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Wilderness Adventures – Adventures In Wild Places

Wilderness Adventures has been guiding amazing adventures in the Blue Mountains since 2011 and we are excited to announce that we are moving to the NSW North Coast near Byron Bay in 2020. Some of our services in the Blue Mountains will no longer be available from October 2019. Of course we will honor all existing gift certificates and bookings for Blue Mountains adventure activities and will soon be offering some amazing new adventures along our rocky coastline.From 2020 our team of experienced and qualified guide will offer amazing experiences to clients at Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Lennox Head, Evans Head, Kyogle, Mullumbimby and Tweed Heads.Our services include;Rock and Beach Fishing ChartersFly Casting Lessons and ToursAbseiling and Rock Climbing Adventure ToursCanyoning and Coasteering ExpeditionsBushwalking and Camping ExperiencesOutdoor Education ActivitiesKids ExpeditionsEquipment HireAdventure Activity Logistics and Planning ServicesFly Casting Course– You’ll visit amazing places few tourists go. We  love to share the impressive landscape with our guests, but we go places away from the main tourist towns.– Our rates are all inclusive. There are no hidden costs.– There is no minimum group size or minimum booking numbers, so if you are travelling alone or in a group we can cater for you.– Wilderness Adventures offers unique experiences that are tailored to the needs of participants and we have amazing adventures for Families and Children.– We only hire professional, experienced and friendly guides. Our team is appropriately qualified and first aid certified.– Options are available to suit almost any fitness and experience level. Let us know your needs and we’ll tailor an adventure to suit you.– Tasty and nutritious food is served to warm the spirit and keep you going throughout your journey.– We are passionate about looking after the local environment. We will help you fall in love with our World Heritage Area and show you how to care for the environment you are immersed in.– There are no fixed tour schedules. You can nominate the start and finish time that suits you. Adventures are run on a ‘demand’ basis, so you can also pick the dates and adventures that suit you. You can choose any day of the year except Christmas Day. While last minute bookings are welcome, we suggest you book well in advance to avoid disappointment, as we are sometimes booked out a fair time in advance.– Larger group tours can easily be arranged for almost any group including school and corporate groups. Our team has extensive experience catering for coach loads of participants and working on team building programs.– Wilderness Adventures is safety focused, licensed and insured for your peace of mind.Please let us know how you envisage your experience at the time of booking. The Wilderness Adventures team will endeavour to make your dream adventure a reality. Our team has been adventuring for decades, we would love to share our local knowledge with you.Contact us now to make a booking!

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A gift certificate  for an experience is the perfect way to show how much you care for that special someone. They’ll have a great time in the outdoors, learn new skills, and take home memories to last a lifetime.Please contact us before purchasing a gift certificate to find out more about the impact of Covid 19 on our adventures.To purchase a certificate just fill out the form below or contact us with the following information.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we receive this information we’ll send you an invoice so you can make payment.Once payment is made the certificate will be activated and a copy will be sent to you via email (or post if requested).Please note: Certificates are valid for 36 months and are not transferable for cash. We are extending the expiry dates of all our gift certificates due to Covid19 restrictions.

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A gift certificate  for an experience is the perfect way to show how much you care for that special someone. They’ll have a great time in the outdoors, learn new skills, and take home memories to last a lifetime.
Please contact us before purchasing a gift certificate to find out more about the impact of Covid 19 on our adventures.
Please note: Certificates are valid for 36 months and are not transferable for cash. We are extending the expiry dates of all our gift certificates due to Covid19 restrictions.

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  • Gift Certificates – Wilderness Adventures A gift certificate for an experience is the perfect way to show how much you care for that special someone. They’ll have a great time in the outdoors, learn new skills, and take home memories to last a lifetime. Please contact us before purchasing a gift certificate to find out more about the impact of Covid 19 on our adventures. To purchase a certificate just fill out the form below or ... http://www.wildernessadventures.net.au/gift-certificates/

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  • In-store: Take the gift card to a physical store location of the retailer or restaurant that issued the gift card. Approach a store associate or cashier and request assistance in checking the balance. They can usually scan or manually input the gift card number to provide the current balance.
  • Mobile app: If the gift card issuer has a mobile app, download and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Sign in or create an account, and then add your gift card to the app. The app should display the available balance.
  • Receipt: If you made a recent purchase using the gift card, check the receipt. Some receipts display the remaining balance after each transaction.

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  • Online balance: follow the link to merchant's official balance check website. You will need to fill in card number and pin so as to retrieve card balance.
  • Phone call: call the merchant's support number and ask if you can check card balance. You might be able to get balance on the phone after providing card details.
  • Invoice/ Receipt: the remaining balance of the card is printed on the shopping invoice / receipt.
  • Store Counter: usually the card balance could be looked up at shop or store counter

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