Gift Card Balance App (Win 10 / Surface / XBOX from Microsoft Store)

Windows version of the app runs on any Windows desktop pc, Surface and XBOX. Taking advantage of the latest universal windows version and features.

Supported Countries and Regions

Major cards from below countries are supported. More countries and cards are being developped:
Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Canada - China - France - Germany - India - Ireland - Luxembourg - New Zealand - Netherlands - Switzerland - South Africa - United Kingdom - United States

Balance Check Options

Majority of gift cards support online balance check. We offer other options when instant balance enquiry is unavailable.

Online balance check
  • GCB opens in-app balance check web page
  • GCB auto fills in card details (manually copy/paste available as alternative)
  • User fills in captcha if needed
  • GCB extracts card balance info (full card details displayed on screen)
* If you find the automation does not work as expected, please report bug and we will sort it out.

Phone call balance check
  • GCB displays merchant help desk number
  • User needs to ring up and manually edit record balance in the app

Store / Receipt check
  • GCB links photos of receipt / invoice to the card
  • User takes a photo of receipt where balance is displayed or manually edit balance field

Cards not yet included
  • GCB can store cards that are not yet in our list
  • User takes card photos and types in card names manually


  • Save card photo / receipt in the app
  • Save card details in the app for fast balance query
  • Query live balance by a few clicks via in-app browser
  • Card details are automatically filled in on vendor's web page
  • Balance details are extracted and saved automatically
  • Data adjustments or manual edit of cards
  • Card expiry reminder
  • Card info encryption
  • Build-in support function
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microsoft app
microsoft app
microsoft app
microsoft app
microsoft app

Premium Features

GCB App Manages Cards Simply and Easily

GCB stores all gift cards data on your local device only.