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  • PayDNA Our prepaid cards have the added benefit of a linked mobile wallet The PayCARD is the card we use in tailoring many of our solutions for our clients. For example, the generic PayCARD could be used for payrolls, petty cash, insurance payouts, benefit payments and microloan payments.
  • PayDNA Multiple cards can be issued to various users within the organization. Complete online statement and reporting functionality will make your petty cash reconciliations quick and easy. This solution makes the task of managing petty cash in your business simple and straightforward Save time and money. Make your life easier with the Petty Cash Card.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - PayDNA Frequently Asked Questions. Where do I find my PIN? Your PIN is a Five-digit number that you should memorize and keep a secret. It is located on the card carrier and is visible when the card is removed.
  • What We Do - PayDNA What We Do. Pay DNA is a card program owner, which enables it to provide card products and solutions directly to customers, or simply manage a card program on their behalf. Pay DNA's strategy is one of providing hybrid card solutions - low cost, functionally rich alternatives to traditional banking products, with multiple access channels.
  • PayDNA For inbound travellers to South Africa, whether on business or pleasure, the PayDNA Travel Card provides a fast and efficient solution to having local currency on hand, in a secure and controlled manner.
  • PayDNA These card programs have been specially developed for the microlending and loan industry. As a micro lender or loan agent, you can use the Micro Loan Card to make instant payments to your customers.
  • PayDNA Cards. PayCARD Payroll Card Petty Cash Card Claim & Benefits Card Micro Loan Card Loyalty Program Card Travel Card Student Card Home; Student Card; Student Card. The Student Card is the ideal solution for the student on the go and allows you to have access to cash when you need it, hassle free.

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PayDNA buoni regalo o buoni regalo. Modo conveniente per gestire l'equilibrio al volo App mobile GCB
You can make a withdrawal at any ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and purchase goods or services at any retailer displaying the MasterCard logo within the South African monitory area.
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  • Saldo online: segui il link al sito ufficiale di controllo del saldo del commerciante. Dovrai compilare il numero e il pin della carta in modo da recuperare il saldo della carta.
  • Telefonata: chiama il numero di supporto del commerciante e chiedi se puoi controllare il saldo della carta. Potresti essere in grado di ottenere il saldo sul telefono dopo aver fornito i dettagli della carta.
  • Fattura/Ricevuta: il saldo residuo della carta viene stampato sulla fattura/ricevuta della spesa.
  • Banco negozio: di solito il saldo della carta potrebbe essere cercato al banco del negozio o del negozio

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