How does balance check work?

Most of your gift card vendors offer online gift card balance check. Our app opens the vendor's website and prefills your card details. Then the balance amount is extracted from the web page and saved to the app.

Is it safe?

Yes. When you check gift card balance, the query data is transfered directly between your phone and vendor website. It is same as you open web browser on your phone. The app only helps you to fill in card details and read balance data.

Why captcha?

Captcha has been implemented in most of vendor website to ensure the safety of balance checks. Unfortunately, we could not bypass or automate the captcha step. You will have to fill in the captcha yourself and submit.

What's next?

We are currently working on the development of these new features: Remembering Expiration of Cards / Adding more deals / Sending unsupported cards

Help Us

We are coding more auto balance query. We can only make it happen if we have access to card balance page.
Please help us by sharing card details (when card balance is close to zero). Thanks!

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