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Informazioni sul sito web del commerciante Hello Kitty controllo del saldo della carta. https://www.hellokittyonline.com
Hello Kitty Online
Hello everyone!Springtime has finally come, Easter is just around the corner, and we're holding several events in celebration! We'll post details soon, so keep tuned in or you'll miss out on fun games and prizes!See you in-game!The Hello Kitty Online TeamHello everyone, it's that time of the year again! On December 19, 2011, joy and merriment abound in Hello Kitty Online as we celebrate the spirit of love and giving. Lots of giveaways and fun-filled parties will be had in Hello Kitty's Holiday Blowout! Hi everyone!Hello Kitty's birthday festivities are now officially over. Many thanks goes to everyone for making our beloved Kitty's birthday this year a huge success.Most of all, not only did you guys help make this birthday bash fun, you also made it very special by participating in A Helping Hand for Thailand.Thanks to your efforts, HKO and Sanrio Digital will donate an amount of US$ 2,606.5 each to UNICEF and Save the Children, for a total donation of US $5,213, to help them in their joint effort to aid the children affected by the floods. The results and a receipt of donation will be posted on the Helping Hand for Thailand page once the payment is processed.Thanks again to everyone! We hope you guys had tons of fun, because we certainly did! See you in-game!The Hello Kitty Online TeamHello everyone, it's that time of the year again! On December 19, 2011, joy and merriment abound in Hello Kitty Online as we celebrate the spirit of love and giving. Lots of giveaways and fun-filled parties will be had in Hello Kitty's Holiday Blowout! Read on to learn all about it! Holiday GiveawaysHello Kitty and the other Sanrio characters greatly value the friendship among all of you. They would like to show their appreciation of your being part in Hello Kitty Online by giving away 100 USD worth of Sanrio Cash Points! All you have to do to receive this awesome gift is simply log in the game once during the following event period:Start: December 19, 2011 - 8:00 am EST (December 19, 9:00 pm GMT+8)End: December 22, 2011 - 8:00 pm EST (December 23, 9:00 am GMT+8)Parties Galore!Everyone knows the holiday season isn't complete without parties, so we'll be holding our very own in-game! There'll be lots of fun and goodies to be had so don't be a party pooper! Reservation for the parties start at the following dates and times:International ServerDecember 23, 2011 - 5:00 am EST (December 23, 6:00 pm GMT + 8)US & Canada ServerDecember 23, 2011 - 9:00 pm EST (December 24, 10:00 am GMT + 8)We look forward to having fun celebrating this holiday season with everyone! See you in the game!The Hello Kitty Online TeamSince late July 2011, Thailand has been suffering from “the worst floods they've seen in five decades” due to intense monsoon rains. The flood has affected over 2 million people, with over 300 reported deaths and billions of dollars in property damage.This is your chance to make a difference. As part of Hello Kitty's birthday celebrations, Sanrio Digital is giving the players of Hello Kitty Online an opportunity to reach out through A Helping Hand for Thailand, a special in-game charity event to aid in the Thailand relief efforts.Your efforts for this event will translate into a real-world cash donation to UNICEF and Save the Children, who have launched a joint project to ensure the safety and protection of the children who lost their homes due the disaster. Every child deserves a safe and child-friendly environment to live and play, and you can help make sure they get the care they need. Nothing would make Hello Kitty happier on her birthday!How to Help:This event runs from October 28 to November 2, 2011 Eastern Standard Time (EST). Step 1: Obtain the following items to complete one set:Step 2: Hand in one complete set to the Game Masters (GM) in Sanrio Harbour at the following times during the event period: 8:00 p.m EST4:00 a.m. EST12:00 noon EST Step 3: Repeat as many times as you want to increase the total donation amount.Special Reward:Hand in your first set of items (1 set = 50 Strong Wood, 100 Dry Mud 100 Long Curvy Vine) to receive a Tattered Bunny as reward for participation (maximum 1 per character).At the end of the event, we will calculate the final cash donation based on the number of sets submitted, and the total amount will be given to UNICEF and Save The Children. There is no limit to how many times you can give, and each time you hand in a set of the required items, you are increasing the sum of money that Sanrio Digital will donate to this worthy cause.Every bit of help counts, so we hope you all enjoy this special charity event. Thank you, and see you in the game!The Hello Kitty Online TeamFollowing up on our previous charity event, Hello Kitty Online is proud to announce HKO Japan Earthquake Aid Part 2, in which you can again deliver much-needed help to the people of disaster-stricken Japan. The event will run from April 1 to April 10, 2011. Despite the date, this is NOT an April's fool joke.April 1 - 10, 2011 As in the previous event, HKO players will be asked to contribute their time to help the people of Japan, which a few weeks ago was devastated by one of the most powerful earthquakes in history. The scale of this disaster is enormous and that’s why we have announced this follow-up charity event with new and improved mechanics to allow you to maximize your contributions.Charity InformationAt the end of the event, Sanrio Digital will count the total player efforts and make a donation to Project KIBOW, through our associate GLOBIS University. Project KIBOW is an initiative by GLOBIS University to raise funds for Civic Force, a Japanese non-profit organization that delivers emergency services during large-scale crises.If you are interested in donating directly, or do not have time to participate in this event, you can make donations at the Project KIBOW page or Civic Force. NOTE: GLOBIS is no longer matching donations because they have already reached their ceiling (which is great news). However, they are still accepting donations until the end of April.New Mechanics: Choose a Tier that's suitable for youWe’ve made some changes to the event mechanics in order to give everyone a chance to participate, regardless of level, progress in the game, and farm ownership. There are now four tiers of donation items, each worth a certain number of donation points. The higher the tier, the higher the donation points. Simply pick the tier that suits you, obtain those items, and hand them in to a Game Master (GM).With each hand-in, you generate donation points. In addition, when you reach or exceed 40 points in this event, you will receive a special brand new reward to commemorate your generous efforts.The fastest way to obtain the reward is to work on the highest tier that your character is capable of. The higher the tier, the more donation points you generate and the quicker you get to the reward. Please do try to reserve Tier 1 for newbies and low level characters.Tiers and RequirementsTIER 1 (one set is worth 3.5 points)Dark Opal Basil x 35Clover x 35Prerequisites: Must have reached Sanrio HarbourTIER 2 (one set is worth 5 points)Cherry Tree Wood x 100Prerequisites: Woodcutting level 2Planting level 2Must have reached FloralopolisTIER 3 (one set is worth 6 points)Green Tea Leafx 100Prerequisites:Planting level 3Gathering level 3Must have reached LondonTIER 4 (one set is worth 11 points)Veggie Tempura x 50Prerequisites:Cooking level 6Planting level 5Gathering level 5Farm level 4Must have reached ParisInstructionsStep 1: Gather the items required in any one tier. You can gather items for multiple tiers, if you wish, but please reserve Tier 1 for newbies and low-level characters. Step 2: Give the item sets you’ve gathered to a Game Master (GM) at Sanrio Harbour during the event period. You must hand in exact amounts – for example, at Tier 4 you need to hand in Veggie Tempura in multiples of 50.Step 3: You will earn donation points corresponding to which tier of items you hand in. Obtain 40 or more points to get the event reward. Note that the higher the tier, the faster you generate donation points, so do not waste time at lower tiers if you are a high level character.Step 4: Repeat as many times as you want to increase the total donation amount. You can continue to hand in items even after you get your event reward - we will count every single (complete) submission when it is time to calculate the charity payment.Every time you hand in a set of the required items, you are adding to a point tally. At the end of the event we will calculate the final donation.Event Special PrizeEarn 40 donation points or more to receive a Tokyo Outfit as reward for participation (maximum 1 per character). This is a brand new item of clothing that looks truly spiffy.Remember: every set you hand in equals a higher donation toward relief efforts in Japan. There is no limit on the number of times you can hand in items. Thank you and see you in the game!The Hello Kitty Online Team

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Nessun valore fino all'attivazione alla cassa TERMINI E CONDIZIONI Questa carta prepagata Kitty Online emessa da Sanrio Digital è spendibile soltanto nei paesi dell’Unione Europea seguendo le istruzioni fornite alla pagina http://payments.hellokittyonline.com/. L'utilizzo della carta implica l’accettazione delle presenti condizioni generali che saranno soggette a cambiamento nel corso del tempo.(gcb.today#8ED8). Vi saranno comunicate eventuali versioni nuove o riviste delle presenti condizioni generali. Se rifiutate di accettare le condizioni generali riviste, non potrete spendere il contenuto della carta.(gcb.today#C94F). Questa carta non è spendibile per ricevere denaro contante e non può essere restituita ottenere un rimborso in contanti (ad eccezione dei gasi in cui sia previsto di legge). scambiata o utilizzata per acquistare buoni omaggio o per fornire sconti, e non può essere rivenduta.(gcb.today#83DE). L’intero valore della carta viene all'emissione del PIN e non sono consentite deduzioni incrementali. Il contenuto acquistato da Sanrio Digital è unicamente per usi personali legittimi, per potersi iscrivere e giocare a Hello Kitty Online e per spendere questa carta è necessario avere almeno 13 anni di età. ln caso di acquisti superiori al valore della carta sarà necessario utilizzare un'altra carta prepagata o un metodo di pagamento alternativo.(gcb.today#7744). Ad eccezione dei casi in cui è richiesto legge, il valore di questa carta non sarà sostituito se viene perduto, rubato, distrutto o utilizzato senza che proprietario ne sia a conoscenza o senza il suo permesso. Nel caso in cui la carta non fosse funzionante, Sanrio Digital la sostituirà senza pregiudicare i vostri diritti legali. Sanrio Digital si riserva il diritto di chiudere gli account utente di Hello Kltty Online senza preavviso e/o di richiedere forme di pagamento alternative nel caso in cui questa carta venga utilizzata o ricevuta illegalmente o in maniera fraudolenta.(gcb.today#41B7). Le carte da gioco Hello Kitty Online sono pubblicate e fornite da Sanrio Digital, nella distribuzione delle carte il rivenditore agisce in qualità di agente per conto di Sanrio Digital. LTVA (Imposta sul valore aggiunto) imponibile sarà dedotta dal valore nominale della carta al momento della . riscossione della medesima.(gcb.today#1CF6). Scarica Hello Kitty Online all'indirizzo www.hellokittyonline.com PER ATTIVARE QUESTA CARTA 1) Accedere alla pagina: http://payments.hellokittyonline.com/ 2) Seguire le istruzioni indicate sullo schermo. È necessario disporre di un collegamento a internet. L'esperienza di gioco può cambiare durante le partite on-line.(gcb.today#4B78). Per potersi iscrivere e giocare è necessario avere almeno 13 anni di età. Fastcard' è un marchio registrato di lnCommS. U.S. Patent

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