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East Rand Mall panoramica

Informazioni sul sito web del commerciante East Rand Mall controllo del saldo della carta. https://www.eastrandmall.co.za
East Rand Mall | Shopping Centre
East Rand Mall, home to South Africa’s Major Chain Stores and a host of smaller specialised stores. Situated only 7 km from South Africa’s busiest airport.

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Informazioni sul sito web, sul numero di contatto e sui buoni regalo East Rand Mall.
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Informazioni sul sito web

  • East Rand Mall | Shopping Centre | Shopping Mall East Rand Mall, home to South Africa's Major Chain Stores and a host of smaller specialised stores. Situated only 7 km from South Africa's busiest airport. https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/
  • NEDBANK | East Rand Mall Description: We are all individuals, and at Nedbank we work ceaselessly to ensure that our clients can assemble their own individual financial solutions in today's increasingly complex world.nWhere you have a banking need, Nedbank has the advice, service and product, or a combination of any of these to exactly match your particular requirement. https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/store-listing/nedbank/
  • Centre Management | East Rand Mall CENTRE MANAGEMENT. East Rand Mall is owned by Vukile Property Fund and Redefine Properties and managed by JHI (Pty) Ltd. Please visit the JHI website for more information, or contact Centre Management directly. https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/centre-management/
  • MOCHACHOS | East Rand Mall Description: A Mexican franchise aiming at delivering deliciously healthy, Halaal approved meals. https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/store-listing/mochachos/

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Dettagli buono regalo

East Rand Mall buoni regalo o buoni regalo. Modo conveniente per gestire l'equilibrio al volo App mobile GCB
Gift cards are sold at the Information Desk in any denomination between R50 and R5 000. Gift cards can be spent incrementally, i.e. on a R250 gift card you can spend R100 at one store and R150 at another. Check your gift card balance by taking the card to the Information Desk, where it can be swiped and checked.
East Rand Mall acquisto buoni regalo
https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/gift-cards/ Gift Card
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  • CARDIES | East Rand Mall Cardies outlets occupy prime premises in most leading shopping centres in Southern Africa and specialise in social expression merchandise, greeting cards and related products, gifts and novelties: everything you could ever need to make a loved one feel special. Because we mean it when we promise: 'Cardies says it best.' https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/store-listing/cardies/
  • Info Desk | East Rand Mall ... staff during the mall's trading hours. The Information Desk is the central point for mall information and also the selling point for East Rand Mall gift vouchers. https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/info-desk/
  • OFFICE LONDON | East Rand Mall Items · HOME; SHOP. Store Directory · Gift Cards · Mall Map · Promotions & Sales · Fan Pics & Competitions. BUSINESS. About Us · Leasing & Exhibition Space ... https://www.eastrandmall.co.za/store-listing/office-london/

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Puoi scoprire il saldo East Rand Mall carta da controllo del saldo online, controllo del saldo telefonico, negozio / help desk.
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Informazioni per East Rand Mall richiesta di saldo buono regalo per vedere saldo rimanente e transazioni.
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Visita il banco del negozio o l'help desk per l'equilibrio
  • Saldo online: segui il link al sito ufficiale di controllo del saldo del commerciante. Dovrai compilare il numero e il pin della carta in modo da recuperare il saldo della carta.
  • Telefonata: chiama il numero di supporto del commerciante e chiedi se puoi controllare il saldo della carta. Potresti essere in grado di ottenere il saldo sul telefono dopo aver fornito i dettagli della carta.
  • Fattura/Ricevuta: il saldo residuo della carta viene stampato sulla fattura/ricevuta della spesa.
  • Banco negozio: di solito il saldo della carta potrebbe essere cercato al banco del negozio o del negozio

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