Manage Gift Cards

Card Management

Initial card setup
  • Fill in card details
  • Attach card photo (text recognition available)
  • Check balance online if available or try other options
  • Customise your own card with URL and phone number
Day-to-day card query
  • Automated form input for online balance query
  • Screenshot of balance details as image
  • Attach shopping receipt as photo
  • Save card link in the record

Balance Check Icon

Icons are located on top of page
Online Balance Check
Phone Balance Check
Store / Service Desk
Other Instructions

[Card] Tab

  • Add photo of card
  • Modify Balance
  • Attach Receipt

[Edit] Tab

  • Manage Card Details
  • Attach E-Card Url
  • Balance Check Options
  • Update Latest Setting

[Info] Tab

  • Balance Comment
  • Merchant Information
  • Merchant URL

Icon Legend

Open URL via mobile browser
Card number
Card password
Text recognition from photo via Cloud service