. New Greatness Entails Tumbling Headlong Into Nothingness, Gripping Some Thought, Hoping Earnestly You'll Progress Utopia Somehow. However, Try Hard... Extremely Hard. Use Magic And Neurons, Reckoning And Creativity, Effort, Flair, Outright Radical Wizardry - Anything. Rule Deviations Are Necessary - Domination Will Hinder Innovation, Lessen Enthusiasm, Stifle One's Mind... Even Might Augment Youth Suicide. Educate Each To Hold 'Educate Myself' As Slogan To Honour, Eventually Cultivating Real Autonomous Zealots... You'd Only Need Elementary Similarities. When Einstein Started Extensively Exploring Gravitation, Established Newtonian Ideas Undoubtedly Stopped Brainiac Earlier Concocting Alternative Universal Supposition. Egotistical Thoughtpolice Hide Enigmatic People Elsewhere, Only Promoting Learning Everything Within Habitual, Orthodox Academia. Real Extremists Create Ridiculous Acronyms... Zany Yield Except Not One Useful Gift Humanity Takes Of This. Hardly Inducing New Knowledge, This Huge Expansion Yabbers Continually About Near-Cliched Homogeny Attitude. Nowadays, Gosh, Everyone Thinks He's Eccentric... Widespread Opinion Regarding Looking Different As Really Extra Trendy Has Each One Now Effectively Seeking What He Opposes - Difference Omnipresent!Angela Brett, expanding the script of an Emmy-winning Apple advertisement.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonWords & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms100%HEREWITHHave Eventuated Resulting Enclosure Which I Tender HopefullyTony McCoy O'GradyMain100%HERITAGEHaving Every Refinement In Tradition As Generations EnlightenmentJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%HERMIAHer Emotions Roused, Marriage Is ArrangedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%HERMIONEHusband's Errand-Running Messengers Indicate Oracle's Negative EvidenceTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Winter's TaleArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Winter's Tale100%HERMIONE (2)Honorable Enthusiastic Rare Muggleborn Identifies Own Natural EnchantmentsJan Morgan -- Harry Potter friendArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%HERNIAHurts Excruciatingly! Really Needs Immediate AttentionAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HERNIA (2)Hurtful Erruptions Requiring Nursing, In AbdomenBern DellScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HEROHeroine Evinces Real OptimismTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%HERO (2)He Eventually Rises Over!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & RelationshipsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%HERONHe Estimated Roots Of Numbers.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HERTZHave Everything Recalibrated To ZeroTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement95%HE WHO HESITATES IS LOSTHaving Evidently Wasted Hours On Havering, Eschew Seizing Initiative That Afforded Thin Escape Slot. It's Silly Lingering Or Shilly-shallying Twittishly TMcCO'GAssorted Phrases:SayingsPeople & Relationships:Advice100%HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMEDHorrible Entity Was Harry's Opposition. Master Uses Snake To Negotiate Own Tyranny, Bigotry, Entity Now A Menace, Extensive DangerJan Morgan -- Harry Potter Evil CharacterArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMEDHorrible Entity, Was Harry's Opposition. Sacrifices His Allies, Lacks Love. Negotiates Own Tyranny, Bigotry, Entity Now A Menace, Extensive Danger.Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter Evil CharacterArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%HEWLETT-PACKARDHave Employed Wozniak - Looked Encouragingly Toward The Prototype Apple, Couldn't Know About Resulting Disadvantage.Angela Brett, since Steve Wozniak was working at Hewlett-Packard when he designed the Apple I, but luckily HP weren't interested in selling computers at that time so they didn't claim it as their own.ComputersCommerce:Companies100%HEWLETT-PACKARD (2)Hey! - Everyone Who Likes Eating These Things - Parts Are Considered Kosher And Really DeliciousTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%HIBERNATEHappily Imitating Bear Enjoying Repose Not Awakening Til EvictedRico LeffantaAssorted VerbsScience:Biology100%HIC!Hangover Is ComingTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs100%HIDDEN BEAUTYHaven't I Deep Delights Eyes Never Behold? Exclaimed An Ugly Tattoed YouthTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality TraitsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%HIGGS BOSONHere Is GUT's Guts, Some Believe Only Stupidity Of NamesakeAngela Brett, who originally misunderstood the Higgs boson and expanded it, 'Here Is Gravity's Glue...' GUT stands for Grand Unified Theory.Science:Physics:Particles100%HIGHHelicopter's Indispensible Getting Here.Angela BrettPlaces:Positions & Directions100%HIGH (2)Here Is Good Hashish!Angela BrettDrugs100%HIGH HEELSHookers In General Have Highly Enhanced & Extended Legs' SexualityTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing89%HIGH NOONHitchcockian Intensity. Gary Has Nobody Offering (to) Oppose Nasties.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%HIGH SCHOOLHere I Got High (Smoking Canabis, Hiding Out On Lavatory.)Angela Brett, who didn't.EducationDrugs:Cannabis100%HIGHWAYHaving Itinerary, Guides Humans Wanderings, Achieving YardageJan MorganPlacesTransport100%HIKEHillwalking Is Keenly EnergeticTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation90%HILARIOUSHa! I Laughed And Rolled Incited by Outrageous, Uproarious Suggestion!Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela suggested that it would be UNKIND to chop his dongle.Laughter100%HILARIOUS (2)Here I Laugh At Rudeness I Observe U SuggestingTony McCoy O'Grady, when I quoted KEYBOARD saying "If it's small and soft, then why is it such a big problem?" about MICROSOFT, and then realised the comment could relate to something else...Laughter100%HILARIOUS (3)How I Laughed! A Rollicking Incident Of Utter SillinessAngela BrettLaughter100%HILARITYHappiness Is Laughing At Reality, It Transfixes You.Tony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%HILARYHappy Individual Lives A Rich YouthJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%HILARY DUFFHappy Individual Loves Adventures Really Yields Doing Unforgettable Fun FeaturesJan MorganEntertainment:Music:ArtistsNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%HILLHuge Insipid Land LumpAngela BrettPlaces100%HILLARY RODHAM CLINTONHellacious Individual Lavishly Lingers Around Rotunda. Yells Resonate Of Diva Having A Massive Clinton Lingo In Nauseating Tones Of NepotismJan MorganNames:Famous people:Politicians100%HILLBILLYHome Is Little Log Building - Isolation Lasts Long YearsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%HILTONHow I'd Love To Own Nine!Angela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%HILTON (2)Hospitality Is Like That Of NobilityAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%HILUX SURFHeight In Luxury Utilitarian Xpress Superb Ute Really Flash!Carl BrettTransport:Car Makes & Models100%HIMHoly Immortal Mightiness Tony, in response to the capitalised 'HIM' in FAITH (3)Religion100%HIM (2)Happens It's Male! Tony, in response to the capitalised 'HIM' in FAITH (3)People & Relationships100%HI MOMHere Is Model Of MaternityTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family77%HIPPARCHUSHigher Intelligence (than) Ptolemy? Precession Angle Reckoning Closer to Hypothesis of Undisputed Scientists.Angela Brett. (Hipparchus's value for the precession of the equinoxes was much more accurate than the value which Ptolemy obtained 300 years later.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HIPPASUSHe Incensed Pythagoreans, Perhaps After Showing Unholy SizesAngela Brett (Hippasus was expelled from the Pythagoreans, possibly because of disclosing the existence of incommensurable magnitudes)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians88%HIPPIASHatched In Peloponnese, Practised Instruction in All States.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians88%HIPPIAS (2)He Instructed Poorly... Payment Isn't Acquired in Sparta.Angela Brett (Hippias was not paid for his lectures in Sparta because Spartans weren't very interested in mathematics.)Science:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HIPPIESHappy Individuals, Peaceably Playing In Extreme SatisfactionJan MorganPeople & Relationships95%HIPPOCRATES OF CHIOSHis Inter-Personal Proficiency's Often Considered Rusty... Although The Exceptional Squaring Of Fragments (of) Circles Held Importance, Observed Scholars.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HIPPOLYTAHighly Independent Person, Play's Outcome Leaves You Totally AmorousTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HIREHardware Is Rented EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%HIRE (2)Having Implement Requires ExpenditureAngela BrettCommerce100%HIRE (3)Help Is Required, EveningsPatricia RixCommerce100%HISSHumming In Snake SongsRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns:Noises100%HISTORYHow It Seemed To Our Rulers Yesteryear!Tony McCoy O'GradyHistory100%HITACHIHow Is This A Computer-Human Interface?Sean Lamb (Hitachi makes computer monitors...)Computers:Generic Hardware100%HITCHHitched? Is The Ceremony Hindered?Angela Brett, since many people 'get hitched' without a hitch.People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%HITCHEDHoly Intimate Tie Connecting Heterosexuals Expecting DivorceRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%HITCHHIKERHop In The Car... Heading Home? I Know Expedient Route.Angela BrettTransport100%HITCHHIKER (2)Hope I'm Travelling Carefully, Hope He Isn't Killer, Even Rapist Tony McCoy O'Serial KillerTransport100%HI THEREHello Is Too Haughty, Even Rather ElizabethanPatricia RixCommunication:Hello & Goodbye96%HITLER WAS A GERMAN DICTATORHis Innate Tactfulness Lacked Everything. Regarded War As Supreme Against Generally Embarrassing Races & Mentalities. Attacked Neighbouring Domains Intending to Capture Tracts Allowing Teutons Outspread Room TMcCO'GNames:Famous people:PoliticiansHistory100%HITMONCHANHe Is The Master Of Nasty Chopping, Hands Are Nimble.Angela Brett (Hitmonchan is Pokemon #107)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%HITMONLEEHe Is The Master Of Nasty Legwork... Extremely Effective.Angela Brett (Hitmonlee is Pokemon #106)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%HIT THE GROUND RUNNINGHelicopter Ingests Troops, Travels, Hastily Evacuates. Guys Running Out Under Nasty Deadly Riflefire, Usually Need No Incitement. Nearly Gallopping. TMcCO'G, who doubts that troops debarking from a helicopter, under fire, need to be told to "hit the ground running".Assorted Phrases:SayingsMilitary100%HOBBIESHours Of Bliss, Busy In Exotic SportsTony McCoy O'Grady, who is unhappy with the ending, and invites amendments. Maybe something involving ".... In Empty Sheds"Sports & Recreation100%HOBBYHopefully Outcome's Big Bucks, Yes?Angela Brett, when Mike from acronymfinder.com mentioned that his hobby now earns him money in advertising and licensing.Commerce100%HOBOHomeless Or Broke OneAngela BrettPeople & Relationships67%HOBO (2)Hop On Board, On-the-house!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsTransport100%HOCKEYHeroicly Overpadded - Compete Keenly Every YearTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%HOCKEY (2)Highly Overpaid Canadians Keep Entertaining YouPatricia RixSports & Recreation100%HOFFHaughty Outrage Feints FalsehoodTony McCoy O'Grady (Hoff is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning 'To deny indignantly something which is palpably true.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%HOGWARTSHarry! Our Group Worships All Rowling's Thrilling Stories Muggles McCoy O'Grady, in response to a request for a name for a Harry Potter society at Cambridge University.Art & Literature:Harry Potter Society100%HOGWARTS (2)Hang Out Gives Wizards A Resident Teaching SchoolJan Morgan -- Harry Potter SchoolArt & Literature:Fictional Places100%HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HOHer Orthodontist Handily Overcame Heated Objections Hindering Oral Hygiene Originally Hampering Orgasms Happily Obtained Helping Old Hermits Over Humps On Holiday OutingsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HOLDENHad Olympian Looks - Did Excellent 'Network'Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to actor William Holden.Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%HOLDUPHoodlums Often Loud Demands Upset PersonnelTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%HOLE IN ONEHero Of Lockerroom - Everyone's Inebriated Now, Oh Nasty Eagle TMcCO'G - When a golfer gets a hold in one it is usual that they stand a drink for everyone in the clubhouse that day. An 'eagle' is a score of two under par for a hole, so a hole-in-one on a par three hole would be an eagle.Sports & Recreation100%HOLLANDHordes Of Low-Landers All Need DykesAngela BrettPlaces:States & Regions88%HOLLAND (2)Here Originate Lovely Lilies And Nice Dairy-cowsPatricia RixPlaces:States & Regions100%HOLLYWOOD OPUSHead Office Literally Loves Your Work, Only One Detail: Other People Underwrite Script!Rico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies88%HOLMIUMHardly Occurring Light Metal, It's Usually Mineral-based.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%HOLODECKHalucination Of Lifelike Objects Directly Emulates Craft's Keypoint Doctor McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Places100%HOLOFERNESHaving Overflowery Language, Our Foolish Educator Rehearses Novel Entertaining ShowTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Love's Labours LostArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Love's Labours Lost100%HOLOGRAPHYHarnessing One's Laser, One Generates Really Artistic, Pleasing Holograms, Yes?Sean LambArt & LiteratureScience:Physics100%HOLY GRAILHallowed Object Long Years Gone - Remotely Accessible In LegendTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%HOMEHouse Or Mansion, Essentially.Angela BrettPlaces100%HOME AT LASTHouse Of Mine Evokes A Teary Look, After Strenuous Travellings TMcCO'GPlacesPeople & Relationships100%HOME AT LAST (2)Homesickness's Over Mate, Extend Almighty Thanks, Like A Seasoned Traveller TMcCO'GPlacesPeople & Relationships100%HOME CONSTRUCTIONHow One Might Erect Comfortable & Opulent Nest. Some Training / Research Using Concrete Technology Is Obviously NeededTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings100%HOMELANDHere Our Mothers Endured Labour - A Nation DivineAngela BrettPlaces100%HOMELAND (2)Heart Of My Existence Lies Amid Native DominionAngela BrettPlaces100%HOMELAND (3)Here Originated My Ethnicity, Language, And Negative DiscriminationAngela BrettPlaces100%HOMERHolding Onto Marge - Extreme RelianceAngela Brett and Steve KeateEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%HOMER SIMPSONHusband Of Marge - Ensures Reactor's Safety Is Maintained. Parenting Skills Openly NeglectedTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%HOMESHearths Often May Evoke Sentiments.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings100%HOMESCHOOLING TEENSHow Our Mother's Educational Standards Channelled Her Offsprings' Outstanding Learning. I'm Naturally Grateful That Everyone's Educational Needs Serviced!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after someone searched the ACRONYMS web site for 'homeschooling teens'.Education95%HOMESCHOOLING TEENS (2)Happy Ordinararily, My Existence Somewhat Carefree, However, Observance Of Learning Is Nice Grammar To Extend Educational Norms (in) SocietyGrace Francis, who was homeschooledEducation100%HOME TEACHERSHabit Of Men Enabled To Educate All, Church Harmony Emphasized Readily SignificantJan Morgan - someone who comes by church members homes to see how you are doingReligion:Religious Occupations100%HOME TEACHERS (2)House Of Many, Environment. Timely Enlightened Appointment, Checking How's Everyone, Responsibility SignificantJan Morgan -- someone who comes by church members homes to see how you are doingReligion:Religious Occupations100%HOMEWORKHow One's Midweek Evenings Went On - Revising KnowledgeTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%HOMICIDEHorror Of Murder Is Captured In Deceased's ExpressionAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderPeople & Relationships:Death100%HOMOGRAPHYHelpful Orthographic Method - One Graphical Representation And Phoneme Homogeneously YokedAngela Brett, who doesn't think Homogeneously is the best word for it.Science:LinguisticsCommunication100%HOMOSEXUALSHump Other Men Only, So Eschewing XX. Unusual, Although (Lately) Sanctioned.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA92%HOMOSEXUALS (2)Heterosexual-Otherwise Men Often Supposedly Experience X-rated Urges Around Lesbian SexAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%HONDAHop On, Now Drive AwayTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%HONDURASHassled Over Nicaragua's Dictatorship - Unwanted Rebels And Sandinistas.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%HONEYHarvest Of Nectar - Extremely YummyAngela BrettFood & Drink100%HONEY (2)Hot Orgasmic Neighbour Excites You!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HONEYMOONHours Of Nighttime Experimenting - You Might Orgasm... Or Not.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce83%HONKYHe's Often Not Kinky-haired, Y'knowTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%HONORHow Others Note One's RespectSean LambPeople & Relationships100%HONORABLEHonesty Offers Notice On Respectable Attribute, Best Loved ExampleJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%HONORARYHaving One's Noble Opinions, Reputable And Respected, YesJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%HONOURSHonouring Old Nimble-One Upset Rolling StoneNanker Phelge -- I see that Keef is miffed that Mick accepted a gong - because of 'pressure' from Tony Blair!Entertainment:Music100%HOODHere's Owner Of DegreeAngela Brett, a few weeks before graduating.Household Objects:Clothing:Academic Regalia100%HOOKERHarlot Often Offers Kerbside Erotic RendezvousTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%HOOVERHums Over Objective, Vacuums Entire RegionJan Morgan -- Brand name of a vacuumHousehold Objects:Appliances100%HOPEHeart's Optimism Preserves EnthusiasmTimothy ChambersPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HOPE (2)Hope Object: Pleasant Expectation!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Emotions100%HOPE (3)Has Only Pure ExpectationsJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HORACEHolding On Romantically Antagonises Consorts EverytimeRico LeffantaNames:First names:Male100%HORATIOHamlet's Only Real Ally Through Incredible OrdealTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark100%HORIZONTALHow, Oftentimes Reclining I Zzzz Or Nod, Til Alarm LivensBill NealSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%HORMONESHas Own Reactions, Managing Own Nuttiness Engages SomeJan MorganScience:Biology83%HORNYHard-On Raging for Nubile YouthSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HORSEHumans Often Race Speedy Equines.Angela Brett. (Tony replied 'I've never raced a horse in my life! I'm (just about) smart enough to know it would win ;-)')Science:Biology:Animals100%HORSE (2)Here's One! Relentlessly Sheep Elsewhere.Angela Brett, who saw a lot of sheep but very few horses on her way from Auckland to Palmerston North.Science:Biology:Animals100%HORSE (3)Harry Only Rides Sally EastUniasusScience:Biology:AnimalsTransport100%HORSE (4)Her Owner's Really Supreme EquestrienneTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%HORSE (5)His Owner Races Steeplechasers ExcellentlyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals92%HORSE AND CARTHaving Obedient Reliable Slaves, Each Affluent Nobleman Drove a Carriage. Archaic Road Transport.Angela BrettTransport100%HORSE CHESTNUTHemorrhoids Of Robust Soreness Eased. Chronic Hairveins Evidently Succumb To Nature's Usual Treatment TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%HORSEPOWERHumans Often Race Speedy Engines... Probability Of Wreckage Escalates Rapidly.Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%HORSESHumans' Overiding/Overall Resource Speed Earthshakin' Steeds!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Biology:AnimalsTransport100%HORSETAILHairs Of Rather Splendid Equine - Tasty And Incredibly Long Tony (Yeah, I know it's a plant and not an actual horse's tail)Food & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%HOSEAHarsh Overtones, Split Ended AcceptablyEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%HOSPITALHouse Of Sick Patients Itching Their Amputated LimbsAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsPlaces:Buildings100%HOSPITAL (2)Hearses Offer Some Patients Into The After-LifeAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:DeathPlaces:Buildings100%HOSPITALITYHome's Open, Swinging Party Is Thrown And Lasts Indefinitely, Thank You TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships100%HOSTELHow One Shuns The Expensive LodgesAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%HOSTILEHe Obviously Seems Threatening, Indeed Looks EvilmindedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%HOTHeightening Of ThermoactivityAngela BrettAssorted AdjectivesScience:Physics100%HOT (2)Honey On ToastChelsea Reid, who responded, "Honey on toast?" when her mother refered to her boyfriend as 'Honey.' Being only three and a half, Chelsea probably doesn't realise it's an acronym for another possible description of this 'honey.'People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HOT AND SEXYHumans Openly Titillated, Aroused, Naughty During Sex - Even Xenophobic YanksChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HOT BOXHelp/Halt! Our Train's Becoming Overly Xerantic!Angela Brett (According to the glossary on http://trackbed.com, hot box refers to excessive heating of a plain bearing axlebox due often to a loss of adequate lubrication and which required the locomotive to be stopped before severe damage and possible derailment occurred.)Transport:Trains100%HOT CHIPSHot Oil Tastily Cooks Highly Irresistible Potato SticksAngela Brett, while waiting for hot chips to be cooked at the UNIVERSITY cafeteria.Food & Drink100%HOT-CROSS BUNSHow Oddly They Celebrate Religious Occasion... 'Sweet & Savioury' Bread Undoes Numerous Sins.Angela BrettFood & DrinkTime:Special Occasions:Easter100%HOT-CROSS BUNS (2)Holy On-Top Crucifix... Remember Our Saviour Suffered Brutality Undoing Numerous SinsAngela BrettFood & DrinkTime:Special Occasions:Easter100%HOT DOGHow One Tries Disguising Old Gristle TMcCO'GFood & Drink100%HOTELHouse Of Travellers - Expensive Lodgings!Angela Brett/Dustan Dowsing, while listening to an mp3 of 'Hotel California' by The Eagles.Places:Buildings100%HOTMAILHow One Tells Microsoft Administration Is LackingSean LambComputers:Internet100%HOTMAIL (2)Has Own Talking Messengers At Indivdual's LocationJan MorganComputers:Internet78%HOTSPURHot-headed Opponent Turns Seditious Plotter (to) Unseat RoyaltyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry IVArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry IV100%HOUSEHome Of Usual Suburban EntitiesAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%HOUSE OF LORDSHereditary Oligarchs Usually Sent Eldest Offspring For Legislative Office - Rarely Doing SuperblyTony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%HOWARDHow Other-Wordly... A Rationalising Duck.Angela Brett, referring to the film 'Howard The Duck'. I'm after a better word than Rationalising... something meaning 'humanoid', 'anthropomorphised', 'beer-drinking', 'blokey' or one of the other traits Howard possessed which are otherwise exclusive to humans.Art & Literature:Fictional Characters100%HOW DO I SUBMIT?Hello O Wise Dictionary Owners. Is Submission Undertaken By Me Ideally Tackled?Tony McCoy O'Grady, when someone capitalised 'HOW DO I SUBMIT?' on the Acronyms forums.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%HOW DO YOU DO THAT?Help Out With Details Of Your Operational Uniqueness, Disclosure Of Technique Helps Acclimatise Trainees TMcCO'GAssorted Phrases100%HOWDY"Hello" - Or - "Welcome" Drawls YankTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%HOWIEHumorous One Was Improvisational EntertainerSean Lamb (Howie Mandel is a comic who is pretty good at improvisation)Names:Famous peopleEntertainment100%HOW MANYHave Office Wench Make Amends Next YearRico Leffanta, after someone telling him they had "too many" and made a fool out of themselves at the office Christmas party (in Britain, since office parties in America are tabu), but decided there was nothing they could do except make amends next year.DrugsTime:Special Occasions100%HOW NOW BROWN COWHere's One Writing Naming Our Wonderful Bovine Representive. Ours Was Named Clara. Oh, Wow!Roger WilliamsAssorted Phrases100%HOW'S THAT?Here's One Witting Suggestion To Have Angela TitteringTony McCoy O'Grady, after IT CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE AS LONG AS YOU ACRONYMISE ITWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%HOW TO HUG A PORCUPINEHarmful Onerous Warlike Tyrannical Opinions, Hard Uncooperative Glacial Attitudes, Problematic Ominous Reasonings, Complicated Unmanageable Personalities, Illusions Not EliminatedJan MorganArt & Literature:Book Titles100%HTMLHow They Make LinksTony McCoy O'Grady (HTML usually stands for HyperText Markup Language)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%HTTPHere's That Titled PageTony McCoy O'Grady - People seem to think that 'http://www.co.nz' is the 'name' of a page, rather than the 'address'. (HTTP usually stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%HTTP (2)How They Transfer PagesAngela Brett, inspired by HTML. HTTP usually stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%HTTP://ACRONYMS.CO.NZHave The Time, Phone, And Computer? Read Our Newest Yabberings - Mostly-Sane Creations Of Novel ZeitvertreibAngela Brett, referring to the ACRONYMS web site of course.Computers:Internet:URLs100%HTTP://UN.CO.NZ/ANGELAHave Time To Peruse? Using Netscape, Come Over 'N' Zip Around. Newly Generated Eloquence Lies Ahead.Angela Brett, acronymising her website (since moved to http://macintosh.geek.nz) This includes the ACRONYMS site which is updated with new acronyms every week.Computers:Internet:URLs100%HUBHurts Ur BodyJeff AnonymousComputers:Do Not Eat100%HUBBYHopelessly Unaware Bubble Burst YesterdayRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%HUBERT DE BURGHHonest-Under-Bewildering-Events/ Rogue-Thoroughly-Devious? Expects, By Uniting Royals, General HappinessTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King JohnArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King John100%HUGHold Unforgettable Guy/GalJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HUGEHas, Unexpectedly, Grown EnormouslyTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%HUHHardly Understood HerAngela BrettMain100%HULAHappy Undulating Lustful ActsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust80%HULKHas Unnaturally Laid-out KaryotypeAngela BrettArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%HUMHaving Unusual MoansJan MorganAssorted Nouns:Noises100%HUMANHonestly, Unrequited Meaning Afflicts NothingimposedPeople & Relationships100%HUMAN (2)Hands Used Mainly Affecting NeighbourhoodGavin Lambert - After all, our hands are our primary means of manipulating our environment.People & RelationshipsScience:Biology:Animals100%HUMBLEHas Unpretentious Meekness Because Lives EgolessJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%HUMDINGERHaving Unexpected Merriment Deeply Involving Numerous Gleeful Excited ResponsesTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%HUMMERHow Un-Moving Mouths Emit ResonancesTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%HUMORHaha's Usually My Own ResponseTony McCoy O'Grady, who spells HUMOUR properly.Laughter100%HUMOROUSHaving Upturned Mouth, Often Result Of Unintended SubtextTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%HUMOURHate Uncorrect 'Mericanisms Omitting 'U's Regularly!Tony McCoy O'Grady (see HUMOR)Laughter100%HUNCHHope Uncle Never Catches HerRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust88%HUNGARYHad Uprising - Nagy's Government All Replaced (by) Yesmen.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%HUNGRILYHe Uncovers Nude Genitals, Revealing Intense Lustful YearningsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%HUNGRYHave U No Grub Ready Yet?Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%HUNGRY (2)Hollow, Uncomfortable, Not Gastronomically Revived YetPatricia RixFood & Drink100%HUNTHaving Unusual Natural TalentJan MorganSports & Recreation100%HUNTERHaving Unusual Natural Talent, Engages RifleJan MorganPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsSports & Recreation100%HURRICANEHurry Up Redhat, Redmond Is Continuing Adding New EnhancementsSean Lamb (Hurricane was the code name for RedHat Linux 5.0)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%HURRY!High Urgency... Result Required Yesterday!Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%HURTHave Undiagnised Repugnant TroublesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HURTS TO BE A CARRIERHowever Unafflicted, Relaying This Sickness To Others Becomes Equally A Curse... Always Remembering Risk, I'm Etiologic Recluse.Angela Brett, when somebody searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%HUSBANDHe Usually Sleeps Beside A Nuptial Darling.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%HUSHHow Unbroken Silence Happens Tony McQuiet O'GradyAssorted Nouns:Noises100%HUSH (2)How Utterer Silences Hordes TMcCO'GAssorted Nouns:Noises100%HUSSEINHyprocritical United States Supremo Excuses Invasion NightlyChris KjelgaardNames:Famous people:Politicians100%HUSSEIN (2)Holes Used Secretly; Still, Eventually, It's Noticed.Roger WilliamsNames:Famous people:Politicians100%HUSTLERHe's Usually Sharp, Though Losing Early's RewardingTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%HUWOMANITYHonour Ultimately Womens' Opportunities! Mother Affirm / Nurture Infants, Teens, Youth!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsPeople & Relationships100%HYATTHere, You Are The TopAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%HYDRAHow You Define Reboots AgainSean Lamb (Hydra was Microsoft's code name for Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition; MS servers always seem to need a reboot...)Names:Code Names:Microsoft100%HYDROCARBONSHave You Done Rudimentary Organic Chemistry? Alkynes' Redundant Bonds Offer No Saturation.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry89%HYDROGENHelpfully Yields Deuterium, Rarely. Often Gaseous, Extensive in Nature.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry:Elements100%HYMENHello Young Men - Especially Newcomers!Rico LeffantaScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HYMEN (2)Hasn't Young Maiden Experienced Nymphomania?Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%HYPERCARDHighly Yoozerfriendly Programming Environment Requiring Clean And Rapid DevelopmentAngela BrettComputers:ProgrammingComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software:Applications97%HYPERCARD STACKS BELONG ON APPLESHave You Perhaps Erased Reasoning Cells After Riotous Drinking Session? That Apple Computers' Killer-app Should Be Elsewhere Looks Overly Nitwitted. Gatesians Often Need A Planned Periodical Logic Examination Service.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Jeff suggested an as-yet-incomplete expansion for 'HyperCard stacks can too be run on windows.'Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%HYPER PETEHello Yeomen. Please Extend Rhetorical Presumption Explaining 'Tactful' Ebullition. Hyper Pete (AKA Hyper Unit) in response to Tony's HYPER UNIT expansions.Names:Acronymists100%HYPER PETE (2)Happy You're Participating! Enjoy Remitting Personal Expansions To Everyone.Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%HYPER PETE (3)Have You Published Exciting Remarkably-Precise, Elegantly-Tailored Expansions?Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%HYPERTALKHave You Programmed Especially Rapidly? Try Another Language, 'Kay?Angela Brett. (The 'Kay is short for Okay and also a reference to my C programming lecturer whose last name is Kay.)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareComputers:Programming100%HYPER UNITHas Your 'Puter Ever Ruined User's Newly Input Typing?Tony McCoy O'Grady, after seeing Hyper's anti-Macronyms.Names:Acronymists100%HYPER UNIT (2)He's Yesterday's Person. Espousing (Recklessly) Utterly Nasty Information TechnologyTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%HYPHENHave You, Perhaps, Hyphen-Excess Neurosis Tony Hyphen O'Grady (see SHARON (2))Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website90%HYPSICLESHad Your Polyhedra Spherically Inscribed... Contributed Lots to Euclid's Studies.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%HYSTERIAHave You Sensed The Excited Rage-Induced Anger?Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HYSTERIA (2)Have You Stopped To Engage Reason? It's Alright!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HYSTERICALHollers Yells Screams To Excess Reliving Imaginary Circumstances Alienating LoveRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HYSTERICAL (2)Helplessly Yelping, Screaming Things Endlessly, Ranting Incoherently, Complaining A Lot.Steve Keate, after he lost Angela's Mac.People & Relationships:Emotions100%HYSTERICSHave You Seen The Evil Raging In Circumcised Sydney?Rico LeffantaSports & RecreationPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%HYTHEHarbour You Thank Heaven EnteringTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%HYUNDAIHave You (Until Now) Driven An Ideal?Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%HZHearing ZoneJan Morgan (Hz is usually short for Hertz)Science:Mathematics:Measurement100%IAIts AstronomicalRico Leffanta (Ia is Hawaiian for Milky Way)Science:Astronomy100%IACHIMOImplicates A Chaste, Honest, Innocent Maiden - ObnoxiousTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CymbelineArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Cymbeline100%IAGOIncites A Ghastly OverreactionTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's OthelloArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Othello100%IAI-DOInteresting Artistry In Defensive OperationTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Martial Arts93%I AM A CHILD OF GODIdentity About Me, Absolutely Coming Home In Last Days (to) Omnipotent Father, Great One DivineJan MorganReligionPeople & Relationships:Family100%I AM COOL'It's A Myth!' Claim Objective On-LookersAngela BrettAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships100%I AM COOL (2)Indicates A Master Craftsman Of Obvious LaidbacknessTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships100%I AM GETTING THE MACIbooks Are Much Greater Even Than The IBMs 'N' Gateways. Truly, Hypercard Even May Activate Correctly!Jeff AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%I AM HEInfinity's Announcement Mean's He's EternalTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%I AM IN LOVEIt's A Miracle! (I'm Not Lazarus, Only Very Emotional.)Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%I AM JEFFI Actually May Just Effectively Fool, Friends.VirgilCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%I APOLOGISE!It's A Pity, One Loathes Often Getting Internal Server Errors.Angela Brett, after the webserver being reconfigured caused some pages on the Acronyms web site to give internal server errors.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%IBERIAIn Between European Regimes Invading AfricaRico LeffantaPlacesHistory100%IBIZAIndulgent Brits In Zany ActivitiesTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%IBMIncredibly Bad MachineGavin ShapiroRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputersCommerce:Companies100%IBM (2)I Broke MineSteve KeateRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputersCommerce:Companies100%IBM (3)It's Barbarically MegapricedJeff Anonymous, after mentioning IBM in I AM GETTING THE MACRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce:CompaniesComputers:Generic Hardware71%IBOOKIt's Brilliant! Online, On-the-go, Kingpin!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware83%IBOOK (2)Introduction Brought Ovations - Obviously! - at Keynote.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IBOOK (3)It Belongs On One's KneeAngela Brett, partly as a response to those who complain that the iBook won't fit on an aeroplane tray.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IBOOK (4)"It's Breathtaking!" -- Owner Of KeyLimeAngela Brett, who has a key lime iBook.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IBOOK (5)It's Broken, Obviously... Omitted Konsole!Steve Keate, summarising the reaction of a KDE (http://www.kde.org) user to an iBook.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareComputers:Linux100%IBOOK (6)Its Bright Outside's Overly KookyAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IBOOK (7)It's Bought Out Of KindnessAngela Brett (see THANKS!)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware:Angela's Apples100%IBOOK (8)It Blocks One's Oesophagus, Killing.Angela Brett and Steve Keate (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%IBOOK (9)I Bought One, Oh Kay!Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IBOOK (10)It's Best Of Orchard-Kind!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware90%IBOOK SPECIAL EDITIONIt's 'Black-tie Optional,' Overpriced Kin of Slower Portables. Elegantly Coloured, It Appears Lovely Except Disappointingly Increments The Inexpensive Other Notebooks.Angela Brett, who thinks the iBook SE is a bit too expensive for only an extra 66MHz and a different colour, but wouldn't mind having one anyway.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IBRAHIMIraqi-Born Reasoner Analysed Hyperbolae, Integration & Motion.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%ICABIt Criticises Any BlunderAngela Brett (iCab is a Mac web browser which gives reports on all the tiny inconsequential problems in pages' HTML code.Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%ICAB (2)Internet Chauffeur, A Beauty!Angela BrettComputers:Internet:Web browsers100%ICAB (3)It Crashed! Aah, Bugger!Angela BrettComputers:Internet:Web browsers100%ICAB (4)It Crashes A BitAngela BrettComputers:Internet:Web browsers100%ICAB (5)I'll Choose Another Browser.Angela Brett, who likes some of iCab's features but finds it to be missing a few important ones, and unstable too.Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRISTI Can Achieve Nothing Desiring Only A Lazy Life... Through Him I'm Near God, Shown The Harder Road Of Understanding God's Help Can Have Responsibilities... I Seize Them!Angela BrettReligion100%I CAN FLYI'm Completely Airborne, No Feathers, Look You! TMcCO'G, It's been a while now since I had dreams wherein I could fly, but they were thrilling, though always ultyimately disappointing upon awakening.Transport95%I CAN'T AGREE MORE, TONYIn Complete Agreement - Nothing To Argue. Gladly Reinforce Evocative Emotions Mentioned. One Re-echoes Exactly Thoughts Originally Noted Yesterday.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Jeff said on the forums, 'I can't agree more, Tony.'Assorted Phrases100%ICARUSIndividuals Crusading Against Rampant Unchecked StupidityGeoffrey Russell, who is responsible for ICARUS at http://www.h2g2.com/A159374People & Relationships100%ICEIt's Coldness EmbodiedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:ChemistryAssorted Nouns100%ICE (2)It Chills Everything TMcCO'GScience:ChemistryAssorted Nouns100%ICE AGE Infant Child Enjoyed Animals' Great Expedition TMcCO'GEntertainment:Movies100%ICE CREAMIn-Cone Extravagance... Can't Resist Eating Another Mouthful. Angela BrettFood & Drink100%ICED COFFEEIcy-Cold Espresso, Delicious Cream Or Foam For Enhancing ExperienceAngela Brett, who is slightly obsessed with iced coffee. In fact, when the heap of spare parts later to be known as KeyBoard came up with that acronym in the first episode of The ADVENTUREs of MacGirl and KeyBoard, MacGirl replied, "Actually it's not just icy-cold espresso. A lot of people think that iced-coffee is just cold coffee with ice in it but it isn't... it has to be made with milk, and sugar, and cream on top, and sometimes icecream and vanilla essence. It's a treat, not just a cold drink.Ó Angela and Dustan will be starting up an iced coffee website some time soon, rating all of the iced coffees they've tried in the quest for the perfect one. If they can manage to get permission from the superhero herself, they might even quote MacGirl somewhere on the site.MacGirl & KeyBoardFood & Drink:Drinks100%ICELANDIt's Continual Earthquakes Leave A Natural Desolation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ICEMANInuit Chappie (Esmiko Man) At Northpole?Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races93%ICHTHYOLOGISTI Can't Help That Hatcheries You Opened Lack Oxygen Gills Ill-treated Soon TerminateRico LeffantaScience:Biology100%ICONIt's Clicked On Needlessly Apronymous AnonymousComputers100%ICON (2)Image Connoting One's NotionsSean LambArt & Literature100%ICYIt's Cold... Yikes!Angela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%IDInitialized DynamicallyAngela Brett (an 'id' can be assigned any kind of object)Computers:Programming:Cocoa100%ID (2)Introspection DominatesAngela Brett, because the type of an object in Objective-C/Cocoa is not bound at compile time (where all object pointers could be the generic 'id' if you like) but is discovered at run-time by introspection.Computers:Programming:Cocoa100%IDAHOIts Diversity Actually Has OptionsJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%IDEAInformation Does Electronically Advance.Angela Brett, after she'd said something about throwing ideas around and Tony replied 'I can't throw an idea out the hall door, never mind as far as New Zealand!'CommunicationPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%IDEA (2)Intelligent Development, Encourages ActionGavin LambertPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%IDENTITYIt Describes Everyone's Natural Traits Ingenuously To YouEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships100%IDI AMINIf Destiny Impels, Are Men Intrinsically Nefarious?Rico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Politicians83%IDIOTI Don't Intend to Overstudy This!Angela Brett, when one of her lecturers was spending an extremely long time explaining a very simple concept.Education:Slow Teaching100%IDIOT (2)International Director, Intranet Office TechnologyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations:Humorous Job Titles100%IDIOT (3)I Deal Insurance... Outsmart Tomorrow!Angela Brett (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%IDIOTSI Don't Insult... Only Triumph Scorewise.Angela Brett, when someone on an online game called less able players idiots.People & Relationships:Insults100%I DISAPROVEIts Disastress Incorect Speling, A Por Riter Ofers Vulger ElisionAngela Brett (see APROVE)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsCommunication100%IDOCIndividuals Dependent On ComputersStan Cheney, explaining: We are starting a new organization or movement called "Individuals Dependent On Computers" or IDOC (pronounced: "Idiocy")Computers100%I DON'T BELIEVE YOUI Doubt Obvious Nonsense - Tis Beautifully Embellished - Lacks Indications Endorsing Veracity, Evidently You're Outrageously UntruthfulTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%I'D RATHER DIEIt's Depressing Reading.... And The Hurt/Horror Escalates Rather Dreadfully.... It's EndlessTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVEIn Fervid Moments Use Stringed Instruments Creatively. By Encouraging The (Hopefully) Erotic Fervour Of One's Dearest, One Fires Lots Of Venereal EmotionsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & LustEntertainment:Music100%IF ONLY YOU'D KEPT THE CONTACT DETAILS ON YOUR MAC AND USED ISYNC TO COPY THEM TO THE PHONE.It's Fortunate On New Links You Yuppies Only Use Desktop's Keyboard Entering People's Telephones To Have Everywhere -- Clie Or Nokia, They All Can Take Down (Electronically) Telephone/ Address Information. Lost Something? Only Need Your Other (Unaffected) Repository, Make A Copy And No Data's Unavailable. Synchronising Every Day Is Superfluous, Your Numerous Contacts' Telephones Only Change Once Per Year (That's Horrible Estimate, Maybe Their Own Treasured Handhelds Escaped!) Personal Humble Opinion: Not Essential. Angela Brett (who has been without a mobile phone for the past few years and hasn't missed it) in response to MISSING MOBILE PHONE - MY LIFE'S RUINED. An alternative to 'Clie Or Nokia' would be 'Cellphone or Notebook'.ComputersCommunication100%I FORGOT TO RANT ABOUT MY NEW DELL COMPUTERI Feel Overjoyed. Radeon Graphics, Optical Twosome, Transflexive Oversized Readout, And No Tubes. Arrived Bouncily, Overconfident UPS Trafficker Must Yaw. New 'Experienced' Windows... Disk Expansive... Let Linux Claim Open Megabytes. Pleased User Thinks: 'Elephantine RAM'Jeff Anonymous, after getting a Dell Dimension 8250 with: 2.4 Gigahertz Pentium IV, Dual boot Windows XP and RED HAT Linux 8, 120 gigabyte hard drive, 512 megabytes of RAM, 17 inch flat panel display, 128 megabyte ATI Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card and two optical disc drives. See also UPSComputers:Generic Hardware100%IF YOU ARE GOODI'll Finance Your Own Unicorn! (Alicorn's Really Elephant's, Glued On... Oh, Devious!)Angela Brett (any young girl would be good if promised a unicorn, and parents can be sneaky when it comes to making young girls be good.)Assorted Phrases97%IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE ITIn Future You Obey Us! Please Undertake To Acronymise Words (Of Recent Design) Into Novel & Comedic Acronyms. Please Say You'll Observe Uniformity. Most Users Subscribe To Agreement:- Capitals Required? Okay, Now You Must Instantly Spell-out Expansion In Text.Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%IGLOOIce-Girth Lodge Or OutpostTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings87%IGNORANT PANSYIntelligence Going Nowhere, Organic Ranting Around Nonsensical Trifle Pertaining to Antagonistic Nonsense of Screaming Youth.Mary CarrPeople & Relationships:Insults100%IGNOREI Guess No One Really ExistsRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs88%IGNOREDIsn't Getting Noticed? Only Response is Exaggerated Disinterest.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships100%I HAD A GREAT TRIPI'm Home And Delighted About Global Roaming Except, Alas, That The Revelry Is Past.Angela Brett, after going around the world.Sports & Recreation:Travel100%I HATE YOUIdeal Hope Abideth, Thou Endureth Years Of UnpopularityTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%IKEBANAIt's Kado. Eclectic Botany, Artful New ArrangementsSean Lamb (Ikebana, also known as Kado, is the ancient Japanese art of formal floral arrangement)Art & Literature100%I LEFT AN 'F' OUT OF MY ACRONYM AND I NEVER NOTICEDIt's Laughable! Each Flaw-Teasing Acronym: New Flaw. One Unfailing Typed Output From Me, & Yucky Acronym Cycle's Rounded Off. Now, You Must Always Notice Details... Initials Not Excluded, Valid Expansion, Recheck Nothing's Omitted - Type It Correctly, Everything Done.Angela Brett, after Tony acronymised a similar phrase pointing out a missed letter in one of Jeff's acronyms, but Tony's expansion was missing an F-word. Perhaps he's just too polite. ;)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%I LIKE SWORDSI Loathe Insignificant Knives - Even Swishing With One Rarely Disturbs Soldiers.Angela Brett, when somebody searched for that phrase on the ACRONYMS website.Military:Weapons100%I LIKE SWORDS (2) I Live, I Kill... Enemies Shall Weep, Or Rather, Die Suddenly.Angela BrettMilitary:Weapons100%ILLInvalid Lies LethargicallyAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%ILL (2)Is Laid LowRoger WilliamsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%ILLINOISIt's Lincolns Land, It's Nature's Option In Soybeans Jan Morgan - More soybeans are grown HerePlaces:States & Regions100%ILLINOIS CENTRALIt's Like Long In New Orleans Is Sighing. Canadian Equipment, New Trains Running Around LouisianaSean Lamb (Huey Long was governor of Louisiana earlier in the 20th century, and the Illinois Central, now owned by Canadian National, was well-known for the passenger train "The City of New Orleans" [remember the song made famous by Arlo Guthrie?]) Transport:Trains100%I'LL PANIC IF I WANT TOIn Life's Less Pleasant Accidents, Natural Inclination Causes Intense Frustration. Individual Witters About, Not Thinking Things OutTony McCoy O'Grady, after DON'T PANICPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%ILLUSIONSIf Lovers Lose Union Should Imbeciles Operate Nuclear Stations?Rico Leffanta, because people imagine lovers sticking together which, of course, they don't do for long, and that bureaucrats are competent to manage nuclear stations, but Chernobel wasn't an illusion, was it?PoliticsPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%I LOVE MY CATSIntelligent-Looking Only Very Exceptionally -- Mostly Yowling, Careening Around Tired SleepersPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals89%I LOVE YOUIt's Like On Valentine's, Except Year-round. Overused Utterance.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%I LOVE YOU (2)I Live On Valuing Everything You Output, Unconditionally.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%I LOVE YOU TOOInvoluntarily Lips Open, Venting Emotions You've Often Uttered (Through Obligation Only?)Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%IMACIncomparable Macintosh Awaits ConnectionTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (2)I Mailed A Companion!Angela Brett, after emailing Tony from an iMac at MacJava Cybercafe, the coolest cafe in Auckland. (Great ICED COFFEE, all sorts of historic Macs and Macazines, and great people.)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware80%IMAC (3)It's Mainly Aimed at 'Consumers'Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware80%IMAC (4)Increased Marketshare of Apple Computer.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware80%IMAC (5)I'm a Mean Acronym CreatorAngela Brett, after Steve said he was trying to think of a mean expansion for iMAC.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsComputers:Generic Hardware100%IMAC (6)It Made Ample CashSteve KeateComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (7)It's Mostly Always Colourful.Steve Keate and Angela Brett.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (8)Indigo Model Ain't CostlyAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (9)It Might Also ChokeSteve Keate (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%IMAC (10)It Mated A Crayon!Steve Keate, describing the answer an iMac owner would give if asked what happened to his/her old Mac Classic.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (11)I Made A CD!Steve Keate, since most of the new iMacs have CD writers in them.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (12)It Made A ClunkSteve Keate, guessing what an iMac user might say on taking it to be repaired.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (13)Its Monitor Angle's ConfigurableAngela Brett, referring to the flat-screen iMacs.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (14)Its Makers Added CharacterAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC (15)It May Abridge CrashingJeff Anonymous, who ordered an iMac G5 (17" combo drive) last Tuesday. It should ship by Thursday and will be replacing a Windows 98 PC that's freezing up a lot.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAC DVIntuitively Makes Amateur Cinema... Delicious Variations!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IMAGE!Interceding Man, Almighty God: Emmanuel!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Refers to Colossians 1:15 "Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:" (King James Version)Religion100%I'M AN IDIOTI Must Amend Neglectfulness -- I Didn't Inspect Original TypingTony McCoy O'Grady, when he missed out a word when typing an acronym on the forums.Assorted PhrasesWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%IMBALANCEIt Might Begin A Lean And Not Correct Error Angle-aaah! BrettAssorted Nouns96%I'M GLAD YOU'RE GETTING THE MAC!It's My Goal... Let All Decide 'Yes!' On Understanding Relative Excellence of G3/G4 Electronics. The Truth Is, Nobody's Going To Have Eventual Misgivings About Computer.Angela Brett, in response to I AM GETTING THE MAC - I do tend to prod people toward getting Macs, but most people (especially long-suffering Windows users, or Linux users entranced by the genuinely translucent terminal windows) don't need any prodding once they have all the information. So it's 'my' goal to get the people I meet to use/buy Macs, but they really decide yes for themselves.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%IMHOI Make Humungous OverstatementsTony McCoy O'Grady, saying: Let's subvert the accepted standard interpretations of some well known internet nyms, so that when we see them we can smile to ourself knowing that the writer is 'really' saying... (IMHO usually stands for In My Humble/Honest Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%I MISS YOUIt's Miserable In Solitude Sometimes... Yearning's Overwhelming, Unfulfilled.Angela BrettAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships100%IMMACIncredible Moustache Moving Applicator & CremeTony McCoy O'Grady, inspired while watching a TV advert for Immac hair remover.DrugsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%IMMIGRATIONIf More Move In, Groups Rage About The Isolation Of NationalsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsPolitics100%IMOGENInnocence Makes Others Get Evil NotionsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CymbelineArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Cymbeline100%IMPACTI Might Perform A Crash TestAngela BrettTransportScience:Physics100%IMPLOREIgnorant Men Pleading Love Offers Romance EternallyRico LeffantaAssorted VerbsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%IMPORTSI Must Purchase Overseas Requisites Traders SupplyTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%IMPOSSIBLEI Mustn't Pass On Something So Irresistible... 'Bad' Letters Expanded!Angela Brett, when it was said that EPHEMERAL was impossible to expand.Assorted AdjectivesWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%IMPOSSIBLE (2)Insomniac Mrs. Pleads, "Oh, Stop Snoring!" Instead Bringing Louder Explosions.Angela Brett (some people won't stop snoring no matter what you do!)Assorted AdjectivesScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%IMPOTENTI Mightn't Perform On Time Every Night, Temptress!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%IMPRESSEDIf Military Personnel Require Extra Servicemen, Shanghai Eligible DrunksTony McCoy O'Grady - referring to the Press Gangs of the Royal Navy who 'kidnapped' men to fill out the crews of ships in days gone byMilitary100%IMPROVEMENTSImmediate Modifications - Perhaps Relaying One's Views Easily Making Explanations Not Too ScientificTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%IMPULSEIf Musky Perfume Urges, Let's Sensuously EmbraceTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%I'M SLOWIt's My Sad Life On WindozeAngela Brett, as an explanation for not having noticed JAGUAR (7), OBJECTIVE-C and COCOA (2) which were hidden uncapitalised in an email.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%I'M SORRYIts My Shortcoming Of Responsbility, Regretting YarnsJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%INABSENTIAI Need A Bath Soon Especially Now That It's Autumn!Rico LeffantaAssorted Phrases100%INANEIt's Not A Nip ExcitingAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%INANITYIt's Nutty And Non Intelligent, Thank You.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%INCENTIVEIf National Creative Energies Necessitate Thinking, Irish Variations ExcelTony McCoy O'Grady, I said I felt I could create an acronym for anything given the incentive. I was challenged to do INCENTIVE, and did.Words & WordplayAssorted Nouns100%INCESTIntergenerational Nookie Compromises Extreme Sexual Taboos.Angela Brett and Steve KeatePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INCEST (2)Intrafamilial Natality Can End So TragicallyAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INCEST (3)Inbreeding Never Causes Embarrassing Sexual TransmissionsBern DellPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INCEST (4)I Now Consummate Erotic Sibling's TrystsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INCHIt's Not Considered HighbrowAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%INCOME TAXI've No Control Over My Earnings Total After XtractionsTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%INCREASINGIs Not Contained Really Easily As Size Is Now GrowingTony McCoy O'GradyMain100%INDEBTEDInsolvent Nymph Discovers Every Banker Trusts Exotic DancersRico LeffantaCommerce100%INDEPENDENCEIsland Nation Departed Empire, Proclaiming & Expressing Neighbour's Domination Evil. Now Called EireTony McCoy O'Grady (see also IRELAND)Politics100%INDIAIts Nehru Dynasty Is Ambitious.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%INDIA (2)Is New Delhi In Asia?Roger WilliamsPlaces:Countries100%INDIANAIndians Nation, Drivers Indy Annual National AdventureJan Morgan (nation - land) and the indy 500Places:States & Regions100%INDICAIndians Never Deny It Causes AccidentsM.S.Prabhakar (Indica is a small car locally manufactured in India.)Transport:Car Makes & Models100%INDICATORI'm Nearly Directionless, I Could Abruptly Turn - Or Reverse!Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Parts86%INDICTIgnorance is No Defense In Court TodaySean LambPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%INDIGESTIONIgnore Nutty Diets. If Good Eating Suggestions Taken, It's Obviated NormallyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%INDIGOIt Never Did Integrate Global ObjectsSean Lamb (Indigo is Microsoft's code name for the .NET communication technologies)Computers:WindowsNames:Code Names:Microsoft91%IN DISGUISEI'm Not 'Dressed' In Santa's Garments Unlawfully - I'm Stand-in Elf ? (see GIFTS OF ACRONYMS)Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%INDIUMIndigo-Named, Ductile - If Uncommon - Metal.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%INDONESIAIndependent Now, Dutch Originated Network Exporting Spice Islands Artifacts.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%INDONESIA (2)Is New Daughter Of Nation Evolving Silently, Independently, Alone?DundeePlaces:Countries100%I NEED THEE EVERY HOURIndividual Negotiates Eternal Endurance Deemed To Him Even Every Evening Verifies Evident Reverence You're His Offspring, Ultimate ReliefJan Morgan -- songEntertainment:Music:SongsReligion100%INEPTIndulgent Nymph Exciting Peeping TomsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%INEQUITYI Note Existence's Quite Unfair, I Tell YouTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%INERTIt's Not Especially Readily TransportedAngela BrettScience:Physics100%I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDENInteresting Novel Explores (Very Expertly) Reason, Paranoia, Relationships Often Misdiagnosed In Schizophrenia. Even Deborah's Youth Occasionally Undermines Assistance. Rationality Or Sanity Elude Grasp, Although Reality Does Eventually NormalizePatricia Rix, referring to the book by Hannah Green.Art & Literature:Book Titles100%INFANTICIDEIt's Not Fair, And Not Tolerated - Innocent Child Isn't Deserving EviscerationAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderPeople & Relationships:Death92%INFATUATIONInfuriating Neurotic Feeling of Adoration That Unfortunately Attacks The Intelligence Of Nerds.Steve Keate & Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions80%INFINITENESS!Integers! Negatives First; additive Identity Nil; multiplicative Identity (one); Two; Endless Naturals; Efficient Socially / Scientifically!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. I tried INFINITY, but Y blocked me. Turned to INFINITE. Then I decided to name the 3 classes of WHOLE NUMBERS ( - 0 + ). So, I chose INFINITENESS! This 12-letter really challenged my BABY'S BRAIN!" Negatives First; additive Identity Nil; multiplicative Identity (one); Two; Endless Naturals" relates to the NUMBER LINE. The INFINITY of the INTEGERS is the SMALLEST INFINITY! Reference: TRANSFINITE in SET THEORY.Science:Mathematics100%INFINITYIncrement Numbers Forever - It's Nuts, I Tell You!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%INFORMATICSI Need Find Out / Research - Maybe Automatically - Topics In Computer SystemTony McCoy O'GradyScienceComputers100%INFORMATIONI'm Not Fond Of Reading Magazines About The Importance Of Nailcare.Angela BrettCommunication100%INFORMATION SYSTEMSIncomsequential Notational Fumblings, Often Recording Methodologies Attached To Inflow Of Notions - Supposedly You'll See The Exercise Means Something.Angela Brett, who so far thinks that information systems analysis is a load of rubbish, but understands that some people feel the same way about mathematics.Computers100%INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIt's New-Fangled Organisation - Relaying Messages Across The Internet... Only Now They Electronically Can Have Nookie! Online Lovers Often Gull You.Angela BrettComputers89%INFURIATED BY SLOW TEACHERSIt's Not Fair! Using Repeated Iterations is Always Tedious, Especially Done By You... Such Lavish Overuse of Whiteboard Takes Eons. Anyone Calculates in Head, Even Retarded Students!Angela Brett... (see SPANNING TREES for an explanation.)Education:Slow Teaching100%INGRIDI Need Guys Really Into Dancing!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female89%INHALINGInhaling Nicotine Has After-effects - Life Is No Good!Tony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%INHALING (2)I Now Have A Lung Issuing Nasty GungeTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%IN HEATIntercourse Needed Having Erotic Astronomical TemperaturesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INHIBITIONI Never Have Imbibed Beverages Intended To Inebriate Ostentatious NymphomaniacsRico LeffantaDrugsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INITIATIONInsult Newcomers Intensely... This Is A Test (Idiotically, Of Nothing!)Angela Brett, on the humiliating initiation rituals which movies would have us believe fraternity/sorority members have to go through.People & Relationships100%INKWELLI'll Now Keep Writing, Employing Lampblack Liquid TonyHousehold Objects100%IN LAWI Never Loved Anyone WorseRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%INMATEI've Not Murdered Anyone (This Evening)Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%INMATE (2)"It's Not Mine!" A Thief ExclaimedPatricia RixPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%INMATE (3)Incarceration Normally Makes A Thug EmbitteredTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%IN MY ARROGANT OPINIONI Never! May Your Absolutely Ridiculous Ruminations Oppose Greatness? Are Not Thinking, One Presumes; I Need Idiotic Opinions Not!Gavin LambertAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%INNER CHILDInnate Nurturing Now Essential, Revered Cautious Hidden Id Lives DisabledJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%INNOCENTInjustice Needs No Obviously Convincing Evidence ---- Nail Tony!Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GUILTY)Communication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%INNUENDON'TIt's Not Naughty Unless Explicitly Nasty, Decency & Openness Not ThreatenedTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to PORNOTGRAPHIC. This means that Pornotgraphy would be visual, while Innuendon't would be aural. The Pornotgraphy has overtones of photography in there also.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INQUISITIONI Never Quite Understood It... So Is This It, Or Not?Angela BrettCommunication100%IN RETROSPECT, I AGREE WITH YOUI Never Really Expected To Receive 'Onor. Some People Esteem Calendar Turnovers, I Ambitiously Grasped - Recklessly Expecting Equality With Irish Tony, Had You Only Understood!Tony McCoy O'Grady, acronymising what Jeff said when Angela explained (on the Acronyms forums) why he wouldn't get an honour for the first acronym in 2002.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%INSIt's Now SecuritySean Lamb (INS was the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the US until it merged into the DHS [Department of Homeland Security])Re-expansions of existing acronymsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%INSANEI Never Spoke Any Nonsense Either!Rico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%INSANELY-GREAT.COMInternet Niche Showing Apple's Next Electronic Leap. Your G3s Rule, Endangering All The Companies Opposing Macintosh.Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing... and yes there is a Mac website at http://www.insanely-great.com.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonComputers:Internet:URLs100%INSANELY GREAT MACInnovative New Software Advancing New Electronic Lifestyle. You've Greatly Revolutionised Electronics... Apple Technology Makes A Comeback!Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing. (Steve Jobs described the Macintosh as being insanely great way back before it was even out of the bag, and we agree with him!)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%INSANITYIt's Not Socially Acceptable, Never Is, Thank You.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality TraitsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%INSOMNIAI Need Sleep! Obviously My Nocturnal Inability's Annoying.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%INSOMNIA (2)I Never Slept One Minute - Now I'm Awake!Melanie Merswolke and Patricia RixScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%INSPECIFICIt's Not Strictly Perfect Expansion - Created In Friggin' Infinitesimal Chronos!Angela Brett, when Bern complained about her use of 'Inspecific' in GENERIC.Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%INSPIRATIONI Need Some! Please Invent Rousing Acronyms To Inspire Others... Now!Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%INSPIRATION (2)Innate Notion, Spritual Perspective In Respectable Approach To Instinct, Obviously NaturalJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%INSPIRATIONALInnate Notion, Spiritual Perspective In Respectable Approach To Instinct, Obviously Natural Ability LavishedJan MorganPeople & Relationships100%INSPIREDInspired: Nurturing Spirit Presented Infinite's Redemption / Emmanuel’s DesireCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%INSTANT FAMEImmediate Notoriety, Simply Tack Advertising Nonsense To Forums And Miff Everybody!Angela Brett, when somebody spammed the Apronyms Forums about a website promising 'instant fame', where the fame was no more than having your name on a website... something you could achieve by posting a message on the forums. I don't recommend spamming the forums, however, please post something constructive instead.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%INSTANT FAME (2)I'll Now Spam To Attract Nitwits To Find About My EminenceAngela Brett, when somebody spammed the Apronyms Forums about a website promising 'instant fame', where the fame was no more than having your name on a website. The site appeared to be run by the Yellow Pages, and as I doubt they would resort to forum-spam for advertising, I can only assume the poster was trying to attract people to the site in order to increase his or her own 'fame'. Although, if having your name on a website counts as fame, then the simple act of posting on the forums gave just as much fame as the fame website itself.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%INSTANT FAME (3)"I'm Not Stupid... To Achieve Notoriety, Try Forming Apronyms." -- Miss Expansion 2003Angela Brett, when somebody spammed the Apronyms Forums about a website promising 'instant fame', where the fame was no more than having your name on the website. If having your name on a website counts as fame, then a much better way to get famous is to submit apronyms to this site. (Note that this apronym was added in 2005... but I haven't added many apronyms recently so I won't claim that fictitious title for this year.)Communication:Acronyms Forums100%INSTANT MESSAGINGImmediate Notes Speeding To Anothers Note Typing Memos, Every Second So Answers Get Instantaneous Notice GaddingaboutJan MorganComputers:Internet88%INSTANT OATMEALInsidious Ne'er-do-well, Singularly Tasteless, Attempts New Triumphs Of Atrociousness, Twice Monthly Ending A LifePatricia RixMacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers100%INSULIN BALANCE TRIALI Need Sugar Undersupply Like I Need Broken Arms... Leg Amputation, Near Coma, Every Time Risking Injury And LifeAngela Brett, responding to an unsuccessful search of the site - it's so unsuccessful that even searching for the phrase on GOOGLE only brings up the Apronyms Unsuccessful Searches page. This could have been done better if the searcher had expanded on what s/he was looking for.Science:Biology100%INSURANCEInvestment Needed Should User Risk Accidental Nasty Chance EventTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%INTIt's Neatly TruncatedAngela Brett, when she had half an hour to spare in a C programming test. (In C, an int is a kind of variable which holds an integer, and values put into one get truncated.)Computers:Programming:C variable types100%INT (2)Its Name's TruncatedAngela Brett, because int is short for integer.Computers:Programming:C variable types100%INT (3)I'm Not Telling As a programmer, it's sometimes hard to figure out what value a particular variable holds (or is supposed to hold).Computers:Programming:C variable types100%INTEGERSInclude Naturals - They Even Generate External Rational Set.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Number sets100%INTEGRATION PROJECTIt's Not Too Easy Getting Result... Adding That Infinity Of Negligible Parts. Relying On Just Exhaustive Calculation's Terrible!Angela Brett, when somebody searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website.Science:Mathematics100%INTELInvest Nothing, They'll Eventually Lose.Angela Brett, after Steve said that he wouldn't invest any money in Intel because he doesn't think they innovate any more.ComputersCommerce:Companies100%INTENSITYInitial Nude Tryst Elicits Nervousness... Should I Touch You?Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%INTENSITY (2)I Never Thought, Except Now, Suddenly, I Think: "You!"Patricia RixPeople & Relationships90%INTENSITY (3)It's Not Too Extreme Now Since It Toned-down YesterdayTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships0%INTERCITY BUSI've Not Travelled Everywhere Round the Country In This Yet, Because (I) Usually Soar.Angela Brett, while on a nine hour bus trip from GISBORNE - she had flown down there in a FAIRCHILD originally.Transport100%INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTINGIt's Not That Easy, Remembering Natives All Think In Own National Affectations. Language Dictates Ethnic Viewpoints, Every Line Of Program Must Echo Numerous Thoughts Concurrently, Or Numerous Separate UIs Litter The IDE... Nothing Generalised.Angela Brett, thinking of specifically of international software development.Science:LinguisticsComputers:Programming80%INTERNETInterconnected Network of Terminals Enabling Rich Nerds to Exchange Technobabble.Angela Brett, describing the old perception of the internet.Computers:Internet100%INTERNET (2)International Non-Tangible Ethereal Reticule Neatly Encapsulating TechnologyTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Internet100%INTERNET (3)I Need To Email Romantic Notes Everywhere TonightRico LeffantaComputers:Internet100%INTERRACIALIt's Nice To Experience Relations Ranging Across Cultures - It Augments Life TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%INTIMIDATORIntrusive Nasty Thug Is Most Intense, Displaying Aggression & Threats Of RevengeTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%INTRODUCING LONGHORNIt's Not That. Really, OpenStep-Descended Unix Clone. Implementors Now Gawk -- Lots Of New Goodies: H.264, Overvoicing, RSS. Neat!Jeff Anonymous, in reference to a humorous banner hanging at WWDC 2004, which actually brags on new advanced features (including the H.264 video codec, the VoiceOver spoken interface, and RSS syndication in Safari) in Tiger, which will probably be version 10.4 of the Mac OS.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%INVALIDInane Nonsense: Verily, A Logically? Inferred DeprivationCharles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Adjectives100%INVALID (2)I Need Ventilator And Live In DiapersAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare100%INVASION OF IRAQInvasion Now Viewed American Solution - Importantly, Only Nations Of Fundamentalist Islamic Religious Arabs QualifyChris KjelgaardMilitary:War & Terrorism100%INVASION OF IRAQ (2)Iraq's Never-Valorous Army Soon Imploded - Only, Now, Occupying Forces Infer Reactionaries Aren't Quelled!Chris KjelgaardMilitary:War & Terrorism100%INVEIGHI Never Voice Exceptions In Good HumourRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%INVOLVINGI Need Vulnerability, Or Looming Violence Is Not Gainful.Angela Brett - this one came about because in response to her LOVING on the forums, Tony said '"..or 'Involving'" thus creating LOVING (2). Angela briefly expected to see an expansion for INVOLVING using the same words as the LOVING expansion. All this LOVING is beginning to make it seem like FORUM POST (2) is not far from the truth.People & Relationships:Abuse100%IN YOUR DREAMSI'm Next - You Offered Us Reciprocal Delightful Rubbing, Expressed As "Massage Swapping"Tony McCoy O'Grady, when he defended MASSAGE THERAPY (3) (Which Patricia thought more suited to a massage parlour - see DIFFERENTLY WELL) by saying "I was thinking a couple massaging each other in turns and finding it arousing." Patricia responded with, "But surely, only the first person to be massaged actually gets a massage! Do an acronym on that subject, please." Tony suggested that they can take it in turns, which prompted Patricia to give '"In Your Dreams" as the candidate for expansion.People & Relationships:Love & LustSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%IODINEIn Ocean Depths It's Never EndingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%IOMEGAI Own Marvellous External Gigabyte Accessory.Angela BrettComputersCommerce:Companies100%IOMEGA (2)Input/ Output, My Electronic Gargantuan Accesses.Jeff AnonymousComputersCommerce:Companies100%IONICInstead Of Neutral, It's Charged.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry100%I/O PORTInternal Organs Panicking Over Recycled TrashDundeeComputers:Do Not Eat100%IOWAIt's Out West AmericaAngela BrettPlaces:States & Regions100%IOWA (2)Idiots On Weird ArablewishesPlaces:States & Regions100%IOWA (3)Individuals Offered Wool, AmanasJan Morgan - German religious Colony (amanas) offered woolens, wine, furniture and baked goodsPlaces:States & Regions100%IPERSONIntelligent People Err Rarely, Sometimes, Or Neverjoybutton, because Angela was on IRC at the time with the nick iPerson.Names:Acronymists100%I.P. FREELYI'm Passing Fluids Regularly - Everything Everywhere Looks Yellow! Ben DoverNames:Prank Calls100%IPODIt's Portable, Omniuseful DiskAngela Brett, referring to Apple's 'iPod' mp3 player which doubles as a firewire hard disk.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IPOD (2)I Paid - One DepositAngela Brett, at 1a.m, after transferring some money to buy an Apple iPod. (Online banking should have safeguards in place to stop people from spending large amounts of money while they're half asleep!)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IPOD (3)Impulse Purchase? Oh, Dear!Angela Brett, who did actually think for a while before buying an iPod, but it's still dear!Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IPOD (4)I[']m Patient (One Day!)Angela Brett, who ordered an iPod this morning and expects to receive it tomorrow.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IPOD (5)Incredible Piece Of DesignAngela Brett, a few hours after her iPod arrived.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%IPOD (6)Ideal; Play-On-DemandAngela Brett, in response to FM and AM (2)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%IPOD (7)I'd Put One's DiapasonAngela Brett, who assumes that eating an iPod would cause intestinal problems. (I have never heard the word diapason spoken, I hope it sounds similar enough to 'diapers on' to make this work.)Computers:Do Not Eat100%IPOD PHOTOIn Pictures Or Diapason, Person Has Obviously Taken OverdoseAngela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%IPOD SHUFFLEIt Pains Our Digestive Systems Horribly. Unhealthy For Feeder's 'Low End'Angela Brett, on noticing that Apple's page on the new low-end iPod, the iPod Shuffle, bears the recommendation, 'Do not eat iPod shuffle.'Computers:Do Not Eat100%IPOD SHUFFLE (2)I Put One Down 'Sophagus & Hawked Up Foul & Foetid Liquid Emetically Tony (see IPOD SHUFFLE)Computers:Do Not Eat100%IQ SCOREIrrelevant(?) Questionnaire Shows Cleverness Or Retardation, Evidently.Angela Brett, who probably shouldn't criticise IQ tests since she has a particularly high IQ. They are relevant, I think, but there are some elements of cleverness they don't measure.People & Relationships:Thoughts100%IRANIslamic Republic, Asian Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%IRAQInternal Revolts Are Quelled.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%IRAQ (2)It Riles America's QueenAngela Brett - by 'Queen' I mean president... when it comes to Q words, gender isn't important! (perhaps that's why QUEER starts with Q)Places:Countries100%IRAQ (3)It Really Ain't QuietW. KlinePlaces:Countries100%IRAQIInvaders' Reasoning: Al Qaeda ImplicitChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & RacesMilitary:War & Terrorism100%IRASIntrigues Romantically Around SoothsayerTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and Cleopatra100%I REALLY NEED TO GO PEEPEEIn Relief Emergency A Lavatory's Located. You Now Elbow Every Door To Openly Gain Occupancy. Painfully Each's Engaged - Piddle Erupts EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%IRELANDIndependent Republic, English Lodgers Are Nearly Dislodged!Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%IRELAND (2)Inspiringly Rich Emerald Living Area, Nice DestinationJan MorganPlaces:Countries100%IRENEI Rarely Expand Names <- ExceptionAngela BrettNames:First names:Female100%IRIDIUMIts Rainbowness Is Displayed In Useful Mixtures.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%IRISIn Rainbows Is SpeedRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%IRISHIreland Reaching Into Southern HemisphereTony McCoy O'Grady, describing our KIWI friendshipPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%IRISH (2)Ignorant Rogues In Shamrock HighlandsMary CarrPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%IRONIt Rusts, Oh No!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements80%IRON (2)It's Ruined in One NightAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the iron (6th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%IRON (3)I Respect Otherhalf Now.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%IRON (4)Initiate Reproduction, Or Never!Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%IRON (5)Initial Romance Over NowAngela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%IRON (6)Idly Reflect On NuptialsAngela BrettTime:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries89%IRRATIONAL NUMBERSInteger Rearrangement Refuses to Attain These. Infinite, Orderless Numerals - And Limitless Notation - Usually Measures Boundaries Exactly. Rationals (are) Saner!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Number sets100%IRSIncome Retrieval ServiceSean Lamb (who just finished filing his 2003 tax return)Re-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce100%ISImplies StatusEdwin Hermann, referring to the usual meaning of IS, Information Systems.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%IS (2)Inexplicably SoJeff Anonymous, when he capitalised IS in 'This one IS Tony'.Main100%IS AInheritance Shown ArticulatelyAngela Brett, when a C++ lecturer mentioned that the idea of inheritance in object oriented programming (and elsewhere) is based around the phrase 'is a'. e.g. 'A mouse is a mammal' or 'A mammal is a living creature'. Computers:Programming100%ISAACIllustrious Scifi Author's Always CreativeSean Lamb (that's Isaac as in Isaac Asimov, of course)Art & Literature:Writers100%ISAAC (2)Is Sacrificed Adolescent, Actually ConservedJan MorganNames:First names:MaleReligion100%ISABELLAIntercession Succeeds And Brother's Eventually Let Loose AgainTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Measure for MeasureArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Measure for Measure86%ISAIAHInfluential Son (of) Amos Inspired All Hebrews.Eric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%ISCHISAURUSIt Should Call Herrerasaurus Its Sister, Although Uncertain Relationship's Under Speculation Angela Brett (There is speculation that Ischisaurus may actually be the same genus as Herrerasaurus.)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%ISDNIt's So Darn Neat!Angela BrettRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%ISDN (2)It Still Does Nothing Acronymous AnonymousRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%ISDN (3)I See Dollars NowChuck BanksRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%ISDN (4)Is Someone Dreaming Nonsense?Chuck BanksRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet80%ISDN (5)Insidious Substitute for Data NetworksKuroneko -- ISDN actually stands for "Integrated Services Digital Network", a form of telephone network that sends all services (including voice calls) digitally. In actuality, ISDN is a royal pain to configure and use for Data thanks to the differing ISDN standards across the globe, the complexity of the ISDN bearer service and the fact that most hardware is designed to work in any country resulting in the operator having to know which standard the country they're in conforms to, and how to format the source and target phone numbers correctly.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%ISEULTIrish Sweetheart, Enchanted Unto Lover TristramTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend86%IS FICTITIOUS TWADDLEIt's So Funny I Can't Tell If Tittering Is Okay, Unless it's a Super-interesting Titter With Acronyms Dangling Delicately, Laughter Encouragingly.Angela Brett/Tony McCoy O'GradyLaughter92%ISH KABIBBLEI Suggest Helpfully Kibbles And Bits. Iams Bones Boring. Look [for] Eukanuba!Jeff AnonymousFood & Drink:Pet food100%ISISIs She Immortally Superior?Rico LeffantaReligion100%ISOInitials Seem OffAngela Brett (ISO usually means International Organization for Standardization, so it seems as though its abbreviation should be IOS. However, ISO is not an acronym... as explained at http://www.iso.org/iso/en/aboutiso/introduction/index.html#three)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ISO (2)Initials Swapped Over?Angela Brett (ISO usually means International Organization for Standardization, so it seems as though its abbreviation should be IOS. However, ISO is not an acronym... as explained at http://www.iso.org/iso/en/aboutiso/introduction/index.html#three)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ISOMETRIESImages Simulate Originals, Mostly. Examples: Translations, Rotations Imitate Exact ShapeAngela Brett. (An isometry is a plane transformation which preserves distances, and therefore shapes of figures.)Science:Mathematics:Geometry77%ISOMETRIES (2)Imitate Shapes of Originals, at Most Expressible as Three Reflections In Every SituationAngela Brett. (Every isometry can be expressed as a product of at most three reflections.)Science:Mathematics:Geometry50%ISPIt Starves [from lack of] ProfitJeff Anonymous, when his ISP's stock was worth fourty cents. (ISP usually stands for Internet Service Provider)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetCommerce100%ISP (2)It Starves, ProfitlessAngela Brett, as a modification of Jeff's ISP.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetCommerce100%ISP (3)It's Slow & PatheticTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%ISP (4)Intermittent Squeaky PausesTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Internet100%ISP (5)It Shan't Prevail!Angela Brett, referring to Jeff's ISPRe-expansions of existing acronymsCommerce100%ISP (6)I'm Sorely Peeved!Tony McCoy O'Grady, in reference to Jeff's ISPRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetCommerce100%ISP (7)Internet Stopper PluggedJeff Anonymous (in reference to what'll happen when @home finally does go down the loo...well, I have AOL on the side just in case)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetCommerce100%ISP (8)It Seeks ProfitJeff Anonymous, as a modification of ISPRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetCommerce100%ISRAELIt's Still Really Arab-Encompassed LandTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%ISRAEL (2)International Saga Recounting Arab Eras LostRico LeffantaPlaces:Countries100%ISSUR DANIELOVITCHIt Seems So Useless Remembering Duty Almost Never Interrupts Enjoying Lots Of Virgins Itching To Collar HimRico Leffanta (Issur Danielovitch is better known as Kirk Douglas)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%IS THIS A STRANGE PREOCCUPATION? OR WHAT?It's Suggested Tony Has Interesting (Strange And Suggestive?) Tendencies - Really! A Natural Gentleman Elegantly & Properly Resists Exposing Overt Clothing Concerns. Unpleasant People Are Teasing, I Opine. Normally Only Rogueish Women Hiss At TonyTony McCoy O'Grady, after Patricia asked that very question when Tony demonstrated his familiarity with women's undergarments with his WONDERBRA (3).Communication:Acronyms ForumsHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%ITIntensive TouchingTony McCoy O'Grady. Angela had quoted a student telling a friend to 'do it in the Mac lab.' Tony asked whether these two students were of opposite sexes, to which Angela replied that they weren't thinking of doing *it*, probably just doing I.T.People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%IT (2)Ivory TowerRico Leffanta (referring to information technology, of course)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%IT AIN'T OVER UNTIL IT'S OVERI'm Told Anything Is Not Terminated, Or Verifiably Ended Reliably, Unless No Tangible Indicators Linger. If This Seems Overly Verbose, Express RegretTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases:Sayings100%ITALICSIndolent's Typographical Additive Littering Immeasurable Current SentencesKenneth T. Davis -- giving back to an application I love -- no, distraction from present writing projectCommunication100%ITALYIntensely Tactile And Lecherous! Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%IT CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE AS LONG AS YOU ACRONYMISE ITI Think Championship Acronyms Need Bigness! Especially Astounding Samples Live On, Never Growing Aged, Surviving Years Of Uncontested Laughter Inducement. Keen, Eager Acronymists Should Laugh Off Newly Generated Attempts. Stretching Your Offering Usually Assures Colleagues Recognition - Only Note.... You Must Individually Spell Each Item ThereinTony McCoy O'Grady, acronymising Angela's response to his question about how long the description on the page listing his acronyms could be.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsWords & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms100%ITCHIrritation That Craves HurtAngela Brett, since we get rid of an itching sensation by scratching and making it hurt instead.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%ITCH (2)Incredibly Troubling Cutaneous HypersensitivityWord NerdScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%ITEMIndividually Tally! Expertly Market!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Assorted Nouns91%I THOUGHT SOIf (it's) Too Hard, One Uses Giant Hardback Thesaurus - Synonym Overload!Angela Brett, in response to OF COURSEWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%IT IS HOT OUTI Think It's So Hot Out That Our Underwear's TropicalSean Lamb (I am reminded of the scene in "Good Morning Viet Nam" where Robin Williams is telling his radio listeners how hot it was that day)Science:Meteorology100%IT'S RUDE TO POINTIt's Totally So Repulsive, Using Digit Extended Towards One Person's Objectional! It's Not TactfulTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice100%ITS SO COOL!!If They Spam Several Other Communities Online, Others'll Look!Angela Brett, expanding the capitalised phrase (complete with bad punctuation) in the INSTANT FAME forum spam.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPIDI Think State's Taxing Heavily, Even Employers Cannot Offer New Offices. Maybe You Simply Think Unemployment Punishes Impious Denominations.Angela BrettReligionCommerce100%IVANA TINKLEI'm Very Agonised, Needing A Toilet. I'll Not Keep Legs EntwinedTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Prank Calls90%I'VE FALLENIt's Very Embarrassing - Fumbled And Landed Legs-up, Exposing 'Nickers!Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%I'VE FALLEN (2)I'm Virtually Embracing Flooring, And Lack Levitation-Enabling NeedsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Phrases100%I VENTURE TO SAYI'm Very Eager Not To Undertake Rule Elucidation - They're Only Standard Acronymic YardsticksTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to the suggestion that we collate all the rules in THE ACRONYMISTS' CHARTER.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%IVO LEVIIf Virgin Offers, Let's Enjoy Venery IntimatelyRico Leffanta (Ivo Levi is better known as Yves Montand)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names83%IVORYIf Very Old (it's) Really YellowTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%IVORY (2)Intact Vows Of Respecting YouAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the ivory (14th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%IVYIt's Viny, Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Plants100%IVY (2)Interloping Vine YardageRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Plants100%IVY (3)In Vacant YardsRoger WilliamsScience:Biology:Plants100%IVY (4)Is Vine, YonderJan MorganScience:Biology:Plants100%I WANT MY MACInternational Web Access Not There - Mailing You May Also Cost.Angela Brett, when she was without her Mac and could only look at national websites on the university Macs.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%I WANT MY MAC BACKIrate Wish About New Technology - Macintosh Yearnings May Actually Create Badtemperedness And Cause Killings.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela complained about her Mac having been in Mac-hospital for over a week getting extra RAM. (See SCANNER.) He then commented: "You know how these crazed teenagers grab the nearest gun and go on a rampage when they get upset by something? Don't let it happen to you."Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%I WANT MY MAC BACK (2)It's Wicked And Needless, That Mad Young Man Actually Cannot Be Apple Computer KindTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%I WANT MY MAC TOOIncoherent Windoze Applications Necessitate Training - Meanwhile Your Mac's Already Completed The Obvious Operations.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton0%I WANT MY OWN MAC TOOIncoherent Windoze Applications Necessitate Training - Meanwhile Your Operation's Workshy. Not Macintosh! (It's) Already Completed The Obvious Operations.Tony McCoy O'Grady, elaborating on Angela's I WANT MY MAC TOO.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%I WAS JOKINGIt Was A Silly Jest, Over Killed. It Never Gelled.Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesLaughter100%I WAS TIREDI Went And Said Things I Regret; Excuse Delivered.Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%IWIIncreased Whanau, IvoryAngela Brett (Iwi means either 'tribe' or 'bone' in Maori, Whanau means 'family')Science:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:FamilyScience:Linguistics:Maori Words100%I WONDERIs Wisdom Often Needed During Extended Reflection?Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%IZACI'm Zealous About CompactnessAngela Brett - iZac is my Newton MessagePad 110, which works surprisingly well since it's only the second model in a long-discontinued series. iZac's web page is at http://acronyms.co.nz/angela/mac/iZac.htmlComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware:Angela's Apples97%I ZEALOUSLY GRAB THE TITLE OF LAST I ACRONIMIn Zero Effort, Angela Lithely Overtakes (Undertakes? Since Lettering of Yesterday Gets Revealed Above Better Try) Honourable Expansion. This Is The Life... Everyone Obviously Forgot Lexicographic Acronym Sorting Treats 'I Act' Concoctions Regardless Of Nonalphanumerics & Interword Measures.Angela Brett, after the new 'dictionary sort' moved IVY from the last I position and opened the way for acronyms like this one to be the last. Previously the space would have caused this entry to be near the top of the list.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%IZZARDIt's Zed. Zounds! Apronyms Rarely Disappoint!Sean Lamb (dictionary.com defines izzard simply as "The letter z.") Science:Linguistics100%JAJerry's AffirmativeTony McCoy O'Grady, since ja is German for yes.Science:Linguistics:German WordsCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%JABJut Against BellyTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%JAB (2)Just A BlowJan MorganAssorted Nouns100%JABBERJumbled Announcement, But Barely Ever RecognizableTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Talking100%JACK CADEJustifiable Anger Casts Kentish Conspirator Against Decadent EstablishmentTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%JACK DEEJoker And Celebrity Keeps Deadpan Expression EffortlesslyEric Bridgstock, as an entry to the Radio Times Def.i.n.i.t.i.a.l.s competitionNames:Famous people100%JACK DEE (2)Jester Appears Curmudgeonly, Keenly Deploying Elevated EyebrowTony McCoy O'Grady, as an entry to the Radio Times Def.i.n.i.t.i.a.l.s competitionNames:Famous people100%JACKETJust A Coat, Keenly Echoing TrousersTony McCoy O'Grady, whose jackets are usually part of a suit.Household Objects:Clothing86%JACKIEJolly Are the Chinese Karate Imb*c*les ExtremeNevica the MAN, referring to Jackie ChanSports & Recreation:Martial ArtsNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%JACKIE (2)Judgmental Adult, Conniving Knave Is EgocentricJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%JACKSONJamming Adult, Can Keep Success Of NameJan MorganEntertainment:Music:Artists100%JAFFJust Angela's Freaky FalilureJeff Anonymous, when Angela mistyped his name on the Acronyms forums.Communication:Acronyms Forums100%JAGUARJust A General Upgrade, Albeit RemarkableAngela Brett (unwittingly inspired by JAGUAR (7)), referring to the well-publicised 'code name' of Mac OS X 10.2Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (2)Justifiably Apple's Greatest - Users Are RavingAngela Brett (see JAGUAR)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (3)Just Add Great Users, And Relax.Angela Brett (see JAGUAR)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (4)Jobs Announced GPU Utilisation And RendezvousAngela Brett (see JAGUAR)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (5)Just About Godlike... Unbelievers Are ReconsideringSteve Keate and Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (6)Joins Aqua GUI, Unix, And RealityAngela Brett and Rob Rix (reality as in, not vapourware)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (7)Just Another General Upgrade And RevampPaul MarshallComputers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAGUAR (8)Jaguar: A Great User-Advanced Ride Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple86%JAGUAR (9)Jobs's Attempt to Gain Users Again, Really! Apronymous AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%JAILJust Another Inmate Lodging.Roger WilliamsPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderPlaces:Buildings100%JAIMEJust An Individual Making EnoughJan MorganNames:First names100%JALOPYJapanese American Lemon Often Pedalled YearlyRico LeffantaTransport:Car Makes & Models100%JAMJelly As MarmaladeJan MorganFood & Drink100%JAM (2)Just A MessJan MorganAssorted NounsFood & Drink88%JAMAICAJammin' A la Marley And Inhaling Cannabis Aromas.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%JAMBOREEJubilant Adolescents Meeting Brothers On Rally, Easterly EventJan Morgan -- every 4 years there is a National Jamboree (2005) for the boy scouts, 40,000 attend. There also is a world jambo that happens alternately. (2007)Time:Special OccasionsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%JAMBOREE (2)Jubilant Adolescents Meeting Brothers On Regional Educational EventJan Morgan -- every 4 years there is a National Jamboree (2005) for the boy scouts, 40,000 attend. There also is a world jambo that happens alternately. (2007)Time:Special OccasionsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%JAMESJesus's Apostle Made Evangelising Simple.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%JAMES JOYCEJumbled And Meaningless? Eminent Scholars Jousted Over Your Creative ExerciseTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%JAMES T KIRKJump Across Majestically Empty Space To Kombat Independent Races Kinetically Bones McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Star Trek100%JAMIEJostles Activities, More Impressive EverydayJan MorganNames:First names100%JANJohn Adaptive NameJan Morgan - If I would have been a boy I would have been John (after my daddy's brother) - John means Jan in Dutch.Names:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%JAN (2)Just A NameJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%JAN (3)Jotter Absorbs NotesJan MorganNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%JANEJust A Nymph EmergingRico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%JANE FONDAJust A Nobody, Editorializing/Effeminate Fight Opposer Negotiates Disreputable AgendaJan Morgan -- was a sell out in the Vetnam conflictNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%JANEINJust A No Expressed In NegativeAngela Brett, in response to SICNON (Ja is the opposite/negative of No, while Nein is negative to start with!)Communication:Yesses And Noes100%JANEIN (2)Ja: A Nein, Expresed In NegativeJeff Anonymous, as a modification of JANEINCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%JANETJust Another Name... Expand This!Angela Brett, expanding another name which means nothing to me from the unsuccessful searches list. I tried leaving it to somebody who knows a Janet but none appeared.Names:First names:Female100%JANEWAYJust Another Nominal Enterprise Woman Astronaut, Yes? Bones McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Star Trek100%JANICEJust Act Nice; I'll Come Eventually!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%JANITORJust A Nice Individual To Oversee RepairsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations88%JANITOR (2)Janus Apparently Named It, Two-faced Old RomanTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsHistory100%JANITOR (3)Jacuzzis Are Not Issued To Ordinary ResidentsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%JANITORIALJust A Nitwit In Tattered Overalls, Responsibility Is Airport LavatoryAngela Brett, who doesn't really think that lowly of janitors, and hopes somebody doing janitorial work will respond with a more positive expansion.People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%JANITORIAL (2)Just A Nobody In Tracksuit, Overseeing Repairs & Inspecting All LavatoriesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations88%JANUARYJoy And Novelty Usual At Renewal (of) YearTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months78%JANUARY (2)Jock's Annual (k)-Nees-Up Announces Rolling-over YearTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%JANUARY (3)Janus And Nebula Usher Aquarius Rising YearlyRico LeffantaTime:Months100%JAPANJust A Pacific Aggressive NationTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%JAPAN (2)Justifiably, Apple's Popular Around Nippon.Angela BrettPlaces:Countries100%JAPAN (3)Just A Powerful Asian Nation.Roger WilliamsPlaces:Countries100%JAQUENETTAJoyous And Quite Unsophisticated. Enjoys Nonsensical Exchanges Teasing Tiresome ArmadoTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Love's Labours LostArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Love's Labours Lost100%JAQUESJesuitically Applies Questions Unto Every SituationTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's As You Like ItArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:As You Like It100%JAREDJewelry's A Really Expensive DelightAngela Brett, who went to http://jared.com hoping for inspiration for this expansion, and found a jewellery store.Commerce:CompaniesHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%JARROWJactate Across Rural Road's Overall WidthTony McCoy O'Grady (Jarrow is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'An agricultural device which, when towed behind a tractor, enables the farmer to spread his dung evenly across the width of the road.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%JARROW (2)Journey (Amid Raging Recession) Of WorkersTony McCoy O'Grady (During 1936 a march of the unemployed demanding work began at Jarrow in North East England)Places:Towns & Cities:UK100%JASMINE TEAJust A Small 'Mount Is Needed Everyday To Enjoy/ Appreciate TonyFood & Drink:Drinks100%JASONJust A Stupid Old NutterTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%JASON (2)Joker At Several Occasions NoticedJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%JA WOHLJerry's Affirmative Words - 'One Hears Loyally'Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Linguistics:German Words100%JAWSJaneymack - A Whopping Shark!Tony McCoy O'Grady ('Janey Mack' is a Dublin expression of surprise)Entertainment:Movies100%JAXARTOSAURUSJust Another Xenomorph, A Reptile That Once Saw Action Under Roughly Ukranian SkiesSean Lamb (My dictionary defines xenomorph as a space alien, and some have theorized that dinos were originally aliens, so... Jaxartosaurus was first discovered in Kazakhstan; it may not be the Ukraine, but it's a lot closer to there than Utah)Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%JAYJokes At YouJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%JAY LENOJowly American Yukster Lands Every Night ObligatorilyjoybuttonEntertainment:TV shows:Talk Shows100%JAZZJust Add Zip & Zing ToneDeaf McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%JEALOUSJustly Envious About Loved One Undressing SomeoneSteve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions89%JEALOUSYJustifiable Envy Arises Lately Over Unpopular Success of YoursTony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela got a free iMac T-shirt, Apple pen, and Think Different poster, when all he has is an Apple sticker.People & Relationships:Emotions100%JEALOUSY (2)Just Envy - Accopmpanying Lots Of Unfulfilled Sexual YearningLeo BoyesPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%JEANNEJah Endows... As Numerous Names Express!Angela Brett - Jeanne, like hundreds of other names, comes from 'John' which means 'God is gracious' or 'Gift of God'Names:First names:Female100%JEANNIEJogs Even Along Narrowing Neighborhoods, It's Easy.Jan MorganNames:First names:Female100%JEDI KNIGHTJaundiced Empire's Destruction Is Keenly Needed - Invincible Gladiators Have TrainedTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%JEEPJaunts Exclude Enlisted PersonnelTony McCoy O'Grady (Jeeps were usually only provided for officers, I think)Transport:Car Makes & Models100%JEEP (2)Just Enough Equipment PresentMick BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%JEEPERS CREEPERS'Jesus!' Euphemism; Expressing Perturbation Except Removing Sacrilegious Christ Reference. Everyone Except Pagans Exigently Respects Saviour.Angela Brett, thinking that the expression 'jeepers creepers' probably came about as a replacement for 'Jesus Christ!'Assorted PhrasesReligion100%JEERINGJudging Everyone Externally Reinforces Ignorance - Never GeneraliseAngela BrettAssorted VerbsPeople & Relationships:Insults100%JEFFJust Expands For FunTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%JEFF (2)Just Expect Friend ForeverJan Morgan -- A person I knowNames:First names:Male100%JEFF ANONYMOUSJuveniles Enjoy Free Food Around November, Only Now You - Meanly - Oppose Undue SpendingTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to HALLOWEEN (4)Names:AcronymistsTime:Special Occasions100%JEFRILYNJewel, Enlightened Friend Responsible Impressive Lady, Yesterday's NeighborJan Morgan -- A person I knowNames:First names:Female100%JEHOVAH'S WITNESSESJamming Every Halldoor Or Vestibule Aperture, Heavy Session With Interminable Theology Nutcase. Eventually Successfully Slam Entry Shut.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%JELLYJuice, Except Less Liquid. Yum!Angela BrettFood & Drink100%JELLY (2)Jam Equals Locals Load, YummyJan MorganFood & Drink100%JENNAJeb's Erring Niece Needs Alcohol? TMcO'G (GEORGE W. BUSH has twin daughters Jenna and Barbara - who both seem to carry daddy's old fondness for booze. They are under age and have been found more than once in (or trying to get into) places selling it. Jeb is George's brother, the governor of Florida)Names:Famous people100%JENNIFERJourneys Everywhere Never Needing Incentive, Finds Extra RovingJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%JENNYJoins Enterprising Northern National YachtingJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%JEREMIAHJudged Events, Rarely Enjoyed Mirth, Imprisoned And HatedEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%JEREMYJewish Equivalent Really Exhausts Mouth -- YirmeyahuAngela Brett (Jeremy comes from a Hebrew name Yirmeyahu.)Names:First names:Male100%JERICHOJewish Exercise Resounding Instruments Collapsing Hurdles OverallRico LeffantaReligionPlaces:Towns & Cities100%JERKJolt Experienced Resembles KnockJide AlakijaAssorted Nouns100%JESSICAJuvenile - Escaping - Steals Shylock's Individually Counted AssetsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merchant of VeniceArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merchant of Venice100%JESSIEJewel Enlists Safe Success In EndeavorsJan MorganNames:First names100%JESUSJewish Echo, "Save Us Sinners"Rico LeffantaReligion100%JETJoins Earth's TerminalsTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%JEWELLERYJoining Element With Element Linking Love's Eldest Romantic YardstickRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories91%JIGGLYPUFFJamming Interpretation, Gives Gig, Lullaby Yawns, Pounds Unsuspecting Friend (or) FoeJan Morgan (Jigglypuff is Pokemon #39)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%JIMJames (In Miniature) Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%JIM (2)Just In MattersJan Morgan - he is a lawyerNames:First names:Male100%JIMMYJiving Individual Manages Music YearlyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%JINGLEJangling Intrusive Notes Generate Lavish ExpenditureTony McCoy O'GradyCommerceAssorted Nouns:Noises100%JOAN LA PUCELLEJamming On Armour Now Lets A Patriotic Unknown Combat English Lords - Later ExecutedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%JOANNEJewel Of A Name Needs Expansion TMcCO'GNames:First names:Female100%JOAN OF ARCJuvenile Orders Army North Of France And Reaps CombustionRico LeffantaNames:Famous peopleHistory100%JOAN RIVERSJokester Offering A Nasty Remark In Various Entertainment Road ShowsW. KlineNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%JOBJustice Overcomes Besetment.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%JOB (2)Journey Of BoredomRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOB (3)Just Over BrokeIniyan GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOB (4)Juggling One's BusinessesJan MorganPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOBLESSJoy Of Being Lacking Employment Slowly Shrinks Tony McWork O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOBSJanitors Outdo Bigwig's Salary!Angela Brett - Steve Jobs only gets paid $1 a year for being iCEO of Apple.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonNames:Famous people100%JOCKSTRAPSJaded Old Crotch Kickers Seeking To Restore Artificial Phallic SymbolsRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%JODIJust One Disruptive/Disagreeable IndividualJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%JOELJudgement Of Endless LocustsEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%JOHNJesus Opens His Narrative.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible booksReligion:Saints80%JOHN (2)Joyously Obedient (to) Holy NameTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible booksReligion:Saints100%JOHN (3)Just One Hawaiian 'Nym?Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%JOHN (4)Joint Of Ham's NiceTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%JOHN BRETTJauntily Offering Higher Notions, Bringing Real Enthusiasm To TechnologyJohn BrettNames:Acronymists100%JOHN KERRYJust One Hellacious Nobody, Kudos Evades Rebellious Reprehensible YahooJan Morgan -- Man who didn't want his medals of war. Was a sell out to those who fought honorablyNames:Famous people:Politicians100%JOHN LE CARREJust One Honed Narrative Lets Espionage Career Agents Recycle & Rehash EventsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%JOHNNY CASHJail's Often Happy & Nice Now Yankee Convicts All Singing HeartilyTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Artists100%JOHN OF GAUNTJaundiced On His Nephew. Outspoken - Fiercely Guarding An Unbreakable Noble TraditionTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Richard IIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Richard II100%JOHN RYANJuveniles On Hawaii Never Remember You're Always NearRico Leffanta (John Ryan is better known as Jack Lord)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%JOHN STEINBECKJourney Of Hope - Notorious Stark Time Encapsulated In Novel, Bleak Existence Conveyed KeenlyTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%JOIN OUR VOLUNTEERSJob Offer Is Now Open. Under Resourced Venture - One Learns (Usually) Not To Ever Expect Receiving SalaryTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOIN USJob Opportunity In New Unique Salon TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOKEJest - Only Kidding, Eh.Angela BrettLaughter100%JOKE (2)Jest Or Kiddish ExpletiveJeff AnonymousLaughter100%JOLLITYJoyous Outburst, Long Lived - I Thank YouTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%JOLLYJunket: Office Looked Lonely YesterdayTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela Brett. "Jolly" is a slang term for a pleasure-trip, something like a semi-official business trip.People & Relationships:The Workforce100%JOLLY (2)Joking One, Laughs Like YodellerTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%JONAHJahweh Orders Ninevah A Harbinger.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%JONASJust Offers Natural Annoyance SeriouslyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%JONATHANJust One Name, Around Two Hundred Alternative NotationsAngela Brett (there are several spellings of Jonathan, and seemingly hundreds of other names from the same root as John)Names:First names:Male100%JONESJealous Of Neighbours' Evident Success TMcCO'G - Who doesn't try to 'keep up with' anyoneNames100%JORDANJews Opposed - Royals Demand Arab Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%JOSEPHJob Of Someone Explaining Pharoah's HallucinationsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%JOSEPH SMITHJudicious Obedient Servant Emerges Prophet Having Seen Messengers In Truth, HallelujahJan Morgan -- Judicious -- showing good judgment because he listened and was obedientReligionNames:Famous people100%JOSHUAJordan's Old Soldier Heroic Under Attack Eric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%JOSHUA (2)Jericho Once Stood; Horns, Unified, Attacked.Roger WilliamsReligion:Bible books100%JOSHUA (3)Jovial Offspring, Son Has Unusual AttitudeJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%JOURNALJotter Often Used Regularly Notates A Life Tony McSamuel O'PepysPeople & RelationshipsArt & Literature100%JOURNALISTJust One Unusual Reporter, News Announces Latest Incidents, Sharing TalesJan MorganPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsCommunication100%JOUSTJoy Of Using Spear ThingiesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%JOYJoke's On YouRico LeffantaNames:First names:FemaleLaughter90%JOYBUTTONJust One, Yet... Because Usually Two Takes Over a Nanosecond.Angela Brett, because the aforementioned acronymist wanted the name to be acronymised twice in exchange for the two acronyms contributed.Names:Acronymists100%JOYBUTTON (2)Jollity: On. You'd Be Unwilling To Try 'Off' Now.Angela Brett, toying with the possibility of a joy button which toggles joy on and off.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsNames:Acronymists100%JOYCEJovial Observations Yielding Casual Excitement.Tom Denton, referring to author James Joyce.Art & Literature:Writers100%JOYSTICKJust One Young Student That Is Controlling KicksSean Lamb (who spent many an evening in the college computer lab playing games)Computers:Generic Hardware100%JPEGJuxtapositioned Pixels Emulate GraphicsSean Lamb (JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers80%JPEG (2)Just Pictures and Entertaining GraphicsSean Lamb (JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%JUBILANTJoy Unleashes Boys In Loud And Noisy TimesRico LeffantaLaughter100%JUDEJoy Under Difficult ExperiencesSue JohnsonNames:First names:Female100%JUDGEJustice Usually Done, Given Equity.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations83%JUDGE (2)Jumped Up Disgruntled Geriatric Establishment-arianTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%JUDGEMENTJava Users/ Developers Group, Extended: Macintosh Enthusiasts Now Taken!Gavin Lambert, thinking up a new name for a group Angela told him about which is ostensibly a Java users group but is actually a group of Mac developers, one of which develops using Java. Its previous working title was JUGWOXACI so this is a big improvement! JUDGEMENT day is the second Tuesday of each month.Computers:Programming100%JUDGESJustices, Utterly Depressing, Grim Events SpiralEric BridgstockReligion:Bible books100%JUDGES (2)Jury Unanimously Decided Guilt; Enter Sentence.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%JUDITHJewish Urban Destruction? I'm The HeroineTony McCoy O'GradyReligionNames:First names:Female100%JUDYJust Un Dress Yourself!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%JUICEJug - Usually It Contains Extract.Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks100%JUICE (2)Juveniles Usefully Ingest Citrus ExtractTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks100%JUICYJointly Uncovering Interrupted Coition YieldsRico LeffantaAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%JUJUJaded Unbelievers; Jinxes Unleashed!Roger WilliamsReligion100%JULESJules Uses Long Entertaining StoriesDavid Brydon, referring to singer Jules RidingEntertainment:Music:Artists100%JULES (2)Jules Utilises Lynne's Efficient Sensibility.David BrydonEntertainment:Music:Artists100%JULES (3)Jesus Uses Lively Evangelical SingerAngela BrettEntertainment:Music:Artists100%JULIAJauntily Uses Lad's Identity AwhileTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of VeronaArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Two Gentlemen of Verona100%JULIANJust Uses Lessons In Adventures NaturallyJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%JULIA ROBERTSJoyful Unbridled Lover Instinctively Always Reveals Ostentatious Big Eyes Really Trap SpouseRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%JULIEJust Uses Love In EventsJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%JULIETJaunty Underage Lovely In Erotic TragedyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet100%JULIUS CAESARJumped-Up Little Italian Usurper. Shuns Caution And Enrages Senator And RepublicansTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Julius Caesar100%JULYJuveniles Usually Laze, Yes!Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%JULY (2)Justly Unwound & Lazing YouthsTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months80%JUMPJolt of Unrestrained Mac PowerAngela Brett, describing what would be needed to turn KEYBOARD off or on (the power keys are on the soles of his feet, but aren't activated by normal walking.)MacGirl & KeyBoard100%JUMP IN A LAKEJust Use Mother's Personal Identification Number, And Lunch At Kin's Expense!Angela Brett, while thinking about the SHOVE OFF challenge... although this one doesn't quite fit it.Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%JUMP OUT OF A PLANE!Jolted Upwards... My Parachute's Opened Up! Thrill Of Freefall Abated, Pleasantly Lowering Adrenalin Nearing Earth.Angela BrettSports & Recreation:Parachuting100%JUNCTIONJumbled Underground Network Comes Together Into One NexusAngela BrettPlacesTransport:Trains100%JUNEJuly's Upcoming Next, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%JUNE (2)Just Unending Nice EveningsTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%JUNE (3)June Ushers New Era!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Summer in Northern Hemisphere / Winter in Southern Hemisphere.Time:Months100%JUNGLEJumbled Undergrowth - Not Grass Land EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces80%JUNKJust Useless, Needless Knick-knacksTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects100%JUNKIEJust Using Narcotics Keeps Individual EnslavedJan MorganDrugs100%JUNOJuxtaposition Unlikely Nearly OmnipotentRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses88%JUPITERJeopardy Ultimate Prospect If Travellers Ever Reach (it)Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy:Planets100%JURYJudge: Unanimous? Representative: Yes.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order88%JUSTICEJoin the United States - They Incarcerate Criminal EvildoersAngela Brett, with a rose-tinted view of JUSTICE (the AMERICAN WAY.) It isn't really true. After all, they didn't incarcerate Bill G*t*s.People & Relationships:Law & Order100%JUSTICE (2)Jury's Undecided? Seems That I'm Convicted Erroneously.Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GUILTY)People & Relationships:Law & OrderCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Mystery Posters100%JUSTICE FOR ALL!Just Us! Selfish Temporisers! Individuals Completely Egotistical! For Ourselves! Ruin Antagonists! Low Lifes!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Law & Order100%JUSTINJolly Unusual Son, Teaches In NorthJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%JUSTINEJoin Us So Tourism Is Nice EventJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%JUST TOO BUSYJoyful Users Should Try To Openly Operate Battery Utilisation System. Yes?Tony McCoy O'Grady, complaining about Angela's sister, who is JUST TOO BUSY to change her clock batteries and therefore her emails come through as though they'd been sent several days beforehand.ComputersAssorted Phrases100%JUVENALJust Use Verse Eventually Nothing Approaches LoveRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers100%JUVENILEJust Underage, Vaguely Endearing Not Into Looking ElderlyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships90%JUXTAPOSEJust Use X-rays To Align Posteriors On Someone's EpidermisRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs93%JUXTAPOSITIONJuggle Until X-axes Tally, Although Placing Objects Spatially In Togetherness Is Often Noisome.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%KAKinky AutomobileTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the Ford 'Ka'Transport:Car Makes & Models100%KA (2)Kurvaceous AutomobileAngela BrettTransport:Car Makes & Models100%KAAAWAKindly Arrange All Affairs With AlohaRico Leffanta (Kaaawa is a town on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.)Places:Towns & Cities:USA100%KAABAKneelers Are All Beautifully AlignedTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPlaces:Buildings100%KAIMANAWAKnocking Around In Mountains Are Nomads And Wild AnimalsAngela Brett, referring to the mountain range in NEW ZEALANDPlaces100%KALAMIKorean (?) Artistry Leaves A Map ImmaculateTony McCoy O'Grady (Kalami is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'The ancient Eastern art of being able to fold road-maps properly.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%KALEIDOSCOPESKinetic Alignments Laboriously Enhancing Inner Dynamics Of Scattered Chips Optically Performing Exotic ScenesRico LeffantaEntertainment:Toys100%KALIKindles All Luck InvertedRico LeffantaReligion:Hindu Goddesses100%KANSASKey Area Noted, Successful Aircraft SourceJan Morgan - center of U.S. Leading State To Manufacture AircraftPlaces:States & Regions100%KARAOKEKeeps Alcoholised Roisterers Amused, Or Kiddies Entertained Tony McCoy O'MyWayEntertainment:Music100%KARATEKicking Athlete, Reaching At Taming Emotions Jan Morgan - Great sport - teaches the individual self-control and how to defend themselves in a threatening situation if you can't talk it outSports & Recreation:Martial Arts100%KARENKey Attribute Recreates Endurance NecessaryJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%KARINKatharos (Athenian) Rarely Impure NameAngela Brett (According to my dictionary, the name Karin and many similar names are 'of uncertain origin, later assimilated to katharos, pure.')Names:First names:Female100%KARL'Kapital' Apparently Read LessTony McCoy O'Grady (Karl Marx's book Das Kapital is rarely read nowadays)Art & Literature:Writers83%KARMAKill, And Revenge Mars (your) Afterlife!Angela BrettReligion100%KARMA (2)Karmas Are Radical Music AppliancesSean Lamb (who has a Rio Karma on his wish list).Entertainment:MusicScience:Electronics100%KARTINGKiddie At Race Track Is Nearer Ground TMcCO'GSports & Recreation90%KATHARINAKeeps Acid Tongue Haranguing All. Romance Instigates Neat About-faceTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Taming of The ShrewArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Taming of the Shrew100%KATHERINEKeen Actress That Hepburn, Exuding Romantic Intensity & Naughty EroticismTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:FemaleNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%KATHRYNKnowlegeable Adult Truly Has Responsible Young NetworkedJan Morgan -- someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%KATHYKeen Adventurer Tackles Hobbies, YinJan Morgan -- a person I knowNames:First names:Female100%KATRINAKnockout Advantage Truly Respects Individual's Necessary AttributesJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%KATRINA (2)Kind And Truly Reasonable Individual Needs AlternativesJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%KATYDIDKeeps Appetisers Tasting Yummy Doesn't Intimidate DessertsRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%KAWASAKIKickstart And Wheelie Away, Speeding Along's Keenly InvigoratingTony McCoy O'Grady, who never owned a 'cow', but had a Honda for several yearsTransport:Car Makes & Models100%KAYAKKeeps Away Yachties... Absent Keel!Angela BrettTransport86%KAYANAKismet Adolescent Yin Adoringly Named (for) AcquaintancesJan Morgan -- someone I know pronounced Kay-Anna (fate that this person was named after 2 friends)Names:First names:Female100%KAYANA (2)Keen Artistic Youth, Adorable Narcissistic AdolescentJan Morgan and Kayana Morgan I did Youth and adolescent Kayana picked out the other wordsNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%KAYSERKeenly Alluring, Your Stockings Evoke Recollections TMcCO'G - who remembers 'Kayser' as a brand of nylon stockings from the 1950s/60sHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear83%KAZAKHSTANKing-size Asian Zone Afforded [Genghis] Khan Horses Superior To Any Neighbours.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%KAZIKeenly Avoid Zipping Intimates!Angela BrettPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%KEBABKreative Eats, Beef And BarbecueSean LambFood & Drink100%KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!Kindly Extract Essentials, Pass Intricacies To Specialists. It Makes People Lose Enthusiasm, Struggling To Understand Perplexing, Insignificant Details.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Advice100%KELLOGGSKillers Enjoy Little Luxuries - Occasionally Getting Gustatory SensationsTony McCoy O'Grady, acronymising a source of cereal killers.MacGirl & KeyBoard:Supervillains:Cereal Killers86%KENDALKeenly Eaten - Normally During A Long-walkTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Kendal Mint Cake, which British hikers are reputed to carry as energy foodFood & DrinkSports & Recreation100%KENDRAKinfolk Expand Names, Don't Request Apronyms.com Grumpy Old ManNames:First names:Female100%KENNEDYKilling Ended Nation's Notions, Estranging Developing Youths.Tony McCoy O'Grady, who feels that the death of JFK was the beginning of America's youth becoming disenchanted with politics, paving the way for Nixon and Agnew et al.Names:Famous people:Politicians100%KENNETHKeen Extrovert Needs Nice Erudite Thinking HedonistMary Carr, on a Kenneth she knows.Names:First names:Male100%KENTUCKYKey Event Needs Track, Usually Counts Kilometers - YardsJan Morgan - Races - the kentucky derbyPlaces:States & Regions100%KENYAKenyatta Established Nationhood Years Ago.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%KEROUACKontinually Ephemeral Routing Of Utilitarianisms And Correspondences.Tom DentonArt & Literature:Writers100%KERPOWKick Endangering Rude Parts Of WrongdoerAngela BrettMacGirl & KeyBoardAssorted Nouns:Noises100%KERRIEKnits Everything, Regenerating Regime Is ExperimentalJan Morgan -- she creates her own KNITTING patterns with the old regimeNames:First names:Female100%KERRYKingdom Endures Regular Rainfall YearlyTony McCoy O'Grady (County Kerry in Ireland is known as 'The Kingdom' and is in the wettest region in the country)Places:States & Regions100%KETTLEKeeping Engineers Tooting Their Little EnginesSean Lamb - A kettle (an abbreviation of tea-kettle) refers to any very small steam locomotive, usually one without a tender.Transport:Trains100%KEWLKids Experiment With LanguageAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%KEWL (2)Kids Exercise Wrong LearningwishesWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%KEYBOARDKeep Entering Your Bloody Obvious Acronyms Regularly, Darling!Tony McCoy O'Grady, applying for the position of MacGirl's trusty, but slightly-unsure-of-what's-going-on sidekick, KEYBOARD. Why is he called Keyboard? Because MacGirl routinely says to him: "Keep Entering Your Bloody Obvious Acronyms Regularly, Darling!"MacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes100%KEYBOARD (2)Keys Enter Your Bowel Only After Ruining Duodenum.Angela Brett and Steve Keate (see DONGLE (3))Computers:Do Not Eat100%KEYBOARD (3)Keep Eating Your Breakfast - Of ASCII-Related Dishes TonyComputers:Do Not Eat100%KEY LIMEKeep Everything You Love In Macintosh EnvironmentAngela Brett, who has a Key Lime IBOOKComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%KEYNOTEKept Easy... You've No Overhead To ExhibitAngela Brett -- With Keynote, you don't need an old-fashioned overhead projector and slides, so there is less overhead in setting up a presentation.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software:ApplicationsCommunication:Presentations80%KEYSKeep Everything of Yours SecureAngela BrettHousehold Objects80%KEYS (2)Keep External [to] Your Stomach!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%KFCKnown For CaloriesAngela BrettRe-expansions of existing acronymsFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%KHARTOUMKissing Has A Reputation That Only Uproots MoralityRico Leffanta, because in Khartoum, kissing is never seen between a man and a woman.Places:Towns & Cities100%KIDKinky Irish DeviantTony McCoy O'Grady, perhaps describing Keyboard... or himself?People & Relationships100%KIDSKinship In Daughters & SonsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family100%KIDS (2)Keep It Down - Sshhh!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%KILLARNEYKeep It Like Left Alone, Renewing Naturally Every YearAngela Brett, who went to Killarney National Park, Ontario, with the Rixes.Places100%KILOBYTESKeyboard Informs Logicboard Of Blurb You Type - Easily Stored!Angela BrettComputers100%KILTKnees Influence Lovely TartansJan MorganHousehold Objects:Clothing100%KILTERKeep In Line, Then Everything's Right.Angela BrettAssorted Nouns100%KIMKipling's Interesting ManuscriptTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Book Titles100%KIM (2)Kept In MemoryJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names100%KIM (3)Kind In ManeouversJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names100%KIMBERLYKippers In Mushy, Buttered Eggs Really Look Yummy.KimberlyNames:You Are What You Eat100%KIM NOVAKKnockers Intrigue Males Not Otherwise Vaccinating Armoured KnickersRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%KINKid's Into NaughtinessSean LambPeople & Relationships:Family100%KIN (2)Kinship Is NecessarySean LambPeople & Relationships:Family100%KIN (3)Kindred In NatureJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Family100%KINDKeeps Initiating Neighbourly DeedsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%KINDERGARTENKids Investigating New Diseases Exploring Riots Grabbing Arses Revolting Teachers Educating NincompoopsRico LeffantaEducationPlaces:Buildings100%KINDERGARTEN LITERACY PARENT WORKSHOPKids, If Needled, Don't Enjoy Reading. Get Avid Readers To Evolve Naturally, Learning In Their Excitement. Remove Additional 'Classes' - Young People Always Read Eventually, Not Through Worry Or Rapacious Kindergarten Supremacy Hopes Of Parents.Angela BrettEducation100%KINDNESSKissing Identifies New Directions Needing Exploratory Sneaky SmoochesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%KINDYKids In Noted Development Years TMcCO'G - Kindy seems to be an abbreviation of Kindergarten. I hope this is the mean the seeker sought an expansion for.Education88%KINGDOMKeystone In Never-ending Growth, During Our MomentsJan MorganReligionPolitics100%KING EDWARD IVKilling Inspires New Guilt - Eventually Dies Wracked About Relative Done In ViolentlyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Richard IIIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Richard III100%KING HENRY IVKingship Inherently Needs Greatness - His Eldest's Not Ready Yet - Intensely VagabondishTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Henry IVArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry IV100%KING HENRY VKingdom Is Newly Growing - Hal's Evidently Now Reformed - Yea Verily!Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry V100%KING HENRY VIKiddie Inherits: Next Generation Heightens Enmity & Nasty Rivalry. York's Victoriously InstalledTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%KING HENRY VIIIKatharine Is Not Giving Heir! Enter Next Romantic Young Vixen, Into International IntrigueTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VIII100%KING JOHNKnighting Illegitimate Nephew Generates Jealousies Over Holier NephewTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King John100%KING LEARKeenly I'm Nearly Geriatric - Lonely, Elderly And RamblingTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (The Tragedy of) King LearArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:(The Tragedy Of) King Lear100%KINGSKingship Is Near Godship Sometimes.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books83%KIRBYKleaning Instrument Running Birds [over] - Yummy!Taylor RundellScience:Electronics100%KIRSTIKnowledge In Reading, Saves Teaching ItJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%KISSKinkiness Is Sharing Saliva.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%KISS (2)Kind Intentions Sweetly SeduceDustan Dowsing, 'cause he's missing them =](:People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%KISS (3)Kinetic Instinctive Smile SmudgeRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%KISS (4)Kind Intimate Sweet SubmissionJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust80%KITEKey Is Tied to EndRoger Williams - referencing the lightning experiment of Ben Franklin.Science:PhysicsHistory100%KITHKindness In Their HeartsAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family86%KITTENKontains Infinite Tricks: Teleporting Everywhere Non-expectedGavin Lambert (Kittens can move so quickly and in unexpected directions (like upwards) that at times they just seem to teleport from place to place. Fortunately, they still seem to need a line of sight)Science:Biology:Animals100%KITTEN (2)Keepsake Ignores Totally Till Effectively NestlingJan MorganScience:Biology:Animals100%KITTEN (3)Keepsake Impacts Total Territory Effectively NeutralJan MorganScience:Biology:Animals100%KITTYKittens Intend To Tempt YouPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals83%KITTY (2)Kind Individual Tries Tricky Yo-yoJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%KIWIKiwi Irish With InterestAngela Brett, after Tony complained that calling the duo half Irish, half Kiwi would seem like a half measurePeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races78%KIWIANAKids In Waikaremoana Identify (with) Articles Native to Aotearoa.Angela Brett - Kiwiana means things unique to the New Zealand culture (like Americana to America?) Waikaremoana is a randomly chosen place in NZ... I wasn't really cheating with that W because most place names here begin with 'Wai,' and Aotearoa is the Maori word for New Zealand.People & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%KLINGONKnowing 'Language' Is Notably Geeky (Or Nerdy)Angela BrettScience:LinguisticsArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Star Trek100%KLRKickstart & Let's RideTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to MOUTH (2)Re-expansions of existing acronymsTransport100%KLR (2)Keep Leathers ReadyTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to MOUTH (2)Re-expansions of existing acronymsTransport100%KLR (3)Keen Little RacerTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to MOUTH (2)Re-expansions of existing acronymsTransport100%KMACKlondike Makes Addicts Clickclickclickclick...Angela Brett, who explains: My first Mac, a PowerBook 145B, was named kMac late in its life because after I got my POWERBOOK 1400CS (named DIFFERENT THOUGHT) my mother played over 30,000 games of Klondike on the 145B. I can always tell when she's playing Klondike because of all the frenzied double-clicking. kMac's homepage is at http://acronyms.co.nz/angela/mac/kMac.htmlComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware:Angela's Apples100%KNEECAPKicks Need Energy Enhancement Created At Patella.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%KNICKERSKey Necessity In Clothing Kit - Enswathing Rump/ SeatTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%KNIFEKeenness Needs Incredibly Fine EdgeTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:WeaponsHousehold Objects:Eating Utensils100%KNIGHTKilled Nasties In Glorious Heroic TimesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%KNITTINGKnowledgeable Needler Interlocks Talent, Takes Initiative, Negotiates GarmentsJan Morgan and Angela BrettSports & Recreation100%KNOCKED UPKnowing Nothing Of Carnal Knowledge, Encounter's Disastrous - Unwanted Pregnancy! TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Family100%KNOTKnickers Never Obviously TwistRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%KNOT (2)Keeps Navigators On TargetAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%KNOTHOLEKeeps Neighbours On Toes Hopefully Occluding Lecherous EavesdroppingRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%KNOWLEDGEKeystone Navigating Own Wisdom, Loves Education Deserves Glowing EdificationJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Thoughts86%KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENTKnowledgeable Network Operators Will Leverage Experience and Degrees to Gain Enlightenment. Many Apprentices Never Appreciate Gurus, Expecting Mere Elucidation of Network Terms.Sean LambCommunication100%KNUCKLEKnobble Near Uncial Can Keep Limbends Exercised TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Body Parts83%KOALAKeels Over And Lands Aussie-upRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Animals100%KOPERNICUSKde Out-Performs Everything Rendering New Internet Connections Useful, SurelySean Lamb (Kopernicus was the code name for KDE version 2.0)Computers:LinuxNames:Code Names:Linux100%KOREKnows Organic Regurgitation EverywhereRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%KORGOKeyboard Output Recorder Generates OpeningSean Lamb (Korgo is the name of a new worm that exploits a hole in Windows security and installs a keylogger, sending the keystrokes to a remote, malicious computer)Computers:Windows100%KORNKranky Old Rabbi's NameLeo BoyesNames:Famous people100%KOWTOWKeel Over When The Order WarrantsRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs100%KRISKinky Relationships In SevenJan Morgan -- after 7 years she moved on to a new relationshipNames:First names:Female100%KRISPY KREMEKeeps Right In Savory Perception, You Keep Restricted, Eating Marvelous EdibleJan Morgan - don't eat so many donuts and you won't gain weightFood & Drink100%KRISTENKid's Religion Is Shown To Everyone NowAngela Brett (the name Kristen comes from Christiana or Christian.)Names:First names:Female100%KRISTIKnows Reading Is Shared, Teaching IdeasJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%KRISTINEKnows Reading Is Shared, Teaching Ideas, Necessary EnlightenmentJan MorganMain100%KRITOSAURUSKnown Remains Indicate That Old Saurian Ate Undergrowth/Umbrage Rising Up SunwardAngela Brett -- I'm not sure whether a kritosaurus would be more able to eat undergrowth or umbrage, but as a herbivore it's sure to eat one or the other.Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs88%KRYPTONKal-el? Really! Young People Think Of Nothingelse.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%KUNG FUKiller Using No Guns - Fists UppermostTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Martial Arts100%KUNG FU (2)Karate Using Natural Gyrations Favouring UpsetsRico LeffantaSports & Recreation:Martial Arts100%KUWAITKept Useable Wells After Invader Thwarted.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%KUWAIT (2)Keeps Up With Advances In TechnologyAngela Brett, who works for a dental software company which is expanding into Kuwait.ComputersPlaces:Countries100%KUWAIT (3)Keeps Up With Acology Information TechnologyAngela Brett (see KUWAIT (2))ComputersPlaces:Countries100%KYLAKeep Your Legs ApartAngela Brett (deciding to do a Rico-like name expansion)Names:First names:Female100%KYMOGRAPHKilohertz You May Observe Graphically, Record Actual Phonemes, Hopefully.Angela Brett, hoping to get the last K entry.Science:Physics100%KYOTO ACCORDKeep Your Ozone Tolerable. Only America Can't Cooperate On Reducing Despoilment.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Environment100%KYRGYZSTANKnow Your Regional Geography? Yes? Zealously Study This Altitudinous Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%KYUKarate Youth - UntrainedTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Martial Arts100%LALittlest AriaAngela BrettEntertainment:Music100%LAAGERLarge And Ample Group Encompassing RingTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%LAAGER (2)Lazy Alcoholic's Articulation, Groaning Epithesis Represented?Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%LABLooks At BiologyJan MorganScience:BiologyPlaces:Buildings100%LABANLoses At Beheading, Absolves NephiJan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Evil relative lost his head for not turning over the plates of brassNames:Book of Mormon Characters100%LABORATORYLocated At Bench, Our Researcher Attempts Trials Of Radioactive YieldsTony McCoy O'GradySciencePlaces:Buildings100%LABOURLacking Authority Because Of Useless ReformsJohn Richard Jones. Fed up with Labour's incompetence.Politics:Parties100%LABOUR (2)Layabouts Are Betraying Our Unique ReputationJohn Richard JonesPolitics:Parties100%LACELovers Are Copulating ExcessivelyAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the lace (13th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%LACE (2)Looping Adorned Cotton, ElegantlyJan MorganHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric100%LADAWNLazy Adult Doesn't Act With NobilityJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%LADDERLying Against Dormer Denotes Elopement? Rather!Patricia RixPeople & Relationships:Love & LustHousehold Objects100%LADIESLeaving A Dump Is Extremely SatisfyingTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LADIES (2)Like A Doorway Into Effluent StinkinessPatricia RixPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LADY DIANALunatic Assaults Darling Yin Died In Accident, Numerically AdoredJan MorganPolitics:Royalty:Royals100%LADY DRIVERLaughing At Danger You Drive Recklessly In Vehicle - Eschewing Reversing!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:GenderalisationsTransport:Drivers100%LADY MACBETHLike A Demented Yuppie, Manipulative And Controlling, Becomes Encourager To HusbandTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's MacbethArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Macbeth100%LADY OF THE LAKELived At Depth, Yearned Once & Finally To Have Excalibur, Long And Keen EdgedTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%LAERTESLaunches Attack, Exacting Revenge To Exonerate SisterTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark100%LAFEULord Attempting 'Friend's' Exposure, UnavailinglyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellPlaces:Countries100%LAGERLads Agree, Great Exhilarating RefreshmentTony MooreFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%LAMANLackluster Associate Mainly Argued, NephiJan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Character -- mean siblingNames:Book of Mormon Characters100%LAMANITELawless Associates Mainly Argued Nephites In Truths EternalJan MorganNames:Book of Mormon Characters100%LAMBLittle Animal Might BaaAngela Brett, who saw lots of lambs on her bus trips from Auckland to Palmerston North and back.Science:Biology:Animals100%LAMB (2)Little And Moving BlissfullyNiki WiddowsonScience:Biology:Animals100%LAMBORGHINILovely Automobile May Bring Owner Racing Glory / Honours - It's Natively ItalianTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%LAMBSLittlies Adore Most Baby SheepAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%LAMENTATIONSLines Acrostically Made Expressing National Tragedy. A Temple Is Overthrown, Nation Sundered.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%LAMPLuminous Apple Macintosh PhosphorsAngela Brett, after she was given a 512k Mac whose disk drive wasn't connected, so all it does is show the disk icon with a flashing question mark - Steve suggested it could be used as a lamp.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%LAMP (2)Lost At Midnight? Press.Steve KeateHousehold Objects100%LAMP (3)Light Atop Manmade PoleJan MorganHousehold Objects100%LAMPOONSLaughing At Mankind's Pretences Over Other Newsworthy StoriesRico LeffantaArt & Literature100%LANCASTERLoyal And Now Controlling Army Strategy To Extirpate RebelsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry IVArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry IV100%LANCELong And Narrow, Charge EnemiesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Weapons93%LANCELOT DU LACLike A Nasty Courtier, Enticed Lady Off Throne - Death Unleashed Loss of Arthurian ChivalryTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend89%LANGUAGELinguists Assay New Generalisations of Utterances And Graphical Expression.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics82%LANTHANUMLanthanides Are Named (from) This. Happens Among Nature in Uncommon Minerals.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%LAOSLarge Areas Of Sierra.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LAP DANCELeggy & Attractive (Poorly Dressed) Arousing Naughty Chaps ExcitementTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LAPRASLugs A Passenger Relentlessly Around SeaAngela Brett (Lapras is Pokemon #131)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%LAPTOPLaughingly, Apple's P1 Totally Outperforms P2Angela Brett, referring to Apple's yet-to-be released consumer portable (codenamed p1) which will surely be a G3 and therefore faster than a Pentium 2.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%LAPTOP (2)Little Appliance - 'Puter - That's Obviously PortableTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Generic Hardware100%LAPTOP (3)Luckiest Are People That Operate PowerBooksAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%LAPTOP (4)Linux And Portables - There's Often Problems.Angela Brett (I know a few people who've had Linux laptops and they seem to have problems with the power management.)Computers:Linux100%LARA CROFTLucozade Advertisement Recruits Adventurous Character, Release Of Film's Timely.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Games:Game Characters100%LARDWARELeft Alone, Rebelling Dieters Will Absorb Recyclable Electronics.Angela Brett, thinking that if computer parts really were edible, they might be called lardware.Computers:Do Not Eat100%LARGELengthier And Relatively Greater, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%LARGE HADRON COLLIDERLeptons Aren't Really Good Enough, Hadronic Action Duly Reveals Our Notions Correct (Or Lacking) Looking Into Denser Energy RealmsAngela Brett -- the Large Hadron Collider is the replacement for the LEP (Large Electron Positron collider) at CERN. It will be turned on in 2007 and, by colliding hadrons rather than the lighter LEPTONS, should reveal how particles react at higher energies.Science:Physics100%LARRYLazy And Rather Rebellious YouthTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Male100%LARYNGITISLacking A Roundy Yoke Necessitates Gaps In Transmission - I'm Silenced.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after a teasing gap in a message.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%LASAGNELuscious And Saucy, And Good Nutritious Eating Chef, South Park High SchoolFood & Drink100%LASAGNE (2)Like Anything, Seldom Any Garfield's Not Eaten.Angela Brett (Lasagne is the cartoon cat Garfield's favourite food.)Food & DrinkArt & Literature:Fictional Characters83%LASERLight-emitting Artefact Sometimes Employs RubiesTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Physics100%LAST MESSAGELatest Acronym Seems To Make Everyone Suggest Some Alternative, Good, ExpansionTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%LAST MESSAGE (2)Lately Angela's Slow To Make Expansions, Since She's A Good Employee.Angela BrettCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%LAS VEGASLosers Away Squandering Valuables, Expecting Gold; Always Screwed.SporkmasterPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%LATE!Laughing At Their ExpenseTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%LATE BREAKING NEWSLook At This Emerging Bulletin Relating Events And Keeping Interesting Narration Going - National Events, Worldwide Stories TMcCO'GCommunication100%LATE EXTRALate Appearance: Tony's Evidently Erroneous - Xenon Triggered Researcher's AlertnessTony McCoy O'Grady, suggesting a title for THE ACRONYM TIMES issue which was delayed because, among other things, Angela wanted to put a 'tour' of chemical element acronyms on the website and realised that XENON was missing.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%LATERLast Alligator To Exit, RepeatsPatricia Rix (I was thinking of "see you later, alligator", though why the last alligator would say this to an empty room escapes me)TimeCommunication:Hello & Goodbye100%LATER GATORLike "Adieu' Though Expressing Return - Greatly Abridge Trendy Old Repartee TMcCO'G - referring to the song line "See you later alligator, after 'while Crocodile"Communication:Hello & Goodbye94%LATE TRAIN SERVICELeft After The Evening Train Rolled Along, In Near-empty Station, Expecting Returning Vehicle Into City - EvfentuallyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%LATINLanguage A Touch Intricate Nowadays. Tony -- English is becoming so sloppy that grammar is disintegrating, even though it was never as complex as Latin. Learning Latin must be really difficult now.Science:Linguistics100%LATITUDE & LONGITUDELost? Attend To Indicators That Uniquely Distinguish Every Location. One Needs Geometry, International Time & Utilise Decent EphemerisTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%LATTER DAY SAINTSLiving A Truly Teachable Existence Religiously, Do All Your Service At Instant Notice To SaintsJan Morgan - Part of the formal name of mormons complete formal name is the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (Instantly coming to ones aid ensures happiness)Religion100%LATVIALet's Appreiciate That Valuable Ideal, Autonomy.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LAUGHLaughter Acronyms Usually Generate Happiness/Hysteria.Tony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%LAUGHING MY ASS OFFLaunching An Unprecedented Guffaw... Help! I've No Gluteus Maximus! Yes, A Sure Sign Of Fatuous FunAngela BrettLaughter100%LAUGHING OUT LOUDLittle Acronym's Unknownness Gave Happy Irishman Nonplussed. Got Opportunity Ultimately To Learn Of Unique DefinitionTony McCoy O'Grady pays homage to what started the apronyms project. It all began when Angela Brett wrote 'LOL' in response to some witticism he had written. Tony, being new to the web, had never come across this before and asked for illumination. From this sprung an unending flow of (occasionally?) funny items.Laughter100%LAUGHTERLaunched An Unexpected Guffaw Hearing This. Encore RequestedTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter88%LAUNDRYLinen Articles Uncreased, Non-Dirty, Returned (to) YouTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%LAURALemurs Around Ugly Rat Assets Michael Seiler. I came up with it because there aren't enough suitable nonsense phrases that can expand off my girlfriend's (or my best friend's girlfriend...lotta Lauras, eh?) name. (Note: Unless Michael doesn't much like his girlfriend, this is not strictly an apronym. It has only been included to explain MICHAEL SEILER. See also LAURA (2) and LAURA (3))Names:First names:Female100%LAURA (2)Line An Unpolished Rough AmethystTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%LAURA (3)Lovely, And Untarnished, Radiant AngelTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%LAURENLooked Astounding, Utterly Ravishing Even Now Tony McCoy O'Bogart, referring to Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart's wife and frequent co-starNames:First names:FemaleNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%LAVACHELemonish - Although Valued Amongst Characters He EncountersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:All's Well That Ends Well100%LAVA LAMPLike A Volcano, A Light Activates Moving PatternsTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects100%LAVA LAMP (2)Lacking Any Volcanic Activity, Light Affords Many PossibilitiesMelanie MerswolkeHousehold Objects100%LAVATORYLacking Any Ventilation Attacks The Olfactory Receptors, Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LAVINIALiving, After Violent Incident, Names Indecent AssailantsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus100%LAWLevelled Against WrongdoingAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%L.A. WEIGHT LOSS CENTERLosing Advantage With Excess Inches, Getting Healthy Tips, Life's Own Succeeding Solution, Carefully Examines Necessary Transformed Eating Regime Jan Morgan - a Place that promotes eating healthily and losing weightFood & Drink100%LAWFUL CONDUCTLove And War: Fair Until Lawyers Come, Openly Nicking Dollars Using Clever TricksAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order83%LAWRENCIUMLike A Whole Range of Elements - Non-natural. Created In University Machines.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%LAWSUITLegal Actions Will Sometimes Use Intricate TerminologyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%LAWYERLoopholes And Wrangles - You Escape RetributionTony McCoy O'Grady, after Eric's colleagues looked for a LAWYER to go with DOCTOR.People & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%LAWYER (2)Lopes Away With Your Expensive RetainerAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%LAWYER (3)Lying Attorneys Win You Extra Rewards.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%LAWYER (4)Legal Assistants Waste Your Earned RemunerationEric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations86%LAWYER (5)Lies And Wriggles, You End-up RobbedMike RedmondPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%LAWYERSLies And Wanky Yarns Essential. Requires SlynessEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%LAWYERS (2)Litigation About Winning You Election... Recounts Significant.Angela Brett, after the USA elections in 2000.PoliticsPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%LAXATIVELately A Xerantic Ass Tamed, I'll Vouchsafe Epsom!Tony McCoy O'GradyDrugs89%LAZINESSLacking Any Zeal, Idly Napping or Entering Sleepy State.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%LAZINESS (2)Like All Zombies, I Nightly Enter Sleepy StuporTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits80%LAZY HATSLovely And Zany - Your Headgear is Always Tacky and Shoddy.Angela Brett, when Tony mentioned he was wearing his 'lazy bastard' hat. When asked to describe it, he replied, "It was a beautiful hat when I came across it, but after years of neglect (due to laziness) it is probably a real mess by now, I don't know. When I'm wearing it, I'm too lazy to look at myself in the mirror."Household Objects:Clothing100%LCBOLarge Canadian Booze Outlet/OrganizationAngela Brett (LCBO usually stands for Liquor Control Board Ontario) Re-expansions of existing acronymsFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%LEADLies Expressionless And DeadTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%LEADERLarge Editorial Arousing Deep Empathetic ResponsesTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication80%LEAFLight Engenders Aliment for Flowers.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%LEAF (2)'Lungs' Each Autumn Fall.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Plants100%LEAF (3)Let's Enumerate A ForestTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Plants100%4 LEAF CLOVER40 Lucky Events Are Following, Country Lane Offers Very Enjoyable RambleTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%LEAPLunge Eagerly Across PitTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%LEARNLose Educators - Autonomously Read Notes.Angela BrettEducation100%LEATHERLove Endured Annus Three, Hardly Experiencing Regret.Angela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the leather (3rd) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%LEATHER (2)Let's Eschew Animals That Have Epidermis RemovedTony McCoy O'Grady, saying: this doesn't really reflect my opinion as I love my leather jacket! :-)Science:Biology:Body PartsHousehold Objects:Clothing100%LEBANONLasting Ethnic Bitterness Accelerates Neglect Of Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LEDALet Every Duck Arise!Rico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%LED ZEPPELINLoudness = Extreme. Drug, Zoloft, Extremely Proficient Problem Eliminator. Laud Is Needed.Jeff Anonymous (see LZ)Entertainment:Music:Artists100%LEEDS CASTLELuscious Expansive Evergreen, Deeply Searched, Country Assets, Secluded Territorial Landscape, EnglandJan MorganPlaces:BuildingsPlaces:Landmarks100%LEEKLet's Eat Everything, 'Kay?Sean LambFood & Drink100%LEFT HANDLittle Enterprising Feline Taken Hold; Abandoning Normal DigitsGavin Lambert (I'm having to type this one-handed because my cat is sleeping on my right hand. And I'm right-handed!)Science:Biology:Body Parts100%LEGALLoopholes Exploited, Getting Around LawsAngela Brett and Steve KeatePeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%LEGENDLocal Elements Generally Encapsulate Native DeityTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%LEGENDSLengthy Epics Generally Explaining Notably Dramatic StoriesTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends86%LEGIONLatin-speaking Expert Gladiators In Outstanding Numbers Tony McCoy O'GladiatorMilitary100%LEGOLethally Edged Gouging ObjectJoshua StanchfieldEntertainment:Toys100%LEGOLASLikeable Elf Goes On Long Adventure SanguinelyPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%LEGSLong Elevatory Gear SticksNiki WiddowsonScience:Biology:Body Parts100%LEHILeader Endures His IsolationJan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Father of 4 sonsNames:Book of Mormon Characters70%LEIBNIZLoved Equations - Invented Brilliant Notation for Increments of Zero-ish.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%LEISURELayabout Enjoys Idleness - Shunning Using Recreational EquipmentTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Relaxation100%LEITHLeith Ends In The HillsGeorge RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%LEMMINGLittle, Excitable Mammal Masses In Numberless GroupingsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%LEMONLiquid Excitement Makes One NumbwishesFood & Drink100%LE MORTE D'ARTHURLegend Endures, Malory's Ode Recalls The Enemy Defeated And Resolving To Have Ulitmate RevengeTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%LEMUELLaggard Entity Mainly Used Evil LavishlyJan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Character -- another mean siblingNames:Book of Mormon Characters100%LEND A HANDLooks Easy, Needs Doing, Anyway - Have A Nice Day!Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Advice100%LENSLight Experiences New ShapingAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body PartsScience:Physics100%LENS (2)Lets Eyes Now SeeRoger WilliamsScience:Biology:Body PartsScience:Physics100%LENTLet's Eat Next TuesdayRico LeffantaReligionTime:Special Occasions100%LEOLapses Easily OverlookedTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%LEO (2)Lets Ego OverindulgeJan MorganReligion:Astrology100%LEONALady Endures Own Necessary AdventureJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%LEONARD SLYELikes Enemies On Nooses And Riding Damp Saddles Leaves You ExhaustedRico Leffanta (Leonard Slye is better known as Roy Rogers)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%LEONATOLargely Enjoys Organizing Novelties And Tricking OthersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About NothingArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Much Ado About Nothing100%LEONTESLoses Everything Over Naivete - Then Enlivens StatueTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Winter's TaleArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Winter's Tale100%LEPTONLike Electron, Positron, Tau Or NeutrinoAngela BrettScience:Physics:Particles100%LEPTONSLight Elementary Particles, They Orbit Neutrons Sometimes.Angela BrettScience:Physics:Particles88%LESBIANLady Enjoys Sexual Behaviour Involving Another Non-maleAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%LE SILENCELadies Enthusiastically Seeking Intense Love Experiences Never Come EasilyRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%LESLEY HORNBYLet's Eat Sugar Ladies! Eat Yummy Helpings Or Repast Near By You!Rico Leffanta (Lesley Hornby is better known as Twiggy)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%LESLIELady's Exceedingly Slim Look Is EmulatedTony McCoy O'Grady (The 60s fashion model Twiggy was called Leslie Hornby)Names:Famous people100%LESLIE WEIR THE PHOTOGRAPHERLetting Engine Search Look Into Entire Web, Eventually I Received The Hard Evidence, Phrase Has Only The One Genuine Result - Apronyms Page Has Exact Requirement TMcCO'G, who did a websearch for the phrase "Leslie Weir the photographer" and got only this query (on the Unsuccessful Searches page) returned. Now there may be two results!Names100%LESOTHOLarge Expanses Still Open To Horses Only.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LESOTHOSAURUSLight, Extra Small One That Had Open Skeleton And Usually Ran Under ShrubsSean Lamb (DinoDictionary says that this small dino 'was probably an agile, two-legged runner based on slender, hollow, thin walled bones, a light skull with many openings, a short neck and forelimbs and the absence of armor.')Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%LESSER SANITARIALost Every Sensible Strand? Enter Rob's Stupendous Asylum! Nonsense Is There; Any Reasonableness Is Absent.Rob Rix, when Angela challenged him to acronymise it after he suggested that the custard-extracting nets of UNDILUTED GRADE A CANADIAN NONSENSE CONCENTRATE would be the primary export of Lesser Sanitaria.Art & Literature:Fictional Places89%LESS ROOMLots Enter, So Standing Room Only in Overcrowded Mall.Angela BrettPlaces91%LETHAL DOSELouts Enjoying The Hallucinogenic Attraction of LSD Die Of Scandalous Excess.Angela BrettDrugs100%LET'S GET HITCHEDLife Enjoyed Together - So Good! Expect To Have Impulse To Cuddle Him/Her Every Day.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce95%LET SOMEONE ELSE DO ITLate Evening Tiredness Shows On My Expansion - Other, Non-Exhausted Expanders Left Some Exercise. [I'll] Do One In Time.Angela Brett, when Jeff wanted help with an apronym but she was about to go to bed.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms94%LET'S VISIT HOLY APESLong Excursion To See Very Important Spiritualist's Incarnation, Though He's Only (Like You) A Primate (in Every Sense!)Angela Brett, after someone searched for that phrase on the website. I hadn't realised that primate could mean bishop before.Religion100%LETTERLittle Envelope Tries To Elicit ReadingTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%7 LETTERSL Extra - That's The Emptying Rack ScoreAngela Brett (in Scrabble, when you use all seven of your letters in a single word you get a bonus 50 points - L is 50 in Roman numerals.)Entertainment:Games82%LEVITICUSLend an Ecclesiastical Volume... Is This Imperative to Christian's Ultimate Salvation?Angela Brett, wondering if she really ought to know what happened in Leviticus.Religion:Bible books100%LEVITICUS (2)Laws Encompassing Votive Intentions, Then Instructions Concerning Uncleanliness & SinTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%LEWINSKYLicking Elite Willy Is Nearly Sex! Kenneth Yells.Angela BrettNames:Famous peoplePolitics100%LEWISLoves Extra Warmth, Involves SunJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%LIAHONALeads In Absolute Honorable Obedience, Nephite AdventuresJan Morgan -- Book of Mormon compass given to LEHI. Leads to Promised LandReligion100%LIARLacking In Absolute ReliabilityLeo BoyesPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%LIBBYLying Is Best By You!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%LIBERAL DEMOCRATSLacking In Basic Educational Resources And Learning Damaging Engineering, Manufacturing, Opportunities, Confidence, Reputation And Tainting SuccessJohn Richard Jones -- Thoughts in the run up to the General Election 2005Politics:Parties100%LIBERATION OF IRAQLooking Innocent, Bush Employs Rhetoric, Attempting To Imply Outrage - Nevertheless, Oil Field Income Really American Quest! Chris KjelgaardMilitary:War & Terrorism100%LIBERIALaunched Initially By Emancipating Regine In America.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LIBERTYLady, I Bestow Every Right To YouAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%LIBRALet's Ignore Brain-Rotting Astrology.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Astrology100%LIBRA (2)Lets Impartial Balance Reveal AttributeJan MorganReligion:Astrology100%LIBRARIANSLove Interesting Books, Read Any Recently? I Admire Novels SometimesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%LIBRARIANS (2)Live In Book Rooms And Respond (If Any Noise) "Shhh!"Angela Brett, who's never met a librarian who just walks around saying 'Shhh!' but apparently that's the stereotype.People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%LIBRARIESLend Interesting Books (Rare And Recent) In Eerie Silence TMcCO'GArt & LiteraturePlaces:Buildings100%LIBRARYLife In Book Room Always Relaxes YouAngela BrettArt & LiteraturePlaces:Buildings100%LIBRARY (2)Let's Investigate Books, Readers All Round YouTony McCoy O'GradyArt & LiteraturePlaces:Buildings100%LIBRARY (3)Listings Involve Books, Reaching All Readers YearlyJan MorganArt & LiteraturePlaces:Buildings100%LIBYALo, I Blacklist You, America.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LICELittle Insects Crawl EverywhereSteve KeateScience:Biology:Insects100%LICORICELiver Infections Cleared - Oriental Records Indicate Clear Evidence TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%LIELove Is EternalRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions100%LIECHTENSTEINLittle Independent Entity. Companies Have Tax Exemptions Now Superior To Europe's Independent Nations.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LIEUTENANTLow-Initiative-Endowed, Used To Examining Nothing And Not ThinkingTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%LIEUTENANT COLONELLong In Experience - Unsung Technical Expert Needs A New Title. Command Of Legions Of Newly Enlisted LoomsTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%LIFELikely Isn't For EverAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%LIFE (2)Lasts If Food's EffectiveTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsFood & Drink100%LIFE (3)Lives In Full EffortJan Morgan -- Rank in Boy ScoutsSports & Recreation:Scouts100%LIFEBOATLucky Indeed For Everyone's Brought Onboard After TragedyTony McCoy O'GradyTransportPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%LIFELESSLying In Floppy Entropy - Lived, Expired, Sleeping SoullesslyAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Death95%LIFE ON OTHER PLANETSLife Is Feasible Exterior to Our Norms, Over The Heavens Expanse Reside "Peoples" Lacking Anthropoidal Natures, Eating Toxic Substances Bones McCoy O'GradyScience:AstronomyScience:Biology100%LIFERLocked In For Ever - Revenge!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%LIFER (2)Left Inside, Forget Eventual ReleaseTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%LIFESTYLELets Ignore Financial Efficiency, Spend 'Til You Lose EverythingTony McCoy O'Grady (Ordinary poor people have 'lives', foolish rich people have 'lifestyles'!)People & Relationships100%LIFFLook Inside For FactsAngela Brett - Liff is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'A book, the contents of which are totally belied by its cover...'Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%LIFFLESSLacking In Funny & Frivolous Literature, Erase Smile SignsTony McCoy O'Grady, because he doesn't have a copy of 'The Meaning of Liff' or 'The Deeper Meaning of Liff'Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%LIFTLazily Into Floor TwentyAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%LIFT (2)Levitating Interior, For TransportationGavin LambertPlaces:Buildings100%LIGHTLamp Is Generating Heat Too!Angela BrettHousehold ObjectsScience:Physics100%LIGHT (2)Lightbulb, If Glowing, Has This.Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold ObjectsScience:Physics100%LIGHTEN UP!Less Intensity! Getting Heated Too Easily Normally Upsets People.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Advice88%LIGHTERLook - Inhaling Git - How Tobacco-smoke Enfuses RoomTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%LIGHTNINGLittle Ions Get Humming Then... Nailed! It's Not GoodRoger WilliamsScience:Meteorology100%LIGHT YEARLightspeed Information Gets Here To Yonder Each Annual RotationAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Measurement83%LIMBOLasting Internment (if) Missed Baptism OccursTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%LIME IMACLicking It Made Evident It Maybe Ain't Citrus.Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat:iMac Fruit Salad100%LIMERICKLess Is More Except Rhymes In Celtic KnotsRico LeffantaArt & Literature100%LIMPLost Insert Member ProstrateRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%LIMP (2)Leg In Much Pain.Roger WilliamsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments83%LINDALovelace In New Deep-throat AdventuresTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%LINDA (2)Lives In Nurturing Domain, ActuallyJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%LINDSAYLazy In Nature, Dull, Snobbish Actually. YuppieJan Morgan -- combo of 2 peopleNames:First names100%LINELeft Impregnated, Not EstimableAngela Brett (Line is HANS THOMAS's grandmother, who became pregnant to a German soldier and was hated for it)Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%LINENLiving In Nuptials Enhances NookieAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the linen (4th) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%LINEN (2)Lust? It Never Exists Now.Angela Brett, giving a different slant to the 4th wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%LINGUA LATINALatin Is Not Gone -- Used 'AM' Lately? Also There's Information Not Anglicizable.Jeff Anonymous, expanding the Latin language's name for itself -- and noting its continued relevance, even in daily conversation where in abbreviated form 'ante meridiem' its head rears, in addition to the fact that there are many literary works that do not translate terribly well into English -- the meter of Virgil, for example, cannot be preserved well in a translation out of Latin.Science:Linguistics100%LINKLocates Internet Networked KnowledgeGavin LambertComputers:Internet100%LINKIN PARKLyrical Individuals Negotiate Kismet In Notes, Pleasing Adolescents, Reaching KidsJan Morgan - musical groupEntertainment:Music:Artists100%LINKSLast Inventive 'Nym? Keep Surfing!Angela Brett, because if you ever manage to read all the acronyms at http://acronyms.co.nz, you can still go to the Links page at http://acronyms.co.nz/links.html and view some related websites.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Page Titles100%LINUS TORVALDSLet's Invent New Unix System, To Overthrow Redmond's Vacuuming All Licenses & Decent SoftwaredeltNames:Famous peopleComputers:Linux100%LINUXLovely... If Not Using Xwindows!Angela BrettComputers:Linux100%LINUX (2)'Life'less Incurable Nerds Use XchatAngela BrettComputers:Linux100%LION'Lunchtime' Is Often NighttimeTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%LION (2)Lair Is On Ngorongoro Patricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%LIPLick If ParchedAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%LIPSLively If Person's SpeakingAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%LIPS (2)Lovely If Pursed SweetlyPatricia RixScience:Biology:Body Parts100%LIPS (3)Luscious In Pearly SheensTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%LIPS (4)Licking Indicates Passionate SexualityTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%LIPS (5)Luscious, Irresistable, Person-SmoochersKenny Roy & Tamaryn RoyScience:Biology:Body Parts89%LIPSTICKLusty, Intense Pink Shades To Increase Colour of KisserAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%LIPSTICK (2)Loves Inciting Peckers She Tattoos In Cold KissesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene:Beauty Products100%LIPSTIKLong Island Princess Sporting Tacky Industrial KlothingDiva Jeri. Developed to describe women with fake blond hair, black eyebrows, and grating voices who wear clothes with designer names publicly displayed.People & Relationships:Personality TraitsPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%LIQUORLiquid I Quaff Unceasingly, Often Refreshing.Angela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%LIRALoot Italians Rapidly Accumulated Tony -- The defunct Italian currency was worth very little and one cashed large notes to buy the cheapest items and received a large quantity of near-worthless coinage.Commerce:Money100%LISALone Intelligent Simpson ArtisteAngela Brett and Tony McCoy O'Grady (there are other intelligent female Simpsons, but they're not on TV often)Entertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons0%LISP*Locution Ith Thingularly ProblematicTony McCoy O'Grady, after seeing AT & T (with apologies to anyone with a lisp - I myself still have the remnants of a childhood stammer)Science:Biology:Healthcare:AilmentsCommunication:Talking100%LIST OF ACRONYMSLook - Index.html's Sitemap Tells Of Full Alphabetical & Categorised Records. Obviously Now You've Merely Searched.Angela Brett, when someone searched the Acronyms website for 'list of acronyms'. The site map at http://acronyms.co.nz/index.html links to full alphabetical listings and lists of acronyms by category.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%LIST OF TWELVE ACRONYMSLook, I Should Tell Of Feature That Will Eventually Let Visitors Easily Add Collections, Regardless Of Number You Might Seek.Angela Brett -- I don't know why someone searched for this phrase, but no category listing is guaranteed to have only twelve acronyms, even the months and zodiac signs have had more added. However, I am considering putting in place a system so that people can compile their own lists of related acronyms (which wouldn't otherwise be together in category lists) and one could be made which includes twelve apronyms only.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%LITHIUMLightens Internal Tensions, Happily Is Useful MedicineTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%LITHUANIALocked Into That Horrid Ussr, And Now Into Autonomy.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LITTERBOXLike Infectious Toxic Tornado, Emanations Render Breathing Only XperimentalPatricia RixHousehold Objects100%LITTLE BO PEEPLoss Is The True Lesson Exemplified By Old Poem: Ewes Escape PaddockPatricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%LITTLE BOY BLUELad Is Tired, Tries Lessening Effort But -- Oh Yikes! -- Boy Lets Ungulates EscapePatricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%LITTLE BROTHERLife Is Terribly Tough. Look, Everyone's Big Relative Often Tries Heavyhanded 'Exactive' RelationshipTony McCoy O'Grady, who knows that elder brothers often try to 'blackmail' younger brothers (he's both a younger and an older brother!).People & Relationships:Family100%LITTLE JACK HORNERLad Is Taking To Licking Extremities: Just At Christmas, Kid Has Own Rich Nosh; Eats Ravenously.Patricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%LITTLE MISS MUFFETLass Is Terrified That Leggy Encroachment Means Itsa Spider! She Makes Undignified Flight From Eeky Terrestrial!Patricia RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%LITTLE ROOMLeg It To Toilet - Liquid Egestion's Rarely Obliging, Often Messy.Angela BrettPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LIVELife Is Visually EvilRico LeffantaReligion100%LIVE (2)Love Immensely/Innovatively Violent Enemies!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships100%LIVIDLosing It, Very Intensely DistressedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%LIVID (2)Lead Isn't Vivid, It's DullAngela Brett, thinking about how livid rhymes with vivid despite having almost the opposite meaning.Assorted Adjectives:Colours100%LLANELLILimp-Limbed After Natation - Essay Loosening Liquid InvoluntarilyTony McCoy O'Grady (Llanelli is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'Descriptive of the waggling movement of a person's hands when shaking water from them or warming up for a piece of workshop theatre.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCHLove Lost And Never Found Again Is Really Pitiful! When Love Lapses, Going Where You've Never Gone, Your Love Life Grows Onerous, Gilding Every Reason You Chose Heartache, When You Really Need Desirable Romantics Opening Borders Which Lady Luck Lets Love Align Neatly To Your Senses. Inviting Love In Over Grief Opens Galaxies; Only Going Out Cultivates Healing!Rico Leffanta, who mentions that the website of this tiny village in Wales can be found at http://llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.co.uk/say.htm.Places:Towns & Cities:UK100%LMAOLikely Mildly Amused... OverexaggeratingAngela Brett (LMAO usually stands for Laughing My A*se Off)LaughterRe-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%LOADLaden On A DonkeyPatricia RixAssorted Nouns100%LOAD (2)Let's Organise A DeliveryTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%LOAN SERVICING APPLICATIONLook Over Applicant's Notes (Seeking Extra Revenue) Very Intensely! Chaps, If Not Given A Paper Promising Loan Issue, Could Attack Those In Offices NearbyTony McCoy O'Grady (Idiots with guns often go on the rampage because they were turned down by a financial institution)Commerce:Money100%LOCIList Of Created Imagery.Pam Tubesing, referring to the method of loci.Words & Wordplay100%LOCKLacking Owner's Combination / KeyAngela BrettHousehold Objects100%LOCK (2)Loss Of Car KeysMatthew OramTransport100%LOCKSLocks/Lock! Open: Compatible Keys! Security!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Household Objects100%LOCKUPLets Our Computer Keep Unreal PausesRico LeffantaComputers100%LOGICLots Of Gates In CombinationAngela BrettScience:Electronics100%LOGIC GATELogical Operators Give Integrated Circuits Great Abilities To Evaluate.Angela BrettScience:Electronics90%LOGISTICSLong-distance Operation Generally Involves Shifting Things Into Certain SitesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitaryTransport100%LOGISTICS (2)Large Operation Gets Items Shipped To Infantry's Complete SatisfactionTony McCoy O'GradyMilitaryTransport100%LOGOLet Our Gays Observe! Logo, debuting in june 2005, was the first ever gay cable networkCommunicationPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA100%LOGOGRAPHLike Oriental Glyphs - One Graphically Represents A Particular Heading.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics93%LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMANLatest On-air Incarnation of Superman. ABC's Now Dismissed Contracts, Leaving Addicts Revering Kryptonian, Though Hating Executive. Now Everyone Writes About Discontinuity in Various Episodes & Notes The Unaired, Recently Ended Series Of Fanfic. Some Undeprived People Examine Reruns & Make Angela Nauseous.Angela Brett, a FoLC (Fan of Lois & Clark) who is jealous of people who live in countries where L&C reruns are still showing.Entertainment:TV shows100%LOLLovely Orgiastic LovemakingTony McCoy O'Grady. Angela couldn't be bothered going to her bedroom for something, so Tony replied "When you marry things may change," to which Angela replied with a LOL (laughing out loud.) Tony responded with the new meaning for LOL. :)People & Relationships:Love & LustRe-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational75%LOL (2)Lovingly Ornamented Long-johnsTony McCoy O'Grady... Angela had mentioned having dophin and fairy ornaments on her drawers, so Tony responded by saying he wasn't interested in what she had on her underwear. When Angela said 'LOL' (meaning Laughing Out Loud) he responded with the new meaning for the acronym.Household Objects:Clothing:UnderwearRe-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational100%LOL (3)Little Old LadyAngela Brett, while comparing LOL with DOM (DIrty Old Man)People & RelationshipsRe-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational83%LOL (COMICAL)Longlasting Outburst of Laughter (Causing Others to Make Inquisitive Comments, And Laugh)Angela BrettLaughter92%LOL IN COSMOSLaughing Out Loud, I Nearly Choked On Some of My Own SalivaAngela BrettLaughter100%LOLITALittle One's Lover Is Tormented Adult TMcCO'GEntertainment:Movies100%LOLLIPOPLots Of Little Licks Instill Presence Of Pleasure.Roger WilliamsFood & Drink:Confectionery100%LOMBARDLaptop Outer Made By Apple's Respected DevelopersAngela Brett (Lombard was the name of the casing for the PowerBook models codenamed Bronze Keyboard and Pismo.)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%LOMBARD (2)Loan Of Money? Beware A Ruinous DebtTony McCoy O'GradyPlacesCommerce:Money100%LONELINESSLeaves One Needing Embraces. Lifeforce Is Not Entirely Self-SufficientAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%LONELYLoss Of Nearness, Emotionally, Leaves Yearning.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%LONERLove's Only Nightmare Escaping RejectionRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%LONGHORNLate Or Not, Gates Holds Out. Releases NothingSean Lamb (the next version of Microsoft Windows, codenamed Longhorn, has now been delayed until 2006).Computers:WindowsNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%LONGHORN (2)Long Overdue... Nobody's Getting Horny Over Releasing NothingAngela Brett, who thinks that LONGHORN is a misnomer.Computers:WindowsNames:Code Names:Microsoft89%LONG WORDLexical Objects Necessitating Great Work, Obligatory Reading of DictionaryAngela BrettWords & Wordplay100%LOOLavatory Or OuthouseAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LOO (2)Loss Of OriginalityJeff Anonymous, who admits that his acronym ideas have headed down the toilet in recent days.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%LOO (3)Little Ol' OuthouseTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LOO (4)Locks Overthrow ObserversJeff AnonymousPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%LOOKLet One Observe KeenlyTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%LOOPHOLELawyers Out Of Principles Halting Other Legal EffectsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%LORDLofty Offical Relishing DivinityRico LeffantaPolitics:Royalty100%LORETTA SWIT ("HOTLIPS")Letters Often Reveal Erotic Thoughts That Always Spill Wetly In Time; However Often That Lasts, It's Pretty SensationalRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%LORRAINELonging Of Repentance, Reforming As It's Necessary, EffortJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%LOSERLover Of Someone Emerges ResentfulTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOSER (2)Lack Of Stamina Endangers RunnerTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%LOSTLooking Over Strange TerrainAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives90%LOST FILESList Of Stuff To Fix, Integrate, Learn, or Employ SomehowGavin Lambert. I have an incredibly large LOST FILES list -- I keep adding stuff to it much faster than I can ever get things done ;)Assorted Nouns100%LOTHLORIENLand Of Trees Has Lady Of Remarkable Intensity -- Evenstar's NanPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Places:The Lord of the Rings100%LOTUSLots Of Traction; Unbelievable SpeedEric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%LOTUS (2)Loads Of Trouble, Usually SeriousHelen LiveseyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%LOUDLoony Or Uncouth DinPatricia RixAssorted AdjectivesAssorted Nouns:Noises100%LOUD (2)Lots Of Unbearable DecibelsTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesAssorted Nouns:Noises100%LOUISLongago, Often Used In ShopsTony McCoy O'Grady - a 'louis' was a gold coin, worth 20 francs, in France up to 1795.Commerce:Money100%LOUISELanguage Of Use Is Special, EmbracedJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%LOUISIANALong's Organization Used Impropriety, Shadiness In Administering Nefarious Activities.Roger Williams -- Refers to Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana from 1928 until his assassination in 1932.Places:States & RegionsHistory100%LOUISIANA (2)Lasalle's Origins Used, Is Saved In Area, Native ArcadianJan Morgan - Lasalle Originally Claimed it for France so the origins are of French culture - Arcadians was shortened to cajun these people came fron acadia in Nova ScotiaPlaces:States & Regions100%LOURDESLeaves Own Unhealthy Residence, Domain Entered SafelyJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%LOUSELeft Overs Usually Season ExpectorantsRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Insects:Edible(?)100%LOVELife's One Vital EmotionAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (2)Lust Overcomes, Vagina EnteredSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (3)Likely Outcome Very ExcitingJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (4)Little Of Value EventuallyJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (5)Lusty Origin Vigorous EndingJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (6)Laugh, Our Vanities ExposedJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (7)Lack Of Visible EvidenceJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (8)Life Of Varied EmotionsJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (9)Little Organs Virtually ExtinctJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (10)Large Organs Visibly ErectJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (11)Lack Of - Very EvilJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (12)Lust Overcomes- Virtue ExitsJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (13)Lone Option - Virtual ExcitementJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (14)Ladies Of Virtue ExtinctJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (15)Loss Of Virginity ExpectedJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (16)Lewd Outlook - Venal EndingJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (17)Lack Of Variety ExhaustsJohn BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (18)Lots Of Valid ExpansionsAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (19)Leaves One Virtually EuphoricAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (20)Lion Omnipotent Victor Emmanuel!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Jesus Christ.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE (21)Longing Of Valuable EternityJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LOVE AT HOMELessons Of Valuable Emotions Attention To Harmony Of My ExperiencesJan MorganEntertainment:Music:Songs100%LOVECRAFTLitterally Obfuscated Visions Eldritch; Creativity Rife And Forever TormentedTom DentonArt & Literature:Writers100%LOVE DEATHLots Of Violence, Explicitly Dramatised, Enhances A Television HorrorAngela Brett, when someone searched for 'LOVE DEATH' on the Acronyms website.Entertainment:TV showsPeople & Relationships:Death100%LOVELYLaughing Out Very Excitedly - Loud Yelling.Tony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%LOVINGLeave Out Violence In Next GenerationAngela Brett, in response to the same request as WATCH OUT, referring to people who grow up to be abusive because their parents were, and they don't know any other way of parenting.People & Relationships:FamilyPeople & Relationships:EmotionsPeople & Relationships:Abuse100%LOVING (2)Leave Out Violence Involving Next GenerationTony McCoy O'Grady, putting a slightly different slant on Angela's LOVING.People & Relationships:FamilyPeople & Relationships:EmotionsPeople & Relationships:Abuse100%LOW CARBLosing Ones Weight Causes A Responsive BodyJan MorganFood & Drink86%LOW FATLaughing Out Wildly For A (long) TimeTony McCoy O'Grady... this was the acronym that started everything! See also CHOLESTEROL FREE.Laughter100%LOW GEARLeaves One Wondering... Geeks Evidently Aren't Responding.Angela Brett, when the IRC #math channel was rather quiet and somebody said it was in low gear.Computers:Internet94%LOW LIGHT IMAGINGLevel Of Wattage - Little. Item's Glow Has The Intensity Machine Adapts Generating Image in Nighttime Gloom TMcCO'GArt & Literature100%LOYALTYLove Only You, Always Living True, YoursJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%LUASLocals Understand As 'Speed'Angela Brett -- According to http://www.lrta.org/luasindex.html: What does the name LUAS stand for? Luas is the Irish word for speed and so (as it is not an abbreviation) should be written Luas rather than L.U.A.S. I beg to differ!Transport:Trains100%LUCENTIOLovers United - Contest Exposes Not Totally Into ObedienceTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Taming of the ShrewArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Taming of the Shrew100%LUCIANALover Ultimately Correctly Identified As Not Adriana'sTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of ErrorsArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Comedy Of Errors100%LUCIAS MALFOYLackey Unadulterated Conceited Id Assaults Society. Malicious Arrogant Louse, Foul Obnoxious Yahoo.Jan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%LUCIDLess Utterly Confused In DeliriumPatricia RixAssorted Adjectives100%LUCID (2)Logical, Uncluttered, Cogent, Intelligent DiscourseTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%LUCIFERLust Unbridled Causes Infidelities For Evil ReasonsRico LeffantaReligion100%LUCILLE LE SUEURLuck Usually Connects Idiot Lovers Legs Entwined Lurching Everywhere Somehow Underestimating Ecstasy's Usual ResponseRico Leffanta (Lucille Le Sueur is better known as Joan Crawford)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%LUCIUSLast Unmaimed Chap Is Ultimately SuccessorTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Titus AndronicusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Titus Andronicus100%LUDDITELet Us Destroy Damned Industrial Technology EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradySciencePeople & Relationships:Personality TraitsHistory100%LUDLOWLeg's Unstable? Deploy Lump Or WadTony McCoy O'Grady (Ludlow is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'A wad of newspaper, folded tablenapkin or lump of carboard put under a wobbly table or chair to make it stand up straight. It is perhaps not widely known that air-ace Sir Douglas Bader used to get about on an enormous pair of ludlows before he had his artificial legs fitted.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%LUDWIGLoved Unfortunate Damsel With Innertube GashAngela Brett (Ludwig fell in love with HANS THOMAS's grandmother after helping her with a puncture.)Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%LUGIALies Undersea Guarding Immense AbilitiesAngela Brett (Lugia is Pokemon #249)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%LUKELoyal, Undeniably Keen EvangelistTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible booksReligion:Saints100%LUNALunatics Understand Nighttime ActivitiesRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses92%LUNATIC E'SEXLusty, Unusual Name - And This In Commercially Engineered Software! Enigmatic to Xtremes!Angela Brett, after seeing the name Lunatic E'Sex under Quality in the list of people involved in making the Mac Finder. (Hold down the option key and choose 'About the Finder...' from the Apple menu.)NamesComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%LUNCHLoad Up Nutrition-Containing HamburgersTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%LURELover Using Romantic EnterpriseRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUSTLove Underlying Sexual Tensions?Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (2)Love Usurped, Sex Triumphs.Eric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (3)Lecherous Unadulterated Sexy ThoughtsMary Carr, on hearing Eric's LUST (2).People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (4)Lacy Underwear Stretched TautSteve Keate and BlairPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (5)Life's Usual Stress TestBlairPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (6)Largely Useless Sexual TensionsSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (7)Love's Unfortunately Sidelined, Typically.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUST (8)Look Up Someone Tacky.Word NerdPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%LUTELets User Twang EcstaticallyTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music:Instruments80%LUTETIUMLittle Used, Tenuous Element, This Is Used in Meteorite-aging.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%LUTONLavatory's Upholstered To One's NeedsTony McCoy O'Grady (Luton is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning 'The horseshoe-shaped rug which goes around a lavatory seat.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs91%LUXEMBOURGLacking Use (for) Xebecs, Economy Mainly Banking Oriented. Under Royal Government.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%LYDIALie You Down, I'm ArousedTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female93%LYING CREATURELazy Youth Is Not Generally Conceived of Responding Ever Accurately. The Unreliable Rotten Entity!Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%LYNLearns Your NeedsJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%LYNDALike Your Nicest Dearest AssociateSusan S. wrote it about her friendNames:First names:Female100%LYNNLearns Your Necessary NeedsJan MorganNames:First names:Female86%LYRICSLet You Remember Interesting Chorus or SongTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%LYRICS (2)Loving You Rarely Induces Choirs SingingRico LeffantaEntertainment:Music100%LYSANDERLoves Young Sweetheart After Nocturnal Difficulties Eventually ResolvedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%LYTHELissom? Yes, Thank Healthy ExerciseTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesSports & Recreation100%LZLoudmouths... Zoloft?Jeff Anonymous, explaining that LED ZEPPELIN might lead someone to need an antidepressant.Re-expansions of existing acronymsEntertainment:Music:Artists100%MAMaternal AncestorTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family100%MA (2)Maternal AndroidRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%MA AND PA KETTLEMaternal Android Almost Never Directs Paternal Android, 'Kiss Each Time True Lovers Elope'Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%MACMicrosoft Ate CompanySteve KeateComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (2)Makes Angela ComfortableSteve KeateComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (3)Mostly Always CondescendingSteve KeateComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (4)Macintoshes Aren't CompatibleCarl BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (5)Marginally Acceptable ComputersHyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (6)Minimal Ability, CapacityHyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (7)Marginal Aptitude ComputingHyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (8)Mine's A Computer Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (9)Mac Addict Counseling Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (10)Macs Are Cool Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC (11)My Ample/Apple CoatAngela Brett -- I bought a raincoat (which turned out to be a bit too large) from the company store at the Apple campus in Cupertino. Later in my travels somebody pointed out that it was an Apple mac.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonHousehold Objects:Clothing100%MACABREMourning Across Canada As Beautiful Robin ExpiresTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%MACABRE (2)Menacing Atmosphere Collects Around Bewildering Revelatory ExperienceTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%MACADDICTMagazines Are Considered A Dainty Delicacy, If Chewed ThoughtfullyTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%MACARTHURMagnificently Appaling 'Chant' - A Record That Had Unusual RefrainTony McCoy O'Grady - referring to Macarthur Park, a 'song' from the 1970s featuring (I can't say "sung by") Richard HarrisEntertainment:Music:Songs100%MACBETHMarried A Conniving Bitch - Evil Things HappenTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's MacbethArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Macbeth100%MACDUFFMacho And Controlled - Despite Undeserved Family's FateTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's MacbethArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Macbeth100%MACEMethodical Attacker Crushes EnemiesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Weapons100%MACEDONIAMighty Alexander Conquered Enemy Domains, Overran Nomads In Asia.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries88%MACGIRLMy Alter-ego Can Generate Intense, Riotous Laughter.Angela BrettMacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes100%MACGIRL (2)Made Acronyms Computer-Guidable Into Remarkable ListTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes100%MACGIRL (3)Might Attempt Common Gateway Interface... Reviewing Languages.Angela Brett, while trying to decide whether to write the ACRONYMS CGIs in C or Perl... she figures MacGirl should be able to help as cGi is (sort of) her middle name.MacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes100%MACHINEMaking Acronyms Constantly - He Is Neatly Eloquent.Angela Brett, describing Tony after reading an email from him containing 45 new acronyms, mostly related to Arthurian legend.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MACHOPMartial Arts Can Harm Other PokemonAngela Brett (Machop is Pokemon #66)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon75%MACINTOSHMacGirl Always Comes In the Nick of Time to Obliterate Supervillains' HenchmenAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & NewtonMacGirl & KeyBoard82%MACINTOSH (2)Machine's About to Crash, I Need to Turn Off Some Hardware!Angela Brett, in a moment of dishonesty and insanity (we all know that Macs don't often crash!)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACINTOSH (3)Mine's A Classic - I Never Thought Of Such Happiness.Tony McCoy O'Grady, putting Angela right after MACINTOSH (2)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACINTOSH (4)Most Alternatives Counter-Intuitive, Necessitating Thorough On-Screen Help.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACINTOSH (5)Minus A Commandline Interface... Not That One's Super Helpful!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACINTOSH (6)Modern Artists' Cyber-Instrument - New Technology Of Sequencing Harmonies.Angela Brett, because modern music is often created on computers - in fact that's a field in which I believe the Macintosh dominates.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%MACINTOSH (7)Macs Are Compatible... I'm Not Talking Of Substandard Hogwash!Angela Brett, in response to MAC (4). Macs can read/write any standard format... heck, they can even use proprietary formats like what Microsoft Offal produces.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACINTOSH (8)Motorola And Company Incessantly Negate Truth On Superior HardwareHyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton90%MACINTOSH (9)Monumental Arguments Concerning Intellectual Nemeses To Obscenely Small-minded HooligansHyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton90%MACINTOSH (10)Minor, Absurd Company, In-between Nothingness. Totally Overconfident, Sadly Humiliating.Hyper UnitComputers:Macintosh & Newton89%MACINTOSH CLASSICModel-name Accidentally Contains Implied Nudity... The Old SE Had Changed to Lewd Apple SEX - Suffix-Initiated Copulation!Angela Brett, after hearing that the Macintosh SE was renamed to Macintosh Classic when Apple decided to append an X onto all of their model names. That's not actually true though, it turns out.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware95%MACINTOSH IS THE BEST!My Apple Computer Is Not The Only Sort of Hardware. It's Superior, Though - Hardly Ever Breaks. Exceptional Software Too!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton94%MACJAVA CYBERCAFEMake A Coffee, Jumpstart Apple's Very Attractive Computers... You'll Be Exhilerated, Really. Chat to A Friendly Employee.Angela Brett, on her favourite cafe so far. (see IMAC (2))Food & Drink:Food Outlets88%MACLESSMy Adored Computer is Lost, Extend Some Sympathy!Angela Brett, while Tony was Macless for a while.Computers:Macintosh & Newton90%MACMORRISMainly Accented Comedy Making Objectionable Reflection (of) Rough Irish SoldieryTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry V100%MACNIFICENTMy Apple Computer's Now Incredibly Fast. It Crunches Extraordinary Numbers TirelesslyTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Made Up WordsComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAC OSMay Apple Cleanse Our SoulsAngela Brett, thinking that it could be a prayer of converted gatanists.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%MAC OS (2)May Angela Crave Only SteveSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MAC OS (3)Majorly Addictive, Causes Overuse Syndrome.Steve KeateComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%MAC OS (4)Men Are Completely Over-SexedAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MAC OS (5)Many Assume Computer's Over-SimplifiedAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%MAC OS (6)Makes Apple Computers Operate SmoothlyAngela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%MAC OS XMemory Available? Come On, Sample Xtravagance!Angela Brett, because Mac OS X requires quite a lot of RAM, but like most extravagances, is great to have if the RAM is available.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%MAC OS X (2)Must Attempt Cocoa - Oh, Such Xcitement!Angela Brett, remembering when she first got Mac OS X and was impatient to try COCOAPROGRAMMING.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%MACPACMany A Camper Prefers Acclaimed CarrybagsAngela BrettSports & Recreation100%MACPAC (2)Makes Adventure Camping Products - All CanvasAngela BrettCommerce:CompaniesSports & Recreation89%MACPHONEMobile All-purpose Communicator - Police Have One Nearly EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoard89%MACRONYMMacintosh Aided Creation of Ridiculous Obscurities Necessitates Youthful MirthAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words100%MACSMost Astounding Computer StandardJeff AnonymousComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACS (2)Macintoshes Accept Crummy SoftwareNicki FosterComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACS (3)Macintoshes Aren't Computers (Seriously!)Carl BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACS (4)Microsoft Authors Crummy Software!Angela Brett, in response to MACS (2)Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MACS (5)Mackintoshes Are Chewy SweetsAngela Brett, in response to MACS (3)Food & Drink100%MAC'S SPECIAL LIGHTMysterious Ale Containing Strange Substances, Purposefully Encouraging Comas In All Liberal Liquor Ingesters, Giving Hangovers Tomorrow.Dustan Dowsing, after seeing a brand of beer called Mac's Special Light. (Angela thought it was the LED on her PowerBook which flashes when it's sleeping!)Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%MADAGASCARMuch Abject Destitution, A Generally Agricultural Society, Constituted As Republic.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MADAMMakes A Dame A MistressRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Titles100%MADCAPMental Ability's Defective - Call A PsychiatristTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%MADE FOR EACH OTHERMaybe Adam Dated Eve For Obvious Reason; Every Alternative Couldn't Have Offered Truly Human Effect, Rootwise.Angela Brett, as Adam and Eve were the only couple truly made for each other, but they didn't have much choice in the mat[t]er so it wasn't necessarily as romantic as is implied by that phrase nowadays.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MADE IN USAMexicans Are Deviously Employed Illegally. No Unions Should ApplyTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%MADE WITH A MACMacintosh At Doorstep - Euphoric Writer Is Terribly Happy. Apple Made A Customer.Jeff Anonymous, who got his 12.1" iBook (CD-ROM, vanilla except 256 MB RAM) this morning. This acronym was written in the Acronym Checker for OSX. However, due to configuration issues, it was submitted via Web.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MAD MACSMonthly Apple Developer Meetings & Annual Conferences SocietyAngela Brett, as a suggested name for a group which will do just that, if all goes to plan.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonComputers:Programming100%MADMANMentally Am Defective, Maybe Am Normal? TMcCO'G who, looking around him, wonders if the 'norm' for society is to be a bit abnormal.Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%MADMAN (2)Makes Apronyms Daily... Maybe Assumes Normal?Angela BrettWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%MADMAN (3)Maybe Anthony's Defective, Maybe Angela's Not? TMcO'G, in response to MADMAN (2)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%MADMENMental Asylums Detain Many (Euphemistically) Nutters Tony McSane O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%MADONNAMusically Adept Dancer. Often Nurtures Naughty Antics.Eric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%MAE WESTMen Always Eagerly Watched Every Sexy TurnRoger Williams -- We're talking about the actress here, not the life jacket...Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%MAFMuch About FloraAngela Brett, referring to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.Re-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Biology100%MAFFMany Abhor Factory FarmingTony McCoy O'Grady (MAFF usually stands for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food)Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%MAFIAMany Assassins From Italian AncestryTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%MAGGIEMute Agile Girl, Generally Intensely ExpressiveTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%MAGGIE (2)Magnificent And Gigantic Girlcat Is EmbraceablePatricia Rix, referring to her catNames:Pet Names100%MAGGOTMany Anglers Get Grubs Outta Tins Izaac WaltonScience:Biology:Insects83%MAGICMuggles Are Gulled In Con-tricksTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment100%MAGIC (2)Make Anything Go Invisible, Crikey!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment100%MAGIKARPMuch Ancentral Greatness - Immediate Kin Aren't Really Powerful.Angela Brett (Magikarp is Pokemon #129)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%MAGISTRATESMust Always Give Incarcerative Sentences To Repeatedly Arrested Thieves, Extortionists & Swindlers TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations90%MAGNESIUMMetal Able to Generate Nasty Explosions. Sulphate Is Used Medicinally.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%MAGNETMetal's Attracted, Getting Near Electromagnetic Thingies!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Physics100%MAHOGANYMuch Admired. Having Originally Grown About Ninety Years? TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%MAIDENHEADMarry Assets, Initiate Divorce, Ensnare New Husband, Enjoy And DivorceRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%MAILMessages And Interesting LettersEdwin HermannCommunication100%MAIL (2)Maze Allocating Individual LettersRico LeffantaCommunication100%MAIL ADDRESSMailing Address Information Lapsed! Another Disaster? Damage Reversed, Everybody See SignatureGavin LambertComputers:Internet100%MAINEMarginal Area Is North EasternJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%MAINE (2)Mariners Abound In New England TonyPlaces:States & Regions100%MAINFRAMEMachine Adds Immense Numbers For Researchers - Absorbs Much ElectricityTony McCoy O'GradyComputers91%MAINSTREAMMost Anti-Indie Nerds Sell-out. Tripe Reigns Everywhere... And Moulds.Rob RixAssorted Adjectives100%MAINTENANCEMadness! Apparently I Need To Endure (No Arguments) Numerous Cosmetic Enhancements!Angela Brett, whose idea of maintenance is eating, breathing and fixing bugs.Assorted Nouns100%MAJORMust Admonish Junior Officers RegularlyTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary:Ranks100%MAJORITYMany Absentees Justified Or Ratified Inane Trendy YawnsRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%MAKE SENSE OF ITMaybe Anthony Kept Essaying Suitable Expansions. No Single Expansion Offered Fitted It Truely.Tony McCoy O'Grady. (See SENSE OF IT)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MAKE SENSE OF IT (2)Make All Key Elements Snuggly Enmesh - No Superfluous Es Or Fs In ThereTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MAKING LOVEMake A Kiss Interesting, Next Get Leg Over - Very Exciting.Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust88%MALACHIMessenger Against Lacklustre Adoration (and) Cynical, Hypocritical, InsinceritySue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%MALAWIMainly Agricultural, Labouring Against Whopping Indebtedness.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MALAYSIAMainly Agricultural Labourers And Yet Some Industrially Active.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MALCOLMMachismo's Absent - Loses Control Over Lord's MurdererTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's MacbethArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Macbeth89%MALDIVESMainly A Lot (of) Desert Islands - Valuable Export: Seafood.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MALEMasculine Anatomy Losing ExtinctionRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALE DRIVERSMeandering Around Like Erratic Daredevils - Recklessly, Impulsively Veering Everywhere 'Round Streets.Angela BrettTransport:Drivers100%MALESMost Are Lustily Expecting SexAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALES (2)Many Are Lacking Experience SociallySteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALES (3)Most Are Lazy - Expect Slaves.Steve KeatePeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALES (4)Maybe Aren't Liking Excess SiliconeAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALES (5)Machismo Attitudes, Larger Egos, StupidSteve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALES (6)Morning After, Leave. Enforcing Stereotypes.Steve KeatePeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MALIMostly Agricultural - Little Industry.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MALPRACTICEMedical Accidents - Lousy Physician Regrets A Claim That Insinuated Cure's EnsuredTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare100%MALTMilky Adaptive Liquid, ThickJan Morgan -- Thicker than a milk shakeFood & Drink83%MALTAMediterranean Air, Loads (of) Tourists Attracted.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MALTA (2)Men Always Less Than AngelicRico LeffantaPlaces:Countries89%MALVOLIOMad Actions Lead Vindictive Olivia (to) Lock In OffenderTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Twelfth NightArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Twelfth Night100%MAMAMano A Mano AcrobaticallyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%MAMA (2)Meaningfully, Athinai Mirrored AnitaAngela Brett (HANS THOMAS's mother Anita went to Athens to find herself, and Hans Thomas notices that the sign 'Athinai' is almost Anita backwards.)Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%MAMA (3)Metaphorically Amorously Marked Ace.Angela Brett (HANS THOMAS's mother is connected with the Ace of Hearts)Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Solitaire Mystery100%MAMMALMother Animal Makes Milk And LactatesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals100%MAMMARIESMost All Manly Men Are Rapt If Eying Some.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts90%MAMMARIES (2)Maybe A-cups, Maybe Mountains Always Restrained In Exo-Skeletons.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%MAMMOGRAMManipulate And Mash Melons - Oncologists Gather 'Round And Murmur.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%MANMutters Ad NauseumAngela Brett, after MANTRAPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%MANAGEMENTMaking A Nuisance And Getting Everybody Muddled Eventually Nauseates ThemTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsCommerce100%MANAGERMake A Name At Getting Everyone RousedTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%MANDARINMany Admit Nibbling Duck And Roasting Is NiceTony McCoy O'GradyFood & DrinkScience:Biology:Animals100%MANDARIN (2)Many A Nice Duck Appears Rooted In NostalgiaPatricia Rix (we had Mandarin ducks on the farm when I was a kid)Science:Biology:Animals90%MANGANESEMarine-Acquired Nodules - Generally A Not Expensive Source (of) Electricity.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%MANGEREMaori Aborigines Not Generally Energetic - Rarely EmployedAngela Brett (apart from being a suburb which is supposedly full of the kind of people described in the expansion, mangere means 'lazy' in Maori.)Science:Linguistics:Maori WordsPlaces:Towns & Cities:New Zealand100%MANIFOLDMuch About Nature Is Full Of Living DiversityAngela Brett and Tony McCoy O'GradyScienceAssorted Adjectives100%MANILAMany Ardent Natives Invite Love AffairsRico LeffantaPlaces:Towns & Cities100%MANITOBAMŽtis And Natives Investigated This Outstandingly Beautiful AreaPatricia Rix (MŽtis is anyone of mixed French and Indian heritage, specifically in the Province of Manitoba. This is not a pejorative: the MŽtis have always considered themselves a nation within the nation, as the First Nations do.)Places:States & Regions100%MANKEYMuck Abounds, Nearly Kneedeep - Everything's YuckyTony McCoy O'Grady. Mankey is a slang word for dirty. A long time ago a group of boyscouts set to cleaning out a river-fed swimming pool. There was a lot of knee-high silt/mud/decaying-vegatation at the bottom of the pool which was nicknamed 'mank'. The scouts thought that they had coined a new word, but there was probably some subconscious reference to 'mankey'Assorted AdjectivesSports & Recreation:Scouts100%MAN OF GODMaybe Advocating Nice Old-Fashioned Goodwill, Or Deprivation.Angela BrettReligion:Religious Occupations100%MANSIONMillionaires Are Needlessly Squandering Income On Nonessentials.Angela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%MANTISMake A Note That It's ScrewyAngela Brett (Mantis is a program for keeping track of bugs in software.)Computers:Programming100%MANTIS (2)Money's A Nod To Its Statistics? Angela Brett (MANTIS can show statistics on how many bugs each person has reported or fixed. I wonder if the people with the best statistics in Mantis get paid more.)Computers:Programming100%MANTIS (3)Mailed As New Testing Indicates SuccessAngela Brett (MANTIS can send an email to the developer who fixed a bug when a tester confirms that the bug has been fixed.)Computers:Programming100%MANTRAMutter Ad Nauseum 'Til Revelation's ApparentAngela BrettReligion100%MANUALSMeals Are Not Usually A Literary StewTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%MAN. UTDMastered Arsenal's New Unprolonged Title DominanceJide Alakija, Man Utd. Will Always Dominate the title.Sports & Recreation100%MANY THANKSMarking A-Nother Year, Tony Happily Acknowledges Newzealaner's Kind Sentiments Ol' Man River, in response to TONY'S BIRTHDAY (AGAIN!)Time:Special Occasions100%MAORIMeandering Aborigines Originating Round IslandsMary Carr, referring to the aboriginal people of New ZealandPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & Races100%MAPMake A PlanTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Navigation Aids100%MAP (2)Monuments Are PlottedTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Navigation Aids100%MAP (3)May Advise PositionEric BridgstockPlaces:Navigation Aids100%MAP (4)Men Absolutely Poohpooh.Roger WilliamsPeople & Relationships:GenderalisationsPlaces:Navigation Aids100%MAP (5)Masks All Potholes.Roger WilliamsPlaces:Navigation Aids100%MAPLE SYRUPMuch Appreciated Product Leaves Everyone Sighing - Yo! Rustle Up Pancakes!Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Condiments100%MAPLE SYRUP (2)Makes A Pancake Look Exquisite. Some Youths Relish Uncountable PancakesTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Condiments100%MAPLE SYRUP (3)Many A Person Likes Eating Sticky, Yummy Repast - Undoubtedly Pancakes!Patricia RixFood & Drink:Condiments100%MAP REFERENCEMaths Assists Preparing Readable (Expressed Flatly) Earthly References. Explorers Need Charts EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Positions & Directions100%MARATHONMany Asthmatic Runners Are Treated - Hospitals Offer Nebulisers.Angela BrettSports & Recreation100%MARCELMime Artist Rather Cleverly Exchews LanguageTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Marcel Marceau - a renowned French mime.Names:Famous people100%MARCHMay & April Rounding Corner Hastily.Angela BrettTime:Months83%MARCH (2)Main Activity - Rampant Chlorophyll (in) Hedgerows.Tony McCoy O'Grady, who lives in the northern hemisphere.Time:Months100%MARCH (3)Most Armies Rhythmically Continue Hiking.Angela BrettMilitary100%MARCH (4)Mild And Rather Clement, HopefullyTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%MARCOMade A Route - Chinawards - OverlandTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous peopleHistory100%MARCUS ANTONIUSMuch Admired Roman Citizen, Using Strong And Noted Tactics Overcomes Nasty Insubordinate, Usurping SchemersTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and Cleopatra100%MARGARETMarries A Royal, Gets Ambassador Romantically Entangled TooTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's King Henry VIArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:King Henry VI100%MARGARET PAGEMarried And Responsible. Greatest Ambition Remains Efforts To Permit Anne Get EngagedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor100%MARGEMother - A Really Good EpitomeAngela BrettEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%MARGIEMakes A Reasonable Guess, It's ExceptionalJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MARIANAMakes Angelo (Reluctantly Interested) Announce Nuptial ArrangementsTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Measure for MeasureArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Measure for Measure100%MARIANNEMisguided Adult Really Is Antagonistic, Needs Navigation EthicsJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%MARIEMakes Any Romance Intimate, Eventually!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%MARIE (2)Music Arts Really Is EntertainingJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MARIJUANAMind-Altering Recreational Inhalant - Joints Usually Are Not ApprovedSteve Keate and Angela BrettDrugs:Cannabis100%MARIJUANA (2)Medicinally Applied... Really, It's Just Used As Numbing Agent.Angela BrettDrugs:Cannabis100%MARIJUANA (3)My A*se! Regular Inhalers Joyously Unailing, Aren't Needing AnaesthesiaAngela Brett, as a response to MARIJUANA (2)Drugs:Cannabis100%MARIJUANA (4)Medicinally Applied? Really?! I Judge Users Are Not Ailing.Angela BrettDrugs:Cannabis100%MARILYN MONROEMen Always Rave, 'I Love You Naked!' Morning Or Night, Romance Overshadows Everything!Rico LeffantaNames:Famous people100%MARINAMorality's Apogee - Really Innocent Nature AbidesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's PericlesArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Pericles100%MARINEMuscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential The US Navy and the US Marines have a log tradition of dumping on each other. Here's one example from a US Navy Vet.MilitaryPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%MARINE (2)My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment More US Marines-Versus-US Navy bashing, as brought home by one of my Navy friends, Col Myers.Military100%MARINESMen Armed, Ready If National Emergency StrikesTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%MARION MORRISONMan Always Rides In On Nag; Maid Often Rides Roughly In Saddle Or NoisilyRico Leffanta (Marion Morrison is better known as John Wayne)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%MARITAL BLISSMakes A Romance Into That 'Always' Love Bad Lyrics Indicate Should Survive.Angela Brett-Hilton-Wilding-Todd-Fisher-Burton-Warner-FortenskyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%MARJORIEMakes A Reasonable Judgment, Offering Reconciliation Is ExtinguishedJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MARKMuch Acclaimed Religious KnowledgeTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible booksReligion:Saints100%MARK (2)Making Available Religious KnowledgeRoger WilliamsReligion:Bible books100%MARK (3)Must Act Really KindJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%MARLBOROManly And Rugged? Lungs Blackened Or Respiration ObstructedTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%MARLON BRANDOMarvellous Actor - Rugged Looking - Oscar 'Name', By Rejecting Award, Needled & Dissed 'OllywoodTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%MARRIAGEMake A Relationship Remain Into Amours' Geriatric EndAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%MARRIAGE (2)Makes A Relationship Real, In All Gods' Eyes.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%MARRIAGE (3)Making A Recognised Relationship, Instigated After Getting EngagedEric BridgstockPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%MARRIOTTMost Agree Room Rent Is Over The TopAngela BrettPlaces:Buildings100%MARSMany Anticipate Raiders Soon!Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy:Planets100%MARS (2)Mountainous And Really SandyPhilip Edwards (The planet Mars is home to Olympus Mons, at 24 km high, the highest mountain known.)Science:Astronomy:Planets100%MARS (3)Mostly A Red SurfaceSporkmasterScience:Astronomy:Planets100%MARSHALLMost Active Resident, Saves His Adventures, Large ListJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%MARTINMake A Rival Town Into Necropolis!Angela Brett (Martin means 'warlike')Names:First names:Male80%MARYMarvelously Angelic, Religious and YouthfulMary CarrNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%MARY (2)Madam, Articulate Royal Yobbo.Mary Carr, describing herself.Names:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%MARY (3)Mine's A Raspberry YoghurtTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%MARY (4)Meets A Rich YuppieJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MARY (5)Mother Adores Redeemer, YoreJan Morgan -- Christ's motherReligion100%MARY (6)Mother Acquires Reverence, YesterdayJan Morgan -- Christ's motherReligion100%MARY ANNMentor As Remembering Youth And Natural NurturerJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%MARY BETHMeets A Rich Yuppie, But Examines Truth Heartily/HappilyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMBMary, A Rosy Youth, Had A Darling Angel Lamb; It Tip Toed Lightly Everywhere Like A Mutton BedeviledPatricia Rix and George RixArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%MARY JANEMatriarch As Referred, Yesterday's Journey's A Necessary EventJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Female100%MARYLANDMid Atlantic Region Yields Large Academy, Naval DomainJan Morgan - the Naval AcademyPlaces:States & Regions100%MASERATIMaster Automotive Sportster, Erstwhile Racer, Archetypal Total ItalianEric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models100%MASHMake A Spud Horrible/HeavenlyAngela Brett, who only likes mashed potatoes sometimes.Food & Drink100%MASOCHISMMany A Stroke Of Cane Has Intense Sexual MeaningTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MASONMakes A Stone Object NeaterTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%MASON (2)Master At Stone Object NascencyGavin LambertPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations83%MASON (3)Member of A Secret Organisation; NamelessGavin Lambert - I seem to recall reading about some secret society called the "Masons", out to run the world from behind the scenes, or something like that. Like most secret societies, most members didn't know anyone else's real name.People & Relationships80%MASSMany Assemble Solemnly (on) SundaysTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%MASS (2)Memory Apronymic: Super - Stuffed!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. referring to the mass of information which can be crammed in using apronyms.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MASSACHUSETTSMayflower's Arrival Site, School At Cambridge, Harvard University. State Established Textiles, Tourist SitesJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%MASSACHUSSETTSManifestly, A Sea Side Area Can Have Unexplored Sunken Ships, Exciting To Treasure SeekersPatricia Rix, saying: I don't know if there are wrecks off the coast of Massachussetts, but it seems logicalPlaces:States & Regions100%MASSAGEMake A Sweet Sensation Abound, Generally, Everywhere!Patricia RixSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%MASSAGE (2)My Aching Shoulders - Stroking Assimilates General EmbrocationTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Relaxation100%MASSAGE THERAPYMuscles And Sensitive Skin Are Given Extensive Touching, Holistically Encouraging Relaxation And Promoting YouthfulnessAngela BrettSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%MASSAGE THERAPY (2)Make A Sweet Sensation Abound, Generally, Everywhere That Hurts. Each Restful Appointment Pampers You.Patricia RixSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%MASSAGE THERAPY (3)Masseur Arouses Strident Sexuality - And Generally Evokes Thoughts (Heavily Erotic) - Rubbing And Petting YouTony McCoy O'Grady, who is DIFFERENTLY WELLPeople & Relationships:Love & LustSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%MASSEY UNIVERSITYMay All Students Study... Except Younger Undergraduates - Nobody Interesting's Very Enthusiastic Regarding Study In Their Youth.Angela Brett, a student at Massey University.Education:Schools92%MASTER CHIEFMany Attacking Strangers Take Evasive Routes to Circumvent His Inventive, Exceptional Fighting.Freddy Heimann, I am EXTREMELY BORED!Computers:Games:Game CharactersMilitary:Ranks85%MASTER CHIEF (2)Most Aliens Stay Terribly Evil. Really, the Covenant Hopes It'll Extinguish the Flood.Freddy Heimann, I am extremely bored yet again...Computers:Games:Game Characters100%MASTER OF ACRONYMSMakes Acronyms So Terrific, Everyone Recognises Outstanding Flair And Creativity. Ready Or Not, You're Made Superstar!Angela Brett, describing Tony.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MASTURBATEMating Alone?! Sexual Tension's Usually Relieved By A Twin Euphoria.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MASTURBATIONManual Arousal & Stimulation Till Urgent Relief Brings Awesome Tremors Is Often NiceTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MATHMuch About Tedious HypothesesPiMasterScience:Mathematics100%MATH (2)Manna! Abstract/Apparent Truth Habitually/Healthfully!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics100%MATHEMATICSMethodology Attempting To Harmonise Equations, Many Apply Techniques In Calculus & Statistics.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics92%MATHEMATICS (2)Manipulation of Algebraic Theories Holds Excitement. Much Abstract Thought Is Considered Scholarly.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%MATHEMATICS (3)Meet Absolute Truth Here... Employ Minimal Assumptions To Imply Complicated Statements.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%MATHIASMostly A True Happy Individual, Active ScoutJan Morgan -- Someone I knowNames:First names:MaleSports & Recreation:Scouts100%MATHSModels, Axioms, Theorems, Hypothetical StructuresAngela BrettScience:Mathematics100%MATH THEM MATICS!Multiply Access To Help! Training ==> Housing, Employment, Meals! Mobilise Addicts Thru Innovative Compassion! Soar!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics100%MATH THEM MAT TICSMotivate All Tots Humanely! Technical Humans Elevate Man! Math Advances Technology! Technologists: Invent Comforts Social!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics100%MATH WHIZ!Math's Acme, Traveling Higher! Wishes He'd Invented Zero!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Relaxing from TEDIOUS APRONYMISING! (after CIRCLE PERIMETER)Science:Mathematics100%MATH WIZMultiplications & Additions - This 'Hard Work' Is ZeroTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics100%MATLABMathematical Algorithms Take Little Actual Brainpower.Angela Brett (MATLAB is a mathematics software package)ComputersComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Software:Applications100%MATRISMothers Are Treated Respectfully In SocietyRico LeffantaReligion:Hindu Goddesses100%MATRIXMental Agility Transfigures Reality; Insane Xperience!Gavin Lambert, after seeing The Matrix: ReloadedEntertainment:Movies100%MATTMine's A Tad TastelessTony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%MATT (2)Makes A Tasty TreatTony McCoy O'Grady, to balance MATTFood & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%MATTHEWMany Attest Thankfully To His Evengelising Words.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible booksReligion:Saints100%MAURITANIAMines A Useful Resource - Iron! They Are Now Islamic Administration.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries90%MAURITIUSMarking An Upswing (in) Revenue Its Tourism Is Upstaging Sugar.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries89%MAXIOGEEMad And Xuberant Irishman Often Guffaws Eloquently and Excitedly.Angela Brett, referring to Tony's email username.Names:Acronymists100%MAYMerriment And YouthfulnessTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%MAY (2)Moderate And YummyTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%MAY (3)Many Anniversaries YearlyAngela Brett, because she knows so many people with birthdays in May.Time:Months100%MAY (4)Most Abundently YarrowishJeff Anonymous, hoping for some good plant activity in that month.Time:Months75%MAY (5)Middle - Approximately - of Year.Angela BrettTime:Months100%MAY (6)Merely Asking, Yes?Tony McCoy O'Grady (on the 'May I do...' meaning of may.)Main100%MAY (7)Means Achievement Yielded.Tony McCoy O'Grady (on the 'It may happen that...' meaning of may.)Main100%MAY (8)Many Arbours Yellow.Edwin HermannTime:Months100%MAY (9)March? April? Yesterday!Angela BrettTime:Months100%MAYAMiddle Americans, Years Ago TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Nationalities & RacesHistory100%MAYBEMainly A 'Yes, But...' Ensues.Angela BrettCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%MAYOMixture Adds Yummy OvertonesTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Condiments92%MAYOR QUIMBYMunicipal Authority You're (an) Openly Rotten, Quite Unprincipalled, Ignorant & Morally Bankrupt Yahoo!Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%MAYPOLEMarch Around Yippily, Prance Over Lilies, Eh?Jeff AnonymousAssorted NounsTime:Special Occasions100%MAYPOLE (2)Many Amorous Youths Proposition Oversexed Ladies EagerlyTony McCoy O'Grady, saying that the maypole is actually a highly erotic springtime rite. Much activity occurred.Assorted NounsPeople & Relationships:Love & LustTime:Special Occasions100%MAZDAMany Automobiles Zippily Drive AlongTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%MCDONALDSMany Children's Diets Obviously Need A Lingering Detailed ScrutinyTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Food Outlets100%MCPMastered Crappy ProgramsAngela Brett (MCP usually stands for Microsoft Certified Professional)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:WindowsEducation:Qualifications75%MCTManaging to Charge ThousandsSean Lamb (MCT really stands for Microsoft Certified Trainer)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:WindowsEducation:Qualifications100%MCT (2)Must Continue TrainingSean Lamb (MCT really stands for Microsoft Certified Trainer)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:WindowsEducation:Qualifications100%MEMy ExistanceAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%ME (2)My EgoAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%MEA CULPAMy Extreme Apologies, Capabilities Using Latin Pathetically AbyssmalTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to PEDANTRYScience:Linguistics100%MEADMeadow Extract, Alcoholic DrinkMary CarrFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic88%MEAFORDMust Eat Apples From Old Rugged Deciduous [trees]Patricia RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%MEASUREMENTSMust Ensure Accurate Size Using Ruler - Errors Mean Everything's Now Too Short!Angela Brett and Patricia RixScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%MEASUREMENTS (2)Many Early Artisans Surely Used Reliably Established Methods - Eliminating Nasty Tradesmen's ScamsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%MEATHOPMeet Each Aircraft Tragedy & Have Obscene PicnicTony McCoy O'Grady (Meathop is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'One who sets off for the scene of an aircraft crash with a picnic hamper.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%MECCAMuslims Everywhere Can Come Along.Angela BrettPlacesReligion100%MECHANICMale Endangered Class, He's Always Nestled Inside CarsMary CarrPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsTransport91%MEDICATIONMood-Enhancing Drugs In Case Additional Tension Induces Operation of Noose.Angela BrettDrugs100%MEDICINEMight Eradicate Disease, If Contagion Is Nullified Everywhere.Angela BrettDrugs100%MEDIEVALMany Existed Dreadfully In European Villages - Abject & Low TMcCO'GTimeHistory100%MEDITATIONMental Exercise, Do It To Attain True Insights, Or Nirvana Tony McCoy O'LotusPositionSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%MEETINGSMeaningless Endeavours Engendering Trash, Including Nagging Grandmothers' Stories.DundeeCommerce100%MEETINGS (2)My Employer Expects Togetherness - It Never Generates SolutionsTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce100%MEET JOE BLACKMr. Expiration Enjoys This Jaunt On Earth, Beholding Love And Carnal Knowledge.Angela BrettEntertainment:Movies100%MEET MEMake Every Effort To Make EncounterAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%MEET PATTYMy Escort Enjoys Takeaways... Purchases Anything That Tastes Yummy.Angela BrettNames:You Are What You Eat83%MEGANMmm-hmm, Everybody Gets A Name!Angela Brett, who wishes she had more information to expand the names which people search for.Names:First names:Female100%MEG RYANMany Erotic Grinds Replay Young Actress's NoisinessRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%MELANIE'Midnight-Eyed' Looks Are Noticable, Indeed Exceptional!Tony McCoy O'GradyNames:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%MELANIE (2)My Escapade Licking Animal Now Informs Eire!Tony McCoy O'Grady (One of Patricia's children was once discovered licking a slug)Names:AcronymistsNames:First names:Female100%MELANIE (3)Much Enjoyment & Laughs As 'Nym Is ExpandedTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists100%MEL GIBSONMan Earns Loads, Gives Insights, Biblical Savior's Own NarrativeJan Morgan -- refering to his work on the passionNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%MELINDAMay Eventually Live In Neighborhood, Designated AreaJan Morgan (when looking for a home the couple had a designated area to locate one in)Names:First names:Female100%MELISSAMy Eponymic Legacy Is Sharp Smart AnticsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%MELISSA (2)Mother Evidently Likes Idiot Sister's Slug AnticsTony McCoy O'Grady (see MELANIE (2))Names:First names:Female100%MELISSA (3)Makes Every Little Instant Seem So AmazingOmarNames:First names:Female100%MELISSA IS HOTMayhaps Exclaimer Lost It? Searching Such Ardorous Insanity Shirks Honor. Obviously Terrible.Jeff Anonymous, wondering if the person who searched for this on acronyms.co.nz is a nutter or just someone who is zealously randy.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%MELODYMusical Excellence Lingers On, Delighting You ToneDeaf McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%MELONMust Eat Lots Of NourishmentSean LambFood & Drink100%MEMORABLEMany Endearing Memories, One Really Astounding Bit Lingers EternallyTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted AdjectivesPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MEMORIESMost Events Manages Our Recollection, Is Emotional SometimesJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Thoughts86%MEMORYMy Elderly Mind Objects to Remembering YouthAngela Brett, when Tony mentioned he couldn't remember something about his youth.People & Relationships:Thoughts100%MEMORY (2)Much Eaten - Makes One Retch Yuckily. Tony (Applications are often described as 'eating' memory)Computers:Do Not Eat100%MEMPHISMaybe Every Microsoft Programmer Hates Information ServicesSean Lamb (Memphis was the code name Microsoft used for Windows 98)Computers:WindowsNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%MEMPHIS (2)Microsoft Engineers Make Promise, However It's SketchySean Lamb (Memphis was Microsoft's code name for Windows 98)Names:Code Names:Microsoft100%MENAECHMUSMathematician Entered Near Alopeconnesus - Explained Cones Had Many Useful Sections.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians79%MENDELEVIUMMetallic Element. Named (for) Dmitry - (who) Executed Layout of Elements, Visually Indicating Unions - Mendeleyev.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%MENENIUSMediator Extraordinary... Now Entreating... Now Insisting... Urges SettlementTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's CoriolanusArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Coriolanus100%MENOPAUSEMenstruation Ends, Now Once Pretty Anatomy Undergoes Sagging EntropyPatricia Rix and George RixScience:Biology100%MENOPAUSE (2)Menses Ended, No One's Pregnant, And Unlimited Seniority Ensues!Patricia RixScience:Biology100%MENSAModern Einsteins Need Stimulating AssociatesAngela Brett, after Edwin mentioned on the ACRONYMS forums that Mensa were looking for acronyms of their name.People & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (2)Members Essentially Not Stupid, AcademicallyAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (3)Mental Elitists Need Segregated AssociationSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (4)Monstrous Egos Necessitate Superficial AuthoritySteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (5)Members Exhibit Nauseatingly Superior AttitudeTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (6)Most Eunuchs Now Socially Associate.Jeff AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (7)Members Exhibit Nearly Supreme ArroganceChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (8)Members Embarrassed: No Superiority AccruesChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (9)Maybe Employment Now Seems AssuredChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:ThoughtsPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%MENSA (10)Members Ecstatic: Natural Superiority AssumedChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (11)Millions Exclaim, No Such Association!Chris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (12)My Experience, No Sense Applying!Chris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (13)Massive Elitism: No Stupid AllowedChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (14)Members Exhibit No Social AcumenChris KjelgaardPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSA (15)Mere Excellence Never Seems Adequate AngelA+ BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%MENSANSMaybe Edwin's Not Slow, Angela's Nauseatingly So.Angela Brett -- in about 1998 I filled in an application form to join MENSA, so that Edwin (a MENSA member) would have a chance of winning something. In 2001 I found the form and mailed it. It's now November 2003 and every so often I get an email announcing the next inconvenient entrance test date. Sorry Edwin, I don't think you'll win that competition.People & Relationships100%MENTALMind Expanding? No? Then Add Letters.Angela Brett -- whichever meaning you read into this, apronymising is mental!Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MENTOSMicro-Electronic Negative Thought Override SystemGeoffrey Russell, who explains that the acronym was heavily influenced by the Mentos commercials wherein people do impolite or bizzare things and then, by way of explanation, hold up a Mentos package, which invariably causes the person on the recieving end to grin like an idiot.People & Relationships:ThoughtsFood & Drink:Confectionery100%MEOWMild Expression Of Words Acronymous AnonymousAssorted Nouns:Noises100%MEOWTHMeowing Entity Often Washes The HandsJeff Anonymous, expanding the cat pokemon (#52), as listed on the unsuccessful-search list. As for the last three words, I know cats to often lick their forepaws.Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%MERCEDESMany European Racing Cars, Elegantly Designed, Exceptionally SpeedyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%MERCEDES BENZMarvellously Engineered Robust Cars. Every Diplomat Enjoys Solid Build. Engine Noises? Zero!Eric BridgstockTransport:Car Makes & Models88%MERCURYMaking Exploratory Reconnoiters Considered Unlikely in Recent YearsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy:Planets100%MERCURY (2)Mobile, Exceptionally, Rarely Contained, Usually Rather YieldingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%MERCUTIOMercurial, Eloquent Rakish Character's Unmannerly - Tybalt Is OutragedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet100%MERCYMany Entreat Respected & Clement YahwehTony McCoy O'GradyReligionPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%MERIT BADGEMust Educate Rising Individual, Tries Best Ability, Does Get EventuallyJan MorganPeople & RelationshipsHousehold Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories100%MERLINMastered Esoteric Realms, Loyal Intelligent NecromancerTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%MERRILLManages Ego, Reacting Reprovingly In Life's LessonsJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MERRIMENTMe Expressing Raucous Revelry In My Environment Nine TimesTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%MERRYMany Exploits Reveal Ripening YouthPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%MERTHYR TYDFILMindless Educationally Retarded Twits Having Yobbish Relationships These Yobs Demonstrate Failures In LifeJohn Richard Jones A thought of people living in Merthyr Tydfil with it being the 'Sick Capital' of the United Kingdom.Places:Towns & Cities:UK100%MESONMatter Element Shadowing Own NegationAngela Brett (a meson is composed of a QUARK and an antiquark)Science:Physics:Particles100%MESOZOIC ERAMagical Era, Something Only Zoologists Or Impetuous Children Ever Really AppreciateAngela BrettTimeScience:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs100%MESSAGEMainly Excessive Silly Stories About Ghastly EventsJon BarkerCommunication100%MESSAGE LISTMultiple Entries Sorted Systematically (As Gathered) - Efficient Layout In Single TopicsTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela BrettCommunication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles100%MESSAGEPADMy Erratic Script Sometimes Assists Good Expansion Production - Alternate Decipherings.Angela Brett, because she originally thought of 'My Erratic Scribbling' but her Newton MessagePad couldn't read that, and suggested Scripting - which, minus the -ing, is probably a better word for the expansion.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%MESSAGEPAD (2)Miniaturised Electronics Shall Someday Advance General Everyday Perusing And Documenting.Angela Brett, who was reading a book from her Newton MessagePad while on the bus, and thought that reading books and other publications from a handheld computer seemed like the way of the future.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%MESSED UPMade Everything Supremely Sloppy, Extremely Dirty & Utterly PutridTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Verbs100%MESSENGERMy Errand's Successful Since Employee Never Goes Erring Route TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:OccupationsCommunication90%MESSY SLOBMake Enormous Savings. Spend Your Sterling Lapping-up Our Bargains.Tony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%METAFILTERMaybe Everyone That Asked For It Likes To Explore ReasoningSean Lamb (expanding an unsuccesssful search)Computers:Internet100%METALMost Elements That Aren't LightAngela Brett (astronomers call any elements heavier than helium 'metals'.)Science:ChemistryScience:Astronomy100%METAPODMalprepared, Easy To Attack, Poor Offense & DefenseAngela Brett (Metapod is Pokemon #11)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%METEORSMoving Endlessly They Encircle Our Rotating SphereTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy100%METHANEMarshy Emissions That Have A Nasty EssenceTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry88%METHANE (2)Monocarbonic Entrant in The Homologous Alkanes, Naturally Existing.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry89%METH INKSMethanol Employed To Handwrite Inscriptions - No Known Side-effectsAngela Brett, to go with METHINKSCommunication100%METHINKSMy Erratic Thoughts Happen In No Known SequenceTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Thoughts94%METHYLENEDIOXYMETHAMPHETAMINEMind Expands Thus Helping Your Learning Energy, None-the-less Ecstasy Does Include Other Xtra Yields. Many Experience The Helpless Anxiety Morphing Powers Hash Escalates The Activity Many Internal Neurologists ExplainTim RyanDrugs100%METICULOUSMy Exactness Tendency Is Considered Unpopular, Lest One Unleashes SloppinessTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%METISMagic Entwines The Irreverent SpouseRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%METREMeasured Equator To Rotator's ExtremitiesAngela Brett (the metre was originally intended to be one ten millionth of the distance from pole to equator.)Science:Mathematics:Measurement100%METRICSMarking Each Thousandfold Range Is Convenient SymbolAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%METRICS (2)Metre Equals Three Rather Inconsiderable Consecutive StepsPatricia RixScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%METRICS (3)Measuring Equipment That Reads In "Centi-" ScalesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%MEWMirage? Experts WonderAngela Brett (Mew is Pokemon #151)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon86%MEWTWOManmade Experiment Wants to Take World Over!Angela Brett (Mewtwo is Pokemon #150)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%MEWTWO (2)Makes Everything Wither To Win. Ouch!Dundee (Mewtwo is Pokemon #150)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%MEXICOMay Export Xylophones, I Couldn't Opine.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MFLAMeaningless Four-Letter AcronymZebedee (note: MFLA is allowed in the stack because it fits its expansion in the same way TLA does. However, it would be far too easy to extend this idea to a completely pointless five-letter acronym or an easy to create six-letter acronym, or to even more absurd lengths, so no further such acronyms will be accepted.)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MIMusical IntonationAngela BrettEntertainment:Music100%MIA FARROWMan Invites Affair From Adolescent Romantically Rivalling Own WifeRico LeffantaNames:Famous people:Actors & Actresses100%MIAMIMoney Is A Major IssueTavia BryantPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%MICMassive Intestinal CrampsJeff AnonymousComputers:Do Not Eat100%MICAHMorashtite's Imprecations Can Augur HeartbreakSue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%MICEMy Infestation Chews EverythingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%MICE (2)Mouse Increasing Cat's ExcitementMary CarrScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%MICHAELMaybe I'm Christ (Heavens Above!) Extreme LikenessAngela Brett (Michael means 'Like God')Names:First names:Male100%MICHAEL (2)Migration Involved Cindy, Homed At Empathetic ListenerJan Morgan - someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%MICHAEL HOWARDMigrants In Comfortable Homes And Easy Living Helping Only Worthless And Ruthless DropoutsJohn Richard JonesNames:Famous people:Politicians100%MICHAEL JACKSONMan Is Careless, Haing An Eccentric Lifestyle. Jamming Adult Can Keep Success Of NameJan MorganEntertainment:Music:Artists93%MICHAEL SEILERMan Is Courting Hostilty As Expanding Laura Seems Easy If Likeable Expansion is RequiredTony McCoy O'Grady, in response to LAURA.Names:Acronymists100%MICHELEMost Individuals Cherish Harmony Especially Loving ExamplesJan MorganNames:First names100%MICHELLEMost Intellectual Coherent Handler Encourages Living Life EagerlyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MICHIGANMaybe I Could Have It Good Around NewberryAngela BrettPlaces:States & Regions100%MICHIGAN (2)Motor Industry, Cherries Harvested Is Great Agricultural NeedJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%MICKEYMouse In Cartoons, Key Entertaining YieldJan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters91%MICROPHONEMade In China - Reverberations Over Power Hearers. Overly Noisy for EardrumsAngela Brett, after seeing a "Made in China" sticker right before turning the light off to go to sleep.Science:Electronics83%MICROPHONE (2)Made In China - Rather Old-fashioned Plastic Handheld Object Not-unlike EarsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Electronics90%MICROSOFTMegalomania Incorporated - Criminally Responsible Organisation Successfully Overseeing Felons and ThievesTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Windows90%MICROSOFT (2)Machine Is Crap, Recycling is Only Solution, Ohh F*ck This!Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (3)Mainly Into Customer Rip-Off... Software Often Faulty Too.Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (4)Major In Creating Ridiculously Over-Sized Offal. Finance Topmost.Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (5)Motto Is, 'Create Revenue!' Operating System Often Fails TerriblyAngela BrettComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (6)Money Is Chief Resource... Our Software's Only For Trading.Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (7)Macintosh Is Continually Rising Over Such Old-Fashioned ThinkingAngela BrettComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (8)Media Imbeciles Continually Rabbit On, Sold On Failed Technology.Steve KeateComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (9)Most Intelligent Customers Realise Our Software Only Fools TeenagersHenkComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT (10)Managers In Companies Rile Office Staff, Obstinately Forcing Technology.Angela Brett - I've heard many stories of managers who've blindly bought Microsoft products despite all the people who'd actually be using them recommending other software.Computers:Windows82%MICROSOFT (11)Maybe It's Created from Refuse Out of Some Old Fogey's Truck Acronymous AnonymousComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT SOFTWAREMany Imminent Crashes... Recommend Often Saving One's Files To Safeguard Oneself From Time Wasting And Repeated Entry.Angela BrettComputers:Windows100%MICROSOFT WORKSMostly It Crashes, Requiring Outrageous Squandering Of Funds To Write Over (Reinstall) Kludgy SoftwareAngela BrettComputers:Windows:ApplicationsPeople & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions100%MICROWAVEMarvellous Invention Can Reduce Our Waiting At Various EateriesJan MorganHousehold Objects:Appliances100%MIDASMy Index Delivers Auriferous SurprisesTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%MIDDLE EASTMaybe I'm Dumb... Direction Lacks Exact Endpoints And So, This.Angela Brett, who doesn't understand how East can have a middle.Places:Positions & Directions100%MIDDLE EAST (2)Maybe It's Diameter Dividing Longitudinal Expressions... Equator Always Splits TransverselyAngela Brett, after MIDDLE EAST, thinking that although you could continue forever going east or west, the middle of the space in which you can go east or west, or the middle east-west line, is the equator. (I originally considered 'Longitudinal Expressions' as east goes from one longitude to another, but it later occurred to me that Latitudinal makes more sense as East goes along latitude lines. This choice of notation also affects whether the equator can be thought to split 'Transversely')Places:Positions & Directions100%MIDDLE WESTMedian, If Defined, Definitely Located Equivalently Whichever Expression Suits Topographer.Angela Brett, who thinks that if there is a MIDDLE EAST and MIDDLE WEST, however they are defined it seems logical that they should be both at the same place, whether it's the equator as in MIDDLE EAST (2) or opposite some longitude defined as the start/end of East and West.Places:Positions & Directions100%MIDGETMany, If Diminutive, Get Exceptional TreatmentTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%MIDGET (2)Miniature Individuals Don't Get Especially TallPatricia RixPeople & Relationships100%MIDNIGHTMy, It's Dark! Now I'm Getting Horribly Tired.Angela BrettTime100%MIDWAYMicrosoft Is Developing Widgets Attracting YouthSean Lamb (Midway was Microsoft's code name for the Xbox)Computers:GamesNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%MIGRAINEMy Insides Grumble Repeatedly And It Never Ends!Rico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%MIGUELMost Individuals Get Used Encyclopedias, LearningJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%MIKEMan Installs Klutzy ElectronicsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MaleScience:Electronics100%MILESMerciful Individual - Likely Etymon's Slavonic.Angela BrettNames:First names:Male100%MILES (2)Mirthmaking Irishman Left Everyone SmilingTony McCoy O'Grady (Miles/Myles is a not-uncommon Irish forename and was one of the pseudonyms of a comic writer called Brian O'Nolan who flourished in the 40s/50s/60s. Myles nagCopaleen & Flann O'Brian being two of his pseudonyms.)Art & Literature:Writers100%MILES (3)Marching Imperial Legions Established Standard!Tony McCoy O'Grady - The mile as a unit of length is of Roman military origin, being 1000 paces (a double step.... counting 1 every time the right foot hit the ground)HistoryScience:Mathematics:Measurement89%MILITANTMother-In-Law Implying Trials And Never-ending TribulationsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%MILITARY INTELLIGENCEMainly It Looks Into Things About Rank&file. Yet It's Not Terribly Exact. Large Lapses In Guesswork, Evidently Never Called "Errors" TMcCO'G, who thinks that Military Intelligence is largely guesswork, and no amount of hindsight can ever prove otherwise.Military100%MILITARY TERMSMisinformation Is Largely Its Target - All Reports You Think Exact Really Mislead SomeoneTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary80%MILKMoo-cow Is Lactating KiddiedrinkTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink:Drinks100%MILK THISTLEMedicinal In Liver & Kidney Treatments, Harried Individuals Should Take Liquid Extracts TonyFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%MILKY WAYMars Invention, Luscious. Keeps Yummy, Wanted And YearnedJan Morgan - Candy BarFood & Drink:Confectionery100%MILLENNIUMMixup Is Looking Likely - Each Notational Nitwit Is Ultimately Mistaken!Tony McCoy O'Grady, insisting that the new millennium - a period of 1000 years - will not begin on New Year's Day 2000, rather will it be on New Year's Day 2001!Time100%MILLENNIUM (2)My, It's Long! Lavish Empires Newlyformed & Neutralised In Uno Millennium.Angela BrettTime100%MILOMay I Loudly Object?Jeff Anonymous, because he thinks that 'Milo' is such a simple-sounding name for the protagonist of 'The Phantom Tollbooth' by Norton Juster.Art & Literature:Fictional Characters100%MILWAUKEEMaking (In Lakeside Wisconsin) Acronyms Usually Keeps Everyone EntertainedTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Towns & Cities:USA100%MIMEMinus Intonation, Minus EquipmentAngela BrettEntertainment100%MINDMuch Intelligence Now DormantAngela Brett, when Bern said something about mind expanding.People & Relationships:Thoughts100%MINEMinerals In Nature ExtractedAngela BrettPlacesScience:Chemistry100%MINERVA MCGONAGALLMotherly Individual Nurtures Every Resident, Verifies Abilities Magically, Congers Gifts Of Natural Activities Gets Animagus, Locating LodgingJan Morgan -- Harry Potter character whom was watching the dursley abode as a CAT before delivering baby Harry. Teacher at HOGWARTS. (see ANIMAGUS)Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter83%MINGEMane, If No-one Goes Epilating TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Body Parts100%MINISTRYMany Idiots (No Imaginations) Sent To Rule You Tony McCoy O'Don'tKnowPolitics100%MINNESOTAManufacturing Industry Necessary, National Eagle Sightings, Ore, Timber AdvantagesJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%MINUTES OF USEMy! I've Now Used This Eighty Seconds - Only Forty Under Suggested Extent.Angela BrettTime100%MIRACLEMost Incidents Rare, Amazing Circumstances, Leading EvidenceJan Morgan - Miracles are explainable and evidence of how it came to be are amazing what makes them a miracle is that the circumstances are udeniable yet unexplainable Assorted Nouns100%MIRANDAMy Island Refuge's A Neat & Desirable AbodeTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The TempestArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Tempest100%MIRRORMy Image Reflected - Reverse Of RealityAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Furniture89%MIRTHFULMy Initial Reaction to This Heart Felt Uplifting LaughterTony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%MISERYMissing Intimacy Since Erection Rose YesterdayRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%MISQUOTEMost Idiots Seldom Question Understanding Of The EclipseRico LeffantaScience:AstronomyCommunication100%MISREADINGMaybe I Should Reread Everything, As Different Interpretations Never Gel.Tony McCoy O'GradyCommunication100%MISSMajors In Sob StoriesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Titles100%MISS (2)Marriage Isn't So SalientAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & DivorcePeople & Relationships:Titles100%MISSALMine Includes Sacramental Services And Liturgies TMcCO'GReligionArt & Literature:Book Titles100%MISS CARSWELLMan, Is She Stupid. Can't Anyone Remember Something We've Ever Learned Lately?Peter & ChristinaNamesEducation100%MISS CONCEPTIONMothered Innumerable Sprogs, Seen Countless Obstetricians... Now Carrying Embryo. Prefers Thoughtless Insemination Over Nuptials.Angela BrettArt & Literature:Fictional CharactersPeople & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions100%MISSED MY CHANCEMaybe I Should've Suggested Engagement, Dearest - Maybe You Could Have Avoided New Chap's EngagementTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MISSING MOBILE PHONE - MY LIFE'S RUINEDMan I'm Suddenly Speechless - It's Not Good. My Only Beloved Is Lost. Each Person's Home/ Office Numbers Escapes Me. Yet Loss Is Finite, Everything's (Slowly) Replaceable. Usefully Insured, New Equipment's Delivered Toneless Tony -- I have been at a great loss since last Thursday when my mobile phone went missing.Communication100%MISSING TEACHERMorning Instruction Sans Sensei... It's No Good To Expect A Class & Have Educator Refrain!Angela Brett, when the lecturer didn't show up for a statistics lecture.Education:Occupations100%MISSIONMembers In Service, Savior Is Our NewsJan Morgan -- truly what a mission is about and missionaries anxiously want to share itReligion100%MISSIONARYMembers In Service Sacrificing Identity Old New Anxiously Reach YouJan Morgan -- 2 young men or ladies or a married couple searching for themselves while serving the savior and delivering His messageReligion100%MISSION CRITICALMy IBook Should Stay Inerrantly Operating, Neccessarily. Can't Risk It Taking Ill; Couldn't Annotate Lectures. Jeff Anonymous, when it was thought (mistakenly) that Apronyms for Mac OS X would not work on JAGUAR, explaining: I'd upgrade to PANTHER except my only Mac is MISSION CRITICAL.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MISSISSIPPIMemories In Segration, Slavery In Southern State Is Paradisical Plantation IllusionsJan Morgan - Plantation owners were in paradise while the slaves were notPlaces:States & Regions100%MISSOURIMark Is Seasoned Storyteller Of Unusual Rhetoric IdealogyJan Morgan - Mark TwainPlaces:States & Regions89%MISSOURI (2)Midwest Is Self-centered State Of Unmoving Rational IdeasJan Morgan - Show me statePlaces:States & Regions100%MISS YAMostly I'm Sad Since You're AwayEdwin HermannPeople & Relationships100%MISTMoisture Is Somewhat Tenuous TMcCO'GScience:Meteorology100%MISTAKEMy Incompetence Started This Awful Knowledge Error.Angela BrettAssorted Nouns100%MISTAKESMy Inglish's Something Terrible And Kontains Erratic SpellingsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay100%MISTERMajors In Seduction To Ensnare RomanticsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Titles80%MISTRESSMad Irishman Seeks to Tarnish Reputation of Enlightened Sophomoric SuperheroAngela Brett, when Tony referred to her as 'oh mistress mine.'People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MISTRIALMaybe It's Supposed To Result In A LiquidationSean LambPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%MISTYMostly Impossible Seeing Two YardsAngela BrettScience:Meteorology100%MITCHELLMan Is Truly Confusing Has Extremist Lfestyle, LamentableJan Morgan -- someone I USED to knowNames:First names:Male100%MITCHELL (2)Man Is Truly Confusing, Has Extinguished Ladies' LightJan Morgan -- someone I USED to knowNames:First names:Male100%MITSUBISHIMan In Transport Speeds Up Beautifully, In Spyder He's Inherited TMcCO'GTransport:Car Makes & Models88%MITTENSMy Itty-bitty, Tiny Terror Even Nibbles String!Patricia Rix, referring to her cat.Names:Pet Names100%MME DE MAINTENANTMany Men Entertain Doubts Even Men Always In Need Test Extra Nonchalance After Naughty TrystsRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers100%MMORPGMorons Mindlessly Overdoing Redundantly Programmed GameSporkmaster (MMORPG usually stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Games100%MNEMONICMy Non-Exact Memory Often Needs Increased CapabilityTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay100%MNEMONIC!Memory Nugget! Enhancing Mind's Organization / Needs / Intention / Creatively!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. MNEMONIC! was so much fun! Including the 8 lines for Expansion, making MNEMONIC! read down LEFT COLUMN, thus producing ANOTHER MNEMONIC! N spans only pages 769-798 in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary! (Notice, I am afflicted, not only with ACRO/APRO/NYMA/MAKER/MANIA, but also, EXCLAMATION POINTER/MANIA!)Words & Wordplay100%MOAMaori Over-AteSteve KeateScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%MOABMan Of Authorised BibleTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MaleReligion100%MOAB (2)Maxes Out All BuildingsTony McCoy O'Grady referring to "Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb", "Mother Of All Bombs"Re-expansions of existing acronymsMilitary:Weapons100%MOATManmade Ocean Around TowerTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways83%MODELMatched Observed Data to Equations? Lovely!Angela BrettScience:Mathematics100%MODEL (2)Men Only Date Easy LaysSteve KeatePeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%MODEL (3)Mad Obsessive Dieting, Eating Laxatives.Steve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%MODEL (4)Materialism Over-Done, Expensive Looking.Steve KeatePeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%MODEMMine Often DIsconnectsÉ Extremely Maddening.Angela Brett, whose new modem keeps cutting her off even after having its dongle fixed and the phone lines to the house fixed.Computers:Generic Hardware100%MODEM (2)Much Of Diet's Evidently Malnourishing TonyComputers:Do Not Eat100%MODERATIONMost Of Dietary Encouragement Rations All Tastes In Own NutritionJan Morgan - not eating so muchFood & Drink100%MODESTYMy 'Organ'? Don't Expect Seeing That Yet! TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%MODIFIERSMould Our Data Into Form Incorporating Esoteric Reckoning SymbolsAngela Brett, on encountering warning C4229: anachronism used : modifiers on data are ignoredComputers:Programming100%MODREDMan Of Deceit, Really Evil DastardTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%MODULEMethod Of Dividing Up Lessons, EducationallyTony McCoy O'GradyEducation100%MOE"Midge" Offered ErroneouslyTony McCoy O'Grady (Moe often refers to Marge as "Midge")Entertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%MOHAWKMy On-Head Alps Will Kill!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%MOIRAMaybe Only If Reactions ActRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%MOLEMeasurement Of Lumpiness, EvidentlyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%MOLE (2)Molecules Of Large EnumerationAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%MOLIEREMy Only Love Is Editing Romantic EscapadesRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers100%MOLLYMothers Offspring, Leads Lot YearlyJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MOLLY (2)Mothers Offspring, Loves Life, YesJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MOLLY MORMONMorally Obedient Led Life, Yearly. Modest Opinion Radiates Model Of NobiityJan Morgan -- name given to girls who don't waiver in their morals in the religionNamesReligion92%MOLLY WEASLEYMom Of Large Lively Youngsters. What Ever Amazing, Simple Loyalty Emanates [from] YouJan MorganArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:Harry Potter100%MOLTENMountains Often Lean The Earth's NucleusTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Geology100%MOLTRESMascot Of League - Trainers Respect Everburning SoarerAngela Brett (Moltres is Pokemon #146)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon83%MOLYBDENUMMistaken Once (for) Lead, Yet Because it Doesn't Exist Naturally, Usually Manufactured.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%MOMMaker Of MeAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOM (2)Meals Outta Mammaries TMcO'GPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOM (3)Made Our MitochondriaAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOMMIESMom Or Mum? Mummies Is English SpellingAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOMMYManipulating Ovaries Manufactures Maternal YearningsimposedPeople & Relationships:Family100%MONAMeeting One's Naughty AssociateJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MONACOMilking Optimistic Ninnies At Casino Operations.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries86%MONDAYMorning? Oh No! Drunk Again - Yet-again!Tony McCoy O'GradyTime:Weekdays100%MONEYMake Our New Economy Yours!Rico LeffantaCommerce:Money100%MONEY (2)My Other Nasty Evil YearningJeff Anonymous (in reference to the greedy feelings often associated with money)Commerce:Money100%MONEY (3)My Own Notes, Earned YesterdayTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%MONEY (4)Men Of Nagoya Earn YenAngela BrettCommerce:Money100%MONEY MATTERSMaybe Our Nation's Expanding - Yippie - Minister Attempts Tricks To Encourage Renewed SpendingTony McCoy O'GradyPoliticsCommerce:Money100%MONGOLIAMillions Obeyed Nomadic Genghis - Oppressive Leader In Asia.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MONICAMistress Of Nation - Intern Controlled AmericaAngela Brett, referring to Monica LEWINSKYNames:Famous peoplePoliticsNames:First names:Female88%MONIQUEMistress Of No-one -- Is Quietly Using Encyclopaedia.Angela Brett (Monique comes from the Greek monos, meaning solitary.)Names:First names:Female88%MONITORMen Omit Nutrients Inducing Tremour Over (at) RectumDundeeComputers:Do Not Eat100%MONKMonastic Orations, Numerous KyriesTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Religious Occupations80%MONK (2)Man Of Non-stop KneelingTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Religious Occupations100%MONKEYMankind's Other Near Kin Entertain YouTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%MONOPOLISTMicrosoft Owns Ninety-Odd Percent Of Labels In Software Trade.Angela Brett, who hopes that figure isn't true.Computers:Windows100%MONOPOLYMany Owners Nevermore. One Person Owns Lots. Yikes!Roger WilliamsCommerce100%MONSTERSMay Often Not Seem To Exist... Rarely Seen.Angela BrettArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures100%MONSTERS (2)Mothers On Night Shifts Teenagers Expecting Reasonable SexRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships89%MONTAGUEMalevolent Old Nobleman Takes Age-old Grudge Unto ExtremesTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet100%MONTAIGNEManis Only Natural Talent Appears In Gods Never EnduringRico LeffantaArt & Literature:Writers100%MONTANAMountains Occupy, Northern Treasures At Natural AdvantagesJan Morgan - Rockies - Land rich in Natural Minerals - yellowstone sapphire, gold, silver, copper and coalPlaces:States & Regions100%MONTH SONDES FALL SEASON HAD SOFT PAST!Month Of Northern (Top) Hemisphere September/ October/ November/ December/ End (Season = Fall = Autumn) Look Look! Sun's Equinox Autumnal! Same Of Night Hours, As Day! Start Of Fall Time. Providentially: And Spring Time!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. refers to the Vernal Equinox 6 months prior. Even yesterday is just a "SOFT" memory. Also "SOFT" for memory: day = night twice annually.Time:Seasons100%MOOFMacintosh Owners Offer FellowshipAngela Brett, who is considering starting up a club with that name at the university... it sure is better than MUMUG (Massey University Macintosh Users Group) and MOOF would catch the attention of anyone who's ever heard a DogCow.Computers:Macintosh & Newton100%MOONMonthly Orbiter Of NighttimeTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy100%MOON (2)Makes One Odify NighttimeRoger WilliamsScience:Astronomy100%MOON (3)Most Often Observed Nightly.Roger WilliamsScience:Astronomy100%MOOSEMoose Often Occupy Swamps, EatingPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals100%MOOSE (2)Mostly Oversized, Obviously Slow EaterJan MorganScience:Biology:Animals100%MOOSE FACTORYMoose Often Occupy Swamps, Eating Flowers And Crunchy Twigs Or Runinantly YawningPatricia Rix (Moose Factory is where the railroad to the North ends in Ontario at the shore of James Bay. "Factory" in this instance is an old Hudson's Bay Company term for a trading post. I maintain that this is a true acronym because moose are a big deal in the North. These are true facts about moose, too.Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%MORALSMindless Orations Ridiculing Alternative Lifestyle SelectionsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships86%MORBIDMorose Obsession Regarding Blood; Interested in DeathGavin LambertPeople & Relationships:Death100%MORGANA LE FAYEMagician Of Renown - Guided Arthur Nearer Appreciating Lancelot's Every Fornication At Year's EndTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%MORMONMan On Religious Mission Offends NeighbourhoodTony McCoy O'GradyReligion88%MORMONSMan On Religious Mission Offering (k) Nowledge (&) StrengthJan Morgan - how the mormons offer salvation to all who want itReligion88%MORMONS (2)Men On Recruitment Mission Offering Never-ending SalvationTony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%MOROCCOMonarchy On Rocky Ocean Coastline. Colonists Ousted.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MORONManager, Occupational Resources Operating NightshiftRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations:Humorous Job Titles100%MORON (2)Minister Of Revenue Of NationAngela Brett, after her mother mentioned that New Zealand's minister of finance is a moron.Politics100%MORONIMighty, Old Resident Of Nation, IconJan Morgan -- Symbol on Temples, name of last Nephite before race expired in Americas - Circa AD 421Names:Book of Mormon Characters86%MOROSEMy Only Response (is) Obviously Sad EmbarrassmentTony McCoy O'Grady, just to show that I'm not always "LAUGH"ingPeople & Relationships:Emotions100%MORPHEMEManufacture Of Reductionist Philosophy - Here's Elementary Meaningful Entity.Angela BrettScience:Linguistics100%MORSE CODEMessages, Orders? Really Short Encoding, Common Organisation, Decryption EasyGavin LambertCommunication100%MORTAMors Offers Return Trip AssistanceRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%MORTAL REMAINSMolecules Obviously Rot, Then After-Life Results. Eternity Means An Infinity Never StopsTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Death100%MORTARBOARDMost Optically Ridiculous Tradition... Academic Regalia Bordering On A Roof/ Desk.Angela Brett, a few weeks before graduating.Household Objects:Clothing:Academic Regalia100%MORTARBOARD (2)Most Optically Ridiculous Tradition... Academic Regalia Built On A Redundant Design.Carl Brett, as an improvement on Angela's MORTARBOARDHousehold Objects:Clothing:Academic Regalia100%MORTGAGEMoney (Or Repayments!) That Guarantee Accommodation - Generally ExpensiveTony McCoy O'GradyCommerce:Money100%MORTONMan Often Rooted Trees Onto NebraskaJeff Anonymous, referring to Julius Sterling Morton of Arbor Day fame, whilst answering a failed search.Names:Famous peopleScience:Biology:PlantsTime:Special Occasions100%MOSCOWMafia Overrun Soviet Capital. Often WintryEric BridgstockPlaces:Countries100%MOSCOW (2)Monetary Obligations Shove 'Cosmetics' Onto WaitinglistTony McCoy O'Grady, after Eric said there was another category after 'musts', 'shoulds' and 'coulds' (see MUST) which begins with W... so that the whole idea can be summarised as MoSCoW.Words & Wordplay100%MOTHERMajestic, Orderly, Tit-Heralding Energetic ReposednessMary CarrPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOTHERBOARDMother Of Too-Hard Eating! Ridiculously Broad - Oesophagus Actually Ruptures Dangerously!Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%MOTHERBOARD (2)Make One's Teeth Hurt Eating Respected Bits Of Apple's R & DTony McCoy O'Grady and Angela BrettComputers:Do Not Eat100%MOTHERBOARD (3)Makes One's Teeth Hurt, Eventually Removing Broken Ones, And Requiring Dentist.Steve Keate (using Angela's MOTH)Computers:Do Not Eat100%MOTHER MARYMy Own 'Tree' Has Exact Relative & Moniker, Approximating Religious YarnAngela Brett (whose mother is Mary) when somebody searched for Mother Mary on the acronyms website.NamesReligionPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOTHERSManiacal Obsession Teaching Heaven's Early Redemption SchemesRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%MOTIVATING PEOPLEMaking Others Take Initiative. Vitally Activating Them Into New 'Get-Profits' Enterprises, Often Pathetically Lacking EmpathyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%MOTIVATIONMisinform Officeworkers They're Individually Valued And They Increase Output, NormallyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%MOTLEYMixture Of Things Lacking 'Ensembleness' - Yes? TMcCO'GAssorted Adjectives100%MOTOR ACCIDENTMet One/ Two Others Recently As Car Crashed Into Drinkers Exiting Nebraskan Tavern?Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Gavin said he'd 'run across' one or two acronymists in Nebraska.Transport91%MOTORBIKESMachines Of Transport - Or Rather, Bicycles (with) Increased Kinetic Energy & SpeedAngela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, because when Angela asked Dustan's mother for a topic, bragging that there would probably be an acronym in this stack referring to it, she said 'motorbikes' and it was discovered that there was no acronym referring to motorbikes yet. Her second choice, horses, did already have acronyms referring to it, however - so the stack is *nearly* encyclopaedic.Transport100%MOTOR CARMode Of Transport Often Raced. Can Also RustEric BridgstockTransport90%MOTORCARSMillions Of Them Overload Roadways, Causing A Right Snarl-upTony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%MOTORCYCLEMeans Of Transport Offering Real Catharsis: You Can Liberate EmotionsPatricia Rix, adding: or perhaps one of the other meanings of "catharsis" might apply, if you have a scary ride!Transport100%MOUNTAINSMovement Of Uncountable Newtons Thrust Alps Into New SpaceTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%MOUSEMunch Onions Until Something EmitsDundeeComputers:Do Not Eat100%MOUSE (2)Makes One Upset, Scurrying EverywhereTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%MOUSE (3)Makes Obvious Understandable Somehow/Seemingly Explicable!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Computers:Generic Hardware100%MOUSE (4)Mobile Obviously Understandable/Useful, Software Executor!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Computers:Generic Hardware100%MOUSE (5)Moving Onscreen, User Selects EntrypointTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Generic Hardware100%MOUSE (6)Manually Operated User System EmulatorTigerComputers:Generic Hardware100%MOUSE (7)Must One Use Such Equipment?Sean Lamb (who prefers to use the keyboard for most computer operations)Computers:Generic Hardware100%MOUSE (8)Makes Onscreen Usability Seem EasyEric BridgstockComputers:Generic Hardware100%MOUSE (9)Minute Omnivore; Utters Squeaks EverywhereEric BridgstockScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%MOUSE UPMoment Of Ultimate Suspense - Engaging Uncertain Programming.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Programming100%MOUTHMuch Open, Uttering Total Honesty?Eric BridgstockScience:Biology:Body Parts100%MOUTH (2)Mine's Only Used To HassleJohn Block. I was looking for the acronym for KLR which is the letters in the model number of my motorbike. I never really thought of conceiving acronyms from everyday words, but after reading a few I had to try.Science:Biology:Body Parts100%MOVIEModern Ones Value Indecent ExposureAngela BrettEntertainment:Movies100%MOVIE ACRONYMSMany Offer Variations In Excitement: A Category Recently Opened - Notate Your Movie StorylinesTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies93%MOVING FORWARDMotion Of Vehicle Is Now Going Frontwards (Or Reversing With A Rear-facing Driver)Tony McCoy O'GradyTransport100%MOZAMBIQUEMillions Of Zebras And Migrating Beasts In Quite Unique Ecology.Tony McCoy O'Grady, who perhaps doesn't know that 'Quite Unique' is bad grammar.Places:Countries100%MOZARTMusic Often Zesty, Aurally Rich TreatsAngela BrettEntertainment:Music:Artists86%MOZART (2)Musical Order: Zenith -- Acomplished Renderer of ThemesPiMasterEntertainment:Music:Artists78%MOZILLAMonstrous Open-source space Zapping Inoperable Latent Lagging Applicationmagicbrowser, as a joke on how slow and inoperable Mozilla is.Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%MR. JINXMy Roguish Jester Is Noticeably Xceptional!Patricia Rix, referring to her cat.Names:Pet Names100%MRS.Mister's Reliable Servant?Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Titles100%MRS. WESCOTTMath, Really Stupid? Will Everyone She Cracks On Take Trig?Peter & ChristinaNamesEducation100%MSBLASTERMy Server Began Losing All Speed... Those Evil Rascals!Angela Brett, though she doubts that the MSBlaster worm would be targetting the Apronyms site with its DOS attacks.Computers:Internet:Apronyms Website:Excuses for Slow Loading100%MSDNMicrosoft's Special Documentation NookSean Lamb (MSDN usually stands for Microsoft Developer Network)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming100%MSDN (2)Must Study Diverse NetworksSean Lamb (MSDN usually stands for Microsoft Developer Network)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming100%MSDN (3)My System's Down NowSean Lamb (MSDN usually stands for Microsoft Developer Network)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming80%MS PAC MANMissus Strikes Popularly And Collects Money All [over the] Nation.Jeff AnonymousComputers:Games:Game CharactersComputers:Games100%MS WORDMicro-Soft's Way Of Rendering Documentsx_Player1_xComputers:Windows:Applications83%MUDDYMucky Udders Dirty Dancing Yakity-yakRico LeffantaAssorted Adjectives100%MUFTIMy Uniform's Forgotten Today, Incognito Tony McCop O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing100%MUGGLESMagic Users Gloat, 'Goofy Losers, Extremely Stupid'Jeff AnonymousArt & Literature100%MUGGLES (2)Magic University Group, Gladly Learn Exotic Spells Muggles McCoy O'Grady, in response to a request for a name for a Harry Potter society at Cambridge University.Art & Literature:Harry Potter Society100%MUGSMen Undressing Girls SurreptiouslyRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%MULTIBABELMost Uninteresting Language Typed In, But After Butchering Elicits Laughter!Angela Brett, referring to http://www.tashian.com/multibabel/ which uses the automated translation at babelfish.altavista.com to translate English into several different languages and back consecutively. The results can be most amusing!Science:LinguisticsComputers:Internet100%MULTIMEDIAMany Users Listen To Intense Music Every Day It's AvailableSean Lamb (who will never give up his collection of classic jazz OGG files)Entertainment:Music100%MUMFORDMuppets' Unsung Magician Formulates One Ridiculous Declaration "A la peanut butter sandwiches!"Art & Literature:Fictional Characters100%MUMMYMade Using Medical Materials - Yes?Tony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Death100%MUMMY (2)My Uterine Membranes Made You!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Family100%MUNTEDMalfunctioning; Used Normally To Express DisgustGavin LambertAssorted Adjectives100%MURDERMotive Usually Revenge, Dealt Excessively Ruthlessly.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Law & OrderPeople & Relationships:Death100%MURPHYMuch Understanding Regarding Potato Heralding YeastMary CarrFood & Drink100%MURPHY (2)Many Use Resourcefully Potato's Healthy YieldMary CarrFood & Drink100%MURPHY BEDMost Unusual, Rests Perpendicular, Horizontal Yawns Begins Early DozingJan Morgan - Hides vertically in the wall when not in use. can hang at a 90 degree angle before going horizontal to the floor BEST hide-a-bed around (no bars in the back) regular mattressHousehold Objects:Furniture100%MUSCLEMy Unique Skeleton Clearly Lacks EnhancementTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%MUSHROOMSMultiply Using Spores, Happiest Rooting On Organic "Muck" Site TMcCO'GFood & Drink83%MUSICMelodic Use of Sound Is Calming.Angela BrettEntertainment:Music100%MUSIC IS MY LIFEMaking Unique Sounds In Concert. I Spend Many Years Lyrically Intoning For EveryoneTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Music100%MUSKRATMuddy Underwater Spots Keep Rodents Actively TunnellingPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals:Vermin100%MUSTMinimum Usable Subset, Technically.Eric Bridgstock, explaining that he and his colleagues define technical requirements in terms of "musts", "shoulds" and "coulds".Words & Wordplay100%MUSTANGMine Usually Seems To Accelerate Nice & GentlyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%MUSTARDMust Use Spice To Augment Recipe's Dreariness TMcCO'GFood & Drink:Condiments100%MUST BE A MAC USER, I GUESS.Macintosh Users Strive To Become Extraordinary, And Might Also Create Unusual Superheroes. Every Revolutionary's Insane(ly Great), Understand - Eccentricity Sires Success!Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton92%MUST CATCH UP!Maybe (an) Unbelievably Smart Thesaurus Can Assist... Tony Can't Have Unrivalled Percentage!Angela Brett, desperately trying to keep her contribution to these acronyms above 25%Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%MYANMARMurder Your Asian Neighbours - Militarily Aggressive Republic.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%MYBOOKMany Yippees Born Out Of Kleptomania!Angela Brett - myBook was given to me by Steve WOZNIAK after DIFFERENT THOUGHT was sort of stolen - see also IBOOK (7). myBook's web pages are at http://acronyms.co.nz/angela/mac/myBook/Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware:Angela's Apples89%MY FRIENDMissing You - For Really, I Enjoyed (our) Nightly Discussions.Angela Brett, after not having heard from Tony in 15 days.People & Relationships100%MY LIFEMany Years Lost In Futile EndeavoursTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%MYRIAMMaybe Youth Recognizes Initiating A MotiveJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%MYSTMight You Struggle Through?Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Games100%MYSTERYMake Your Story Thrilling - Excitement Reduces YawnsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature100%MYTHICALMake Your Theology Highly Interesting - Create A Legend!Angela BrettArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%MYTHICAL (2)Multilayered Yarns That Helped Illiterates Create A LiteratureTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%MYTHICAL CREATUREMaybe You 'Think' He's Imaginary? Creative Antecedant's Liuterature Contained Really Exotic Animals - The Unicorn Remains EminentTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures90%MYTHOLOGYManly, Yet Tender, Hero Opposes Logic Of God-imposed YokeTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends100%MZEEMy Zombie's Extremely ElderlyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%NANo, AssertivelyTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NAASNoxious Albanian Alcohol's SourceTony McCoy O'Grady (Naas is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'The winemaking region of Albania where most of the wine that people take to bottle-parties comes from.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%NABNet A BaddieTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%NAB (2)Now Apprehended BurglarJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%NACTIONNot And, 'Cause Truly It's Only NAngela Brett (Naction is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'The 'n' with which cheap advertising copywriters replace the word 'and' (as in 'fish 'n' chips', 'mix 'n' match', 'assault 'n' battery'), in the mistaken belief that this is in some way chummy or endearing.Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%NADIRNothing Above Depth Is ReversedRico LeffantaPlaces100%NADSNeed Autoerotic Dirtiness SometimesJeff AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Love & LustScience:Biology:Body Parts86%NAG HIMNudge And Guide Heedless Individual to ModifyTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%NAHUMNinevah Assailed. Happiness Upon Me!Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%NAILS AND BEAUTYNot As If Lady's Superficial Achievement's Noticed. Dumb Blondes... Everyone's After Using The Yoni!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & LustPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%NAME CARDNobody Acknowledges Me, Even Cows Are Regarded DistinguishedDundeeNames100%NAMESNomenclature Applied Mostly Everywhere, SeeminglyMelanie MerswolkeNames100%NAMIBIANow A Mining Industry Base In Africa.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NAOMINot An Obviously Monstrous IntellectTony McCoy O'Grady - thinking of non one in particular :-)Names:First names:Female100%NAOMI (2)No Admirer Of Men's InterestsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:Female100%NAPNeed A PauseEdwin HermannAssorted Verbs100%NAPKINNicely Arranged Paper Keeps It NeatDaryl ThomasHousehold Objects100%NAPPIESNasty Ass Products & Pee In Exclusive Softwear TMcCO'GHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%NAPPIES (2)Neat Attached Poo Package Is Enclosing Sewage TMcCO'GHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%NAPSTERNasty American Pop-System Took Extreme RevengeTony McCoy O'GradyComputersEntertainment:Music100%NARROW GAUGENon-Average Rail Ratio, One Working Grade And Unusual Gauge ExamplesSean Lamb ("Gauge" refers to the distance between the rails. Standard Gauge in North America is 4' 8.5", Narrow Gauge is anything less than that, most commonly 3'; narrow gauge railroads often contain tighter curves and steeper grades than their standard gauge counterparts)Transport:Trains80%NASANewbies: "Acronym [for] Space Agency"Jeff AnonymousRe-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Astronomy100%NASA (2)Never Attended Starfleet AcademyTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Astronomy67%NASA (3)Never Attained Speed-of-light AccelerationTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsScience:Astronomy100%NASA (4)Not Another Shuttle Accident!Angela Brett, after the space shuttle Columbia broke up in re-entry.Science:AstronomyPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%NASALNostrils And Sinuses Are LeakingAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NASCARNumerous Afternoons Spent Careering Around RacetrackTony McCoy O'GradyTransportSports & Recreation100%NASHVILLENot A Simple Hyperlinker; Visiting Internet Links, Lackluster ExperienceSean Lamb (Nashville was the internal code name used by Microsoft for Internet Explorer 4.0)Computers:Internet:Web browsersNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%NASHVILLE (2)Now Another Software Html Viewer Is Leaving Locales ExposedSean Lamb (Nashville was Microsoft's code name for Internet Explorer 4.0; there are so many exploits written against IE that its use is now often recommended against)Computers:Internet:Web browsersNames:Code Names:Microsoft100%NATALIENoble Adult Troubled, Acts Leave Its Entanglement Jan MorganNames:First names:Female87%NATASHA GURDINNatural Acting Talent And She Had A Great Union Rapturously Dancing In Never-never-landRico Leffanta (Natasha Gurdin is better known as Natalie Wood)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%NATESNatural Asset That Excites SadistsRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NATHANNegotiates All Talents, Having A NeedJan Morgan - Someone I KnowNames:First names:Male100%NATHAN (2)Negotiates Activities Tackling His Addiction NeedsJan Morgan - Someone I KnowNames:First names:Male100%NATHAN (3)Narcissistic Adolescent/Adult Takes Harsh Analysis NotesJan Morgan - Someone I KnowNames:First names:Male100%NATONasty Americans Threaten OthersTony McCoy O'Grady (NATO usually stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization)Re-expansions of existing acronymsPolitics100%NATURAL HEALTHNot A Treatment Using Recent Advances? Large Herbs Eaten As Little Tablets, How?Angela Brett, wondering just how natural a pill containing concentrated herbal remedies can be -- just as soya milk isn't naturally produced by soybeans feeding their babies, herb pills don't grow in the garden.Science:Biology:Healthcare93%NATURAL NUMBERSNow A Toddler Understands Repeated Addition... Lacking Numerals Under 1 - Maths Being Essentially Related to Surroundings.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Number sets100%NATURENaked As The Universe Revolvingly EvolvesRico LeffantaScience:Environment100%NAURUNot A Universally Recognised Unity.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NAUSEANot Another Uneasy Seatrip, Evacuate AbdomenTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%NAUSEA (2)Nursing An Unhappy Stomach... Eaten Aasleagh.Angela Brett (see AASLEAGH)Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%NAVELNowadays A Very Exposed LocationTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NAVYNumerous (And Violent) YachtsTony McCoy O'GradyMilitary100%NAVY (2)Never Again Volunteer Yourself. Was in the US Navy for 6 year as a volunteer (draftees not accepted). Enough said.Military100%NAYNot A YesAngela BrettCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NCRNot Completely ReliableTiny Lee (NCR usually stands for National Cash Register)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputersCommerce:Companies100%NEATNot Even Adding TonicAngela BrettFood & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic100%NEBRASKANegotiates Every Best Resource Advantage, Seems Keenly AgriculturalJan Morgan - Farming StatePlaces:States & Regions100%NECNot Enough ComponentsTiny Lee (NEC usually stands for Nippon Equipment Corporation)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputersCommerce:Companies100%NECTARNever Eat Come Try Angelic RefreshmentRico LeffantaFood & Drink100%NEEDNone Eke Ed DrawnCharles H. Montgomery, Jr. Either Poverty or Sufficiency. Ed=Education (This is an example of a 'chained apronym' where on top of the usual constraints of an apronym, the last letter of each word in the expansion is the first letter of the next word, and the last letter of the last word is the first letter of the first word.)Education100%NEGATIVE INTEGERSNumerical Entities. Going Against The Increasing Variety, Every Individual Number (Though Entire) Gets Endlessly, Relentlessly Smaller TMcCO'GScience:Mathematics:Number sets100%NEGLIGEENearly Every Guy Lusts If Girl's Ensemble's EnticingAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%NEHEMIAHNew Era Heralded; Exiles Migrate; Israel At HomeSue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%NEINNo, Everywhere, Is NoRoger WilliamsScience:Linguistics:German WordsCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NELLNever Ever Likes Listening!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%NEMESISNot Even Magic Escapes Settling Its Score!Rico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%NENNIESNascent Entities Now Navigating Inside Entire SpaceEminence Grise, explaining: I'm a French Canadian and nennies is the plural of nenni which is the first name "Denis (day-nee)" in French of a good friend. There was a park in front of his house and his mother often yelled "Denis" for supper but due to distance and a lot of trees in between, we always heard "NENNI!". It stayed through the years and a bunch of friends (40 years of friendship) called themselves the Nennies and there's no nennying about it! Nennies are curious about everything and enjoy life as it comes.Names:First names:MaleWords & Wordplay:Made Up Words90%NEODYMIUMNatural Element - Oxide Deployed in Your Monitor In Underpinning Mismatches.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%NEONNow Enlivening Our NighttimesTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements88%NEOPETSNot Exactly Organic Perhaps, Evidently They're Smile-inducingTony McCoy O'Grady (see http://www.neopets.com)Computers:GamesComputers:Internet100%NEOPHYTE'S SERENDIPITYNewcomer's Exciting Occurrence Probably Has You Telling Everybody. Search Shows Extraneous Result - Extremely Novel Discovery Is Pleasant, I Tell You!Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%NEPALNowadays Everest's Peaks Accumulate Litter.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NEPHINavigator Endures Prideful Heinous IllusionsJan Morgan -- the good sibling in the Book Of MormonNames:Book of Mormon Characters100%NEPHITENoble Emigrants Prepares Harbouring Israel To EastJan Morgan -- Work with me here! depending on which way you travel the Americas can be East of IsraelNames:Book of Mormon Characters100%NE PLUS ULTRANeed Extra Penile Length? Use Safe Urologist Logs That Raise AssetsRico LeffantaAssorted Phrases100%NEPTUNENearer Earth Perhaps Than Universe's Next EntityTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy:Planets75%NEPTUNIUMNeptunium Emits Particles That (are) Useful. Neutron-detection Instruments Use it Much.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%NERDNever Experiences Romantic DatesAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%NERD (2)Not Exactly Romantic DudeTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%NERMALNice Eccentric Relaxed Mammal, Abudhabi LentJan Morgan - Garfield always sends this cat to Abu DhabiArt & Literature:Fictional CharactersNames:Pet Names100%NETNow Everyone's ThievesSean Lamb (NET, in this reference, is the acronym given by the US Congress to the No Electronic Theft Act, which is supposed to simplify criminal prosecution for distributing proprietary files online)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:InternetPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%NETHACKNeat, Everything's Text! Heroic "At" Creams Kobolds.SporkmasterComputers:Games100%NETHERLANDSNeed Elevate Their High Embankment Ridges Lest A Natural Disaster Strikes.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NET PRESENT VALUENot Estimable! This Priceless Resource Enables Sending Electronic Notes To Virtually Anyone Living & Using Electricity.Angela Brett, thinking of the present value of the 'net.Computers:Internet100%NETSCAPENot Everyone Trusts Software Companies. A Possible Exception.Edwin HermannComputers:Internet:Web browsers100%NETSCAPE (2)Nightmare Experiences? Then Stop Choosing Alternative Product, ExplorerEdwin HermannComputers:Internet:Web browsers100%NETSCAPE (3)Not Especially Tight, Spacewise... Communicator Adds Pointless Extensions.Angela Brett, who likes Netscape apart from the excess memory that the Communicator version uses by having mail, news and Composer built in.Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%NETSCAPE SIXNot Enjoyable - Those Skins Can Appear Pretty, Except Standard Interface's Xcluded.Angela Brett, who liked older versions of Netscape but doesn't like the way that Netscape 6 can be themed to look like anything except the rest of the OS.Computers:Internet:Web browsers100%NETWORKNothing's Ever Televised With Out Receiving KudosPatricia Rix, who adds: at least from the Network.Entertainment100%NETWORK GEEKNeed Equipment To Work Out Route Kilobytes Go? Employ Exchange Kid/KitAngela BrettComputersPeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%NEUTRINONot Entirely Untouchable, Though Rarely Interacts. Neutral, Obviously.Angela BrettScience:Physics:Particles100%NEVADANightly Entertainment Venues Are Dating AttractionsJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%NEVER CRY WOLFNorthern Expeditionary Venture Encounters Roaming Caribou, Rodents, & Yelping Wonder Of Lupine FrolicsPatricia Rix, referring to the book by Farley Mowat.Art & Literature:Book Titles100%NEVER EAT SOGGY WAFFLESNot Everyone Views Each Range Effectively, Adventures Take Steering Of Guidance, Greatly Yields Where Adventures Follow For Leading Every StepJan Morgan - this is the phrase that helps kids know how the compass is - North East South WestPlaces:Positions & Directions100%NEW ACROSNice Extremely Weird Acronyms, Created Rapidly Online, Stupendous!Jeff Anonymous, after he'd capitalised NEW ACROS in a forum post and Angela reminded him to acronymise capitalised words.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%NEW ACROS (2)New Entrant Waives Anonymity - Cautiously Reveals Original Surname Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Jeff.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%NEW BABYNeonate Enters World Blubbering And Burping Yuckily.Angela BrettScience:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Family100%NEWBIENot Even Weaned, Baby Is ExtraordinaryJeff Anonymous, noting that an unweaned baby is basically a 'newbie' to life.Science:BiologyPeople & Relationships:Family100%NEWBIE (2)New Entrant With Beginner's Ignorant EnquiriesTony McCoy O'Grady... a propos the usual use of the term - someone who hasn't read the manual asking basic questions.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%NEWBIE (3)Not Especially Wise, But Incredibly Enthusiastic.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%NEW ERANuptials End With Easily Read Articles.Angela Brett, on hearing about New Era, a divorce magazine.People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%NEW HAMPSHIRENorth Eastern World Has Abnaki Memories, Potatoes Started Here In Region, EmbarkedJan Morgan - Abnaki indians Potatoes started(embarked) herePlaces:States & Regions100%NEW IDEANovel Effusive, Wildly/Wonderful, Innovative, Dynamically Expansive, Advancement! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.People & Relationships:Thoughts100%NEW JERSEYNorth Eastern World, Justifying Einstein's Research, Studied Energy, YesterdayJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%NEW JERSEY (2)Now Edison Wattage Juices Energy Research Saves Electricity YesterdayJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%NEWLYWEDNature's Endowment Will Leave You Wondering Every DayRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%NEW MEXICONot East's World, Magically Enchanting, Xrayed In Colorful OriginalityJan Morgan - known as the land of enchantment and colorPlaces:States & Regions100%NEW POST TO THIS THREADNeed Exposure? Write Pointing Out Something To The Others That Habituate Interesting Site. They Hopefully Relish Entertaining Acronyms Daily.Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to one of the buttons at the Acronyms forums, at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/start.cgi?id=acronymsCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%NEW PROFESSIONALSNowadays Employers Want Proper Records Of Further Education - Somebody Studying Independently's Often Not Appraised Like Scholar.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%NEWSNational Events, World StoriesAngela BrettCommunication100%NEW SCIENTISTNot Even With Single Citation; I'm Employed Now Though, I'm So Talented!Angela Brett, who will have to settle for reading the magazine and hiring her soul to MICROSOFT for now.SciencePeople & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations100%NEWSPAPERNational Events, World Stories Published And People Everywhere ReadRoger WilliamsCommunication:Periodicals100%NEW TESTAMENTNow Everyone Will Treat Especially Sacred Texts As Meaningful - Evil Needn't TriumphTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%NEWTONNeat Electronic Wizardry Turned Out NotsopopularTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%NEWTON (2)Nice Equations - Worked Them Out Nimbly.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Mathematicians100%NEWTON (3)Not Everyone Will Type Out NotesAngela Brett, who now uses a Newton MessagePad to take notes in class, while some students use laptops.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%NEWTON (4)Not Executive Wankers' Toy... Obsolete Now.Angela BrettComputers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%NEWTON (5)Normally Expresses What "Thump" Offers, NumericallyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement85%NEW YEAR'S DAYNear End of Winter You Eagerly Await Return of Spring - Desperate, Anxious YearningTony McCoy O'Grady, showing that he lives in the northern hemisphere.Time:Special Occasions92%NEW YEAR'S DAY (2)(it's) Not Every Week You Eagerly Arrange Resolutions... Seldom Done All Year.Angela BrettTime:Special Occasions100%NEW YORKNiagara's Enchants Wedded, Your Orchestra Reaches KudosJan Morgan - New York philharmonicPlaces:States & Regions100%NEW ZEALANDNearly Extinct Wondrous Zoology, Environmentally Attractive Landscape, A Natural Delight.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NEW ZEALAND (2)Now English Whenua, Zespri-Eaters Abound & Land Actuates Native Disputes.Angela Brett. ('Whenua' means 'land' in Maori - the aboriginal language of New Zealand, and 'Zespri' is a New Zealand kiwifruit.)Places:Countries100%NEXTNow Entitled 'X' (Ten)Angela Brett (Mac OS X is a reincarnation of the NeXTStep operating system)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%NIAGARA FALLSNikon Is As Good As Ruined, As Falling Actually Launched Liquid Skyward/SprayAngela BrettPlaces:Waterways100%NIBNumerous Ink Blotches TonyHousehold Objects100%NICNasty Internal CutsJeff Anonymous, explaining why not to eat a Network Interface CardRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Do Not Eat93%NICE EXPANSIONNovelty Is Cleverly Encapsulated - Eschewing X-rated Puns And Non-Standard Idioms Or NeologismsTony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%NICE LOOKINGNow I'm Charmed, Elegant Legs On Outstandingly Kinky Individual - Nubile Girl Tony McCoy O'NaughtyBoyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%NICETIESNot Interesting Comments, Essentially They're Insignificant, Empty Smalltalk.Angela BrettCommunication100%NICHOLASNeeds Impressive Character, Having Own Lessons As SchoolJan MorganNames:First names:Male100%NICHOLAS (2)Negotiates In Caring Home Of Lawyer And SisterJan Morgan - Someone I KnowNames:First names:Male100%NICKNotch, Incision, Cavity, Knifemark!Tony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%NICK (2)Nefarious Individual - Clearly KleptomaniacalTony McCoy O'GradyNames:First names:MalePeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals100%NICK (3)Niche Is Computer KnowledgeAngela Brett, on a Mac-fixing Nick she knows.Names:First names:Male100%NICK BOTTOMNormally Innately Calm & Kind, Becomes Over-The-Top Overacting ManiacTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%NICKELNominally In Coinage, Keeps Everything LightTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%NICOLANot Idle, Capable Of Living AdventuresJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%NICOLENot Idle, Capable Of Learned EnlightenmentJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%NICOTINENow I'm Coughing Often, The Industry Needs Ending!Tony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%NICURAGUANarcotics In Central USA - Remote Areas Grow Untold Amounts.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries91%NIECES' BUMSNice Infants, Exuding Cuteness - Except Soiled Behinds Unfortunately Make a Stink!Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body PartsPeople & Relationships:Family100%NIGERNuclear Items Generate External Revenue.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NIGERIANumerous Indigenous Groupings... Embittered Rivalry Is Abounding.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries88%NIGERIA (2)Now I'm Getting Emails of Riches Innocently Acquirable Apronymous AnonymousPlaces:CountriesComputers:Internet100%NIGHTMARENow I'm Gloomy - Horton's Toilets Mean A Restless Evening!Tony McCoy O'Grady (referring to TIM HORTON'S)Food & Drink:Food Outlets100%NIHILIST"Nothing" Is Hedonistic, Invitingly Loathsome, Inherently Suicidal, TruthfulimposedReligion100%NIKENaturally Incurs Kudos EverywhereRico LeffantaReligion:Greek Gods & Goddesses100%NIMBUSNow I Must Bring Umbrella - Shoot!Angela BrettScience:Meteorology100%NIMBUS (2)Nothing Is More Beautiful - Undoubtedly Saintly!Patricia RixReligion100%NIMBUS (3)"Newest Is Magnificent" Broomstick Users SwearTony McCoy O'Grady (re: Harry Potter)Art & Literature100%NINCOMPOOPNo Interest, No Charge On Making Purchase... Organise Optimal PaymentsAngela Brett (see SHOVE OFF)Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%NINENine = Increment (Number Eight)Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%NINETALESNeonatally, It Never Exhibits Two Appendages. Later, End Splits.Angela Brett (Ninetales is Pokemon #38)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%NINETEENNineteen = Increment (Natural Eighteen). Twenty Evidently Exceeds Nineteen.Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers86%NINETEEN EIGHTY FOURNifty, Innovative, and Notoriously Effective Television Event Endorses Nonstandard Engineering of Insanely Great Hardware That You Feel Obliged to Use Recurringly.Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, referring to the famous '1984' television commercial introducing the Macintosh.Computers:Macintosh & NewtonTime100%NINJANight Individual Needs Judo Agility Jan MorganSports & Recreation:Martial Arts88%NIOBIUMNigeria Is Outstanding Begetter of Industrially Used Material.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%NIPPLESNaked Independent Pandering Protuberances Launching Enthusiastic SucklingRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NISSANNippy, If Somewhat Small And NoisyTony McCoy O'GradyTransport:Car Makes & Models100%NITNon International TravelerCharter MemberCharter Members Chris and Timmy traveled the world surfing exotic and often dangerous places. We had some friends that were afraid to leave their home surf breaks, So we just call them NITsPeople & Relationships:InsultsSports & Recreation:Travel100%NITESNites Involving Tossing/Turning Eliminated / Surely!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.TimeSports & Recreation:Relaxation89%NITROGENNaturally Inert - To Render Oxides Great Energy is Needed.Angela BrettScience:Chemistry:Elements100%NITWITNiece/Nephew In The Wife's Irrevocable TrustRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:InsultsPeople & Relationships:Family100%NITWIT (2)Nobody, I Think, Whom I'd TreasureTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Insults83%NIXONNever Interviewed (deng) Xaoiping On NuclearwarheadsTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous people:Politicians100%NONot OrdinarilySteve Keate, after being asked if he had anything better to do than acronymise.Communication:Yesses And Noes100%NO (2)Not Once!Angela BrettCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NO (3)Not Oui.Roger WilliamsCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NO (4)Not OptionalJan MorganCommunication:Yesses And Noes92%NO AD BANNERSNo Overloading Advertisement Documents, Bub! And Nowadays, Newbie Ezboarders Reek (of) Sweat.Jeff Anonymous, during a discussion about archiving some forum threads, saying: Anywhere else I'd say move the board to ezboard.com. Here, though, we have a good script and everything, and NO AD BANNERS!Communication:Acronyms Forums100%NOAHNegotiated Original "Animal House"Roger WilliamsNames:First names:MaleReligionScience:Biology:Animals89%NOAH'S ARKNovel Ocean-going Animal House. Safety Above Rigid Keel.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion100%NOASAURUSNorth Of Argentina, Scientists Amazingly Uncovered Remains Uniquely SaurianSean Lamb - The Noasaurus was discovered in the northern region of Argentina; it's claws featured a unique lifting tendon. I had originally thought of using 'Some Archaeologist' for the SA portion, but an archaeologist studies past human life, and not generally animal life.Science:Biology:Animals:Dinosaurs89%NOBELIUMNature Omitted Building (this) Element. Laboratory Its Ultimate Maker.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements89%NOBODY GROWS APPLESNo Orchard Businesses Operate; Don't You Grow Refections On Wasted Suburban Areas? Properly-fed People Like Environmentally-friendly Sustenance.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after reading SINGAPORE (2)Assorted Phrases100%NOELNativity Of Earth's LordTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Special Occasions:Christmas100%NO ICED COFFEENever! Oh, I'm Crying! Excluding Delicious Caffeinated Option For Fun's Extremely Evil!Angela Brett, on finding that the university cafe had several flavours of Wave flavoured milk but not ICED COFFEE.Food & Drink:Drinks100%NO ICED COFFEE (2)Nicest Option Isn't Cached, Espressolike Drink Category's Omitted, Fourth Flavour's Evidently Exhausted.Angela Brett ('Fourth Flavour' refers to the fact that they had three other flavours of Wave.)Food & Drink:Drinks100%NOKIA PHONENext Of Kin Is Alerted Promptly, Hearing Over Network Ethereal.Angela BrettCommunication100%NOLANo Other Love, Anytime!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%NO LONGER IN BUSINESS"No-One Left, Offices Now Gone, Everyone's Redundant, It's Now Bankrupt." (Usual Speechwriter Is Now Employed Somewhere Solvent.)Angela BrettCommerce100%NONANo One Needs AdvocatesRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%NON-DIETNutrition Of Normal Daily Intake - Eschew TablesAngela Brett (referring to nutritional information tables and the more specific 'calorie counters')Food & Drink100%NONE LEFTNumbers Of New Extinctions Leave Environmentalists Feeling Terrified.Angela BrettScience:Biology100%NONINitwits Opened New IndustryAngela Brett - As I understand it, the noni was just a weed until somebody decided to convince health nuts that it must be good for you because it tastes bad.Food & Drink100%NON-UNerds Of Nottingham UniversityTony McCoy O'Grady (see UNITS)Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup100%NO OFFENCENot Offering Objectional Feelings For Expressions. No Calumny Expressed TMcCO'GPeople & Relationships100%NOOKIENow One's Offed Knickers, Intercourse EnsuesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust80%NOPENot an Overly Positive ExpressionTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NO RESTNodded Off, Ruining Expansion... Superfluous Typing.Angela Brett, when Tony said that he must have nodded off when he added an extra P word to the 'ROSES ARE RED...' expansion - see PURPPLE.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%NORMA BAKERNaughty Ostentatious Romantic Maiden Arranged Boobs And Kissed Especially RobustlyRico Leffanta (Norma Baker is better known as Marylin Monroe)Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses:Little known real names100%NORMALNot Outstanding - Really Mundane And LacklustreAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%NORTHNow Often Related To 'High'Angela BrettPlaces:Positions & Directions100%NORTH CAROLINANervous Orville Recorded True History Crafted Airplane Riding Over Land In Noble AchievementJan Morgan - the Wright brothersPlaces:States & Regions100%NORTH DAKOTANature's Oddest Region, Temperatures Harsh, Drastic, A Kaleidoscopic Original Twisted AreaJan Morgan - Rocks are twisted & Colorful (kaleidoscopic)Places:States & Regions100%NORTHERN LIGHTNightly Observance, Rays Tints Have Each Ring Naturally Living In Great Hues. TremendousJan MorganScience:Astronomy100%NORTH KOREANever Officially Revoked, The Hostilities Killed Off Revenue Earning Activities.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NORWAYNumerous Oil-Rich Wells Active Yearlong.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%NOSENot Only Supporting EyewearSteve Keate and Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NOSE (2)Number One Sinus ExhaustSteve Keate and Angela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NOSE (3)Neat Orifice, Sniffing EverywhereEric BridgstockScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NO SEX RELATIONNo Orgasms? Some Extremely Xerantic Regions Enflame Lingam - At That I'm Off NookieTony McCoy O'Grady, when someone searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website.People & Relationships:Love & Lust100%NOSEY PARKERNeighbourhood's Own "See-Everything" - You Probe All Recreational Kids - Eliciting Responses TMcCO'G - Recalling a local woman who, in his childhood, 'interrogated' the kids playing on the street for family news/gossip.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%NOSTRILNeed Olfactory Sense To Revel In LiliesAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NO STRINGS ATTACHEDNot One Single Thread Remains... It's Now Gone Smooth And That's Terrible, As Cords Held Extra DelightAngela Brett, who can't think exactly what kind of item is worse with no strings attached, but there must be something. Whatever was the person who searched for this term thinking of? ;) Assorted Phrases100%NOT ANOTHER PROJECTNow One Tries Again. Needing Only To Have Efficient Research, & Properly Realised Objectives, Jointly Ensuring Client's Thrilled. TMcCO'G - thinking of agencies who respond to client's demands by splitting employees into teams to compete in solving the 'project'.People & Relationships:The Workforce100%NOTARYNot One To Assign Rights Yet.Sean LambPeople & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%NOTATIONNun Of The Above Tests Idiotic Observations NeuroticallyRico Leffanta, who explains: To pass exams, Americans don't need to know the subject, just randomly choose between A, B, C, D, or None of the above. Nun of the Above is my jeu des mots for "Lady Luck". A notation is representative signs or symbols.Communication100%NOT BAD AT ALLNigh-On The Best Acronym... Do Another, Tony! Angela's Lack Lustre :(Angela Brett, in response to ACRONYMS (8)Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%NOTHING MUCHNo One Thing Has Importance Now. Guest May Unexpectedly Cause Happiness Tedium McCoy O'BoredomAssorted Phrases100%NOTIONNavigates Own Thought Ideas On NecessitiesJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%NOVELLNow Our Venture Entirely Loves LinuxSean Lamb (Novell announced that it will purchase SuSE Linux for (US)$210M on Nov 4 2003)Commerce:CompaniesComputers:Linux89%NOVEMBERNighttimes Often Vary Extremely, Many Blizzards and Excessive RainfallTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%NOVEMBER (2)Notions Of Violent Events, Monster Bonfires Evoke ReminiscencesTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%NOWNo Obvious WaitingAngela BrettTime100%NOW (2)No Onerous Waiting!Angela BrettTime100%NOW (3)Near Oriented "When"Gavin LambertTime90%NOW WE KNOWNow Original Website Wellspring Explained: Knowledgelessness Nurtures Outlandish Word-construction!Gavin Lambert, in response to LAUGHING OUT LOUDComputers:Internet:Apronyms Website100%NOXNever Operates XerographyRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses93%NO YES AND MAYBENow Organising Your Expanded Single-word Answers Needs Descriptive Motto, Ample Yet Briefly Exact Tony, when Angela wondered what to call the category at http://apronyms.com/category.php?ID=1985058Communication:Yesses And Noes100%NSARRAYNSObjects Stored Are Retained/ Released Automatically - Yay!Angela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSArray.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSARRAY (2)Numerically Sorted, Appropriate Records Readily Are YoursAngela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSArray.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSDICTIONARYNest Several, Datasource! It's Convenient To Inform OutlineView Now, And Return Yarely.Angela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSDictionary.html and http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/ApplicationKit/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSOutlineView.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSDICTIONARY (2)Name Strings Denote Instances. Collection Takes In Objects, Named And Readily YoursRob Rix and Angela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSDictionary.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSNOTIFICATIONNeed Several Nearby Objects To Indirectly Function In Coalition? Announce The Information On NSNotificationCenter.Angela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSNotification.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSSETNo Specific Start / End ThingsAngela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSSet.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSSET (2)Never Stores Something Extra TimesAngela Brett (see NSSET)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSSET (3)Non-Singletons Shouldn't Exist ThereAngela Brett (see NSSET)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSSET (4)Never Stores Same Element TwiceAngela Brett (see NSSET)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes100%NSSTRINGNeatly Stores Some Text - Remember, It's Nothing Graphical.Angela Brett (NSString is a Cocoa class for storing text strings, without any attributes such as font or size - see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSString.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Foundation Classes92%NSTABLEVIEWNever Stores Things, Asks Before Laying Each Visual Interface Element in WindowAngela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/ApplicationKit/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSTableView.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Application Kit Classes100%NSVIEWNearly Simplest Visual Interface Element. Wonderful!Angela Brett (see http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Cocoa/Reference/ApplicationKit/ObjC_classic/Classes/NSView.html)Computers:Programming:Cocoa:Application Kit Classes100%NTFSNot Trustworthy, Format Soon!Kuroneko, discussing the correct expansion of NTFS, which usually stands for New Technology File System.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%NTFS (2)Never The File Saved Chaironeko, discussing the correct expansion of NTFS, which usually stands for New Technology File System.Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%NUDE BEACHNot Undressing Demands Explanation, Bodies Expose Ass-Cheeks HeavenwardsTony McCoy O'Grady, responding to Angela's 'nude genitals' element regarding a crabPlaces:Waterways100%NUDISTNakedness Usually Doesn't Involve Sexual Thoughts.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships78%NUMBERSNotation Used in Mathematics, Brilliant for Evaluating Riemann Sums.Angela BrettScience:Mathematics:Numbers88%NUMBERS (2)Naming Unending Multiple Begats - Evidence (of) Regular Sex.Tony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Bible books100%NUMBERS (3)Numb! Useless! My Brain Exudes Real Stupidity!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers89%NUMERICAL METHODSNewton's Useful Method of Estimating Roots, Integrals Calculated Arithmetically, Limits Maybe Evaluated The Hard-way... Omitting Differentials & Such.Angela Brett, upon discovering that a paper she was studying at university entitled 'Differential Equations' was mainly dealing with tedious numerical methods of solving them, and not amazing tricks of calculus.Science:Mathematics100%NUMISMATICSNot Unexpectedly, Many Individuals Spend Much Amusement Time In Coin Study.Roger WilliamsSports & Recreation100%NUNNot Usually NaughtyTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Religious Occupations100%NUNSNever Use Nasty 'SpletivesTony McCoy O'GradyReligion:Religious Occupations100%NURSENot Unrespected Retainer - She's EarthyTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Romeo and Juliet100%NURSEMAIDNanny Using Responsible System Exploring Mental Aptitude In DumbbellsRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%NUTHOUSENever Underestimate The Happy, Organised, Urban Spouse's Evening!Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%NUTSNot Usually Totally SaneAngela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%NUTS!Not Undertaking This Surrender!Roger Williams - Gen. Anthony McAuliffe (101st Airborne Division) replied "Nuts" to a German surrender demand during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.History80%NUTS (2)Nifty Utilisation of Talented Sluts Acronymous AnonymousScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NUTS (3)Nestled Underneath Trouser SnakeAngela BrettScience:Biology:Body Parts100%NUTTERSNot Unlikely To Try Expanding Ridiculous StuffAngela Brett, because that's what we acronymaniacs are.People & Relationships:Insults100%NYBSTERNot You, But Short-Trip-Elevator-RiderTony McCoy O'Grady (Nybster is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'Sort of person who takes the lift to travel one floor.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%NYLONNever Yet Laddered? Oh No!Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%NYLON (2)Need Your Lunch? Order Now!Tony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%NYLON (3)Not Yummy - Lots Of Nausea.Angela BrettHousehold Objects:Threads & Fabric:Edible(?)100%NYLONSNice Young Lady Of Night's StockingsAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%NYMNo Youthful MastermindTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of WindsorArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Merry Wives of Windsor100%NYMBLE MINDEDNow You're Mentally Bubbling - Let's Enjoy Mentally Inventing 'Nyms - Delightful Expansions Delivered.Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%NYMFORMANIANumerous? Yes - My Frequency Of Referring Means Abbreviated Name In Addresses Tony -- I have a bookmark for this Forum among my browser's addresses. As the site name is too long I shortened it to 'NymFor' and then _saw_ the connection with my favourite mania :-)Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsCommunication:Acronyms Forums100%NYMPHNature: Young Maiden Personifies HerTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures89%NYMSHEETNow You May Scribble Heaps of Excellent Expansions Together!Angela Brett, who had written 'nymsheet' on the top of a piece of paper she was going to write acronyms on.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%NYSNegative Yes StatementTony McCoy O'GradyCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%NYSTATINNew York Streptomyces Treats A Thrush Infection Now.Angela BrettDrugs100%NZ'Nother ZoneJeff Anonymous, noticing that in New Zealand's timezone it was already Halloween.Re-expansions of existing acronymsPlaces:Countries100%NZ ACRONYMSNow Zey're Apronyms! Creatively Rearranged Original Name, Yet Meaning Similar.Gavin LambertWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about AcronymsPlaces:Countries100%OAOver-AteJeff Anonymous (in reference to Overeaters Anonymous)Re-expansions of existing acronymsFood & Drink100%OAFOften A FoolTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Insults100%OAF (2)Oddly Asinine FellowRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Insults100%OAF (3)Obnoxious Annoying FoolJan MorganPeople & Relationships:Insults100%OAKOf Acorns, Kernally TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%OAK TREEOld Acorn Keeping The Record Evolution EstablishesRico LeffantaScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%OASISOutstanding Albums. Sixties Inspired Singles.Eric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Artists100%OASIS (2)Overcoming Arid Sand Is SustenanceAngela BrettPlaces100%OBADIAHOracular Bard Apocalyptically Denies Israel's Adversaries Hope.Sue JohnsonReligion:Bible books100%OBE'Onoured By Elizabeth!Tony McCoy O'Grady (OBE actually stands for Order of the British Empire)Re-expansions of existing acronyms86%OBERONOversees, By Eye-juice, Reign Of NonsenseTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:A Midsummer Night's Dream100%OBESEOversized Bodies Exercising Seldom EnoughEdwin HermannScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%OBIOriental Belt's IdentifierAngela BrettHousehold Objects:Clothing100%OBJECTIVE-CObscure, But Just Enough Complexity, Tied Into Very Elegant ClassesPaul MarshallComputers:Programming100%OBLIVIOUSObviously Believes Love Is Visible Instead Of Understanding SpiritualityRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships100%OBSCENEObject Bigoted Society Can Excoriate Not ExpungeRico LeffantaAssorted Adjectives92%OBSCENITIESOutbursts By Surly Cursers Emote, Never Inform - Those In Earshot [are] StressedAngela BrettWords & Wordplay:Rudeness100%OBSCENITIES (2)Old B*st*rd Starts Cursing Every Night; It's Time I Escaped Somewhere!Patricia RixWords & Wordplay:Rudeness100%OBSESSIVEObstructive Behavior, Stopping Expectations, Side Stepping In Varied EmotionsJan Morgan - it stops the process of completion and creates various Emotions from all involvedPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%OBVIOUSOh Brother, View Is Of Usual SituationJan MorganAssorted Adjectives100%OCEANOverflow Can Evaporate Any NavyRico LeffantaMilitaryPlaces:Waterways100%OCEAN (2)Open Chasm Everyone Always NavigatesJerry Ryan PER Hoboken Elks Lodge #74Places:Waterways100%OCEAN WORDSOne Cannot 'Encapsulate' Atlantic - Not With-Out "Really Deep Sea"Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%OCR'Ow Computers ReadAngela Brett (OCR usually stands for Optical Character Recognition)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%OCR (2)Our Computer 'Reads'Tony McCoy O'Grady (see OCR)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers100%OCTAVIUS CAESAROutstandingly Cool Tactician - A Victory Is Ultimately Secured - Commands Army's Esteem, Submission And RespectTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Antony and CleopatraArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Julius Caesar100%OCTOBEROften Chilly, Then One Brings Extra RaimentTony McCoy O'Grady, who lives in the northern hemisphere.Time:Months88%OCTOBER (2)Onset (of) Crepuscular Twilight Obviously Begins Earlier, RememberTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Months100%ODBCOne Doesn't Buy ConnectivitySean Lamb (ODBC usually stands for Open Database Connectivity)Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming100%ODDESTOur Dearly Demented's Extremely Strange Thinking TMcCO'GScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness100%ODDEST (2)Often Directly Divisible, Excepting (Surely) Twos TMcCO'GScience:Mathematics100%ODIEOne Dog Is Enough!Angela Brett, referring to the dog in the Garfield comics.Art & Literature:Fictional CharactersNames:Pet Names100%ODOUROur Deodorant's Obviously Un-ReliableTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene100%OF COURSEOur Famous Charter Obliges Urgent Requirement - Succinct Expansion!Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela asked if a poster on the forums was obliged to expand something which was in capitals.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%OFFICEObfuscated File Format Is Common EverywhereSean Lamb (even though the data format of MS-Office documents is exceptionally hidden, they have become a de-facto standard)Computers100%OFFICE OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSEOfficially, Firefighters Fail In Containing Engulfing Orange Flames; Especially Major Events. Research Gathered Explains, "Near Catastrophes, Yelling Produces Reduced Efficiency." Primarily, And Regarding Extreme Disasters, Normally Everyone Suffers Sprains And Nausea During Real Emergency Situations. Police Offer Needed Security Everywhere. Kenny RoyPeople & Relationships:Disaster100%OFFICEROne Fine Fellow Is Courtroom Employed RepresentativeSean Lamb (I haven't met a member of law enforcement that I didn't get along with yet)People & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations100%OFF MASS SHELLOnly For Fleeting Moments, As Sufficient Strength Shouldn't Have Existed. Living Large!Angela Brett (a particle which is 'off mass shell' has a different amount of energy from what would normally be required to produce it. Like living large off a credit card, it doesn't last very long.)Science:Physics93%OFF-TRACK JOKESOccasional Flights of Fancy, Truly Rollicking Always Cause Knee-Jerk Outbursts. Keeps Enhancing Suspense.Tony McCoy O'GradyLaughter100%O FOR THE JOYS OF PARENTHOODOh Fiddlesticks. Over Run Tonylet... Hit European Jalopey. Overall, Youth Survived, 'Owever, Flattened. Perhaps Another Reason Exclaiming 'Need The Helmet'? Optional? Oah Dunthinkso.Jeff Anonymous (Tonylet suggested by Angela Brett) in response to CYCLISTS SHOULD BE CAREFULTransport86%OGLINGObvious Gleeful Leering at Indecent Naked GirliesAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust80%OGRE'Orrible Giant, Repulsive Eating-habitsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures100%OHOutraged HorrorTony McCoy O'GradyMain100%OH (2)Optimistic HappinessTony McCoy O'Grady, just to confuse those who think he means Outraged Horror! :-)Main100%OH, FOR GOD'S SAKE!Oh, How Friggin' Obvious! Really Getting Over Done. Stop Sharing Asinine Knowledge Endlessly.Angela Brett, during another annoyingly slow lecture.Education:Slow Teaching100%OHIOOccupations Have Industry OpportunitiesJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%OIOver, Izzit?Jeff Anonymous, when Angela capitalised OI. This one is best understood if you look at the 'Illiterations' thread on the Acronyms forums, at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/list.cgi?id=acronyms&user=&session=&root=984136095Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%OILOh, It Lubricates!Roger WilliamsHousehold Objects100%OKAYOtherwise Known As 'Yes'Angela BrettCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%OKLAHOMAOf Knowledge, Learn An Honest Occupation, Make AvailableJan MorganPlaces:States & Regions100%OLD AGEOne's Looks Decline After Geriatricity EmergesTony McCoy O'GradyTime:Age100%OLDBIEOh, Like, Duh! Blasted Ignorant Enquiries!Angela Brett, summarising the responses to newbie questions of some of the 'oldbies' on the Cocoa-dev mailing list. Others are more helpful.People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%OLDBIE (2)Often Lauded Dinosaur, Being Inexplicably ExperiencedJeff AnonymousPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%OLDBIESOut, Learner Dumb*ss! Because I'm Entirely Superior.Angela Brett (see OLDBIE)People & Relationships:Personality Traits100%OLD FARTOften Lingering Dreadfully From A Rumbling Tummy TMcCO'G - seeing another meaning to the expressionScience:Biology100%OLD FART (2)Of Longlost Days - Frequently A Reactionary Twit TMcCO'G - who is probably becoming onePeople & Relationships:InsultsTime:Age100%OLD LADYOrgan Loves Donors! Libido Activated! Display Yourself!Rico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%OLD MACDONALDOctogenarian Likes Directing Many Animals: Cows, Dogs, Owls, Nannygoats And Loud DonkeysPatricia RixEntertainment:Music:SongsArt & Literature:Nursery Rhymes100%OLDTONOften Loved Digital Toy, Once New(ton)Angela Brett, thinking of a name for her newly acquired, but old, Newton.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Hardware100%OLGAOh Leave Girls Alone!Rico LeffantaNames:First names:Female100%OLIVEOsmonds' Lives Involve Victorious EndeavorsJan MorganNames:Famous people100%OLIVE (2)Offers Love In Vital EndeavorsJan MorganNames:First names86%OLIVEROrlando's Life-saving Intervention Vigorously Effects ReconciliationTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's As You Like ItArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:As You Like It100%OLIVER (2)Outstanding Lyrics In Vaguely Entertaining Romp.Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies100%OLYMPICSOld Ladies, Young Men, Performing In Competitive SportRico LeffantaSports & Recreation100%OLYMPICS (2)Other Locations Yet May Partake, It's Currently Sydney.Edwin HermannSports & Recreation80%OMANOil-rich, Monarchic, Arab Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%O MA OW! MA+CHILD! MAN & CHILD THRIVE ON BREAST LOVE!"One Man And One Woman" = "Marriage." A Child Habitually Involve Lots Dollars/Demands! "Marriage" = "Affirmation, Nurturing, Communication/Commitment/Cooperation/Consecration Happiness/Holiness, Incomparable Love, Devotion/Diligence, Trust/Tenacity, Home, Relation, Integrity, Virtue, Education, Oneness, Natural Beauty! Really Elevates & Affirms Society! Truth!" Love Organic Vegan Edibles!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (O MA OW refers to pregnancy) 'Marriage Protection Week' was October 12-18, 2003 in the USA. Part of push for an amendment to the US constitution to define 'Marriage is a union of one man with one woman.' APRONYM INSPIRED by the most powerful broadcasts I have heard! The program 'Focus on the Family' airs four times weekdays on WAVA 105.1 FM (from Northern Virginia, USA). At family.org listen to the two-day series for ÊThursday 16 October & Friday 17 October 2003.People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce100%OMASTAROwner Made Ancient Spiral Train... Alterations Resulted.Angela Brett. (Omastar is Pokemon #139)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%OMASTAR (2)Once Merely Archeological Specimen... Transformed And Reanimated!Angela Brett (Omastar is Pokemon #139)Computers:Games:Game Characters:Pokemon100%OMENObvious Memorable Event, NecromancyJan MorganReligion100%OMNIWEBOn Macintosh/ NeXTStep, It Will Enhance Browsing.Angela BrettComputers:Internet:Web browsers88%ONANISMOrganising Nativity's A No-no, If So ManipulatedAngela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%ONANISM (2)Objects Normally Aren't Nuns... Isn't 'Semenary', Mate!Steve Keate and Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust88%ON A ROLLOutpouring of New Acronyms Regardless Of Limited LexisAngela Brett, when she thought up a whole lot of acronyms during a lecture, while she didn't have her thesaurus with her.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ON A ROLL (2)One New Acronym -- Randomly Ordered Lyrical LanguageGavin LambertWords & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ONCE AND FUTURE KINGOversea, Never, Created Era. Arthur Never Dominated. Fiction, Untrue. Terribly Unreal. Really Evil Konspiracy. Is No Good.Jeff AnonymousArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Arthurian Legend100%ONCE IN A WHILEOccasionally - Not Consecutively, Erratic In Nature And Without Having Identifiable Lapse EpisodesTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted PhrasesTime100%ONEOdd, Not EvenAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE + ONE = TWOOne (Natural Extender) + One (Nine - Eight) = Two (Wedded ==> " One")Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Two (Wedded ==> " One"): MarriagePeople & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & DivorceScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE (2)Odd Natural EnumeratorAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE (3)One! Negative Even!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE (4)One! Natural Elevator/Empathiser!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE (5)One! Next Escalate!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE (6)Over Nil/Negatives Exactly!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE (7)Obviously No ExtrasAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONE MOREOh No, Even More Overly Ridiculous Effluent.Blair, on hearing that he only needed to do one more acronym to get on the hall of fame.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ONE STOP TESTING SOLUTIONSOfficials Need Every Single Thing Operating Perfectly? Then Enter Super Testers Incorporated's Nice Gleaming Station. Our Labourers Undertake Technical Inspections Of No Specificity.Angela Brett, thinking that one-stop testing solutions would have to be able to test anything and everything, and would perhaps have designed a single, extremely generalised test. They would, therefore, probably not test any particular thing very well.Assorted Phrases96%ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN, SEVENTEEN, EIGHTEEN, NINETEEN, TWENTYOriginal Numerical Enumerators, This Way Onwards, They Haven't Reached (an) End, Even From Operating Useful Reckoning-machines, Furtherance Is Very Easy, Sufficiently Increase 'X" So Eliminating Virtually Every Number, Eternity Is Generally Hopeless Thought, Now Infinity Never Ends, (the) Thought Exceeds Numbers.... Ekeing Lengthens & Extends Value, (an) Extra Number! This Would Exceed Last Value Enumerated. To Hasten Infinity-Reaching, Try Expanding Elementary Numbers. First Off, Use Ready-reckoner To Extend Existing Notation - For Instance, Find The Epistasis Ending Number. So Infinity XtendsÉ The Extremity Eludes Numeration... Seemingly Endless, Valuation Evidently Never To End. Even NumbersÉ Escalation Is Generally Handy To Execute, Eight... Nine... Numbers I Normally Expect... Ten... Eleven... Ever Nearer... This Will End Now, Thank You.Tony McCoy O'GradyWords & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronymsScience:Mathematics:Numbers100%ONLY USE IN NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE MORTALCOMBATOne New Little Yare Use Stating Enemy Is Naming Names! Obnoxious! "Charles Howard" And Near Cousins! Extremely Terrifying! Opt: Sentences Using Real Verbs Invade Victoriously! Escalate Memorisation Of Real Terrifying Animals! Lions! Cats! Operatingsystems! Mouses! Bats! Anacondas! Termites!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (see FAIL SAFE!Commerce:Companies:SIRC100%ON/OFF SWITCHOwners Need Occasional Forewarning For Shunning What Isn't To Cure Hunger.Tony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Do Not Eat100%ONOMATOPOEIAOriginal Noise Obviously Mandates Alphabetical Text Ordered Phonetically; Openly Encapsulating Intended AllusionGavin LambertScience:LinguisticsAssorted Nouns:Noises100%ONTARIOOur Northern Trees Appear Reddish In OctoberPatricia RixPlaces:States & Regions100%ON THE LAWOne Night They Had Extra Labor And WagesSean Lamb (A train crew is "on the law" when they have exceeded their allowed work time between rest periods)People & Relationships:Law & OrderTransport:Trains100%OOHS AND AHSOldies Ogling Huggable Sprog: Apathetic Neonate Dribbles, 'Awww, How Sweet...'Angela BrettAssorted Phrases100%OOPOne Odious ParadigmSean Lamb (OOP = Object Oriented Programming) Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming100%OOP (2)Outperforming Older ProgramsSean Lamb (OOP = Object Oriented Programming) Re-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Programming100%OOSOut Of ServiceAngela Brett (OOS usually stands for Occupational Overuse Syndrome)Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%OPERATING SYSTEM TENOverhauled Procedures Ensure Reliability - Although This Isn't Necessary Generally. Simple Yet Stylish - This Extends Macintosh Theory.... Excitement & Novelty!Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Mac OS X.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%OPHELIAOur Pathetic Heroine Ends Life In AnguishTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark100%OPINIONOne Person's Interpretation... Not Incorrect, Only Nonconforming.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Thoughts100%OPPOSITEOther Ponies Pooping On Someone's Immaculate Trojan ExhibitionRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%OPRAHOvertly Personable Rich American HostEric BridgstockEntertainment:TV shows:Talk Shows100%OPRAH (2)Outgoing Personality Regales American HeartlandTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:Talk Shows100%OPRAH WINFREYOther People Relate Awful Happenings; What If None Found Religion Except You?Rico LeffantaEntertainment:TV shows:Talk Shows100%OPSObstacles Produce StrengthRico LeffantaReligion:Roman Gods & Goddesses100%OPTICALOur Pupils Take In Colours And LightTony McCoy O'GradyScience100%OPTICAL DRIVEOne-Piece To Inscribe CDs And Load DVD-ROMs, I'm Very EnviousAngela Brett, referring to DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drives.Computers:Generic Hardware100%ORACLEObfuscation-Rich Announcements - Clarity's Lacking EverytimeTony McCoy O'Grady (Oracles never called a spade a spade, and their announcements were always open to misinterpretation)Religion100%ORACLE (2)Online Resource Assisting Clinical Learning/ EducationTony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE)Computers:Internet:VA Data Acquisition86%ORANGEOften Related to Apple, Nectarine, Grape Etcetera.Angela BrettFood & Drink100%ORANGE (2)Ordinary Refreshment; Alton Notes, 'Good Eats!'Sean Lamb (Alton Brown is the host of my favorite cooking show right now, 'Good Eats')Food & Drink100%ORANGESOne's Refreshing Awakener Needs Gentle Extra SqueezeTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%ORBOne Round BallAngela BrettScience:Mathematics:Geometry100%ORCHARDOld Remote Castle, Heroes' Abode, Romantically DerelictTony McCoy O'GradyMacGirl & KeyBoardPlaces:Buildings100%ORCHESTRAOur Regular Concert Hall Ensemble Seems To Require ArtistesTony McCoy O'Grady, as an example of something which is worse with NO STRINGS ATTACHED (Wind, Percussion and Strings)Entertainment:Music86%ORCHIDOften (a) Rare, Cherished Hybrid Incites DesireTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Plants100%ORCSOverwhelmingly Revolting, Cadaverous ScariesPatricia RixArt & Literature:Fictional Characters:The Lord of the Rings100%ORDER OF THE ARROWObligation Ritual Deems Existence Responsibilities Offerings Founded, Traditions Help Everyone Achieve Recommendations Ranking Of WantJan Morgan -- Scout honor society to exemplify Scout oath and laws to want to serve recommendations required to enter society and advancementSports & Recreation:Scouts100%ORDUREOmnivorous Recyclings Dumped Under Rear EvacuationsRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%OREGONOriginal Route Engaged, Greatly Opened Nation Jan Morgan - Oregon Trail was an important route to settlersPlaces:States & Regions100%ORGANOutputs Really Grand Acoustic NoiseEric BridgstockEntertainment:Music:Instruments100%ORGANICOrganic: Resourcefully Grown And Not Involving Chemicals!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Science:BiologyFood & Drink100%ORGANIC (2)Organicvegans' Resource: Generate/Greatest "Apronyms" = "Neat Internal Codes!"Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms100%ORGANIC HERBOur Rogues Grow A New Investment Crop, Harvesting Each Reader's BalanceAngela Brett, in response to some spam on the Apronyms Forums by a company with that name.Commerce:CompaniesFood & Drink:Condiments:Herbs100%ORGANISEOrganicvegans Realize God. Advance Neighbors. Innovatively Save Enemies!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.ReligionFood & Drink100%ORGANIZEOne Really Gains Advantages Now I've Zeroed Everything TMcCO'GAssorted Verbs80%ORGYOne Raucous Group of YouthsSean LambPeople & Relationships100%ORIONOften Resplendent In Our NightskyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Astronomy100%ORLANDOOften Remote, Lets Arden's Nature Develop ObsessionTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's As You Like ItArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:As You Like It100%ORLISTATObesity Reduction Lies In Swallowing Tablets And Training.Angela Brett (Orlistat being a weight-loss drug.)Drugs80%ORNAMENTOrnate Relic Newly Acquired by Museum is Eventually National Treasure.Angela BrettHousehold Objects86%ORNATEOrnamentally Rich in Nice And Traditional EngravingsAngela BrettAssorted Adjectives100%ORPHEUSOrgan Recitals Present Heroic Efforts Under StressRico LeffantaEntertainment:MusicArt & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures100%OSAMAOrchestrated Suicide Air Missions, AllegedlyAngela Brett, referring to OSAMA BIN LADENNames:Famous peopleMilitary:War & Terrorism100%OSAMA BIN LADENOne Saudi Arabian Masterminded Airplane Blitz In Newyork - Letting America Drop Explosives NightlyTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous peopleMilitary:War & Terrorism100%OSBASTONOne Should Beware A Seven-Times-Over NincompoopTony McCoy O'Grady (Osbaston is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'A point made for the seventh time to somebody who insisits that they know exactly what you mean but clearly hasn't got the faintest idea.')Words & Wordplay:Liffs100%OSCAROne Slob Can Accumulate RubbishJan Morgan, referring to the Sesame Street monsterArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%OSCAR WILDEOpinionated, Self-Centred, Awful Rogue Wittily Invented Lovingly Designed EpigramsTony McCoy O'GradyArt & Literature:Writers100%OSHOne Sore HandAngela Brett (someone from Occupational Safety & Health came to my work to look at people's workstations and tell us how to reduce the risk of OOS. After following her directions on how to use the mouse for the rest of the day, I had a sore wrist.)Re-expansions of existing acronymsPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%OSH (2)Only Sarcastically 'Helpful'Angela BrettRe-expansions of existing acronyms100%OSMIDROSISOne Shower Monthly Isn't Decent... Remember, Our Sweat Is Smelly!Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%OSMIUMOverly Solid Metal, Is Usually MixedAngela Brett. (Osmium is very dense and is mainly used in alloys)Science:Chemistry:Elements86%OSMIUM (2)Offensive Smell Maker - It's Used in Measurement.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%OSMONDSObtained Success Musically Of Novel Demand, SeventiesJan Morgan -- unusual musical talent enjoyed by those who loved them in the seventies and beyondEntertainment:Music:Artists100%OSSETTOrnate Spare Secretes Extra Toilet TissueTony McCoy O'Grady (Ossett is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'A frilly spare-toilet-roll-cosy.')Household ObjectsWords & Wordplay:Liffs100%OSTIOver-Sized Titties InsideAngela Brett, after seeing an ad for Osti bras, which come in larger sizes than usual.Household Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%OSTRACIZEOrder Someone To Run Away 'Cause Its Zone EvaporatedRico LeffantaAssorted Verbs86%OSWALDOnce Shot (from) Window And Leader DiedTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Famous peoplePolitics100%OS XOur System's Xciting.Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela installed Mac OS X.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software100%OTHELLOOn Treacherous Hearsay Evidence, Lover Loses OutTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's OthelloArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:Othello0%OTHER END UP*Potential Users - Do Not Eat! Rough Edges Hurt The OesophagusTony McCoy O'Grady, making an honest expansion out of the 'Do Not Eat' subcategory of 'Computers'.Computers:Do Not Eat91%OTOROHANGAOver To One's Right One Half-km Ahead's North-Going Alternative.Angela Brett, on seeing a sign in Otorohanga saying that there was an alternative Northward route 400 or 500 metres ahead on the right.Places:Towns & Cities:New Zealand40%OTTOOne Toke, Then O-n-w-a-r-d-sTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%OUAIS'Oui' Uttered As Informal SoundAngela Brett ('ouais' is one way of spelling the French equivalent of 'yeah')Science:Linguistics:French WordsCommunication:Yesses And Noes100%OUNGAHOddly Unpronounceable Name Given A HamletPatricia RixPlaces:Towns & Cities:Canada100%OUTDOOR LEARNING SKILLSOn Unfamiliar Terrain, Don't Overestimate Own Real-Life Experience... Adventure Roleplaying Night Is Not Good Solid Knowledge If Lost, Lonely, Shivering.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:AdviceSports & Recreation100%OUTHOUSEOff Underwear, Then Heave Out Undeniably Stinky Excreta.Angela BrettPlaces:Buildings:The 'Little Room'100%OUTLAWSOld Uncles Talking Laughingly About Wayward SistersRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%OUT OF HEREOnce Under That Old Fence, He'll Evasively Run EastAngela BrettAssorted PhrasesPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%OVERBOARDOutrageous Voyage Enables Romance Between Outrageous Adults Romantically DeprivedRico LeffantaEntertainment:Movies100%OVERHEADOne's Viewers Engage & React, Having Eyeballed A Diagram Tony (Overhead projectors made presentations much easier to assimilate for the audience in a conference/school)Communication:Presentations100%OVERHEAD (2)Obscured Visuals Effectively Reduce How Everyone Appreciates Diagram Tony (It only takes one person to stand and block out the presentation)Communication:Presentations100%OVERHEAD (3)Optical Viewer's Expensive - Resources Have Entered A Deficit Tony (Overhead projectors don't often get as much use as imagined when they were being argued for)Communication:Presentations100%OVERWORKEDOne's Very Extended (Regularly Working Overtime) Really Knackered Every DayTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%OWEN SOUNDOntario's Wonderful Escarpment Neatly Surrounds Our Undeniably Nice DowntownPatricia Rix, saying: It is the most beautiful city, geographically, in all S. Ontario, with the old section nestled in the valley at the river's mouth, the escarpment providing dramatic beauty and a natural windbreak and green space, and the newer malls and car lots up on the top where you can't see them.Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%OWLOverhead When LightlessGavin Lambert and Angela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%OWLSOn Wing, Like SeagullsAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%OWLS (2)Ornithologists Will Lack SleepAngela BrettScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%OWLS (3)Occult Wings Lift SilentlyPatricia RixScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%OWLS (4)Old Wise Learned SoulsMick BridgstockScience:Biology:Animals:Birds100%OWNEROnce Whispers Now Embodied RealityRico LeffantaAssorted Nouns100%OXYGENObviously Xeric, Yet Greatly Essential Necessity.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%OYSTEROh Yes! Sexy Tingling Excitement ResultsTony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%OYSTER (2)Ohhh Yeahhhh... Shellfish That Exaggerates RandinessAngela Brett, trying for the last 'O' entry.Food & Drink100%OZONEOcean Zephyrs - Our Noses EnchantedTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry91%OZONE LAYEROur Zoology's On (k)-Nife Edge Lately, All Year Exhaust Reduction.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Environment100%PAPaternal AncestorTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships:Family100%PA (2)Paternal AndroidRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:Family100%PACERPrecursive Athlete Can Enliven RunnerTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation100%PACIFICPalms, Atolls, Castaways, Inspiration For Imaginative ChildrenTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Waterways100%PACKAGINGProperly, A Carton Keeps All Goods Inside Neatly GroupedAngela BrettAssorted Nouns100%PACKAGING (2)Presentation Acknowledges Consumers Know All Glitz Is Necessarily GoldMelanie MerswolkeAssorted Nouns100%PACKAGING (3)Paper And Cardboard - Keep Away - 'Glitz' Is Needless Garbage!Tony McCoy O'Grady, after reading PACKAGING (2) and saying that the environmentally aware might prefer something a bit more conservative.Assorted Nouns100%PACKRATITISPerson Accumulating Crap; Keeps Really Ancient Things Indefinitely, Taking Infinite Storage.Gavin Lambert, explaining why he has so many old computers.Words & Wordplay:Made Up WordsScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%PACMANPositively A Classic Macversion Available NowTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Games:Game CharactersComputers:Games100%PACTProsper And Collect TaxesRico LeffantaPolitics100%PADDLEPropel A Dugout During Liquid Escapade Tony McCanoe O'GradyTransport100%PADDYParticularly Angry , Don't Destroy YourselfTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%PAGANSPray - And Get Afterlife's Necessities SecuredTony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)ReligionWords & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans100%PAGANS (2)Please Accept God As New SaviourAngela BrettReligion100%PAGANS (3)Preaching Alternate Gods, All Naive SinnersAngela BrettReligion100%PAIGEPart Angel, In Godless EpisodesAngela Brett (Paige is a part-angel, part-witch character in the TV series 'Charmed'. I expect that the show would be labelled 'Godless' by some religious zealots because of the witches and other supernatural creatures in it, so it's interesting that it should have angels.)Names:First names:FemaleArt & Literature:Fictional Characters100%PAINPrescribe Anaesthetic, It'll Numb.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments80%PAIN (2)Pulsations At Irritated Nerve-endingTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%PAIN (3)Palpitations Ache In NeglectJan MorganScience:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%PAINTPalate Assaulted, It's Not TastySteve KeateFood & Drink100%PAINT (2)Pleasing And Incredibly Nutritious. Truely.Steve Keate, balancing his negative PAINT expansion after reading Tony's GLOSS etc.Food & Drink:Home(-cooked) Improvement:Paint100%PAIN (TWO) (ONE)Parentheses Activate Interesting Novelty That We Only Occasionally Need EncounterTony McCoy O'Grady, when he began a forum thread called 'PAIN (2)' but since there was one post in the thread, it was displayed in the thread list as 'PAIN (2) (1)'Communication:Acronyms Forums100%PAISLEYPerfect, Although It's Small... Like Embryo / YoungAngela Brett, who went to Paisley, Ontario, to meet the Rixes.Places:Towns & Cities:Canada100%PAKISTANPopulous As Karachi Is, Still Truly Agricultural Nation.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries89%PAKISTAN (2)Persecutions Absolutely Known, India Separated into Two Asian Nations.Roger WilliamsPlaces:Countries100%PALPeace At Last unknown origin - actually stands for Phase Alteration Line. Referring to the US/Europe TV standards war.Re-expansions of existing acronyms100%PALAMONPally Allegiance Lumbered After Maiden's Openly NotedTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's (and/or John Fletcher's) The Two Noble KinsmenArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:The Two Noble Kinsmen100%PALESTINEPlease, All... Let's End Schismatic Terrorism (Israel's No Exception!)Angela BrettReligionPlaces:CountriesMilitary:War & Terrorism100%PALINDROMEPut All Letters In New Direction Reverse Or Mirror Effect Apronymous AnonymousWords & Wordplay92%PALINDROMESPalindromes Amazing! (Letters of Information / Notice Digits) Read Opposite: Message Exactly Same!Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.Words & Wordplay90%PALLADIUMPallas Athene Linked. Light Alloy in Dentistry, It's Un-Magnetic.Tony McCoy O'GradyScience:Chemistry:Elements100%PALMPeople Analyse Lines MysticallyAngela BrettReligion100%PALM DATABASEPerhaps... Angela Likes Mobile Data, And The Acronyms Belong At Sides Everywhere!Angela Brett, when someone searched for Palm Database on the Acronyms website. Perhaps the searcher was wondering if the acronyms were available in some kind of database format for Palm OS handheld computers. They aren't, but if I knew how to I wouldn't mind making them available that way.Computers100%PALM DATABASE (2)Portable And Little, My Digital Assistant's The Absolute Best - Although Somewhat ExpensiveTony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%PALM DATABASE (3)Predictions Are Logged, Making Divinations Available To All. Browse And Spot Errors.Angela Brett - Perhaps mystics keep records of all their predictions so they can check up on them later and see if they were right... or maybe just for examples to show learning palm readers.Religion100%PALM DATABASE (4)Predictions Are Like Men: Dumb And Tiresome - And Basically A Silly ExerciseTony McCoy O'Grady, after reading PALM DATABASE (3) and noting that Palmists are nearly always female.ReligionPeople & Relationships:Genderalisations100%PALM DATABASE (5)Practising Arborists Learn Much, Devouring All Teaching About Breeds And Species Etc.Angela BrettScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%PALMSPredict A Life, Mystics SayAngela BrettReligion100%PALM TREESPretty, A Large Mature Tree, Regions Elevates Elements, SunshineJan Morgan - Elevates Elements = Raised Weather temperaturesScience:Biology:Plants:Trees100%PALOMINOPlanning Another Launch, One Manufacturer Is Now OnlineSean Lamb (Palomino was AMD's code name for their Athlon line of processors)Computers:Generic HardwareNames:Code Names100%PALSPersonable And Likeable SoulmatesTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & Relationships100%PALTRYPathetic Amount, Likely To Revolt YouTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Adjectives100%PALTRY (2)Puny Allotment Leaves The Recipient YearningMelanie MerswolkeAssorted Adjectives100%PALTRY (3)Piddling Amount - Less Than Required - Yuck!Patricia RixAssorted Adjectives100%PANAMAPlease Attack Noriega And Make Amendsjoybutton (not his real name *grin*)Places:Countries100%PANAMA (2)Pick A Number And Move AsidejoybuttonPlaces:Countries100%PANAMA (3)Perhaps America's Narcotics Agents Messed About.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%PANDAParticular About Native Diet, ApparentlyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals100%PANGAMYPromiscuity Amongst No-Good Adults Made You!Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:Love & Lust100%PANICPeople Act Nonsensically In CrisisAngela Brett, 35 minutes before the deadline of a group PROJECT.People & Relationships:Emotions100%PANIC (2)People Are Now Imitating ChickensAngela Brett, when the server on which the Apronyms site is hosted was accidentally deleted. Luckily not many headless chicken impersonations were performed, as I had backups of almost everything.People & Relationships:Emotions100%PANTHERProwls Around Nature Trails, Heartily Enjoying RaccoonsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Animals88%PANTHER (2)Panther: A New Thing in His Evil Reign Acronymous Anonymous (presumably referring to the release of MAC OS X after JAGUARComputers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%PANTHER (3)People All Need To Have Expose, Right?Angela Brett ('Expose' is one of the new features in Mac OS X 10.3, code-named 'Panther')Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%PANTHER (4)Please Add No Translations, Have Extra Room Angela Brett (most people will benefit from not installing all the languages in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, as they take up extra disk space and installation time.)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%PANTHER (5)Panicked Angela Needs Technical Help, Everything's Ruined!Angela Brett, who eventually had to do a clean install of Panther after having problems with the normal installation.Computers:Macintosh & Newton:SoftwareNames:Code Names:Apple100%PANTIESPair Always Neatly Threaded Into Equivocal SingleRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%PANTIES (2)Pulled Away, Naked Twat Is Exposed SensationallyRico LeffantaHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%PANTIES (3)Protection Against Nighttime Temptation Into Erotic SessionTony McCoy O'GradyHousehold Objects:Clothing:Underwear100%PANZERProbably Australia-New Zealand Emergency RefreshmentRico LeffantaFood & Drink:Drinks100%PAPABEARPauses Aren't Particularly Annoying Because Exponential Assignment's Rough.Angela Brett, while typing to someone called PapaBear on IRC, not minding his long pauses because she was also working on an assignment involving infinite exponentials.Names100%PAPERPrecious And Passionate Emerging RomanceAngela Brett, referring to what is traditionally the paper (1st) wedding anniversary.Time:Special Occasions:Wedding Anniversaries100%PAPER (2)Parchment Advances Produced Economical ReplacementTony MooreHousehold Objects100%PAP SMEARPrecaution Against Papilloma - Some Must Endure A Retest.Angela Brett, after reading http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992601Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments100%PAPUA NEW GUINEAParts Are Primitive - Uplanders Almost Never Encounter Westerners. Generally Upland Inhabitants Not Economically Active.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%PARACHUTEPersons Abandoning Rushing Aircraft Can Hurtle Uncomfortably To EarthTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Parachuting100%PARACHUTE JUMPINGPeople Aboard Racing Aircraft Can Hear Umpteen Terrified Exiters Judiciously Uttering Many Prayers - I Need God!Tony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Parachuting100%PARADESPublic's Annual Routine Anticipates Day, Event StrollingJan MorganTime:Special Occasions100%PARAGUAYPolitically A Republic After Government Under Army Yoke.Tony McCoy O'GradyPlaces:Countries100%PARALLEL LINESPartings Are Rigidly Applied, Logical Legalities Exclude Lines Lurching Into Nexus - Eternally SeparatedTony McCoy O'Grady, who always wondered why concentric circles do not qualify as 'parallel'.Science:Mathematics:Geometry100%PARAMEDICPatients At Roadside Are Medicated, Eventually Doctors Intervene ClinicallyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations100%PARAMEDIC (2)Provides Assistance (Road Accident) / (Medical Emergency) & Delivers Into CasualtywardTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology:Healthcare:Healthcare Occupations90%PARAMETERPrograms Always Require A Method of Ensuring True & Efficient RunningTony McCoy O'GradyComputers:Programming100%PARASCENDINGPerson (And Rope And Speedboat) Can Elevate Nicely, Drifting If Not GlidingTony McCoy O'GradySports & Recreation:Parachuting94%PARETO PRINCIPLEPerhaps A Ratio's Erroneous - That One Perceived Result Is Not Completely In Proportion (to) Less EffortTony McCoy O'Grady (see PRINCIPLE)People & Relationships:Thoughts100%PARISPeople Always Remember Iron StructureEric BridgstockPlaces:Towns & Cities100%PARIS (2)Perfume Always Rejuvenates Innate SensualityRico LeffantaPlaces:Towns & Cities100%PARIS (3)Perhaps Apple's Redesigning Its System?Sean Lamb (Paris was Apple's code name for the Macintosh II)Computers:Macintosh & Newton:HardwareNames:Code Names:Apple83%PARIS (4)Philosophers, Artists, Restaurants and Iconic StructuresEric BridgstockPlaces:Towns & Cities100%PARKPut Away Resting KartAngela BrettTransport100%PARK (2)Playground Amuses Rowdy KindergartenersAngela BrettPlaces100%PARK (3)Playground Amuses Restless KidsTony McCoy O'GradyPlaces100%PARK (4)Playing Achieves Recreation, KidsJan Morgan & Remington MorganPlacesSports & Recreation100%PARLIAMENTPoliticians Are Rogues Living In A Mendacious Environment, Never Trustworthy!Tony McCoy O'GradyPolitics100%PAROLLESPromises Are Regularly Overturned - Little Loyalty Ever ShownTony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends WellArt & Literature:Shakespearean Plays:All's Well That Ends Well100%PARSERProgrammed Algorithm Reading Sentences, Expressions, RunesGavin LambertComputers83%PARTYPatronage-wise, Altscape Reached Thousand... Yay!Angela Brett, when the ALTSCAPE team were planning a party to celebrate having over a thousand users.Commerce:CompaniesTime:Special Occasions100%PASCALPressure And Stress Calculations Are LengthyTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Mathematics:Measurement100%PASSING TIMEPausing As Seconds Slide Into Nothing, Going Toward Inevitable Mind's-EndAngela BrettTimeSports & Recreation:Relaxation100%PASSIONPerhaps A Shabby Sensation Indicating Onerous NeedsRico LeffantaPeople & Relationships:EmotionsPeople & Relationships:Personality Traits100%PASSIVE SMOKINGPeople Around Smokers Should Indicate Vehement Exceptions! Secondary Mischief Often Kills Innocent Non-GaspersTony McCoy O'GradyDrugs:Tobacco100%PASSWORDPick Alphanumeric Symbols, Sans Words Of Reputable Dictionaries.Angela BrettComputers100%PASSWORD (2)People Actually Seem Stupid Working Outside Required DirectivesDundeeCommerce100%PASSWORD (3)Private And Secret Spelling Which Operator Requires -- DamnTony McCoy O'GradyComputers100%PASSWORD (4)Perhaps A Security System Which Often Restricts DoorwaysTony McCoy O'GradyAssorted Nouns100%PASTAParboil, Add Sauce - That's All!Tony McCoy O'GradyFood & Drink100%PAST AND PRESENTPrevious And Subsequent Times Are Naturally Distinguished - Previous's Remembering, Experiencing's Subsequent. Extempore, Now's Then.Angela Brett, who wishes she could think of a better word than 'Subsequent'Time100%PASTEPictures And Simple Text EnteredTony McCoy O'GradyComputers86%PASTORPerson Advocating Sensible Terms of Organised RestrictionMary CarrReligion:Religious Occupations100%PASTRYPick Another Strudel To Rejuvinate YourselfRico LeffantaFood & Drink100%PATCHESPretty Active Tabby Cat Hums Ever SweetlyJan MorganNames:Pet Names100%PATENTPrior Art Treated Egregiously, Not TrustedSean Lamb (the patent office is called to terms by the W3C with prior art on Eolas's web embedding patent)People & Relationships:Law & Order100%PATENT (2)Patent Application Truthful? Eolas Needs TutoringSean Lamb (the patent office is called to terms by the W3C with prior art on Eolas's web embedding patent)Computers:InternetPeople & Relationships:Law & Order100%PATHETICPeople Against The Hypothesis Earth Travels In CirclesRico LeffantaAssorted AdjectivesScience:Astronomy100%PATHOLOGYPerusing A Tissue'e Health (Or Lack) Of Geriatrics & YouthsTony McCoy O'GradyScience:Biology89%PATIENCEPostage Across Timezones Is Exceptionally Non-fast. Check Everyday.Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela was impatient to find out what Tony had put in with her MacAddict, when sending it back after a loan.People & Relationships:Personality TraitsCommunication100%PATRICIAParenting All Those Rixes Ideally, Caused Inopportune Ageing?Tony McCoy O'Grady (At times all parents feel prematurely aged!)Names:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (2)Parenting All Those Rixes Is Creditable Intellectual AchievementGeorge RixNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (3)Parenting And Training Rixes Is Creator's Inspired AssignmentGeorge RixNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (4)Piety And Temperance Remain Incontrovertible Characteristics, Inducing ApathyPatricia RixNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (5)Patricia And Tony: Rivals In Creating Interesting AcronymsPatricia RixNames:Acronymists89%PATRICIA (6)Patently Aggravated (by) Tony's Really Incorrect Characterization Involving Age!Patricia Rix (in response to PATRICIA)Names:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (7)Particularly Artistic Temperament Results In Creating Incredible AcronymsPatricia Rix and Rob RixNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (8)Place Acronyms, Then Rhymes, Into Cereal Illegal Activities.Angela BrettNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (9)Particularly Attracted To Roguish Irishman's Careful, Imaginative AcronymsPatricia RixNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (10)Pets And Toys Really Interest Child Inside AdultPatricia RixNames:Acronymists100%PATRICIA (11)Placename Acronyms Tackled Regularly - Is Clan Intensely AcronymicTony McCoy O'GradyNames:Acronymists89%PATRICIA (12)Pansies Are Tasteless, Really Intended (to) Create Instant AtmospherePatricia Rix (I am, of course, referring to the pansies which pretentious restaurants-in-hotels put on your plate along with your scanty serving of hors d'oeuvres to justify the inflated price.)Names:You Are What You Eat100%PATRICKPicked A Trefoil, Religiously Instructing Celtic KingTony McCoy O'Grady - Saint Patrick is reputed to have used a shamrock to show the three-in-one nature of the Holy Trinity to an Irish kingReligion:Saints100%PATRIOTPerson Acclaiming Territorial 'Romance' Is Often TerroristTony McCoy O'GradyPeople & RelationshipsMilitary:War & Terrorism80%PATTERNSPhi-curves And Theta-curves Twisting Elegantly Round Netted SurfacesAngela Brett, during a lecture mentioning spherical co-ordinates in UNIVERSITYCALCULUS class.Science:Mathematics100%PATTIPotatoes And Turnips Taste IncredibleTony McCoy O'GradyNames:You Are What You Eat100%PATTONPicture About Truly Terrifying Officer - No?Tony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:Movies86%PATTY BOUVIERPestering Auto-Test Triers, You Brook One Unfulfilled Vaunted Infatuation - Enchanting Richard-dean-andersonTony McCoy O'GradyEntertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons100%PAULProbably An Undersized LadAngela Brett, because according to http://www.surebaby.com/page67.html, the name Paul means 'small'.Names:First names:Male100%PAUL (2)Pathetic Adult Used LustJan Morgan - Someone I knowNames:First names:Male100%PAULAPlease Act Ultimately Like AdultJan MorganNames:First names:Female100%PAUPERPoor And Unfortunate Person - Evidently RavenousAngela BrettPeople & Relationships100%PAUSEPlainly A Uniquely Short EasementTony McCoy O'GradyTime100%PAYCHEQUEPlease Accept You Can't Have Everything - Quite Unstable Economy.Angela BrettCommerce:Money100%PAYCHEQUE (2)Please, As Your Credit Has Expired, Quit Undue Extravagance!Patricia RixCommerce:Money100%PAYDAYPerfect, As Your Debts Arrived Yesterday!Angela BrettTimeCommerce:Money100%PAYROLLPlease Accept Your Raise (Or Lowering) Lief.Angela BrettPeople & Relationships:The Workforce100%PCPlastic CrapTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%PC (2)Pathetic CreationTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%PC (3)Passable CalculatorsTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%PC (4)Poor CompromisesTony McCoy O'GradyRe-expansions of existing acronymsComputers:Windows100%PC (5)Piss CanDustan DowsingRe-expan