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Metrocard Oversikt

Forhandlerens nettstedsinformasjon og Metrocard kortsaldosjekk.
Pages - Metro home
Passenger transport information for Canterbury, New Zealand, especially Christchurch and Timaru. Including bus / ferry timetables, and fares / metrocard. Plan your journey, find the next bus. Detours and route updates.
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Informasjon om butikk

Nettsted, kontaktnummer og gavekortinformasjon for Metrocard.
Offisiell nettside
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Informasjon om nettsted

  • My Metrocard My Metrocard
  • Pages - Lost Metrocard Each card has its own unique number that is registered to you. This means lost cards can be blocked and remaining money can be transferred to a new card. If you have an online account you can login and block your card. If not, just call (03) 366 88 55 and we will block your card for you. Replacement cards . A replacement card will cost you $10.00.
  • Metrocard FAQs | Metro Christchurch Can I pay for another person with my Metrocard? Yes, you can take other people on your card. Their fare will be charged as a full cash fare ($4.20 Adult, ...
  • Home | Metro Christchurch Passenger transport information for Canterbury, New Zealand, especially Christchurch and Timaru. Including bus / ferry timetables, and fares / metrocard. Plan your …
  • Where to buy | Metro Christchurch You can use a driver's license, birth certificate, passport, Cando Card, or school identification card. We do not accept postal applications.
  • Pages - Metrocard Metrocard FAQS. Have a question about your Metrocard, find the answer here. Read more
  • Using your Metrocard | Metro Christchurch Using your Metrocard on the bus. Tell the driver the destination that you want to travel to and place your Metrocard on the card reader. It will deduct the fare and …
  • Metrocard | Metro Christchurch Links to information about using metrocard: where to buy, how to use, what to do if you lose your metrocard, fare comparisons of metrocard to cash.
  • Where to Buy - Metroinfo Where to Buy Pop i nto one of these locations with some ID to buy your Metrocard. ... Accepted identifications are – drivers license, birth certificate, passport, Cando Cards or School Identification with your name and date of birth on it. Please note: If you lose your Metrocard, you can pick up a replacement card from the Metroinfo Counter ...
  • Students & Seniors To see if your school uses Cando cards please contact your school reception. If your school does not have Cando cards and you would like to purchase one please visit SuperGold Card 65 and over and veterans travel free nationwide. SuperGold card holders travel free on all off-peak Metro bus and ferry service.
  • Metrocard | Metro Christchurch Links to information about using metrocard: where to buy, how to use, what to do if you lose your metrocard, fare comparisons of metrocard to cash.
  • Metrocard FAQS Like other electronic cards, your metrocard has a magnetic strip that runs around the edges of the card. If the magnetic strip is damaged the card reader won’t be able to scan it. To extend the life of your card we recommend you avoid:
  • Pages - Your Cando card is a Metro card too Current Cando cards are valid as a metrocard until the 31 March 2018. On 31 March old Cando cards will expire and no longer be able to be used as a metrocard. Any unused funds will automatically be transferred to new Cando cards. We recommend you make a $10 top up as this process can take up to a week to be completed.

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Detaljer for gavekort

Metrocard gavekort- eller gavekortkoblinger. Praktisk måte å håndtere balanse på farten i GCB-mobilapp
Metrocard | Metro Christchurch
Links to information about using metrocard: where to buy, how to use, what to do if you lose your metrocard, fare comparisons of metrocard to cash.
Metrocard kjøp av gavekort Gift Card
Metrocard gavekortdesign og kunstverk Metrocard gavekortdesign og kunstverk

Today, surrounded by our urban environment, Metro is our network that provides a vital connection between people and the Greater Christchurch area.

By weaving into the design and experience the fundamentals of kaihaukai we hope to create a meaningful sense of place and connection that enriches people’s understanding of their region.

This is why the Metro bus livery is made up of motifs and iconography inspired by taonga/treasure species, the foods and resources shared by hapu/sub-tribes, and the natural landscape that connected them.

Altogether, it represents our connection to the natural environment and reminds us of our shared responsibility.

Gavekort nettside, vilkår for Metrocard.
Offisielt gavekort

Informasjon om gavekort

Forespørsel om kortsaldo

Du kan finne ut Metrocard kortsaldo ved å online saldo sjekk, telefonbalanse sjekk, visit butikkdisk / helpdesk.
Slik balanserer du kontroll
Metrocard kontroll av gavekortsaldo

Order a new Metrocard
Please select the city.
(To order your new Metrocard enter your details below.)
Full name
Date of birth
(The date of birth requirement is a security measure to personalise your account, and ensures you are charged the correct fare when you travel.)
Contact details:
Phone number
Email address
Confirm email
Delivery address:
Start typing an address
Company name
Apartment or flat
Street number
Street name
Town or city
Click "Submit" and proceed to Checkout
(Cards cost ($NZ) $5.00 each and you can purchase one either by internet banking, debit or credit card. They are delivered by Courier Post at a cost of ($NZ) $3.66. You will be charged a total of ($NZ) $8.66.)

Terms and Conditions:
If a Metrocard or Metrostickki is not used for three or more years the card will expire and the balance remaining will not be refunded, but during the validity period of the Metrocard or Metrostickki we will transfer any available credit, provided that that we are reasonably satisfied that the person to whom the transfer is to be made is the rightful holder of the card. “Use” is defined as the purchase of a trip on a bus or ferry within the Greater Christchurch Metro network.

Informasjon for Metrocard forespørsel om gavekortsaldo for å se gjenstående saldo og transaksjoner.
Elektronisk kontroll
Sjekk saldo online kl.
Ring og sjekk saldo etter
Kontroller kvittering
Metrocard gavekortsaldo på handlekvittering
Sjekk handlekvittering for saldo
Metrocard forespørsel om gavekortsaldo i butikken
Besøk butikkdisken eller brukerstøtten for å få balanse
  • Online saldo: Følg lenken til selgerens offisielle saldosjekknettsted. Du må fylle ut kortnummer og pin for å hente kortsaldo.
  • Telefonsamtale: Ring forhandlerens støttenummer og spør om du kan sjekke kortsaldoen. Det kan hende du kan få saldo på telefonen etter å ha gitt kortdetaljer.
  • Faktura/mottak: Den gjenværende saldoen på kortet skrives ut på handlefakturaen/mottaket.
  • Butikkteller: Vanligvis kan kortsaldoen ses opp i butikk- eller butikkdisken

Informasjon om gavekortsaldo

  • Balance & Top Up - Metroinfo Online. If you have an online account you can top up your Metrocard at any time.Create an online account here. To view your balance online, use the metrocard widget on the home page.Type in your metrocard number into the box and then click on "show balance" below, your balance will then appear.
  • Balance and top-up | Metro Timaru You can top-up on the bus, at one of our offices or at a Metro agent. Check your balance at the following locations. At the Te Ana Ngai Tahu Rock Art Centre, 2 George St, Timaru. On the bus - after you swipe your card it will display. Or call Metroinfo on 03 688 55 44. Top up by cash, eftpos or credit card.
  • Pages - Metrocard balance checker back in action “We would also like to let people know that there is a new Metro Agency located inside the Northlands mall, at the information counter next to the House of Travel. Passengers can now purchase new Metrocards and top-up existing cards at Northlands which will make accessing Metroinfo even easier,” says Mr Stenhouse.
  • Using your Metrocard Where can I use my Metrocard? You can use your Metrocard on all Metro services including the Diamond Harbour Ferry. Checking your balance and topping up

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App for gavekortsaldo

Gavekortsaldoapp hjelper deg med å administrere alle gavekortsaldoer på ett sted. Legg til kortet ditt i appen og bruk automatisk Metrocard saldoen på gavekortet med noen få klikk.
  • Live-kortsaldo fra kortforhandler
  • Ingen flere tendensiøse kortnummer skriver inn hver gang
  • Oversikt over alternativer for saldospørring
Gift Card Balance App

GCB-app | Håndterer saldo enkelt og enkelt

GCB lagrer bare alle gavekortdata på den lokale enheten.