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Italian Inspired Restaurant | Pizza, Pasta & Beverages
Benvenuto & welcome to the official Panarottis website. Spoil your friends & family with our Italian styled pizza, pasta as well as weekly specials!

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  • About Us | Learn More About Your Favorite Meals - Panarottis Since 1990, we have been welcoming famiglie into our home, inviting them to enjoy our Italian-inspired pizza and pasta favorito! Today, we continue that legacy in more than 121 restaurants here in Africa and Australia!
  • Our Specials | Tuesday Specials, Family Feast & Deals ... Enjoy your favourite delizioso pastas at home with our new family-sized portions, starting from R161.90! Prepared with love by our family for your family! Click & Collect. Choose any 2 Classic Pizzas for R179.90, OR any 3 Classic Pizzas for R244.90, OR any 4 Classic Pizzas for just R309.90! Call your nearest Panarottis to order and collect your ...

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  • GIFT CARD MENU Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! DOWNLOAD OUR ... GIFT CARD Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! TAKEAWAY MENU PARMESAN CHEESE, GARLIC AND CHILLI SERVED WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS OUR HOME-MADE PIzzA BASES ARE SUITABLE FOR VEGANS ADD ~MORE~ TOPPINGS TO YOUR PIzzA! MARGHERITA ~ 72.90 Thinly sliced biltong, boerewors, A traditional tomato base topped with mozzarella cheese and Italian spices. HAWAIIAN ~ 95.90 Ham and pineapple. REGINA ~ Ham and mushrooms ...
  • LIMITED PANAROTTIS REWARDS & MENU DOWNLOAD GIFT CARD Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! 10165P . SERVED WITH OUR COMPLIMENTARY PARMESAN CHEESE. Upgrade your pasta to gnocchi ~ add 24.90 Gluten-free pasta available ~ add 24.90 (Excludes lasagne and gnocchi) A IS OUR UM T 20cm deliciousness! combined with sautéed red onions The visuals are for descriptive purposes and meals served could vary. Portion weights are raw weights. All Panarottis ...
  • COCKtAIlS FINESt CAll & Gift Card Download, and earn rewards. Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! Panarottis Customer Care: 086 000 7262 NS SANGRIA ENjOy thE CElEbRAtEd AlCOhOlIC FRUIt pUNCh wIth SOmEbOdy SpECIAl! PER GLASS ~ 29.90 PER 500ML ~ 51.90 PER 1 LITRE ~ 82.90 Alcohol Not for Persons Under the Age of 18. SIp ON ONE OF OUR EXpERtly mAdE COCKtAIlS ~ dElICIOUSly REFREShING! MOJITO 67.90 ...
  • LIMITED PANAROTTIS REWARDS & MENU DOWNLOAD GIFT CARD Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! FLATBREAD ~ 44.90 Garlic or herb flatbread baked to perfection. THREE CHEESE ~ 84.90 Garlic or herb flatbread topped with mozzarella, Cheddar and Danish feta cheese. FLATBREADS MOZZARELLA BREAD ~ Garlic or herb flatbread topped with mozzarella cheese. SPICY JALAPEÑO ~ Hot! 89.90 Garlic or herb flatbread topped with mozzarella, Cheddar, Danish feta and ...
  • MEAT & POULTRY a Served with your choice of a Greek side ... & Gift Card 086 000 7262 Download, use and earn rewards. Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! Panarottis Customer Care: OUR DESSERTS ARE MADE IN A FACILITY THAT USES TREE NUTS. HOT DRINKS HOT CHOCOLATE (290ml) 30.90 MILO (290ml) 30.90 TEA ~ Five Roses or Rooibos (2 teabags per pot)Our famous vegan Belgian waffle made 21.90 SWOP COW’S MILK FOR ALMOND MILK AT NO EXTRA COST WARM ...
  • PANAROTTIS PIZZAS CAN BE ORDERED LIGHT MEALS FOR THE WHOLE ... GIFT CARD Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! Panarottis Customer Care: 086 000 7262 JOIN THE FAMIGLIA! DOWNLOAD OUR REWARDS APP Scan the QR code ADD ~MORE~ TOPPINGS TO YOUR PIZZA! VEGAN ~ 19.90 PER TOPPING. Chicken-style strips, mince, steak strips. GOURMET ~ 24.90 double cheese, bolognese mince, steak strips, avocado, biltong, boerewors, spicy mutton sausage. PER TOPPING. Red ...
  • LIGHT MEALS FOR THE WHOLE IN OUR 42CM MONSTER ... - Panarottis GIFT CARD Big on Pizza, Big on Sharing! Panarottis Customer Care: 086 000 7262 JOIN THE FAMIGLIA! DOWNLOAD OUR REWARDS APP Scan the QR code ADD ~MORE~ TOPPINGS TO YOUR PIZZA! steak strips. MEAT ~ 22.90 PER TOPPING.DELI ~ 19.90 Chorizo sausage, bacon, ham, salami, pulled pork, pepperoni. BLUE CHEESE ~15.90 VEGGIES ~ 15.90 PER TOPPING. Red onions, cherry tomatoes, assorted ...

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  • Telefonata: chiama il numero di supporto del commerciante e chiedi se puoi controllare il saldo della carta. Potresti essere in grado di ottenere il saldo sul telefono dopo aver fornito i dettagli della carta.
  • Fattura/Ricevuta: il saldo residuo della carta viene stampato sulla fattura/ricevuta della spesa.
  • Banco negozio: di solito il saldo della carta potrebbe essere cercato al banco del negozio o del negozio

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