Balance Check

Balance Check

1- Web View opens official balance check page
2- Once fully loaded, card details should be auto filled in
2a- Use [Wand] icon to refill card details if needed
2b- Manually: click textbox, use [Card] icon to paste
3- Enter captcha if needed and submit form
4- Card balance will be shown on screen
4a- Balance is read automatically and saved in app
4b- Click [Edit] icon to manually modify details
5- Please submit missing card to us for more card development

Form Automation

Use [Wand] icon to populate balance details, like card number & password.
  • Click card number input box on webpage
  • Click copy icon to fill in card number (refer to legend below)
  • Card number is pasted in the form
  • Repeat above step for card password
  • Once done, actions are captured and saved for future replay
  • Now you can use [Wand] icon to fill in the details
*If [Wand] icon fails to populate data, please report. We are improving the algorithm for certain types of the web pages.

Icon Legend

Toggle Card Edit
Fill in card details [Wand]
Screenshot the webpage and save as image
Copy card number to focused textbox
Copy card password to focused textbox
Copy card field to focused textbox
Copy account name to focused textbox
Copy account password to focused textbox
Auto card balance query