Gift Card Balance App (Win 10 App - Microsoft Store/ XBOX)

GCB App checks live balance of gift cards. The app offers a simple yet accurate way to retrieve real time card balances since 2012.
Balance query is done by connecting directly to the website of card provider/merchant from your phone.

Supported Cards

Major cards from below countries are supported. More countries and cards are being developed:
Australia - Brazil - Canada - China - India - Ireland - New Zealand - United Kingdom - United States

Balance Check Options

Majority of gift cards support online balance check. We offer other options when live check is unavailable.

Online check
  • GCB opens in-app balance check web page
  • GCB auto fills in card details (manual copy/paste avaible when automation fails)
  • User fills in captchar if needed
  • GCB extracts card balance (full card details displayed on screen)
* If you find the automation does not work as expected, please report bug and we will sort it out.

Phone check
  • GCB displays merchant help desk number
  • User needs to ring up and manually record balance in the app

Store/Receipt check
  • GCB links photos of receipt/invoice to the card
  • User takes a photo of receipt where balance is displayed or manually edit balance field

Cards not yet included
  • - GCB can store cards that are not yet in our list
  • - User takes card photos and types in card names manually


  • Save card photo/receipt in the app
  • Save card details in the app for fast balance query
  • Query live balance by a few clicks via in-app browser
  • Card details are automatically filled in on vendor's web page
  • Balance details are extracted and saved automatically
  • Data adjustments or manual edit of cards
  • Card expiry reminder (coming soon)
  • Card info encryption (coming soon)
  • Build-in support function

Premium Features