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Informazioni sul sito web del commerciante Identity controllo del saldo della carta.
We’d love to hear from you!Please give us a call on either021 460 2400 or 0861 433684
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Informazioni sul sito web, sul numero di contatto e sui buoni regalo Identity.
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  • Identity | for girls We’d love to hear from you! Please give us a call on either 021 460 2400 or 0861 433684 or 0861 433684
  • Identity We’d love to hear from you! Please give us a call on either 021 460 2400 or 0861 433684 or 0861 433684
  • Identity | The Benefits As an Identity account holder, you have all this to look forward to: Convenience – no cash needed; buy now, pay later! Choose to pay over 6 or 12 months; Make shopping and choosing gifts easy by using our fashion and gift delivery service; Be the first to know about our incredible sales and promotions
  • Identity | Open an Account If you aren't already an Identity account holder, what are you waiting for? There's a world of must-have fashion out there and an Identity account means you can get your hands on it any time you like! You can decide whether you'd like to make your purchases on our 6-month or 12-month interest-bearing plan.
  • Gift Delivery - Identity Want to spoil someone special with a surprise gift delivery? Simply fill in the details below and we'll deliver it to their door. Please ensure you place your order  ...
  • Identity | Contact Details Need to get in touch? Got a question or suggestion? We love hearing from you, so please give us a shout on 0861 433 684 or +27 21 460 2400.. If you need to get hold of your nearest store, please use our Store Locator.And don't be shy about sending us your Feedback on the service you received at any of our stores, any time. We'd really appreciate it.

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Identity buoni regalo o buoni regalo. Modo conveniente per gestire l'equilibrio al volo App mobile GCB
We're here to help | Identity
Please deliver the gift card, to the value of the above-mentioned amount, according to my delivery instructions stated above. I accept responsibility for payment of the gift card together with the cost of delivery, and request that the total cost be debited to my Identity account as indicated above. * I agree to these terms and conditions
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Pagina web del buono regalo, termini e condizioni per Identity.
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  • Gift Cards - Identity Struggling to decide on the perfect gift for that someone special? That's no surprise, considering how many hot fashion items we have to choose from! So, why ...
  • gift card terms and conditions The use of the gift card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions as follows: This card is not a credit card. This card is valid for three years from the date ...
  • Gift card - Identity To send a gift card today, simply fill in your details below and submit. The cost of the gift card will be debited to your account and the card will be sent in the ...

Richiesta di saldo carta

Puoi scoprire il saldo Identity carta da controllo del saldo telefonico, negozio / help desk.
Informazioni per Identity richiesta di saldo buono regalo per vedere saldo rimanente e transazioni.
Chiama e controlla il saldo
Controlla ricevuta
Identity saldo buono regalo sulla ricevuta dello shopping
Controlla la ricevuta di acquisto per il saldo
Contatore negozio
Identity richiesta di saldo buono regalo in negozio
Visita il banco del negozio o l'help desk per l'equilibrio
  • Saldo online: segui il link al sito ufficiale di controllo del saldo del commerciante. Dovrai compilare il numero e il pin della carta in modo da recuperare il saldo della carta.
  • Telefonata: chiama il numero di supporto del commerciante e chiedi se puoi controllare il saldo della carta. Potresti essere in grado di ottenere il saldo sul telefono dopo aver fornito i dettagli della carta.
  • Fattura/Ricevuta: il saldo residuo della carta viene stampato sulla fattura/ricevuta della spesa.
  • Banco negozio: di solito il saldo della carta potrebbe essere cercato al banco del negozio o del negozio

Informazioni sul saldo della carta regalo

  • Identity | Account Balance Insurance Terms & Conditions The use of the gift card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions as follows: This card is not a credit card. This card is valid for three years from the date of purchase. Your fashion gift card can be used at any one of our Identity stores in South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland.
  • Account Balance Insurance - Identity GIFT DELIVERY · ACCOUNT BALANCE INSURANCE · GIFT CARDS ... Account Balance Insurance Including Retrenchment, Death, Disability and Serious Illness ... please ensure that you have read the Account Balance Protection Including ...
  • Ways to Pay - Identity You may choose to pay the full balance or monthly instalments, which refers ... You're welcome to pay your instalment, in cash or using your credit or debit card,  ...

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