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Affordable Gaming Cape Town
Affordable Gaming Cape Town offers good quality pre-owned games, consoles and accessories at affordable prices. We also do Trade-ins. We look forward to seeing you. Our dedication to that mission is one big reason that almost all of our customers come back to us.

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  • LEGO: Dimensions (Xbox 360) – Affordable Gaming Cape Town Description. LEGO Dimensions is a multi-franchise toys-to-life game featuring characters and levels from 14 licensed franchises with additional franchises due to arrive in the future.
  • Halo 4 (Xbox 360) – Affordable Gaming Cape Town Description. Halo 4 is a first-person shooter in the Halo franchise and the first entirely new game in the series without the involvement of the original developer Bungie Studios.It is the first title in a trilogy, dubbed the Reclaimer trilogy. The story takes place in a science fiction setting in the year 2557, four years after the events of Halo 3.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360) – Affordable Gaming Cape Town Description. Ghosts takes place in an alternate timeline, and centres on a conflict between the United States and The Federation, a coalition of southern american countries.The two factions have been at war for ten years, and entire cities have been destroyed. As with previous Call of Duty games, the player takes control of a number of characters from different points of view from the conflict ...

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Affordable Gaming buoni regalo o buoni regalo. Modo conveniente per gestire l'equilibrio al volo App mobile GCB
R50 – R1000+ [Digital Code] – Affordable Gaming Cape Town
When you want to spoil that special person with something unique, why don’t you surprise them with an Affordable Gaming Gift Voucher? Choose among our various Gift Vouchers or Manually set an amount to suite your budget.We have various Gift Voucher’s to choose from. R50, R100, R200, R500, R1000 or you may enter an amount manually.The Gift Voucher can be used to purchase anything from the Affordable Gaming Online Store, including – Games, Consoles and Accessories.How to Purchase a Gift Voucher:Select the desired Gift Voucher amount and fill out the required “Gift Voucher Details” You can either enter your own email address in order to receive your Voucher Code (and then email off to that special person) or we can email directly to that person. It’s entirely up to you. You are welcome to “Customize” the Gift Voucher with your own “Special Picture” or keep as default. Proceed to “Add to Cart”Proceed to checkout and checkout as per Normal.Once payment has been received and verified, you will receive your Voucher code via the email you registered with which you can then forward to that special person.How to Redeem a using your Voucher Code:Add your desired item/s to your cart and checkout to proceed.There will be an option to enter your Gift Voucher code.After applying the Gift Voucher Code, your total amount will adjust accordingly. If your order exceeds your Gift Voucher amount, you will have an option to pay in the difference. If you do not make use of the full Voucher, you will forfeit the remaining credit.
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