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MoneyHub NZ - MoneyHub
Find the best credit card, reduce debt, cut household bills, insurance premiums, learn about investing platforms and travel more for less. Join the thousands of Kiwis using MoneyHub to make better financial decisions.

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  • Rewardia New Zealand Review - MoneyHub NZ Rewardia sends your gift card via email and you can split up your gift card among as many stores as you wish. If you prefer cash, you need 50,000 points accumulated to initiate a bank transfer. You must provide your bank account information to receive the funds, which usually arrive within 1 – 3 business days from when you initiate it. Rewardia – Pros & Cons . Pros: Rewardia shows you the ...
  • How do Credit Cards Work? - MoneyHub NZ The purpose of the balance transfer credit card is that it offers a low interest rate (or 0% in some cases) so you can repay it with much less interest cost that your existing credit card. Balance transfer credit cards are suitable for people having some difficulty in repaying their credit card every month. By paying low or no interest, the total debt can be paid off faster.
  • The Best Ways to Use Airpoints Dollars - MoneyHub NZ Based on our review of the gift card and voucher partners, we believe Mitre 10 vouchers offer an attractive option for using Airpoints Dollars. Members can request credit in $50, $100, $250 and $500 denominations to be used in-store or online.
  • American Express Platinum Edge Review - MoneyHub NZ $100 Bunnings Gift Card (1.26% reward value) $100 New World Voucher (1.26% reward value) 107 Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars (1.34% reward value) Know This: Membership Rewards Points don’t expire, which means you’ll have unlimited time to build up your balance and have flexibility in what reward you choose.
  • Best Debit Cards - MoneyHub NZ You will incur interest costs on the overdrawn balance - check with your bank to understand the fees involved. Can I apply for a debit card if I have bad credit? Yes - debit cards are not credit products, so there is a low risk of your debit card application being declined. Our guide to credit scores explains credit profiling in detail. Is contactless payment safe? Yes, overall - but if you ...
  • Rewards and Cashback Credit Cards - MoneyHub NZ A range of point conversion options at the best value; spend $3,000 for a $20 gift card etc and far more rewarding than hotpoints or any other bank program. Flexibility to use True Reward dollars in partners - you can spend them instantly like 'real' dollars at any of the partner stores (Mobil, Farmers, Mitre 10 and 15+ more). The Details: The interest rate is 20.95% p.a. There is an annual ...

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Countdown Christmas Club Vouchers Review - MoneyHub NZ
Get a 5% bonus by buying Countdown Christmas Club Vouchers. We review the program and let you know how to maximise the benefits.
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How To Redeem Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars

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  • Prezzy Card Review - MoneyHub NZ Their popularity is also due to the flexibility they offer – rather than fixing a gift to a particular retailer like a gift voucher would, a Prezzy® card lets the owner shop as if they were using an EFTPOS card. The person making the gift chooses how much they want to gift, and the card is “topped up” with that amount. Once done, it's good to go.
  • Valued Opinions New Zealand Review - MoneyHub NZ The minimum credit to 'cash out' is $10, but the average gift card is $20, which means you will complete around 5-10 surveys first. You can complete as many surveys as Valued Opinions invites you to complete. Valued Opinions Voucher Redemption Partners . Once you have earned enough credit, you can redeem vouchers from the following retailers: $10 (an estimated 3-5 surveys) Rebel Sports; Subway ...
  • 65+ Best Online Shopping Websites in New Zealand - MoneyHub NZ Earn points with every purchase for a $10 gift card, and get 20% off full-priced gear all year round. Shipping – Earn free delivery on every $100 purchase. Returns – You have 60 days to return the merchandise unused, but you must pay the return shipping charges. Full details here. Website: Kathmandu
  • Opinion World Review New Zealand - MoneyHub NZ If you’d prefer to receive your money as a gift card, the Flexi eGiftcard allows you to shop anywhere – you aren’t stuck with money at one specific store. Opinion World Levels . Opinion World has levels, five levels to be exact. To reach higher levels, you must achieve specific milestones. The badges themselves don’t mean much, but they may give you access to more survey opportunities ...
  • 15+ Realistic Ways to Make Money Online in ... - MoneyHub NZ Usually by bank transfer or gift card. For non-cash payments, you will be given gift cards. Where do I start? Visit the websites of the main panel research companies, and sign up. The most reputable include Colmar Brunton, Prime Research, Perceptive Research and Research Minds, in that order. Auckland Transport and Reid Research. Please note ...

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  • Telefonsamtale: Ring forhandlerens støttenummer og spør om du kan sjekke kortsaldoen. Det kan hende du kan få saldo på telefonen etter å ha gitt kortdetaljer.
  • Faktura/mottak: Den gjenværende saldoen på kortet skrives ut på handlefakturaen/mottaket.
  • Butikkteller: Vanligvis kan kortsaldoen ses opp i butikk- eller butikkdisken

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  • Credit Card Minimum Payments - MoneyHub NZ If you have a $1,000 credit card bill with a minimum payment of 2%, and you pay the minimum, you'll pay $20 on the day the card balance is due. If your credit card has an interest rate of 20%, you will incur around $16 of interest (20% X $980)/12 months. Your next bill will be $996 ($980 current balance + $16 interest).
  • Compare 6+ Travel Money Cards - MoneyHub NZ Avoid spending your travel money card balance WITHIN New Zealand. If you make the mistake of using a NZD balance within New Zealand, most cards will charge you for doing this. Be prepared to get smashed by fees; as high as 5.95% on the value of the transaction. AVOID 'dynamic currency conversion' options or face paying TWO currency conversion fees . Here is a real example: Matt goes to an ATM ...
  • Q Card and Q Mastercard Review - MoneyHub NZ Direct Debt – permitting either minimum payment, a specific regular payment or the total Q Card balance owed; Internet Banking – Q Card is listed as a payee under all New Zealand banks. Phone Banking – any bank will set up Q Card as a payment party. Automatic Payments - for fixed payment weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your bank account. Cheque (although this can delay funds from ...
  • Best Balance Transfer 0% Interest Credit Cards - MoneyHub NZ The 9 Rules of Credit Card Balance Transfers . Before you apply for a balance transfer credit card, we have outlined 9 rules for doing it right. If you do it wrong, you could be in a worse situation than before. Prioritise repaying the debt (unless you have more expensive debts somewhere else) An interest-free debt is fairly rare, so you have the perfect conditions for repaying it. If the debt ...
  • Best Paid Survey Websites in New Zealand - MoneyHub NZ Each survey you accomplish gets paid in either a gift card or cash. You can start cashing out using PayPal with a minimum account balance of $10. Pros. Instant payment within a few hours; Some surveys give you the option to donate to charities; Most paid surveys are very short and can be taken every day to accumulate more points. Cons
  • Debt management - reduce debts and get help - MoneyHub NZ Many banks offer low fee credit card balance transfer deals which can last up to 12 months and then fix at 5-7% for the life of the balance. If you have a $10,000 debt, switching to a new card could save you up to $2,000 a year. It’s essential to cancel the old credit card to prevent more debt building up. Our guide to
  • MoneyHub NZ - MoneyHub Credit card/store card balance Lender & credit limit: Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Income How much is coming in? (after tax) How much is going out? Expenses Assets What do you own? Assets What do you owe? Debts Date: Motor vehicle 1 - Make/Model/Year Motor vehicle 2 - Make/Model/Year Toyota Camry, 2003 Fisher Funds Property 1 Value and Address Property 2 Value and Address Loan secured by ...

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